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the country mitch rachel brosnahan low how're you i'm wonderful i'm glad i finally doing i know isn't so bad that were getting so much older that like there's no appeal to me about drinking at noon like i am really happy were not yeah i did have an opera spreads yesterday at about two pm but getting into the the the like happy hour start at three pm yeah but i was like all i had no you guys though noon wind could definitely ruined the day now yeah absolutely like to be a regular thing like like katie in stasi and christian or or just thought like we would go to the grove and have lunch and we would start drinking and i'm like why do we love yeah yeah well i know i definitely didn't do hotel across the street from the ground so it's so easy to just walk over and start drinking guy i said why do yeah i mean he still does your story true freshman breakfast well because she found both who likes to do that equally coli is yeah yeah yeah they okay so how you've known about for a long time or whether just kristen in katie who've known him forever i only met him one at a christian and carter got like a hotel room somewhere like at the london oh i know i remember that like the petite meritocracy skews me seats left you are you listening to us right now but i do have allergies and general never be allergic to i met him one there and i remember thinking he was really funny and i was like in no mood to be funny myself and i was like he talked shining may irritate it i was like this that's my job i couldn't i think about doing stand up i could to somebody else am i right or wrong earthy give somebody else did he go on a date someone else like ten years ago where some no kristen did a movie together and they made out and that's what i'm thinking of an carter and katie have had left together before yeah you're confusing a very ancestors who say like nobody can just have everyone you i'm the only person in slumped anyone in this group that's out of his mouth yeah i mean everyone else's up with jack store you know i mean i'm not proud of how it's been so long it's like bankruptcy it cancels out after seventy years date or did you like oh no we dated for a we dated for like every year okay but i would like when i first saw brittany ajax is housed with the first time i wish i wish for the christmas and i was like you know you to pay his rent like two million dollar home in times of change yeah that's funny i we over sixty thousand gorgeous i haven't been it has been a katy until i heard literally they're the same the backyard's different jackson britain you have a bigger backyard yeah but it's just like they're all douses upstairs were different to me too but they all look pretty similar i feel like it's the same developer yeah it's are coming around it is it the same 'em there's is bigger than five bedroom yeah so i think i think honestly i think they're all closet mcnair all tom santa may have lighting one that's gonna be like they're like social media room where they can do like shoots and products and stuff like that like or whatever then i think they'll have the guest bedroom they have their bedroom 'em i think tom's making one room and did like a bar area i dunno they're doing all of this week mtv cribs literally i can't wait to see when the house is done because they like don't a furniture are they gonna housewarming party and he just did a bunch of looking at it all up 'cause everybody else about their house furnished right yeah they accepted like pick stuff out yeah but they don't like their staging furniture okay which i mean i kept like what maybe a quarter of my teaching furniture yeah you're living room stuff but yeah yeah i love your house it's amazing it's great you you're on room there i know yeah yeah i had a father and beds in my room now we have arrived at the best summer parties and there yeah so i have a place the pats out but yeah you're gonna see is like thirty minutes from my parents house and all the other end like if i ever went to like like drinking and didn't over yeah yeah yeah oh there we go yeah so were doing a party out there next week for the fourth of july but i will be there okay over the weekend a no word on on worth from my parents wind our way on the fifth but maybe yeah well if i'm not going there earlier 'em above by the time this is out in the fourth will be overrun yeah isn't we do that on my guy like me at the irvine improv night and i'm like oh now that whenever i was still there what's your favorite venue to do comedy i and like elino see a delay problem damn improper the comedy store yeah um uc irvine improv which i did last night which is awesome it's gigantic gigantic huge rich person mall in irvine beverly another by from yeah oh yeah it's the biggest sale ever very easy to get london very fan is that the one with the fares wheelers that a different one i didn't i didn't notice but that could be a different wing of the mall but i didn't see yeah i think there's two and her and there's like the spectrum and there's a reason foreign oh you're maybe vashon island and now they're fashion island andy i'm throwing out words now i don't know newport m i can't think in and then there's south coast plaza there's so many in elsie oh my god do you did you guys listen to or know about the dirty john podcast over no show hearing about there's a show on bravo and i had recorded it just start watching on my dvr crash okay and i just got so angry at every show the record and i was like i'm watching any of these on demand then commercials and so i never watched it but i heard podcast the main yeah it's terrifying i got super into it and then i watched the show and i just want you to now my friend i just had the girl taryn who will who will like you're not gonna watch it there's a murder that happened who edgy she's the one that killed now she's my french kim to my show last night i love yeah yeah so here's isn't saying their stories crazy yeah that's so fun the john guys like a fraud in a con man who dated her mom and her mom is like this really wealthy 'em like interior designer oh and i he like condor like maybe think he loved her and all this stuff and like what he was doing it like he's not it's like that roller women and then we'll already tried to kill her daughter was fought back and i i