Welcome to Romans road. The podcast of me Eddie. Roman this where we talk about evangelism and apologetic in all kinds of Kristin Scott. Today we journey to the island of Jamaica Yaman my friend Mike Stockwell and Robert Gray they are the forces behind cross country evangelism. You can find them at cross country evangelism dot com. That's their ministry cross country. EVANGELISM DOT COM. These guys are fulltime opener. Preachers missionaries to American college campuses sporting events events city events and anywhere. A crowd of unbelievers can be found. These guys are out there. evangelizing fulltime all the time. They're supported by their churches. Is and this is what these guys do. And so I've had the pleasure of evangelizing alongside them on the streets a few different times and I've had the opportunity of joining them on on their annual mission trip to Jamaica the land of Rasta and Gone Job and speaking of Ganga on my last trip to Jamaica. We were talking to people on the streets of new grill which is a beach town and we were walking past an outdoor bar and there was a young man smoking a joint and drinking a beer and I ended up talking to him now. He was polite and he didn't blow pot smoke in my face so I managed to get through this conversation without getting high and so before I get into this conversation. This brings up an important point if I as a Christian look down on sinners if I avoid people bull who smoke pot party. Listen to music with anti-christian lyrics or or are involved in any other kind of sin. If I organize my life so I'm never around sinners what's going to be hard for me to evangelize. Could you kind of need lost people in order to evangelize so we shouldn't be repulsed post by sinners. We should have compassion on them and one way to do that is to remember where you came from. But for the grace of God you could be were they. Are you know. First Corinthians six that lists all kinds of different and kinds of centers and then at the end of it it says and such were some some of you but you were washed. You were sanctified. You were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the spirit of God and so no matter what kind of sinner you encounter. It's good to remember You know what I was once in their shoes. The only reason I'm different now is because I've been washed I've I've been changed. God has changed me and then in titus three starting in verse three it says for we also once were foolish ourselves. How's disobedient deceived in slave to various less and pleasures spending our life in malice? Envy hateful hating one another. But when the kindness of God our Savior and his love for mankind appeared he saved us not on the basis of these which we have done in righteousness but according into his mercy by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit whom he poured out upon US richly. Through Jesus Christ our Savior so so that being justified by His grace we would be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life and so I don't have a hard time talking with sinners because I can can relate. I used to be one. God Save me and he can save anyone any kind of center any kind of sense. Don't look down on the lost look on them with compassion and again. Just remember where you came from. You're not better than any unbeliever. You're just better off because you have a savior reach out to the lost even when they're different than you just an important thing to remember right so we're going to start my conversation. Now with the Jamaica Mon the the man with the gun just cigarette in his hand so this guy is actually smoking a joint the entire conversation. I'm going to. I'm going to ask him about it at one point. This is how some people are Jamaica that you'll just you'll see people smoking pot out on the street and you'll smell it quite often and I guess they're just so used to it. It's not a big deal. It's not legal and I'm going to ask the guy about that but anyway this is me in Jamaica on let me ask you this. What do you think happens after you die? Where do we go? That's like with the not everybody wonders. I would personally say I need my open can give you answered. I'd know if it's true my dose. I give him my opinion or outburst and they say that when you die you're GONNA face. I George remained of course and I don't really really believes in regard nation but the were the cycle on you have to wonder. Where do they go with new life? Come from they did it at had you ever living sold inside spirit and it did the flesh. I One your flesh and we live in an athletic spirit inside which is leave after your diet so living saw they do whatever. That's all lives on. Okay so when you look at it I'm not saying regarding Sean is saw but it could be a possibility in certain people I on. Its IT in my head as a possibility. So that's really my point. No God is perfect. That's been deleted got. Nobody can home about until what did so right off the bat he is saying I don't know for sure. They talk about reincarnation. They talk about judgment enjoyment. And I'm not totally sure but reincarnation kinda seems to make sense because the world is a cycle so that's kind of always starting off here. You're what I usually do. Is I repeat back what they've said to me just to make sure I'm following them so you you're not sure but you think maybe reincarnation incarnation possibility possibility but you also say that there's some there's some kind of creator and there's there's GonNa be a judgment yeah I think thing so therefore everybody maybe not this big judgement day that log on Coleman Fire and strike you because I personally i. I'm not what I'm not no historical person that but I