Mason and Ireland (HR 2)


I over the weekend back to back to back walk off wins for the dodgers. All on home runs by rookies. So when I'll pick. This one from to know covert do Google. Let's. Did it again? Yesterday was Will Smith. Pinch hitter. Had just been summoned from Oklahoma City and hit the walk off home run. Joining us right now is a guy who is there for all the excitement. Vo plunkett? What are you doing? Man. I'm on the Will Smith program today. I also had an early morning flight grabbed the nap. So now tonight I will hit a writer Whitehall walk-off story, whatever that would be walk-off story for the southern California news group, Bill. You, are you. We can always turn on you for that. You gotta be careful with language like that Bill when you're talking about newspapers, because we just think it's the end of print journalism. Yeah, I hope it's not a walk in story, as a matter of fact, and there goes Bill towards a forced retirement. So somebody else on the show, the next day, even act like you'd more in my, my departure, it is Bill, isn't it? Yeah. That's what I thought. I thought so so, so we'll get shaken instead, there's always a Bill few. Yeah, we can get a Bill so pretty monumental weekend. I mean, this is it's unprecedented that three rookies would hit walk off home runs on one weekend. Right. Yeah. It really. Never even happened back to back days and they did it three which the thing you got the what that reminds you, you of as a baseball fan is even after what's it been one hundred thirty years under thirty five years of, of professional baseball, things that have never happened before can still have. And that's just one of the things about baseball. So Billy, the dodgers have a seven billion game lead right now in the west how much do they need stuff like this? You know the hill the, the interest from the hill injury, whatever just to kind of keep things interesting between now in September. Yeah. I for for me. I yes. Yeah. For the fans. I'm sure you know, a lot of fans are going to kind of tune out for large sections of the, the season because of that, that they re in such command and, and cruising, it's, you know, I I've been saying this since spring training, this team is going to win ninety five clubs you might even go hundred. Plus, I think now you can go hundred plus yeah, yeah. And they're going to win the division by I think I said twelve games or more, it's already thirteen right? Is it thirteen today? So the only thing that matters Tober. So, you know all this stuff is, is just kind of fighting our time until October. So last time you were here. I made the statement and I will say it again, I think this is the best team that we've seen of those two World Series teams twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen you disputed that last time. To do. Are you starting to come around? Yeah. A little bit. I mean, they had a lot of the same things happen in twenty seventeen that we're seeing now you remember the, the summer of tile farmer. That's right. Yeah. It is. I, I think the first major league hit was a walk off double against the giants and his family was there. And it was crazy. They had a whole bunch of walk-off wins when they really got going during the during the summer. I will give this team credit for two things being better than seventeen and one is obviously the starting pitching. Yeah. They're just they're just rolling out one after another. And the other thing is the offense of approach. It's not home runs, or bus even though they're hitting plenty of home runs. It's I think I think we talked about this. It's that grind it out professional at bat after professional at bat approach offensively where there is no resting spot for, for the posing pitcher. Even if a guy, you know, is, is not going, well, say, Austin Barnes, he's still can can give you an bat where he you know, he works the count, and he forces you to throw more pitches than you want things like that. But guys like Muncie Turner. They really are difficult at bats regardless of the outcome. And, and that wears down the opposing starting pitcher that gets you into the soft underbelly of the relief staff. And you know it's, it's the kind of approach that wins in October. And I think they have more of that in the lineup now than they did in twenty seventeen. Speaking of soft, underbellies Bill, and not yours. Although though, the soft overbill. The dodgers the dodgers. Oh, I mean, they, they have a bad bullpen. I mean every team in the National League seems like I have one bit like the dodgers don't have an October built bullpen. They have a lot of time to fix it. How difficulty thinking it's going to be to get the you know the, the arms that are out there given that almost every team will be looking for bullpen help. When that time comes. Yeah. And