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Hour 3: 4/10/19


The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? The fried passion and pageantry of college football leaves here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Our three podcast. We have back for the second half to show, and Tim Brando will be here in thirty minutes. Always one of the most ask for guests that we have. And if you have guessed that, you would like now that things are leveling off just let us know. And we will try to lock down that conversation, but Tim will be with us shortly and look forward to talking to him about myriad of subjects. We've finally made that move the basketball season lasting about long and starting earlier than I can ever remember it. We're now making the jump basketball over football re entering and the Alabama fans have been unusually quiet or maybe that is my imagination. But we shall see. If you want to give us a ring eight five five four two seven two eight five I don't think there'd be a lot of mystery couple of months from now when yes the SEC media days began, I believe what May June July. We are three months away from that. That is. Hard to imagine. I would guess that will see the same two teams predicted to win this year as we did last year and many believe we will see Alabama and Georgia in Atlanta when the season when the season finally comes to an end. Anyway, let's go back to the calls. We've already had some conversation about Florida with Andrea Adelson Jalen hurts heading out to Norman with Jake Trotter. We went to Knoxville for the Kelly Harper press conference. The Rick Barnes conversation certainly has calmed down. And it looks like the only uncertainty basketball wise in the SEC remains LSU. Will Wade suspended indefinitely? Will he be able to come back? He's he's slated to testify in about two weeks. So that situation will finally reach a point of no return one way or the. Let's get back to the calls and Jacob is up next. What are you got Jacob? Oh, I of of I say that I think I'd like oh picture and stuff on the screen because every time I call in feels like a will muschamp's on the other line sweating in his basement whether shirt off trucks. I hear you. Glad to hear that. So this is this is my propaganda for you fall of weight is Greg. Thank you gonna finally come out say older belongs to be in the SEC because it seems like every year, we get seems like Vanderbilt and Kentucky, you know, tile. And on those last two spots in the east, and it's almost relative to say that it's almost predictable who's gonna finish. Let me let me let me ask me ask you a question. I was talking to somebody the other day, and he was a fan about a maybe I think he's an e SEC east fan. And he asked me this question. He said, why do we have divisions in the SEC? And I. Both belt for a second. Well, I actually didn't bulk up I boat up because I don't think I'm capable bulking up. And he. I argued like many have argued that it keeps the races interesting the last couple of weeks of the season. Although this year they were both decided on the first Saturday November. But, but I I'm I'm wondering if that is a conversation that we were going to have more in the future as opposed to whether or not Georgia. Ends up playing Auburn as an SEC east opponent and Missouri goes back to the west or where it should be. I it's an interesting conversation. And I don't believe we've heard the end of it because there's a lot going on right now, you see the scheduling changes, you see Auburn and Georgia. There will be a domino effect on that. But but I fully expect at some point here in the future. Some athletic director is going to be bold and say, you know, what it's tired of the current system. Let's see what the big twelve is doing. Let's go to let's end divisional play. And I don't know what anyone thinks about that. But it is definitely going to happen. I'm not saying it's going to happen. I'm saying the conversation is going to happen. Jane is up next. Hello, jane. Hello. Hello. Is this the fan bomb show? It is the finebaum show. And I am fine bomb. Oh, well, it didn't sound like well first let me say I am album of the way, but I was Jamal and eighty eight now and fitness chair twenty four hours a day. And I watch most of all the programs that can't and I like all football, I called baseball and mile of everything even got to muddy this which I call sweep them. But I think they call it kirwin just now learning, but what I want to say is I think that everyone to realize whether we win our lives, and I've been to throw some bad times for Alabama. But oh as appreciate what the boys have done. They go out there. There to play for our enjoy mas- I won't to win. And I want him to win. But it certainly does not take away from the game. If we lose one of the best games I ever. So an it certainly and this is back a long time ago. I'm sure you