Hour 2: Mike Griffith


Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately gyco makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy pride passion pageantry of college. Football leaves here. This is the paul finebaum. Show our to podcast and we welcome you back. And it's already been an eventful new year's eve mississippi state winning today twenty eight to twenty six over tulsa but the game ended in an absolute ugly brawl. Not any would be pretty and when everyone is finished going through the film of this. I don't think it's going to be a good situation for anyone. And we're talking primarily about mike leach's team video all is bouncing all over the place showing one of his players kicking a downed tulsa player. And then running away. There's a lot of bad looks on both sides. There's no there's no getting around it and lead seemed brother Upset afterwards as. I'm sure he would be you. Just come back and you have a big season ending win. You win this game you you make up for a bad beginning disastrous beginning. And that's all people all people are going to be talking about is responsibility and the brawl that ended a game. It was a pretty bad look for everyone. Let's get back to the calls. The first thirty minutes we talked primarily about another bad look from the university of florida last night just down the road from where the armed forces bowl game was played in fort worth. Let's get to the calls. An rod is in ohio. Hey i'm a trombone a like your show Like you thank. You don't have much use for the sec. And we're big ten fan but I want to say that the last couple of days of Been a really bad. Look for the sec. With florida just getting trashed and then Mississippi state players going out there and just absolutely mugging Tulsa player right really bad luck. Well i mean in terms of what happened last night. That was disgraceful in terms of figuring out. Exactly what caused all this. It really doesn't matter what caused it. I've heard coaches tell players over and over again. If something like this happened just just you know. Try to protect your teammates. Get out of the way. But i guess once the game's over Everyone absolutely loses their perspective. I appreciate your call very much. Jerry is up next in kentucky jerry. Hey paul how's it going Wondering if you heard about the press conference mark stoops head. today. I did not. He said that because kentucky was missing so many players and stars gets alabama and georgia. That wasn't the twenty two thousand eighteen to twenty twenty one. I mean that's kind of how silly what dan mullen said. Yesterday was teams have been doing what he dealt with last night all year. of course they have now. Dan mullen cannot get away. Get out of the way of his own mouth. That's his problem. He's a great football coach. Likable we all like. I'm here but you know. His comments after three or four games. This year have been inexcusable. Alabama game kentucky kentucky. Probably shouldn't play that game. Everybody knows they didn't have the players went down. There took his team beat. You didn't hear him. Making excuses like that and i just think that's you know. That's that's just ridiculous. Well thank you very much for the call. Let's check in with bill. Who is in tennessee. Hey bill hey. Paul thanks for taking my call. Long time listener. Thank you very much quick. Quick question for you to get your thoughts on this but these these teams that come in. They're talking about how florida Has went in there with mall and they they kind of the game kinda give their answer about how well we just were looking for the future and we really kind of play or everybody's looking at it as giving up on the game. Is there a way that these bowl committees can actually withhold the pay out to these teams or do something so they don't have this problem going forward with these teams coming in for their reputation as well. No because if you did that it would. It would constitute professional sports and here. We have to remind ourselves sometimes. This is amateur athletics. So there's nothing you can do. That's a responsibility. The head football coach to try to get his team prepared and and there will be a lot of debates about that game in the end. If dan mullen what he said is true and obviously seventeen key players out. They shouldn't have played the game. They didn't they didn't gain one thing by taking an absolute mauling in that game if they had a legitimate reason not to play. We just don't have enough players and that's that's part of this football season. You can't do that in a normal year. But in twenty twenty you could have said that. And i don't think anybody would have blinked an eye. Thank you paul thank you. I mean that's why they're protocols put into place anyway. Thanks jakov appreciate it very much. Let's check in with mark who is in south carolina. Hey mark how you doing. We're doing well. Thank you go to a question for you. I was listening to the dan. Mullen conversation and you know clings offing out. And i know you're an advocate for student. Athletes as i am i would kentucky back in the mid eighty s. I've got Put two kids to clemson south carolina. Big sec fan. But i'm starting to wonder if we are not putting too much. I don't know. I wanna call it privilege in the hands of student athletes. And i know you're not gonna get for them but when they can opt out or you know. I know what i have paid for my kids. Go to college athletes but you know hundred hundred twenty five thousand dollars to get a four year degree and were people opt out program. And i'm not defending dan mullen or anything like that. But i'm just wondering if we are not putting too much pressure on them and i understand that billions of dollars call he's