Throwback Thursday, The NFL Draft Is Here, Astros Looking For The Sweep, Tyler's 10


I got shot homemade. Avail quarterback longtime friend very. This is the sean salisbury show. Welcome in on a nfl draft to morning long. Heavy t. m. c. on here tons and tons of draft talk. We'll have mattress. Mac joins us seven thirty to talk a little kentucky derby and he got the great giveaway. An opportunity for you to Actually we're we're not going to get. Today sean. bell went on. He's he's a little busy unfortunately so he's he's not coming in this morning. Okay so no mattress mac today. Okay that's We like to call that late breaking news so no mattress mac. It's we'll catch him. On but i know he's had a great gig going on for the kentucky derby And you can always find him. The website at the store But we do. Have brian bogus. Civic at seven o'clock will cover the last couple of little astros now but it kind of draft talk. Teddy bridgewater is the most recent quarterback to move for a sixth round pick. Doesn't take the denver broncos out of it as far as the draft goes but even if they don't get somebody they want the draft they'll be back at it again next year the year after trying to find a quarterback for their future teddy's the present but second time now sam darnold has been part of the reason. Teddy bridgewater had to move the jets and now with carolina to denver so they get a bridge to whoever the next guy or a competition with drew lock and then if they draft a quarterback with we'll start with the astros great comeback win yesterday last night. Should i say game four today afternoon. day day. Game against seattle but impress wasn't pretty rinky wasn't Exactly himself but you know. Get some help from their friends. With some you know with seattle and then get some timely hits late in the ballgame. Put them in position to win And they overcame cranky bullpen. Did a nice job It didn't look like the greenwich we're used to four innings. We obviously gotta have him deeper but astros win again. It wasn't pretty but they found a way to get it done guys and That's a that's three in a row against seattle and coming off previous series team starting to look a little bit like the ashes. We expected when the season opened and just a reminder of baseball when baseball loves you a little bit and things going right silly things like what happened last night. You know you have a moments the the air or the bases loaded walk like those things kind of have to go your way. They've been going the astros way and they're playing they're taking advantage of it when it comes up and they've you know they've had a good home stand in terms of the fact that they're taking care against their division and reminding everybody that. Yeah we're We're doing pretty well as looking at the the the number you know how they're doing against the division so far that the american league west hasn't played a lot of each other they astros the have played a lot more than everybody else and their record. Of course like it has been in years past has been really really good To this point of the season they are thirteen and six against the division. Nobody else has played more than twelve games against the division but not a single team in the division right. Now has a has a winning record against the american league west which is impressive. But i think we expected it We know that obviously well. We didn't think oakland was going to be. At least i didn't and we discussed it. Oakland was gonna be slow. Start and then get on a tremendous run and it appears that that's going to be their biggest heaviest competition against we roll through the season. The angels are the angels are gonna hang around when they're healthy can get diesel pitching obviously and seattle's there to knock off a few teams along the way but the astros i. I think we expected. Pretty good dominance in the division and we. I mean And i know with a law and losing streak. They went through people starting to wonder where they fit in. I think we know where they fit in. The key is staying healthy timely hitting when. Somebody's not doing what they're supposed to zach cranky. You don't ever expect him to be a foreign guy. You gotta have somebody else step up and take care of business. And they did last night And he says you mentioned we've seen it happened the other way around whether it's a hard hit ball by them to get caught meaning the astros or the other side when somebody boots a ball in Basit wise earned air. And you get a chance to extend innings and you get a patient you know walk They did some. You've got to have a little bit of these base but you also create some of those yourself by putting pressure on opposing staffs and no one that lineup I also think that opposing pitching realizes. I can't help imagine we don't discuss this very much. Guys we've talked about you know. Mcu in the past and tyler. Since the baseball season started since you've got here is how relentless it is where there's no breathing room in the lineup. Even if they're not playing well like meaning if kyle tucker's not hitting they're still the sense of but he could and this line pass is so the abuse the pitching when they're right and and relentless that even when they're not hitting harder when they get an air. There's still that psychological aspect of if you're chasing the three hitter you're thinking well man i still gotta get through the gotta get through bregman through alvarez's i gotta get through carre and i gotta get through yuli. I mean you can't help but think about the next batter in the lineup. Because one after the other so when you take a patient you and you walk and walk a guy in the. You've got to be a selective hitter in. I think that their lineup itself when they're going good and even when they're not at times can create havoc for a pitcher. Psychologically because you know the first deep breath you take somehow some way. They're gonna hit it hard off while the whole lineup isn't hitting like you want them to think about this now. What happens when they do what happens when they can have a sixteen run debut now like they did the other day against interesting about it last night too. You mentioned it. They you know the big boys last night. The top three in the order. Ray were thirteen. It was right on the order. That did their thing was miles. Straw tonight it was. It was a big hit for mccormick. It was which was impressive thing. See for me. Great teams aren't just led by. I know you have to have stars. I i do. We all know that you gotta have the trout's in the bregman in the kunia. You gotta have those guys did. Are you know the the the teases that make things go. You just do that everybody. Constantly day by day the superstars. But i'll tell you at times it even becomes more impressive when you can find other ways to win. I always and maybe it's any sport and maybe this is cliche but every now and again it's kind of nice anti sincerely meanness and you don't happen very often because manner. You don't want the stress that goes with it when you're starting pitcher in your ace goes for innings when you talk about the top of the lineup when the lower part of the lineup for the most part has been very average when it comes to hitting Late in the line of a couple of your guys still aren't hitting the ball the way you want them to are you would consider stars or on the verge of being one like kyle tucker if he can get this thing going again and then you're kind of growth in you've played a team you're supposed to beat and you're down and then you talk a little bit of luck on your side and some of its created by yourself anyway To win games. I'm telling you when all is said and done it's not just going to be the stars. We see every year and other sports somebody else. We've talked about this on this show about this team win it somebody else. That can you the guy that's supposed to be we'll do that. Plenty the games when you know you're gonna lose sixty of them somewhere in that range right somewhere in that range. You're going to lose between sixty and seventy games if you're a good team that we consider a world series contending type team so you know you're gonna lose those but on the verge of that instead of losing sixty eight or seventy four or whatever it is. There's that group of games that when it's like man i don't know how we're gonna get through. This is a similar to plays a game eight or ten plays. I'm just. I fully believe this. I i think that you can your team almost temple wise and belief wise. You have to have games like last night. I i swear you do. You gotta have games on. You're starting pitcher. And the top your order guys you expect well the we we ready for a game. Of course somebody in the top three is gonna do damage tonight. That's always are when grinky takes the mound for the most part. What's our thought. Well we know we're going to be in it and have a chance to win that. That's just the way i feel with them. So when you go out there and you pitch for innings and then you gotta go to a bullpen. Thank goodness it. You know the the havi airs keys started to take care of their business and bullpen. Which we kind of like going into the season you have to have games were chasma. Cornicks and mile straws and mature day. These guys do something. I don't care what it is whether it's a guy out whether it's putting the ball in play enough to get an air whether it's you know a bloop single home i don't care what it is. You know a lead mysterious at some point in time. Those guys there's going to be the difference between sixty two losses in seventy losses in the end. Comes up with those guys at the you know. We've talked about in the past. When nick would come off the bench and run a ball down in the gap right late innings and save a game. I mean you just can't be your stars that when you championships or win games it just can't be an eye while you hate it while it's happening when i woke up this morning. You know i'm thinking you have to. You have to have games like that. Mci told you this a million times. I've told you this a million times. Is there like a young quarterback. It's okay to see him throw three picks and then watch him overcome it. You get my point to where you're like man. I didn't feel good about the game. But there's about a handful of plays or quarter. We did it. And i think that comes with the backups. And guys that. When i say backups th the guys eat all look at every day. That are all stars all right. We got a lot to discuss the brian. Bogus civic at seven o'clock. More astros talk but i want to continue the your non by way. Of course we didn't even mentioned that. Thank god it exactly. Good stuff there. Yeah that's not look and that's part of it right. Yeah another guy has to step up and there was no your on obviously bogus. Civic at seven o'clock a lot of draft talk. teddy bridgewater is now a denver. Bronco were well. It's draft a and. I have a hunch that something else is moving in happened in. Who's going to be the team that starts to climb that ladder. It's sports talk. Seven ninety. Sean sounds ratio whitney mercilus. You're listening to sean. Solve real texas up on. Sportstalk seven ninety. We like to call this throwback thursday when it comes to music fifteen years or older senate into any of us are tyler show twitter or on his. It's heavy t right producer heavy to you on twitter producer. Heavy t. yeah there you go producer heavy t and don't let it suck because if it does it won't get played so and you may think doesn't suck and if tyler does well in just not going to get played correct tyler. That would be correct. And i i have turned down a couple of times before because your name one It was like the one from the minus. What do you mean who is the says. it's a deal. He hates them. Took care you take some awful great way to start my draft day. Playing the beatles yay reminded me the texas picks plus plan and beatles. Yeah i was up till eleven forty five last night. The post show all this. Yeah can you tell i'm happy. Yeah i can also tell you what would like to leave at about three thirty four in the morning on a sixteen hour drive. So i'm with you guys damadola sleep at. Yeah so it's a hall straight through so here we are and it is draft a astros win by the way and i won't matter smack guys. You hear the commercial all time just a little love for him as it you know. Got a chance for you to to to get some money. Back on those mattresses with a winner of the kentucky derby by picking the favourite. I think you said eighty four percent of the time when the kentucky derby falls on the first saturday or the first day on saturday in may that eighty four percent of the time the favorite winds. And that's part of what he's got going on so We love a garden after smack. So give him a little love and turn you maybe get some love in return For pocket in there to gallery furniture. All right. I do want to discuss a lot today. This draft and teddy bridgewater. I want to finish up on some some astros thoughts at least here as well. I don't know how you guys feel. I told you lie feeling on this everything. I'd like to go smooth. It would be great. But i'll take any day of the week any day of the week where we now if it was a five six seven. Eight straight games. You had to win like this. i'd still take it. The pitchers going four innings. You know the top of your line of not getting hits. I would start to be alarmed to why. But i will promise you and i haven't spoken to dusty baker. A second about this did when you take a step back. You look and say okay. These are winds. We have to have because of the way we wanted. It doesn't mean on the public side. Yeah we found a way to win your bummed but there are those times when you're sitting around. His players are as manager or another sport coaches saying it. It's a psychological confidence. Boosts at some other people get into the act that it happens and so while. You don't want this to be a consistent way to win. I would have rather them done this. And i know of course. It's a winner law sometime from the mental side. then i would have had them score. Fourteen runs and lose. I would've. I think you gotta learn to win type games when you're not when you're not mashing the ball over the all over the planet. I i know that people say you have man. It looks better okay. So we lost fourteen one of those windblown games outdoors in a game. We lost seventeen fourteen in wrigley field. I'm using an example but or coors field but boy did our bats look good. Everybody got into the act yeah cycle. It's kind of nice. Be to lost. I would much rather have an ugly wind that a pretty loss meaning where everybody was. Mashing we got eighteen hits while it looks good and it's fun to watch a baseball game to watch. It's not the way you want to end it. Last night was a way. You wanna end up finding a way to get done when you look up and down the lineup and it wasn't your best performance and you're starting pitcher was done after four innings. I thought it was impressive. I don't know how you guys feel pretty fine. But i'll take an ugly win any day of the week. Hell yeah you take these all day long because you probably have to cut your teeth on these. I mean this this. This is not like most astros season seasons. I don't think that they're going to win. Like i go back to two thousand nineteen because that team was that's the last full season we saw like that team was so stupid talented and most nights when they won they just beat the hell out of the opponent because they were just just stupid stupid good. This team's probably gonna play a little bit of your baseball released tighter baseball games than the other ones. Now offensively they can go out and be just as good as that team did But more likely than anything. It's going to be them kind of grinding. Some wins out occasionally so these like you mentioned these are great things to build your to build your confidence as the season moves long. They have to have these and again. I think it's important to do it to against division opponents because the think about i mentioned this the numbers they're thirteen and six against the division they played nineteen their division games already and they've hammered the opponents in these games like they've they've grown out hammered. They've done so many things and then the the big winds will come along too. And then you'll remember that when you go bad. It's because they're gonna go bad again at some point that's going to happen. You remember there remember these moments that hey baseball will love me again in an in. I'll have a night where i'll get a little bit of this here that there that will help us get victories. League got thoughts on the way they want. I'd much rather them win. This way like said then wynonna fortune. Two-game game this definitely helps the mental aspect when you realize that. Hey even though we're down we know that we can come back. We know we can win this game. A definitely helps a lot more in the long run as opposed to being honored because some of those super dominant teams. That maybe didn't have close games when it gets down to a close game and they have to come back. They freak out mentally and they realized they can't do it. I would rather have a scrappy. Ballclub yet tyler. I'm with you. That knows how to win pretty because it got guys. Who can you know. Mashing their lineup. But another reason why wins like this. We talk about okay. Yeah they've got some experience they have guys that have been in world series gave. Did they have guys that. Have one in big moments but this team hasn't. That's that's i mean i'm talking about that's why wall. It's well that team one. Will the teams change. There's pitchers leave another hitter. George springer gone. I mean things change. So it's yeah while a guy like out to bay knows how to play it in those big moments we've seen it and and and you