Anchorage Breaks Heat Records


support for this podcast and the following message come from google from connecticut california from mississippi tim minnesota millions of businesses are using google tools to grow online learn how google is supporting businesses in your state at google dot com slash economic impact anchorage alaska surrounded by glacier top mountains is used to cool overcast summers but not this year on the fourth of july for the first time since records have been kept their the temperature hit ninety degrees tracy sinclair's i'm meteorologist at channel two news in anchorage end joins us to talk about it morning good morning now this didn't just break the rancor it sounds like it shattered it yeah the previous record was eighty five degrees and it hit ninety degrees on july fourth just crazy crazy now when you say the highest previous record was eighty five degrees by that's not okay eighty five degrees but really really it's never close to ninety degrees there right no in to be honest when we get into the eighties people start taking off work 'cause this is hot this is you know incredible summer weather we have to go enjoy it and then so to make the jump up to ninety degrees brees was water cooler talk everybody that's all you're talking about is how hot it got did you hear it got ninety degrees so this is a big deal for us do you have air conditioning up there in anchorage most people don't in their homes the office buildings do naturally but irregular home my home doesn't so i had open windows i have one little tiny fan you cannot find a fan on the shelves and stores in anchorage they're all but as soon as they get some in every store says they go out within an hour well how about the land around you prepared is it i mean i gotta there fires there are it's been a very dry summer we had be wettest may on recor but then we had the driest june on record's so since june first we've only had point zero six inches of rain in anchorage so everything is turning pretty crispy and we've got a pretty big fire down on the king i would just blowing smoke be anchorage area and then we've got a fire north in the mountains 'cause we sit in the valleys and then we've got fires dotted across the state well northern alaska has seen dramatic effects of climate change thawing permafrost we've seen that decreasing sing arctic ice is this heat wave part of that bigger trend i think it is 'em were definitely seeing warmer than normal conditions like the ninety degree temperature is twenty five degrees above average which are average for this time of year sixty five degrees and just in the last ten days we had six recor at high temperatures so not just this year but overall the trend for anchorage and all of alaska is a steady increase and a study warming

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