The Secrets of the Self: Unity Versus Duality


The like to welcome one of our newest sponsor of the program. All birds oil birds shoes are made from natural materials. That would make your feet happy. They'll come back to daly breath. We're going a little further into. Where are people stuck in life? Where are most people stuck the one word I would use for being stuck his duality? Duality is the concept. That does me and then there is. The other is me and as everything else. How does this duality compare with poetry called unity? Do they even defer? What is the difference between? The experience of unity was is the experience of duality. The experience of duality separation and separate self or even the idea of the separate tough gives us an anxiety of being eliminated from the web of existence and that exist Lisa what is called existence anxiety which leads to depression all the various forms of distress mental distress anger hostility guilt. Shame depression on and on. That's the experience of duality unity on the other hand beans that that reject me or I is actually a differentiated expression of the whole. Just Lake. The branch of a tree is differentiated expression of the trunk which is a differentiated expression of the roots. In the branch of course leads to twigs and leaves and flowers and fruits and seeds. We can see that even in the differentiation of the seed into roots trunk ranches. Twigs Leaves Flowers. Latham's seeds forests that is the simultaneously of unity and diversity diversity. Differentiation and differentiation is not separation your heart your lungs. Your brain your kidney. Your bodily organs are differentiated expressions. That make your body hood. They're not separate if they were separate they'd be doing their own thing but they work in a way that recalled correlation because they are differentiated expressions of the unified self. Your body is an example of that but so the ecosystem and ultimately the whole universe. Now if you reflect on this a little bit you'll realize that wholeness remains the same. No matter how much it changes your task is to make wholeness more real in your life here as an example of what. I would call duality thinking at just an example. There's a rumor that your company is downsizing and that immediately triggers the fear of duality in you with thoughts like I could lose the one thing I need to support myself for someone else has control my destiny or I'm faced with something unpredictable and unknown or I don't deserve to be blindsided like this or I could be hurt if things go wrong for me. How do we you reframe that expense of duality? Here's some ideas. Try and understand how one can even in the midst of this expensive. Duality move in the direction of unity. Realize that what we call our deepest south created. This situation realize no matter what happens. There's a reason realize that yes. You're surprised right now but it doesn't change who you're essences who you essentially are. It doesn't affect who you are who you are as I am because I am is independent of. I am the situation. Tell yourself that your life is unfolding according to what is best in most evolutionary for you. Remind yourself that you can't lose what's real. Which is you're being. It's not that you have awareness. You are awareness. You don't have awareness in the way you have red. Shoes are brown is a blond hair. You are awareness experiencing the red shoes. The blonde is the brown hair. So if you realized this you settle into a state of being way you realize that the externals will fall into place as they need to and no matter what happens you can't be hurt the real you cannot be heard Before we continue. I'd like to take a minute to tell you about the sponsor of today's program all buds. 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