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This is the airplane. GEEKS podcast our aim is to educate and inform you explore and expand your passion for Aviation and entertain you a little along the way. This. Episode Boom Supersonics XP one demonstrator is expected to roll out next month and Virgin Galactic Holdings unveiled its commercial supersonic aircraft concept. Both companies are working with Rolls Royce on supporting Engine Technology China's Ag six hundred large seaplane had its first ocean takeoff. United Airlines is moving its embryo, your J. One, four, five regional jets operated by express jet to commute air. Some pilots may have to get re examined after their examiners work was called into question. Boeing had some bad profit news and some good seven three seven Max news airline passengers are bringing their own booze aboard and the airline's stockpile of nuts is growing. And allegiant air is offering a very clever work from Vegas package, it's all coming up right now. Welcome to the airplane Geeks podcast this episode six, hundred, fifteen of the show where we talk aviation I mix flight with me. This episode is David Van. Hoof are. A historian and military aviation expert. Hey everybody I had a good weekend at the Museum I. Shout Out to Stuart and a couple of other people who showed up to walk up and start telling me stories about airplane geeks in. Then I realized, Oh, they're listeners. Now kind of non sequiturs looking forward to a lot of Max west stories. We may have to explain that. This. Is, Max Max Trescott coast of Aviation Newstalk podcast. He's also a national five year and of course, he's an expert. On the. Aircraft and I'm the chief storyteller. Apparently I'll tell you I'll tell you a quick one. I spent three days at the shore and man my feeling. Great. There's nothing more relaxing than just getting out there and get your sand in the toes and. Getting a little. Getting a little sanity back. In the toes that's uncomfortable. I hope it wasn't too crowded. You know it was crowded Saturday Sunday not. So credit today but certainly, not east coast beach crowded. It's. Believe me way spread out compared to that but I had the mask off when people weren't around put it on people were close by. So most of the time they weren't nearby so very, very relaxing. So I'm back good good. All right. Well, we have a lot of news stories to talk about this episode. Max Trescott is somewhat responsible for that as we'll. Walk them. And We'd better get started. So are you guys ready ready from the West Ready in the hurricane? First story comes from. Reuters united to. Drop contract with express jet dealing fatal blow. That sounds ominous. Yes. United sent out initially a note saying that they were going to be. Choosing between one of their two rival regional carriers that the soup they're partnered with and literally with a day or two after that, they came out and said we've decided. Made me think they'd already decided the first time when they kind of gave the heads up on this. But yes, they are saying goodbye to express jet which properly announced that they may be. In. Big Trouble. So I I have a feeling that company may essentially be out of business. Now said that their contractors to operate fifty seat airplanes I was thinking that most of the regionals had moved up to seventy seat in the larger. So I was surprised that they were only operating fifty seat planes, which may be one of the reasons that they were. The ones chosen to be cut I don't know. The Air Yard. J.. One forty fives and yeah the the planes operated by express jet or going to commute. Air. Express jet has more of them currently than commute air. But commuters going to be the sole United Yard J. One, four, five operator. And I guess the logic for this kind of. Obvious maybe united is. looking ahead and seeing themselves as becoming a smaller airline as are most of them. These days result of the pandemic. Andy. United wants to consolidate these and the they do say that transition will take a number of months, which is not very specific. But both expressed jet and commute air been around the wild. So they both really formed in the Eighties Express, jet was established in eighty six. Operations started in nineteen, eighty seven. And Commute Air was founded in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty nine. So they both have a history. I I don't really know. What the the logic is that united employed to decide which of those two was gonna be the going forward commuter airline for united but Here's the result Yup and undoubtedly more pilot for lows. Yes yes. Well. Yeah. I mean we're worse than furloughs I mean the the airlines evaporated it's interesting you know United I'm wondering. is going to maybe work their way into getting into doing their own regional flights. It would be interesting to see if you know if they've weaned off one, maybe they can take over those routes you know and eventually consolidate to doing what airlines did back in the day and that was they flew everywhere and didn't subcontract. Well there's that little pesky scope clause issues that Throws a monkey wrench in that. I don't know you know. SCOPE clause has been around for a long time, and of course, this is the. This is the the rule I'm not sure what you call it. Exactly the the agreement that results in a separation of pilots between the regionals that are supplying the The airlines majors. And the majors and kind of has prevented