know murder pod yeah did you listen to the podcast and watch the show which is better 'em i know they're they're a little different yeah i mean i was so shocked by the podcast the whole time i listened to it in like a matter of like two days though so i think by the time i saw the show the story right but it you know connie britton or better very good in it yeah like reading the book and i'm watching the movie yeah gotcha that would mean twilight like the only fiery they finish i hate rating i think one chapter like seven starseed's book maybe kind of skip to the which is we have a chapter chapter about us like just skimmed from my name is okay interesting that they're they're just again but i'm i brought it with me today actually because i have a laser appointment on this and i just have to lay there for like an hour and get my leg laser and i'm like i could do and breathing i can get you all set up just wasting my phone battery i wanna get laser so bad but i just i'm too lazy to like followed up on my mother had literally rachel it is every six weeks one day like lesson in our every six we got bad you could easily do i wouldn't do any like pick a part of your body in like that for a while yeah so shout out to laser way they went amazing and allow who years i've gone every six weeks an i started with just under arm and bikini andy that's been two years so that doesn't even like grow back at all anymore but every time i go now i'm doing my legs i'm gonna go you may well still like that me like underarm in bikini because then it just like is dead dead inside and now that you're actually like also killing like good cells in your body that you nervous i mean you're out of her way thanks to so i mean yeah like you know you should always wear sunscreen but do you always tied to yeah but i don't think it works and why am aggressively tan right now but yeah i when i was in the desert last weekend i worst sunscreen and i would only out for that for like four or five hours one day but i kept putting on sunscreen and i just it just blocks from burning but did not block you from turning into like leather what i feel like i have like leather skin like a hundred and twenty degrees in palm springs lately yeah you'd v index literally with ten last time we were there so is it gets stronger if it's hotter that would that i feel the giants i don't know i don't know why that would work no but i am by while they were not dying to hear it off like i though yeah i mean i always like sprayed on but then there were the time oh in vegas this weekend we were at drains at the party and i didn't bring sunscreen abroad tiny little at carry on bag andover we're usually nfl bana in the shade fade but we ended up being behind the deejay booth and then up at the deejay booth and said in part of that was not shaded some standing there like a hundred and five degrees and i would like oh my god i don't have sunscreen on one of the things he knew but you don't yeah but i definitely got color weather with vegas there palm springs and i'm getting a spray tan later and laser laser you can't have a three damper lost like two weeks and my legs feel so town right now mike scott this morning all the way the spray jenner did i get real tan you got a real real tan i haven't been real tainted like two years just because you're trying to like not age herself or you're smart has been i yeah i mean i a little bit about a plan to last year i was living in vegas and i was working so much that i just didn't have time really lay out last year i also think when it's like so readily disposal you're like i'm in vegas i could go out anytime you're sick of it you're like totally end now my friend carly who owns glow boss mhm she comes in my apartment and sprayed hands me though it's amazing it's so convenient that i'm like okay ten minutes ten is way easier than hours and hours of lane you're not going to agers felt like i had play i've never had a spray tan yeah i didn't look good i mean they turned me into a pumpkin i think you might be getting the wrong one because they feel like i got a little orange the arguments in jonas soda her and i'm olive you're fair and if you've got the same ten is and you are gonna look like whatever they were all really yeah i was like really really yeah i love you too can i do show like for the mtv awards a couple of weeks they go i did a neon like yellow oh i love you die lighter blazer dress like i have to be super tana can be pale and were neon so like make me as dark as you can and i thought it looked great and then my mom is like oh my god did you see all the comments you look like what did what did they say mob lived there was something in our moms were that you're like maybe i wouldn't have the means and then why are you bringing i tell my mom you please do not do that just 'cause you're on the internet more than me in these common informing how they wouldn't know i never saw any of those commentary on reid the comments on the pictures i posted like i'll look at the top ten usually the people who i followed her like my friends are positive and then once they see the first negative what am i am we don't know we i don't need a living like well i mean you wherever the image that wasn't the point with the super jan it's like beginning of summer i would wear neon like i dunno people were talking shit about thanks for letting me know that q i like i get it to someone i i've only had one person comments something mean to me on the internet i think so far up partner i know reading the picture things at arianna posted ever kellen i at and her at a coach cello and someone said that girl is on the right but she looks like if dossey in jack's had a baby that high confidence on draft night that's really not the young man and stasi like oh that's great but gorgeous all humans and promote now i look like a guy friend i'm like i don't know about that i hated it yeah i think i think that's actually not that bad worst one you're doing pretty good they are both go too far yeah yes you know i mean may well i mean brady in southfield nothing it's like maybe jack and bring his kids will grow up and look like you maybe yeah you should look more like brittany then you do stop it you think kind of i'll take both of those is i don't think you really look like maybe look like if britain in south seattle baby