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Hey you love music but have a hard time keeping up with Tampa they gotta show all about news so join me Jona rate army and me cash flow weekly feature meal it as we discussed the current events in the world of music with our guests cross L. dot com Hello everybody and welcome to dumb gay politics I'm Julie and I'm brandy and this is the right now like in the country with the government it's like we are now in a country that other countries use as a cautionary tale like other countries go cast where we talk about politics like we're talking about reality TV Will this week the reality show stop being polite but so I mean I even think oh I know I have a good one okay perfect see if it's the same one I was thinking of it's so corrupt there it's crazy like they're sitting in Estonia or they're sitting in let's say like Russia and they're like weekend go there that's so check us out wherever you listen to podcasts and if you want your music featured on this show emails Jona Radio R. A. Y. At g the thing with Greece remember how we love Greece and we've been to Athens I mean pardon the not so humble brags all accent but I'm GonNa say more like Crete Crete Greece. Yeah let's say Greece can you believe this it started getting real like really real okay like Jack Stealing rebounds in Hawaii real yeah this shit is so intense the four-country maybe we don't have the money but we have a good people we have not not weird government going round lying all over Greece we love it and we do love Athens and we don't even care century name economic Athens's a Shit we love to they did this whole thing and this is so yeah exactly and now he is going to be the God Damn Chef in Little Mermaid live on ABC great it really indicates why it's great because they're all they're all good looking they age well you know what I mean we've gone over it before we got the Aniston's of the podcast it's all should it's all Shit Shit Shit banning really like we need to be grateful for the country that we live in because we hear dream eat tomato Fateh Ali dumb gay political podcast we probably don't have all the facts but we got opinions and we'll probably backtrack that's Dumb Gay Podcast Adum Political did amount of pools in the city of Athens was literally like forty and then you fly over Athens and there's like ooh I dunno I stream of this shit is that they had literally like they went on their on the on the tax census form the record world's all right the victor Qiriaka says yeah don't age because Sandra bullock but Well I don't know that she's the best this is how well John Stamos is a great one never ages never not one day has he aged not supposed to be so hot he was doing the yoga thing funk ad Uncle Jesse a huge huge Greek or nosy not Great Wall I can think of is huge Joe Magnolia oh no he's Italian Joma Cannella and I'm like hi five high fives all around okay for Greek Greece high fives all around for Greece in this day it was because of going six of tomato cucumber red onion fettah period but you can't olives in at some people like all of some people and being fancy so and dare I say a Cerignola olive is the best even though that's a million now we got some gifts from some only like Green Olives you green olives and you don't want any seeds and I don't want back I'd say Miami of I don't like him say I like Green Olives and make me feel like I'm in Napa degrees this is a tangent because of going to Greece where you did find a new a rejuvenated and may I dare I say new and new love of our podcasts a week exactly now we got some gifts from some Patriots subscribers that we love Nice and we already have their okay now I know his wife no okay then we're not thinking of all right one two three her Guy Oh he's great what's his name on subscriber we've we've reached out to her personal help that she has provided her connections reach far and wide across the country of a of a fed a Greek salad will we both regenerated yet because I then found out what it a real one is and here's what it is she she she sent us many notable gifts but she gave she one being a box filled with office supplies directly stolen oh who it's all shit it's all Tom Gay politics America's got in kind but we're not gonNa let it go down like that because we've got a dumb game podcast great and then they flew over and we're like that's weird it looks like they're alone your count five thousand pools right it's so fucking hilarious to me are you gonNa do that wonderfully the same way he wonderfully played drums for the beach boys now in Greece before we move on Oh you to know about our Patriot podcast that is our subscriber base podcast what you get is one dollar for one hour podcast and two dollars four to one pictures on our drug Den Bulletin Board Aka our podcast studio could be a student could be a personal office of yours also where we like to drink and do drugs and now I have tried to do work in here before it's just to district yeah exactly now Ashley anyone spending money no we love stolen oh yeah not personally stolen more of a corporate type stolen you can steal from a store yeah because that's not personal just for Patriae on that's right new to the podcast and you're just tuning in for the first time welcome to an tease we want to welcome you so hard join post it notes in a stapler and I mean it's so good it's an it you can smell and sense exactly where it came from Z.. Every twelve hundred pools and no one will admit that they have pools taxes on it like they everyone in the entire city of Athens lie that they didn't have a pool for forty people from her office now that's the kind of gifts we like I mean that shows that shows too nasty charm it shows got like a pickle too yeah that's how it should be it'll be a garnish I also enjoy as you know I like a black and two green olive in a wonderful array and as you know yeah I'm finance and it shows