and absorption of the regionals by the majors. But it's kind of you know it's kind of an artificial in many ways concept. Maybe these are the times when that whole thing might get questioned. I mean let's face it. We're talking about something you know post these airlines were created in the early eighties. That's forty years ago it's hard to believe. That being said, maybe it's time to re look at scope clauses especially these you know these days so. Interesting. It'll be interesting to see if the other regional start consolidating like this also with the other airlines. All right. Let's move on. To really fast jets from ABC Web, we see boom and Rolls Royce partner on supersonic later and those two companies boom and Rolls Royce. They announced they're exploring a Rolls Royce propulsion system on booms overture supersonic passenger aircraft. Now, this isn't a smaller boom xp one that's the supersonic demonstrator that's expected to be rolled out in just one month lactobacillus. Two Thousand Twenty is when they expect that demonstrator to roll out The test program scheduled to start this again for the. XP, one in twenty, twenty one and the overture at they're talking about the here is the full scale to full size commercial aircraft. So I, we have the the baby. I don't know if anybody's ever called that before but The boom. XP. One demonstrator. A smaller. Scale version and Rolls Royce is going to be working with them to to see if there's an existing engine architecture that can be adapted or whether they decided. To, be a new engine. I think probably that preferences adapting an existing engine, I don't know that. The supersonic program from boom could could afford a a whole new engine at least not just for the boom aircraft. but rolls, Royces really play hedging their bets. You know because we had breaking news today as we record this on and that news story was from July thirtieth that was Friday, and here we have Monday and what do we have virgin galactic debuts design and future mach three high, speed aircraft, signs memorandum of Understanding for Rolls Royce. This was from TECH CRUNCH DOT com. Interestingly, they are talking with Virgin. Virgin Aerospace or Virgin Galactic, and the interesting thing about this article is the aircraft are very, very similar. Almost is a concord between them. You know an agreement that we're going to have a specific shape. Very much like the original concord. So it's it's interesting that Rolls Royce is trying to get back into the. Supersonic. Airliner Industry. And maybe there's some synergies with Rolls Royce looking at. Supporting Virgin Galactic and boom. Maybe. There's some commonality there the maybe there's more commonality expected in the future then maybe evident now don't know that's staw. All speculation but yeah clearly rolls phrases. Stepping into this market. There's potential market pretty solidly. But Virgin. Galactic they want to design a mach three airplane so much faster than the than the Concorde he and there is A. Summary Division but a group under Virgin Galactic Holdings the Spaceship Company called TSE. And they're going to be doing this this work and what they've just announced here is the first stage design scope. as well as this non-binding. Imo. You with Rolls Royce. looking to collaborate develop engine propulsion technology. But the Virgin Galactic aircraft is they mentioned target to be a mach three airplane in the in the drawings showing now it's a Delta Wing aircraft SM- smaller than the boom as I recall the Virgin Galactic plane as. Capacity Plan of between nine and nine, hundred, thousand people This would fly at announced two to sixty thousand feet. They, they want to use sustainable aviation fuel and they also want to be able to incorporate custom cabin layout. So they're talking about different business or first class seating arrangements In this in this aircraft. So The FAA is involved the as center for emerging concepts and innovation is going to work with version galactic to outline a certification framework. So here again, we've got situation you know like we had with drones I guess where we have something something new something different in a certain way and. what should the certification process framework be for that? So the FAA is going to be involved in that process. And just to circle back a little bit the boom overture is going to be forty five to fifty five passengers depending upon the it configuration. So that would be considerably larger than than this one. But the other thing that I'm really wondering is going back to boom is have they partnered yet with one of the the major airframes like Boeing Airbus, and if they haven't do you think they're gonNa have to at some point in time I just kinda wonder they got to be able to get enough money to send up a manufacturing operation to you know build airplanes as expensive on their own. I think that boom supersonic is looking to to go this on their own blake show on the founder and CEO boom that was back in episode four, hundred and sixty three. So that was quite a while ago maybe we need an update. but one of the one of the coolest animations I've ever seen is on the boom website they have. I, guess, you call animation of the XP one progress. It will put a link to that in the show notes but what it does is it's it's sorta like a cut away kind of animated thing that it shows you not only the construction and the components of the of the aircraft but Sort of takes you