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Is broadcast is a production of the salem podcast network for more podcast like this from courageous voices of conservative reason visit salem podcast network dot com portions of the following program. May contain prerecorded material. This is your source for breaking news. This is the mike gallagher. Show parent can make a choice for their child except at the choice that they make everybody else in the classroom. Basically abusing children to protect teachers you. Nih has a forty two billion dollar budget and not spend a single penny since kovic started studying how these mitigations effect kids so ultimately my view is it's a parent's decision. Sitting in for mike gallagher today from the relief dot com studios. Here's julie heartbeat buchan back to the third hour of the mike gallagher. Show boy. it goes by really fast. I'm julie hartman. I'm a twenty one year old college student. I feel very lucky to be able to sit in for mike today. It's certainly an honor. So thank you all for listening. I mentioned my story at the very beginning of the show. But for those of you who didn't hear it are hearing my voice for the first time in wondering who i am. I'll just tell you briefly. I was not a conservative until fairly recently. I growing up in la. I always considered myself to be liberal. And that all changed about a year and a half ago during the black lives matter. Riots and i just thought the way that the democrats handled the death of george floyd and the rioting in the in the looting and democrat politicians looking the other way the idea that we have to have maoist self criticism sessions for our white privilege. The black lives matter website saying that they want to dismantle western notions of the nuclear family. I was finding all of this out about a year and a half ago watching this all unfold. And i thought to myself if this is the left. This is not who i am. Long story short. I found dennis prager and other salem radio host. I emailed him miraculously. He saw my email and wrote back. He invited me in to sit in for an hour of his show and from there we developed a very close relationship. And i've been on the dennis prager show a few times this summer. In fact i guest hosted a few days ago. And that is how i got discussed slot on the mike gallagher show today. I wanna talk about this announcement. I believe it was yesterday. Usa usa today published this fascinating article that the olympic committee has announced that in twenty twenty four at the paris olympics. They will get rid of baseball and softball and karate. And instead they're going to bring in break-dancing yes you heard that right break dancing and this is after this year at the olympics. They included some different new sports such as surfing skateboarding and sport climbing. And fact i read that four out of the six medals in women's skateboarding went to athletes under the age of thirteen. I ever take on this. I think getting into baseball baseball and softball and replacing it with break dancing. I think that's really weird. I'm sorry i just have to say it. I think this is kind of a sign that the olympics have been ruined mismanaged. I don't have anything against break. Dancing or break dancers. Frankly i've never really seen it before. But i get this sense that with the olympics are trying to do is. They're trying to seem cool and edgy. They're getting rid of these traditional sports. I mean what is a more american sport than baseball. Of course the olympics is international. But still baseball is very traditional sport. And they're replacing it with these obscure sports because it just seems like. They're trying to be edgy. And defy norms push past barriers. I just maybe. I'm off on this. I want to hear what you think but i. I'm not sure the olympics is quite the right venue for that. Let's let's let's take some callers. Please call the show. One eight hundred six five five mike. That's one eight hundred six five five six four five three. I want to hear your reactions to this. Break dancing announcement. You know another thing it made me think of is that recently i believe about a year or two ago. The academy awards announced that they would be changing their requirements for the oscar so in order to get an oscar. The there's there are many bullet points several requirements that they put in among them. Are that the thirty percent of the cast has to be people of color or is they say people in a certain minority group in that includes. Lgbtq and another requirement is at at least there. There must be at least one minority actor in a main role again. There's nothing necessarily bad with those things. But we're quiring it making it a requirement in order to get an oscar. Shouldn't it be more about merit then. About what certain quotas they they hit. Of course it's great. If a movie hits us quotas and it's also a great movie. I mean there are many of those movies that exists. But it's just so weird to shift the requirements away from just pure merit and again the like the olympics. I get this sense that people want to push pass norms. Look it with the left. Always says redefine what it means to be an olympian. What it means to win oskar and it's just this impulse really to make everything political. I think it's quite unfortunate because sports and television in movies is where we used to go in order to get away from that stuff. An order to get away from the political and chest. Put our mind at rest because look at look at the workforce in how it's been infiltrated by the left. Look at the education system. The media. Everything in life is political in those entertainment. Things were where we could have an escape and now they're pushing their own agendas in these in the in the academy awards and in the olympics and not just in the olympics in sports more generally look at these nba players who we saw. Who would stitch Equality and justice slogans on the backs of their jerseys again. You just want to go and watch. The lakers play the clippers and not have to think about politics. And then you see these certain slogans on their back by the way want to know the irony they they claim to care so much about equality so much about justice they claim to be so woke. I have no doubt that. Those jerseys were stitched in china by people who are underpaid. Or who were enslaved. I