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The University of Alabama School of law online choose between an L L M and tax or business transactions for lawyers or jurists master in taxation for non-lawyers connecting learn with live lectures details Obama by distance dot U._S._A._A.. Dot E._D._U. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is stepping down following criticism of his handling of a case involving Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago. We thought Democrats say that they were going to invite him to testify about his handling of the Epstein case and Republicans while they didn't quite call for his resignation had certainly expressed some concerns about his handling of the case and said it was something that they felt like needed to be looked looked into further Acosta steps down in a week and will be succeeded by the deputy secretary of Labor. This is what's news from the Wall Street Journal. I'm Anne Marie for totally in New York before we talk about Secretary Costa's resignation here or some other top stories we're following the House has approved a bill to shore up the September Eleventh Victims Compensation Fund to cover all current and future medical claims from survivors through the year twenty ninety. The measure passed in a vote of four hundred to twelve offend will now go to a final vote in the Senate which Republican leaders have said we'll happen before August in the past the fund had been renewed every five years medical experts now say the death toll from nine eleven related illnesses will soon surpass the number of deaths resulting from the attacks themselves treasury secretary. Steven Mnuchin is urging Congress to raise the nation's debt ceiling before their August recess saying the government could run out of cash in early September earlier this week an estimate released. Released by the bipartisan Policy Center found the government could hit that date in the first half of September due to weaker than expected Revenue Collection House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters earlier this week that she hoped lawmakers would reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling before or lawmakers leave for August break on July twenty sixth Turkey has begun receiving new air defense missile system from Russia. The U._S. has warned that Turkey could face sanctions for deploying the s four hundred system who shipment cost two point five billion dollars a NATO official says the alliance is quote concerned about the potential consequences of Turkey's decision. Turkey's prime minister has said the shipment of the system is a sovereign decision and Robert Muller's appearance before the House Judiciary Committee has reportedly been delayed by a week the Wall Street Journal reports that committee chairman at jerrold Nadler has been seeking a longer session to question Muller Muller had said his report following the investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election is his testimony anheuser-busch Inbev is abandoning plans for an initial public offering of its Asian business. The nearly ten billion dollar Hong Kong I._P._O.. Would have been the largest of the year the company which excels brands including Budweiser and corona says it's now calling the I._P._O.. Off due to prevailing market conditions which it says it will continue to monitor the University of Alabama School of law online choose between an L L M and tax or business transactions for lawyers or jurists master in taxation for non-lawyers connect and learn with live lectures details at Bama by distance dot U._S._A._A.. Dot E._D._U.. U._S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is resigning from his post after facing criticism for his handling of a case involving billionaire Jeffrey Epstein over a decade ago when Acosta was a U._S.. Attorney in Miami Florida Epstein was charged this week by prosecutors in New York with two counts related to sex trafficking of minors joining me now from Washington with more details is Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Ball House Rebecca Acosta had staunchly defended defended his handling of the two thousand seven case involving Epstein where Epstein agreed to a plea deal Acosta even answered additional questions during a press conference on Wednesday but it seems critics weren't satisfied with his answers how much pressure been mounting on on a cost <hes> in these subsequent days well as you said he he spent a long time defending himself on Wednesday held a press conference for more than an hour and what we had heard shortly after the press conference was that the White House was an especially the president were largely satisfied with how he had done in that press conference that they felt like he hit defended himself forcefully enough that they were happy on the hill. However it was a little bit of a different story I mean not on Wednesday I think before he spoke we saw Democrats Democrats say that they were going to invite him to testify about his handling of the Epstein case and Republicans while they didn't quite call for his resignation had certainly expressed some concerns about his handling of the case and said it was something that they felt like needed to be looked into into further so I think faced with the prospect of having to go to the hill having to address further questions about this in addition to the fact that there was some response to his press conference that he had not totally accurately represented? has ended his handling of the case back in two thousand