generating but these are state run universities and our kids. Are you know we send their for education not to prepare for the nfl. And i'm just a little wondering why we let these kids out when playing football university education or hold on average. nfl players. You know five mark mark what what can you do about. It is my question to you. Play the game. You understand it better than a lot of us. Who didn't you can't start stipulating which i mean. We're not talking about opting out the first game we're talking about opting out the last game and there is a there is a significant difference. And how. I mean they're maher mar. Here's the mr that to syracuse. He came home one day and was telling me all the stuff that he gets. I looked at him. And i said stipends and all this stuff and he's playing football and i said well. What is that different than what you're getting from your parents. I mean we pay for your college. You play for your school all that i mean it. It is part of the package. The always there's not a contract that says you have to play x number of games you're signing grant made you're signing a scholarship and i frankly believe that by the time you get your final game you fulfill that because that game wasn't scheduled that's an add on. That's a game that the school makes money. The conference makes money the television networks. Make money and you get a phone charger from the sponsor of the bowl and not much else. Terry is up next in georgia. Hi terry thank you. Welcome to the program well. My question is is The what what. What is the what do you think about the Alabama and the alabama game the conference get howard but not. The compost album is playing tomorrow. Let's go to john in tulsa. Hey john thanks for the call. Welcome there hello everybody. You're looking live at fans ville a college football utopia with a rivers flow with ice cold. Dr pepper talysh. Where every day is saturday. And everyone's a fan even babies and the seasons never change because the only season is college football season. Get a taste of fans villas fall during a college football game near you dr pepper. The official drake of fans ville grab some today. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy. Bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com. Yes sir sorry it's okay. Hey happy. New year paul. Happy new. I I just wanted to talk about Oklahoma's beat down to florida and dan mullins just and comments. How do you think that goes over with his locker room potential recruits Basically you know being called the scrubs and you're the second string guy he's had four recruiting classes the top ten classes What are your thoughts on that. How'd that go over in the locker room that play with the players will. Obviously the players didn't much care because seventeen or either opted out or couldn't play so dan mullins Sway with the team wasn't particularly strong. But i don't think it will go over very well. A very negative stigma that has been a tach to what had been a great year. That's that's the to me. The sad part about this for florida is the dan mullen had had has built this program back up from the clown show that previously existed there and his ridiculous statements after a couple of games this year. He's he's tossing some of it back and what about Trask draft stock it. I mean how much How much are one. Game can affect it. I understand he's without top. Four you know pass. Catcher receivers of course pits what scouts going to think about. I don't think of one one iota because any scouts and understands anything about football which is all of them means that they looked at what he didn't have and he was he was. He was playing with a his teammates that he really had not had a lot of familiarity with so. I don't think it's gonna matter. Everyone knew that was going to be a challenge. I don't think anyone is surprised by the final score. I think the biggest surprise was the way dan mullen handle that. That's all and he started spending it before the game and he tried to spend it afterwards and really in the end he just said three days ago. We can't play this game. Nobody would blink tonight just it would have been the nineteenth bowl game cancelled and we all would have gone happily into the night. Let's move along. Your reaction continues to come in eight five five two four two seven two eight five. I mentioned at the top of the next hour Archbishop marina will come in and not a moment too soon with the florida reaction and the malay in fort worth with mississippi state and tulsa coming into the paul finebaum show podcast. We welcome you back here on new year's eve We thought this would be calm. Serene afternoon and then florida lost by thirty five and mississippi state won about thirty minutes ago. Although that has not been the story today we are delighted to welcome back to the show. On new year's eve my griffiths mike. Thanks for the time. Happy new year and let us begin with the game that just ended. We were all keeping our eye on it. Significant win for mike leach. She got the four winds on the year and then a fight broke out. And i lost track trying to look at the video to to understand what happened. What did you see. yeah you know. A lot of fisticuffs a lot of emotions. That was hard fought football game. And you're right. It was a good finisher mississippi state. And who would've thought at the beginning of the year that mike lynch his offense you know might not rank in the top one hundred in scoring winning with his great defense in tulsa team that last week or a couple of weeks ago i guess played for the acc championship against cincinnati. And you kind of wonder. This didn't see a lot of cross conference games so for me. I was like gauging it right