creativity using and utilizing what is what is in one surrounding yes it shows a fuck you to the man it's just us guys here and we are sisters in more than blood ash that's okay sisters and more than blood we share many office supplies message just she sent a letter that was serendipitous and we won't be reading it 'cause it was private for just ability to send a broach that they still don't steal from any of your family members all you can steal we'll take stolen lean cuisine from your office fridge Greider who is one of our deep deep deep she's a friend I mean we actually ride or die yea excuse an Ashley writer Dai original fourteen listener all right we have y'all lives on the side as and that's why I don't actually want the olives in it because olives as they can be very distracting I like to pick and choose when I do it almost like a head fourteen listeners welcome meet the other fourteen because it is a much like a a meet up or a mix yes mic mixer we do trumps Oh God those were yeah they were so great the rubber stamps are great and they say I don't need your notes Babe and right and that will be good for a laugh but so actually sent us round to office supplies I mean and the delight the delight didn't end I mean it was legal pads pen just give me the line read so you must go back and listen if you want to understand the inside jokes there but may I dare I say popper off the at the old welcome Mat put on her I put on her rose from golden girls up please wasn't rose she was in of a few sizes of I don't need your notes Babes so we we put in a reorder for a limited number of shirts so if you WanNa preorder your shirt like and I'm going to read off some broadcast regular t shirt and of course we have very infamous and famous no one knows them gay shirt now just as a side note on that we did we have run out it'd be Chhaya Shawna and Kristen yeah all the ladies now they have preordered there I don't need you nuts babs shirts that's great we are Gramma oh she was getting yeah I don't know if she was ill I think she's a cell gatty but now thank you actually now Kristie coke another Dan has this shit is trump t- argue MP any ns what Komo news doing pull them so many bodily functions bind us in this the ties that bind and she's our shores our ride or die being Sheena from Bandra pomp we ran into she know we will be sending Sheena drugs that is what he requested but if you want to you can pre or any of them you can get we're too fucked up till leave and we just pretty much all the time because you know there's never a time where it's you know thank you for the office supplies she sent us a saucy gift card which is a new trend that we're loving where people send us alcohol that we can have delivered here James Your Nicole Alexis Dina Jennifer Eva Aaron it could be Eva Eva Aaron Genevieve Shi'as that is want to buy it or buy it as a gift it's I mean it's we should probably put a link to it on our website because it's so great and and Christie hadn't made its way to us we'd never we'd never heard listen they saw that song he's GonNa sing that Song Fish D- Don Don Don Don Don in the office at the office and the office closet so Ashley I know we on the Patriot were gave you a subliminal Ashley her daughter writer is our dark ardor Ashley Your Darter is our daughter's your daughter your daughter if anything should happen to you o'clock in your sober and you're like you know it'd be a good idea for us to stock up on alcohol for Ladies Night Nope you run out you're here you can't leave and you're like score last and then I would say it is one of the best gifts we've gotten is is a meditation book called Fuck It's great by Jason He'd lead a bit she said sh I guess it's popular around like people in her life let this book help you find peace with the challenges that surround you because they are fucking everywhere feel the horseshoe of the External World Fade from your awareness let the season Hershey's office manager she'll take what she fucking time actually sent us some stamps I bet she doesn't have posted she probably has to enter now you can go and buy and you can get right now but if you preorder I don't need your notes baby you probably have due process probably wait another week or two right because for whatever reason those are popular but Christie and as I turn the page just like that there's no strife here only clear calm please and it's basically a meditation where you turn each page and it's like picture thing that makes you 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support CNN hosting and Lgbtq town hall that is being held in Los Angeles it's in Los Angeles it is a town hall this overly long Intro Yeah we want to encourage everyone to watch the CNN H. R. C. Lgbtq townhall on his day yes yes it's very exciting that there's an Lgbtq townhall now that CNN is host and his hosting and we just really all right so obviously the biggest piece of shit twisting around stinking up the atmosphere as Donald Trump and his incessant fucking shady behavior and really want to urge you to tune in particularly to Kamala Harris tune in DVR please also LGBTQ most of the candidates not all supposedly that we think the only ones that aren't going although I've seen Bernie Sanders on some of the commercials but supposedly Bernie Agent Notes Babe is on a t-shirt that we do sell and usually go to Julian brandy dot com and check out the t shirts that we have for sale we've got I don't need to know it's made we have says drugs we are just Gordon and I will be there in spirit and I would be watching we pretty much know all of Marianne Williamson's answers to the questions but if you guys don't have CNN if you're not the Kerr has absolutely used the office for his own financial gain okay so there's the joining fees of Vitiligo whatever there's the trump hotel directly across the money I mean that's right it's a tale as old as time we got we all you gotta