i'll definitely definitely think that you know maybe that's what they may not jack's amen brittany people disney britain looks like but i don't think we really do i could do a little a little bit maybe i think sometimes like christian and i look alike like when she puts her extensions and another make up a certain way and like sort yeah i could see that there's been starting like photo photo shoots and she's just have such different shapes facing completely but i think like when i'm like in my skin as we get she's like she's so thin but i feel like when my face is thinner like we have more similarities i also see you're not super thin crazy person well no i i gave it some way back in my cheeks and i feel my face now though it's not i say to my lanky so everything is like yeah like got that like gina they're like the supermodel body like why why what did you make with the devil why did you hear the expense of not being able to dance in public you'll see it though i did not tall skinny i i i don't know i feel like i literally it's like dangerous me dancing public they might hit someone who's one of my limbs you and christian both new york so what i think yeah yeah like the car dealer that's totally that haven't been i danced with looks like were selling used car i'm janet doing her dad krista 'em i'm excited for the wedding also to it i know and again by the time really need it will have aired so i can't wait to talk about it on the next one janet and are gonna go live from kentucky oni obviously not give away any spoilers but i'm like i can't wait for the she's going on vacation after she's leaving me for like three weeks is that going ohio and it's a looming like i have to or no i can't go yeah so i'm like okay we're gonna have a podcast live from kentucky not live from kentucky by from verse sales skins verse sales i just love that eighty not pronounce first first time oh wow i didn't say sales i love it so much yeah i went i went with brittany a couple of years ago and her and i like the only time brittany never both single at the same time it was right after rob and i broke up doorman sorry i don't like his name on my show and you hate yes oh i is a strong word rachel that we don't like you know again you i strongly just five and dislike him absolutely i'm glad you're not you're a different person the only time i ever was really around you guys have me about it was a barbecue his house and i was like i've never seen sheena be so secure before like like you weren't even yourself i was like he's really making feel a certain way that is going out again let's talk about something saying this yesterday a my friend devon who is just on the season of the bachelor he's gonna be here in a few weeks with a one of the other guys can't do because then you'll know he doesn't win and we still we actually don't know who win but we know it's down to two button anyway so i'm with him and my friend natalie who does my hair once elif on day i had a drink out to lunch andrew we were just talking about the past relationships and whatnot and i was saying i mean the whole time i was with shea i would never insecure about anything like you really i mean he obviously had his demons and it's per yeah like things he struggled a bit but he really did make me feel like i would be most gorgeous amazing person in the entire world and i i love that about him like i mean we like hiking worshipped each other they were just a lot of things that you know we couldn't stay together for but 'em when the doorman i never so insecure my entire life yeah like there were so many things but i would like oh my god like my boots to small like is it this is it that like i just like always like a thought there was something wrong with me and he would always say like he was like stressed with work and you know like i'm trying to start the company this and i'm like well guy doesn't want morning sex like doesn't so that's what would make you layer is like he just wasn't like all over you they would end up being like oh i just don't like kissing it's like well what never make out with rachel never like people don't i mean maybe their people to join you like a hooker i i mean low he had like a but i wasn't getting paid i would say yes so there was a one night i remember specifically about two months and the us dating two or three months then andy he was a doorman still liaison an i want that and i thought my roommates but yeah so am i don i had a few drinks because they knew he was driving home at nine that was the one of the very few good things about him was anytime like i want it adjusts let loose and get drunk he was so it's all we just made sure i would fully taking care of where i didn't have that wish they would always taking care of him like i could never get drunk and then he would get drunk and they were just drunk together yeah and level somebody asked me on hold the yeah absolutely so i really appreciate that but so this is i think the first time i had really gone laughing number they liked about it but they're very few things i can recall that were like this was one of them i think in the other thing looks like somebody needed nicer my birthday when he surprised me i'd like my friends come to dinner that everything else shit but 'em so that night we get back to my place and i'm waste dead and i don't get very drunk off then but when i do i'm a very open and honest and i was just like feeling frisky and i like starting to catch them and then i would like we never make out what's wrong with a guy like i didn't realize for three months they're like we could really never made out and i'm like i guess i'm not a big cancer at the time because i had been with shaver so long and i'm here with someone for a long time i mean that's kind of died a little bit like in the bedroom like we were making out all the time yeah so i just like forgot what it would like to make out with someone and then when he started dating rob and we kind of just the doorman sorry we just like wet ride to and just kept all the other stuff well yeah so my commute who don't like yeah what what is this like making out is laid out cans oh yeah so i didn't even realize that until that night and years it's like yeah i'm just not a big concern i was like oh okay no big deal i guess i'm not iser but then i will change everything about out