Becoming Debt-Free Feels Like Getting a Raise (Hour 1)


Live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios. That's Dave Ramsey. Show or bad has dom cash is king made off home. Mortgage has taken place of the B._M._w.. As the status simple choice choice I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining US America. It's a free call at triple eight eight to five five two to five. That's triple eight eight to five five two to five you jump in. We'll talk about your your life and your money. McKenna is starting as often Clarksville Tennessee McKenna. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show Dave. Thanks so much for talking to me true. What's up the I need to know if it has time for me to quit my job and go back to school okay? Why would you do that because I currently do not have <hes> a very career focus degree and I want to go back to nursing school because that's something that I I have a passing four and I feel like God is calling me to do that and I have the money to cover the first two semesters and then my husband and I will be able to cash flow the rest but I can't decide if I need to quit my job Bob starting in August or not why would you not? I think I'm afraid to let go. I think I'm afraid to lose the second income. Can you make it on his income. We can and we make that a point to live live off of his income specifically so you've actually done a budget with his income only yes there were on baby step three and we'll actually they done in August but <hes> we're going to have to pay for daycare and things like that and I just I I. It scares me to let go of my income to go back to school for two years which I think you know having things come up. I guess and you know my husband's in the military so he's gone a lot and you know the main focus me going back to school is by the time he gets out two years from now. I will have that steady income for us to transition much more. You know easily. I guess I'd be I'd be a little bit scared. If you didn't don't do this right so I just I need to have the I'm having a hard time letting go of my income because I'm afraid of what's going to come up and the next two years but the plan that you have you can survive and it's a detailed plan and you guys have looked at it and not only you can make your bills and you can eat off of his income and you can cash flow nursing school the portion that you don't have save so you've got a detailed plan so the the only thing to be scared of as if some bizarre crazy thing came in and the next two years right right but you should be scared of that anyway mean life life comes. Sometimes you know right now you just don't you don't catch sight of the new land until you lose sight of the old land you have to set sail and there's always a little bit. You know it's a normal human emotion to to walk t t to struggle with walking away from the known into the unknown but it's where all the fun is you gotTa do it. Okay you have to everything you told me was mature her well-thought-out not impulsive not being drama. It's not a crazy degree that you have no idea what you're going to do with it. It's a freaking nursing degree. You can work the rest of your life any amount of hours you WANNA work and you'll always be employed Loyd. It's unbelievable. I've never seen anything like that field and so it's a lot of hard work but but but it's <hes> it's it's you know for someone that has the Compassionate Heart and has the the science mind to be able to pull this off. It's <hes> so wonderful career. You need to do this. There's not I didn't hear a single thing in this story that says don't do it and you know I will tell you get after drum ghetto you got this. I love it. Sandra is in Pittsburgh Sandra. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show hi <hes> I have a question may my husband are having a little bit disagreement on. We're finishing baby step three this month and we will be starting baby. You step for good <hes>. He makes alone seventy thousand year. I make twenty part time. Mine is a mandatory seven and a half they take automatically. I had to do that through the baby steps because you couldn't quit now. He's saying <music> enemies the take a his match update percent and he says eight that'll make our fifteen but I'm not agreeing with that. I think math works his eight percent of his income and seven percent of your income does not equal fifteen percent of our household income. Yeah that's okay you don't add those together. That's going to be more like seven and three quarters percent of our household. Income you take the number that is coming out of your check going into retirement. Divide that into your income and that will give you the percentage about half of what you should be okay. I think nine let me to it should be around fifteen thousand dollars a year for you guys who now's any or okay yeah because I am a finger nine taking what we make the total times one five point one five that's fifty percent right and so one hundred thousand dollars point one five household income is fifteen thousand. That's where I got that Yep. You guys are making ninety so it's going to be fourteen seven fourteen five or something right and so you know that that's where you're going to be in yeah you don't get at eight percent of his income seven percent of your income for that to be fifteen. That's not how the mathworks okay so. It makes sense. Yeah I think take our percent of your household income out annually going into retirement and that's baby step four. You know we're not trying to figure out how little little we can do. We're trying to figure out how much we can do because the more we do the more money we have. This is how fast I bill wealth not how slow bill wealth yeah now. He was just thinking the eight and the seven I said no 'cause I