through where they are with. And it's it's really really fascinating but I mean yeah these things are. These things are complicated and I mean there's still a lot of work. To be done particularly. With. Virgin Galactic I mean they've got to define the specific system architectures, the configurations they still have to design. The. Materials to use. In his aircraft and of course, then you've got the usual issues of thermal management and noise emissions and and all of that. So I think boom is a farther along than than virgin certainly. But yeah. These things are exciting I. Mean it's How can you not get excited about supersonic passenger jets? Agree I look forward to fly on one someday I missed out on the concord so I'd love to fly one of these on the wikipedia page for boom overture it says the program cost estimated to be six billion dollars just for the overture and I'm thinking that's a lot of money for venture capital why I just keep thinking boy at some point. I would imagine they're going to partner with with somebody or maybe linkup with somebody else's got some similar kinds of objectives. We'll see we'll see. But. We learn about another interesting new aircraft. This came from our listener Tom. this is from popular mechanics. The world's largest seaplane pulls off its first waterborne, flight. So this is the AG six, hundred coon long. China's first seaplane, but it's also the world's largest seaplane. And the title the headline title is a little bit It's a little bit misleading I think because. I think what happened here is the six hundred just had his first take off from the ocean. Because in two thousand, eighteen, the plane did fly from a reservoir. So this is the first time I guess in. Open Ocean. Open water but this plane took off but they can carry fifty passengers range twenty, seven, hundred miles It's pretty good sized one, hundred, twenty, eight foot wingspan. Hundred Twenty one feet long maximum takeoff weight. Fifty three and a half. tons. And it's it's powered by four turboprops. These are W J six TURBOPROPS, which if I'm not mistaken, these are. These are old Soviet engines that were developed in the sixties under a different. Name and I think the W J six nomenclatures for those built under license in China but I don't know. It's kind of a pretty cool airplane. It's big. And China won't say it but it's definitely has military applications. I mean it's primarily going to be a military transport if you've been following the islands that are being popping up in the Pacific. And this is a way to supply their fleet. Instead of carrier onboard delivery back to. What we used to do in coal early stages, Cold War, and we'd have transports land next to the aircraft carriers were the ships to provide supply. seaplanes or kind of an interesting thing. You know what I was struck by when I watched his video was it's big but it's amazing how low it sits in the water. You lose a lot of the hull. And and watching it take off, it took a lot to get up onto the step and then to get airborne I'm sure Mr Trescott knows what it's like to get his airplane up onto the step. But this was a lot of power requiring to get a lot of airplane up on step. You know that kind of reminds me of two different airplanes in one of the Albatross and the other is Of course, the spruce goose what do you think David which which is closer to? The Martin. Marlin. Okay. Yeah Yeah I. IT definitely it definitely or the Xinwei. US to which I mean the t tail is definitely different than But yeah, I argue about world's largest. Seaplane, I, how about we say world's largest active seaplane because I don't think anything's going to ever beat the spruce goose as far as a large seaplane goes you know my other favorite Hercules but yeah, it's it's GonNa be interesting watching them use these for long range patrols. You know various things and will it. What's also interesting is we'll see what kind of exports. They achieve you know they. They claim that they're it set up as a fire bomber, which you know it's one thing using a a candidate scooper neither go into a lake. But this would be a very large airplane to try to scoop up water to do firebombing I'm not sure that I would want to be torquing around with this in a fire. Kind of thing. All right well, yeah, there is some. There is some interest on the part of a couple of other countries in this airplane. Yeah, we remain to be seen whether this ends up being destroyed. The Chinese use aircraft primarily by the military or if some other companies pick up on this because there really are a whole lot of choices when it comes to. SEAPLANES picky. Large seaplanes these days no I mean should May. And it's just not something that people build anymore. It's you know. There's a difference I mean flow planes are fairly common, but a a sea plane is definitely unique. So we'll. We'll see what China gets away with what they're going to do with this. Yeah. All right on the. Training Pilot Training Front from Alpa pilots who flew with discredited examiner face reexamination. Oh. What's what's happening here? Yeah. This is definitely a big over a select number of people in Ohio possibly down the North Carolina area, but I think most of this was in. Ohio. The A announced Oh. Gosh. It's been more than a week now. That they are going to require pilots who took check rides with a particular FAA inspector and Examiner from two, thousand, eight through twenty nineteen. That's eleven twelve year period to take