of it right and then of the month went on i would like a kind of like i'm attracted to you like i really like i just wanna make out and like he never would and then you know we started filming and then it was like i told him i loved him like he is the first time he said in his sleep one night he could never say things like out loud and have feeling but there's one night he liked fell asleep in like it set it and i was like okay i discount we tell them and so the next day i would like do you know you're talking you're sleeve and he's like oh god what did i say like i mean it was nice nothing bad just like you said it and this would like three weeks then and we are like a past and yeah so i would like you know i mean it was super soon but all the i mean i'm not gonna russia bach like wake up and like you know what you just said he opens his eyes right the first time i like right before we were falling asleep after you had like a big premiere party this is the night and i was like i gotta say it and he said it back but it would like awkward and then we start filming and then i like watch back like six months later saying all these like oh you know like i don't like just throw the love word around like it's just not something i say like i like if i was just like oh my god red flag number one hundred and seventy two like why didn't know one shake me i yeah i feel like master manipulator really liked him ever you really what you liked the idea yeah yeah i do that so like this have to work my divorce like marriage failed i got divorced this after work like i can't fail another relationship like i felt like i was just willing to do whatever i could to make him just want me and they said i think that's kind of a common thing that people do like i think that like i mean i don't know i think you just kinda like you don't wanna fail right you feel like you you care more about what other people think of you yeah like you're like i've said this is probably the one 'cause we had the path and then you gotta go back on it now once you spent that much time with that person then you gotta go i've already spent years so i don't wanna like well yeah now it's like square one all over again total i feel like no matter who i date next it's like no no one will believe anything i say about them but i'm like here's the thing like if i'm dating someone i do think they're like v bass person because i think that's what i deserved so yeah i did i put shannon pedestal totally because he married him he made me feel so special everyday he literally would give massage every single day like he was the sweetest but that's also like a thing that addicks do and hide like their dia yeah they're trying to do like other things for you to make you feel good because they feel bad that they're like doing this stuff behind you're by totally so i mean i didn't know that at the time but then you know when i started dating doorman and i would at least i'm like no no no like you have no idea like he's just like you said that about shea and i'm like well obviously a lot of other people too but i'm like now mike and then so when i was you i mean not adam and i were ever dating but when we had that like nine month hanging bang and i was like i can't even say anything good about somebody gives out about everyone and i'm like yeah but it's just with him it was different because adam and i were friends who like fell in bed together yeah and it would different but i'm like no no no but it's different with him like you say it's different whatever when i'm done talking about like i myself and then there would like the month of mac and i was just like myself mad that is a new term i got using during the month of max like i instead of talking him up because i mean which you'll you'll see things with him and i whatever on the show 'em i mean maybe maybe but there were so many messages that he sent me when we were dating i have read aloud him oh you're telling me about this yeah yeah and so instead of me like talking him i'll be like no one's gonna believe me that this guy's amazing i mean after the month of march the dining would not have been our great friend and not as much as we should ever be but i just like would show like stop you would like oh this guy like you seem so head over heels from i'm like no understand i'm like no one is ever spoken to me this way and i'm like no like in a positive way and i would show her like all of the tax but he sat me because i'm like i'm not fucking crazy like this guy saying things to me that my husband never said that rob never said that like no guy has ever said don't think that's kind of a ride yet owens coming in now i'm absolutely yeah in my experience now now jackson's a wonderful person with brittany in like they're great but like the only like bad relationships i've been in and where the guy ended up cheating on me something more guys ported on real right away and i feel like that's like that's like my barometer of like a red flag where it's like it's too much you don't you don't know me well enough yeah you wanna marry me you're like you we've known each other for two months so now tell me you want me the converted judy is right like and they were so red flag but yes seeing that probably would have if max and i kept dating like i'm sure that would not have ended as it didn't end well that we were able to become become friends again now is like one of my favorite people to hang out with like but i just know were just read yeah but 'em wait what what they're gonna say about oh but i mean at the time to go from like adam like not wanting to come back and like that just being a show of like yelling at each other and being angry that i went on a date with someone else have someone like these so obsessed with me i would like oh my god this is like amazing i'm not usually that's what is this now any other guy who said those things me i'm like i feel bad because and like you know what maybe you're being genuine yeah and maybe you mean it but max folks that are yeah review so i'm sorry my they are being genuine but i feel like you need to like just let that play out they don't believe everything they say right yeah because it's like any girls have you said this to tackling exactly i found out the things max enemy he's also said to many other one yet though i'm like then at the same