mean really allow you care so much about equality lebron james. Where's that jersey from. It's really sad what's happened and end the ratings for the nba and for the nhl and for a lot of sports teams have dropped last year's oscars. I think it was a record. Low of people watching because people don't wanna see the stuff and similarly with the olympics. This year i was reading. The opening ceremonies had the lowest audience in about. I think it was thirty two years. And frankly it's because you see you see american olympians. You see them taking a knee when the national anthem goes on. You see them wearing masks up on the podium. It's so bizarre. I was watching the women's water polo game and i played water polo in high school. Trust me you could not be closer to another person than in the sport of water pool. You are up in each other's faces. You are right next to each other. So if you're going to transmit cova did trust me while you're playing water polo and your next someone. You're guarding someone. that's how you get it. But then when the women's water polo team for the us won the gold medal. They all had to go up on the podium with masks it was so irrational and it was so political and when you see these olympians taking the knee they have what they are doing. Is they're robbing us of patriotism. Sports have become a way for us to express patriotism in a good way because expressing love for america. Right now is so maligned and your call basically call it a white supremacist. If you're holding in american flag in sports is the way that we could express our patriotism and a socially acceptable manner and when you see these athletes taking a knee it really. I'm not rooting for them to win. It's sad one eight hundred six. Five five mike. I would love to hear your thoughts on what i'm saying. Do you agree disagree. What are your thoughts in the olympics will be back here on the mike gallagher. Show i'm julie hartman. Be sure to get the mike gallagher. Show podcast at mike. Online dot com. I'll bet you've seen and tall on the tv. The father and son owners of relief factor. Boyer they great guys. They have a heart for the hurting. They just wanna get out of pain. They also do a whole lot of things behind the scenes that you'll never hear of in fact let me share with you a little secret. 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And i want to tell you the portions of the mike gallagher show are brought to you by fellowship. Home loans. call eight hundred five one zero. mike are go to fellowship home loans dot com fellowship home loans. Welcome home. We're talking about the decision by the olympic committee. That came out a few days ago to get rid of baseball karate in softball and the two thousand twenty four games and replace it with break net saying and it mushroomed into a greater conversation about how the olympics have turned woke. Let's take a call. Susan line three. Hello susan feel weird. Jill you're correct Having break dancing in the olympics when baseball is the quintessential american pastime. So it's a it's another strike by the left but it was akin to the catholic church in the late seventies and eighties started bringing in rock band type tambourines and base tars into math when we're used to a traditional ave maria and it. Just it's a chipping away by the progressives. Dennis would say they want to destroy everything that is good and met. Olympic committee seems to be a group of globalist or tends on the go against the grain. Of what the majority of us would like to say. Thank you for your call. You make an excellent point. It's interesting that you brought up the catholic church it got me thinking. I was reading recently about vatican two and the decision in the early nineteen sixties to get rid of latin masses. And that's very that's a very similar example to the one that you brought up. And and look. I mean that decision in some ways. Make sense if you're sitting there and you don't know latin. It's obviously hard to follow the mass but still it reflects a moving away from tradition. And once you start once you start kind of tampering with that all these other things can come in these certain woke standards. Or i i just. I am skeptical of stay of straying too. Far away from religion and tradition in general. Thank you i thought. That was an excellent very insightful point line to priscilla priscilla how are you. I'm well thank you. I want to let you know i. You're doing an excellent job. I think it's so amazing that you're twenty one. I'm fifty years older than you. And you're going such a good job and you know what i mean you because your generation is the one that's going to be affected more than this you know then then me and my generation you know i mean i could live in the twenty five. You've got seventy five years of whatever but my point is i agree with you I think the olympics are trying to maybe reach the younger people now. Maybe because of it and sports. I'm totally turned off by sports. I won't participate anymore. I i used to be a good baseball fan. A good football fan but Now they aren't even gonna play the national anthem. They're gonna play the black national anthem. Which i never even heard of. That's what at least on the news for minute for the nfl. I think i just you totally right about how. This is just a slippery slope. If they can't get us one way they'll get us another way and sports and athletics. Do this have time in the united states. And that's how they're getting us. You're absolutely right priscilla. It said it's what i said. Last segment sports used to be away for us to express our patriotism in a socially acceptable way. And now they're taking that away from us you know. I have a story here. That subway franchise owners are calling for subway to drop meghan repeat as their sponsor. Meghan pinot is the soccer player who is probably the woken member of the team. She always leans during or neal's excuse me during the anthem. You know what. There's time for action. These companies who support these woke players. Who hate america. They will not get the message until the money drops out so we have to be very discerning with which companies we support all right. I want to take more calls. Eight hundred six. Five five mike. 