because georgia place against cincinnati and was the tallest. The team to bearcats overtime. But yet you hate to see games. End like that You don't wanna see those ugly kind of scene at the end but it is an emotional game. I mean let's face it football as violent sport. Sometimes the emotions get out of check from a coaching standpoint leash. In only mike leach. Fashion somewhat blew it off after the game. The brief clip we saw on. Espn is there. Anything coach can do something like this happens especially after the game. Yeah not really. You know internal discipline you leave it up to the. I mean we saw sheet. We saw something somewhat similar to this earlier this year with florida and missouri. Commissioner thank you gave mullen. I think twenty five thousand dollar fine but you know you don't like to see this. There's not much you can say. This is an internal disciplined. Kind of thing. You know nothing mike leach can say is going to make this this ugly scene go away. I don't think it's unfortunate. Like i said there's not much more we can really say other than you know. Sometimes it gets out of hand with these football players. I don't know. Do you change the the postgame custom tradition shaking hands. You certainly not talk about what happened yesterday. We all know the circumstances with the florida game. I'm most interested in in dan. Mullins comments after the game. He he essentially chiseled down to. Hey we got a chance to look. At some young players are season ended the ten days ago against alabama. Your reaction to all of that. I think is season in about a month ago against lsu when his guy threw a shoe and got a penalty and and lsu undermanned look. You can't use that argument paul. The georgia was down four five starters when they played florida. Lsu was down. I don't know how many guys the list was ridiculous. I didn't have fifty. is i mean. Listen yes. Florida was missing some key receivers but not to the extent. That a heisman trophy finalist should be throwing three interceptions in one quarter in his fourth. Pick six of the year. I mean you gotta call it what it is. I mean your best player did not play well. Your team did not respond to the challenge and you can say oklahoma. Didn't have anything to play for either and yet you know. They're the sooners again i. I can't remember heisman. Trophy finalist with four pick sixes in one year. I don't want say it on did everything because kyle. Trask had an amazing year. Thrown into some great receivers. But i do think this rate is some question and you know unfortunately not the way the gators they finished the year. Eight and four. I it just in the end. They're not who we thought they were. When they won the east they weren't able to uphold sec's division. They played alabama close. I guess maybe their their best win of the year might have been that loss to alabama was a good moral victory. They played the tied closer than anybody. You have talked a lot about the changing tides between georgia and florida and back and forth. We'll get to georgia in a second but naming like this mike you're plugged into recruiting. You're plugged into a lot of things. You look ahead. What what if anything do you think it will mean. I'm not really sure you know. The gators had the number. Five class in the sec. I mean molin has brought some momentum. I mean he called. I mean he's a great play caller. He's a great play designer. You saw him out skiing georgia. Would they put thirty. Eight thirty nine points on george. One half i'll be at. They had the ball eight or nine possessions. But you gotta give florida credit for what they did. They did take a step forward. And you got hope. If you're in florida fan that that carries over into the recruiting ranks again. That lost oklahoma. That's ugly and that's not the sort of momentum that you want to carry in the off season now. I don't know the value of those snaps that allow those players got for florida. I'll just say this one. What georgia has back. I'd say georgia's going to be picked to win the east and and florida's probably going to be looking to win. Maybe nine ten games and try to get into a new year's six again. This is three straight new year's six foals. I believe for the gators so they do have some momentum. Let's talk about the dogs. There are some of the forgotten team this season. They are ranked high. They have a really good record of wind tomorrow. New year's day game would be important what what's at stake. Tomorrow wasn't momentum. We just talked about that was florida. I mean goodness if georgia were lose to cincinnati and in atlanta in their backyard cincinnati would would take that bulldog head and and then rip it off and put it on their weight room and claim a share of the national championship. Much like central florida. Did when they beat auburn. Very same game. So you know georgia doesn't want that wanted to georgia's still trying to get their senior bowl game right those vanderbilt guys. We were kind of them for skipping out on a game. But maybe they're maybe they're the smartest guy in the room. I think they know that georgia would have destroyed them. And that's why vanderbilt not once but twice cancelled on playing georgia and now cincinnati gets to step into the ring with george offense. That's plane as well as any team in the country polit. The numbers are kind of ridiculous. Averaging almost five hundred yards of offense over forty points a gain. Jt daniels is converting at a sixty six percent clip on third down to put that into perspective alabama's at fifty nine so since jt. Daniels has been under center. Georgia's played magnificent. Now you gotta take into consideration who they've played right. They played that mississippi state team. You just