watch a few documentaries. Science documentary read also. So you know. I'll try to keep tape today. Did but when they reflect with no one to our our my I you know. I'm not sure how did call this time. They did. ACT THAT IS NON Oklahoma Fire for us and by personally. Don't believe that that's that's my personal view is a good ride and if you have a good heart they told you that you have to be a Christian to go to heaven I I don't the thing that okay. So he definitely has had some kind of teaching saying the Lord or the Lord is good Lord and he knows is about the coming judgment. You know he's talking about the Lord coming with fire and talking about Noah's Ark and he is communicating something that a lot of people believe not just in Jamaica but all over America they talk about judgment but if God is good good. He's not going to judge anyone. If God is good he's going to be nice he's going to be sweet. No one's GONNA get hurt. And that is a common belief and I kind of call that the lopsided view of God God has a bunch of different attributes. Love is one of them. But if you focus only on that one an attribute of God you're going to have a lopsided view. God you're going to have a God that is all one attribute and none of the rest. It's it's important to see God as he presents himself so yes God is love but he's also righteous he's also a judge he's also the god of vengeance upon upon his enemies and so God has many different things and so anytime you take one of his attributes and focus only on that you're going to have a a wrong view of God and so some people do it in the opposite way the only focus on God's wrath and so they have a God who they only think is mean and nasty the and these people usually become very critical because they see God is critical. They see God as someone who's just mean and so it's important to study the entire Bible and learn all the attributes of God and not place one over the other not placed the one you like the best in the forefront of all the other attributes tributes of God and so a lot of people do that and it seems right away that that's what this man is doing and so Let's see what happens. There is some kind of judgment that's going to happen and you have to have a good heart is to said pure heart cleaner. Don't lie by then commander if that's the case let's have a clean heart live good to watch. People don't grudge somebody for their own own. That's not yours. You know you work hard. You try to make it in the in some good formal for his every no-man's perfect and it's true knew that when he at manifest as some people say the Lord has manifest themselves into Mary's womb become the flesh on the bone and you walk art and he said No. That's why maybe at said life. I give them far. They don't know what the I've done so he says it's not easy being a human. He knew we weren't perfect. Nobody's perfect so let me let me ask you this my friend so you said that the way that you pass the judgment is by being being being good order being righteous being pure how are you how are you doing with that. Is your heart clean so often people will bring up the fact that you need to be good in order to get to heaven. They'll mention the ten commandments. Once in awhile and that's great for me because my goal in part of the conversation is to get a person to look at the Ten Commandments. It's so when someone brings it up on their own. It's a very easy segway to say Okay Ten Commandments. Let's look at him. How are you doing with that? Is Your heart clean. There's a way you can you can know you mentioned the Ten Commandments K.. By looking at the Ten Commandments. We can see where we're at before a holy God so let me ask you this. Would you consider yourself to be a good person. I think so I think so too 'cause allied on my heart and I because I'm a smoker a drinker. That's the things under that people do even though a lot of Christians tell you that they're separating nufemme dot. Org lied. I mean come on you drive a car window. There was no history back. Today's wasn't driving. Your car. Delight took it took a ride from a donkey to to to stable. That's true no we are getting more comfortably comfortably in Newark. I don't know what the car has to do with his sin but He is saying people say you shouldn't smoke pot. And he's got to join in his hand and he's basically saying it's not really that bad now. Another thing he said was as far as smoking and drinking goes. That's just things on the earth that people do not sin. That's just stuff that people do. Well all sin is stuff people do. They're either doing wing something by breaking God's law or they're thinking something and breaking God's law that way but also Senate stuff that people do mine kind is making so how much little stuff far US human being which they got the knowledge an inspiration from God's worse but they're making it so much you know a checked into human being that it's not easy for you to see those stuff won't do them. You know something that up but you got a lot of people that don't smoke orange and even though you got a lot of Christian they were allowed to save your life is not Senate but yet still you would allow to save your life so no one is that that it does leaves back to that point right here so. I think that there are a lot of Christians that say things that don't make sense but we don't have to worry about what all the Christians say we need to worry about what the Lord says right and by looking at the Ten Commandments. We can kind of see for ourselves. What we're doing slum? Let me ask you this. How many lies do you think you've told? In your whole life listen mcgarity ricotta cheese. Fuel is okay now just for the record. I