check rides over again. He could just imagine that is huge huge huge amount of work on the part of the The pilots because you know you've got the oral portion that you've got to go through means you got brush up on everything you had a brush up on your maneuvers and I talked with Jason Blair. Last week about this kind of find out why why does this happen and how often is it happened and says, it doesn't happen all that often. But in the past, there have been cases where the FAA has required similar re examinations when DP ease that's pilot examiners have either issued certificates for applicants that didn't meet the training experience requirements. So these people were. Lacking some hours or lacking something else to qualify for the check ride doing short check rides that don't meet the standards. He said there have been some pay to pass situations where people basically paid to to get their license and have in some cases haven't actually flown and there are other folks who haven't You know weren't English proficient, for example. Now, that's not the case with this particular gentlemen because we don't know exactly what was going on with him. There was a bit of a hinted to you know what might have been going on? I'll see if I can find that here in the story It said the competence airman tested during the time period question in. Of the AIRMANS qualifications to holders tickets in our readings is necessary in the interest of safety. They believe that he issued certificates under a ratings. Win Airman did not demonstrate the qualifications to hold the certificate or rating for which they were. Tested. Now, they've already sent out letters to everybody to whom this applies to. Interestingly that's pretty short timeframe. People got these letters were told they had fifteen days to come in and take their check ride with an FAA examiner, which is not a lot of time to to get ready or they were told that they can deposit their certificate with local FAA until they're ready to take that. So basically, that's that's kind of like saying, Hey, you're you're surrendering your certificate until you're ready to to take your check right so they have as taking this very, very seriously. There are some exemptions where people. Won't have to take another check ride for example, if someone took a sport pilot certificate or a recreational pilot certificate with a gentleman, then if they subsequently, for example, did their private or the commercial with a different examiner. Then they don't have to be re-examined but there are some were just plain out. If you took, for example your ATP with this gentlemen or NC Five certificate, there is no out. You must take a whole new check ride. Again I'll tell you ATP and see if is those are those are substantial check rise require a lot of. Preparation for so it's highly unfortunate that That this occurred and it does seem like the FAA's taking heart of these kinds of situations and that we might be hearing about more of these kinds of things in the future. I talked about this last week and aviation is talking to one thing. I didn't say which I should have said if I had remembered is at you know I think pilots often can are happy to go to the examiner who they think is easy and shortcuts and stuff like this. This shows you where that may not be a great strategy. So if there's an examiner in your area. That everyone is going to because it's so easy to pass with him. Just be aware you may find yourself in this kind of situation in the future where suddenly that check ride you took before no longer counts. It seems like the FAA really couldn't take any other course of action with this situation right I mean they had to treat it this way it seems to me. It's a safety issue. It's the same as you know, finding a safety issue on the airplane. Exactly. The same thing. Yet but it if it was Pakistan, we wouldn't. They wouldn't have had this problem here. But but I just, but it's. And I'm asking this seriously what kind of monitoring do CFI's? have. How would the FAA know that there's an issue with this individual and his student? Base. It's a good question I don't know how the kind of determined there was an issue. In this particular case, this is kind of an unusual one because he was an inspector working for the FAA as an employee for most of the time period. Usually this is with the DP ease who are you know essentially designated by the FA FAA employs I do know that the FAA keeps a tremendous amount of data statistics that they amalgamate on check rides both the number of chuck. Reid's given things like that. So there. And Pass rates. So, for example, if if you were to come across an examiner. WHO's pass rate for the last few months was one hundred percent. That's probably a red flag right there in the in the system that might indicate a situation where you don't maybe the examiner is taking a little money to guarantee that everybody passes or something like that. So yeah, I mean th there there are baselines where they know that on average you know certain percentage of people don't pass particular check rides So that would probably be one of the big flags you know examiner you know a and whatever state you know has done a zillion check rides in the last few months everybody passes. There's a problem they're they're not they're not. Of the year when that happens it. Kind of. Dog Dog of the Industry Yeah I mean these are unfortunate kinds of things and They bring a lot of discredit and