will understand when we played, and I believe now remember I made eight I believe it was California. The first top I had heard and my thing we finally made three points on that gay men. I don't think I've ever been as happy as I was then in a football day. But I was surly enjoyed the at and I love the mile, and I wish people instead of us, and I am Alabama. But. My whole family. My father mother in nam were all Burt. But we never all right did. But I have one thing in the family one everybody cubs. When you walk through on the driveway. Remember, you're in Alabama territory. We don't go in and we don't fuss over or discuss Alabama. And and allburn we don't football. We don't argue about we don't 'cause I got everybody in this world in. And from different churches. We don't argue about you that no do we an MD different from what Mazar family is in politics. But we never get a I in grade each other, and I think people should hook and for the enjoyment of the game and not pick it apart to argue. I appreciate you taking my call and. I have always been mad at you Powell. I saying before bra bear bright that would you wrote in our paper. And who is time for the bear to quit and sale. She's that hurt me. But I still like you everybody very much. Thank you. I thank you for taking my call. Our our last caller has a better memory than I do because I never remember saying that. But who cares? Let's get back to Bryant would have been a good shoe salesman. Anyway, let's go to Mark who is up next. Hey, mark. Are you doing my we're doing great? Thank you. Oh, there's heard about the Alabama fans not chiming in. I just want to let everybody know we were still here pretty badly down in the national championship. But I just want to say and my Alabama fan. But I want to congratulate Auburn on a awesome basketball season. I was really hoping they'd go all the way my wife holds for all. And I'm Alex I'm a, but she does full Alabama when they're not playing Auburn. So I just wanted to let I may know we're still here in a few months. He'll probably get sick of hearing this again, so We'll get. I'm glad to hear you Alabama. Folks are doing okay chance actually we need to go to a break. We'll come back. More phone calls, Tim Brando to bottom of the hour. We are back with much much. More listening to Paul finebaum show podcast back at you're with us, Tim Brando coming up shortly. Chance is up next chance. Go right ahead. All he doing chef to thank you chance. Great. Look I wanted to ask you about Bruce Pearl's future at over. He's at a pretty good record is I five years there is at a really great tournament. Run. Lat this past year, nobody really saw that common certainly going into the year and last year they balanced out law early, but you know, both of the past two years they've dealt with injuries either leading up to the Termine or this year. Deep into new think he's gonna stay at Auburn for the foreseeable future. And if so does he deserve a contract upgrade right now. I think he does deserve a contract upgrade. Right. This second. I would I'm not. Likely to spend anyone's else's money. But I will I would give him a lifetime contract today. I wouldn't waste another day. He's that valuable to the program. He just did something that not only has never been done. Most people didn't think it was. It was even possible to be done. And he put Auburn on the basketball map and kept him there for for the entire month of March. And I don't think he is interested in leaving. I don't think he wants to. And I think Auburn should should lock him down immediately. I agree. I graduated from Auburn two years ago. Now, I remember when he first got there and just a charisma he brings how much love he has that school in the student body. I think he definitely can be a. A face of over an ambassador. I guess I'd say for a long time if they keep them around. We'll great to hear from you. Thank you, very very much Paul and Texas on the next hour, Paul. Vista from. We are great. Thank you for asking. From the state of Texas. So I'll give the university of Texas about overspent your opinions on football. Okay. Now wanted what she thought about Jalen hurts to Oklahoma. How that Lafayette the bit twelve. Oh, yeah. I don't think it's going to have a dramatic effect because because Oklahoma's already the the bell cow of the big twelve I think it will give them a better chance of winning the big twelve and a better chance of getting to the college football playoff. But. I don't think they needed. Jalen hurts for that. I think the program is so well established it would I think Texas has shot too. You like their coach bowl. The Texas coach, yes, sir. I most certainly do. I think Tom Herman is one of the best coaches in the country. I think that was a great heart. Well, joy talking to you on the great to hear from you. Thank you very much Ed in South Carolina. How are you this afternoon? Ed, I'm