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I feel very lucky to be able to guest host for mike today. I've completely forgotten to tell you about my website. I just wanna tell you quickly that you can find me at julie dash hartman dot com. I respond to male. And i would love to hear from you. I would also love to hear from some of these callers. We have the collar. Board is lighting up. Let's go to line to lyric ohio. Hello lyric hi. How you doing well to make a comment real quick about the olympics and Break dancing being on the stage I think there's a fact that it's being disregarded in regard to break dancing and the caliber that at this time. It's no longer a new york. Only dance in the hip hop area era just for the voice of The minorities this thing is bigger than that. I've been break-dancing for about their team. Almost fifteen to eighteen years now And one of the world stage. We've been battling the will stage at battle of the year at rebel be one. We've been doing this for over over the last decade and for them to even take the account to say okay all these countries already doing. We're already competing coming to places competing on the world stage so to put it on In the olympics is not about a shot toward the conservative base or american game. It just so happens that it's a it's a sport already and we've been doing it for many years for them to recognize. That is a is a huge step. Not a woke set. But it's a huge step toward Toward voice of a young generation. That's been that second piece and trains and works hard and tired asli for years so be able to compete at this stage. It's not just willy. Nilly people on spending on boxes and and things like that. We're waving i. Thank you for your call lyric. I'm really glad that you brought this up. I just want to clarify. I have nothing against break dancing. I understand that it's worldwide. It's it's grown a lot in the past few decades. I understand that. It's huge in the philippines and that's great and as a former athlete myself. I understand the work that goes in to be able to master your craft. The point that i want to make though is fine. Keep break dancing. But why are we getting rid of baseball and softball. Why are those sports being substituted for break dancing. That's my mom. But i thank you for your call because it allowed me to provide a crucial clarification. Let's go to donna line. Three and from south carolina. Hello donna The olympians are there as representatives of america. With all of our wards. If they don't stand during the anthem and respect our flag. I say ship them home and fire them. The institutions are what. Hold a mirror ticket. America together with our values look at the schools and the sports and government and movie. We're all getting we're lost they. They've lost us. If the corporations want our money and they link if the great reset happened they take over and they take down america. They're losing my money right now and i got news for all of them. The sports isn't enough room for all of them at the top there already turning on each other and the rats ended up jumping ship and turning on each other so i don i loved your call. I would disagree with you slightly in regards to setting them home. Frankly i got that impulse. I'm disgusted by these athletes. Who neil the anthem. But you know what. I care about free speech. I do think that they have a right to do. So even though i think it's reprehensible and we go down a slippery slope if we tell them that they have to go home as result of that what i completely agree with you on and yes i was talking about last segment and i want to hammer this point. Home is shame on these corporations for supporting athletes. Who do this. The meghan re pinos. The alex morgan's there are so many of them who have adidas sponsorships and subways sponsorships and nike. And all of these big companies and donna. Eight is so good that you are saying that you want to stop supporting these companies because the only way that we reach these woke corporations is with the bottom line their dollars we have. It is so unfortunate that we live in a country where we have to do that. But the slow drip of woke ism has us all entrapped. We cannot enjoy the freedoms that we used to enjoy leisure time without politics being able to watch sports. Watch the economy awards. Watch any tv shows without politics so the way that we got that message out is we stop supporting them. We just got our money. And you know what i think. The good news is there are so many of us who are fed up with this. This is a bit unrelated to the conversation about the olympics and academy words. But the other day i was driving in my town and on the town square there were these i would say they were between twenty and thirty year olds hol holding up signs that say honk if you care about climate change and i did a little bit of an experiment. I sat there. I parked my car adjacent to the to the park. And i sat there for about ten to fifteen minutes and i noticed. No-one hawked not one person deriving by hogged their horn and believe it or not. That was really heartening to me. Of course i'm not people would say. Oh well the people who'd honcker climate change deniers. No it's not that it's that they are so sick of being heckard about climate change when the very people who are hectoring them about climate change. Don't care about what could happen about two weeks all over the news when jeff bezos launched himself into space which was so horrible he claims to care about climate. Change is really how. He's spending his money building. Spaceship launching it into the atmosphere talk about carbon emissions. And this is this woke corporation had. Who's hectoring the rest of us to care about climate change. And we don't he saying that we don't really jeff bezos and by the way all the woke people who support amazon and who have amazon prime subscription. Hey i use amazon i got. I got to admit that it's obviously very convenient. But i am going to consider stop using it because again. That's the only way we get to these people to stop supporting their companies. They are going to be so egregiously. Hypocritical i wanna tell you another story of what happened to me this summer at a formal dinner party that i attended a few weeks ago. I was sitting next to this couple and they seem very nice. And we're chatting. This is a couple in their sixties and the woman asked me the wife of the couple said. What are you doing this