fortunately it's just a tiny tiny tiny percentage of examiners. Do this, but it's still exists I think that's just we can call that just human nature eventually somebody will do something you know. Looking for a shortcut speaking of human nature how about Boeing's revenue? Yeah Boeing just announced their second quarter. Numbers and we see a two point, four, billion dollar net loss the that's for the second quarter alone. Their revenue fell by a quarter twenty, five percent. To eleven point eight billion and all that. Driven by a seventy one percent drop in commercial airplane deliveries. So that's You're going to have that kind of result when you have Your Business drop off like that I don't think they have a huge backlog. which will help a little bit but sure a lot of that backlog has also started to to disappear. So that's going to be going to be real challenge for them and in an open really knows how quickly all this is gonNA come back. So I'm sure three years. Yeah, I guess. There's some 737 Max news speaking of Boeing. I I used to complain about tankers put. Now I think I have a new. He's tired of talking about it So So Max, what do we have here from the FAA? Came out a couple of hours ago. The FAA has basically said that they are You know moving forward with certification that it's looking good They've given preliminary approval They said that they do want some more changes apparently there's a software patch that they still want to do in some key sensors that they want to check in but it sounds like they've been through the you know the whole application for recertification said, yeah, you know what this this looks like kits just about a done deal just go ahead and go back and make these few minor changes and that's fantastic. I mean you think about it it's been what about a year a half roughly that this aircraft has been crowded i. mean this is a really long period of time to. To work through all the issues, obviously, the issues were substantial and as you would expect with a situation like this, they undoubtedly the FAA. Went through with a fine tooth comb, which is why they ended up catching some things that they hadn't originally known about when the crashes occurred. So this is good. I mean this is going to be a extremely, well designed airplane I. Think by the time we get done with this and it looks like the end is in sight. So that is great news for Boeing, and for the airlines that are. Looking to fly these aircraft again. So there's one I guess just one remaining process. Item that has to be accomplished, and that is that there's actually a forty five day public comment period. Where interested parties have something to say about the proposed directive and they then you have forty five days to make that known and the FAA has to analyze that feedback and respond to it. I guess how long that takes depends on. How much feedback they receive in the nature of it so it's going to be at least a couple of months before the plane has cleared to fly again, and then of course, we have the issue of will airlines expect to WANNA be flying the airplane in the midst of. Whatever's going on a couple of months from now. So that's not clear either but yeah, Max, you're right. I mean this is This is a good news for Boeing and other thing we have is, of course, how are the other regulatory bodies in other countries going to respond to this? I was I. That was my thing. It was like, okay does. Now do their own thing and parallel or do they wait until everything's done with the FAA it's interesting to see what will happen with other foreign regulators how they'll handle it. Yeah. Well, we've seen in the news passengers on commercial flights causing some problems we've seen passengers who refuse to wear a mask. Result in turn. Backs. Of the of the flight which is. Not Very much fun for the rest of the passengers and not to mention the crew and all but. Evidently the response is though have went when they have turned around have been very positive by the people in the airplane even though it's a pain in the neck, everybody seems to think it's the right thing to do. So yes. Yes. and I think I would be in that position myself. Enough with. Her refusing to comply. Yeah I know I'M NOT A. Big Fan of the public should act like sheep or anything like that. But sometimes, you have to follow the rules I. You know I would just I would be really upset if somebody had actually brought on their. Horse. Pony, you know in the Past. So just isn't that funny. We haven't been complaining about these animals on airplanes a long time we've had. We've got new. We've got new types of animals on the on the flights. Exactly. But. We have one other thing that passenger sir are doing recently on the flights Max tell us about this one. Well, things are constantly changing new situations create new work arounds, passengers, and southwest has brought up a new issue, which is passengers they're bringing their own booze on board and drinking it on board. And, of course, this is one of those unintended consequences that I certainly never thought of a lot of airlines have stopped serving. Drinks of any kind on aircraft simply because they want to minimize contact between their employees and the passenger. So. People have had to to bring their own beverages, but it turns out they've been bringing some illegal beverages to the onto the airplane, and so at southwest has now changed their inflight cabinet announcements. In addition to all of the