Friday Conversation: Washington Mystics signing Erica McCall talks WNBA Free Agency, Her Journey


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I think latest addition mischief tradition. Since you right to the washington mystics track. It's been a funding to see and just by way of introduction. I wanna to talk about my experience of you. I from afar. And then upload in the states back to your time at stanford Were you were the epic. Two way player. The offense defense the person who did it all and you can see that on tv to an extent. You know i can see it up late. You know you'd is out in california you start. You dames late for us on the east coast but there are people you stay up for to watch. And you're one of those fires. But i i got to see close covering you at the final four and you get to see the difference. She did to see what it means for. Somebody who doesn't take a playoff somebody who plays for kara and does it in that way. I'm wondering do you understand. For that way. Was that something you learn to stanford now when you talk about the way your name is translated. Choose the pros. I think it's worth framing a couple of things one is if you dive into the numbers have gotten better every single season and doesn't matter which number you use if you go by and forgive my my statistical them but it's one of the ways i look at the i mean i i see it as your tricia in percentage keeps going up you're still percentage keeps going up reflecting you know the ability to be able to get into passing lanes and do what is necessary in. You're playing with minnesota. Last year full of ultimate i know cheryl charts deflections and i know that is a significant part of the damodar. You talking about timing blocked shots. You are not one of the big big in this. Your block percentage just insistently a going up and be among the very best. You're at four point. Seven percent in indiana and twenty. Nineteen my question for you is. How'd you manage to separate your individual damon stills and improving those with the fact that a your teams have changed a couple of times here but also the fact that yet to hone your game differently when you're playing you when you're playing overseas. I mean you're not really missing any shots overseas this year. I do have to shout that out you. You're shooting sixty seven point five percent from the field. Do you feel like you've reached another level offensively even beyond where you are. Let's say at the end of the wobble this past summer. So let's talk about that comfort in translating it back now you and this is a quote from a piece you wrote for me actually At high four to switch which is a real budget for me. As far as i'm concerned you wrote. I have dreamed of singing in front of thousands of people which you did with carrie underwood which is not many people experienced. But i also have dreamed of being a wnba champion and an all star so as you looked into what was free agency in a new way for you this year. You know in way for a lot of people this year. I'm wondering what were the ways in which you frame the way you thought about the way you were talking to change. What were you looking to hear from teams who you're talking to right. Is it no question when your sister. Alana bonner went through free agency. Did that help that. Serve as a model in some ways. I know you guys are at different points in your careers. Obviously but was that a useful thing in did in any way change the way he thought about all this sure. If it's a an unbalanced schedule Us each other a little more being in the same conference. And i'm always amused. Seem to have a good amount of fun with people on twitter. Who don't know that you guys your sisters and trying tell you how good she is or vice versa. Which i did it but you know to your point about getting better and plane for my. You know it's hard to limited this dc team. Not think there's a real opportunity to be if not just the champion a chance to be as dominant if not more so than even learn twenty nine thousand nine you know. How much do you feel that. Plays a role in your thinking. About what twenty. Twenty one for you. But his position lewis as the other part of it. I mean all all of that is true but so many the pleasure talking about and that feels like a particularly specific good fit for you and game that you play is that something that is appealing as well disassembly. Here's the other part of this. That i keep thinking about nineteen going back to for you today. Then opportunity to play regularly is something based on what you're -ccomplish stanford the type of player that you are. You would make a lot of sense. There are just so few opportunities in a league where there are twelve teams total and there are not even necessarily twelve players per team based on how the works out. You end up with someone. Virginia hundred and thirty five hundred forty players. But you're talking about under a hundred regular rotation spots on a regular basis. You come from my view. It looks as if the talent is so significant in this in this sport. Dat having only twelve teams is really doing a disservice to a lot of people. Were coming into the league. And i to me if we got to a point where the lead tag twenty teams or twenty four teams. I don't think you would see a lack of professional talented quite the contrary. I think you'd see more people get that opportunity. I wonder and there are other aspects to it. Too and cathy engelbert as thought to me about this among others that you have to expand when there's an ownership group in place you have to expand when it's own emissions financially you want to grow in a sustainable way but just to tell perspective. How big should this league big you. You think you're making the argument that a player who can play the three four five to overcome folded in hit sixty seven percent or shots Deserves regular opportunity. Yeah i see that i it. Just it's so true though. I mean it's in two ways right players like you. Who deserve more of an opportunity to play. Readily and there are players. And you've seen you've played with them and you know that don't even get the chance to play professional league simply because they go into coaching. because there's a limited number of roster spots here and going