have no idea what he just said but I did hear the word lies so I'm just going to keep listening and see where this goes lies. Let me tell is not the simple allies overdose forget to excite it rise up to see a midlife are getting me with problems that I would think that would take myself in any problem onto our so. Have you ever ever told lies that you weren't telling to save your life. You just told them off problem or be or because you wanted to get your way with some. I've been I. I've been incarcerated incarcerated before an ad ally to make up a story does not to put other people in problem dot was not snitching. Sure so what do you call someone who tells live who does does lies a liar. You're liar have you ever stole something even even something small a pencil when I was a kid Lighter you know but I I'm not GonNa see me break break into somebody's house and go in there but stealing pens from me weak we can we can. We can still without breaking into someone's house right. So what do you call someone who steals things. Your teeth ever use God's name in vain use God's name as a cuss word no cost or to express discuss or anger like you use when you're in trouble US Gods God's name in a in a bad way a lot of people do but not I personally not I add got angry at one point when I never did that. I just got ignorant I. I was talking to Muslims asking. God Why does that happen to me in blind and you know and undenied relaxed Beg For forgiveness which I think he did you know but you have news. God's name in vain that's called blasphemy right. It's taken the name of the Creator and dragging it through the dirt. Define that for me more. Give me an example. So using God's name in vain would be to use God's name like inappropriate way. Maybe say Jesus Christ but you say it in in a way where you're angry. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's that that not only me. I think that a lot of people orna before about yeah. That's true. Yeah okay so that's called blasphemy. So he's starting to squirm a little bit. He started not enjoy the so much. So I'm going to thank him. I'm GONNA thanks income for bearing with me and being patient you know and I understand that it is a easy or fun thing to be confronted with your sin. So I'm going to be as gracious as I can through the whole process that thanks for doing this interview. So have you ever Looked upon a woman with lust. Yeah I think that That's something that even if a married man he married for twenty years you can get an email looks if you think it's even wrong but you're not doing the action you know that's natural for you to see something and think about but not doing it so if you think about it wrong then we are on well. Jesus Christ himself he actually said you know you're not supposed supposed to commit adultery. But I say to you if you look at a woman with less you're committing adultery in your heart see. That's God's standard are our standards are very low but but God standards are very high k.. So if we've looked at a woman with less as far as God's concern we've committed adultery in our heart and then last question. Have you ever hated someone. We've been really angry at someone I've been angry at someone but hatred is not something I keep in my heart. I I personally think that you gotta you leave that part to God. You Know I. I'm not saying our dislike you but not to a point where I hate you eight you you know because you got some certain people you gonNA agree with or whatever but I don't really Aliki Ages in my I'll to let go you know that's good but I won't forget already happened do not. This is true so but you have been angry with someone. Jesus said you know you're not supposed to commit murder but I say to you if you've been angry with your brother you've committed murder already in your heart again. God standards are a lot higher than us. He looks at the heart. He knows. Those are our thoughts. You got murdered your heart murdering your heart. Yeah absolutely so then. You've got another thing about it so much. You know so much Ado n Norman is perfect. That's true fate we all. I think that this is something that people live and feed off the Lard. The fate that we have in him. 'cause I got faith not not because I'm not aggressively. So he's got faith and he's basically saying well as long as you have faith that's what matters and that's a common thought people. We'll say things like well as long as you believe in something and that something works for you. Then that's what matters or maybe there's a thought as long as I believe in in God in some form than God's going to be okay with me because I believe in him now what they're not realizing that if they believe in God auden some form and it's not the god of the scriptures then they're believing in an idol and idolatry is a sin so a lot of people just kind of thing. Yeah well as long as you got faith. That's what matters when in actuality you can have your faith in the wrong thing do you. Do you think that it's important. To have your faith in the right thing or the white right. One for instance. If I had my faith in a police officer that he was GonNa to help me but that police officer turned out to be corrupt mankind if I had my faith in in anything if I had my faith in this chair right here but the chair was old and broke when I sat on it my faith might might be real but it might be placed in the wrong thing. So it's it's important for us to make sure our faith is is breath so let me ask you this my friend. You've been very honest with me and I and I thank you. You've you've committed many sins just like me right. Nobody's perfect like you said said if you're creator was to judge you