know bregman but it's this team coming off a shortened season. It's it's this team. I'm concerned about him. And how it permeates through your team. When some guy doesn't it becomes we've seen in the past on teams where it's like. It's one guy when they won the world series and seventy okay then the next night. It's another guy gets two home runs and it's this guy and when you start to get on that out on this team this forty twenty one version. They're still learning how to win these types of games. I mean you know you're talking about twenty games into a season. This is where this is where you start to learn the how to win and there is a it is contagious and it becomes a habit. It just does in both ways. There are teams in the league. Guys i can name them in football well i. I don't mean this disrespectful. But i mean it's and they'll fight their way at some point through it in the future is far as the organization goes the houston rockets to win that they don't but on that team. There's guys who were teams. That wasn't erik gordon here with the now when they took him three to one. Yeah golden state and they knew exactly front. They gotta get over the top right. Point is they've won big games in the past guys that were on that roster one games. We'd say okay. Why doesn't happen now. Is a different team. Obviously a much different team but they right now they know how to lose and guess what it's become for whatever reason youth not very good injuries. Your stars been out. You've got rid of stars and it's not. It's this is actually a backhanded compliment meeting at some point. Hopefully with coach silence and they'll get it turned around. I mean there are ways away. No doubt but this team has learned this year how to how to lose right whether you like it or not whether they're younger not with their internet. I almost believe that people expect every night they played. They're not going to know how to win all right and it. Yeah they know how to play close and a little bit of exciting basketball nate. Yeah they do. They know to lose it at the end. Okay so so you take the only ones played in every game. This year Yeah it was last week it was. Yeah you know and so. I am fascinated because here you. Are there some exciting moments. And they've got to make some good youth and you look down the road but right today and it's not a knock it's just as a way to learn and they're the perfect example of up here. We go got the lead. Can't hold it or they don't know how to win right now. Some individuals do but as a team they don't. That's why with the astros games like this while we're hitting four or five home runs in a game you're starting pitcher goes seven and a third bullpen. Does this job. And you win to one. And they're gonna fluke late inning homerun on a ball that we know that did just went over the fence that it was like a solo. Home run didn't do any damage they've not hall case series against seattle right now one time now and so point is is this along with the scrappy team. Doesn't that the does not pit of is what scrappy is find a way to win without. Oh we hit four home runs and and you know but by just moving guy over and you've got to put the ball in play to force an air and you've got to be patient to force a walk little things that i'm just telling you i i when you look back. And we had this conversation over the course of the season and if you win the division by two games or what the character is what your mo is or what. Your identity is at the end of the year. We know who their identity is the players. We know what their reputation is as far as their batting order. And how just constant beat you down as an opposing pitcher but there comes a point time when at the end of the year they will point back to wins like this remember and you know early in the season. Another divisional opponent. It was one of those nights where we just went into it. Alvarez didn't play we haven't homered in the series and we get down in the in the game and we come back find a way to win seventh inning and and hold off here. We are and it wasn't you won't remember much from the game but there will be moments. These say yup quite back to april twenty eight. That was big. And i know it sounds cheesy at times. But i'm kind of big on the psychological cheese factor unbelievable. I've been on teams that we did not know how to win on a consistent basis and have had well in minnesota. Most of the time we one. I've been on teams where we didn't win as much as we should have. And you look at our roster six or seven hall of famers on one roster and you say. How'd you guys didn't want a super bowl. Well one play here another play. There didn't win a game that we should have one here. Oh did win this one but we were supposed to win that one but we had one and we let it whatever it is and we see these teams every year there so it's paramount to win games like this so there becomes a feeling of okay. Three four five guys are hidden wealth. Tonight okay chaz mccormack. What are you going to do. Okay maldonado what are you going to do. What are we gonna do what you got pinch hitting off the bench defensive replacement late so and bullpen. What are you gonna do. Well we sent. And i love teams. That win ugly. I don't want it to be a consistent basis. But i'll take ten of those a year. Fifteen of those a year and last night was a good one and even though didn't look pretty it was kind of woke up and a little on the wrong side of ed and found a way to get it done adding a bad day. I'll take it any day of the week. I just don't want it to be a regular occurrence and with the day game debut. Today it'd be nice. Now come back and put up paying. Fourteen runs on. Let's keep it moving you coochie come on now. What's that they're pitching you sekiguchi you. Can you can go ahead and just destroy him. That's easy oh yeah well the name alone says you've got to destroy it the did there. Yeah tyler see what i did there. You don't even know what i did there. I kind of thought all right. We'll the big one next brian. Bogus advocate about thirty minutes draft. Talking is that day guys are waking up today. Lives have changed ryan home at the twitter yesterday. Then get later in the day. Asking do veterans. Wake up today are the nervous and you say why would they be all there. Some that are. We'll discuss that to the impact of this day on people's lives on teams. And what's the big move. What kind of roll through some draft. It is drafting and we'll have our facebook live at six thirty this evening. We'll start to show me and tyler mc leading into the draft and threw a handful of picks and give way to the fellows as well but you can get facebook live and interact with us tonight. It is sports talk. Seven hundred. sean salisbury show I got some good news for you. Not that unemployment rates are high. Let's try to you know. Combat that with some opportunities and there are opportunities. Hundreds of thousands of it and cybersecurity professionals in the us right now are needed and my computer careers. Training people tilt meet that demand. Go to my computer career dot. Edu and take the freak revaluation today. No it experience in no problem. It's not rocket science. 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Obviously it's got a lot of draft talking The latest news teddy bridgewater for a sixth round pick will compete for the starting quarterback job in denver and apparently it does not take them out of the quarterback carousel in this draft. We'll see if that means first round carousel or you can. Well let me jump on. A guy like davis mills or kyle trask in the second round or later denver but it is teddy. Bridgewater is a stopgap a garage. Four years now teddy's a guy who's solid z. Fit with their personnel. You know he's not a big. He's not a big physical. Throw the ball down the field push guy. He protects the ball For the most part and efficient enough I wouldn't say he's mean he and locker different types of players there's no question but they're scrambling around so much. Find somebody who can protect the ball emcee and at least keep you moving chains right. That's what he is. You're you're gonna come in. You'll have good games. But you come out it's going gonna be. He's an efficient performer. It's limited on what he can do physically just is but he's a guy you want on your team And when he goes in there you know four years from now. Guess what he's not going to be in denver. The star quarterback right. He's gonna be he and in a chance that he starts one year and if he beats lock if they draft a quarterback or they wait till next year to draft on the first round he becomes the well. I'm going to hold it. The he's the fits. Tyrod taylor just a a younger version. That that's what he is and he's a really good player so as far as it goes probably not what john elway is looking for but solid enough that you can trust him that you know what he brings. Did you know what he's going to give you. But there are certain limitations to their offense that he will provide limitations. But he's there's a there's a calming influence that you're gonna get more completion simply and more Easy plays from teddy bridgewater than you are drew. Lock right now and we'll see what we you'll get an idea. How short term this is. Today you'll get you'll get an idea. They go to like and do what. Dana hair minds last mock draft is is he has them trading up the broncos to seven lines pick and take justin feels they do that to average water not going to take with. Teddy bridgewater will be probably beat out locked for the started. They and maybe one of those jockeying back and forth all your law unless they moved drew. Lock knows but if they do that and i wouldn't be surprised if they tried to It it's a it's a short term situation and teddy probably knows that that's okay. He's seen this movie before he's overcome. You know from an injury and at great you know an opportunity in new orleans and did a solid job and carolina but carolina saw. We'll look think about carolina. What they did. I mean sam darnold's a far more explosive talent And that's why they brought him in. Teddy bridgewater was brought in calming good player. Excuse me limited on things we can do but really good plan some sideways football being accurate and been in locker rooms and gifts it but when you wanted to do with joe brady and matt you know matt rule wanna do. We got expand this offense. We got us to be a full field team. Is it sam darnold. Let me look at. What darnold's been through and struggles and told the team and they still made a commitment to go get a guy who they look at the ceiling and say there's an opportunity even though we got to see. What sam's bringing to us that we can expand what we're doing and denver's at a point that they've had those big arms throwers but the expansion one ball may end up in the third row of the stands. Another wants to the other team. So they're looking for a guy. I guarantee if we sat down with john looking for right now just a guy who doesn't kill us meaning put us in a bad position spectacular one moment and then for two games. It's like what are you doing and teddy bridgewater the guy. So we'll see yeah according to daniel jeremiah. And if they do move up and then to get one of those guys. You know one of those quarterbacks then then it'll show you and teddy knows shorter this thing for the of five year deal okay. This isn't one of those deals so but it's a good. I do think it's a good get so with that. The big one today is asking ourselves. Okay who's going to be the team we're thinking about okay trade or the most surprising pick and so in a title you phrase what who's gonna make the most surprising today. The i said which team will make the biggest surprise draft pick tonight in the first round and we had the cowboys because of jerry right cowboys in atlanta because of where they are and san francisco because of all the quarterback banter correct those three and then there was one more cincinnati because of the bowl if pits is there chases there do they go offense line or playmaker right example see. Yeah what would be more surprising to you. But cincinnati if they chose soule or chose chase chase chase all the banner of who. They're they're they wanna linemen because of borough and probably outside of suhl would be a surprise right. Yeah and released that That video with their new jersey's and they released the pictures and you could see borough scar. I mean he looks great. He seemed like he was standing on it just fine. But that's scars a reminder of why we need to draft an offensive lineman. You cannot have a repeat of that right now. There's no doubt and you know unfortunately you can have great linemen and still have repeated. That's not what they're looking for in joe burrow has been through some adversity before obviously losing his job. And you didn't get a chance to to win the job or at least lost out to haskins at ohio state and goes and does what he did one of the epic seasons of all time and then was having a great rookie year while he was getting his brains beaten. We'll never question. It's tough to society stays away. Yeah it seems like the obvious choice would be soule so that would be a surprise. I think many if they chose a playmaker although wouldn't be a bad thing. It's not exactly like you're choosing a hack wide receiver if you take chase type of player. He's a special player so we'll come back into. The poll. question is up. We've got a lot to discuss will roll through danger. Jerem some of these guys. Final mock drafts. How they differ. And what does this day mean to a veteran who may be on a bubble. Or maybe even if you're not on a bubble but you're you're underperformed the last year or two. Was that mean for you sports. Talk seven ninety. Sean salisbury show. The houston sportsworld world. Yeah sean salisbury knows how to play the game because he really played the game. Yeah former pro. Qb right here. He actually has it on his name. Take former pro cutie right here. Back to sean one sports talk seven ninety back down. Boys mon cherie back. It's just a minute had to pop on for a tv segment. My car heavy take with you. Join one three two one two. Five seven ninety throwback thursday like you say. It's a throwback to memories of the texans drafting because the texans have not had a first round draft pick in a while and they're not gonna have one again tonight and i hate it in this city that we have to go through that meeting look it s if he had made these trades for something that was like making you really great and he didn't have first round picks you could live with it lhermitte tons letting dancing to make you great. You made one playoffs. It's not like he was the key driving fact. I'm not trying to downplay a tackle. He's good he's a very good tackle But it's just like you know. I could have stomached it if you if you'd gotten a stupid good wide receiver or something like. Hey you're not gonna have a first round pick for a couple years because you got a stud wide receiver. Something or stud defensive in. That's getting a bunch sacks. Now here's the linemen here. It is and you're not gonna have picks and you're gonna be dreaming of the days of rick smith's drafting for you. That's where we're at tonight and it stinks because again this is supposed to be the night where we're all gung ho because the football team would be making a pick with the third overall pick in the draft. But we're not by the way. Go get yourself right if you want to watch us tonight. You can do that. Our facebook page sports talk seven on facebook. Hit the like button. We will be on there tonight. Starting at six thirty. We'll do a couple of hours. Me and sean tyler with you reacting to drag drac reacting to all the quarterback picks is basically. We're gonna get to do tyler. That's what we're gonna do because they're all gonna go. That's the best bar and honestly we get the most exciting part of the draft. Yeah we're all the action gonna take place. Yeah i mean there will be action later. But i'm not trying to I'm not trying to grind on a given some takes on the likes of Jalen phillips for miami. Because we're not going to get that far in or Quit e pain for pay for For miami he's he's he's a beast not going to give you any allies more takes mississippi al-messa greatest just looking at the names that are going to go mid first round like i mean i know some of these names seeing them play. But i'm not gonna sit here and try and be as she and break it down on that quickly. Pain also went to penn state. Not miami so there you go. Yes he dead. Are you sure. I'm pretty sure. I was just looking at his. No never mind. That's my parsons vermont. Thank you go ahead and a minute. I was wrong about the goats tumbles every once in a while. You can't be the goat if you stumble tom brady's ago. Acl doesn't stop. That wasn't his fault. That was no he could bernard pollard dove into his knee. They made a rule basically a couple of picks here and they're fine. He's barely stumbled. He's never miss a role. He threw a pick to end the. Afc wall game against tennessee. That when you see how. I asked his team was he was trying to get all his fault. Interesting interesting team sucked. It's not my fault that his team sucked talk to brian. Bogus civic and just a couple of minutes with his weekly visit here on the show discussing. You're houston astros. Who by the way. I wanna remind you about because i wanna remind you that car bach brewing and the crawford balk is the beer. The you're supposed to be drinking all baseball season long. We're taking the stroz and then closed some day baseball today. One ten first pitch. So if you're heading out to minute maid park you're watching it at home. Like i will be make sure you're doing it with an ice cold crawford bach in your hand. The perfect beer for astros baseball so many great options over their car park. 