that's that's kind of true every year. I mean it just seems like every year there's, there's some contender out there saying, we need one more hour purple. I think the dodgers are probably out there saying, we need to more arms. I, I will, I'll hedge it a little bit say some of the solution, I think is still in house, and I don't mean the guys are in the bullpen. I I mean Julio aureus thing I don't think he's going to be a starter in the postseason the way it looks now just because the rotation is so good and Kenta Maeda. And you know he he pitched pretty well yesterday. But the numbers with him are still very heavy splits. He's dominates right handed hitters and all the trouble. He seems to run into his gets lefties. So you know you put him in the bullpen in, in the postseason. And maybe you have one of your right handed answers on top of Joe Kelley baby getting himself. Straightened out Pedro by his Dylan Floro. And then whoever they may get before the trade deadline. And I do I do think they will get multiple relievers before the before the deadline. Do they also soon the Joe Kelly is going to morph back into like playoff Joe Kelley, like the guy that they attracted to sign in the first place? That's obviously the hope I mean, that's he's better the last couple, we haven't seen that guy yet, but he had a couple of, you know, really bad stretches for the Red Sox during the season last year as well. And then was fantastic and in October. And, you know, like we're saying they have the luxury of waiting and finding out over the next three months. He you know, he can find it or not. And then they can move forward from there, but they can they can certainly afford to let him figure it out or try to you're listening to Caspian Los Angeles Bill Plunkett, from the southern California news. Group is with us. Mason in Ireland. Brian Kaminsky is in for John today. So Will Smith at that pinch hit home run? He seems to be the best offense of option for the dodgers at catcher right now. Does does he get some run there? Or is he just going to be carried as a as a third catcher or wind up back at okay? See what do you think? I don't think they're ready to just run with him there. And, and I'll, I'll I'll pump your brakes a little bit on the offense. It's been seven games in the big leagues. And I think twenty two at bats or something like that. He's looked good. He's looked better than I had been told to expect all the scouting of him. And, and keep it release was Ruis had the much bigger offense of upside. Smith was the guy who was exceptional defensively. So, you know, maybe hesitate to anoint him yet. And I don't think they will. I think he'll, they'll just kind of be. Yeah. The extra wheel for now but. You know, they haven't got a whole lot out of Austin Barnes, Russell Martin. So if there's one spot that you feel you can upgrade, offensively, maybe that's it. I don't think they're real hard pressed to do that. Or motivated to do that, though. How much first base is John Peterson gonna play anything long-haul? This is an experiment that I do not understand, you know, we started seeing this like two years ago, and we just kind of chuckled at it was jock trying to keep himself occupied during BP. And now we're seeing it in games. And obviously, if he's gonna play there that is only going to be against right handed pitching. Right. So who are you freeing up a spot for in left field by doing it? And you know, it's not you're not playing Chris Taylor. Keith Hernandez out there against right hander. What about when Pollock comes back? Yeah. Then you're, then you're making room for Pollick. Another right handed? That doesn't make sense ended pitching. So then, you know, maybe it makes playing time for for do go. 'cause he you know, gets bounced by Pollock and moves to left field in those situations, if you're making playing time for Matt bady, well, then you would put bady at I played first base and Peterson left. They're more natural positions, jocks motivation. You know, more power to him for putting in the time. He is he's really putting in the time on this and in today's game making yourself more personal is a good thing. And this guy is, you know, at some point going to be a free agent. And maybe he thinks this is a selling point that will make him more valuable on the open market. Maybe the dodgers think that his get versatility would be a selling point as a trait piece. I, I don't think that's the case. I just don't think he can establish that fast amount. I don't think anybody out. There is gonna say, wow. He can play first base to. Let's. Take him. So I this is this has been a bit of a perplexing, little experiment. Isn't this isn't this part of keeping things interesting something to do, plus the dodgers, love position, -ality? Arman, didn't your forty two games up in