today if you were. How old are you joining? Three twenty three. If you happen to get hit by a car or or or somehow die beef today before I almost almost out of time so I have to be very grateful absolutely but if you were to find yourself dying today and you stood before your Creator. He was to judge you and he saw you as a liar and a thief and a blasphemer a murderer heart and adulterer heart do. Do you think he would see you as someone who is innocent or someone who is guilty of breaking his law. I would think you would sell me as somebody loss as what I think in my head because Dan I think I'm lost from the truth as a lot lot of people there. I always ask God for forgiveness that if today if he comes hours in around the nomination I wasn't I was lost and confused all cutting tradition You know confusion. That's going on with the Bible and in the world and not only say because you got so many hundred different uneven nation worshiping the Lord so I think I know I'm GonNa do not thing I know so okay now. This is awesome awesome. This guy just admitted that he thinks he's lost and so even though at the beginning of the conversation he saying well. Maybe it's reincarnation nation maybe God's going to judge me but he's not really going to judge me harshly now the real issue with him coming out he saying I'm lost now in a minute. We're GONNA see that. He's kind of using his loss nervous as an excuse possibly to be lost to basically say I'm lost and because I'm lost God's GonNa be okay with me because he knows I don't know everything kind of thing and I and I'm going to deal with that but but I just love the fact that this guy just admitted that he's lost. You know what my friend. That's actually a very good place to be because you're humble about it you admit that you don't know everything you admit that that you could be wrong and I think it's very important for us to understand that God is bigger than us. He knows more than us. And I really appreciate the fact that you would admit that that you call yourself lost and I think that's a great description of what you've just said so so if God was to judge you based on his law he would find you guilty right he would find you guilty of being a liar and a murderer and a thief and all these things well. I'm yeah I'M GONNA I'm GonNA disagree with you. Know I think all right if those are the truthful ways to go in heaven and yes well. Here's the thing that is. That's God's law so according to his law God will judge all sin now. I'm not now. This isn't the end of the story K.. But but if this was the only thing that got it ever done with this if got it only given his law you haven't kept the law. I haven't kept a law and because of that. No Man no woman can get to heaven simply by keeping God's law because all of us have sinned all of us fall short the glory of God in you know no absolutely barnes so yeah. This guy's definitely been to church at some point. The fact that he said he was born in sin. I mean that's Romans five nineteen for as through the one man's disobedience meaning atom the many were made sinners the Bible says we were made sinners. And it all goes back back to Adam's disobedience so this guy actually knows more than most people I talked to you in order for you to live the right way. I think you gotTa be light job due to the cause in the Bible Attila about this job. That got us The Creator took away his cattles. His wife he was being sued right. Everybody was that blaspheme against a lot and was like no and then got repaid him in a lot of ways that you could never imagine so I think that that's one of these humbled absolutely. It's good for us to be humble. Let me let me ask you this. Does it concern you at all that if you were to die today and stand before God any was to judge did you. You would be guilty of committing all these sins and that and that you would end up in Hell if God was to judge based on that does that concern you at all it it. It does to be honest because nobody wants to go to add but then in the eyes of being a human being autozone fully that if I personally think that God has a hard of you know something good in pure and you can look into you in your life and seeing that you did wanted to try. But you'll be lost and mankind. Mankind unkind as ruling so much. By God's were bringing so many stuff demonic stuff you've got the devil worshippers out there in influencing these stuff. It's hard for you as a human being to live the pure heart because even the Christian a lot of them to have a pure heart not. I'm not I'm just being honest goes to live that way. It's very hard in the world right now. We live. Well God does see our heart and that's the problem. He knows better than all of us. How sinful we are? Let me ask you this. Is this a gun just cigarette cigarette your smoking gun. Okay now is that. Is that legal here in Jamaica illegally as been decriminalized meaning that you can be caught with as as long as they're less than two zero K but it's over you can be charged you can be arrested are still ticketed for it. So it's not really fair legalize but decriminalized you still got laws and regulations to it. But you know what one of the one of the things the Bible says it is that we're to obey the laws of the land. Were to be it could citizens and follow the law of the land or actually put in place by by government but the government is long as as long as the government is not sending against God. They're doing the right thing against God. My friend. The government the government the government is definitely corrupt. Robbed in many places. I'm I'm not gonNA argue with you there. Let me ask you this my friend. Does it concern you that if