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Sean salisbury sean. Salisbury show it is. Nfl draft in with much to discuss. We also got astros. Talk win again. Three straight over seattle on game four of the series today and speaking draft. And i'm curious. I know it's a different sport but lives changed on a day like this and i know for some. It's frustrating to have to wait but for others. It's that lifelong of waited. My whole life done lonely work when nobody was watching to get myself in this position for joined now by former astros first round pick and major league baseball player and right here Local for us in weekly our visitor here at seven o'clock in the astros insider does a great job. brian bogus. civic joins us here bryant. You remember of course you remember what it was like for you on draft day. Yeah it's a. it's a really cool day. It's a really cool time you know in a in a kid's life but the weird thing with baseball that's different than think. Every sport is the season. The college baseball season still going on. If if you're if you're in the playoffs so we're we. The series on sunday and the draft is monday morning thing and we're getting ready for our super regional series. So yeah it's it's a great day personally. Obviously but there was so much going on with the team this is this know three year buildup to to play in a super regional to try to get the omaha that there was just so much going on from that the individual day was sort of. I don't wanna say an afterthought but it was like okay. Great the draft happens now. Now let's move on because we've got a game on on friday that we've been working for for three years so a great day but just a like a whirlwind of a of a time in my life. Did you enjoy it enough did you. Did you stop to sit there and and put rounded you. Well let me first. Let me ask that. did you enjoy that day. Enough i yeah. We had practice in the afternoon. And i went out and had a great time that night so but no i. In terms of it wasn't it wasn't this like grass. okay. I've accomplished and it was kind of just like another step in the process which looking back on it now. In retrospect i think i sort of appreciate it more than i did at the time and and at the time and it was just this thing of you're sort of caught up in the moment and you're trying to move forward and it's just one more thing to to sort of check off as you move forward But i look i. I you know hanging around teammates. Everybody's watching the draft other guys are getting drafted. That was my first twenty rounds or something on the first day so for sure do you did. Did you get where you expect going into. Like you said was there was aaron area. I mean you know you guys get a kind of an id. Trevor lawrence knows where he's going. Okay did you get an idea previous to this where you were going. Who couldn't have been a surprise. But where did you when you went to bed the night before. Think man i was it. I wonder where. I'm going to get drafted not team round. And and you know or was the expectation there that this is where you were going to take it. I had i had a fairly that idea. Baseball draft is not covered nearly as extensively as the nfl drive But it's still matters to you. It's still match your fans lifestyle. It's the life chatman. And and there's there's you know projection at the beginning of the season leading up. So i had that i was probably gonna go somewhere in the back for the first round I had a couple of teams that were picking. They're saying you know if you're available in this spot you're going to be one of the handful of guys that were considering. They're so so yeah. I had a pretty good idea. There was probably a range of about back after the first round the first half in the second round that that i was pretty sure i was going to be taken at some point. What a great feeling that must have been in lives will be changed today. Brian bogus former major league baseball player are astros insider on a weekly basis here every thursday at seven o'clock all right to the astros brian i said earlier. I believe that they're all my years in sports. And i know they both matter but the winds like last night. Psychologically for a team when you're learning how to win now. I know players do but as a whole this is these guys together. Some guys haven't been a part of. This is psychologically winning games ugly. When the season's over you'll look back ten or twelve of these say. That was the reason the winning pretty we expect but to win with an air a walk and drink. He goes for innings and top half. Your lineup doesn't get hits. I- psychologically believe this is more impressive than winning a fourteen to twelve hitting the in splodges cly then hit eight home runs in a game and winning on a windblown game where you win fifteen to twelve. I think these winds matter more psychologically to a team because they know how to win in games when they're not playing their best. Yeah i i'm one. Hundred percent agree with anybody can win when their pitchers shoves and they score twelve runs. I know you're gonna have a handful of games where you can still good. You can't you're gonna have a handful of games wearing so bad you can't. How do you win the game in the middle. How do you win the games when you know you're not getting much out of a starting pitcher and to have the young guys contribute and no. Just get that. Confidence of we are a good team. So we're in the games. It's going to be the other team back cracks and not because it's the it's the hundred games that are in the middle that if you win more than you lose. That's the difference between the good season and a bad season and to have these young guys who haven't been there and and maybe aren't sure that we are the better team. Because i'm just getting my feet wet in the big leagues and and i don't know what a good team or a bad team is the if if if we're in it we're gonna win the other team's going to mess up. We're not going to. We're going to get the clutch. It they're gonna fold and to have that confidence and not not just to build the confidence but also to to keep the momentum rolling to to have a good series turn into a sweep or a good series turned into a great homestand. Because you get those muddled up victory And it goes a long way in the standings and it goes along with building confidence in a young team all right going into the season. We know your expectations because we discuss them were what twenty games are so into the season now and after the way. You've seen them win the way you've seen them lose seen progress get now to feedback. If you were addressing the team strength and weakness right now in the clubhouse would one of each. I speak the strength still lies in the lineup. it's been strange with with the and stuff and stranger. Things had a little bit of an up and down but but overall long-term that that is the sort of rock that they can lean on that. They've got six or seven guys in the lineup. Everyday that are gonna bank I think in addressing the weakness when you talk about different depths of pitching. It's still not there just because they've run into so many injuries they they've gotten i. I don't know that you could point to anybody. It really say this guy is underperforming and and it's hurting the team. Everybody has performed well. They're just they're just been so. I think the the the the way you address that. Hey we're doing a good job with what we have. We've got a hold on for another. I don't know probably four or five weeks and then you start getting some reinforcements and then and then that's when it's gonna get really fun when when hopefully ordering comes back from can be back soon. Now you get some of these guys that thrown well moving into the bullpen and alison. Your bullpen is shored up. That's one it's gonna get real fun and and you can say hey. Let's let's hold on for another month or so and then we have a chance to really take off. Are you brian. Bogus joins us here. In the south we show your level of concern for rizzi Yeah it's real. I know that the news the news that they got is good news but but good news is relatives. And i if not worse case scenario right now i just i think i mean we have the same conversation with when we were talking about burland or last year when you start hearing about forearm tightness and you start hearing about flexes and pro nader's and this it's not always immediate but it almost always been tommy john now. I know this is a little bit different. This is turning the elbow out versus turning it in. what so. it's not a disaster but anytime you start talking about that area of the arm it's cause for concern and even after you get a little bit of good news. It's not out of the woods yet. This jose altuve as since coming back. You know the struggles last year. And i know we always have our eye on him just because he's such a great player. We're saying that this looks. I mean him doing what he's doing and the expectations for him. Obviously he expects a lot from himself. But this is jose altuve yeah. I think that you probably expected as did most people follow baseball expected this year. Correct looks different confidence. Wise does he. Not yeah it was different on a on a bunch of different level. His demeanor on the field. Looks like the jose altuve that we know writing. He's energetic savage fun. He looks like he's enjoying being out there. Which wasn't apparent last year And then just from from a mechanical standpoint at the plate he looks awesome. Timing last year was so bad he would never kidding. Within his balance his barrel was always way out. In front of recent for pitches he he balanced. He hated me between his leg. He's he's not everything he's jumping on. First pitch fastball. He's laying off sliders. He's he's hitting hangers i. He just looks great. He looks like he's having fun. I don't think there's any reason to believe that it isn't going to be this way for the rest of the season and having him at the top of the you order like this i think is the perfect sort of starter for them. It's that instant influx of energy at the top of the order and everybody's sort of following his lead and it's just you couldn't have asked for better start to the season for him and i don't think there's any sign of it. Not you know brian. I don't think i've ever asked you this with this lineup. And i made the point that it's you can't help if you're facing the third guy when they're all going good and even when they're not when you look at the line of one through seven in particular did even if you're in the of the order you're like oh i gotta get through this guy and this guy when i get to this guy and i mean the the level of oh my gosh that i gotta deal with when they're playing and hitting like they do as a pitcher. What's it like knowing that. Okay i got through the first three guys. I'm good but with this lineup. When you hit seven you're still in trouble when they're playing well. How did the result of that. What kind of psychological effect that have on a pitcher in a game. If it's exhausting mentally and physically you know and and good in all of these guys are individually. The some is even greater than the individual parts and be affected. It has you. You might make your pitch on one guy. But then you've got to do it over and over and over and and there's no margin for error you can get hurt at any spot in order and it's not just they wear. They wear pictures down internet fat. They wear pictures down. 'cause day where i'm down over the course of the game and especially they wear pitching staffs course of the series yunessi this lineup when it's when it's hitting full strength and everybody's healthy these ends of theories that the third and fourth games of series they're gonna start feasting guys because worn down over the course of three or four games and that's the great strength of the lineup i. It's not the individuals. It's the lake of the lineup is the depth of the lineup and the residual effects that each at bat has on the next one and the next game where they eventually get to a point to where the other team just brace and they just start feasting on mistake pitches and pitchers who sit. Necessarily they'll be in the game but have to be because they it all other options. Yeah no chance to breathe a sigh of relief until the games actually over brian. This great stuff man. Thanks for sharing your draft insights with us. I know football wise. It'll change some lives tonight. We always appreciate your great insanity the astros. We'll do it again next week. man. Thanks i appreciate it. That's great brian. Bogus have a great point and it just can't end. It's the next guy the next pitcher the next day like today after what you see and you didn't even see the ashes at their best. How be much of a beatdown and exhausting it can be for the opposing team's pitcher and hitters knowing they gotta keep up because there's very few lineups that go as lengthy as the astros especially when all of them were right in the lineup. Sportstalk seven ninety. We will stake out next. It's the sean salisbury show. I can tell you this about jeff. Sebastian tiffany sebastian. 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It's about the time shuttle for stakeout about. I would imagine you probably have ten questions for tyler. Ten at eight o'clock got those. I only have eight so far really time. So we don't play. Do they play eight innings in baseball. They play seven innings. Now actually do they play exactly right down so what you think. I should take away one question now. What i'd like you to do is play a real game. Not not not a amateur hour seven inning game. Okay we need you for nine. Well good thing. I have extra innings there. You go all right. What do you got for me man. So ian rapoport actually tweeted this out about twenty minutes ago. Apparently the saints are doing some groundwork for potential trade up and they've called within the top ten to gauge value. To see what it would take to get into the top ten. What are the odds that the saints shock everyone and not only get into the top ten but go ahead and draft. Drew brees as replacement i. It wouldn't shock me at all. I believe one of those to those types of deals is going down today sean. Payton wheeler-dealer to if peyton doesn't believe the jameis winston and to taste some ill which i can't fathom that he thinks that tastes is a strict quarterback. You're losing something when you just put it in there. Although i know the balls in his hand and he's not what you'd call your pure thrower and it's a when you're used to see what you saw at drew brees for all those years and he still chat by not getting patrick mahomes right when you when you see what breezes done for your offense all these years and then limited as far as what you could do source vertically stretching to feel withdrew. You'd knew you were going to be in the right play and you had a chance every throat. Put it somebody saying because his accuracy it would not shock me because while i know winston's got big potential. We'd know what he's been in his career the big reward but the big critical mistake and tastes them hills a swiss army knife. He's not a pure quarterback. Even though sean payton tries to tell us he is. I think he would like to find a tray. Lancer adjusted fields. It will not shock me one bit if they position themselves. And we know why they'd be getting up there more than likely to get the quarterback so it would not shock me at all if he loves one of these five. Sean payton will push for that. I see it as well. How about this Todd mcshay last. Mock draft is out. He has a quarterback sliding all the way to fifteen. You wanna take guests first of all who it is. yields no mac. John mack jones going to the new england patriots at fifteen. Can you see this scenario. Playing out and If you do would you do you think that. That's the right pick for new england. If it played out. I would new england's one of the teams. Somebody had asked me earlier on twitter. Should they try to move up and get a quarterback. They absolutely should. It's time you know they haven't had to really do that now. They drafted from mallet. We've talked about bruce set. Jimmy garoppolo that group. They've drafted a bunch of guys along the way to just use his assets at some point time and hope that they found the heir apparent but twenty years into it. They haven't had to mess with a quarterback they haven't had to. It's time is good. As bella check is we saw with the kobe and opt-outs and now with all the people they went to get this offseason that they apparently are all in on trying to win. Walk cam's a good hold on. I mean when. I say hold over. Stopgap camps quarterback for years from now. He's a really good player in moments. But we've seen the up and down part of it. He's not the future in doing. Let me put it that way. Maybe the president. They've got to get that guy. Whoever that guy is i would they need to move up to go get him and hopefully they're in position for them now. If they think mack jones is gonna fall seems like somebody they'd like processes information kind of fits the patriots mode of You know the mold of what they do is ball out. Not real athletic quarterback meaning. Tom brady over the years and make good decisions. I can understand why they would now. I don't know if that's their favorite quarterback. But i could see if they didn't think they were gonna get a guy like mack jones justin fields or lance in their position to move up. I would advise that they do. Because i actually think there's going to be a couple. Two or three teams trying to slither their way into that top ten range to give themselves an opportunity and i am. I am sold on the fact that the patriots need to find their future quarterback. If they love somebody in this draft and as far as mac john's falling and i'll tell you why i think that he would be the one because he's a specific love meaning need a process. All the things we talked about. The thing is there's this. I don't know if it's a stigma or it's a problem that we are so enamored with extending of plays we forget the how important it is to make place from where he is and if things don't go well you have to ask yourself. Can he extended and beat people. Willie's not beating you from that area in the pocket. And i think that's a concern for team so in this air we spread it out. Would if he's on a team that doesn't protect them very well did he needs to extend it and get on the edge. Nba of playmaker ten twelve times a game candy. And if he's gonna drop. I think that's the reason why the the the lack of the extra stuff if you everything's right and he's in. I don't know if there's a better one because he's been so efficient but also can't he extend plays and make things happen when all hell breaks loose and if you're getting drafted more than likely in the top ten. You're going to a team that really need your help. Somebody's traded into their and need you to be a player. And i think people are afraid of just the guy who i don't wanna say immobile behind is that's not his specialty so i think that that scares people and if there was one to drop by it would be him instead of fields. The question is this kyle. Shanahan get his wish if it is mack jones. If it if it isn't which one of the other two isn't because we know wolf zack. Wilson trevor lawrence are going to be gone it would not surprise me if he fell and i think that would be the reason because other than that accuracy timing the memory. That kirk herbstreit talked about his recall. There's you'd say why else would he word. Time where we are in with guys who do more than one thing outside the pocket so it won't shock me if he's the one that false i can't imagine him fallen farther than that and i still don't think he's going to last that long but we'll see sports talk seven ninety. Come back a lot of draft talk. We'll we'll kind of toggle between some droughts and some of the shocking things. We may see in what lives will be changed and there may be one that thinks he's going to the top ten it doesn't go till twenty two and that's a drop in money. Who's that guy going to be sports. Talk seven ninety. Sean sows ratios soda at home program. Sorta weight dot com soda. Weight loss dot com. Listen if you're one of those is struggling with your weight and you've tried everything. What are you waiting on now. I don't know if i want to do that. Why wouldn't you if you like the food. Eighty percent of the nutritious delivered to you to your door and it's the it tastes. 