do just go rent the movie fucking vice and you'll see right Dick Cheney doing it and you know what I mean we'll say together but I can't think of his name is it a boy boy okay you don't think of his name I what if we both okay I'm GonNa say okay I'm going to say the the person he's with because I can only think of his wife Booker over or so and Amy Klobuchar so right check it out if you listen and you don't watch the news is going to be that brandon the so it goes on here you cannot be in snared by anyone else's dumb assery not even your own Anders in Andrew Yang mark going got Joe Biden Buddha Judge Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren Tom Stupid motherfucking style is going to be on star Corey Yeah right right right I mean Ashley Studios Printer ink like the bitch goes so Christie said e t thirty six hundred actual rubber stamp type if you're a young millennial that watches your shit on fuck in line then I guess grow on CNN get onto your parents house and get the shit going because it's how I'm sure people recent history it's it happens all the time it's not just trump which is probably exactly why Congress hasn't done Jack Shit about it withholding congressional funds to try and get a in government to help you win an election just isn't done Gar okay you just don't do that now everyone knows you need to keep that shit behind closed doors the street from the White House let's just tiny examples we don't even need to get into fucking trump tower Moscow any of that bullshit but that said he's not the first president to use the office the opening an impeachment inquiry regarding a phone call that trump had with Ukrainian president where he basically said hey listen you know we'll release millions of dollars in his incessant fucking provoking the press after committing said behave your last week we told you that speaker of the House and Polos has officially because the constitution says that the president of the United States cannot use the office to further his own political or financial gate now we already know the mall under the wraps under the covers under the ground but not trump he did it right on the White House phone and even though his whole team scrambled to hide the evidence right deserve to know the person the identity of the person who's accusing me it's like whistle blower laws were like invented like over like thirty years ago or senator or whatever it is he said he deserves to know the identity of whoever whoever's accusing him he also challenged the credibility of the whistle blower and by the board okay he was like Oh snap you think you're going to ask China well now I'm going to come forward so now there's more than one whistle blower and by the way this motherfucker occur to the press and every United States citizen when he went on TV and publicly asked China to investigate Joe Biden's on her not that nobody can say it's wrong but it's like it is and guess what the minute he did that a second wissel lower came forward what you're doing is illegal right right a whistle blower came forward last week to spill all the T- now trump of course denied and happened he Vilnai's is already like a bias in his already lying so it's like the game of telephone no pun intended and so nobody should be able to believe this whistle blower they can't be trusted so after he throws a giant Middleton literally we're GONNA play the clip goes on TV until China they should investigate Joe Biden son this is why we're he's having impeachment inquiry because he asked Ukraine to invest the clip of him asking China with all of the audacity it and trump fashion I would think that all right now it's time for I have the shit storm should take some shit put up on the wall the press two and he said that the whistle blowers testimony doesn't matter because he never heard the call firsthand so whoever told the whistle blower about the call does have first hand knowledge of the call and that threw molotov cocktail right impeachment inquiry and the shit just got real real hot so here's dollars a month plus a lot of other things nobody has any doubt and they got rid of a prosecutor who is a very tough prosecutor Hugh in aid but you know you just need to go ahead and investigate possible corruption by Joe Biden Sut just I am just saying right and that is actually an impeachable offense instigate Joe Biden Sun then he turns around on TV and asked China and he thinks if he makes a big giant joke out of it and throws a big middle finger to everyone that whistleblower and said he didn't deserve to remain anonymous he said that the whistleblower you wanted to know with a whistle blower is come out into the public oh whistle blower he's if they were honest about it that sort of major investigation into the vice severi simple answer they should investigate the by because oh information as of yet at least in the news about what Hunter Biden's deals work or what he what he was up to in China so what is a company that's formed and all these companies if you look at and by the way likewise China should started investigating they put that call right in a secret database right under a digital blanket barrier that no one would find because of course that's what you do when you don't think that and now it's it's important to note that there is no actual there's no source there's no fact there's that they weren't crooked that was a crooked deal a hundred percent he had no knowledge of energy didn't know the first thing about it all of a sudden he's getting fifty thousand yeah because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with with Ukraine so I would say that got rid of them now they're trying to make it the opposite way but they got rid of I were the President I would certainly recommend that of you all right very not letting me go however I want you to know that I have released and relaxed surrendered and resumed for his love that will bring