things, it will get you on the naughty list in the past you know things like. A smoking in the lavatory electric cigarettes or Plano fussing with a smoke detector in laboratory. Now, they're also announcing it is also prohibited to consume alcohol that you've brought. So I guess there are. People who have cleverly bought the cheap alcohol in the terminal in brought that on board rather than paying for more expensive On the airplane and the airlines are saying, Hey, you know what? We're seeing an increase in this and you got to cut that out. I, don't I don't think it's because you know southwest makes a lot of money from selling alcohol. Think that you know the need to be able to regulate how much people are drinking on the aircraft because you know they're not allowed to have drunk people on the aircraft. That's it's against the far's. So they are required to cut people off. If they believe that they have gotten tipsy cut hard to do that if people are bringing their own booze on board. They can always just get loaded up on the air go get get loaded up in the terminal and then Go board the airplane, and with a mask on, you'll never know all right I. Well, you might, if they're stumbling around the the the the airlines are actually required to not allow drunk people to to board the aircraft. Now, the question is, how do you determine that or not but yeah, if they? Have a good idea that someone's drunk that personal be denied boarding right at the gate. That's part of the far's. So I wonder what they're gonNa do if someone is discovered with alcohol that they brought on to the plane, not inebriated or anything I mean if you don't wear your mask. Play may go back but if you have. Simply. If you have a flask of some really Nice Bourbon with you is that mean the plane is going to. Turn back as well. I that that kind of a turn back if I was a passenger I wouldn't be too thrilled with the flight attendant in the flight crew will confiscate it for the. Jungle juice later on in the overnight stay you know you'll deal run around where you whatever the leftovers where poured into a glass and did away. So I mean it will be confiscated for your own safety and I'm sure that it will be not gone to waste. Well, they do say here than the memo that went out that when people are caught with drinks, the flight attendants have been told to use their hospitality to explain the policy ask that passengers discard open beverages and they say refrained from confiscating sealed containers, lock customers, stow those for the remainder of the flight. So now I don't think they're going to be turning back unless people get belligerent and refuse to follow the instructions of a crew member in which as I can tell you, you do not want to do that. That's the I. Mean People need to understand. You don't give lip to flight attendants because you know there are federal regulations that say you know if you don't follow Remember Order A. Subject to arrest and you know people don't get it they. They think they could mess around on the airplane nuke you don't I'll tell you what I'm seated in the exit row a I like to joke around but I never joke around with they're asking me about you know do you understand these instructions because I want that good seat and I have? I have heard stories of people being pulled out of those seats because they kind of joke around they don't answer the question and then even after they go you know I was just joking I really do speak they're like, nope. Sorry out of here and you know I think that makes sense should. It's serious business you know you you could be. The person responsible for either people getting out safely or not getting out safely and the take that that responsible. Responsibility seriously and yes I love those aisles seats. Okay but now we really need to talk about some serious news Oh. Yeah. This is tragic in I. Really think we need to talk about this and focus on it because when I read this headline. It really upset me. Evidently there's a huge surplus of American Airlines, nuts that's it. That's IT, and we're not talking about the people that love flying on the airline. We're talking about the nuts that they serve up in First Class I. Don't think they serve any of them in economy anymore, and this story isn't peanuts. This is another one of these unintended consequences. The company's been supplying. American Airlines with its first class net mix for thirty years has a surplus of nuts as businesses dropped by ninety percent. No surprise. Typically, they rose two point, four million pounds of nuts per year, most of which go to the airlines. But right now those nuts are just kind of sitting on the shelf. They've got seventy thousand bags of nuts sitting around mostly cashew almond Walnut pecan mix. And so they have decided to go online and start selling those nuts. So if you are unable to fly right now and you're missing those nuts, they have one point two, five pound bags for twelve, ninety, five seven and a half pound bags forty, eight bucks shipping included and you know it's funny. Literally, my mouth is watering right now I'm talking about this this story, Max. You have always talked about one of your pleasures of traveling first class, which would be or business class in on united the Trans trans-pacific was the hot nuts, our God I used to love the little ramic again with with those hot nuts in their. I see hot I. Think of you know like being in Manhattan at Christmas. And are these vendors. Yeah