make less. Can you guys but even that it's not they don't add together. They are of each and take the total time fifteen and you're gonNA see. It's a whole lot more money than you're talking about like. I'm doubling what you're talking about. Yes Oh definitely yeah. You're battling so then you do. We do like minds mandatory. Seven fifty bucks a month coming out of somebody's checks somewhere total yeah but that's you know yes so al deers add his I don't every put it all on his and maybe your retirement plan sucks but as long as the total is fifteen percent of ninety then we're okay and the way to that point one five times the whole thing open phones at triple eight eight to two five five two to five. Thank you for joining us. We're glad you're here. We appreciate you being part of the part of the show. Today we are in the middle of a move over here. If you've ever moved its simultaneously exciting and excruciating and then that includes when you move like from your dorm room and you could do it all on your back seat right <hes> try moving a thousand people almost and we moved three hundred of them over the weekend they walked in this morning plugged into their first time another three hundred the next week in the three hundred the next week and so that's <hes> Ramsey headquarters has shut down for visitors right now because it's full of moving stuff up a plan on coming to visit us in August or later at our new headquarters it is amazing and we're all just more than a we bid excited and nostalgic about the old place. This is the Dave Ramsey show. We've been voted one of the best places to work in Nashville Eleven Times. You WanNa know how we do it. Our team has been using Lincoln jobs for years to find the best people to help us change lives think about it linked in as more than six hundred million active members. I'm talking about people who come to linked in to make connections grow their careers and discover new job opportunities post a job today at Lincoln Dot com slash Ramsey and get fifty dollars off your first job post. That's linked in dot com slash Ramsey terms and conditions apply joining US America. This is the Dave Ramsey show. We're glad latches with us in Jacksonville Florida I how can I help. How you doing today that are than I deserve? What's up <hes> basically I just graduated college couple of months ago? <hes> and I got a fulltime job at the place that I was interning at <hes>. It's the perfect place for the degree that got but I really think <hes> that I kind of being drawn towards the real estate industry. I got my real estate license while I was in school and I just kind of want some advice on how I can start to work my way into real estate industry get some experience while I still have this fulltime job and potentially start going into real estate fulltime advice on how to kind of make that transition and get experience while I'm still working fulltime so you went to school for years to get a degree in a career field that you started a couple of months ago and you're already not wanting to leave it. <hes> I kind of enjoy it but after actually you know like being in the office and getting to see how the business is actually run. I'm not under center. That's when I WANNA do full-time thrashing my life. How long have we been doing? How long have you been there offers? How long have you been out school? I've been out of school. I graduated in late April. I've been full-time for about two three months. I've been at the office since February. What do you do? It's a R._A.. H. A. Like with a lot of C._F._C.'s financial advising got my degree in financial planning and finance <hes> and what is it that you thought it was going to be that it's not yeah I just I. It's not really wasn't very surprised that I just thought I would probably enjoy the work war. <hes> maybe just a little more fulfillment out of it <hes> after doing it for a while. You don't have done it for three months. Yeah that's not a very gal is five years right. I don't really know if I want to go that distance on I mean I'm just I feel like I'm being drawn towards a real estate and I just want. That's KINDA WANNA start. She didn't get experience and see if that is what actually WanNa do okay well. You'RE GONNA struggle at whatever you do if you don't give it more than three months to figure figure it out it takes more time I mean you spent four years on this goal and three months you're abandoning that goal book and using phrases like I'm being drawn to like by mysterious force Nah I it just sounds real <hes> impulsive the way you're describing what the calendar of what's going on. I mean if you've been in their three years and you hate it every minute of it I don't I don't want you spend your whole life doing something you hate. That's not my goal but <hes> <hes> I really kinda think through. What was it that drew you to the financial planning world and then what is it? That's turning you off because it's not logical that you spent this much time working on something knowing what it was and then after three months just decide you don't like it so anyway the way to move into the real estate business would be if you've answered those questions for yourself. I it doesn't affect me but if if you've answer those questions maturely for yourself <hes> a little den with a way to move into it will be part time and get a broker that would allow you to get your license and pleasure like you said you had your license already place your license with broker and start working part time the good news about residential row state is most people look at houses when they're not at work and so you're most premium times showing houses and working real estate deals or evenings and weekends so it really doesn't interfere that having a fulltime job doesn't interfere that much with doing real