time together as he goes but with you i meant it i'm done no i'm not bad so hard though to not like you feel good versus someone to like say those things you and i'm such a sucker for like oh you like me great i like me too perfect we get a yeah i just but it's hard because you wanna you wanna believe it but it's usually not true right away yeah so you know lessons learned don't date fuck voice notes they are though well if they're in their twenties they probably are one of you know fuck boy i just need friends or just you know hanging bang takeover what they are in their their fondly hey look at yeah good make out you need to make some shenanigans merge with these terms on it month of my bank i'm gonna i'm go wage should we do shenanigans merge she should i mean i did there was a company reached out but i was like i mean what would we sell but if i'm funny like i'm gonna tell you guys hanging bang bang that i might have been drinking drinking would have had the nba guy dining yeah i definitely i think if coined the term hanging bang i've never heard anyone else so like it but then fuck buddy to yeah yeah yeah i like that hanging back it's like we like you know get along i think right i think you need to make a hanging banker later in the month of mac is that without not avail yeah between netflix and chill in like a fuck buddy yeah they make that much later and i i'm i'm like no like were not dating were just like hanging banging but then i'm like okay so were all thing going here now yeah let's talk dating okay i've gotten into arguments recently with people who don't know the difference between seen someone dating someone exclusive boyfriend girlfriend okay so i wanna ask your opinion hotel in the month of max we were exclusive meaning we weren't sleeping with anyone else he wasn't on my boyfriend you guys discuss that we were exposed a ha yeah okay yeah after like the first week when we realized like we both really liked each other i it's like okay maybe this is going to meet with also the holidays like he spent thanksgiving with me and so like around that time things are moving really quickly lassie's yeah i mean it was just it was the holidays like huffing and puffing cafe ain't nobody i learned recently i've ever good for him yeah in around the holidays and you want a boyfriend snuggle yeah but also what around the holidays specifically christmas valentine's they're the highest rated like breakup time money and pragmatically she to pass a high stress you have like people's families around that sucks yeah yeah but we were so oh right okay so they never talked about it like after the first yeah like we just because we just we hit it off so quickly that it just felt like it would like zero to a hundred no the whoa whoa whoa he used the word before i did i did not we were hanging and then we were yeah it would like are first like actual date and we were like dinner and a movie like very standard and i was just saying oh god i'm just like so much older than you and he's like no he's like you're like one of the youngest girl they've ever dated and all like you might need some old veteran thirty three twenty six which red flag numero uno yeah but i would like we dating you they got like were dating like hey i i mean they wanna use the term boyfriend girlfriend so if you're in the end you're dating what is the difference i don't get that i know 'cause i feel like dating title in vain means exclusive so then what i mean like 'cause you're gonna be dating a couple of different people but yeah as i am right now yeah like i'm like i'm seeing some and they're like oh so you're dating amac no i mean i'm i'm seeing him tonight like we go on dates like yeah we've gone to events and like things together like i'm i'm i'm seeing him or not dating eating yeah like those were joyner changeable i think dating and seeing each other earner changeable okay so if you don't like the word dating it freaks me out if you've had the conversation about being exclusive then to get to the boyfriend girlfriend leveled you have another conversation i think my dream job after junior i asked my boyfriend girlfriend saimaa get married i think you really need to be like okay so exclusive like were just not sleeping with other people are we boyfriend girlfriend i think there's a difference i think sometimes like it would be kind of fun like let's say you were really into the dude and you wanted him to be away from you didn't wanna have to have the talk how exciting it would be if you guys were just out and he was like oh this is my girlfriend rachel yes that would be a fun way to find out there and that's actually how it happened with doorman was we had been like hanging out for like a month we were exclusive we were not sleeping with other people but he wasn't my boyfriend yet and then it was new year's eve we were at a party at his house and this girl were just like giving the death stare all night and i'm like is it like someone needs to be sleeping when it's like i dunno why and so i like pulled him aside and i'm like yeah i don't know who this girl at but like i'm gonna like say something her if you don't be she makes me very uncomfortable and like yeah i'm here in your house and gain in your you're party and he goes he's like it's just because she doesn't know have a girlfriend and i was like oh what fun yeah but then it would like he was drunk when he said and then the next day i would like to bring this up again and again i gave it a couple of weeks ago like even like i don't know in those like two weeks like i was like i can't i like so make out with this guy like i think but then i i waited until he got back from a trip down with his friends and i would like okay i just needed like ask you are you like because i i don't know like i dunno you could also go the other way where like you would freak you out of my girlfriend you're like we didn't know much about oh yeah but it's not in the contract we're not at that level but yet i mean what you're lost relationship how did you guys become boyfriend girlfriend i think like from the gecko he was like i wanna date you and i was like you know single and going through my divorce so i would say you're just like substandard a little children and then we on a couple of dates and then then after you after like a little while i was like okay this