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Welcome into this Friday dish of ESPN FC shop. His Stevie Nichols, Sebastian Salazar here in studio with you Paolo Bandini will be joining us throughout the show as well. Plenty to cover we've got finals from around Europe. Let's start in Italy Syria where the season come to an end on Sunday. The biggest question left to answers who will be joining you Venice and Napoli in next year's Champions League Atlanta, and Inter Milan right now in the driver's seat AC Milan, though with a chance in Roma with a mathematical chance to get through. Now let's start with into their facing amply team. They have twenty eight more points than over the entire season. But if you look at their last three matches amply actually playing much better than inter in the run-up to this match so Paulo I'm going to start with you here. There was a time when we had Inter Milan, penciled, and maybe even sharpened into our top force, what has happened in. Is there any sense that they could actually blow this on Sunday against empty? There's a very real sense of blow this against. On sunday. And the found point of you could say that's just crossing into pots in crazy into the nickname, they're always capable and these situations. But even if you just want to look at this season, you can see they've already blown pressure situations before they had just had to beat PSV and the loss group and then game of the group ages, and they didn't they just had to beat Frankfurt ahome off to join with them in the and they didn't. And now they're another situation where it's dual Diane, I think, lots of fans expect them to fluff their lines in this one, they haven't played well as you say employee of one that lost three games, whereas in one free of the loss of nine. The situation. But China spell, it who has been acting pretty recipe through the last part of this season manager and to face me knows his job is gone on Tonia contest being openly called to this is what's his motivation like going into this game, and then the mess, you have up front with moderate copy is basically never really come back into full more into a sense of being central side ever since he was trip to the captaincy. Is he going to be him starts? He's gonna be out about the either of them gonna play up to that potential. Because frankly Martinez hasn't been in great form in the second this season either, so so much wrong with this team at the moment. No question if you go through the eleven's Plath apply that more talented than employee by fun. No one's asking if Jeanine gones better player than Akwa. But, but this, you know, real real sense that into this game up -solutely interesting, you mention on Tonio Kante because at the sport on the cover wanting that content to injure could be all, but a done deal and who would. You like to bring with him. Well, none other than lamelo Lukaku those are some pretty big moves for the fact that we don't have Champions League football guaranteed for this. Intercede paulo. I mean, all of this dependent on inter finishing top or the moves with Lukaku novice even concept before that. Mkaku certainly is is unrealistic, if it don't get the champ is, whether it's really even with the Champions League. I'm not certain, but it's definitely I'm going to get that fifty to sixty million euro guarantee that you get just for qualifying for that competition. Kansai officially the line from interior is well, this official line from sorry, I misspoke, that, of course, is not confirmed deal publicly, there's no official from the club. But what you hear out of this deal is, is done one way or the other, it doesn't matter if the champions eagle. Personally, it's one of those situations where I'll wait and see if it happens, if they don't qualify because context been pretty public in the things he said recently about this. Look on the manager has won the league three times. Vents wanted Chelsea to go to a club now that has a project ready to go and win. And I'm basis and compete. So if he was really presented without Europa league situations. They're not Sunshine's. He would wave. I didn't know that's that's me speculating rather than, than having a line on it. But yes, suddenly a little confidence at interrogated say the deal will be done whatever happens St. let's focus on the Manchester United side of this. How desperate you think they are to get rid of? I think the will be more than happy to get rid of the Kaku. Listen, the guy sat on the bench hasn't produced on the field, along with many other pleasant eighteen. So, yeah, I would I would suggest that a good offer. I think you built the doors soon as they possibly can agreed if they can get anywhere closer to the money paid for him was somewhere between sixty five and sent him seventy million, I think ticket, and as far as new Cocker's concern things opportunity that he would also jump out this concerns financial concerns on into set of the quesion, but let's be honest Lukaku feeling that is going to stood at much as United. There's new Champions League for both for them either. He getting over. But play in the team and the system that I think better suits him quite clearly, he's he's behind pecking. Order Manchester United no. All the boxes are sitting Lukaku is concerned, I back to