you just You know. The only thing would be better than this would be if bisque offs were like a crisis. And you know and you could but but you know not serve. It's really kind of I'm sure we're going to get more stories like this because the supply chains are you know airlines are changing their their catering you know and unintended consequences. I mean. This is there's more to justify than just people boarding the airplane and getting up and going you know I mean does it mean what kind of stock do they have on? For the catering for all of the sodas, the waters in the juices. Those effects trickle down through the rest of the you know. We might start hearing that the caterers are starting to lay off people because there aren't any there's not enough to support them. There you know. I did see a story actually that someone had taken their Cares funding catering companies, and yet it's still laid off. You know people. So apparently the government's looking into. that. So yes, caterers have been laid off already doesn't say here in the story, but my recollection is that it's at great nuts dot com. So anybody who wants to order some of these nuts max you and I were communicating over the weekend you remember that yes. Yeah. Did you remember what that was about you send something said some kind of a package to me Now you're on the road right now. Right. So you haven't seen the pack I haven't seen the package I'm I'm sort of self quarantined in the middle of Pennsylvania right now. Well, when we signed on here today I was wearing my my silly sunflower sunglasses here I assure you I did not send you sunglasses good however, can you possibly guess what might be waiting for you? When you get home you didn't send me nuts did you I sent you, nuts. You have a one and a quarter pound bag of nuts are the airline yet. The story we just read. You have some of those waiting for you at home right now You need to put your glasses back on. By the way for. I done a lot of airline travel over the last year or two a lot of it was in first class often because it was booked on short notice in the price difference wasn't that much and every time I got mine. Serving of nuts I would take a photo of it and send it to Max. Freight, that's right. Early. So finally finally you get some as well, I can't wait to get home. Put your glasses on. No, you OK. So I ordered these from Amazon because I thought it would be fun and silly. All right. Here we go. Well, I get the title of sunflower also. It's kind of fun being silly occasionally with the with the other co host and so I ordered some some silly glasses they'll be in the show notes folks. Because Hey, these are crazy times. You've got to figure out how to make a little fun occasionally, and now we need it. We need some some levity levity. Nuts you know we need not says. Let's. Lot I was going to say the three of us aren't nothing. ALL RIGHT ONE LAST ITEM From. USA. Today well, let me just mention the the article The surplus American nuts comes from one mile at a time. dotcom Ben always writes Great. Great content over there, and of course, we'll have a link that in the shouts but from USA Today we see Viva Las Remote Office question-mark allegiant air to pitch work a from Vegas travel packages to boost bookings. This sounds like it might be an interesting idea. I I love creative ideas I worked in marketing for a while and I was at HP before I wanted to sales and. Marketing is all about figuring out. I mean among other things. Yeah. How how can you modify your product in a way that makes it more attractive to? Customers, and of course, when you have all these empty hotel rooms in Las Vegas and you have all these empty airline seats, obviously there's a possible mutual benefit to working together. So allegiant is now peddling packages that include both nonstop airline tickets and hotel room, and they're basically pitching it as fly stay work in play. So folks who are working at home. Anyway they're pitches well, heck. You can work at home just as well from a hotel room in Las Vegas. So why don't you hop on an allegiant and we'll give you this package deal where you you know you might also have a little fun on the side while you're while you're working in the funny thing is your boss will probably never know so i. I think this is Kinda clever It's a perfect. Program for allegiant to have been a partner in this I don't know if people know but. allegiant has essentially to major hubs in the US maybe they'll be able to third one now but one was Sanford Florida, which is. Airport just outside of Orlando which they flew into because it's just a very low cost compared to Orlando and the other was Las Vegas and if you look at their route map, essentially UC spokes rating out from these two hubs and they fly to many many many smaller medium size cities. For example, I know that they've had a flight from Elmira New York, which is where I used to fly out of when I was growing up in northern Pennsylvania Down to Florida so you can't really fly too I. It's kind of a hub and spoke, but with kind of a limited hubs in locations you can go to. But if you happen to be in, you know cities like Indianapolis you can have a four night weekday stay at the MGM granted mid-september for three hundred and forty bucks, which includes round trip airfare and hotel but excludes seat assignments and baggage and hotel resort fees. Well, that's certainly gonNA. Add. More more money to wait till your boss sees the