Animation Damnation - The Mask (PREVIEW)


being promoted to like his whatever the personal assistant aid. Chief of Staff, whatever mcgarry? Secretary of State at some point, eventually before becoming also vice president, yes. There's a weird scene and I don't know. I don't know who's writing this. I didn't look up the writers, but there's a weird thing like the president is at a football game and they're like. It is the start of the football season. Yes, and here to throw out the first ball is the president and I'm like. Did you mean baseball? What are you talking about throwing out the first? Football Review enemy. They start screaming. Adamant is a call up at four o'clock in the morning. Like. Are you sure it's football eastshore? Yes we are. The president's can be tackled and all his bones broken. By the way all while that's happening, also we've got this like Kinda. Be Plot with this set sack agent Greenfield. Yes, now do hates him. He's like the heads, secret service member, and like if the mask was doing this shit right after the food fight I feel like the CIA would would take care of him. The company's going to come in and make sure he has an axe. That's what happened with the with Kennedy was fucking. The mask was hanging too much. I am making after the Bay of Pigs, the baskets by new vice-president. somebody stop me. Once I get back from Dallas the Basque. Country that's right. I might go into Dallas in May I remind you. Somebody stop me. Right now I'm waving to the crowd or Somebody stopped me. I've been stopped. I was very stoppable. Sorry to report this morning that the mask hung himself in his cell. We have no footage. What happened? There was nobody on a staff that night for some reason, the cameras and broken somehow to Hashtag stint kiss didn't kill himself. News from Dallas or the president shot his skull. Bowl card. Love you made one little boy. Vagit if they will describing. It's a Glib in grisly manner. I do love what he destroys the Washington monument for no reason well. I'll tell you what man there's some. Twenty twenty by going on here because he's like now I'm going to take out the Washington Monument and what he says right before he knocks down, he goes. Stand back. Everyone progress on the move I was like. All right. I'm sure I'm saying an executive order to banning the TAT? The laying of the monuments ten year prison sentence void mayor. Mask teeth friends. It's it's. It's the mask diva and it's just the little dog. If you like what you just heard one listen to the full episode. Good a patriot, dot com slash behave movies for all sorts of exclusive patriotic content. You get an a unique RSS feed. You could put it to any POD KANTER podcast. App of your choice.

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