the right. I mean they love position -ality. They loved the opportunity to be able to plug guys in different places in this, this just gives him. One more spot. Yeah. Play one more position. Like I Austin Barnes, I would imagine get some run at second base at some point, maybe to make room for Will Smith. I yeah, we ask Dave about that yesterday. He said, yeah, you might see that might even see Russell Martin at third base to give Justin Turner a break. That's you know, I hell names at this point are pulling people from the crowd today. They can't do anything. Wrong guys still work there through Owens and see still working there. The bullpen. Yeah. Yeah. How far away you mentioned how far away, are we from a returnable bird bones Pollock? Don't pick on AJ Powell break just after the all star break. Yes. Someplace sometime shortly after the all star break, he, he had Cory Seager both will probably start minor league rehab assignment during the break. When the when the minor league season kicks back in and what's the status of Rachel? You're not seeing him for a long time for a long time. The yeah this is a serious thing. I mean I know they've, they've done their best to downplay it. And, you know the everything was oh well, the UCLA is in great shape. It's not the damage. So the worst isn't, you know, it's not the worst case scenario. It's still not a very good scenario. He's picking up a baseball for another three to four weeks, you know, and then after that it's like spring training all over again. Add another three to four weeks to build his arm up, and that's a Suming that nothing flares up again that he goes out there in a minor league. You have throws a curve ball and, and everything you know explodes in his elbow. Is it this is a serious serious deal and you're not gonna see him before probably late August, if things go. Well, they really have downplayed this because it did not sound serious as you're making it out to be well, you should read. The stuff that the southern California newspaper group, have you been ahead on this story. Are you breaking this? No, I'm not break. But I have said that from the start that this is, you know, it may not be the worst case scenario, but it's not far from it. We don't like your type of yellow journalism alarm. All right, Bill, great stuff. Thank you very much for, for coming on a big weekend. And we'll talk to you soon. Okay. You got it. I'm just out here humping around humping around America. Exactly. Thanks bill. Do the context matters with an expression like that. Now, I really doesn't humping around. No, I think it matters. I think if you're like a baseball beat guy if you're a baseball beak I, basically, you hard around American means something, very different than I don't know. An adult film star. Sure it's a completely different context. You're right. Hey friday. You can join us for our second annual free agency party. You remember the free agency party last year. It was great. Oh, it was fantastic. I forget where we don't remember anything. I think I'd shots, I had shots many remember if you did. It was only because you were stealing from the morning show. They invented shots. Yeah. No. This is that you hear about that. What's that? It's clear men's galley clermont's Gallo last year. That was time so big boat. Chris Morales claims that they invented shots taking taking shots. No one had ever taken a shot before the noting the morning show invented the whole thing with the small little glass. Absolutely. And the liquor and the drinking at quickly, they invented that whole thing you know, they made every bit of their own. There was the first time that any of those bits, bits, bits, don't ever her all over the country. Exactly. Given the fact that his dad was in radio. For fifty years. Chris has been exposed to every bit in the world in every bit has been recycled. They're, they're like, sir make sure sexy. That's not me. There. Neither neither of those. Yeah, they're not sexy or unique. All right. They are our radio differed, but they're unique every picture that you see from the morning show. Raj has assured off, so. The whole touch take your shirt off was the only thing they own the rights to that's not inherently sexy. Confidence is sexy. Here's what I say. So after I did the shot on Thursday hens, is being confident where were we where we're ran Thursday. I totally forget, now you're really struggling, where were we on Thursday at the at the thing. We the rock. So I did the shot at rockers, and you claim that after that I was just not good. You just didn't make much. So here's the thing. I say do a shot at twelve thirty. And then you take the lead. And I'll just follow you. That's fine. Yeah. Since I'm clueless after a shot apparently switched chairs. I'm not making this up like you're, you're you are making