estate I mean there are sometimes you stuff during the day but the vast majority of your actual eyeball to eyeball kneecapped and he kept with potential buyer or seller is on an evening or a weekend so you can do a lot of that stuff and build up your experience your book of business and <hes> not have to go from making money to making nothing for six months and starve out <hes> because it usually takes about six months and residential businesses start actually getting closings and making a living and so forth and <hes> you know but there's a good news is a lot of your financial planning <hes> training will help you <hes> in the academic side of this. I'm sure you've probably picked up some marketing classes in that degrees well those will help you obviously the <hes> the financial parts of <hes> you know helping someone look at a a different finance plan for a home or whatever will help you. You've got a good base knowledge of all of that but I just I want you to sit down on and I'm I'm GonNa Challenge you that you you've spent four years working on something and then three months later have decided it's not okay that just doesn't ring well and you need to think through that part of this through <hes> it could be that where you're doing it the group of people you're doing the financial planning with you. Don't like you don't like their process. It feel slimy to you. <hes> you went into this to serve people. You don't feel like people are the center this that numbers are or you went into this to serve numbers in these beat. These folks are working with her. Two people oriented. I Dunno but you need to think about. Is that the place in the group you're doing it with. Is that the particular activity you plugged into <hes> and so on and that's what I would try to figure out so hey thanks for the Paul open phones at triple eight eight to five five two to five our question of the day comes from blinds dot com find out for yourself. WHY BLINDS DOT COM is the number one online retailer of custom window coverings? You get free samples free shipping and with the new promos around every month you'll save even more use the Promo Code Ramsey to get the best possible deal. Sarah is in New York. I'm trying to figure out if I should pay off my two thousand eight car as two thousand dollars left on it when it needs five hundred dollars worth of repairs. I've been making double payments at four hundred each since the beginning of the year I'm predicting the car paid up next month should fix the car and keepdriving yes you should and you probably need to get a second opinion on the repairs and figure <hes> you know exactly what needs to be done. Why and <hes> you know what other some of these things might be minor things that you could do without fixing on an older cheaper car and so you need to do the things should keep running and keep it safe but <hes> sometimes <hes> mechanical give you a laundry list of things that you could do if you were gonna put everything in perfect condition and you might not want to do that on that car? We do want to be safe and we do want it to be reliable. Eh Pass that don't really give a rip. You won't two Thousand Eight ten eleven twelve year old car will spend a lot of money on the cosmetic or the creature comforts so to speak open phones at triple eight eight to five five to two five Matthew is in Minneapolis. I matthew welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. Hey Dave. How're you doing better than I deserve? What's up <hes> so I have a question me and my wife we got audited on our taxes this year? <hes> first time for both of us being audited <hes> got a letter and then I called <hes> our tax guy and he wanted to come over and <hes> visit with us because something did happen <hes> and he told us that he mistakenly mistakenly forgot to add up my W.. Two instead of <hes> he adds in my wife's not my w to farm so now we had we got nineteen hundred dollars more <hes> on honor taxes so now we owe nineteen hundred dollars okay and how much of that is penalty <hes> not really for sure on certain numbers but my tax guy said dot com he would take care of any penalties that we got good he should. He does his mistake good. That's a great guy. That's a good guy then. He's got good into the and I'm GonNa Guess and say you know. Five or six hundred nineteen hundred might be the penalties altis saying that's tax only then there's going to be penalties on addition to that right. What is he saying? He said that <hes> it was his mistake and does the nineteen hundred is that Tang's only does that include penalties that includes the penalty. It's okay we didn't know how much penalty because the rest of its own thing you gotta worry about right and they need to put this at the top of your list. If you've got an emergency fund <hes> we do you we had right now. We're starting our -mergency funding me half roughly two hundred hundred we'll be at an emergency fund toward the <hes> dire melt yeah you gotta put everything for the I._R._S.. Bill and then it goes to the top of your list <hes> as fast as you. Can you get after it level yeah. You just got knock it out. As fast as you can't. My guess is going to be twelve thirteen hundred bucks of the nineteen hundred and so protect your job at Scottsdale time and this is the Dave Ramsey incoming student loan crisis in America is out of control. If you're in over your head listen up high interest interest rate student loans are the only dead I recommend you consolidate and refinance to lock in at a lower fixed rate visit our friends at splash financial dot com slash Ramsey and see what kind of right Dick can get you splash financial is dedicated to helping hoping you save money and they won't sell you other products to tempt you into going further into debt. Take the first step go to splash