doing great. How you the man? We're doing fantastic founded spray is finally here today was ring. And hopefully, we don't lose it too soon. That's true. Hey, this is over. So that got I've got a trivia question for you. Okay. Right. In division. One football. There are ten teams did not end in the letter s unit. Mascot the that too. Repetitive. But could you name that of them? I'm going to save time and say, no. Who are they got? You gotta try at least I do Danny John. Those guys you call. You don't have to try not to do anything. No wonder it's your show. Yeah. I'm gonna let I'm going to let the two brainiacs in the other room. Do it. Okay. All right. Right. So you're asking the ten mascots individual in college football. The do not end as an s plural obviously wanted to tide crimson tide. The one. I'll throw the Stanford cardinal in there. I know she'll Marshall thundering herd there's three to angry and wave. North Texas mean green, although the might have had to change their name change David well than it is to what I'm going to give them a they were North Texas mean green when I went to college in that area. So I'm gonna stand that his car say Stanford cardinal. Yeah. We got that one day. Yeah. You got four so far the Harvard. Crimson Syracuse orange. They're not division one. Oh, okay. I thought they were about what about Syracuse? How much time left in this show? The Orangemen isn't like hold on a second and not to be the grammar. Policemen. Orangemen isn't that portal? Yeah. You said you said, yes. Yes. If it right. That's why we got five out of ten that's pretty darn good for on the spot. Okay. Who they other what other five just to to? We get this done before Friday. What you got the Notre Dame by? Oh, yeah. Johny? La why navy midshipmen midshipmen? North Carolina State Wolfpack. Lane division one. Oh. And the Nevada's also the wolf packs that that's that's the Bill buffet there. Okay. And that's it, isn't it. That is it. Okay. Thank you. Appreciate trivia, wiz. What for that? You win the opportunity to call again. But not today, Sherry is in Gainsville. How are you sharing? I'm doing fine. I appreciate you taking my call. It's a beautiful spring day. And my question was you asked if you if anyone had a favorite guest, they might like to see on the show and mine is always been more Rutledge. I was wondering things things are flowing down as possible. She could be on. I see you're on get up with greenie. But I don't know she's. As a contract host or permanent job. Or if that's just something. She does a couple of days, she she she has been doing that for the last nine months and has been quite spectacular. I will see if we can get her back very soon. Thank you for the call. I appreciate it. Thank you. Great to have you on John is in Los Angeles. And you are next up. Hey, john. Hey, are you doing, sir? We're doing where to a good. I just wanted to respond to some of the criticism that Nick savings been receiving saying that about basically Rodney Harrison who figured that out. And people don't understand going in the first of the second round you so much money. Your money is guaranteed and going into third rounding and leaving early that really does affect people. And I, you know, people don't understand, you know, you don't get as many chances when your third of first round versus your first of the second around. So you're riding the hairs and had a guy heard and stuff he could be a different story. You might not even never make it back in. So I think when you get more more foundation, and you know, you stay in your you your marquee picking. I think that is better. So staying late, you know, for Nick Sabin saying, I think that's really is. Really is something you should think about because a lot of players don't make it back to the NFL if they get cut. They never make it back. He's just there. Think it's one way of looking at it. Hey, thank you very much for that. Good to have you on from LA. What about Ken in Tennessee? Hello, ken. Hey, how you doing? We're doing great Cam. Hey, listen, I picked you up at the renaissance about two years ago at the basketball tournament, you know, we had a little chat aback your radio show back in eighties about that Colorado. Coach you remember. I sure do remember. Yeah. I remember that. Well, listen, I've been watching you and this to you for back in those times up till now, listen Kentucky, Gak howled in last fall and ask you about a Tennessee coach that had wrote a book about I believe the defense, and you didn't know the answer. And I don't expect you to. But listen that was Vince Gibson who will remember that was a defensive coordinator at Tennessee lift sixty six he went out to when out to Kansas state, put purple carpet down and wanted ballgame beat somebody in Oxford paper had a big rat up about Vince could walk on water. Let me say something about the situation at Tennessee. You