#577: Are You Winging Your Sales Process?


In this episode of the Advanced Selling podcast bill shares a new technique for ridding your heart of calcium deposits fact checker. Doug makes a cameo appearance without even being here and we take a good hard look. Look at one of our favorite topics the P. Word process walking back to the the advanced selling podcast episode number one of Twenty Twenty we are the longest running arguably the largest sales training. PODCAST world names. Bill Oh cast. I'm Brian Neal. Welcome Brian Twenty twenty. Thanks we've been thinking about twenty twenty eight longtime how many times have people been talking about you know seen clearly. Everything's coming into focus. Yeah Johnny Nash. Bom Good Good. I heard today that had me had me tappin. My Foot in the car is his freak out. Oh chic by by Sheikh it. Are you sure Les Freak by by Oh Shit slave freak by chic not I freak by Freak by chic. Hey who I talked to the doctor. I don't know I talked to F. C. D. fact checking Doug. Oh you did really good. He sent me a note about out. Leo Sayer ever we talked about. I think I can dance. And he sent me a note and I got back with him and said thanks. We'll use it. And then he sent. I got a reply that had his phone a number on it a perfect. I thought maybe he wants me to call him. Why not so? He didn't like what are you calling. He did not want me to call them and so I called him he goes. Hey Bill Caskey said yeah. Did you want to call you my email on the phone number so he was very appreciative and we had a nice so anyway all all right. So here's a story to bring you want to get right into it or do we want to. Because I mean it's stories. Get health related. Well this story is related to our topic Bacon. Our topic today is how buttoned up is your sales process. and Are you paying attention to the details of it and so I went to WHO It's a little bit of a stretch. Maybe I went to get a heart scan and I've been I'm on a pretty much of a healthcare. I'm really focused on fitness and health and muscle building ending and cardio and so I've been getting some test Ron just to make sure I'm good to bump it up a little bit and so somebody said Gephardt skin okay. Forty nine dollar heart scan. Have you ever had one Why do the treadmill stress tests? Okay which I think is after the heart scan right I think I think it's better than the heart scan is just a just a quick look look look see your ticker so I had it done and which went to riverview hospital up no gray people? They were very nice. Of course they're all podcast listeners. Of course all the cardiologists drove their sales people at heart. So we got done she goes go out. Go out sit in the chair there and And I'll bring you results back. Okay good so. She brought the results back. Can she goes You know sit down there. She said now now all of the results are not perfectly accurate. We have radiologists. That looks at this thing a couple of days after this and then we will send this to your doctor. She said who is your doctor. I don't really have a doctor buys made up somebody so She says you you have a you have a tremendous calcium build-up. You're a three twenty on this thousand point scale. I guess you people in the medical profession would no more but the point is that they give you the range like zero to four hundred x four hundred seven hundred seven hundred thousand is you're almost dead. Yeah and so I was at the very low end of the high range so which means I was. It was nervous. I I mean she shows where all the while the blockages or calcium as an and I said okay well what what does all this mean I mean I see the the data here but what does it mean she goes. Why you need you need to Go rest. She said you need to talk to your doctor. He or she will give you what to do next. Okay okay so I was nervous and so the rest of the day you know drink Coffee and milk and so I thought calcium. I better stop drinking milk and go through all this process and I stopped eating meat. I stop eating sugar and if they can two days is going to help us but and then I went to oh by the way one thing she goes. Yeah you might try meditating. She said that. Yeah Oh out the door because maybe doctor house up for maybe try meditating. I'm like does that really knew then. Calcium up uh-huh with an audio audio sound anyway so I saw a friend of Mine Doug Singer. WHO's a cardiologist? At a party Saturday night after this happened on Thursday to get the heart yes he was raised to the win. I said tell me about this. He goes let me tell you about heart scans. He said they are a marketing. Being ploy to get you to buy for further stress test. All the all the stuff you said it's not that you shouldn't pay attention to it. But he says I can't tell tell you how many times P patients come in. And they're nervous because they're scan shows up calcium and they come in and there's nothing wrong he says there's no baseline on it. It's just a number out of nowhere. He he said here's an here's an interesting fact. I've got ten cardiologists in my department. Never has one of them ever done a heart scan which tells you something about Itself this anyway. So the pro and I thought the process of revealing the numbers to me was very lax it was it was not Buttoned up and it caused me to get nervous. And there's no reason for it to be so we talk about process today and buttoning up the process a little bit but if you've never you've had the stress a stress test and so that's that's the I think that's the end all be all die and get no seat belts that's the next. That's the next best thing because my I talked to my doctor he goes. You don't need a heart scan if you do stress test stress way