summer. And i said i am working for dennis prager and immediately. It was like i had told her that i was working for the devil himself and one of the things she brought up as she said. Oh my gosh working for dennis prager and you conservatives you don't care about climate change and you're so evil ready for people. This woman has a yacht and multiple homes. She's outrageously wealthy. She has all of these excessive things. And she's telling me that. I don't care about climate change the conservatives or the evildoers with regards to climate change are you kidding. Me and i said to her respectfully. I said it is phony for you to to say this to say that we are the ones who don't care when you're consumption is so excessive and her response. Her response was truly priceless. She said you know what all you conservatives love to say that we're hypocritical but that my consumption isn't the issue the issue is that we need solutions at the federal level. We need solutions from the government. How convenient that. It isn't her yacht. It isn't her consumption. That's causing the issue. How convenient that. It isn't jeff bezos in his spaceship that is causing the issue of climate change. By the way what is the issue if not human over consumption carbon emissions seriously. What is the issue. But how convenient for the wealthy to go thumping their chests and saying that they are so woken they care about climate change and look at what they're doing and that's why the people in my town driving by they didn't hawk. It's not because they deny climate change. It's because they are fed up with this stuff. We'll be back soon up. But i want to tell you about food for the poor. Here's a startling fact. Among children under five years old and honduras chronic malnourishment causes over twenty five percent to be stunted in their early growth. That's why every august mike gallagher reaches out to you to help our friends food for the poor as they tackle childhood hunger. 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Online dot com and click on the food for the poor banner at the top of the page once more go to mike online dot com or phone your donation to eight four four eight six zero hope and thank you from all of us at the mike gallagher show. We'll be back. I'm julie hartman. You smile amazon and support the mike gallagher. Show charitable foundation. Support the blue Long mike gallagher. Well everybody's race differently. We're all together. If you a good person you a bad character not about the elite status versus the evil. So thank you. I just wanted to say it's so nice. To hear such a young woman Citrus herself. Come on the air and sound so intelligent rational I hope that you have a great career coming ahead of you and we need more young women such as yourself to be exposed in our society. Thanks bye hello everyone. This is the mike gallagher. Show in the relief factor dot com studio. It is the final segment of the hour. Just wanna thank that caller that you just played who paid me such a lovely compliment. It has been so fun hosting a show. Let's try to squeeze in one last call. Let's take archie from south carolina. hello archie. Hey yes you talking about hos on lehrer. The biggest contributor to delinquency our ozone layer is the government which is shooting Satellites and rockets pleading in pension holes in ozone layer continually yearly. We're just doing way more damage than automobiles i mean. Yes you're right to say. There are a lot of issues. We have to fix a lot of these problems but the pro. What i'm trying to highlight is the problem. Is that the very people who claim to want to fix these issues. They themselves such excessive consumption. All right let's try to squeeze in john from north carolina. Hello john this whole thing about climate change. that's a natural occurrence that has happened since the world began They wanted to try to control it and ultimately every time they tried to control nature they have screwed something up and made it worse we should just. We should just try to adapt to what nature trolls at us and live with it instead of ryan. Dick climate change. I'm sorry to cut you off. I we just start very short on time. You are right. That climate change is natural it. Ha- i mean there's kind of no way of getting around it but also we have to acknowledge it is true that our carbon emissions are exacerbating the situation but we can't do is have climate alarmist. Tell us that the situation is going to end the world and ten years. We need sensible practical realistic solutions. Things like the green new deal. You mentioned these programs that end up making things worse. The green new deals an excellent example of that or the paris climate accord's we went into the paris climate accords. And it did nothing if we stayed in it. Thank god president trump. got his out of it. It would have drained our budget. And there's evidence that it wouldn't even have lowered carbon emissions okay. Well we're coming up in the last minute of the show. I want to say a big. Thank you to mike gallagher for trusting me with your show. It's been such an honor to sit in for someone like you. I also wanna thank eric. Hanson in derek the producers of the mike gallagher show and tracy the call screener sean mcconnell the technical director. All of you have been so helpful to me throughout these three hours. And i'm very grateful to all of you listening you can find me at julie dash hartman dot com. I check my mail. I would love to hear from you. Keep up the good fight. Everyone i am right there with you until next time. I'm julie hartman. This is the mike gallagher. Show wrong. I just want to say a quick. Thank you again. To mike. Gallagher to eric hanson to derrick to tracy the call screener sean mcconnell the technical director all of you are wonderful people and i appreciate how you've helped me do this show. God bless everyone. This episode is made possible by. Wc the future calls for digital transformation. You can trust. That's why the new equation is business. Lead and cloud forward using secure technologies to drive tax efficient solutions for today. And tomorrow it's out. People and technology worked together to transform transformation. See how the new equation is building. Trust insecurity with the latest tech at the new equation dot com.

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