know, I I'm confused about why we would pay that much money for a basketball coach. And and I'm saying they should have given a contract with incentive if he worked real hard and did all the things that incentives expressed expected him to do then. Okay. Five million fan. But you know, we really didn't do anything if except get a lot of publicity for being number one for a while. That's all we accomplish. And thank the Kellie jolly is only getting that seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a year for the for the basketball coach. And and the lady vol's is what kept to program going for years. And I'm just confused about the money. You're the second person this afternoon that has mentioned the. Why difference between what the women's coach at Tennessee is making an immense coach. And quite frankly, I think they ought to be equitable or at least. Be at some point reached that level. You know is Barnes worth five million dollars a year? I think the simple answer is no he's not feel about it. He's a very good coach. I five million dollars a year. The only two coaches who make more than that are Calipari who've been to six or seven Nash final fours at Kentucky. And she chef ski who's been to twelve and one five titles. So. Well, I think you are. I mean, listen, I mean, if you can get to the final four and winning NCWA championship, but as of this hour Rick Barnes has has has improved the product very much, but they still haven't gotten beyond where. Anyway, I mean Konso Martin got in the Sweet Sixteen and they didn't I don't even think they offered him a new contract. I really was hoping what happened, and I know a lot of people don't disagree with me. When I say this. I I won't it. The man to go to. California. And I won't disavow pyro back. Well, I thought about that listen everyone's at some point has gone through this but for him to entertain the offer. And and I found his comments yesterday about the the lure of UCLA to be. Just a bit too much. I'm you you either love where you are. And you know, I I would still like understand why he was considering it something something occurred up there that irritated him. And he still hasn't explained it. And I I think he's a very good coach. But. I mean, where does he proven that? He can put the number one team in the country on the board and still not. I mean, five million dollars a lot of money for basketball. That's what we're talking. We're not saying he isn't a good coach. He's an he's an elite coach. But but to keep him, I guess, that's what they had to pay Tim Brando. We will talk to him coming up here. Shortly looking forward to that very very much. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the program, and we can do a lot more with our next guest. He is Tim Brando. Just back from the final four the basketball season ends a golf season has already begun. And Tim is such a pleasure to say Hello to you on this gorgeous, April day same to you Paul great to be with you. And and all your guys after stopping by Sarlat while I think we're in Nashville and then. Yeah. Tournament the tournament got underway. And by the time, we got through to the final four all all kinds of stories that had taken place. So there's a lot out there to discuss it, as you know, still how feel about this time of year. No disrespect. But I was watching Sean McDonough Andy north and Curtis Strange doing the par-three most of today. Okay. Just no disrespect. But I we are we are well aware what's on other channels here. So. I must admit during a few calls. I peered over there myself. I bet you did to see if dick was his great great grandchild could not quote in. Yeah. Yeah. I it. It is a it is a cross time of the year. And I mean, let's talk about golf because I think basketball has been put to bed we'll bring it up a little bit. But I'm interested in in your take on what's about to unfold at Augusta. I will tell you. And I think I've had this conversation with before I've been asked many times. What do I miss hosted some f CBS, and it's probably an event that most people think I never worked, but I worked for different times on masters dot com. Just being at Augusta National such a treat such a privilege. I'll never forget walking the grounds for the first time. And by the way, the best time to go. If it's a bucket, Mr. for you is the Tuesday before or the Wednesday before either today when you have the the par-three or Tuesday, the players are loose. They're all out there practicing. Most of them are getting a full eighteen in and you can just walk around the golf course. And enjoy it. And I it's just it's like being in heaven. It's like going through the pearly gates on earth. And then to actually do it just shot by shot. Whether you're doing Amen Corner is my friend grant Boone does or as in my case. I I was working the feature groups and seeing the best players the the the really the premier