more way more accurate and that processes handle the stress much cash. It's actually it'll it will make you relax because it comes back with the percentage of likely that you're gonNA have a heart attack right after looking at your watching your heart go up and down on a treadmill and it's really really great always makes me feel good that I do it. Okay all right well. I've never had any heart problems or any out of breath but all of a sudden out now every time I walk upstairs but I get a little long we the saying. Hey it's the new year and if you are coming back to a calendar that looks a little bit sparse. Can you like to have some more meetings booking. Listen to what I'm saying you're not alone. The number one problem sales people have booking prospect meetings. And if you don't get the front and working then we know that the back end won't work one of those things that gnaws at us all the time we're always asked ourselves. How do I book more first appointments? Well if you're in that boat you should know about chronological logic. The world's first calendar monetization engine chronologically takes Leeds from any channel and converts them into meetings for you chronological literally literally books out your calendar so you can maximize your meetings your pipeline and ultimately your compensation you can use technology for yourself or if you'd like to learn more book academic with them and you'll see how it works at chronologically dot. Ai That's chronologically K. K. A. R. O. N. L. O. G. I C. DOT A so process wise. Here's this started this week and I worked a football game yesterday we were talking about processes and we. I realized when anything goes wrong in the football. It's almost always because we didn't follow a little bits of process. One little thing got wrong. It made me also think about flying and those of you who may have ever been on a plane flying across the country during the game. I think this is actually the day before the game That you'll see the pilots sometimes especially when you're flying on regional airline the pilots. Let's will meet each other right before they get on the plane. So the first officers and the captain's sometimes are assigned to fly this plane and they don't have never met before and maybe they're newer younger in their careers ears but what they do is they all have the same process that they follow so that allows them to hop into a jet and fly a bunch of people safely midway halfway across across the country without having a problem at that sort of thing. They deal with checklist. They use the same framework the same logic. Something okay so it happens on football. It happens with flying airplanes. Shouldn't it also happen in selling. Shouldn't we take a really hard look at our processes and ask ourselves. Do I have a process. Is it as good as it can be. Do I follow it. Why not know those sorts of things so think about this is a thought provoking episode for you to sit back and go man yeah? What is my process this and does it work? And how could it be better that sort of stuff. So process is the topic of the day. That's a great topic I think so too. Yeah Yeah I've always. I've always wondered bird. I had a friend of mine who is a pilot for American and he flew jumbo big seven seven seven to China Beijing in India. And I I was asking him once about about the process and he says you know it's it's the same every time we could fly three. Different routes of course unit flight of Beijing are not doing three a day. But if you're no matter or how many you're flying. You're doing the same checklist. Same process all the time all the time the language is the same your definition for a wing not different than my definition of whatever. It's just all very very buttoned up. Yes extremely and so the question is as you post it is what about in sales and so maybe we take a walk through the sales process and talk about some observations that we have that. We've seen the might help the listener. Get a little more buttoned up about yours. Yes and I I would say for there are a couple of different elements here because I also believe there are processes within the process We were watching a now these. I watch that's you ever watch these shows on air disasters. I actually I liked him too. And when you watch him and what most people don't know and we I was talking to my wife about this because we're watching a show together and she's like what are the said. They actually have a checklist for when stuff goes wrong so the engine flames out. There's a checklist for that. If the oxygen drops in her d. deep pressures agent happens. There's a checklist. There's there's a checklist for things within the general flying and so as you're listening to this I want you to think about that. Your company will likely have a sales process and you may also have your own process within the company sales process. The main thing is that you're able to document that number one and you're able to repeat it and you can share it with someone you you know exactly where you're going either broadly with your company's process or within your own for yourself so if I said we've got a a listener Gig we're going to go up to Chicago to do for a podcast in group who we like a lot and one of the things. We're going to talk to them about us. How territory manage well? Probably I'm guessing. The reason we're doing that is because you got fifteen twenty five people doing it totally differently and so how can we structure that button. It up a little bit better. I think it's a really really good thing to examine for yourself herself. I think that's probably typical though if you have a sales team if you're a VP of sales