Syria on, really the other side of Milan. AC Milan with chance to maybe jump into this top four Paolo. They've got Spall on the weekend. When we look at this AC Milan team. I'm really just kind of curious. At what point do we think they can get the job done against Paul look may not have won the last couple of games. They've put themselves in a position where they're at least nipping at the heels about the inter- waiting for an opportunity, and if they played in the last couple of games against this team that have anything to play for goings this final round, every possibility that said we talked about this on the serial podcast, just this week, a lot of these teams in the middle of the table, who you might take the ground, and I think traditionally, Italian football, reputation you can take these teams gronk when they haven't things paper season. I've been very competitive followed by grateful this swallow just last week and took points off all mind. Effectively eliminated them from the Champions League race. So I don't think line can take anything for granted, but they certainly they certainly have an opportunity, and they probably have the easiest fixture of the three teams going into this final weekend. Got something playful. Follow me on outside the top four to start the weekend. Let's go worse case scenario. They can't get the job done against ball. They don't make champions. What would the ramifications for the club, they'd be significant for show, the club is under investigation for by for financial fair play. In fact, a couple of investigations that sort of still being worked through the first one, of course, meal were banned for year from your pink competition, but they appealed it successfully appealed it. But it's still the legal without on the appeals process processes still being worked through. And now there's a fresh investigation into the latest three batch of accounts, which is still to yield results ongoing. But the ramifications of very real for them as a club the management group was he took over the club from a situation where these things hadn't been handled very well. He's trying to put the club back on a better track. What's long-term intention is still be still define now. They may well be looking for to Sal and find the new by themselves. But either way, the club needs to clear. The mass was created before they came in, and I think they almost two grated agree then than, for instance, I've a real need to get this money in and start that process of making things healthy again. So it's huge for them, and it's huge all of these clubs in terms of who you can buy in the summer, but I think just me Lon have that, that post, I guess, clouds Eclair at the moment and without Champions League football. It's a law. It's doing this suddenly going to have to be some, some big sales, I think all of the other part of this chase for the Champions League is Atlanta. I was listening to the serious podcasts. I guess last week. And you guys were saying that maybe finally the pressure is getting to this free flowing side. True. Yeah. Well I mean this is a really tricky spot for them on the final weekend. You know, they should be playing at home. Right. It's the end of the season, one game, let's go against swallow midtable, and they should be thinking, right? Let's do this in front of fans and get a big emotional push over the line because they've just a Cup by Talia final, which they lost a lot year. They've had draw with eventual to zoom thing draining games. And now instead of going home, they're actually going to swallow home stadium. Because staying that for the lawsuit games a season, while their home ground is being renovated. It's almost in a way game when it should be a home game. It's a it's a really sort of texting spa. I think especially when you see the spoil just drew with my last weekend, affectively eliminating them from the champions aches team. It's very much still kicking on and trying to win games. Even though it hasn't got a stencil Blake something big to play for. So there's a lot of pressure on this game. Frantz alliance would mean more for them as a club than than any of the others used to being the Champions League. It's no thing which I thought onto done. Before it's a huge opportunity for them to be an amount of money to be transformative and also just to experience, validation this incredible season. I think you know the Cup go away from them, but finishing fourth but almost be more remarkable almost be something less probable for teams of this doctor of their wage Bill of their opportunities to achieve. So I think there is a lot of pressure on them. I think you can look at Sutton games like the employee match at home. When they had forty shots and failed to score what perhaps they were snatching things, and feeding that pressure. So it's, it's real the pressure, the good enough to get over the line. But I think it's definitely a ten situation for them going into the final weekend. Okay. Palo prediction time. Who's joining you've Entous Napoli next year in the champion's league. I this is just a gut feeling. But I still think it somehow ended up being on the end of this week. And I don't think that would be something that would feel right to me. I feel like that wasn't the. Come that was deserved. I think