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Have you guys ever sit back and wonder what these guys like the smart. Like right now if. You're mack jones. Aren't you thinking. I could be the third pick. I could be the fifteenth pick while life's going to change and he's gonna get paid a year ago at this time. He was battling through spring practice wondering well. I got secure this job and be prepared to go out and have a good season and here he is. You know a year later. I use him as an example. Because these a guy that going into last year we probably adam somewhere in the mid rounds if he was lucky because he's nick sabin guy in areas now fluctuating between a possible third. Pick of the draft in somewhere in the middle of the first round. Do you guys ever wonder or is it. Just kind of whatever what these guys like. This morning woke up thinking or you want like the lifestyle change nervous energy that i'm sure is is there but it's like the positive nervous energy even if it doesn't it's not say like jones does fall. That's not exactly what anybody wants. But may i can't imagine that feeling of waking up knowing that you're gonna be a for a first round pick no in that on a given night tonight. I'm going to be taken in the first round of the nfl draft our. I don't know if i'd sleep the night before right. Think about the range of emotions for probably him and just feel them using needs to as an example and there's going to be countless guys. You know that somebody's going to wake up and say oh my gosh. I got drafted in the third roundish. The greatest day of my life. I never expected that two years ago. Right there's that guy and then if you're fields and mack jones kind of different. Both were highly recruited fields five-star more highly recruited than mac jones. But both of them came with you know held in high regard leaving high school. Wants been the star. Since he's been a freshman was at georgia and transferred and he's just been the guy mac jones's had to sit and wait. Wait i wonder if mac johnson any point time last year like in spring thinking. I just got fight off the next guy. I'm not even worried about. And that probably paid off for him to learn how to compete and having been there and learn. But i would imagine today after going from am i even going to get drafted or get a chance to start alabama to having a monster year to now be in position where discount shanahan take bill belichick taken to somebody else. Denver trade up to get him design new orleans. Do the new orleans saints. Love him because he's a real accurate thrower like drew. Brees was but the windows are a little bigger at alabama than they are in the nfl so so many things he's going through and then you get to the point. It's okay if matt jones using him if he's not the third ticker the fifth the draft and he falls let's say fell to eighteen for the hell of it. Let's say nineteen washington. Let's just say he did so he goes from. I'm going to be a mid round. pick. If i'm lucky before the season last spring two. I'm having a monster year now. People are talking about me as a first round pick and then all the talk about kyle shanahan loving him so that emotion and back saying well. Ruthie reads draft reports. Which i would advise. None of these guys do unless you can do it. Brady did and shoulder that thing and use it to your advantage saved no matter where picked. I'll make them pay. Aaron rodgers style. But then if you're mac jones even if you go nineteenth or fifteenth and not third. I wonder where his level disappointment not just with the team because the forty niners pick third two years removed from a super bowl. they're reloading because they're getting healthy players. But i also wonder if he's thinking what a great blessing or if it's like well hell. I should have been the third kick not the fifteenth yet a year ago. We he wasn't even on our first round radar. Let alone our second or third radar and here. He is so the level of emotions at these guys. Go through especially those two and justin fields highly. Recruited big numbers will house competitive. And here's the talk about him places ass off in the in the postseason and has been the national tabacum battling through injuries and for some reason. He's fallen this offseason. He's like what and then. Well he's back in the mix. Oh we have one draft guy who says he may go thirty second to the to the tampa bay buccaneers and some have even gone third san francisco so the range of emotions. These guys must feel. Somebody's gonna be furled brow tonight and somebody's going to be like. Oh my gosh two years ago if you told me and maybe jones a year ago if you told me is going to be third. Pick in the draft. There'd be no way so it's gotta be haven't been through that but not in their situation but the fluctuation of emotions has got to be crazy for these guys fellows near it's going to be easy to say from where i'm sitting today but like as long as i end up place that i'm happy and excited and comfortable with with going to and mack jones of it ends up being like a san francisco or new england like hide. Be pretty damn happy tonight. I would feel better about going there than going to a team like lower like. There's really of all the quarterback hungry teams. It appears that could be looking to get one. Like i think that all these quarterbacks completed the franchise that they go to a normal year. We're like if detroit was going to pick up a quarterback. I wouldn't be all that. I mean you're thrilled to be an nfl player. Parties like got to be a detroit lion. And you're your you've got to understand the difference between privilege and right. You know what i mean. This isn't a right. It's a privilege that you've earned yet. Did i go back and and you know situation and say okay matt jones when he was in high school in justin fields in high school. Probably both thought. I'm has gotten the best quarterback in the country of course. I'm going to be drafted going alabama. I'm going to ohio state or georgia at the time answer fields. I'm going to have a college career in three years. I'm a first first-round pick. I'm sure that was expectations right. Because while they were the best in little league they were the best in high school their best in youth football best in high school of both of them have been top shelf in college at different times in their career. And here we are and so yeah. I can't fathom no matter where you go. In the first round i get the plummet may bother you but when you when you think about this does only thirty two of them obviously. I can't fathom that you walk out now when the camera's on and you drop drop drop like aaron rodgers. I get it and i'd get the teams or pass it somehow. The blessing for aaron rodgers was. He dropped all the way degrees. Now look it's been a pretty cool gig for him. So i can't fathom now if you're a first round or go in the third round even though it's a dream to play it would be. I can understand why a guy would say not just financially but say. This isn't the way that i thought it was going to be to fix it right. So we'll we'll discuss you guys. Tell me your range of emotions. Several and three two one two five seven seventy let us know how you feel about. Tyler's ten in about twenty minutes. But just about what's going on and then we'll look at daniel jeremiah. Some of the draft roosen the the kyw compare and contrast in the discrepancies between one player. In another and how far off each some of these guys are from one player to the next so should be fun. This is intriguing. As i draft that i've been especially the first fifteen picks in a long time because of were were posturing for these quarterbacks and who's gonna trade could be some great movement sports talk seven ninety thousand show heavy t heavy. Mfn t an see or hear you call in about your draft thoughts. The texans don't pick to the third round so is at best available or need more than likely at that time. It's best available. Sports talk seven ninety day house here corner three back to the soggy back to the back to the sun sloppier show on sports. Talk seven then. I is this Sky little eagles in the seven bridges. Great harmonizing love. This cut tyler. Don't you type get it like this is gonna sleep what happened. You don't like the song. Oh my gosh. it's great. Cut the eagles i. that's a concert. I wish we could bring glenn fried back. Joe walsh that group man kid me don henley one of the ten best all time. Sports sock seven ninety seven bridges. We got one bridge and elites to the nfl draft. Texans picking in a third round. What will nick caserio do. Get his first draft which his you've been about twenty one of them now and alongside the best ever may be in one of them at least and bill belichick when it comes to understanding personnel and developing players. There's been some great ones and bills. One of nick caserio. The texans fan should fill pretty good about what he's going to do and that he is prepared for this moment now who he takes you may not like. But he's and he knows so we'll see if it's best available or need. The problem is when you need as much as they do. You take the one who in the third round can impact you the best unless there's movement and they decide to go and try to trade for either more assets or move up and give some of the future assets away. It's sportstalk seven ninety map. Welcome in man. How you doing seven one. Three two one two five seven hundred a called in quite some time. Hope everything's okay. You know the only sport and more tough to you know figure out what and who to pick is hockey because they pick people when eighteen-year-old considering nfl draft here. You know you're right in well. I share your opinion in the sense that this is one of the most interesting in in in years i would be from my i. Would i would be more concerned about where i go and the other gentleman on your show shared at too. But you know. I i would rather go to a team. It'd be you know eighteen in the first round it'd be really comfortable with where i'm going versus a team. That has had a history of passion of wanting to win. and ask. he's saying you know there are a lot of teams that you cannot put the finger on it and say they're passionate organization about winning and that's where i wanna go team is passionate about winning. You know that's the whole thing about sports teams of they may not win. But you know they have the passion and they're doing everything they can to achieve you know whatever the super bowl it's the only cup or the world series whatever That's really important to they. Athlete in my opinion. Secondly what you touched on. Lastly there my god. I'd be nervous. Hit general manager. Because you know your job you know cloudy on the line because you don't you don't know what he's twenty one years old especially quarterbacks you know when they're twenty six twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine and the tour. Their arms are just as strong if not stronger. They're brighter because they've learned systems. They know experienced quarterback i think in sports keeps force is the hardest edition of play Because there's a lot of fast thinking. I can't imagine you know checking down. I mean i. I wanna keep it civil up and down the wing and its it. Put that i so. That's my thoughts. I think it'd being nervous about passionate Team that's what. I would think matt great stuff man appreciate the call. Great to hear from you. Yeah not because. I played but watching out. Some of these guys make it look so easy. It is the toughest position because of all the factors in sports to play without question. The fact that every single snap you have to do something that helps your team. You don't get to play off the ball as a quarterback for the most part in real quick before we get to you. Jeff is i think about the fortunes it could happen in just the first three ticks. Let's put trevor lawrence aside. Just between zack wilson. And who the forty niners are going to take. Let's say it was trae lance when you just look at the big picture sometimes. It's a bummer. That you played so well or the people fell in love with you. think zack. Wilson fell to the third pick. And let's say trae lance or somebody else went to the jets. They pulled the old fast one not that he can't turn the jets because every great player. I know it was the pride and the wherewithal to say. I'll make a difference in the franchise. I'm the reason that this is gonna turn around. I'm gonna. I'm gonna turn this around but you think about it now if you're if you're just in fields or and this is nothing against the jets but just looking at the fortunes in the roster that the fans not to meet the roster if you're the second or third ticket justin fields or mack jones or trey. Let's i would much rather say the zach. You go ahead. I'm good here trevor. You even go ahead. i'm good here. I would much rather a team. That's a superbowl caliber team. When you get killing you can and fred warner and you get healthy that we're talking about a team. That's just removed from super bowl that went through covert and all these injuries last year. And here they are so if you really look at it and say okay. Five years from now which quarterbacks can have more success the forty niner quarterback or the jets quarterback just from roster alone. At least right. Now you'd say come on now now. Zack wilson may be so special that he does change it around. And i'm sure that's we're all hoping for but they no shame and saying you know what you go head were would you. If you were quarterbacks where would you rather go right now the jet just roster and thinking three or four years down the road of just looking out the roster set up the jets so the forty niners. The eagle of one to go second is great. But i'll take third over second to play for the forty niners and their roster than i would the jets today. I'm sure you guys if you guys think any different let me know. I can't fathom the you would want that different jeff. Welcome in man. How you doing doing well doing good. How about you guys doing great. So the way. I'm thinking today is like christmas morning for a lot of these players. I don't think many of them slept But i'm also going to say. I think atlanta's going to suppress some people with their pick for. I think they're going pencil. Because they've got matt ryan i on his new contract that he restructured and twenty twenty two and twenty twenty three. If they were to get rid of him it would be a cap capita. A forty million dollars. They need to keep that up right the next couple of years and they need oftens of line help. And that's the best offensive lineman in the draft right now. The question is if you mean if you're arthur smith with play action and what you do with the new coach. Are you saying i to make a quick impact offensively and who does that is a chase. Pits is at another quarterback. No the quarterback at least on the initial would make the least amount impact meaning if they drafted a quarterback fourth. An offense lineman would be a big help. Obviously if you're a quarterback you want to be protected but if you're also a quarterback you'd like to say ooh the mismatches at tits and that chase do those guys create. It's