you were to today today and be judged by God that that you would end up in hell yeah. Of course I think that that has If you if you do believe in God you gotTa believe in have ended up with two. That's it's just simple logic and it bypasses so many people. If you believe in God then you gotTa believe the devil. Why because the information about God odd that we believe comes from the same place as the information about the devil will does ask God for forgiveness even going to send me to hell? That's that's what after dealing with. I didn't want to do it but then God known my heart. You know I'm GonNa Stick to what I'm saying I'm at let me let me tell you this so it's good to ask for forgiveness but that's not enough your sin has to be paid for. You know that when you go to jail you. There's there's a price that needs to be pay. You get sentenced a certain amount of time or a certain thing you have to do and your your your sentence needs to be paid. Do you know what God did many years ago where he paid the fine for your sentence in other words when you sinned against God when you broke the Ten Commandments. You broke God's law. Do you know what God did a long time ago that he would pay the price for your sin when he sacrifice his own son. Absolutely so think of it like this. You God's law. Jesus paid the fine. Jesus Christ was God in Human Flesh. She came to this world. He lived a perfect life. He accomplished all right to snus and then he gave his life on the Cross for sin he was paying the price for sin but not for his own sin he was he had no sin. And the promise of the Bible is if you turned from your sin and that begins in your mind that begins with like a humility like job instead of wanting to do things your way you you throw away your pride and humility. You choose to follow. Jesus Jesus Christ when you turned from your sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ God will save you from the punishment you deserve. That's what's called being born again right now like you said you had you had that mine. I mean three barn absolutely so so so you know a lot of the Bible I can tell maybe you went to church. You do okay so you have some information inside inside of your mind and it's good information. What you need to do is apply that information you know about Jesus Christ but you need to know Jesus Christ in other words you need to value need to him and the way you do it is by repenting turning turning from your sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ putting your faith in the fact that he really did die on the cross and he rose from the dead and when he did that he he he defeated death but he also paid the price for your sin? See Our problem. Is that when we were judged by. God we're not GonNa have enough righteousness to enter into the presence of a holy God but when we put our faith in Jesus Christ in in effect we're putting our faith in his righteousness and not in our own basically admitting God the father I don't have enough righteousness but I'm GONNA put my faith in Jesus Christ and what he did for me on the Cross. And so that's why God commands Allman Allman everywhere to repent and. That's the way that a person gets right with God by trying to be good or not by trying to make up for all the bad things you did but right by accepting what Jesus Christ did on the Cross as a free gift from God turned from your sin. Put Your faith in Jesus Christ and you'll be saved saved from the punishment you deserve. You do that by faith and once you're born again God changes your heart. He begins to give to to change your desires. And you go from someone who's been following after the world following after yourself and you begin to be a Christian someone who is a Christ follower someone who follows after Christ what do you what do you think about that. What do you think about that so explaining things to people if I've talked for a while I want to know their thoughts? I want to know what author thinking because whatever they're thinking that's going to determine where I go from here obviously. This guy is heard the Bible. I want him to understand is clear as possible. Well how this can apply to him. So that's why I want to know. What is he thinking? Well that's that's not Something bad 'cause that's actually something great to be a father of Christ yes I would understand only if you understand. Most of what you're doing you know online. Me That is that is that would be a different case for the wanting wanting to yes. I do a Lotta Times I do say you know I want to get closer and closer. You know and I don't know as you said the world wouldn't do win in living for the world and maybe for yourself I would say. Maybe that's the situation. I am right now until I learn. Every every day I learn I try to learn something new to draw myself closer because as I say yes I do believe they asked to be a creator for this earth as to you know anybody who doesn't believe that they're stupid now. One thing that you keep saying you keep saying that your loss and I agree with you. There was a man in the Bible when he met. Jesus Christ he said I once was lost and now I'm found found so my prayer for you is that we you would turn to him. Not only with the head. Knowledge modeling with a a knowledge of the information but with a heartfelt faith in Jesus Christ wanting to know about him but when you turned from your sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ God will give you a new heart. You'll be born again. Dan In once the Holy Spirit comes to reside in you. He'll give you the power to do what's right see. It seems to me like you know what's right. You know right and wrong. You claim to be lost but