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Daily Huddle Ep 12: See No Evil Speak No Evil?


We believe that speaking of evil things that happen the world raising awareness to but whenever you speak of evil you're also giving regard to it. Many people know that S. CSM used to stand for Satan. Kant's Tammy and even though that holds true to this day for me in for many of you. It also made me think that whenever you said Satan. You raise awareness to the eagles and perils. That exists around us. I decided to rethink what I wanted to present myself. My Company is same call. Same mission. That's what we have the same call. Same Mission to go. Make people aware of God's purposes in our life to glorify him and to also bring To Infuse Hope Shit light in love same. Call say mission. That's what we all have agnostic of faith and belief the core human being with love and their heart can't deviate far from having the same call. Same Mission of sharing the love of God to others and so whenever we speak of evil were somewhat giving regard to that evil. I'll give you another example Oprah early in her career had some very extreme racist on her show. She heard them talking about how they hated. Black people is probably three guys two or three and they went on defending their grounds for why they had hate running in their heart for people. They did not know just based on the color of their skin and years later one of those guys was so apologetic for what he said how he believed his thoughts his perspectives. But in between that time Oprah realized that just by having them on her show giving them a platform they were able to spread hate to others and so with social media is so much easier to be aware of all of the evil. That's going on in this world and around us but also let's be mindful of the hate that we're sharing that we're lifting up by even given it attention. This is not an echo to say. Let's turn a blind eye to what's going on hate. Israel hate is true. I say how we talk about. It is most important than just talking about it. Let's be encouraged. Let's continue share the same call same mission to spread hope in love and the world in in our lives may we be lifted up and may be glorified this has been another daily. Huddle. Let's talk game.

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