groupings that that everyone wants to see and because the coverage doesn't begin to late in the accident. The only way you could watch. The Gulf is on the digital side. So it was just a a lot of fun for me to do. And I'm gonna watch every shot. You know, I'm not gonna miss any shot that I can on the digital side or the over the air side when it begins because it ushers in the golf season in so many respects, and where I live, and I'm I'm guessing whereas with we probably having some of the best weather we've ever had. So you're in the mood the magnolias around and all it does is make you wanna go at play golf, watch golf. I love the old guys Paul. This is a great treat for guys like you and me who can say that we remembered watching Freddie, Couples when he wanted in ninety two and and and look out he'll be on the leaderboard on Saturday. How many times have you seen thread out every year who who hasn't won since ninety two? He's on the leaderboard in sometimes threatens on Sunday. That's why I think a guy like woods and Phil Mickelson have great chances because the nuances of. Of of of the golf course, they know so much about and the the greens, particularly, and that's really been Tigers issue. So far this year. He stretching it well. But he's not putting it particularly. Well, I'm going to tell you and make a prediction, I think he will put it beautifully this week. And if he makes the five to six foot putts, I think he's got a chance to pull it off and get that elusive fifteenth major, and and a fifth green jacket, the only Jack has more than he does currently tied with Palma with four Mickelson's got three Till's already one this year. And I think the Warri factor because he's got a chance for the career slam. He won the Players Championship, which unfortunately, I didn't get to see much of because it was at the height of college basketball season with the changing of the calendar. He's the twenty two one favorite to win. He's the guy that most of the money is being bet on right now. But I like to think of another guy from Europe. On seven times it came close at the players and plates. So very well. Last your chenecocs, Tommy Fleetwood. Tommy, don't call me. Mic Fleetwood he's a guy that could come from nowhere because not a lot of people know that much about him. Although he played very well at the at the US open last year his game totality of his game is tremendous. And he's daring he shot himself really out of the conclusion of the players by being daring late in the final round. But he's got what it takes to. I think the bit of a sleeper pick. If you will for this year's masters to he will be his first win on US soil. But he is a big time Ryder Cup talent. And everybody in the golfing world is wearing Timet. You've you've you've been a broadcaster for CBS for so many years now with FOX, I'm I'm really interested in this. Because I think it is one of my favorite sports to watch. Because so little is said as someone who understands that very. Okay. Well, tell the audience what what goes into broadcasting that tournament in. It's not like any other event that you do. Well, I still marvel at the guys that do it as well as they do at the Dan Hicks in the Tim Nancy's that are the tower. I've only done to be in that position one time. And it was after done a few of the masters dot dotcoms. They asked me to do a senior event in savannah, and you have to remember that seventy percent of what you're watching a live telecast is actually on take and the producer and director, particularly the producer as having to galvanize. So much information about who's doing what we're on the golf course. And where we can go to get what we got to get this guy because he's gonna make this putt to cut it to two a two stroke deficit. All right. Let's go to him where and win to go actually live. And then for the announcers who actually calling it while it's on tape. You know, it's not as if you call. Every shot live, but said the responsibility to call certain shots of certain holes. And let's say for instance, very Linquist is at sixteen. But you know of marvelous shot was made by Mickelson to get it to within three feet. But they may not throw it to him until Mickelson's already on the green sizing up his putt, but they come to him. And he says earlier this was Mickelson with seven nine and you'll let it play out. So there's got to be a little theatrical capability for all of the announcers because you have to be honest that you're showing tape, but you don't want your voice to to throw out what what drama and anticipation there is for the kind of shot you're about to see. So that is that is something that is unique to call that makes it so much fun because it is a performance not just for the players. But also for the broadcasters to make sure that you're not cheated out at the high drama because some so much of what you're seeing an alive. Lacasse is actually