seven and two thousand eight seems like he decided he didn't want to keep having to answer questions about this. What other details have we learned that have been brought up about the Epstein case this week week well as you said federal prosecutors in New York charged him this week with two counts related to sex trafficking of minors but there were also a lot of pretty gory details that emerged from that case this week for instance agents searched his Manhattan townhouse after after he was arrested on Saturday and found hundreds of nude photographs of young women some of whom seem to be under age <hes> they also found I believe last CDs that were labeled with <hes> women's names and possibly the names of other people the tapes so just a lot of really you know sort of gross details like that came out this week that revealed the extent of what appears to be or at least the alleged sexual assaults by Epstein on minors and I think it really just was a reminder of what we had previously learned a lot of which came from the Miami Herald but also from reports at the time that a cost seems to have been involved in arranging a plea agreement with Epstein that resulted in him going to jail all for just a little over a year and it wasn't even fully wasn't state prison? It was a wing of the Palm County jail where he was allowed to leave for up to twelve hours a day six days a week and go to his law office downtown. That was something that emerged in the Miami Herald investigation so I think all those details combined with with what we learned about what federal agents found in his house this week just sort of really put the pressure on cost to finally answer some questions about this. And when we heard from Kosta and president trump speaking to reporters on Friday morning accommodating knowledge that this was becoming a distraction and we also heard president trump express his support for a cost to yes. The president said he's not not happy to see a cost to go but understood why he wanted to do this again praised his press conference performance said he's been a really terrific labor secretary and Dacosta just for his part said that he felt like it wasn't fair to the administration to you have to keep talking about this Epstein case when they should be talking about the economy and the president also said that this was fully cost as decision that that cost had called him this morning said that he wanted to resign and the president invited him to come <hes> address reporters with him so we're not getting any signals right now that this was something that he was pressured to do and what does this mean for the U._S.. Labor Department there had been some struggles between Acosta and other White House officials over policy and the pace of the departments work right so that's been the interesting dynamic to watch here is that totally separate from the Epstein issue. The White House has been really frustrated with the cost for a while now over what they view as his overly slow pace of deregulation at the Labor Department Department and in particular Mick Mulvaney the acting White House chief of staff has been frustrated with what he believes is too slow of a pace and so we've seen that <hes> complained also come from a lot in the business industry who feel like he's not not doing enough and not doing fast enough. A cost says that you know this way of doing things doing meticulously is going to help what he does stand up better to court challenges in the future and make them harder to repeal in future administrations. But on but nonetheless this has been a source of tension between the White House and the Labor Department and the person who's going to be taking over for a cost his deputy secretary a someone who is seeing at least in the business community is someone who might be a little bit more of an aggressive deregulator so that's going to be a dynamic to watch going forward as if this is someone who's GonNa satisfy with the White House is looking for a little bit better and that would be deputy secretary of Labor Patrick Pillow. That's right. Thank you so much. Rebecca thank you and now an update on the grounding of Boeing seven thirty-seven Max jets the planes were grounded in March following two fatal crashes our a reporter Robert Wall says the grounding has created huge disruptions across the aviation industry. Take Southwest Airlines the biggest buyer of Max planes for now. The airline has struck the model from flight schedules through October first the budget airline had received thirty one max planes at the time the fleet was grounded more were due for delivery over the summer in response southwest has had to cancel flights and Juggle Schedules United American and Air Canada are among other North American carriers to be hit American has also had to cancel more than one hundred flights per day because of a Max Grounding Air Canada has rented planes from others including Lufthansa and Qatar Airways to make up for the shortage of seats with Max idled old and Iceland air has now struck plane from its scheduled through October while says Boeing supply chain has also been hit hard by the grounding and Boeing is facing delays in fixing the seven thirty seven maxes flight control system which has been implicated aided in the crashes Boeing. Now says it won't submit its Max fixed to the F._A.. Until September the F._A._A.. And other regulators have not said when they in turn may clear the plane to resume carrying passengers until that happens Boeing.

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