offended by this your making, you know, it'd be Greg. You were there. You saw it. I mean he struggled a little bit for bit. Yeah, I don't think I don't think I struggled at all. I think it is why this is because you were drunk. This is a little made up. Yes, you had you had that drunkenness. They were all the makes you strong inside. It means like you were just you're confident more confident you guy never realizes he's doing drunk iced. Exactly drunk guy. I don't get drunk after a shot. One shot. Apparently a yeah. A little bit of something. We will test it officially on Friday. A little experience. Science. Ryan second annual free agency party at bar, Louie, and, and downy for this party will be broadcasting live all day long from six AM to seven PM bar, Louie eight sixty Apollo way in Downey off the one. Oh, five at Lakewood boulevard. Happy hour specials starting at six AM. I'm sure the morning show the inventor of shots, they'll be doing that. We'll do some then me. And Brian, I think you're in for Ryan. We'll be there. Yeah. And the Sodano show all live happy hour specials like four fifty beers. Five fifty glasses of wine. Six fifty martinis, half price elected apps and flat. Breads, that is bar. Louis in Downey for our second annual free agency party. This Friday, starting at six a m who us early that is early that is, but somebody will heal people will be drinking. It's not the early to go watch the radio show. Just saying that is an early start to happy hour. Is it is? I would I personally would call in and take the day as opposed to trying to sneak in a couple of going all day, but as opposed to trying to sneak in a couple of hours of happy hour, going to work, no just go straight chassis. Our just tape you're going to go at six in the morning. Take today, tell the boss run even happy, I'm, I'm going to happy hour, I will not be into this. All right. Coming up next for you. Dangelo Russell said something as a rookie. That is kind of could be prophetic. We got that coming up for you next Mason, and Ireland. Brian Chemnitz game for Johnny ESPN LA. I, we talked a little while ago to Bobby marks from ESPN, and he gave us a number a number that might work for the acquisition of restricted free agent. Diangelo Russel of the Brooklyn nets that number twenty three million dollars. He's eligible for twenty seven when he sees avenue someone will give it to him. I would think now Bobby didn't think so. I don't think so. There's less cap space out there than we think they're going to go crazy. Just it's a matter of, like, if you can't get the, the, the four Biggs, the five bigs, whoever might be like the elite elite guys. Where's your money going to go next? Is somebody gonna try to take, you know, a chance on? Russell who's only been in the league for four year, right? At a young player moving into his prime with the idea of he's on the way up and you're gonna pay for a, a good player who's getting better, rather than a thirty year old who's going to decline at the end of it. But in a world where he gets twenty two twenty three million. The Lakers currently have the cap space. We absolutely in the tricky thing is, and I'm not sure I fully understand it is because he's a restricted free agent. He can't actually signed an offer sheet until. July the sixth. Correct. And then the nets would have three days to match that, which means that if you are planning to give an offer sheet to de ngelo Russell. You probably have a really good idea that you're going to get him because otherwise you're tying up that twenty four million dollars. Right. And that's based on what Brooklyn's gonna do you write will basically, what that assumes as we're gonna know where katie's going Renault where kyri is going. We know are all those things. Yes. How that's all going to break down because Brooklyn's choice about whether or not to match is based, a lot on those other things based almost entirely on that. Yeah. The difference like the thing that's that, that you have to remember, I think about restrict free agents is the team that acquires the restrict fridge and always has to overpay a little bit. And Bobby mentioned this like those that you end up giving a little bit more Russell's a twenty million dollar player. You end up having to give him twenty three twenty four or you structure it in a certain way that makes it hard for Brooklyn, correct. You have to do something because it's some kind of poison pill if you sign show he said, we'll give you eighteen million. The Lakers want that hometown discount, or whatever might be, he's happy to come back not really hometown. But the team that you discount, and you give them eighteen and he says, sure, we'll Brooklyn's just gonna magic is you sign the as eighteen of really good. Good, good number for them. And even if they have to trade