saw. They played against south carolina. I'll be they didn't do anything with the ball in the fourth quarter but sit on it and they played against missouri again. Let the air out late in that game. Cincinnati brings in a pass defense. And we'll find out if the bear cats are paid for tigers but they're pass efficiency defense ranked number two in the country and they're in the top twenty in all these other categories. So we're going to find out. Just how real cincinnati this fall. Their players were talking about wanting to play tough and show that. They're just as tough as the sec. And they're going to get that opportunity against georgia. Mike on a bigger subject. And we've had a lot of debate about it here on the program. The opting out we shot with florida. We've seen it with a lot of schools. Georgia added a couple of years ago. Everyone has experienced this year. It's a little bit different. Can anything be done or is this just part of college football. Well i've said it before college. Football and sports is a microcosm of our society. And you know we're in a bit of an opt out world now when you think about you know people want and college loans paid for and and you know deadbeat dads and it's unfortunate. I think it's a matter of personal opinion and in what you feel like that student athlete. I don't wanna say owes. But there's an inferred agreement when you accept scholarship right. That program is gonna take care of you. They're going to train you. They're going to give you world class medical. They're going to give you tremendous facilities and build you in an nfl player. And sometimes it's two or three years before these guys really get on the field and contribute and you know now it's like okay. Well now i'm a star now. I'm out well. What about the first two or three years when the program was carrying you and you weren't on the field so there's a lot of different ways to look at it by the same token you look at the miami quarterbacks injury you think back to willis mcgahee and you say wow this. This young man has an opportunity to make a lot of earnings for his family and he doesn't want to risk it in a quote unquote meaningless game. So are these games meaningless again. That's up to the individual. I can tell you a lot of boosters and a lot of people that donate money and spend years rooting for these kids and stand in line for two hours at their autograph a day in one hundred eighty he. They'll tell you these games means something. But if there's not a playoff involved maybe they don't mean as much to the players as they once did i don't have the answer. I do think mainly with name. Image likeness when these players start signing actual contracts that they may have a little bit more of an obligation or if we extend a play off and there's more games that mean more. Let's look ahead to tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. The two playoff games. You've been Money on predictions all year long. We're curious do you see any. You see anything out of the ordinary happening tomorrow afternoon night. Yeah i can almost promise something out of the ordinary. But i'm not sure about an upset. So notre dame is played. What i guess. Three playoff games in title game since two thousand twelve and the average margin defeated twenty. Four points they came at twenty four point loss to to clinton i can't imagine notre dame beating alabama just that such as doesn't register in my brain is a possibility. It's just a matter of how much not if in that game. The other games a little interesting to me. No dabbles giving some bulletin board material talking to rank in ohio state number eleven explaining that he did date that they deserved as much credit as a texas. A&m team that played a full fledged scheduled versus just six games. Maybe had a rule change from the big ten in place clemson. Those never won the sugar bowl. Paul in the last time. Ohio state played in the sugar. I believe they beat alabama in the playoff kirby. Smart was the alabama defensive coordinator. Interestingly enough. I gotta try this with with georgia. That forty to thirty five. Mm ohio state win over alabama had a lot to do with how alabama and georgia changed their defensive fronts. Because of what. Ohio state did kirby actually tracked down time urban instead. Hey can you give me some insight. You put forty two on us. And and hermit did georgia's change to this mid front. I don't know who maybe kirby is going to have to chase down somebody else that change. How the secondary plays after the way. Florida and alabama went through them. But point of the matter is there's been a lot of history down there in the sugarbowl on the good side throw house stay on the bad side for clemson and you just kind of wonder if there might be some kind of new orleans voodoo ear with dabo sweeney. Maybe the buckeyes can get it together. The ohio state team that i saw play northwestern though they don't have shot stated better. Find some magic between that can title game and playing trevor lawrence because this tigers offense is for real and speaking of the game tomorrow the georgia cincinnati game. What are you expecting. Expect georgia to blow them out. I don't think that cincinnati's played a team with this much talent. This much speed. And i haven't seen anybody slow. Jt daniels down. I know that their cat defensive coordinator was a finalist for the royals award. Is it assistant. He's coming in talking about stopping. The georgia run game. And that's a good game plan but that tells me he might be given up something on the back end again. I haven't seen anybody slowdown. Jt daniels their explosive play. Rate is number two in the power five since. Jt daniels has gone under center and then on defense Yes