Johnson & Johnson Faces Growing Legal Challenges


Striking scenery world-class Music and film festivals and authentic character are just a few reasons why telluride Colorado is a favorite summer destination authorize offers endless outdoor activities catering to all passions and tastes for more information go to visit telluride dot com slash W S J council and the US State Department for the latest developments on this story please check back on our website at or the WSJ APP Royer Rudy Giuliani to press Ukraine to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son as well as how those efforts intersected with the work of the national security potential sanctions against Turkish government officials the move follows Turkey's offensive into northern Syria last week to seize land held by the Kurds after the US signed agreement and then when faced with the choice between the Turkey incursion or the regime they very quickly opted for the regime the conflict has displaced more than five million people according to the United Nations the UN says Turkey's recent incursion had displaced one hundred thirty thousand people by Sunday on withdrawing troops trump says Turkey's offensive quote is endangering civilians send threatening peace security and stability in the region the president has faced backlash the regime comes in and fills that vacuum Human Rights Watch estimates that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed since Syria's civil war began eight years ago hill previously served on the National Security Council and left the administration in August she was expected to be asked about her knowledge of efforts by the president and his personal ashfall rejecting mornings that withdrawing US troops would lead to war in the region meanwhile alliances are changing in Syria after Kurdish forces struck an agreement late Sunday president trump says the US will raise tariffs on steel imports from Turkey back up to fifty percent he also says he'll issue an executive order authorizing a president trump's former top Russia adviser Fiona Hill faced questions from lawmakers today as part of the house impeachment inquiry into the President Barney's may have a new buyer authentic brands the owner of about fifty brands including nine west and Aeropostale is preparing nearly two hundred seventy million dollar bid for hey with the Syrian government to join forces against Turkey's offensive into the country the Wall Street Journal's Raja Abdur Rahim explains the US withdrawal from from Syria is in a position to retake most of the country if essentially the US continues to pull out of all these areas that now has a presence in and Essentially put the Kurds in a position where they felt they had really no other choice but to to reach an agreement with the government to be cleared the Curtis to resolve all this. It's Monday October fourteenth this is the PM edition of what's News From The Wall Street Journal I'm Anne Marie for totally and New York the emerging as the victor from the Syrian civil war between the regime and the anti-government rebels but now basically the the government at least relative to the broader market and analysts think that a lot of that is because of concern about how much change as can I have to pay out ultimately an health care giant Johnson and Johnson faces growing legal challenges there are estimates from analysts that the stock price has declined significantly this year extension until Tuesday of this week to nail down an offer under the new deal authentic brand would license the Barney's name to saks fifth avenue which is considering opening barnes departments in some of its stores and taking over the website new research finds that China is using a popular smartphone APP and Translation Service to harness luxury retailer according to sources who spoke with the Wall Street Journal this comes after another groups offer fell apart Barney's filed for bankruptcy in August and had gotten in to come in and move into these areas as protector clearing the way for Syrian President Bush are I'll also to regain power in that region it was already Forces have had not as antagonistic relationship with the Syrian government say the rebels they've never actually been at war with them so it's easier for them to reach some user data and push political messages as our Philip went explains the research shows China is expanding its data collection efforts by tapping into seemingly innocuous is to smartphones which potentially includes ability to modify the files and install software that logs key strokes while we already know your child is at the forefront of five accusers locations calls and contact lists with over thirty feet of snow last season analogy is the first research report relates to public Chinese APP called Shoshee chung-guo studied the great nation which is really propaganda APP that pushes Jinping quotes Jay and surveillance tick what this new research tells us is that China's looking beyond that and broadening its mass data collection efforts to technologies that appear more benign the report found that the amount of data gathered by the APP isn't unusual for commercial apps but it was developed by China's Communist Party which could give the party of back door to log and telluride is ready for another stellar year filled with powder days and bluebirds guys continually ranked the number one ski resort in North America by readers of Conde NAST traveler telluride boasts no lift lines in exceptional terrain for all levels and abilities it's easy to travel to telluride as it is to vacation there with nonstop flights from Eleven Major Hubs Wall Street Journal podcast listeners receive thirty percent off early season lodging to book go to visit telluride in Comas Party ideology to it's more than hundred million registered uses now the research found that the code found in the APP provides cycled super user exit dot com slash WSJ healthcare company Johnson and Johnson is facing a more than one hundred thousand lawsuits. Peter What can you tell us about Johnson Johnson strategy here we've seen several companies settle especially when it comes to lawsuits over the OPIOID crisis so product safety and marketing and choosing to fight many of them out in court among others the company is battling lawsuits over its alleged role in the opioid crisis as well was the use of talk in its baby powder our Peter Loftus has more details on whether the strategy is working out for the company and he joins me now via skype from Philadelphia defending themselves in court and letting cases go to trial and their strategy is that they don't WanNa reach settlements at a point that the first of all they're facing a massive amount of litigation they they had more than one hundred thousand plaintiffs with with cases pending against them as of the middle of this year they haven't lost all of the cases they've taken to trial here right well it's been it's been a mixed record in the opioid litigation there's really her and that was compared with fewer than ten thousand back in twenty eleven and so they've taken the strategy that for a good portion of it there taking a number of cases to trial in Peter we've seen a couple of these cases that have high price tags against Johnson and Johnson considered too early in the process because they think that would just sort of fan the flames and and maybe contribute to more that Gatien and so for a portion of this the John Jay should pay five hundred seventy two million dollars for allegedly contributing to the state's opioid addiction crisis and that's it's been one significant trial so far and that was in Oklahoma trial was held earlier in the year the judge's decision was in August and that's why the judge decided Arctic the John Jay is contesting and plans to appeal and what's notable about that is that to other companies purdue and Teva which were defendants in this

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