them, you can easily trade Russell at that number. Yeah. So the team that signs a restricted free agent. Almost always has to overpay a little bit. Right. But they're still that waiting period. Yes. And they're still the fact that, while if, if you have a an understanding with Russell that you're gonna make this offer, and that's legal, right. You're allowed to do that made just make him an offer. No Davin understanding that. Yeah. When we make you this offer you're gonna wind up taking it. Well the he'll sign it. He'll sign it. Yeah. Maybe doesn't sign it then you know, he doesn't wanna come. But, but again, it's not his choice at that point. It's Brooklyn's decision was as to whether or not to match the you don't got all indications are that if they do sign kyri that they're right because you don't rest those guys, although they could they have other guards. I've Spencer Dinwiddie. They've carsl bird on a wing. They've got got other guys that can plug in their they don't necessarily need Russell and kyri. So you'll know what's going on with. All of those dudes by then Brooklyn may renounce him on the six just to make room for all those guys. Yes. Exactly. Here's what ngelo Russell said. And he said this on sportscenter back in twenty fifteen when he was a rookie, but have four guys alongside you on the court. So you're starting five but you are in it. Save Bill Russell, Anthony Davis the buds as Michael Jordan in me. Good team. Yeah. Where was that from Greg Lakers nation house? Serena winters. Yeah. But where did it originate Lakers nation? It originally Lakers nation. Okay. So listen to it again four guys alongside you on the court, so you're starting five, but you are in it. I'd say Bill, Russell Anthony Davis. The buds aims, Michael Jordan, in me. Hey, you're almost home Dangelo. Two of the five not bad. I at this point legend status aside would not use my cap space on Bill. Russell. No, not at all out, especially you're gonna eat a lot of dead money at the end of that contract. He's just too old. Yes, you can't rely on an eighty five year old Bill. Russell give you quality mills. So, so the other thing that's going on today is that careful the other thing that's going on today is that there are billboards that have popped up for Leonard and the clippers snow. We don't know exactly who pay, anybody know billboards. It's undisclosed. We know it's not the clippers correct. That would be tampering. Yes. I mean, that would be like the most agreed GIS form of literally putting a billboard that would be it wasn't it wasn't tampering with the Lakers. Did it because he was that was their guy the state. Dwight that was that was their guy. Right. But in Cairo and last year. Guy last year. It was Jacob for Ronnie, who's not beholden to any rule. No, no. He's a Lakers fan. Right. He's not a member of the Lakers enough money to buy billboard. So he put up all the, you know, LA Bronco bores income. Exactly. So that was different this time. It's a an undisclosed group. But I wonder I wonder if it is, I want a freemason. Sure I- Stonecutters. I wonder who it is. And by the way, I God bless the clippers but I think he's staying in Toronto, a clipper Darrell clipper Errol. No clipper Darrell Hair would have appeared on the billboard. I don't think clipper Darrell has that kind of Jack. He's got a red suit with roadside car with the Red Sox and the same thing. Exact you gotta have a little bit of juice for that little a little. That's indicative of a man of independent wealth shirt is I think he's staying in Toronto. I think it would be foolish to leave Toronto. You've got a whole country. You literally are the king of the north, which by the way is one of the coolest moments from game of thrones. When John Owen John snow, everybody starts saying king. That's cool. It's a good. Tight is cool. It's a great title. And one of the billboards says king of the north and north is crossed out. And it says LA Greg, you think decidedly. Un- cool billboards. Yeah. I don't think they'll lay there really let airy very lame. There's there's nothing to him that like oh, that's creative. That's clever. None of it. You think lame brain? Yeah, they're really bad. That's by partially. I think why the clippers are disowning them because they're really lame. Why? The biggest reason is it's tampering. Now. It'd be the largest fine in history if they were really cool billboards they'd probably be gone. I'm we can't do that. But, you know little fist pump. Yes. Somebody's a serious clippers fan out there to take those billboards a, you know, if it's not clipper, Darrell, maybe it's Marcellus. Are FOX money. Exactly. It could be Marcellus. He's doing whatever he can he talked to Jeanie Buss about it. He talked, he's now putting up billboards. Let's just make this happen. Let's just say it's Marcellus from