a pretty good deal you might be right. And there are some teams now if that happens. Cincinnati would say well. We'd love to have him. But all what's okay. We'll take chaser tits to so they're in a good position because they have some needs not only in perimeter but it offensive line. We'll keep an eye. I think you make good point. Jeff thanks for the call. I think it's pretty damn pretty damn interesting to find out. I think if the draft really starts with the third pick because we know who the first two are unless the jets were shocked us. But i don't believe that's going to happen. So it starts with the forty niners and atlanta s. Both of those are part of the poll. Question as well that is up. Who's gonna make The that one ticket either shakes your head or shakespeare bad. The most surprising pick cowboys. Bengals the atlanta falcons and or the san francisco forty niners tie real quick before we go to break do you. Would you rather have the lineman or the tide inter wide receiver napster tobacco. You want at the number four spot. Yep i'd rather have the time. Okay if i said you can trade down and three of the four will be available. But the titan. Won't you could trade to seven. I'm just using that as an example. Would you do that to still get one of the other guys. Would it be worth it or is it if the tight end sitting there. I don't care what somebody's offering me. I gotta have him 'cause generational. I'd be totally fine without as well like i said earlier in the week this is. The falcons are in such a unique position. They could do almost anything they want. And have a reason to justify it hard to lose at the quarterback position because you know you get in the era parent hard to lose. What the soule. Because you're getting a dominant linemen and hard to lose with pits or chase a playmaker like that because well. You're getting a guy that matt ryan would be happy with. An arthur smith instant impact on an explosive offense when they're all healthy independent on the julio jones situation right sports. Talk seven hundred. Tyler's ten next safety can bring it. He he brought it with seven bridges. We got ten questions from tyler next here on sports talk seven ninety shot south break shohei. Good news man. Now listen i understand the struggle of unemployment or trying to get back into the flow of of that workflow. Now there's a lot of cybersecurity professionals that are in need right. I mean thousands and thousands of them hundreds of thousands literally in my computer careers training them to so they can meet the demand right if you go to my computer career dot edu and take the free evaluation. It can help. It's a great option. You don't have to have computer experience or education or it experience to get this opportunity. That's why they're going to teach right and you. It's not rocket science but it is my computer. 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All right this is questioned sucked the answers. My answer pretty good but we'll see if he brought it today. Let's well bundy likes you. So it's good enough for bundy. It's good enough for us. Hayes the trillo gb on his. Sean sows berry. Show ten ten. Tyler's what ego big wayside t his team. You don't think you're overrated. That's amazing to me. I think i'm the most rated the best that doesn't make any sense. What what is the most rated meaning that everybody rates you because you're that good young exactly what it meant. Make any sense. Stop heavy heavy too heavy team. Let's see how many cliches he can throw at us during this segment. Go ahead evy. I so question number one earlier in the week the a.'s were robbed of a run against the race. Elvis andrus slid had in the home plate and he was called out the as challenged and the play to replay which very clearly showed that he was safe somehow the umpires review the replay and still called him out now. This has been a reoccurring problem. The replay issue should mlb just scrap the instant replay altogether lar- scrap involved with the these umpires that are clueless clue. Snouts not fair for us to put the umbrella because they here's the problem we get one wrong or two wrong or three wrong. And i know with with the. There's a lot of bang bang. Plays it avenue and even with video. It's hard to see a photo finish at kentucky derby which we have on on saturday right so i get it that you're gonna be like if it's really close man i can't tell i get those And when they happen. Once it's like heightened. Oh my gosh these all pires all suck video replays sucks. There's a perspective that goes with if they do one hundred of them. Are they getting ninety. Eight of them right and the other two one of them's a bang bang played. You couldn't get one of them's blatantness. That's this case. I saw the play and watched it and watch it watch it. I don't even see how you needed. Replay but when you went to replay the fact that the people that are reviewing it and umpires in that are looking at that video. Can't see. Elvis andrus was clearly being. It's blatant so. I don't know if you scrap it but it's got to get better. I don't understand what's missing so the so human beings are viewing this and say no. How can all of them get into everybody's making these judgments are we crazy. Viewing it from home. An are we missing something. I don't think so. I think at times they just flat out. Screwed the pooch. I actually think they're afraid at times to make decisions i do. I think they're afraid. Depending on what ballpark there in. I not will say now. That doesn't come into play. Bullcrap home. I think it does and especially if there's bigger crowds in the ballpark. There was pre covid. I think it does. I think all that comes into play i do. I honestly do so. Scrap it nova. I'm gonna tell you what if we can't get blatant plays right at some point we're going to have to but if they're getting most of them right hypersensitive part of one out of one hundred thirty is wrong then then if they're getting a majority of them right then then it's working. I don't know forever going to get it all right. Mci i don't think we one hundred percent of the time when human airs involved. You're just never going to get it right all the time. Even though we saw that. Play at the with elvis andrus. There's always going to be a play on replay as difficult to go either way. It's hard to change the call. I can get that. But they have had so many agrees airs on this season that they have to rethink their entire process. Of how do they can never get rid of replied getting rid of replay be stupid because you do need to have a now with the i mean every sport has it for a reason but it's just amazing that they can continue to have issues pop up because it shouldn't exist. Its existing for a reason they gotta figure out how to just flat out. Get it right. You can't miss the blatant ones. Yeah i get bang. Bang plays man even video. Can't get it. It's the bad ones that you missed that everybody at home and you see it go viral on a video. The guy safe by a half an arm length. How do you miss it. That's the ones that make replace. Suck all right title. What else all right number two so. The red sox beat the mets last night by a score of one. Nothing they got their a solo run off of jacob degrom now jacob degrom of course had another great game giving up only one earned run fanning nine in the history of time in typical. Mets fashion. didn't give him any run support whatsoever. Now this has been going on for a couple of seasons if this continues during the rest of the season should jacob degrom demanded trade yes demand to be traded to the houston astros. And i don't think he will. He will a trade. I don't think he will. I think he seems to be a guy because no time. Now maybe in private like everybody has a little bit of man when you're with your buddy cold beer. He's got five one era a yes to and to listen. It's it's it but this is this has been an ongoing work. We're like three to four years into this routine this this ever did this same. We've seen this movie before I don't think so because he seems like a guy that you know. And i also think he realizes while he'd like to win how where everybody holds him the regard that the compassionate dude. You can't pitch any better than this guy. So i don't think he'll do manage. I'd get taught while you'd ask sat and whites like let me go someplace where the mets were kinda held. People have a thought they could win this division a player in the playoffs because of their team but they just don't seem to school for maybe he needs to go out there and let him like six runs and say i see guys. I can't keep it two point five on a regular basis. How about you answer the bell. But he just seems like a a model teammate. So i don't think you will. And i don't think he should just because they're struggling if they were paying him right or there was problems but i just think performance wise. He seems like a teammate. Wants to rally around his guys as opposed to run from. I'll tell you this. And i can say this as loud as you want me to and i'm including garrett cole and i'm including justin verlander winning healthy i'm including walker beulah. Anybody max scherzer there. It is jacob degrom by himself and the rest of the. That's exactly right. He is in rarified air. There isn't a guy right now that there's if you think somebody's a better pitcher than him then you don't play you're not paying any attention to baseball know whom i'm talking to the world. You know who might be the next closest to them though right now that we'd never talk about tyler. Glass now is phenomenal. A monster as he continues to get command of every pitch. He's he is going to be as filthy as the american league house. That's a heat. There's an he's intimidating because that big body coming off the man damn near in the catcher's glove right and he can ramp it up got more than one pitch. There's no doubt but right now they're put it this way. Jacob degrom is better at his job today. Then mike trout is now you think about that and trout the best player in baseball without much argument. But i guess. What i'm saying is maybe the better way to put it. Is that how we hold. Trout is an everyday player in like. Oh my gosh. Jacob degrom is that dominated are held in high regard as a pitcher and there's probably more distance be team degrom in the next guy than there is between trout and the next guy. I believe that. I think that every time i watch him pitch i'm just fascinated. How good is every single. Time out he is in a class. There's one person his penthouse in a tim right now period. The rest can live on the top floor. He just gets the biggest sweet and and there is no question there could be. Nobody puts anybody above him right now if he was on the astros win four games. Oh yeah let's think about all of this off would know he would. He went twenty four games in this era. Yeah which which is crazy so title. What else got forest brother you got. Hold off. come back. Let's take a quick break into great questions baseball related. I love it Yeah that jacob degrom good gracious. Amanda to houston. I'm gonna keep saying. I think well i'll take here if he wants to. Hop on the interstate and state and go about an hour and forty. Five minutes towards fenway. I'll take that if we him here you take. You don't wanna be the. Apparently i'm just trying to get into existent. And sometimes that works. They have he'd look really good. And astros. uniform sportstalk seventy hour number two. Tyler's ten question number eight next. Hello haters from la to new york her up and kiss our asks astros. Goodness this is sports. Talk seven hundred home of your astros. Still twenty seventeen champs. How about it sean salisbury. Show us right now. Sports talk seven hundred eighty s. So tyler i said eight questions to go. What i meant was you said well. Raleigh on number three see. I'm going from ten to one so ten nine for number eight meaning. We got to go and you went the other way. We've only had two so we have to go. Semantics brothers samantha mathis hard. It's one of my worst subjects man. It's easy to capture tips you've done to. We got eight more the easy for him. Yeah here we go. School has gone scoreless. Hardly go anyways okay. So number three in case you missed it last night. Bryce harper got hit in the face and go see it on our websites for dot com ninety seven mile an hour fast ball radio necessarily this of course is not the first time this has happened to a hitter but with that in mind should. Mlb require all helmets. Who have an extended ear. Flap like jean carlos stanton harper. I don't think he does talk about the company like most of it. Like all almost all the astros wear them. I don't think they should require i. If you want to wear it. The year flap. They would now. Yeah i don't to me it's If you want to get it why guys do it. And i know that i don't wanna say isolated incident. Hopefully it is hopefully. It's not more than that. And it's dangerous but i would imagine that you know to enforce that a lot of players one guy out the right so if he wants to continue to wear it alikes great but i would not enforce. I wouldn't wear it if i was playing. And if they want to great but the ear flap on one side or on on on the pitcher side on playside is okay for me. That's enough to hear flaps. It's fine to wear the extended. One that goes over your cheek to your mouth like stanton or harper fine. But i would not force guys to wear it i would need to be you want to go ahead and take the ball of the face go for it but I mean how often does it take. All of the face like that doesn't happen all right. It's the danger zone. Yes but it's not a regular occurrence all right question number four sticking with baseball. Espn this morning released. Their new mlb power rankings and the astros are sitting at number twelve now considering how the season has gone so far fast start than one and nine. Now they're back at is this affair ranking for them. I personally could give a rat's ass about rankings. Some egos stuff you know that we all go through and if you're a team then it's it's good fodder for talk shows and arrested. There's not eleven teams if we if you line up when the lineup and said he'll there eleven teams in a seven game series are better than the astros. hell no if you wanna talk about the the streaks. They started fast. Went through it. Odor is injury waiting for her to get back. Pitching staff starting depth concerns you yet. You've seen some brilliant spite havi airs and her kiedis of the world. I personally it's way too low. But it doesn't surprise me when they took power rankings because they don't like the astros and tell the astros they're gonna hover in certain areas for most of the time i i. They're not there's not eleven teams in baseball record wise fine. I'm just about as far as go. Ask those same people. Okay if you're lining up play seven game series and the postseason or against the team would you take the padres twelve. I mean at the padres but the astros twelve that answer would be unequivocally no by every single frigging. One of them sean. You're absolutely rhyming like your nail. Because they're the result has been worthy of them being down. Somebody's power rankings. That are completely subjective and no mean anything so it is what it is. They're not the twelfth best team baseball and they're not gonna suddenly be the twelfth best team in baseball still one of the top five is just their results. Have dictated that overall of this point. Amen all right question number. Five sticky dot promises the last baseball so the red sox announced earlier. That fenway park is going to be used for some local graduations this summer. This is because unfortunately cove still thing and public schools are still you know keeping the social distancing role With that in mind if you could have had your high school graduation at one stadium. Which one would you have chosen. Oh i if i mean you know the in from california. I think most people would have said somewhere down. We get to choose any i would. I would mind. Would have been in fenway. Because that's where i grew up loving. It's at that point in time in high school. I'd never been to fenway park. So it was just what i see on. Tv and being a red sox fan. Since i knew i knew how to throw a baseball because my mom and dad i would have fenway park when it came on. Tv it was just like oh my gosh i gotta go there and i remember my first trip fenway. When i was in college with teammate roommate we went there for spring break and watch them in a watch. The four-game series three game three game series. Maybe three game series on our spring break one year and that was my first trip. Fenway so growing up. That was the venue that i absolutely positively. If you'd asked me where. I would have wanted to go see a concert at price at wembley stadium and watched the beatles right or led zeppelin in highschool. But for me would have been fenway park. Not even close because i always wanted to go there and i had through high school. I'd never been there. I probably would pick the oakland coliseum. I know you're lying. Yeah i'm lying minute maid park. I was gonna say what would be the reason. Minute maid park. I mean it was always my. It's it's that's my lovechild that that's that was the first time ever walked onto a big league field was that when i was It's about eleven years old. They opened up. What was called the minute maid tweets play at the time we get to be on the news for because we were previewing it and we got to go on the field afterwards. Like that was my That that's my holy grail forever. That's awesome how. 