overseas is as you know a real challenge and so we ended up seeing there's this huge talent pipeline that keeps popping faster and faster but we're not getting to see as many of those plays the way on the men's side it's not just fifteen per roster and thirty thirty rosters in the nba but you've got an entire geely of almost an entire thirty more teams. Who can make a living doing it right here. It has to change for all right. Our for will start with four but yes we need to we need. We need full equality. We need to get. I'm one percent of the needs to be wanting to bay area. We need that yesterday. I am with you even even though those names will also be played pacific standard time. And i'll have to stay. I'm willing to sacrifice. I'm willing to make that make that that march show when you talk about your role in this league i the thing that when your name comes up in conversations i have is always positively. There's always people had someone have something nice to say. You know coach. Show everyone along the way the flip side of what we're just talked about is when there's a short of a small number also spots. How much is building relationships. Important to building a career alison. Is that in your thinking as you've moved forward in this professional world. Who who are you most excited to meet. Yes it's it's gonna be fascinating to see. And just in fairness i believe when mike on made the trade for elena delle originally. He squealed as well. So i wouldn't i. I wouldn't choice about that. I know he was awfully excited. So let's talk about speaking of trades. There's been a remarkable amount of action. I just kinda want to set the scene if i could A little bit. Because i i've done this for for a while and the thing. I have worked hard on an pushed in a lot of different areas is to encourage more and more reporting whether that's You know. I worked to put out salary numbers on a regular basis not because of any interest in invading privacy. But simply because you can't really cover what a team in do otherwise without having that context of what salaries are being paid to whom and what opens slaughter reveal all the basic things that we take for granted in and they'll be and in the nba. And you know immense sports for very long but then in addition to it when these stories come out as as breaking news rather than waiting until there's a press release that the you know the very end of a process it amplifies it over and over and over again player access talking to team wife talking to teams z zero in on a decision. You know when we think about that. Four percent of the debts. Throwing around. While i'm twenty four to one for men over women comes from union have how ensures was trevor bauer before he signed with the dodgers and so from that perspective. It struck me as a huge win. But i also would point out the following. There were players in the league. Who did tell didn't like the fact that people were asking about pibor asking after what they were doing and and there was a certain feeling of like you know what about my privacy. And so i just i just wonder as a player you and i talked about this stuff. You know of off the air a million times they do get it but i just wonder like. Where do you think the league is as a whole in on the players side as far as this goes. And what did you make of The level of coverage overall. Is it. sure i love it. Stuff stiff is one of my favorites too and again. Yeah i dug about to that. I haven't really slept in the vestry. Which is the best kind of not sleeping. You know and just to be able to see this. Be able to understand that the wnba and i can tell you from the media side from established media outlets where i was trying to push and continue to try and push to do more to do better where i would here. While the w. isn't the full year twenty four seven three sixty five enterprise. why. I started the next. You know heiko hoops before was because it very much. Is it twenty. Four seven three sixty five inch and we're gonna prove it every single day and so it's be able to see this. You know it matters. Because the attention on the lead drives revenue and the more. The revenue is driven. The more i mean you guys need to hit a revenue in order to get a fifty fifty revenue share and should and so the more revenue that's driven to this lead the faster that there is money that's poured into it and the fact that we bring about equality of that goes along with an. It's an interesting thing for for media member. Because i i'm not i'm not here to be a booster right. I'm not here to be public relations. But i am here because i believe in the mission and i believe that covering it. The way men's sports is covered is the way that we bring about social change. So it's it's gratifying to hear you say what i'm trying to and i'm glad you're enjoying it as much as you are. I also i also think just when it comes to twenty twenty one year and a half an opportunity. Obviously in front of an often sold out arena. You're gonna be front of dc fans have really showed up in twenty nine hundred eighteen. It's a different experience than obviously You know some of the time in indiana and then all twenty twenty where you're not playing in front of fans. How much did you miss that. Here i understand overseas is a different story. But how much did you miss that here in the united states being able to do this in you know in in your home country yeah search is suspect looking at that roster that there won't be allowed illusion by forty and your future planning in dc by. I look forward to every bit of it. I look forward to getting back in. Arena myself no no offense to zoom interviews but there's something about doing it in person. that certainly very different Arkansas it is always a delay is always a pleasure. And i look forward to our past crossing every time it happened. So thank you for taking the time. It's a forty year. I in major league baseball. Here's what else our local experts are locked on today. Jacksonville jaguars new head coach. Urban meyer is already on the defensive about his hiring of chris oil who has been accused of making racist remarks and bullying players as a strength coach at the university of iowa expert jacksonville. 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