now on Marcellus did it from now on Marcello stood sell us put up billboard. It'd be talking about show. He's got enough money in his pocket to put those billboards up Marcellus with that FOX money. Milia coming up next something, Danny green said that seems to take both him and Kawhi off the board. That's coming up next ideas panel, Mason Ireland show tonight, by the way, the NBA award show. It's I mean anybody paying attention to that. I am I am lucky. Locked in for the NBA awards. All so moved on. It's happening right over here at Barker hangar in certain Monica, which is a really cool venue. It is a cool. It's really cool. But I think the promise to which time has passed that we already kind of know who's gonna win everything. It's not a very controversial year. I mean Jaanus is gonna win. Yeah. Jaanus is gonna win. You know, Siaka GMs going to win most improved and is there a year Donncha chip's gonna here? Here is Lou Williams going to win six man of the year, probably. But it's like beginning like Lou Williams. Stop playing head coach pudding Holzer could be. See, so there's some unexpected, but nobody is giving nobody's invested in who's gonna win coach of the year after all these guys have been off the court office sidelines off of everything. Most of them for like two and a half. This is the NBA's effort to turn it into a hundred and sixty five day a year thing, but we already have free agency to do. Right. And we have the Lakers who can just do that themselves, and we have the draft and we have one this is not what they need at this point wouldn't shock me if they moved it doesn't hurt doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt. I mean, even if nobody watches it doesn't hurt I'm sure they get some revenue out of gets programming and summertime and too much time, though. Those passed between like the regular season when all of this stuff is based on it, never would that guy sucked in the playoffs, but the matter. So I just I'm not a fan. Yeah. We all agree on. Do we agree on everybody? Jaanus is gonna win honest and should dot should. Moscow Ceac most improved much. I say Putin Holzer okay over dock. They went not. And one of those guys, it's fine six-man Lou Lou. You know player you could pick Embiid. You could pick right? You go bear you could probably go or Jaanus. Yeah. Janas the fact that Janas could win both of those things, I think is crazy. He's insane and BRUCE'S MVP candidacy. So no need to watch people. We just told you who's going to win. I don't even think they've got a host, sorry TNT like the Espy's this year. I'm excited about because you see who's hosting no, Tracy Morgan yet out, Tracy Morgan. That's a little evening. It's a little risque for the company backed by. Absolutely. Anything can potentially happen, Tracy. That's long little edgy for us. You can I'm excited. What what's that Greg? I'll just saying we have Megan repeat. Oh oh, we have Megan repeat. No, the US women's soccer team won. Jay hit it here is the penalty kick that gave us the old ultimate winning goal. There. It is making repeat oh actually scored on penalty kicks twice in the game. They beat Spain two to one. That's the first goal that the US women's team has allowed in the congress. Up the they, they screwed up. And the this Spain scored like nine minutes into the game. Yeah. Was it? Yeah. So and Sweden is up. That was my mythical money bet Sweden at fifteen to one, and they're winning right now, when you bet against America. No. We all mythical team other than America. Yeah. Who was your team other than America Greg? I took growled Africa two thousand to one thousand one I don't think they made it into, and Greg would knock against American anyway. John, take John took let's see Brazil, and Japan took Brazil, and Japan Brazil's out Japan Brazil, now make it the Brazil they lost yesterday. I think it was on the round of sixteen. They lost their under sixteen so Jonah's done and the US now plays France. And many people think that France, the winner of that game will win the whole who plays for US. We play we play France, France was a co. Oh favorite to win the whole thing. That's what I meant. When I said, a lot of people think that whoever wins that game will win then France has home country advantage. It's a big game. That's a gigantic game. Are we on the air when that goes on, on Friday, we'll be at we on remote last? Because when we were there on Thursday, the US women's team was playing correct at rocket Bruce, and they want, and they did win. Yeah. We'll be a bar Louie when it's all happened will be at bar. Louie anyone either be out in the eight or people think the win like there's nothing in between. Wow. So that's a huge game. Oh, yeah. All right. Coming up. Next Bobby Marx said a bunch of interesting stuff, a little bit earlier on the