listening you've got you know. Twenty thirty fifty people management team. I bet that's probably really a pretty systemic issue. which is everybody's got their own thing? Your own way of doing is you could have a sales process. But you if I watched you go through it and Travis and me you could see three very different characterizations at yes. Yes so I like the I like the idea Tim Ferriss wrote a book called the four hour workweek. You remember that absolutely you years ago. Oh and one of the things that he's stressed in there. He said if you're going to work less and achieve more you've got a delegate if you're going to delegate you've got a document until things are documented your process the sub processes like you talk about Brian until they're documented. It becomes hard to see where the problem is us. And you forget if you don't have a checklist in front of you and I'm guilty of this. Sometimes I'll wing first calls but I know when I have a checklist when I prepare and go in and have have some a conversation with somebody. If I've got an agenda or checklist. Whatever you WANNA call it things always go better? Always they always do. And I'm the same boat I mean for the most part I'm pretty diligent diligent with that those processes and then occasionally get sloppy or you get you get relaxed 'cause you know build some rapport with somebody who sort of come off script and it doesn't work you know I just had a gig that I got get a no force. I like the fact that I got a decision as reexamined I go backwards. I got a little too comfy with these people to chummy with them. You know and I said Yeah. We're going through it and I knew I was talking to. I knew there was a there was an owner of the company. I wasn't talking to. I knew I was exposed. What if I was following the process though when I got to the process which is one one of my sections? I would've said I need to go have a meeting with that guy but that's it. I didn't do that and let it go a little too far without that I would say ninety percent of the time that I lose a deal deal or or don't get one I probably should get. It's because I've come off the process I got lax. I got sloppy. Maybe it's because I had extra report maybe it's because I felt time constraints or I just felt in a needy place. I felt like well. He wants to quote so I better and the quote and that's the wrong thing. Yeah absolutely so the good thing to do you know Kinda step up one of those things that it needs to be written down as the first thing I think you need to be able to say articulate what it is I love the idea of also needs to be written down in a way you can send it to somebody else and they can understand. Yeah Yeah that's another thing people miss sometimes. They try to internalize their own lingo jargon into a process. People don't give a crap about that like what are you talking about. Just put it in simple simple form so other people know. Yeah I can follow along with that. How many times have you well? I was somewhere the other day and I asked somebody. Tell me about your business. And it was like seven minutes of all over the place stream of consciousness chasing little white rabbits through the forest. I mean I had no. I literally had no idea after seven minutes what they did. And it's because we are not buttoned up about how we explain our business. How explainer value? Yeah I wrote down. Here's you were talking that. Let's say you're process has five components to it. Maybe first step is a discovery second step is an economic step. Third step is whatever. You've got four five steps underneath underneath each one of those. You probably have a series of sub bullet points or sub checklist so the decision process. We WanNA know are we talking to the CEO if that's who you're talking to is VP of sales merchandising. What are the people that you need to have involved so this could be? It could be a fairly significant document. But so what right if you WANNA close ninety percent of your deals or even seventy percent. You've got to have some kind of structure see. I love that and people who listeners can't see this bill is kind of sketched out. Visually visually sketched out in pin. I might say normally. He's with Pencil. This is a pen so he can't do anything with this. We don't want to change it but you had these big. Oh never mind line. They have a pocket versus his pocket. How many of you carry a number two pencil? Mechanical on at the Click. Click one like you got a legitimate old school. You think eighty percent. That's a great question. Doug drove in fact checker. Doug get on that. What's the percentage of Americans that use a number? The two pencil without its mechanics is a small very smart. But he's catching this out. This is what it should look like. It almost looks like what he calls. Pictogram pictogram one of those things called and there's little pictures of things icon. I kinda Graham. I caught I caught a classic Lanna Graham known as it is anyway. It's kind of like a plan a gram though this little right top-shelf shelves so you got a big process at the top little processes below and you think about the the things we've compared this to see think about five an airplane a captain in a first officer don't meet and get in the cockpit and say hey don't worry about checking the engines today. We're we're good. They don't do that. They go right down the list. Engine checks boom on it The power boom boom boom. Okay now ailerons. Check rudder checked everything. Everything's checked so if you do that it's really hard to screw. Anything is hard and when pilots do in a checklist. When something's wrong they stop like can't I can't go along? Yeah I had one flight. Two