Lonzo deserve to be there. But there's just that, that yeah, that question my mind, whether or not they'll be able to handle the nerves on this final weekend, terrible and polity hates, and romance and everything. Whereas remind guess, at the Dallas sport tongue about one of the many potential candidates to replace max Allegra, you've mount Eacho Saudi, but really the rumor that is caught the internet on fire. Is this rumor that pet the Ola has in some cases, somehow Paolo already agreed to a four year deal? Now, what you'll has come out and said, no, he's not going to vent this. So the question is, then how is this still a story? Beats me. I have no reason to, to believe that this story has any legs. It's all perhaps there are people out there who have some information that I don't have that makes them really believe that it's real. Oh, perhaps we're getting into silly season little bit early. And people are enjoying running to this story because it sells papers and gets click on websites, and perhaps, even does some positive things, fever, the share price. I believe over the last few days as well. So if you want to be really conspiratorial as a thought for you, but I don't think the quality is going to manager next season. I think he's very definitely gonna be the manager city Pala who's your favorite then to get the job. You know, we took my this on the off the other day. I, I really, really struggle to see a cliff Everett. I think that it's a concern for me that you've made this Paul ways the great manage it without having a cliff favorite in minds. I think at the moment it's probably one of CNN's Saudi the ones, I think most likely, but I'm saying that and thinking, well how much if I was to put a percentage on it. What would I put on it? Maybe twenty percent on either of them. It's not like I see one cliff front runner who's way out in front of the pack in Zygi? I know the Perotti isn't admire. I know that they have a relationship, but my big question with him is just a you really gonna bring guys never coach and the Champions League for perhaps one or two win the left with Cristiano Renaldo. I'm not it's your Saudi well max Allegra said it over and over about him him, not being a winner and event. This is the club. That is all about winning. That's the jump on the line. The winning is not important thing. It's the only thing and. I, I just don't know. I just don't know. But I think Saudi has suddenly the, the capacity. I think I personally, he's a great manager. I think capacity you really interesting with the club, but I don't I don't see a stand out here and I'm yeah. I think it's going to be a fascinating few days, and perhaps week, seeing which direction they do in plenty more Italian football on the city. Awesome podcast Paulo joined by Marcatti, and zucchini and download the latest episode on ESPN dot com or on I two. Chuck, his lob, Steve Nicol Sebastian sell us here in the ESPN studios, looking ahead to Monday's promotion, final between Aston Villa new Darby county Palo Bandini with us, as well Paolo, I'll start with you. Who do you see having the edge in this game? Well, I mean it's hard not to look at the two games. They already played in the league this season villa one four three nil. So it's a pretty substantial victory both times. But then doubly had lost three times to Leeds before they overtime. Not second-leg deficit in the semi final. So Dhabi of reasons to believe in themselves. Feel confident with a better team through the season. They were here lost year as well. And I think in Jagr, which they probably have the one real standout individual in this in this game. So the favorites with good reason, but I don't think it's a done dusted thing. It's all Steve is the fact that villa hammered Darby twice matter that much in a situation like this. I think I think, psychologically, the affect I'll be more than thinking thing of us in villa. I find it really tough to go against villa against for me. Darby is fantastic one as the hod against Leeds. They would in the situation where they have nothing to lose. You know, they lost one nil at home, and then they would a goal donor early Dole's. So the really throw off the shock goes and go for that, and what for them I don't think they can do that against us Vela from the start and I don't think you can rely on a comeback twice in a row. And that's why I'm going to go for us Vela us consumers as maybe that all three of us being unanimous means. Never going to be wrong after join the boys here. I just feel this villas give to lose because the two league games Paolo mentioned. I just wonder how much Dhabi would be emotionally spent after after their win against these and listen villa winter two pounds in west Brom's. Well, I just as a club, villa better prepared to cope with emotions, especially given their, their experiences of, of two months ago. And also for Dhabi, just one of that leads victory was was almost a little bit too big. And then you also have to deal with oats Maluku who suspended. I'm Leinen villa. This when I get Aston Villa Darby county, the richest game in all of coverage starts at ten AM Monday on ESPN plus. Extra time where we answer your questions, they lable right now on our YouTube channel time also where we get most of the material for what's next it