is like working you could call me a girlfriend now that's interesting call i was like yeah like you know when you date a lot of people or like you've been single long enough and you kind of like you know a thing about people the same timer like you've just gone onto me dates like i have become numb i think where i'm just like i don't know if i like anyone like i really wanna run together where i'm like i know yeah i'd like i'd saying to her that she cannot look nobody makes my vagina tingling i know i miss that i know i know i did and i will say that the guys on his plate liquor i'm just like i don't i went on a date with someone fairly recently an like rafter we kissed there whatever and i was like you like me or 'cause i can't tell if i like you were not really no anymore and i i would look like if i feel like all to if you're good at dating you can kind of make anyone sort of like oh that make one like i don't know if they actually like me you know what i mean or just like my performance i know a lot about i prefer yeah yeah i i don't know but i feel like like right now i almost oh my god my two years single anniversary coming up in august you guys have a party a good amount yeah like were you i think i'm two and a half almost two and a half and yeah you feel real single i do and it's like yeah there were like the item like the dark days there there were and i get to two very short term boy out in the but i'm paying rent even boyfriend yeah like i would like i mean adam i mean we all thought i laid out yeah and then it continued until like freaking march yeah but a wasn't two years ago wasn't it yeah he broke up with me august thirty first challenge matter how how long have you guys a it was a little last year okay that what i would long enough yeah yeah i mean it it counter because we are families we vacation together they're like we also like him and i would gather on syria yeah no like her mom's still keep in touch and he weird about like how understand him fraternity didn't wanna film when he actually did and he limelight but he's done and you know inebriated hundred k he got from me every interview now is our nominee oh my god that just freaked me out of it you know that say got the hundred k money not but i you know i mean it wasn't amicable divorce split by young kid he is and i'm like we will and a couple of times where we've almost met up with denver so now you will soon begin now were like on a good page or friends again in like it's not weird if i bring him around 'em i know he doesn't want anything to do with the show and like they like would you ever bring up anything like that again i mean i i definitely would like if he was open to it like i would loved like have him come to tom tom in see everyone do that but i just know i mean the show is never for him he would never comfortable on in vited would have conversations with them about it sometimes 'cause i mean i remember one time we had been something really not nice to him on camera that was like really embarrassing and i just remember his he looked heartbroken walked away and he was just sort of like i don't think this is for me like i just didn't know was out for it but like when we first started dating an were boyfriend girlfriend and started we agreed to do it together we signed up juice show together granted i would the cast member he wasn't no like that was technically my job by huge part of my life and my life my job my job my lightly intertwined like it's not one way or the other by after like the first season i mean that would like very easy for us and then i was like ooh engaged married and then after that it's just i think it just got really hard it was like all the like high like peak moments were done and then it would like okay now really married now were really dealing with an addiction now really dealing with taxing the rich behind my back now really dealing with the divorce and then after that it was just like i couldn't see him ever really coming back he did nothing with tom and tom he's in sex it within the extra like like the loss merger whatever it didn't make it on the show 'em but i never even brought myself to watch it because it just to see him on the show like after we like divorced wouldn't help me i just like i could i felt weird but i'd love bring him around more do you feel like now that you're single can you gauge when guys are dating you possibly to be on the show up and you kinda thought that outer i feel like i could tell what's guys around her immediately people in general yeah yes and no because i them easily manipulated quite gullible naive and very sweet and just think that everyone's a good person and trust everyone and i think everyone has good intentions and every time i do that i get screwed over so i don't know why i'm still you know rounder that could see it the f word right no matter what i'm still the type of person janet could tell me for nine months adam no good for me never good afternoon i'm i am i'm tourism stubborn and i need the learning for myself i can't listen to what other people say 'cause what if you are wrong to figure that out yeah that's when i was thinking about doorman when you were like why did no one telling me i'm like i'm pretty sure you wouldn't i wouldn't even that was like the biggest thing with like adam like during because he was the person i was closest sweat like friend wide like out of my guy friends when i was dating rob domain between him and janet like they heard everything good end bad and right when we broke up i would like adam why did you not shake me like sheena tried i tried like there were no a convincing you otherwise i think it's good to hear from a guy friend but yeah there could be like i know like i know do this sooner not cool what he's doing like that it's helpful to hear from a guy and even like i mean i like her dad i asked my dad guide yeah i'm i'm usually my dad's caesar red flag motor only right yeah and my dad dead but also like doorman just put on such a show and like for father's day came over and installed and outdoor speakers system from my dad said even if he horn balik guy dodger cornball who uses that term by seven but he was he was like a little cheesy yeah yeah she would be like i would be like he's clearly like you know these things were all red flags and then we'd run into you know we