georgia does have a couple of guys that opted out. But they've got some very important guys that opted in including their sacks leader aziz jewelry and big number ninety. Nine jordan davis. Who's a one man run stopper between the tackles. I think this cincinnati quarterbacks going to be running for his life making bad decisions. I expect georgia and win this game by four touchdowns. All migrelief of four touchdown win predicted over the dog over cincinnati. Mike happy new year. Thanks for everything. We will see you very soon. Appreciate it appreciate baseball. Happy new year. You got my griffis with a bold prediction. Dogged by four touchdowns. That's twenty eight points. If i can do the math correctly archbishop merino thirty minutes will continue to take your phone calls lot to react to and we are back with much more listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. And don't forget tomorrow as you're just waking up in the new year twenty twenty one. We'll be on at noon. Eastern time noon to three of look ins at some of the early games peach and citrus and reports from both arlington and new orleans. And most important your reaction to the games and talks about the. Cfp tomorrow at noon right here on the sec network earlier in the metroplex this is what happened. After mississippi state won the armed forces bowl over tulsa a melee broke out and it was very ugly. Not exactly sure what precipitated it but there were a lot of punching and kicking and all. That was a karate kick right there. Unfortunately it overshadow the fact that mississippi state won its second game of the year to close the season out at four and seven knocking off the runner up in the afc. Mike leach after the game your thoughts would happen after the game with that. Mealy between you guys. And i'm not sure what exactly caused that but you know know there was some before the game too. We've never had any talking with that the entire season. So i mean i can only guess about seeing the film but i know that prior to this game. We've never had trouble with that. What's your message to the team having seen. that afterward. don't do it anymore. You know. I mean yeah well it's just dumb you know. And then there was some of that Stuff going back and forth in the course of the game you know in in any of it on our side. I don't wanna see. Because i feel like i got shorted. What fifteen yards thirty yards on deals. Where if we just keep our mouths mike leach after the game in fort worth. Let's grab some calls here. Pat in saint louis. Hey paul thanks for taking my call thinking first time. Caller longtime listener guide to here. And i'd like to talk about How we can fix the college football playoff Although not through expansion. i'm all ears. Well i think throughout pretty much. The history of college football. There's always been four or five teams dominating in recruiting. And whether that's usc notre dame or alabama clemson lsu like it is right now. They're really the only teams that have a chance to win the national title or win the college football playoff. And that's why we're ended up with all these blowout semi's and that's also why if we expanded to eighteen right now we just be introducing four more blowouts to the playoff. Yeah i mean ultimately we were. We are where we are pad because the rich have continued to feast in recruiting off of their their harvest. Which is the college football playoff. And i you know every once in a while someone new shows up like georgia or lsu but primarily. It's alabama clemson. Ohio state oklahoma notre dame the last first time college football champion was florida in ninety six right along with scholarship limits. We need to introduce an average star rating limit. The average power five recruits star rating is three point. Two five last year bama average. Four point. two five you know. They're getting all the top talent. Yeah i understand that argument. But but i'm not sure there's really anything you can do that because you can't stop a team and a program from doing and striving to be excellent alabama clemson are. You can't put a. I mean you can't put a cap on. How many good players they can you well back. In the day bear bryant got all the topic recruits. There was no limit. Well but you know. I mean back. Then you're right. I i remember there was a story. I mean. Brian didn't even didn't even watch certain players but he went and got them to keep them away from auburn. Good idea. I like that strategy. But you can't do that anymore. Hey thank you for the call. Have a great new year. Appreciate your your calling today. If i get my board to work. Robin is up next. Hey robyn thank you. Yes metropol how are you. I'm great thank. You mr powell. If you can hear me only thing i want to say. I'm a alabama roll tide. But don't want thing. I want to stay you was i hope and pray you and your fan a list. Say in praise god a happy new year hilty wide. And i appreciate what you did. I enjoy listening to you. Thank you thank you very much robyn. I'm sorry we didn't. You couldn't hear me better but that means a great deal to all of us here and the same for your family. Thank you very much eugene in georgia. Hey you jane thank you so much for taking my call. I'm enjoying your show today and news to you appreciate that happy. I wanna ask you you know. I really enjoy listening to my griffith and he answered some questions about tomorrow's george game against cincinnati. I'd like to know where you think. Cincinnati would've finished this year in the big ten if cincinnati had played in the big ten. You had a caller earlier today. Who criticized very heavily. The sec and Mike leach and the mississippi state team I don't think brawls or something you wanna see. But i don't think