'bout you tyler. I think personally angel stadium would be up there. Because i grew up there. But i'm thinking like big stadium. I might want to do it actually on. That stadium was around when i was in high school. So go to the second option. I would have done it. The georgia dome. That'd been pretty cool. Walk on my favorite teams field and realize like oh. Hey i'm graduating here. Goes the rest of my life. And yeah i mean that would've been pretty cool just seeing it on the jumbotron and all that stuff. That's awesome awesome question number six so this past weekend was ufc two sixty one and unfortunately Ufc fighter wedeman or wiedeman had a horrific leg. injury i won't go into detail. there's like snapped. yeah we're just say is like snapped. If you want to see the video you sick people then you know. Go watch it on youtube or something like that With that in mind. Just what is the most gruesome injury you guys have ever seen in sports. I i'm not gonna say because people don't wanna do. I want to see these pictures today. I don't need to see i listened. Anything that salix mitterrand was when. Jj watt sacked him. One of the worst of ever seen i. There's a few that i won't watch again. I thought you know we've watched a basketball injury. What's the college kid that missed a member under the basket whereas that was brutal i was aware yeah thank you that was that was just the just brutal to to see. I mean frigging brutal to see. I thought the joke is when that was admire was was i haven't watched it twice first time. Was it just. And then. Just see lawrence taylor way even somebody. There's been brutal brutal injuries anytime you hear. The phrase compound fracture to that job at anybody when the bone. I've had a compound fracture. Nope and i know the shakai was in. The bone popped out of the skin. That's that's that's about fifteen surgeries that one. It's just like that's my ball. This is we mean. It's like you kind of go into this Defense while you don't know so. I've seen plenty of them. You know whenever it's you see an ankle twisted or a knee we've seen brutal hits to the head you say. How's the guy live at every too many to name. Please don't send pictures this like a gif at all. i don't need to see But yeah it's there. Those aren't fun to see and unfortunately when you play sports and watch it long enough you're going to see stuff you never want when you see a guy get hit in the face of the baseball or the hat. It's scary but i'm a lotta injuries on a football as a kid sitting in watching billy wagner get take a line drive to the head net was i mean horrifying. Just scared the hell outta yeah. It's it's not a it's not a good look. I'm with you i'll never forget I don't remember what it was when anderson silva snapped his leg. I was on my birthday. So that's why. I'll never forget that birthday to me right so thanks i'll pass. I will pass all right I have four more questions but we are up against it so i think we should all right. Let's let's keep roy. I like good stuff today. You you realize you haven't asked one. Nfl question yet. oh they are coming. Do not worry by like it. I mean look at you versatility. that's not your style. Your usually one trick pony sheets. Supposedly that's freaks at two one pump chump. Yeah they use you say man. I was held for thirty minutes and the rest of the world. And she was saying yeah. What'd you do the other twenty nine minutes and fifty four seconds. You're a bitch for six seconds man. You are unbelievable. We'll come back with a few more questions from one trick. Pony tyler forget. Heavy t one trick. Pony t is his new name for today. Sports talk seven ninety as fast as craig vigia. Listen to the home of the astros in your home. Just tell your smart speaker play. Sports talk seven ninety on iheartradio proudly broadcasting from the most hated city in baseball bat. Houston rides sean salisbury. Show on sports. Talk seven eight. Sports talk seven hundred year. Our number three the fellas heavy tease one trick pony tease in calling him today. As well as mc here astros win going for a four-game sweep this afternoon. Draft day lives are changed will be frustrated. Some will be grateful no matter where they go and some teams schalke with their pick and some are going to be on the move more than likely to try and get position to either take a quarterback or possibly that pretty good tied in the university of florida who wear and win or discussing. Throughout part of tyler's ten as well but we're also take calls them. One of his questions was about graduation. High school what venue would you wanted. Your graduation mc chose minute maid. I grew up in california but lifelong diehard sox fan. And i've never been to fenway park. Now i've been many times since but in high school. That was the one place so that would have been cool to do it. Then and that was even before that was before the the seats were at the top of the monster that was the wall and then the netting and then lansdowne street right behind it so that would have been mine. Tyler's would have been atlantic because he grew up a falcons fan so biscuit what's on your mind man. Welcome into sports talk. Seventy was happening. John all now. I like that question by Tyler and i'm going back to nineteen eighty-four shining and fabulous form and like i was telling tyler them. Hopefully marvin gaye would be singing and national. And just like all. Say i was there for that one. Yes sir. I was there for a classic. Let me let me say this. Shine for. Gold man a cowboy fan they. Nfl tramps my dream. Scenario is for the falcons to not take the quarterback for a panthers. The quarterback and one of those quarterbacks falls and the patriots decided to move up to ten and we drop to fifteen and they trade us gilmore that move back and we drafting the diva for from michigan at number fifteen. To course the quick quick quick pay guy. Yeah you moved back to get you. What steph gilmore and moved back. Get a pass rusher so you have. That's locked down well. Arguably the best corn league reigning will remove the defensive player of the year. You want gilmore on you want the patriots to work hard to move up in that spot so you can really get two for the price of one and two impact stars correct and if Five of what's going to happen to only probably end up tan. I think if that was my. If i was a betting man yeah they stay there and they go defense. That seems likely. Did he'll be the first pick and more than likely depending on. Mike parsons situation and who's in front of them. That ser tan. Maybe if not parsons. Possibly the first pick of the defensive. Yeah i first defensive player taken one of those two more than likely in a very offensive heavy at least top-heavy first biscuit. Great stuff and a fabulous form. Yes i hadn't been at the forum. When i was early high school either later i did and i was there in the all star game and eighty four. When i was in college when marvin gaye sang that. I that probably would have been my second choice. I've actually decided to chase him to change my pick. I'm going to go with tropicana field. What a great baseball if all the baseball fields i've that i desire to go to that ain't one of them but never been to a bigger dump in my life astros this weekend. I don't want to offend anybody. But let me do it. I'll do it all day. That is it's an dumpy ass part of town. You're worried more than anything about getting stabbed or shot and then on top of it. It's a dump inside. Well speaking of which. I drive my son. We won't get into the home building stuff in texas. That's for another day because the blow a gasket but and all the things that go with it but i Again driving through el paso. I decided i know that we have listeners. It probably from there. And i love you and i respect. I'd much judging. Everybody by name jackson the human. There's a reason they don't live there anymore. Right i was gonna say if you were born or lived in el paso you had. You should've had one goal to leave to get out i. It's all it is baron. It's dry it's it. looks like your drive through it. I'm thinking of one thing. Keep moving keep going and talking about safety. I just talked about. I don't know why anybody unless you were forced to for your job. Why would you live there is. Can you name five places in the country. I don't know what the population is. What a couple of hundred grand. It's way more than you think. A half a million people. I think it's more than half a million a million. Isn't that big thing. So let's just let me just cut it off. There cannot thousand okay. So let's say a half a million or more namias city of a half a million or more that you'd less rather live in. I would want to live in new york. We've gone over that i think. New york's dump. But it's just like i said i'm not not to the this is a i'm driving through thick. And what would it take for me to live here. Immaculate anywhere for the right money i i'm not sure i would. I think i could. I i i would probably. I would take a third less live somewhere else i would like. I said it's not the people and i'm sure there's great things to love about it. I'm sure there is. I ain't seen many of them. I'll i'll tell you what the two cities at tuesday's i've been to before when i went to just recently nice downtown but i could never live in indianapolis i can never i could never live in. Cleveland live in those voices. Both both headed el paso though and listen. I'm not like i said you folks that are grown their baby. You could tell why people would live but the twenty second largest city in the country which is shocking to me. Yeah i'm driving by and i'm thinking okay. There's probably i actually estimated four hundred thousand. It's got more than nashville. The las vegas. I would have never thought any of those right. I would've never thought any of those so called. Three quarters of a million got more than right. And i can't i can't tell atlanta freeways look like they've got eight million people on them right the alone so when i was driving. I'm thinking and i've been through el paso million times and it just hit me yesterday because it's like rocks and all brown and i'm like looking up at the stadium on off i ten. I'm looking. I'm like okay. And i've stopped in el paso before and eating and stayed no dog it. But i'm thinking okay so you hear what brings you here other than work and i know i get it and it's not the people. The people are awesome. But i think what would i was like. Oh by gosh. I gotta bring this up on the show. Somebody tell me why you would move there unless you were forced to for work. Why would you move there. And maybe i am. I right. No you're right. There's no reason to live there unless you're one from there and it's just ingrained in you or to your job right because i would never i've i've stayed in past four times in my life and i as far as i go. It's just a it's just a one night. Stay as you're passing through place right. And i've met a bunch of people i know like google did are from their phenomenal humans. Great peop- i just like what would drive me to want to live here. That was driving through they. Just because it reminded me about tropicana field not the same type that i'm like i look gosh. Dang i don't know. And that's i asked myself that what would sow. What would it take money. Wise for me to live there. I it unlocks a year. Okay okay okay. But eight hundred. How about eight hundred live in houston or a million to el paso house that i go little a pass for years i would not. I'll take the eight hundred stay right in. Houston i could hear. I could do it for i could do it for a few years is close. It's closer to the mountains. I'll give up a couple of shows. Just go over the border to head over there to juarez perfect for you pop over there so maybe go have some food right mc jumping into one off. Yes so no. If you say eight hundred seven fifty houston a million el paso. I'll tell you. I'm staying right where i'm at for less and i promise you with every fiber of my being. That's a fact fact. I'm i'll be able to give you a scouting report on el paso row. Quick there you go give you the scatter you're just like. I said it's not the people. I mean this tongue and cheek joking around but i was thinking okay. Where else would i less rather live. And i couldn't come up with any on my drive. Sports talk seven hundred ninety tyler. You got anything you just one trick pony it. What do you got four or five. Left him he got left. Man we got three or four left. Okay can you make a play. Thank maybe next segment. Do you know you're talking to come on man. Heavy t. m. f. n. t. and if it is one trick it's the best trip ever isn't it. You're like david copperfield of one trick. Pony but i'm the greatest pony. Remember saying there you go pony. Spend your single mile with the houston rockets. When they take on the sixers at toyota center on may fifth for as low as thirty dollars a person. You'll receive a ticket to the game. A blue h town margarita. And case sadiya all tickets can be purchased in groups to or four basketball margaritas. A good rita. Ora margo case of divas. What a fun night out. Houston with your friends on. Cinco de mayo. Yup it's right around the corner so grab your tickets cinco de mayo tickets now at rockets dot com before it's too late. Come on rockets dot com. Wear a mask order. Wear gloves wear. Leather and chains reminds me of that time accidentally want to into an sm convention. Soon you back still hurts. Good well speaking of back pain back to former. Qb sean salisbury. Sports talk seven ninety. Get medieval on him. Sean you say can you hear me. That was back. Okay you guys know the when you say. I don't want to offend anybody. What's coming next right and you're gonna thin. That's why you say you're gonna say i'm gonna offend you here. But there's a joke that they exactly so you were crusher tampa. Where a crop canfield was that was crushing the optics of help hassle. Yeah it's it's funny. Hey i don't want to offend you guys. But i would never want to live in el paso and take less there. You go and see but you say well familiar in yemen. I mean look. I'm now i've never sniffed anywhere close to that kind of money and probably never going to do that so i mean you offered it up again. I can live wherever. Yeah but i asked me. I said i'd take less to live elsewhere. You send me Remote alaska for five years a million bucks a year lasts. You know. I find things to do. Keep me occupied. Did they got. They got golf. Courses are so many. I don't know somewhere they do. They get yes somewhere somewhere. They've gotta have. Of course you can play like two months a year right. They have to all right. I don't want to offend you heavy. But you it's drafty. We haven't had a football question. You got one force. Maybe you're going to soccer injuries venues questions by the way so what she got forced brother so question number. I believe there's a seven we have four more. I think seven eight nine and ten question number seven. So i wanted to do a little draft question with you guys so you guys are the houston oilers. You have the number one. Pick in the draft oilers of the oilers and all the greatest oilers are available. However you can only pick one. Your options are earl campbell. Bruce matthews alvin they Mike check or ken. Houston which one of those taking. So wait a minute. You told me. And you didn't include a quarterback i did not. I picked the top file. Oilers okay well for me. Warren moon's gotta be and there's five one of the five greatest oilers. They drafted That they didn't right. They didn't draft him he went to edmonton. I obviously and then Of that he comes down now. Listen munch was a teammate. Of my to mike lynch think about him bruce matthews and dean steinkuehler all on the same line they were friggin phenomenal But the difference is much was a guard. Bruce of the tackle garden center and long stanton played them all much monster that bruce more versatile so if starts offensive lineman even though both are in the hall of fame and have to go bruce i when it comes to live because versatility and pro bowler a bunch of different positions and to those they're best buddies and and the rest of it and haven't been in a locker room with both of them they'll cut your heart out and feed it to you to beecher. I'll take bruce just because he's a little more versatile and he was a college team at am i saw partial as well But i would think that you'd have to go for the guy that would impact the game the most and if that's not the offensive line minutes ago to baltistan since you didn't give me a quarterback i wouldn't take running backs in the first twenty six. I just don't believe in it anymore. I've changed over the years. But no one earl campbell. And at the time he played but if they were playing now there are certain guys. You just gotta have campbell. Be the first pick because he would impact the game. The most i'd normally. I would take him but knowing that his career was so short i would take bruce matthews matthews forever. It was great forever. The other guys. Would you say current which was alvin. Buffet that you said or curly. Called alvin bertha. Alvin and scrape scrape by kenny houston great wide receiver. The but the problem is wide receiver. If you only catch a setback you seven or eight balls a game. That's a great game. Thirty carries from earl was normal and bruce obviously every single time and could play anywhere and could throw a football country. Mile is a the two hundred eighty linemen But i would. I would be would be bruce or i would in a short stint as hard as he ran in. Just for the beauty and speed and explosiveness Earl campbell would would. He and bo jackson were the most the biggest most explosive world class speed guys because they were better. Pure runners than herschel was herschel was a world class sprinter but they were better pure runners a little more wiggle i would earls top three most explosive power and speed combined position. I would start with him all right. So same situation for the texans. You have the number one. Pick in the greatest. Texans are available in the draft. Your options are andre johnson. Jj watt