show. We'll circle about circle back around to it. How much is de ngelo Russell potentially worth on the open market, along with how restricted free agency works that's coming up next for you, then fast-track Mason, Ireland, Brian Chemnitz in for Johnny SPN LA. Yeah. You know, I love going to the movies. I just have not had a reason to go to the movies very much. We're going to the Spiderman Spiderman July the sixth. I'm in for that. Is that a Jewish Spiderman Spiderman vitamin vitamin comes with long? Spiderman, I'm in for lions Lion King lanky looks amazing. Spider-man's six. I'll be busy with free agency. Oh, won't be able to go because a free agency but I mean everything just feels done, lack, don't get to deepen faster quest. Okay. I won't get into it. I won't get into all right. Bobby marks joins us a little bit earlier today. Dangelo russell. We talked to him about and how much de ngelo is available, how much is available to them. And how much might take to sign. He's not. But the question let me just reset is he a max player? He's not. But, but I you know, it's but who is right. I mean, like like the MAC. It's like I know at everyone's overpaid, getting the max but the marketing tapes, the MAC sure that's, that's the reality of. And you know, it's like, you know, I, I wrote about the Nazis like the analytics, hate the angel- Russell, right? Like if you base it on the analytics, you're not big on them, but I said the analytics earthy I cash, you gotta watch the cat play the sherve. I mean. He he put that team when then what he was out on his shoulders good chunk at a season. And I think a lot different than what you guys saw handles the first couple of years here. So I don't think he is. But you know I thought his range was probably in that twenty two twenty three million dollars. So, so, yeah, I mean, if you have to pay an extra four then then, you know, then so be it. So he does from that think he gets to twenty-seven pay an extra three four again this, this comes from who's giving the money if it's a much different deal. If Brooklyn ends up holding onto benefit team like the Lakers or other teams that are rumored to be interested in Russell go after him. Because the team that signs a restricted free agent always has the gim that offer sheet the always have to do a little bit of something to make it. So the other team doesn't wanna keep them. You know, the I was I'm a huge fan of analytics, but I do believe in the eye test to. And I watched Angelo wrestle play. Fair amount this year, 'cause both Spencer, Dinwiddie and charissa Vert where my fantasy team so I watched more Brooklyn nets basketball than you would think and Deandra LaRussa was spectacular, and there are stretches of the season, where really carry that team in ways that he hadn't been expected to carry a team before and a team that was trying to actually go to the playoffs. So the games mattered in ways. They didn't matter in L A, and he played really well, and, you know, in terms of what the Lakers need, you need a guy who can create a shot, which he can do you need a guy who can spot up and hit a three pointer, which you can do you know? They can handle the ball thirty seven thirty eight percent last year. We got credible enough, and he's young when you can grow into it with Anthony Davis and all that kind of stuff, decent pick and roll partner can get into the paint and finish it. It makes a lot of sense. It's just a matter of if you sign him that's chunk that you have. Right. And that's the that's the question is, and this is this is what rob Pelinka is going to have to figure out and we'll start finding out on Sunday during Domingo got at three o'clock. Dhia slice and dice that money to be able to get multiple. Players at lower numbers or do you sit and you wait for a guy that's going to basically be your entire cap, right? And I think some of it comes down to skill set, because if you can get one guy who can do two things of that might be might be better than having to divide it up into two or three guys who can kind of each one of those things you need Russell can create a shot and handle the ball and spot up shoot JJ Radic can do one of those things will cost you less right now, you still need to go. Find somebody in your back court who can create his own shot in the near the end of shot clock. So if you can find one guy can do both those things you might be better off, this is this, surprise me. So we've talked a lot about guys that would make sense. We've talked about guys like Marcus Morris and Danny green and Nikola merited and Patrick Beverley surprise me because I, I love this guy. I would love to see him on this roster. Wow. This is Kirk five million dollar guy. Wow. That's a lot less than other run. That might fit in. Better off to five, you know, so it's, you know, tonight's