is best of the week. All mariners. Forty ninth per. Charlie names. Work home. But hey, hey, get your hands up for that may, the nineteenth is always remembered as anniversary of the olive Moreno hatrick as for everything kind range, this be hand. We come to TV showing LEGO. Any like compared to Paul. No. Well, is that you don't photograph? Well, is that the sick of me? I'm late. Engage you some technology to at the touch screen. That's to be seen. It's not something. Because my life, therefore was going to be one rep time. This is going to be channel is illness. Yeah, I'd like to be one of them. Food, poisonous frogs. Wow, really. I'm told now frogs are not even reptiles. Apparently not the Discovery Channel. Chris, you drew as well as anybody, you got to have some story Ricky here from two thousand five two thousand six he decided he was going to eat a lot healthier. But it made for some of the worst Bush because it made him gas. Look at all. But I mean it was struggling a reptile vertebrate animal of classic includes snakes can be a sneak a Cobra. If you root in the jungle sneeze. Very carefully. Get your left on over here. And then when it tells his head. What would be his first words when setting foot on? I know. When I see one. One hundred percent of the wound. Come on. Chelsea. You know. Craig Burley ever shaking he might hurt himself. He's gotten on age, but this will be on the phone anything, so definitely not say that Redden's because dunce. Steph gotta know. No, he wasn't in the fairway in that in that particular thing. But there's a nice goal swing. I think I could use that. I'm just nearly suggesting these guys I appreciate you guys had me do a great job and love your show. One Dan yell two. When he stopped at Dunston autom- growing language choice of drink to the Goethe. And so we end up and it wasn't my children are here, and they're desperate to come on. It's like Craig Burley. Can you do the flow? You do the fourth. Stevie nailing the flaws and that one. Boldly made me look. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He never lived that one. Don't see. I kinda help which chin incredible. Remember, just as out of character for or number one you've definitely seen these or no? No. You can't ever have. No rhythm. No thing and then violence, do not unique trying kid on your Smith. Buddies over the only so. By with say they found the weak spot of our show when they send in the reptile question on. Well, I didn't see that. I think we knew rip Till's anyway. I don't know. We, we get some really off the wall questions in extra-time figure, you know, shock us has some NAS, NASA experience reptiles science, nothing. That's all the time for us. Meshach STV, the reptiles. We'll see next time. Gentleman. What do you know we've made it to extra time not just extra time but Friday? Subdued. I was a bit subdued community here. Kid starting against how do I do through to pay their body? Could go time. All right. Let's Sebastian you almost nothing this third, can't believe television, professional. We got shock Stevie myself here in studio. Palo's with as well. Tons of questions for the group. Let's start here, apparently the trash talkers those series championship. Final civil you do serious. Weller seven zero no. I don't have my bobbly isn't quite where, you know. All right. So apparently mighty ship, watch at said, Liverpool or the favorites in the Champions League final because they've quote, spent a lot harsh red wants. No. Why would say Liverpool has spent a lot and they have sold in bought wisely? The latter of which is the reality Stevie. Woody base one hundred percent. Correct way says look at the moment much issue. He was spending a little money, go nowhere. So, yeah. What he was saying the Huseyin Liverpool of favorites. That's only said nobody mentioned Manchester. United. Should they did again, live for the one, because about team to yes? Spent the spent money we have. They were too easily right? Show. Spend it wisely. Next question VJ wants to know which game are you almost looking forward to watching in Syria this weekend? Start with you guys in studio, I get palace. Take shackle. What are you Atalanta, correct? Because I'm a romantic, and I think they're going to finish. Fourth, thank you, as much as Paolo is trying to kill the romance game. I'm not buying. What do you think getting two percent? To swallow home game played it's up stadium. Genius genius to say. Stop doing renovation. Walk genius doesn't think Atlanta's going to be a Champions League chase. Never know whether workman of free. And you guys. That's one of the game to watch. I mean look, I under Jimmy the team to watch every weekend, the great fun. They play the most entertaining football. There's a part of me that thinks that the most fascinating game to watch is, is interim just because if any team can do something really stupid on the final weekend. Everybody are also fighting void relegations that has really shop consequences of both ends. There is one of the game that probably I wouldn't tell you to watch head of the champion the race games, but it's still very interesting which is against Genoa because those are two big clubs and very real possibility that one of them gets ready gated this weekend general in the renovations right now. But if they