#739 A Pretty Simple Proverb (Proverbs 28:27)


Pre the word with david. Platt is a resource from radical dot proverbs chapter twenty eight verse twenty seven whoever gives to to the poor will not want but he hides his eyes will get many a curse a pretty simple proverb yet. We are constantly tempted not to live according to it particularly in a materialistic world whoever gives to to the poor will not want. I love that phrase in our giving. We won't want like the exact opposite of what materialism says. Materialism says we want more. We want better. We want nicer. We want bigger so get get get it but what does getting lead to wanting more and getting more leads to wanting more getting bigger leads to wanting bigger like our tastes can never be satisfied when you're tasting of the material things of this world they create a longing for more and more and more that never leaves us satisfied never leaves us content the opposite though is what proverbs twenty hey twenty-seven addressing who gives to the poor will not want like we'll be free from this quest for more and more and more and more instead in giving we will find contentment and giving we will find joy in giving we will find satisfaction for our souls in giving to the poor we will find our joy our good whoever gives to the poor will not want but he hides his eyes is we'll get many a curse. He who hides his eyes to the poor who turns a deaf ear and a blind eye hi to the poor get many occurs. This is so dangerous isn't it. I get as possible especially for those who are not poor for those who have the basic daily necessities of life and not just assessing in many cases most everything we could want and when we have these things if we're not careful foil we can turn a deaf ear inn blind eye to the poor we can go on with our lives business as usual enjoying the things that we need in the things that we want and never giving second thought to those who don't have those things those who who are impoverished but when we hide our is in this way even implicitly almost unknown li it leads to curse so open your eyes the bible says and give to the poor you will find joy. You will find good in giving for the good of others. Oh god please help me. Please help us to give to the poor as you would have us or help us to give generously cheerfully sakr officially willingly and light of urgent need in people's lives right around us and far from us we pray that you would cause generosity and blessing to bound to the poor through our lives through our families through our churches. God please may be so don't let us get caught up in this this constant quest for more and more and more in this materialistic world and in the process to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to those those in need around us god. Please please please help us to he'd proverbs twenty eight twenty seven to give to the poor and to find satisfaction in this not to hide our eyes and fine curse in in jesus name. We pray <music> <music>.

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