financial dot com slash Ramsey too easily. Check your rate in minutes and see if you can save. <music> Michael Carolina are with US pay guys. I see on my screen your debt free congratulations nations. You Dave Awesome. Where do you live live in Mountain Home Idaho? Okay what's that near closest to Boise about forty five minutes away Gotcha cool so how much debt of you paid off we paid fifty thousand dollars and twenty three months for you awesome man well done well done and what was your household income arranged during that twenty three months started just about eighty thousand <hes> went up to about ninety five and at the end it went down to sixty five thousand okay all right so what kind of debt was the fifty <hes> it was a whole combination of everything we had a credit cards at a motorcycle loan at student loans and we've had a medical bit. You're like normal yeah. Unfortunately wow what happened twenty three months ago this lit the fuse on you to well during our premarital counseling. My father took us through your program and then <hes> about three months after he got married. We Really Hopped on the Bandwagon Jenner Journey. Wow Cool so your dad your pastor yes. He is okay all right cool because otherwise that would've sounded weird okay. I'm not I'm thinking Michael Very Good. You guys very cool so it had the <hes> you guys just got married. Then and three months later tore into it yep that's. How old are you to relieve buckle down? How old are you to? I'm twenty eight years old and I'm twenty six excellent very cool. So what is the secret to getting out of debt. You paid off fifty thousand dollars twenty three months <hes> for me. I'd it's budgeting and being on the same page whatever decision we make we've done it together so yes and then for me I would say just sticking to your plan insane focus and trusting the process. How's IT field and not have any payments payments? It's incredible. It feels like we got a raise one last thing off. It's it's so for you. Which one are you brought the most of this debt into this marriage <hes> probably nee- minute all the stupid that to mine was the credit cards in the motorcycle? Hers was a student loan trying to get her education good job guys very very cool so I'm guessing your dad was a big cheerleader right. Oh absolutely what else where your biggest cheerleaders what was that who else were your biggest cheerleaders. <hes> the church body was really sport. If that's where we took the class so the church body was really supportive of us but mostly just done dad mom they gave extra job opportunities <hes> cleaning you know anything that they could provide to help us on our journey and they're on the journey as well too but really was sacrificial them to help us out very cool back great job guys great job very very well done man. I love it boil congratulations. We've got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you every day millionaires how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth and now you can too. That's the next chapter in your story. Okay all right once you'll be millionaires you call me back on a millionaire everyday millionaire theme our okay definitely down love it proud of you. Guys are very well done Michael and Caroline Boise Idaho fifty thousand dollars paid off in twenty three months brand new married started that first thing out of the gay make an eighty to ninety five down to sixty five countdown. Let's hear a debt free scream three to one wh- done baby well done you to very very well done that is serious serious fun well as I told you a few minutes ago. It's move week upon move week upon move week around here for Seventeen Years Financial Peace Plaza has served as our company headquarters and the home of the Dave Ramsey show. This place is really special because of you are fans we love that you dropped by and watch the show live from the lobby and with the fresh coffee in the homemade cookies from Martha's kitchen waiting on every visitor free we especially love you come to show to do your debt free screams here and in seventeen years how Ramsey solutions team has grown. We were about fifty four people. We moved into this building and now we're just under nine hundred. That's crazy so obviously we've overflowed out of this building into other buildings in the neighborhood. <hes> we call the traffic jam in the neighborhood by ourselves and so we have moved out several exits <hes> into the country about forty seven acres. We're having a major campus there. The first building is up along with these studio expanded on the glass actually to studios on the glass now so you'll see some of the other shows podcast you can watch them them happening as well and come visit. They'll still be homemade cookies that you'll smell. When you walk into the lobby? They'll still be a bookstore. Although we'll all be nicer and bigger and there's a you know a timeline of the history of how some of the things that you follow developed and it's <hes> it's going to be quite an extravaganza for you to stop and make it one of your visits when you're in the Nashville area where in Franklin Tennessee just south of Nashville and I will open back up in August so plan on dropping by hi then and <hes> sometime late August early September. We'll have our our first debt free screams live from that building. We actually have a little miniature stage now for the debt free screams and <hes> that we're I'm you know in the studio looking right at you through the glass as always have but it's a little different arrangement now and Siri pretty serious upgrade to say the least is going to be quite as all abrasion everytime one of debt free scream so if you wanNA visit just go to Daveramsey Ramsey dot com slash visit and you can pick out more information as I said early August will be open to the