me that Mr when he did something but we're not really sure it's unclear and it doesn't really seem to matter so and also he sat on the board of a company in the Ukraine with a lot of other guys it wasn't his own company plus minute music from listen things can get pretty heated first of all fucking or we always guarantee sounds on your ass in our there's nothing that we know with China well right so just so you all know that you can look it up and even in the New York Times they're like we don't I mean we know that his the president's Alinsky if it were me I would recommend that they start at address into the by because nobody has any doubts shit off of the wash put it down on the floor in a glass bowl she'd take sewn buck and put up on the impeachment bitch right so republicans are scrambling straight up like scramble the eggs okay they're trying to get a free todd he did get paid whatever but it didn't seem to be at the corruptions there the corruption is there last week the bottom line is trump's not allowed to do that and he did so now you're looking at horrific interview that Chuck Todd of Vagina Mouth Chuck Todd the Merkin Man Yeah did win stand the Merkin man can't leak that's against the law you can't leak so I just want to reiterate what you said which is you can't ask a foreign government for help during an election Ron Johnson who is I guess the Republican senator from Wisconsin not just that he is the chairman of the Homeland Security the only Republican we should say is Fox News but boy Tucker Carlson okay so that motherfucker went on and was like that he shouldn't have done that he absolutely shouldn't have done that with the impeachable offense there's at this point everyone knows everyone knows in Washington that it's an impeachable offense now we're dealing with like so they're blanketing every news outlet where we've seen and I saw on meet the press on Sunday and absolute when he's joking like I could I will I will for benefit of one shred of doubt during the election in two thousand sixteen when he said Russia you should Eddie and he's also on the Intelligence Committee the guy deal solely with national security okay so he wasn't informed about the help me find this this dirt and then I'll give you the money congress had already voted to send Ukraine that aid and they had been right so it's it's so beyond so in that what the Republicans and trump are not he said that he did said that stuff on the call but the way they're spinning it is that he asked him till he asked Ukraine right but this was standing outside the White House talking to the press and saying with his with his hands saying and you know what they could China should funds shouldn't have asked them to investigate that was all completely inappropriate wrong but it's not an impeachable offense so that's how he spinning it and but to that's the they're not even because of quote unquote corrupt which is laughable it's the only so all the Republicans are scrambling the eggs and the only person who has admitted that trump has even done anything wrong no matter what you can't so you did it so you can't let go hundreds of millions of dollars for that help that's basically like it but they love to constantly say like it's leaked it's lead you can't leak you can't leak but what about the content of the leak it doesn't matter what the content of the League is in China to look into corruption across the board not for political gain so they're still sticking to that and they're going to stick to its bullshit and not only that they're also spinning did you mean by wins and he didn't tell him and I'm not sure the man seen I write so vagina mouth asks Ron Goodall Wisconsin Ron Wisconsin. He Asks Him Wisconsin so intense I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there was someone sitting off camera pointing a gun at him for work he's holding he's reading from papers ED approach like these motherfuckers have like damn lost their minds but they're all on this cycle of like spin deny deflect repeats been denied of like Rinse Repeat Hall and when he was sort of kept out of it or something and then when he was told he's on record saying when I was told about it I went officle question of is it going to hurt the Democrats in the election next year to bother impeaching him to even go through these motions he's also not the thing is out same they're trying to pretend it's the same vein and it's clearly not a joke and nor did it sound like a joke with China not even one bit we played the clip I thought he found dead serious oh he's instigate them now and the reason he's doing that I believe so that he's trying to back up that he isn't trying to do this for political gain that he is in fact clearly doing this I just he's not just referring to and be like listen I read this thing Bush I did this thing he's reading script yes straight up reading with the scrambled eggs that this joke because that's just trump is trump being john when he said that about China they sang it said about China but they're also implying that even with Ukraine hey you might want to check that the thirty thousand emails because I'm sure that these you know like all right that's kind of this kind of winky and Being County and shady upped he's filled with fear he's a cowardly I mean he looks like a Nazi he's so crazy as it has energy is so intensely stressed out that I thought Vagina Mouth Chuck Todd was GonNa Start crying so we're gonNA play you the clip I'm telling you watch meet the press every Sunday it's the top man bites we must either it's either got to be Chris Cuomo or jake tapper it should be even Stephanie and I thought he's going to start fucking crying and I was like is there is is is Rudy Giuliani standing off camera pointing a gun at this man I mean or is Putin I don't know and and you know poor chuck todd and he's you know he cannot deal with anything that's frustrating or stressful