at the same time you understand much of the truth knows some scripture. You understand what it means to follow. Jesus Christ I'm thankful that you're not being dishonest. You're being very real with me. And that's a good thing. I don't see you as a hypocrite but at the same time I see you with someone who knows the truth breath at least a little bit and I would pray that I would pray that you would accept the truth at least a little bit after that. I know at least what I think is the truth. You know because I always say to every Christian out there whatever jail the witness whatever. You'll be out there whatever you'll be as long as you're an individual when when he comes to God not for vacuum but you have faith a lot of faith that the believe you got in your heart again tell you it through but for a fact that nobody has been Okay so he definitely does not clearly understand the gospel message. At least the part of it where or Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but by me and that's an important part and the reason I know that because he basically just said well whatever you are if you're a Christian Christian if you're a Jehovah's witness you just need to believe when according to the Bible a Jehovah's Witness since they do not worship the true and living God since they they have a false version of Jesus Christ. They believe he's actually Michael. The Archangel in disguise and a bunch of other heresies a Jehovah's Witness is not a Christian Christian and the fact that they go after Christians to try to convert. Christians shows that they understand the difference between Christians and Jehovah's was witnesses as well. We do hall have faith that that's true but again the faith that you have is you've admitted you don't know if it's real you consider yourself lost ost so I would challenge you to allow yourself to be to be found to be found. This guy is not allowing himself to be found in other words. He's he's suppressing the truth all throughout this conversation he he. He understands a lot of the truth. But he's suppressing he staying away from it. I I think it's just because he likes to smoke pot and he likes to live his lifestyle. The way is and that's actually gonNA come out in a minute. I'm on God's plan to eliminate implant to the seminar put outweigh Baci Mass Ave in my not one point said no because it'd be son newly. Listen I mean I think that's an my head. I'm glad I look at me. What we have been a big known for me? I mean of it too much now my thinking about it. I have no idea what he just said. Do you have to be good in the bud. The good one artists coming ahead for Attila right and they are basically see runabout. Take no do it do it. I got one say no. Do not do it so I always try my best to follow the good liquefies in my head. I'm not trying to follow the ban. Okay I just say you got to talking to you in your mind. Yeah that's done obvious. Tried to follow the good one but yet still sometimes still being drawn by following and what the Bible actually has a name for that. It's called your conscience. God has given every man a conscience. So even if you don't even if you don't know the Bible you still know it's wrong to lie. It's wrong to steal. It's wrong to everybody. Got Feeling inside where you're GonNa kill somebody you know. It's wrong from our tender age. You can tell you can tell your kid not to do that and she understands. Are you understand. You know that it's wrong right. We've all been given a conscious even certain the influences that you got into entertainment business they tell you that. Jay Z sold. But yet still you are to watch choosing to follow Wendy's speed Leonardo one that they're going to be on. Don't push true. The influential like they got blaming yourself for being influenced by them. That's an obvious that it'd be so as I say even though you see me I smoke Blah Blah Blah. I'm a I think personally that God would look at me and you know maybe give me an acceptance opt into heaven. I'm just saying that. Maybe the big maybe situation to the height avenue you know. Let me let me clarify that. So God you know I agree. God probably doesn't care about your clothes you know we. We shouldn't look at the outward appearance but again God does know your heart and that's the problem because all of us all of us have sent in the Bible actually says it. Gods is too pure to look upon evil. There will be no sin in the presence of of the Creator. And that's why it's so important that that we received the righteousness of Christ God's God's not punk he's not GonNa let people slide. That's why we need a savior. And that's why it's so important to repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ so my encouragement would to you. You know you talk about people following bad examples. I would I I would encourage you to follow the best example. There's ever been in this world. And that's Jesus Christ gotten human flesh died on the cross rose from the dead. If you put your faith in him turned from your sin he will grant you the gift of Eternal Life K.. On which on which we do plan to do everything takes time in life. You know as you said Mike in die. Ah I walk the streets not knowing what you know. Everything takes you understanding. Get quicker to grasp that opportunity before earns out. You know hopefully fleet for me yet. That would happen for me. You know so. Let me ask you this what. What is keeping you from doing from doing that because you just said you don't know when when your time's going to run run out? The the fact of the matter is all all of us could die tomorrow. I personally you can tell you why let me put it. Let me put it this way. I'm just not radio it I