public there and the current building is closed as well because we're in the middle of the move so just <hes> if you're out there running around <hes> you know planning a trip to Nashville this summer <hes> then in August put us on your list if it's proud of August. You're probably going to find a locked door so because we're back. You're trying to clean everything so much dirt. <hes> spent a lot of fun though has been a lot of fun we've got <hes> two major television studios <hes> seven podcast room and two beautiful broadcast studios on the glass in the lobby <hes> in the facility and so it's <hes> all set up so we can continue to get messages to you guys from various Ramsey personalities this show and whatever else what are we need to do. facebook live Youtube live television. Whatever it is we need to do we can do all of it from from there <hes> with Mir flip of a switch well once all switches are in and so and that's a lot of wiring and a lot of brainpower going in right now so good times guys really good times around here? We're a wee bit excited <hes> and <hes> I it's quite I've never done anything like that. I grew up in Antioch Tennessee and never built a seventy million dollar building and pay cash for it blows my mind <hes> the detail and the process that we've gone through the project management things that are involved and <hes> but boy it turned out and <hes> the team working on it <hes> architectural team the contractors our team <hes> the number of hours we put in building things out for you guys to enjoy when you come and for our team to be more effective and continue to serve you guys that much better <hes> in so it's it's right on the interstate on sixty five again just south of Nashville fairly easy to find. I think we're trying to get the Google people to make sure it's in the maps thing because it is down a little windy road in a new area and it probably doesn't show up on a lot of your software but you get in touch with us and you there little map there I assume on everything at Daveramsey dot dot com slash visit Kelly's map on that section of the site Kelly. Is there a map on that section of the site where people can find us if not let's get one okay yeah. I didn't even looked at it but let's Daveramsey dot com slash visit and again. Just put us on your list of places to visit if you're in the Nashville area beginning in the beginning of the month of all miss a few weeks here so good times very good. This is the the Dave Ramsey show nine. Card is with us in Fort Walton Beach. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show kurt hi Dave. How's it going sir better than I deserve? What's up <hes> pleasure to talk to you <hes> so short story? I've been listening for a little over a year baby. Step two cool <hes> I just I got a new job. That's drastically increasing my <hes> my salary and now I have to I have the ability to take care of my entire family with healthcare for the first time wonderful and and I'm confused. I don't know which inch wanting to do being in baby step two opposite. I don't have a ton of money saved so I'm debating between a regular healthcare or and H._S._A.. How healthy family <hes> well I have a two year old and I have a three year old in a four year old <hes> and then me and my wife we're fairly healthy? <hes> I mean I don't have any issues. My wife has had some dental work in some <hes> little things pop up here and there but I have two little kids and you never know when something's going to happen to those as to what is your income now <hes> it. We were together bringing in about eighty. <hes> I was a teacher. My salary was like thirty seven and my new salary is going to be sixty five. I start here in a couple of weeks so we're looking hopefully around one hundred thousand yeah with the extra jobs still <hes> up there. Okay good very good and the H._S._A.. Is available to you and then you have an H._M._o.. P._P._O.. Available to you right yes sir okay and so the deductible on the P._P._o.. Is What <hes> seven fifty <hes> and fifteen hundred so I guess I'm fifty vigil fifteen hundred family and then the H._S._A.. Is Three thousand six thousand okay and uh-huh. What are the premiums that you pay so far the the <hes> p._P._O.? would be four fifty a month or the H._S._A.. Be To ninety five so about one hundred fifty five bucks difference Jansher Okay or about at eighteen hundred dollars a year in the first year you would go from seven fifty two three thousand which is twenty two hundred fifty dollars more risk so if you you go one year and four one year in three months without hit without needing to hit the deductible you'll be making money. Does that make sense a year and the difference between three thousand seven hundred fifty is twenty twenty two hundred and fifty dollars. That's the extra risk taking with the H._S._A.. That makes sense okay and and you save one thousand eight hundred dollars in twelve months. It's in premiums okay so a little bit more than a year and you're at break even if you don't get into the insurance if you don't hit the deductible if you don't have if you don't have a medical event okay kid having the flu going to the pediatrician. You're not going to use insurance anyway because it's not gonNA apply the deductible. You're going to co pays or they've got some basic doctor or visit stuff built in you're paying that out of pocket either way by and large the only thing that we would consider as if you had a major event a ten twenty thousand or one hundred thousand dollar medical event and that's the only time these calculations would come come into play. The likelihood with your family of that happening sounds like it's very very low. You'd have normal childhood normal childhood sniffles normal things but the chances your family's fairly healthy. I'm taking the H._S._A.. And