beat Tina they go ahead of them, and Tina who should be nowhere near that spot should be nothing nowhere near the compensation for they could go down. So that's another game with a lot riding on that very well. Apollo another question for you. Franz wants to know is whole wheat pasta a thing in Italy. I saw this on with her coming in. I mean look in Italy all kinds of pastor things some of those things that assaulted tourists. Some of those things that are popular at one part of the country, not another part of the country. I haven't eaten I don't know if I've ever eaten whole wheat pastor in Italy, but I'm show that you can find it and you can have it. So it's not a thing. And. If he's exactly I don't know why you gotta be our ball. He's done to their own and doing the whole Italian tourism thing. You come along and cook it for you. You don't need it. Other one of our next question is the betting variety. Brett wants to know or says, I bet on Liverpool to win the Champions League last September eight to one I can hedge. My bet by betting on Tottenham to win, including extra time penalties to one, should I hedge or let it ride. I'm Ryan for gambling. Let it ride. Right. What do you think you got? Well. If you real- gamble, you just let it go bought if yo- sensible money until them. And that we covering, you can't lose just to be clear Liverpool legend. Steve Nicol said, put your money on Spurs. Hearing, you know, going ahead during had you let it ride. Let it Rodman right? I'm watching to game you know already. It was invested with you had your rooting for both teams. So then like you don't you're not really rude. If. You're going to lose. To cover you Beth. He do enough to cover know phone. So you go home. Yeah. So you still win. Say plates live on the conservative mullahs. Live on the edge liberal live. Little Stevie Gumbel or a stupid Gumbo. Depends on which one you know points, which one I am Brennan gamble in my opinion ship. Anyway. Okay. Don't. That don't. Insight, nor Cal liberty. Disclaimer. Disclaimer by Steve Nicol. Now, this is a fun which summer tournament. Are you guys most excited about Chaka? Old world. On the show. Chaka. I'm going to breeze, right? Alright wimbledon. I'm going to America. Okay, nice new Cobra. Markelle. You got the vibe on who might win it now, just to watch it the net vol- will cups owners. Well, is it who's a favorite there? Don't know English strong. Okay. Well, I should mention there's only go to see. Yeah, you do it out of there. But I'm trying to that US there for the first time and cricket what like to see the cricket World Cup. Yeah. I think corporate America from. Palo what what's your Venezuela? What's on your summer viewing schedule the women's World Cup to me? I'm yeah. I'm ready to confer with that I have to be honest in my work and schedule. I don't get a lot of time to watch the women's games as much, and I think, with summer, which hopefully it's going to be big, comma for work standpoint, memory forty and just checking out. All right. US will be one of the favorites in that tournament. Thanks. We'll go that all summer here on punts for that. That favorites. Deep research on Gemini, Derek. Wants. No is LeRoy sonny's, moved to Byron a step up in his career Stevie, this one's for you. Well, if he's plan. Enza stipple. Pack. Absolutely. Haunt us confirmed, there's interest from Byron Yogi, lo said it would be good move, you'll shock. Yeah. Having a great move for. For talented on this. I don't know what happened between him and Pat, but clearly fellow to favor at least needs to me that move back to Jim nothing. It'd be a good one. It'd be funny. You'll you indulge in a winning didn't play them, right? Fantastic. Did you pick them? All right. Our final question comes from Guinness has Stevie invited subdues place for dinner yet. Pasta. I actually yesterday, you know. Yes. When it was following Unicom. I've thought very thing you did. I did. Because we're on a diet of. Okay. All right. I'll take that is the reason. Because there's another. I see that you're in that I try got Kitto versus who was on this bullshit. This is a key to try. Yes, sir. What does that mean? What are you? Us looking at me like I'm your diet. Hi diet. No carbs. Right. Which actually will? Didn't feel good on that. Ten days what was off what we're what we're into feeling. Good about didn't feel good, Michelle. I was kind of RJ. Dargie. And at a horrible taste on motive was gave it one of that ten days. Carbs, juvenile? No just milk. It's tough feud going. How's that going fiscal cobs and bear a why? And no shepherds time bear. What do you just like? No trail two weeks. Right. Liquid cobs and twenty s of onion, BS, only twice. That's wrong with strong g week. Good. How twenty? Bottles each system. But yeah. Stevie definitely. Until until. Paul mariner to he. He's on a big diet to his new. He's. A start. You know, I'm going to be the unhealthy. Because you can't go within we could don't think you'd like. Believe if I ever went to the nickel household it wouldn't be for the food. It'd be coming. Although I hear wonderful. Only loved it. I just loved it, too. Kitto sis. Insurance not either of those two. Figure out what? This is. Asus. Was this. Cindy going by Devi that.

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