don I sometimes. Maybe that's true. Maybe I'm not. I'm not sure but I I can't give you a president per maybe the guy. I'm not ready to give it opposite knowingly if I do it and after small I'm not there. It is the gun show. I know what I'm doing is wrong but I'm not ready to give up my. We'd he'd be honest. I appreciate that all right so this is interesting. We've talked a lot. He basically is saying you're right. I need to do this someday. I just need time. The Sky understands right or wrong. He understands that he needs Christ but he just isn't ready to do that right now. Basically I'm about to get very serious with this person because what they're doing is they're saying well someday I'll deal with that but what they don't understand standards it someday may never come. No one is guaranteed another minute another second of life. We don't know when deaths going to happen and so I'm about to to get very real with this guy and just put that fact right in front of him. Let me leave you with this question. Maybe you can think about it. You know as we go. Oh maybe as you're laying in bed tonight what sin is it that so important to you that it's worth spending eternity in hell over. What could it possibly be? What are you having that? It's so valuable to you that it's worth doing for a little while the short vapor of the life you have that it's that it's so valuable that you're willing to throw all of eternity away so just think about that question and again the promise of the Bible's that God will save Save. You turned from your sin. Put Your faith in. Jesus Christ I can give you a lot of answers for that but real and I'm not sure about it yet what I'm going to give you one for the thing. Mankind has done the desert as messed it up all right so immediately he doesn't WanNa think about that Let's talk about mankind because even money with money money money can physically take you up and bring it to the doctor as somebody has to do that but yet still money is so important within a lot of people. I personally think that if you had is not it's it's not money because money can't physically meet the closer I got our money can't physically meet my that's true. What if everybody body came together and shared? Not If you know to build a plane you teach me I teach Lecarr Blah Blah Blah but money. Money has a lot to do with all of these. That's going on the luxury that their bill. Everybody wants to be comfortable bringing back the days where you had only wear cloth around new. Are you cook outside. You live near the temple and the big fancy houses. Then it'd be maybe a better word because then you will have people being so greedy because Greece a lot to do with these people into something else so I guess yes if we all had loincloths and we lived in huts then no one would be greedy anymore and that goes directly against the book of Genesis. When all these people who lived very simple lives kill each other and hated shot? Did all the sinful stuff so yeah the myth that if everything was simple then everyone's heart would be obscure. It's definitely easy for us to look around at the world and see all the problems but again my friend I would encourage you to look in look inside yourself see the main problem there which be which is sin. I do I do know I've got some problems. You know. Everybody got problems as I say I. Maybe maybe I'm just being honest. I don't think I'm ready to give up the life that I'm living just because life that mankind has impacted on us. If you understand what I mean I I understand I and I appreciate that. I don't think you should. You should do anything that you're not wholeheartedly ready to do. But again my friend I'd I hope that I I onto it for me. I need a lot more answers to you. Know not just you know but everything takes style. Everything takes time and and I hope that God awed grants you the gift of time. I hope that got actually allows you to cling to him so again turned from your sin. Put Your faith in Jesus this Christ and you'll be saved from the punishment you deserve. Thanks so much for talking to my friend. It's been a pleasure. Yom On respect. All right that was Jamaica man and Really enjoyed that conversation really Nice Guy He gave me a little fist bump at the end there when he said respect you know when you tell the truth to someone in a gracious way and you listen to them and your patient with them and you address to the best of your ability. Whatever issues come ma in a biblical fashion respect is what you get so managed to get through that one without getting high and I'm thankful and and my clothes did smell pretty bad the end of the whole thing. It was okay because we got through a Gospel conversation. And you go at the end of it. I do you remember my sweater. Smell pretty bad and I had to leave it outside all night and it stunk like weed and But you know conversation station went well and he understands what needs to do to get right with God and pray that he does all right. If you enjoy this podcast I ask that you would please go over to I tunes and give it a review. This is the best way for it to be seen by other people. If you have questions or suggestions or just want to give any input you can reach me at Eddie. Roman DOT COM. Thanks for listening and I'll see you next time. As we wind our way down the Romans road thanks for listening to Romans. It's Rhode if you WANNA learn how to evangelize check out my book search and rescue available at any Roman dot com. I'm a website. You'll also find videos and other things to encourage you to preach the Gospel to your friends and family. That's any Roman dot com. See you next time.

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