hang out with rob and he pulled me aside and be like no i really have these feelings have done it might be like okay right here that i'm wrong okay so different on and kerry convincing i i was fooled by a lot of a lot of people were not the thing where i'm like why don't you shake me but i really think like adam in during relationship ottomans one of the only people who released saw yes red flags and by just because the guy and a guy who's afraid of commitment and saw things i mean there is a reason that doorman you know thirty nine single yeah like there's you know he'd never lived with a girl really that's also rather interesting you're saying interesting like he's all and he's older never lived alone oh he's living in the end he let me i know i know i haven't had a female roommates and like sophomore year in college i've had boy brody i own place for the first time ever really myself i want my mom's house the sorority house my husband's house you're gonna love it and you're in a building where you know other yeah like i'm literally like a friend who blocks away from you got i think no really your so close to me yeah like let's get line couple of blocks i'm slowly we already are there last night for dinner yeah you guys are by adam to oh yeah he was a great i'm really good at avoiding people actually neighbors so oh anyway you actually want to be adams girlfriend at the end of last summer after i saw how he blew up about the day in hooking up with ethan i would like oh wow okay she actually feeling she actually does care let's see where this can go and the next day i am a big person with like handwritten like cars instead of just sending a text message or email or something i think is so much more heartfelt and that would like adam a nice thing like he had written letters and stuff before and so i had a very nice long written handwritten card went over to his house gave it to him and at the end of it i would like were best friends like we're sleeping together we whether you want to admit it or not this is what dating is called grunted you're not my boyfriend i get that but like why don't we just try what do we what we break up were not going anywhere now yeah so i'm like why don't we just give it a shot and if it doesn't work out at least we know we tried and you're just terrified of commitment and just like just didn't think that he could be what i deserved and i was like okay then i gotta believe that though like i feel i feel like he's in like in a place in his life where he could like take you out you know and like really be like a man like i feel hartford guy i don't think that's a lie and i mean were four years apart i'm further in my career then he is also very intimidating forgot it must be comfortable with like letting you like yeah everything like it's not like we like loved each other we were best friends i mean we still are good friends but it just it seemed like okay i mean don't you wanna like marry her best friend one day i mean i did didn't work out well so then i was like okay red flag without i'm like didn't work out the first time their worst similarities good and bad but i saw between him and shea and i'm like okay i'm just like attracted to this type well i think that's kind of the dream is it you start out with some of his friends and i you know them you trust them so much because they were you're friend before like that's kind of the greatest by i mean it didn't you know workout obviously and i was just like okay then i guess will keep doing this until one of us hurts each other and yeah we did and then there were the month of max i went back that you did you did you did you did you did there is like fifteen of adam things back and forth and then it was some other facts month but the back and forth without 'em happened for a lot of egos after i had one with engaging in august so between august in the month of max there were a few months where i also did go on a date with another person again and it was someone who i had known from my past but i guess they don't make the mistake of not really on purpose other but adam and i were in my three seventy and not car i have apple carplay andy he was driving an i knew my text messages the jets were gonna pop up on the screen but i i didn't have them being read on the screen and i kind of just wanted him to know like there's another guy in my life there is someone else who's entering little step up while i like it i like you gotta do so were driving and i'm not gonna say this guy's name but it was like new tax from the and i would just like dismissed standard like just pretend like and then come through and you're like i love song week later he asked me who the person was he saw before why love their social media doing over like did you did you gonna do with among the why do you care i asked you to be my boyfriend you said no you did not want to so like yes i'm still dating other people but then it would like so now there's two other people i've been worth while with him but i'm like again were not dating remember that one too but so in those like few months there were a lot of like up and down fights because it's like we were still sleeping together but i would like going on dates with other people and he was and i'm like you can i don't want you do it will hurt me if you do but like you say you don't care and then you care after i do yeah that's annoying that's unfair and he got pretty roasted for it on social media like there is like yeah you can't say you don't want someone and then be mad yeah like that's not fair right yeah that's michael exactly called him on it though yeah but anyways 'em that not a fun conversation about so what us all being single i know janet is now back on dating apps which i'm already over it took like three days before i had like i'm like this is too much that's why it'd be everyone just running together type of thing yeah like i don't there's too many yeah and then i don't know why light acl yeah are you might wanna dating apps i yeah but i haven't been using lately i wish i were ever i am rooting good at using them for a while and now i'm over it a my favorite would probably that was the one i use the moment i'm weightless safer right i'm not quite enough yet look don't talk about it on here because they will kicking off yeah yeah well you're not on kicked off yet