expense report for the hotel. Wireless. Well well, you know I was working from home sort of put it too clever idea. Fantastic idea tonight. Yeah. In know in the spirit of what we're talking about earlier, which is, how do we put more fun into these crazy times? I'm sure there's some people are going to go. Go wait. I am so tired of these four walls I'm going to hop on the airliner. We're GONNA go. To Las Vegas and. Nobody will ever know that a whole those an instant messages were coming from the side of the pool at the MGM Grand Yeah The these times definitely call for creative ideas and not just the airlines or other aviation companies everything. But at least with respect to the, you know the airlines and things that we talk about here. You know you can throw up your hands and. Say The sky is falling which it is. And you know pull your hair out. figuratively. Or you can come out of you that have those. Yes. Sorry Max. Yeah. Yeah. No problem. You know or you can. You know take the opportunity to think of something completely unexpected something that's you know is something that you would never even. Think about under well a year ago or six months ago. Let's say. And so you know yeah, I think allegiant is. Doing something that represents some really good thinking and trying to make the best out of a situation. That's you know rather unpleasant. Hurry we have a couple of shouts David. Do you WANNA mention? One of our favorite past guests. First of all bill. Congratulations, we miss you now that you're not with. That organization, you know otherwise known as the NASA history office but most of all happy birthday and hopefully we know you listened to the show and we know no, you've moved to Connecticut. So hopefully, you'll get to see Max occasionally Massachusetts Actually Massachusetts right? Just England has has that we'll round it off the New England but bill has been very good to us over the years. You know and. It's one thing when ric you get a guest but it's another when you you discover a friend So. Bill is is has been good to me to you know when I I was sick. I got a gazillion books to read from NASA. Miss you bill good luck with the rest of your life. But hopefully, we'll have you on and and you can send us notes saying how wonderful we are when we screw up talking about NASA Yeah Bill. Berry does He keeps US honest which is which is good as do. Many of many of you listening. Including a another friend of ours that we want to mention and that's our main man Mica. Happy Birthday to to MICA. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday. Dear. Main man happy birthday to you and many more. Very Good Nice voice there David now, wait a minute That song is is is no longer trademarked per okay. That was that was my question is going into the public to me. We have to cut that from the show. No he delegates actually in the public domain now finally. Also just a reminder. We mentioned this last time last episode for a limited time pilot. Dot Net is offering a discount code for airplane geeks listeners. That code is airplane geeks Eighteen one eight and you wonder why? Eighteen. Eighteen month membership at pilot partner for the price of twelve in WanNa thank. Thank Ken for making that available to airplane geeks listeners. We're going to wrap this up a little bit of a short episode where sort of under we're under sort of a I've got bad weather. Max's on the road and Trescott is wearing funky glasses. So therefore it's probably the type for the three of us to call it an evening. Right? Right. So thanks for listening. Find US an airplane geeks dot. You'll find show notes there how you can find us on. Social Media. You can learn more about us and we even have a donate button there. If you'd like to contribute to the cause, help us pay for all this and of course, there's always you can go directly to the show notes for this episode, his being numbers six fifteen. Well, that's it. Airplane GEEKS DOT com slash six, one five and the email addresses the geeks at airplane. GEEKS DOT. com. Look forward to hearing from you. All right. David. Vanderhoek where to folks find you online. Oh twitter facebook. Not on TIKTOK. But you could. You can also find me on our slack or team, and like Max said, are the email address to get your invite is the Geeks at airplane geeks Dot Com and we'll be happy to send you an invite and join the conversation, and of course, there's always Friday mornings with that Guy Max flight on the Digest. That's right and. I've got my voice back If he if you listened to the last episode of the Digest I, just totally lost my voice that day. So David had to carry the carry the burden, carry the weight. Of that episode's thanks for doing that David Max, Trescott where we find you all the usual places and if you haven't gone out to my youtube channel, just search for Aviation Newstalk, Click unsubscribe there got some new videos up there and more coming so you might enjoy that and of course, the place to email me would be at aviation newstalk dot com click on the contact at the top of page and you can shoot me an email. You can find me on linked in look for Max flight also with David at. UAB DIGEST DOT COM and with Mary Kirby talking about the passenger experience. HAD PACKS EX PODCAST DOT com. So. Please join us again next week as we talk aviation on the airplane GEEKS podcast by everybody, keep the blue side up and thanks for listening.

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