to shawn watson dehaan dre hawkins or foster. I know erin foster was technically undrafted but i wonder including anyway. Okay so let me ask you this. The prefaces are we. Are we talking about two day understanding the circumstances or what. I'm going to get out of a guy and they're gonna play. I'm obviously speaking of what's going on with the sean two day under the circumstances i would take. Jj watt. i would take. Jj watt as well. And i didn't even have to think about it within. Yeah this stuff. He's one of the greatest pass rusher ever do it. Yeah the and three time defensive player of the year. I talked about impacting game. Aside from watson nobody has impacted the game more in houston me watson in a shorter period of time. Nobody is impacted games in the houston. Texans uniform than jj watt no quarterback. No running back. No offense lineman the guy he's destroy always disrupters are the guys you got to have. It wouldn't even be close. What's the guy right number seven now. We mentioned earlier. This week that chris simms released his last mock draft and he has justin fields falling all the way to number thirty two to the tampa. Bay buccaneers now. We know this isn't going to happen. And if it does then i'll just quit. Radio altogether he can mark that taper. How far do you think he'll realistically fall. No way he gets past the fifteenth pick. There's no frigging way. And if he falls there. I will consider that a major plummet for a guy that i don't know what i don't know what people want. I guess he doesn't have a national championship. although he played in one. I i don't i. I'm a little lost as to why what he's done. That would say. I understand why people say well. I like other guys better. But you're just looking at the quarterback position guys in the past week drafted in the first round. I've talked about not knowing their result but just going in by by production going into a draft and size and the ability to do both from the pocket and and and run and get on the edge and big and physical i. I don't know. I'm not sure what people are thinking. I'll actually be surprised if he's outside the top ten. I think somebody would trade in there. I don't think he's going outside the top ten but if he does there's no way he falls past the middle of the draft. No way yeah i don't. I don't think that a single quarterback is making it past nine guys. I think they're on top nine. And if they do i think i would consider it a semi plummet for anybody that does because of the regard in which people hide him. Hold him in. And and the panic in which people have especially if forego in the first four or five ticks meaning if atlanta were to take a quarterback as well. Yeah i don't. I don't somebody's gonna love justin fields before the middle of the draft. Somebody has to when they start to see. It always still available. Don't be shocked. Team like new england or somebody jumps up and says oh. Let's we take our shot at this or warling so yeah. It wouldn't surprise me at all real quick before we go to break. I've over the past two weeks. What your favorite drama movie was. What your favorite action movie was. I'm asking you this week. What is your favorite sci fi movie. None of them star wars sifi star. Wars totally fits that. That's no brainer studies. It's the star wars series originals for me. Yeah i but then robo cop and all those are pretty cool. I mean though. Maybe i'm missing something but to me. Just for the impact in the interest of the star wars series. Me i love star wars. But my personal favorite sci fi series of all time will always be drastic far. Oh that's the yeah. I think yeah. That's a good call. I i hang on my seat watching that. Because i'm intrigued with dinosaurs as well always have been. Let's come back and discuss and we'll finish up your tyler ten here as we head. Our number four. Sean sows we show with heavy. Mfn t an mc here on thursday an astros. Winter's day in day game pop out there and check it out. They are going for the sweep of the seattle mariners. Sportstalk seven seventy songs. Part time french shells very this. Is the sean salisbury show. You mentioned best sci fi movies of all time. Did you like blade runner house second about that. S pretty good right. I liked it. I have never seen blade runner. I don't know what the league runs pretty good site sci-fi movie There's a lot there's a lot of good ones in but you also gotta be into them. Some people just the abyss was a good one. I think we consider that Sci-fi as well i consider off the alien franchise sifi would agree. That's got predator. Well that's that's the top right Predator especially the original one I thought that was. I loved that movie. So i guess when you know invade old school you guys probably see it but back in the day. When invasion of the body snatchers you guys ever see that definitely heard of it. Never seen that dot with donald sutherland. That was really really good. So yeah those are the star wars probably at the top of my list. Heavy t. I would think for me but i do give what you're saying that do we consider planet of the apes. Yeah i've loved. I thought that was the whole series. You mentioned drastic. Park phenomenal So yeah there's a lot of good ones sci-fi close encounters of the third kind. Did you ever see that invasion. Close counters good movie. That's that was a spielberg movie. I believe don't we consider the terminator sci-fi terminators also sifi so as e that's also said that okay e got to be. I don't know if if they have any rankings. It's got to be a top ten. Just the movie itself I know where schwarzenegger the thing is a good movie. Too with kurt russell. That's great movie. Yeah and i've seen You know like. I said terminator eight million times. I've tried to wonder what they consider like. You know how we certain movies are considered the best of all time. Terminator will judgement days. Gotta be up there. Do you think the matrix qualifies top. Five matrix is definitely sifi. I'd say at least the first one qualifies as a top five. And i have a little bit of a hot take care. Et it's not a great movie. It sucks. I can't believe you said movie. Shame on you guys a movie with a goofy. You got bike. Shame on you guys. It's more than that. It's deep no steeper. That's a that could really happening on home. I can't believe he it's not acting. That's crap so blade runner terminator. Et the alien series star. wars empire. strikes back gotta be considered one of the greatest movies of all time. Yeah back that was like my college days. So yeah there's that's a good one man the the we haven't done comedy at heavily we have not i am saving. That's gotta be. That's going to be frigging ridiculous. Try and figure that one out. Wait to hear what you guys say about ron calms. You don't want to hear my answer. Well now i do. But we're going to save it for next week. I did i. I just sit around and watch them all day loving chats. We know you like hallmark movies. And stuff i do. Oh my gosh bring a tear to your eye. I mean who doesn't want to sit around and watch a romantic comedy tyler. I guarantee you you've sat around and by yourself like when you drank too much jack you've you've shed a tear to romantic comedy via. I've never had a guy in ten days. Now you cried during that. Didn't i've never said it's here during a wrong com however my mom i mean it was me and my brother. She didn't have any daughters at all. So sometimes we would watch a wrong come with her just of like you know. She went and watch it alone. There were a couple decent ones. I will give him that. There were a couple of really good ones. Have you ever watched when you did it. Did you sit around. When you with your. Did you like shed a tear for your mom and like like when when when a romcom would come on and you guys would sit in the popcorn together and you're like this is really moving. Were laughing together. You gotta do that for mom though dude. You got to do it for mom but don't blame it on your mother. You watch rahm comes by yourself. I've seen a couple of mon repeat by myself. Just because i've ever been there ever been to a chick flick by yourself in the movie. I've never done that now. I've never did that movie theater on my self. I've never done that either. I've never gone to waiting both telling me and this is a great argument. I to tell you why you guys have never gone to a movie theater to watch a movie by yourself. I mean you know this about me now. I'd never went movies really until i started dating my lady. I mean we we she. She got me into going to movies. Don't you guys feel like you're missing out on one of the great things in life now. A great movie. And i can two hours or two and a half hours. Take away from whatever's going on and to get out just to just to one that's really good and well written and great actors man and you guys are seriously you've never woke up one day and said you know it's raining out a single or you're girl if she's out of town and you say you know what i'm just gonna pop over. There is a new release. I won't even go romantic comedy. It's the new terminator it's Yeah because it would be. We went and watched like lion king by yourself with yeah in afternoon matinee. That's a little bit odd. A kids movie by yourself while kids. The lion king's a great movie. But you go somebody you take somebody there whether it's kids or an adult you go by yourself. But let's say for instance okay. The expendable came on and it was raining out. There was no sport on the wanted to watch. And you're like damn. I'm gonna go watch a movie and grab some popcorn. You guys have never thought about doing that. No i mean the only thing. I'll do myself that like. I even have trouble wanna do that. Go play golf by yourself. Like that's as far that all the time. I never liked it. I've done it probably ten times. And i could do it but it's still like something you'd rather do with somebody. Oh if if i'm going to play golf with your buddies are yeah your girl or whoever she plays to. But i will tell you this. I've gone to like. I'll go to the golf course. Hoping if i if. I'm just gonna go play and you're you're going to play by yourself. You hope they don't ask you to play with some money right. I don't want anybody now. You may meet a stranger and if you do your friendly. But when i go. And i'm like i know i'm gonna play by myself. I don't go in there alone. i don't want him to tear me with another. Because you are another guy can play golf balls. Yes yes. And i want to be the first off the wait a once single behind foursome. That's plumb bob and off the green from forty eight feet and they shoot one hundred and five and they think they're gonna reach par-five into from two ninety right when they can't hit a driver to eighty but they're gonna hit a three wood over water and land at soft than a green so your weight behind them. Fifteen minutes per shot. No thanks but movie okay. Let me ask you this. Do you talk during movies. No okay so why. Can't you go to a movie by yourself. Don't wanna go to mid. There's if there was ever a place tyler of talking to you to do you could go by yourself and enjoy the entertainment alone. It would seem to know. Maybe i love people to call in. I've probably have gone to in my lifetime. I would say if i've gone to ten thousand movies in my life. Three thousand of alone. There was one of your sporting games sporting events by yourself. I sure sell half. I've gone to one by myself. One astros game my life myself. That was weird baseball. I would usually. I'd go by if i was going to go. I've been baseball game by myself. Yes but most. I've inte- thousand more movies in baseball games by myself. I would usually go with somebody ball game but if it was a day game and i was really wanna go sit out. I would have no problem going to a ball game by myself. And i have but movies matter-of-fact i if somebody wanted to do it. That's the one place. I can't go because i'm entertained. I've gone honest truth now. When i was times i had gone. I've gone to triple feature like a matinee started like noon to thirty four o'clock one after the other after going out and paying for each movie and watching a triple feature along by myself on three good movies that i wanted to see. I'll go to fifty movies a year in in in my past fifty movies a year in the theater alone. That's the one place. I feel most comfortable going alone. It's like man. I i can't. I don't have to talk to anybody during a movie. So i have no problem going to movie by myself. That was one of my. I'd probably done that more than most people have gone with people to movies. And that's the truth. You know. I i would imagine. Some people have never gone like you guys. Neither one of you ever gone to one alone. I would imagine the majority of people probably think like you guys do that. They go with somebody or they don't go. They'll wait till they have a friend. I need to go with. I guarantee you for the most part. I've probably been to more movies alone than most people have with friends. I'll do you have owned a restaurant alone. Like get a steak. No i've done. The only time i've ever eaten alone at a restaurant has been when i'm gone on the road. I i would not go out and eat on my own at a restaurant. It's like this past weekend. She was out of town. I did go get myself. I did go to a restaurant. I got to go. I wasn't about to go sit and eat by myself. See i. I have no problem doing that either. Just sitting booth by myself eat will be be on my way. I have no problem. I don't know maybe. I'm a little more of a of a the loaner part of it is. That's comfortable for me and i don't. Maybe i don't think i grew up like that. But there's a certain parlor when you become like a little bit reclusives and once you've been that way. And i went through about five years where i was really reclusive dig. I got to that point. Whereas like after i came out of being reclusive it was comfortable for me to stay reclusive. Easier for people like us to do it because we sit here in. Our job is to talk for four hours a day. That was mike my respite. Yeah you can just turn it off and no question not talk you can you guys can survive. Not talking for like when i leave here. I mean i'll go in and she'll be working at home but i will probably go back into the bedroom and be myself or a couple of hours. I rarely on donald do a whole lot of talking once. I honestly i i mean it's fun but i locate going six hours without saying a word. Anybody and they can all be in the same room right. I have no problem with that honestly not to be rude but just like i can whether you're reading or studying or whatever you're doing and not have a conversation while those as recline reclusive. I still think. I got a pretty about twenty five percent thirty percent of means still a reclusive personality where it's like being alone comfort zone for me all right sports. Talk seven ninety. We'll take your calls on the number of things draft if you're a texans fan. I don't know how it's hard for us to put a finger on who's available at that spot positions wise any lots or you need or are you best player. Also if you've gone to a movie alone or haven't why why wouldn't you or why do you seven one. Three two one two five. Seven hundred sean south show the crew is here and the show is going fast and astros play at one ten today. You got a lot of topics at seven one. Three two five. Seven ninety sean. South reshow men's clinic minced clinic. Speaking of which you don't wanna be guys you can do this. Loan right pop intimate st clinics. If you feel a little tired feeling sluggish demand. This is half going on two three weeks while obidos down my concentration not really into it by cognitive function. 