or anything that's when you get into a thing in in these high stress I'm asking a simple question about you clearly were upset that somehow there was an implication that was being frozen because I have my third letter into the Inspector General tells US senator asking to just confirm just confirm are you investigating those leaks to Peter Struck talked about cool could have tuck taken her to Dick's out and slapped him across the exactly everyone she would've chuck todd five eight and rocking a Pussy Goatee Bureau I have and we recommend it to you guys it's you don't even you can get you don't even have to listen to the show you can just watch that but you know if you can handle a man who looks like he's got a vagina for base the president wanted an investigation why did you because I didn't want those connected I mean it it went Guliani had been flying maybe not to Ukraine but they were meeting in like a neutral place to meet with Ukrainian officials to discuss this biden situation all the while in my fucking toilet who has a fuck exactly and also the it's like they want you you want to investigate the leak but not the content of the League when the content is and taking meetings with Ukrainian officials for months okay not one not two but like three months before the trump phone call ever even happened thing is giving a nod to Putin he's Putin wants Ukraine he wants Ukraine he wants Crimea he wants that area that that that that sitting on the phone with the guy they were all involved they were all involved secretary of State Mike Pompeo knew about it on the call they all planned it together prior to the call Rudy Giuliani who's probably standing off camera holding the gun the guy's fucking head has been a huge part of the story even though we haven't really mentioned him he was literally flying overseas area geographically will be beyond helpful to Russia and if they got it would be horrifying so and there's trump holding off aid you know what the the aid that Congress had voted on is being kept away from Ukraine and Congress doesn't know so now those aren't the only people that know now we're dealing with the budget office who knows the budget for and that the Biden's Johnny Biden fifty grand a month and some stupid glad-handing nepotism who gives a fuck right like it's ridiculous I don't know if he's cracked out he's sweating he's insane he's he's just as insane as Ron Johnson the office can clearly see the money ain't gone we oh what's this two hundred million still doing here not to mention in just just a quick mention that Ukraine is feel better here that you're not criticizing I dress was simple question what made you wince what what is fully in horribly damaging and criminal but you want to focus on the league and now you want to do the same thing where you're not dealing with the actual phone call the actual content you want to focus on the fact that there's a whistle blower in a not just a a in their own in-country not civil war but they're having their own problems they're problem also with Russia and what trump is also doing all spills always gonNA bring up Hillary Clinton's and I said the leaks who's going to want we'd looking in investigating those leaks what about those leaks what about those leaks and it's like what about the league on and on twitter please played and the way and he he his hand is it's it's he's doing that like like plate like uh-huh he was asking Ukraine to investigate bite and there was a whole ring of people you guys it wasn't just trump who got fucking harebrained fucking adderall idea Liani okay yesterday or two days ago if you're listening to this Jewish Guliani so Guliani goes on Fox News and shows his ass okay in a pleading fight with somebody please yeah because they yeah and he's going back to like Shit from Hillary Clinton Republican Party what's fucking gross main guy not bill O'Reilly Sean Hannity on Hannity spoke at a trump rally Sean Hannity that what not scared but he's in the crime family in the crime family of which this is what we're watching right trump is marlon brando right not like doing by the law he's doing by the family law so he's the constantly airy he's trump's Godfather Ron Johnson is more on Fox News you're now fighting on your own side you're fighting with people who are already on your own side there's so much your own side they're almost Fox News now Fox News for anyone out there who doesn't know doesn't care just doesn't fucking remember Fox News is basically an extension of the paid to be on your side he's fighting with his own side let's hear him act insane and you should be ashamed of yourself your profession for taking that the senator I know that's that's a setup what is this point why a Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff is popping up on here is no I bet is someone lying exactly why is this news media it answer thirty years of articles James Biden selling it out here's here's here's another one donald trump by content biden says I didn't do anything it is like If Elizabeth Warren gets the Nomination Rachel maddow rolling on and being like hey guys give me a big round of applause for Warriors Fischbach fish so this is how much of an Extension Fox News is so at this point for Guliani to go on and fight with it Guliani is more like you know the constantly constantly area the he's the lawyer he is the consular he's lawyer but he's in on it okay you're meeting your Senator Johnson Johnson Lee Gory please answer the question that I asked you instead of trying to make donald it's like what are you doing there go fuck and do the news with your grasses go find fuck wife's name go get Susan go fishing it is for the eight is to fight Russia so yeah shocking didn't get it ha ha ha ha all right so now Google they right on tv you got that you want to write that down so that's what's going on there because this is this is the mafia so and now here goes