that reflects all that terribly badly against the sec. As opposed to the other conferences but as far as cincinnati is concerned those teams in outside. The big ten are usually try their best to get you big ten teams. I'd like that where you think. Cincinnati would've finished if they played the big ten schedule this year. Paul g thank you for the call. I tell ya i. I'd rather wait until tomorrow to answer that question. Because i haven't really seen them. Against great opposition beating tulsa did not impress me. Now that i've seen tulsa lose to mississippi state which was really in the lower level of of our conference. Hey thanks for the call. We appreciate it very much. Eugene mentioned the archbishop at the top of the hour. We'll change gears a little bit. Maybe calm everyone down. It'd be a little more reflective about this year and a look ahead we are coming back with much much more. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast welcome back. Let me just explain we. We've had a very busy show. We talked in the first hour with pat. Dealy about what happened last night. In dallas with florida auto reaction to mike leach's comments in the melee that ended that occurred after the ending of the missing state. Victory today in the armed forces ball the next hour. We're going to speak with archbishop merino and at some point include. Your phone calls the final hour. We'll just leave up in the air calls reflections Whatever you would like as we close out twenty twenty so thanks again for being here. I know it's not happening on new year's eve even this year. So let's get back to the calls and check in with jeff who is up next. Hey jeff thanks good afternoon geoffrey their. Hello hey what's up april. How you doing buddy. I'm doing great jeff. What's going on with you. Yeah i can hardly hear you but that was my car. Listening to your description of that Brawled on their ball game. And i thought you were explaining an old school. I man game from tuscaloosa. Both you yeah. I think there are a few more punches thrown today then in one of those. Yeah hey how about your boy. Griffith the extra pepita steph. Today didn't he. After that florida's bok last night you could just tell he was dying to get to that. Talk about that game and is Georgia bulldogs i think grip of these again. The new drinking started. We all take shot every time. You mentioned j. T. daniel The the guy. I mean he loves. Jt one thing about jeff. He can paint the prettiest picture of the team. He's covering more than anyone else i've ever heard. I mean i can't wait for that. Cincinnati game navarre can you. I'm watching per share down to four or touchdown particular. I may can you. Can you help me jeff. Can you do me a favor. Because i have never. I'm making a confession here today. I've never bet on a football game in my life. It's not something that i grew up around. And i've i've stayed away from it. Even though i have friends who are book of my my my best friend growing up father was a bookie i people. I understand gambling but can you. Can you hook me up with a bookmaker in columbus. So i can bet some money on on on on georgia tomorrow. Because that's that's a lack of the year isn't it. Yeah i'll get a hold of my boy at all on talk to your people paul. We'll get that that bad for you by man thank you. Hey To people outside of watching that lord of the buckle. I know we haven't heard from this guy years. But can you imagine how much gas old lamp was huffing. Last man. I mean he helped so much gas. There's probably rashes tennessee. He he's he's one that came up with martin were-they accident. I have not heard from buddy martin. And i hope he's okay i do too. I love to hear his spinning on bullet comment because he usually can spin doctor own mollahs comment like like the best of them but those are the two people i thought But anyway paul. I just wanted to call and also a happy new year and hopefully looking for next year we can get back to real. You know the real deal of college football. Get these bama fans and everybody all riled up again. But i just wanted to get out of here because i know you've got the archbishop coming on and i'm sure your boy of down new orleans estate in front of a mirror tried to dazzle the archbishop with i'm sure all he's already on hold waiting to talk to and any anyway way. Paul you have a happy new year. let's Let's do it. The buckeyes can do the bar. I mean like. I said i. I don't know if i'm gonna watch the way everybody said harley. We don't have a change but if we pull it off. I'm flying you and earl buckeye roll up next year for a ballgame. Paul get after the right jeff next year in columbus. I'll be there. I made a vow this year. It wasn't possible. I think the archbishop's speaks six languages. So augie can have added a in talian latin french. Whatever he chooses. that's up to him. Let's talk to daddy for the last time in twenty twenty day. Greetings and salutations big bro. You good sounding good. Hope everybody to sorta pm have a happy new year. And i wish you'd have been at my house. They'll reader than the kitchen we got collard greens in the crock. Pot got black eyed pisa crock. Pot we've got cold riddle. Baked mark have us a great maria which can sit down and eat with kennedy. That sounds too good. Unfortunately i don't think i can chop her over there in time but they're telling me we're at a i hate. We'll talk soon. Thanks daddy happy new year to you in velveeta and we are coming back with one of our most eagerly anticipated segments of the year. The archbishop coming to us live from rome. Do you own rent your home show you do. Fortunately gyco makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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