little bump there. I don't I mean, I would be surprised if the team signed them for like three years twenty four, but I think he's I think he's a five million dollar guy. Big difference between three and you know, eighty year and I would have guessed eight yeah, I would too. But that is I said, at their that is enough to fit into potentially the room exception, which is four point seven billion. The Lakers have that regardless of how they slice up that extra bit of cap, the cap space they have now they have that other exception that they can use regardless one player with the one thing you still have the room exception. The part that could really work for them is the lessons that all the teams learned a few years ago, the summer, the Lakers signed dang and MAs gov and money was just, you know, Alan crab got that huge. Yeah. Everybody is just the money. This is the result of them not doing. These moving right instead, just all the sudden everybody had a bunch of people just freaked out and threw money at everyone and decided that was probably a bad thing to do. And so at Bobby Mark said was that this year teams that don't get who they want, like the, the top guys on their list instead of paying an extra three or four million dollars just because they have the money they'll just wait or they won't do anything they'll, they'll engineer trade and use cap space that way instead of going out and signing Timofey MAs gov to gigantic contract, because that's the cap space fair amount of this. I kinda cobbled together, both Bobby Marx this time, we Ataman and Bobby marks the last time we had him on. And I took notes because I do. In obsessive. So I if created an exile, spreadsheet with, and I, I'm not kidding. No, I believe in exile spreadsheet with every potential free agent and what Bobby Mark said they might get on the open market. And the thing I like the guys that are anticipated to get not the not the sixteen to eighteen million dollar guys. But the five to eight million dollar guys brook Lopez. Last time he was here, said five million Trevor Reza five million. Well, people other people are talking for brook, Lopez in that ten million dollars. Are they really ten to twelve? Yeah. Last time he is here. He said five Seth curry five million. Darren collison, eight million Patrick Beverley, ten million Nico Ameritech ten million and ranging up to Danny green at twelve million. Although here's what Danny green said, on sports Canada channel Saudis, official name of ES. ES channel candidate channel. Here's really sad about about coli. And also he kind of tipped his own hand. He said he's done his job. He loves winning. I think that's a main priority for him. So I think the city, the fans have done their job organizations done their job is going to be hard place to turn down. It'll be hard, a purse to leave knowing that you can win run back have a great team. And have a city of people fans that love you another willing to give you damn near everything and a condo and some food. And a plane. And dessert after that, but give you everything the world and then some. How much can you give the guy he but it's gonna be hard to turn down and said it's, it's rare to see him do what he's doing. And I think it's a positive thing and it's. A good percentage for you. I don't know what the percentage is. I think it's a higher percentage for for him to be here then to leave, I would say. So there you have it going to be hard to leave. I think it's I don't think he's leaving. I know we the somebody popped up billboards for the clippers here today or over the weekend. I, I don't think he's leaving Toronto. If you're going to do one of those two year, two in one kind of things, anyway, just to get yourself back on the market as a tenure guy. It kind of makes sense. The stain defend your title to stay in the east Boston's kind of on the way down he's sort of a low key guide. Toronto's pretty much a low key city in the NBA had to leave him alone. But I mean he owns that country. A lot of this. They managed his minutes, perfectly loves Alex McKechnie up there. They've done it perfectly. They can still improve its management is fantastic, their messiah, Jerry. It's one of those deals where the only thing and Ramona talked about this last week. It's just you want to be closer to home. It is about as far away from his family as you can possibly get San Antonio isn't Los Angeles. Right. A lot easier to get fifteen relatives to San Antonio than it is to Canada. That's true. I mean, that's it. She's like it's not even the weather. It's not that it's really cold. It's just it's far from home far from his family. All right. Coming up next for you is fast track. A whole bunch of other stuff coming up for you during fasttrack macer in Ireland. ESPN LA.

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