Guliani on so insane when it's Paul Manafort who was the one who helped get the president before the one that's there now I don't remember his name but the present the chairman of the trump campaign and then he worked for the former president of Ukraine was corrupt correct he's now in jail yes he's in jail for corruption before that was completely corrupt and pro Russian was in bed with Putin Paul Manafort who was the chairman of fucking trump's Goddamn election committee he later idiot press can't figure out that we pay off Joe Biden and what do you think the Chinese Gone Julius Chinese will pay one point five billion to this kid crossed granted I had a hangover to rival a terminal disease but I have never felt so upset or hopeless and you did your godfather reenactment was the directive to go on the news and repeat these talking points Oh well the other directive was to find part before begins to rebuild and it's it's scary it's not I'll tell you this is not not scary so if anyone's new here like you know just just stick with us the big time and he he made a mockery of the United States of America we all laughed in the Ukraine and Ukraine they say you lecture on corruption and the fact that he's that they are that they're that they're trying to spin that the Ukraine would would be laughing at us because of the Biden's is guests because we're the only ones fucking to having a drink in fucking drug and the laugh about it so now that the Republicans are blanketing the news with their psychosis okay the level that they are going to try to find out the identity of these whistle blowers so not only I mean and they're laughing at us and you know they are laughing at us everyone is because we have now become the cautionary tale of when you describe a country where there infighting almost level whistle blower like finding the identity of a whistle blower should be illegal that's the point of a whistle blower protection so now the Democrats on Capitol Hill or like cat the bounty hunter and his area of expertise has in the past been just birds but he'll do a whistle blower if he has to go he will he usually oh I don't think you went right we'll get about bitch he's like no no I was wincing only because I couldn't believe they would think the godfather good that's where you're going he doesn't need to be helping with the identity of the whistle I mean just how is that even legal I just don't even understand how that's legal fifty thousand dollar bounty to find the the identity of the asking it's pathetic listen to me just one sec wait until we get to Romania here's my concern gotta go the guy's a crook literally putting the person in like a full body armor walking through with like full costume covered head to toe doing all this shit vying the vice president of you appreciate your coming on thanks for joining us there's a part where he had to tell them we have a hard out I need to take a break you like telling me to be quiet. He couldn't get them to even be quiet. Forget the whistle blowing up the call and the president's remarks on the long wait wait before you interrupt me Howard I know you wanNA defend it so bad I don't want to find anything I'm asking questions war that's us and we have a corrupt fully not just glad handing nepotism we have co it's the level of Russia I watch any family and they're gonNA get an accidental accidents but I'll tell you this there's this is supposedly now this was on the news today there's a fifty thousand dollar bounty okay for the identity of both was lowers now we are trying to keep the news from dumpling who I don't know if you guys know this heat but Mamat has he has a side hustle and also Tony Scott Okay so with the additional this is before we wrap everything up everybody just needs to know now that there's a second whistle blower on the scene get him the mullet and a leather yeah I mean we're am working on it yeah because we're trying to dumpling to fall in the hands of Family Pentagon unbelievable the Pentagon unbelievable beyond now it's time yes the State Department that's the department at the Office of the Secretary of State that's Mike Pompeo he knew about it the budget office often For a very very special hearing with judge Julie Become Public before they find me Oh of course they all see me and if I do I I'll die at least I'll die Goddamn fucking hero that'd be like I'm not going to commit suicide seen the House of Representatives has subpoenaed five offices in the trump administration the office of the president by meet the press I was just like you know just the amount the amount of problems that we have and it's like it's gotTa Fall it's all GonNa fall side note a different day here here he is now in session please the office that new had all the money that's all the money sitting there and never going anywhere held me and he turned me not to give them run and finally the you're like God and they're gonNa give someone's if they're gonNa pay to find me they're going to find me it's going to be violent now maybe what I should do is go to a hearing like one of the one of the men whose maybe a made man who's kind of in the family like got there later and finally because he's sort of so if I end up dead before ninety I've been killed yeah yeah yeah then you know it to Anthony Bourdain didn't go on Rucker Shit from the office of Mike Pence Mike Pence who also that's the vice president he also knew about this whole shit he knows about everything but he definitely has on record that he knows about this call yeah that's a gift from Ashley Writer How are you today I'm cranky myself that's great great great good to hear it as a judge of what I'm not good at is listening in clarify yes no problem thank you thank you right now now this somewhat flex in loaded well group of men whom we hear about just daily at this point in the news and I for one I'm over it at all costs you go to find out the identity of these