taking taking the risk okay and putting the extra one hundred eight hundred eighteen one thousand eight hundred dollars in some change in my pocket every year from now on and that'll help you get through your baby. Step two that much faster and that'll help you get your your emergency fund built up that much faster in addition to lead the P._P._O.. Probably has an eighty twenty after the deductible. Doesn't it eighty fifty. I think that's insurance. It's eighty s eighty percent the age of say it's ninety after deductible okay so that additional ten percent is risk the other way so it's seven hundred fifty fifty your risk with a p._P._o.. Plus an extra ten percent so on ten thousand dollars. It'd be an extra thousand dollars out of pocket. You follow me Victor. I'm sorry now you just use everything you can find you. Work your baby steps but my point is. I'm just helping you to a break even analysis consideration on these two. I have had an H._S._A.. On my family since they came out fifteen or twenty years ago back in the George Bush administration is when they first past okay. I've I've had one all that time. I have never hit the deductible. Not We did hit. We did hit it one year one years old and so I shouldn't put anything into the H._S._A.. No just take the savings take the savings and the increased risk okay. You're on your risk is going up from seven fifty two three thousand understand yes there but it's going down from eighty percent to ninety percent to on what they cover so you got more coverage once you get passed a deductible so in other words if you had a one hundred thousand dollar event the H._S._A.. Is actually going to be less out of pocket than the P._P._O.. Because the P._B._S. charging extra ten percent they're only covering eighty the H._S._A.'s covering ninety. You follow me a hundred thousand bucks. That's ten thousand dollar swing. Well Yeah so if you had a so confused in China as it is. It's it's kind of a barrel officials mathematically. It's a little bit of a math riddle but if you said okay let's run out of scenario at fifty thousand dollar medical event one hundred thousand dollar medical event. You're GONNA see the H._S._A.. H._S._A. Because they cover ninety percent even though they don't cover as much on the deductible you're gonNA come out ahead in those events so the only event that's GonNa Pinch you more than on the H._S._A.. Is a like a fifteen fifteen thousand dollars event or twenty thousand dollars event. You'RE GONNA pay a little more out of pocket that way <hes> so if you had like a kidney stone and it was twelve grand when you went in and out of the hospital or something like that that then that one you're gonNA pay more out of pocket with the H._S._A.. But a big event or no event the H._S._A.. is going to be cheaper so does that make sense. Yes Sir until I hoping to be done with my with step to in about six to seven months. Great Start Putting a little bit into the H._S._A.. Just to take the cheaper to debate that she presenting them build your Emergency Fund. I was your emergency for ten or fifteen thousand and that'll cover your deductibles or a good point even though this last because they do they do match contributions H._S._A.. Should I not worry about that. Oh how much do they match up to twelve hundred for a family. Wow that's great. After you finish your emergency fund. I would consider that as a baby step four type of a discussion Roger that Sir Your Emergency Fund in place I because you can't use an H._S._a.. For broken transmission no those last year so yeah that that's why I would rather have the emergency fund before a fund the H._S._A.. But that match makes it something you'll want to do for sure we match five hundred here at our company and so that twelve hundred matches sweet match that also tells us. They're trying to get you to go that way because they know what's good for you guys so we've got the vast majority any of our almost nine hundred people here are on the H._S._A.. Like ninety something percent because the math just works out better for a family that's either got real. Health problems or is very healthy. If you're just kind of in the Middle Eh you know but the days of I've got insurance so I just got the doctor all the time with any kind of insurance those days are on those days are gone. You have to be thoughtful about using medical care and that's good that the consumer consumer actually has to stop and be thoughtful about it because it keeps people price conscious when they're buying medical care just like you price conscious when you do anything else. I mean the difference between what you can get an m._R._i.. Done at one place versus what you can get it done another places astronomical but nobody stops to look if insurance is paying it all and that's part of what is driven the costs up just like federally insured student loans are driven the cost of college because there's this flow of money. This is Gush Gush of money coming out something anytime that happens. You're going to see the costco when there's no one controlling the spigot. No one's got their hand on the valve and the beauty of this is that we the consumer are watching over things and I think the H._s._a.'s really going. It'll be one of the big answers to the healthcare issues not socialized medicine. This is the Dave Ramsey hey guys it's Blake Thompson senior executive producer for the Dave Ramsey show this hour's over but you can find more great content with our youtube chill catch the most watched neighboring debt-free screams very popular everyday millionaire second go to the Dave Ramsey show youtube channel scribe. Hey guys if you're looking for real world leadership and business advice from the top minds and business check out our entreleadership.

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