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You do not have to settle for low testosterone. It's men's clinic. Dot com minced. He clinic dot com. Have we played it for plumbing. Hey it's jeff. You've got more sean salisbury for you left off on sports talk. Seven ninety home of your stroz sportstalk. Seven hundred ninety rolling through on. Aso's day game today. Three straight against the mariners which is big and look for the sweep of the series at one ten this afternoon coming off a an ugly win but a win nevertheless and psychological. Brian bogus earlier. We also all have the opinion that grinding tough wins out is quite frankly. Psychologically better for a team then he'd love to have the fourteen to two wins where everybody's hitting and pitching great but when you're pitcher doesn't go deep in your top. Your lineup isn't hitting to grind it out from other people. When the season is all said and done you'll look back at these and say that was a moment and the championship. teams aren't just made from the stars. It's winning games at quite frankly. You may not have played well enough to win but found a way to do it and they did. And so the astros. Four games chance at a four-game sweep over seattle today. The draft is tonight. Texans will be picking in the third round. Nick caserio us first. Draft is a texan first draft. Where he's just the guy so looking forward to seeing what he does if there's any movement by them and then obviously the intrigue at the top of the draft where myself at mc and heavy t will come at you at facebook. live today. And sean salisbury. Show at from six thirty. I mean we're for what are we six thirty four thirty to six thirty six thirty six thirty eight where i'm at six thirty to eight thirty and out here. I'll be up for thirty. But six thirty to eight thirty on facebook live will be heading into the draft and then talk about the picks and where they fit in and see what kind of action movement we get. I would imagine that there's going to be some movement going on in the quarterback situations intriguing. Who else to talk about. Who doesn't go to a movie by themselves. Well my two partners. Don't i've been to more movies by myself than most of probably been with friends. How about you guys steve. Welcome in man how you doing. Yeah sean thanks that's why i'm calling because i can relate. I guess what that means. I think is you've been through some adversity and you face it and you dealt with it and that's why your whole or content with yourself and a lot of people. Aren't there codependent or needy okay. So i'm going to What year you born me. Yeah why what was sixty three. I can find it on internet. If the i mean no sixty three sixty three sixty okay. So you the year the rabbit. So when's your birthday march night. What was that. Okay your march tonight. Are you a. Are you like a horoscope guy now. You're born on a saturday. Excuse me is the You said march night. Yes five and yeah yeah math. In my head algorithm long division cards simultaneous year rabbits so let me explain part of the year the ravage you look at the compatibility of rabbit. We get along. Because i'm a dog by the way i'm fifty eight. So dogs get along with rabbits. They get along with tigers blah blah blah blah blah. That's how i use my way. I do business by the. I used to not like ripped off a lot. I use this and it works but yeah that's two algorithm. Sure your football player. You know what i'm talking about. You can do this instantly but yeah that's part of it. You're the you're the rabbit so That's part of the equation there. But it's really it's like rocky remember one. We got gaps. she got gaps. Go into marriage and they think that are fifty fifty. They need that other fifty. And that's the marriage if you're hundred one hundred the better marriage right so somebody being with themselves actually good. I'll hang up. I wanna put my two cents. Thank you steve appreciate it. That's something i'd never i. Some people are into numerology algorithms. Yeah well i'm a rabbit. I've been told that before. The trump won. You know. i'm just kidding. Just a joke there but i like i like i did you write all that down m. c. Now you've taken us though saying that we're not content with ourselves. It's not that. I'm dependent on people. I just don't want to go to the movies alone understandably so the rabbit i i guess i mean. Maybe there's something not to do that. I mean i. I'm willing to listen anybody who tells me something that can help improve. So maybe i don't know what the rabbit tyler the rabbit. Okay see your chasing the rabbit tyler. You feel me. You're the rabbit. Just remember. tricks are for kids all right. Talk to give that one you'll give you'll give him out one with a cereal commercial because he didn't go you win a cliche but one that we can respect. Wouldn't with trick. Yeah nice call you tyler. Would steve thanks for the call key card counter and the rest. I wonder how he doesn't poker blackjack he probably does pretty. Well appreciate the call and the insight fred fred. Welcome in man how you doing. Hey i just had a comment. I've been able to go to about seven games this year. I'm adapting sit right behind home plate my boss mattress mac and i don't know about y'all bubby just being in the stadium here in the crowd you know being at the game with people which seems like everything's a little more the world right now fred. Great call. I couldn't agree more with the and by the way your boss is one of the best people on the planet. I don't need to tell you that mattress mac. Thanks for the call. I don't think there's people in there may be some that disagree. But i don't think you're going to get it from this show. Just the people are back. The players obviously have to love it. Just the energy and plus. There's a confidence that goes with edges sporting when we started to get back doing things we were doing preorders. That's why i never bought into the well. This is the new normal one. We're going through it. No no no not for me. It wasn't a new normal. That was just the new temporary. Okay getting back to going up being safer and smarter but going to ball games movies dinner where people are comfortable. Yeah that the new normal. I wasn't willing to accept that eight people in a stands was the new normal that we were going to have to deal with the rest of our life. Screw that so. I'm with you fred. Getting people back in the ballpark's seeing people out jogging and energetic energetic in engaging with people. Yeah i'm all for it and i think it's frigging awesome and so yes good for you and and and i'm glad you go. That's a lot of games early in the season. That's awesome that you go to them. It's sports talk seven ninety. We've got thirty minutes to go. We'll heavy draft talk. Emcee pitching even look for the astros. Who's thrown today garcia. Now for a second pitching day i start. Cfc's okay sweet. Okay no problem. Just wanna check. That's a one ten start for a chance at sweeping the four game series. It's sports talk. Seven hundred the draft. Who's going to do. What what movement will we see. We are going to be the gm for you next. Sean sows show sportstalk. Seventy classic chevy sugarland classic chevy highway six class chevy open on sundays. And ask for tiffany sebastian. When you go in there let let me explain to you something. They're paying top value for your vehicle. Top dollar top dollar for your vehicle. I inquired with jeff sebastian yesterday. We you questions. I had in about eight seconds. He was back to me was talking about it and they are so. If you've got a vehicle that you're trying to move call. Classic chevy sugarland or visit classic chevy sugarland dot com. Jeff sebastian direct. 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Or there's no way this is happening type of thing so let's roll. We got we got a handful of minutes. You know in the second half hour and let's just see because this is their final. Here's what i'm going with. Here's all the people i've talked to and i've studied and here boom. This is it so and some of them have people talk but things change you know they give him inside information. And what if the guy they wanted gets taken in front of them somebody jump up in a trade within that disrupts the whole draft or mock draft. Let's roll through the first picky as lawrence. Do we all agree. The we don't want to. We all know what's going to happen here. For zack. wilson agreed on both. Would you take anybody else in those one or two. Are you saying. Are you guys. Okay with jacksonville and the jets doing that. No i mean completely fine with it i. I don't know enough about zack. Wilson to sit here and tell you. I'm comfortable with it but i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna sit here and say it's the bad pig because again. I don't know enough about him. I've seen him a few times and the people like him. I think for a reason. So i'll give him a his shot. Obviously going succeed there. Yeah i would have grabbed no problem with it. I've seen enough to tell me that the skillset says he's worthy of it. Now you've got to perform and hope to the team gets better. There's a lot of factors on nfl. Success but i have no problem with his is explosive talent. And i see what people see. In zack wilson and i love his confidence easier. There's an ability that he. I don't think there's anything he thinks he can't do. And he makes it look so easy with a flick of the wrist tyler. Notre euro capable those right. I'm totally fine with both of them. It's just the jets. Need actually coach their quarterback this time well they need to yes they sam darnold was not coached well with the previous regime all right at three. Who's he got he has trae lance going number thirty san francisco. Listen from what. I've read and what you see. The public wants justin fields in san. I can tell you this. I mean overwhelmingly. The talk is that kyle shanahan likes mac jones. Which kind of fits to the type of player. He's had since he's been coaching in a league. And then there's been talk that the other people in the organization. Now kyle's come out said we like all five. Well you know. That's the good coach that we like all five of these quarterbacks. Well yeah that's a good thing because there's something to like about five i. Trae lance is my third quarterback of the three left. That's who i would take. And i'm gonna go with mcshea. I think that the over the the ability to they do have a buffer with jimmy whether he stays or not gets moved tonight that i think the ability to the to do trae lance does. It seems to fit. I'm gonna agree with mcshea here on the people on my judgment. I put it like the five top ones for me. My order was a month ago. Maybe on twitter or something. I put i put lawrence suzanne wilson and trae lance was thirteen me. So i'm i'm all on board with this one i can see i've gone so back and forth. I still think they're gonna take mac. I don't know why. I just. I get the feeling that there because kyle loves him and kyle has pulled her. Yeah that's why. I i mean at least for all intents and purposes. That's what it appears and caused got. Most of the pulley will now. Here's the thing. Remember randy mueller told us former gm and executive of the year with see in new orleans. He said while everybody has input did i said well. What if people disagree. Then you know it's like a majority thing what's the room think. So let's say kyle loves back jones and the rest of the group love trae lance. And then you sit there if kyle also really likes trae lance right. If it's not a major problem right that that's exactly right that's exactly right and everybody's appeased. Now if he loved mac and he thought well. Listen i don't think that trae lance is worth the first fifteen fix now. We've got a quandary right. What tells me no matter either. One they pick that they were so close. Did the majority one out. And kyle's like. I can live with this 'cause we can win with this kid so i i agree. Any different for you tyler. No this is work. It gets interesting because the forty niners front office and head coach have been at odds before and that was one. Was there the owner decide to go with the front office instead. right now. Lynch lynch and tyler tied at the hip. Yeah i'm not saying that. The front office is at odds with the head coach again. But i find it interesting. How like we said. The people over in san francisco on justin fields. The front office want straight lines but cow shannon wants mick jones. I find it all super interesting. Thank trae lances the better move here then mack jones. I think he's better than justin fields. So i agree with that but i'm very curious to see what they actually end up doing. What agree would agree and we know. Listen there's some pressure on kyle. He's fortunate that he got that super bowl. But when it comes to some of this stuff and quarterback gurus there. There are pressures pressure here. So we'll see where this goes right. Let's get let's go through four and five. They will take quick break and roll through facile at four atlanta four. Is it landa. Yes and that is going to be. Kyle pits a number four. I believe that trae lance is there at four that they would consider taking him. I do. I believe that the best football player in the draft scou- pits. If i believe that matt ride that. I don't love the quarterback and arthur smith and i wanna win today. You have to take out. It's for the best player. He's the best player in the draft. If you don't love a quarterback take cockpits. If you love one of these quarterbacks you got a pass on pits to do it just because he plays a position that you have on your hand i would take pits and i'm okay and i agree with this. I think that titans going there And they're not gonna move. Nobody's going to move up to take him because san francisco's taken a quarterback and you're next in line and you're not gonna trade out of that in order to pass up. What many consider as one of the best prospects ever at the position. I think it's a mistake if they if they if they love a quarterback and they don't take the quarterback if it's available agreed. I think it's a complete mistake agreed. And that's for me. If the quarterbacks aaron you love him and you decide to give into. While i'm gonna take tied in you can't if you love the quarterback regardless of what people say about pits out good he is and that's me included. You gotta take the quarterback question is which one do they love all right. We'll come back roll through. Somebody's pixes we wind up here. Four quick hours today on drafting life changing from any sports socks. Seven hundred john sounds degrees. Show continues sportstalk seven ninety weirdest thought about some of the best third baseman ever mentioned in popular players in atlanta we speaking of julio jones and throwing the three pitchers and maddox glavin and smoltz henry. Aaron obviously chipper jones falls into the category of all time atlanta favorites. Kunas climbing that ladder of all time atlanta tommy novas claude humphrey that group of players. But julio's probably is is is loved. His atlanta falcon currently. That's including mad. It'd be a little more frustrated. If if julio goes and matt ryan. I believe and but the henry errands and the baseball and chipper jones. Boy was he really good so we are rolling through saving. Get through like ten or twelve year worth five. Todd mcshay finally agree on all four although when it gets to the quarterback at three little discrepancy. Here of will it be trae lance mack jones or sneak in justin fields. It for the tits. But if you love the quarterback how can you pass on the quarterback if atlanta loves him not us but atlanta and so you get the number five which is cincinnati so you on according to mcshea pits has gone chases still. They are still there. I would have a hard time passing up on pits but with this situation the need. It's gotta be sold cincinnati if he's sitting there and if it's gone yeah so cincinnati he has taken chase which i find it. Does well. now listen. If you're asking me of we've talked about this who i would prefer if pits chasing and we we brought it up yesterday not knowing what talk mcshea draft to was not yesterday day before on tuesday of. I'd have a hard time going line before those two i would i burrow you need playmakers. They haven't had the guy at least the the pub of playmaker since. Aj grameen aj green. When he came in was that guy and chases probably better coming out of college. I'm aj green was so highly regarded. So i will not be shocked. If they choose a perimeter guy. People got have the lima. Got a project borough. What did you think you can get a really good linemen in the second round then jim archie ain't sitting around in the segment that guy those guys don't exist now. I have no interest in taking the wide receiver. I couldn't agree more. And if pitches air wouldn't shock me if they took him either. All right it's six. It's who at six. It's miami and they are taking jalen waddell according to him according to him. Yes j. jomar chases there. There's no way they pass up chase arale. That's my opinion. i'm with you there but they gotta take a receiver. I would agree. And i think it's important and i can tell you this. According to mcshea soule still on the board to now. We're at what seven we will be going the carolina at number eight. Oh who was so miami seven who was six. Oh i'm sorry seven destroyed my bad. I listen they need a perimeter playmaker but of suhl sitting there they would you yes. Of course you do. He's the best player on you have to but it will not shock me. Detroit takes wide receiver and that carolina gets soule. Detroit is taking soon according to todd mcshay. Okay and i would too. If he's sitting there that's all said he's available and then who's eight carolina. They got slater. The carolina would be taken slater. That's number eight okay. And number nine. Is denver number nine is still denver If they stay there are technical. Yes if the situation is according to this map. Jones and justin fields are sitting on the table still mcshea. It's got to be the quarterback betcha upper new because he has jones to fifteen to the patriots. It's exactly right so justin field. St john's got to get it right in the first-round some point and just because they got teddy. Bridgewater is not gonna stop you from grafton. A first-round quarterback yes. I'll take 'cause it's quarterbacks. More important than mike. Parsons would be as a pass rusher slash linebacker type right an edge guy. Should i say an attend dallas. Don't be shocked. Jerry does some crazy but you would think it's a corner but they're still devante smith on this table but i think he probably goes defense and secondary he does. He goes cornerback. Patrick so right okay. Interesting real quick the role to the next five. Just throw them out there who they are. Eleven is quick pain. The defense michigan twelve as a really good player affiliates. Devante smith thirteen to. The chargers is very tucker the guard from usc. Fourteen to the vikings is Phillips the defensive end miami and fifteen cocoons to new england. Well real quick. New england needs a quarterback. I know for a fact that the vikings are craving an edge rusher And then you mentioned the. Who's thirteen thirteen tucker. Usc egypt took the chargers. They definitely need that. And the other two picks. I agree with as well because those are based on need and monster needs at both those and davante smith the philadelphia. Eagles must have a playmaker. Well texans threat. We'll be back on facebook. Live at six thirty s. Three for two hours edna the draft. We appreciate you for heavy and mc astros at one ten today and we will see you later on this evening on. Facebook live and tomorrow at about twenty hours. We don't ever take you for granted in the trenches. Chris gordian de clue big charge next followed by the map. Tom show with ross the eighteen afternoon. Great stuff good to be with you. Enjoy drafting and we'll see on. Facebook live at six thirty.

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