whistleblowers so I don't know they can fuck and fall on a knife I I who knows you go to find niches you know what I mean we can't have them out there again thank you everyone myself you're welcome myself how army today I'm good a little cranky honestly as I'm trying to lose a quick coming a king we're all formulated by what we affectionately and commonly call the founding fathers so maybe if you don't watch the news a lot you're not joining so today we have an interesting interesting issue on trial it is interesting now very unexpected called the court together they will do his bounties on birds yes he will do birds and probably mice and bugs but his favorite is Bert his famous bounty favor as birds and we will welcome the honorable that it's a show please welcome the honorable judge myself thank you against the family which you really can't be doing and then the fucking Guliani and some other goons came over and like talk about the family and you WanNa do you know fifty pounds and I've been working on it for about thirty years so I'm just kind of you know like that Bela Brandy hello and good morning to you good afternoon our today constantly inundated with the phrase the founding fathers that's right now you will notice there's no mothers involved and it's hasn't about constantly referring to them as a way to defend or deny their own parties right or wrong doing this court has you on trial and here nation of the bill of Rights Declaration of independence and constitution the three branches of government which are the very foundation of checks and balances which keep the president from the I'm not completely over it that's not true I'm not completely over it but that's why it's complicated and it is complex let's get into the case case six seven eight nine we're never pay attention in class or just don't give a fuck but you should they're very important to the founding of our country and of course the shaping writing implements in reference to the founding fathers is giving me religious vibes and I feel like I'm being spoken to like when people refer to Jesus well Jesus would have wanted this Jesus yes no I'm not gonNA kill myself I'm not gonNA shoot myself I'm not gonNA fall into a knife I'm not going to poison myself on doorknob I'm not gonNA drink poison not gonNA have a heart attack I'm not going to hang myself up the constitution or you want to refer to illegal document okay let's that's fair and we all want to stick to the facts this judge has been feeling that the the charges politicians cut that shit this court no longer wants to hear about the God damn founding fathers you wanted I needed the court to come together and I know it can be confusing so I'm going to do my best so if I say anything that's confusing bailiff brandy it is your job to please interrupt man such as who might have been Jesus is real was rea- it's proven he was a carpenter there was a guy there's a guy named Jesus yes into point out they are the founding quite fathers I wanNA make clear it's not the founding fathers that are on trial but the current politicians who have been codependent and four five four six four six three two eight two one two two thank you bill brandy now if you've never heard of the founding fathers that's probably because you're dead of Republican for Totta together can just had one more point yes and nobody's saying this either even though that the trumps and all of them would would spend reported that Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus yes fine Jesus did a Lotta Great Shit was Jesus even real yes is it proven try to keep the idea I mean you would think at this point I mean I'm wondering if it were me what I would do for you probably think you got the whistle blower thing you're going to be safe and then all of a sudden it's starting to unravel there was a wedding Joshua what's his name his name was Joshua was that Jesus was Joshua okay well then it wasn't Jesus we has been named Jesus in case so I'm not convinced he existed let's I mean I don't know like crazy or my advice the dumb portion of the dumb gay politics here but I don't understand third everyone well yeah who walks around saying their profit exactly I mean anyway it's a wonderful discussion to have and Israel Jesus let's say he did these great things two thousand years ago by great I mean he talked of kind and having anytime so can we just now the thing is that let's say he what the current like religious Jews were also like the government yes so he was bad for Rome he was bad for the Jews so the we're crucified that is the truth I mean you know what I mean so could there have been a guy that went around that was preaching since that was the time of like big evangelical Catholics or back in the day would say that the Jews killed Jesus that's why he's dead Jew say Romans killed Jesus that's why he's dead but in the truth in my Romans they know that a guy was getting out of line and that they were like shut the fuck up man shut up because he was preaching against I'm not that I trust you I think that there's a percentage I think it's fair to wonder if it's true or not I'm not saying it's completely true I believe there was a guy got together and they were like get this motherfucker the nailed into the cross and changed his name to Jesus Yeah and we're sure all of that stuff existed because that was what was going on share shoes or Romans or whatever you had to be like this in order to God come see like this I mean people were obsessed with God because would have been this guy a guy who proselytized and preached and there certainly were men who were but there were we're there's all records on that correct okay Kerry maybe that's fake news maybe it's faked writings maybe that didn't happen but as far as history goes tons of guys that were crucified and he lived during a time where they were tons and tons and tons of Jewish his name was Joshua Charles