i have my janet did meet some interesting man on whatever i can i think that one i think it'd be appealing the way it's laid out and i feel like there's two guys on their info i wanna know about someone especially like like height job like and then they have a whole thing where it's like do you smoke we do there's something wrong raw yeah you know whatever so i like seeing like all of that up front office manager who is not but yeah i just feel like rule out like i smoke weed so like if somebody had like absolutely never for that and it's probably not going to work out well might be on my says no for that further smoking weed because i really don't like another guy who smokes weed out it doesn't sound like a someone does yeah i wonder if people were swiping no i wouldn't wanna smell irwin yeah like we need some we need someone is no yeah yeah but speaking of job one of the guys you might work for true oh yeah great friend here at podcast one i you're not yeah but you know about true car right yeah you told me about that yeah so up basically for those of you who don't know maybe you're just tuning in and if you haven't heard me talk about this a million times but it is amazing so if you go to truecar enter your license plate number you can just watch your car's details pop up answer a few questions like you know navigation moon roof high mileage and you just watches they bump up the value of the car know if you knew what it was gonna call still then you can figure out if you wanna you know traded in or get you a cash offer end it just takes minutes even taken to a local certified dealer and it's not either you could just get cash you yeah do congest and you can find out online how much you're cars worth i just put it in the details well that's when my belief so this doesn't apply to buy more minds not yeah that's my cars enough is sift through all of my messaging yeah right i like the truth is it has occupied yeah yeah yeah i'd i'd said truecard like hey i know that i'm not on dating app so i don't know like i just like how come you tried to be honest i know but like we were saying earlier just got a riot friend passerby wanna know okay how do i know i know that because i don't i don't know i don't need someone to tell me i'm cool enough to be on a dating app first of all i figure out what song defined mean a song is my favorite part like i love i love my slide show if the dire straight song sultans will swing okay okay i like that 'em i do like that song law but there's just like i wouldn't i wouldn't know which vibrio do i go drake do i go classic rock do i go elton john like it's just the girl girl yeah yeah that's my heart you no i dunno but the thing is like we were saying earlier how do i know that someone swiping right on me because they're genuinely interested in getting to know me yeah or because they wanna bang me or because they wanna get in trouble yeah that that's so that's why that's the main reason i'm not on them i like many people the old fashioned way i like i i'm not really doing that anymore because if you want to be someone like that yeah and i mean i have like the guy that sound so bad any guys who i've dated earl what like gone on dates whether it's like i dunno from before and reconnected with someone would introduce like a friend of a friend work i mean lisa she taught staff yeah over sure so i definitely like dept in the staff of lee says her next show she's a dating app wherever the patty sanger right i show leaders like it felt shame i stopped hiring a guy like a you problem not me bro you have to turn in their head shot what you're looking at a restaurant like well stop doing that and stop picking firm that pie exactly are you working no faith nicolay how i get a discount unemployment nice i don't how're why but restaurants thinks i work at these otherwise i got friends and family discount i don't think they think you're an employee somebody i dunno there where you normally there without ever i whenever i but even when she's not with yeah she's just kind of my it's a friends and family yeah i think they might just do that yeah i would i i'm not gonna crush yeah i will take the twenty percent off thank you speaking of i think we should go get are friends and family discount available in guy but that's sure let's do it this is fun i'm glad i'm not i will you're gonna be on my neck yes i tell everyone where they can find you a shout out you're podcasts i'm gonna be doing that to their bedroom kentucky will do a little recap on there to my guess is called be here for a while anton all the podcasts podcasts are and then you could find me on social media at rachel i know brian it reads like rachel no brian and rachel spelled r e c h e l i like selling it that way yeah i know on social media yeah because it's where i tell myself i'd have so many more followers but i really do like people were like name normal rachel will try we have another like i don't see you're not coming up in here like just give me the phone yeah mhm all right well that's a fun yeah we got another one of the baby mandela and i think the next time we do this we should do a nighttime drinking in the desert i think really yeah yeah i mean that's what that's what i'm so happy you gotta play yeah we did find drinking in podcasting with my dad on father's it was so funny my dad was so drunk like well we were a little late to the party restarted charlie drink called apologizes like i'm sorry being so but yeah i i have a lot of stuff but he's like i felt the body the come we do it again now the doubt i would love to do another podcast with you but he's like he like couldn't remember like some of the stories he would sign and he felt like that was so entertaining and mike headlights ranking in podcasting very yeah he'd dumb shit we get in trouble for it like novice i have one but with are fans of oh yeah i love it yeah like genuine said she likes and rich people get murdered and you know i got a lot of young about i i have never gotten word like what i meant is that on investigation discovery i like the shows like behind mentioned walls more than like oh my god i'm already throughout the year industry prime because it's like oh yes a lot of it all right well thanks for listening guys we will be back from kentucky ferndale by 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