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uh-huh minimalists Ryan. What's up. They say the less coast is the best coast. Is that what they say. We're so so freaking cool dude. It's been two years since we've been on tour and now we are announcing the less coast tour. We're all of the West Coast coast of the US and Canada. So we'll be in British Columbia in Vancouver will be in Washington. State and Seattle battle will be in Portland Oregon. And we're GONNA be all over California. I think four or five cities in California cities in Cali. There are a lot of CVs. Yeah so where's the most northern city we're going to and Kelly is Sacramento Farther North and seven. So yes a little bit. Yeah I mean it's mostly the east. I think the last time we your Sacramento was win. Twenty fourteen wow man. It has been a long time. Yeah and we're going to a new city. We've never been to while we've never been. We've never done a tour. Stop Orange County. So this is our tenth year being the minimalists twenty twenty and this will be our tenth tour and and was. Nice about this is. We've given a bunch of different talks. We've recorded some live podcast. And that's what we're going to do here. We're going to have a live podcast for you. Were also going going to retire our lessons. Now tell so. This is a talk that we have gone on the road with we've perfected we've perfected. We have We've filmed and this is kind of the the last Hurrah. This is the farewell. Yes not to talk to the talk. Yeah but But you know really you know the talk is great I mean don't get me wrong What I really like about these events is alive podcasts. I mean because you know this talk we've been doing for do we. Started started given that talk in two thousand fourteen right. I would argue that. We started giving integration of in twenty eleven. Absolutely yeah born. It wasn't really the talk. It was us us like telling silly stories. And then we'd figure out what resonated and then we sort of pull all together for half of it together and twenty fourteen. You gave a version of it in two thousand fourteen gene in two thousand fifteen. I gave a cobbled together. Cobbled together version and then in two thousand seventeen. We sort of tried to put them together. Chain a bunch of stuff and then we change way more stuff stuff and we filmed it for our next film Or next documentary and we're sort of building a film around that and so we're really our message we're going to let go uh-huh of something that is really precious to us but if something becomes precious it's the time to let it go and so if you've seen this talk before and you want to see it again great or if you've seen this all before he's going to live podcast great. Now here's what I'll tell you Tickets go on sale today win. This episode comes out and what generally happens so I can twenty seventeen. For example we did fifty fifty city tour right and I think forty three forty four of those events sold out and my guess is because we're only doing eight events those will sell out relatively quickly great if you can make it wonderful. We hope that you show up. Pleased on email complaining seven months from now that you're not able to to get tickets because you've been warned well in advance that you can. You can get tickets to the live. Live podcast to see the talk and we're GonNa answer your questions as well and that's what we really get. These live events that I feel like we don't get out of of course we answer people's this questions on the podcast but it's different face to face. Would you agree with that. Totally agree and we will bring all fourteen of our answers bring a bunch of hugs as well. Also come out. Get some hugs. See US say hi. Can't wait to see you on the road. The less coast tour. If you're interested you can find details on our website or you can just go to less. COAST DOT COM less. COAST DOT com. You can find tickets over there. And you're like this is when you came to me with the minimalists dot Com uh-huh and I was like do the minimal dot com is so cheesy. And you're like Okay Ryan. Do you have a better idea. Let's stick with the minimalist dot com for now and that's LS coast dot. com is right. Now you just cheesy. But I don't have a better idea. You just wait until we do the mid less part of the country. Oh my God all right. Shall we hope to see out there. The less coast tour come see the minimalist. It's the only time we're doing a tour anytime soon. We're GONNA retire this talk. We'll do a live. podcast with you will answer all of your questions and if you WANNA share it on social media use the. Hashtag we should say. Hashtag less coast right. I guess man because it's the best coat guys love people use. Thanks because the opposite number works minimalists.

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