weeks ago. Save guys like we have a computer glitch air. That's coming up. We don't think it's a problem but it needs to be reset. We can't reset it so we're going to have to delay and the flight was delayed an hour. They stopped flying because there was a glitch in the process. That's awesome great so let's talk about maybe three or four things. It should be a part of the checklist as a sales professional to be seller. What are a handful of things? Maybe you give a couple of. I'll give a couple of things that just I have to be checked off before you advance. Yes and you're talking about the actual what the components would be. Yeah Yeah Yeah like discovery like like something like that like what's inside. The discovery process that you say you can't go any further until you find this out. Yeah so one thing that will be in the discovery. checklists would be the Raw reasonable economic motive. What's the economic motive meaning I've got an issue or a problem and do my able to delineate how much that problem is costing me or how much opportunity costs I've got not going the other direction Not just like in our world that wouldn't be we want people to be. You know skilled better. We went there. That'd be some economic upside to it if we can find that at all because that helps us recognize whether or not the investment in our work is worth for them good. That would be a thing. Good I have assessment now. Assessment doesn't necessarily mean paid assessment. But you've got to have some kind of a process that you take people through in order to find out. What are the problems? What are you trying to accomplish? What your ideal outcome or the economics of this? If you don't get it done economies if you do so probably go backup from where you are and just some kind of assessment some kind of survey or audit or whatever you wanna call it and maybe it's just something you have for yourself. It's just a page that you you keep to keep you on track when you're asking these questions kind of like a heart scan meditate a little more sir breaks the best forty eight hours start. Meditating break up the calcium bringing the calcium break up the calcium Here's something that I think needs to be under the process section so one of my headings process us And there is who all is going to be involved in the whole project. Everyone from The person who's going to sign the contract the person who's going to support the program internally and who the people are within it because I've got those three in our world those three constituents can make or break a deal right so so in the deal I lost. VP sales. You know brings me in. I met all the sales people I didn't meet the CEO. There's where my process failed. If I would have been following my checklist right the three still might have gotten to the same conclusion. But I wouldn't have gone as far as I did without it. That makes sense because as the proposal for me which they shouldn't have if I'm that's right. Yeah that's good One other thing I have here is somewhere during the near the end of the process I wouldn't say this is the first call but it might be and that is have you been able to cast the vision of what it looks like to work with you. That's really good. So let's say that it's a you. You are. Typically in a ninety day selling cycle. Maybe it's three or four calls everybody's different militias for the sake of argument's say that's it. I'd say on the second or third call. You would say look in the event we worked together. I know we're not there yet. In the event we work together. Let me share with you. What it looks like to be a client of mine? Yes and you just lay out you you know step one. After the deal is signed the engagement letter signed. Here's what we do. We have a meeting of four of us. We go to Sullivan's and we have dinner and smoke cigars and we drink a lot and we talk about out the issues and second thing is I come back after that meeting and I deliver a articulation of the elements and we project manager thing. Whatever the process is? It's nice to be able to tell the person somewhere. Here's what it looks like to work with me that to me as part of the process that's great. I love that yet. Nobody does that. No people. Don't talk talk about moving on. Here's what it's like to be a client. It's so easy because you're not saying. Hey we're getting ready to close here. You're just saying in the event we worked together is what it looks like. It's great I love doing that. Great last thing. I'll say in the timeline or in the process. They just gave it away in the process. I would also think about putting a timely We're we're on boarding thirty new employees this week and we put we. Even we even change this. I put down like I thirty days. Forty five sixty. I'm like let's put dates on that. Let's just be a little more even more precise with that. So instead of Saint Forty five days we're going to say February sixteen February nineteenth. That just really helps people say okay. C. N. here and the things going to come to a conclusion at some point. I love the database language to that. Yeah Hey if you have some kind of an event coming up sales meeting strategy meeting customer conference of some kind you like Brian or I or both of us to come out and talk. WE'VE GOT ONE IN CHICAGO COMING UP HERE IN A couple of weeks and we'll look forward to visiting good people up in Chicago. Send us an email to listener advanced selling podcast dot com in the subject subject. Line just right come see us. Somebody will be back in touch with you promptly and we'll talk about your event and what is required to bring us in. Yep We start by.

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