Manson could have been or he could have been like John Smith opinion they change you change Josh's name to Jesus heard appreciate the people who wrote the Bible to that is in my opinion a cop out you should be kind compassionate and charitable because it's the right way to Jewish people wanNA need to believe it because it's a whole thing where that's their whole Jewish people believe what the thing that happens with Jews is that be my mom always said be good for goodness sake be good for goodness sake is it a nice thing to look back and read other people's writings and unlike a Jewish Mormon well the thing is they know that he's real because there is in in history because of what happened with punches pilot who is the mayor and the Roman I wish people that say this is real or do Italian say it's real to shoes and Italian day it's real not just Jewish people though correct other people will say it's real too because no his philosophy if that's right so to say that you should be kind charitable compassionate because that's what Jesus wanted as you know the Bible and all that it's not written for hundreds of years later well then good then it doesn't make me a much as much of a raving idiot that I didn't know if it's even true exactly exactly brandy which I'm getting to my now the founding fathers are now in addition sayings and it's nice to inspire us but that's not the reason that we should be kind and generous and take care of people less fortunate 'cause Marianne Williamson told us to apparently there is documentation of that happening okay now so not not not bib he walked on water we don't know that turn water into wine but we know there was a guy that was compassion love charity giving let's all be friends we don't need to have a church or a temple to go to a needful judge like people you know people are starting to be like no but God's like this no but what about this but what about this you should follow me I'm a proper I'm a Prophet I'm a prophet that's what he was doing putting the morality and the judgment and the knowledge of what's right and wrong on the founding fathers look to the law motherfucking slave-owning around the time that could have been you know I think that there was a thing with the Jews in the Romans and there was a Lotta who would deliberately boo and that tons and tons of money to actual Jesus politicians are going to for their God Damn Fountain of Excuses Independence and rather than saying trump is a dictator in anyone all they can understand and the only way to God and love in your life was said do it at this place at this time this sacrifice and Blah Blah Blah and whoever this person was or people went around I'm the Prophet I'm a prophet and there were five hundred other guys going no I'm the prophet he just happened to probably be the best looking one I mean for all we know is like L. Ron Hubbard so I just want to put that on others would be horrified that women are voting and black people have been the president so cut the fucking shit all men are created equal bullshit bitch bullshit and religions politicians Democrats in particular please please please stop playing a fool. The founding fathers served their purpose we shen has had constant renovations and that's how it should be as time moves forward and as we evolve as has also happened to the Bible what the founding fathers the founding fathers owned slaves and they wouldn't let women vote they got what they wanted which was a free new government cut off from England and they created a D accuracy which if men weren't such power hungry fucking load shooting demons maybe we would be further along in our evolution but this is where we are and I'm quite sure the founding own morality and your North Star the founding fathers would have wanted this the founding fathers would have wanted a republic founding fathers would be rolling over in their grave the founding fathers I start standing on our own two feet yes and refer to the limbaugh when it comes to the law and even the law and the constitution follow him as either fucking deplorable asshole loser ignorant racist scumbag because why because Democrats have to stop whining and white men were right so fuck off I have great admiration however for the founding fathers and the American revolution but we room the love judge Julie from your heart and say what you fucking feel and know to be true because of your some sort of defense or or of an indictment of Republicans or trump it just won't work it's week they're outdated they're antiquated and I don't give a fuck what they want the crane was wrong because it's wrong money laundering is wrong because it's against the law got it follow that yellow brick road bitch what what they wanted let me say it again they got what they wanted you want to say some quotes feel move by some of the ideals laid out I could stand by that but this court doesn't want power money-grubbing fucking bunch of assholes so now you want to get into the law fine which is what we're doing right here in this court is adjourned now it's time for so there's that learn about them and they are part of our history keeping the time and place in perspective and on Tax Creek and learn from that now is certainly very important but using the founding fathers find something good that's happening here at home in spite of the rotted trump administration and corrupt conservative congress this week has been especially unwed no it's in your heart and you should help people by now and that remains true to this day Josh's Vibes Justice Justice here's we certainly don't got a Bible in conclusion stop it use your own words and what we know to be true and meaningful now calling the yeah so this is the part of the show where I give Julie the task of finding a so there's that moment that's happening in all the Shitty Shit that's going on in this world it isn't

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