on tape Tim Brando, this we're going to come back in maybe a reflect a little bit on the season. Just ended in a look ahead to the rest of the year, Tim Brando with us. We will come back with another segment with TIMMY beat after this to listening to my Paul finebaum show podcast. They always told will he was too short to play basketball, but will never listened. We'll let his work ethic. Do the topping four handle. Always Jim always running drills. We'll new where there was a will. There was a way and he was will. But then after a second child was born he realized the pros were all way better than him. So we'll give up and buried is high cops in a tearful ceremony. But one day he heard that gyco could save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch which was awesome back. Tim Brandon with his nowhere. I've been what meet asked him for while we have a bunch of new coaches in the SEC and we've spoken to all of them lately. But but Tim the one coaching situation that. Remains uncertain unclear is the one at LSU what in the world is going on down there. Twisting in the wind. You brought me on with chubby checker, and you well, they're all twisting down there. The players are twisting a lot of the fans. Are twisting. It's it's amazing Paul. I I've never seen anything quite like it and having been at the final four, I will tell you this. I didn't run across anyone in sports administration at any school in any conference will any member of the media that wasn't stunned that there had not been something some resolution to the weight saga, whatever it is. And it must be big. I guess we'll find out like so many things in my state when there is a a wound. It's it's not it's not covered up with a bandage. But maybe a gauze band did your cast. It was they'll be open bleeding for everyone to see down there. It's really unfortunate. And regardless of what you think about the circumstances. Whether we'll wait has been single. Out more. So than anybody else or that. It's funny. How many fans of suddenly believe that avenue ATI is a credible source? He's got really he's going to unload on all the programs and Nike and everyone else. It's just a lot of Republicans now been giving credibility to to to to that lawyer, which makes no sense to me. But. It could be that. This could be a reparable damage done to LSU. I don't think anyone wants to see that whether you're fan of of LSU or or you're an SEC fan. You wanna see your teams do as well as they can? I would have thought by the time we got to the final four and the team had been knocked out of the NCAA tournament that they would have sought him. Why why is he still there? Obviously because of the lack of of stewardship one way or the other in it, all we're getting statements. It's a statement from him. It's a statement from alita no one wants to face the music. No, everyone is wanting to cover their own Iranians that is that's what's happening here. Whether it's the lawyers that are now involved with will that supposedly we're gonna keep him from having to testify along with along with Shawn Miller, or it's it's the athletic director who seemingly did not know in October that the story Pete Samuel put out there had legs. He must not have believed it because for him to be stunned at what these wiretaps reportedly had was just unconscionable to me. So I mean, I just don't honestly Paul. I wish I knew, but I don't and this notion that well because everybody else does. It then this should absolve. Go away is just really I mean, it's it's almost as if today I heard Jay Bilas say this earlier in the week sands don't care now we become so defensively is to wrongdoing. It's like bad. No problem that that everybody else does it too. So let's bring him back. He's he's taken us to the promised land have no quarrel with with Wilmington is booth or as a charming guy. I've met him at spent time with it. But if what's reported here is true. And I have no reason to believe that it's not then he should be out of a job and LSU should have gotten a guy. That's in Arkansas. I mean that was the guy you would have gotten. I mean, there's absolutely no doubt. He will. He wants was assistant coach there at LSU. He would have been the perfect hire there. So LSU could be they could be out of the loop for five to ten years because they failed to move as quickly as they should have on this weather. Whether it's because of legal ease or just downright stupidity leaving this program. Rudderless a rudder la- ship has been one of the worst possible things. I think we've seen in the modern day for for division. One college basketball program. Hate to end on such a Downer. But when you're spitting the truth out, and the needs to be said that Tim, I know you are waiting to hire Dale. They hired Dale back. They can't write. You can't have a current. Coach's name put on the court. So to keep from putting Dale Brown court on a gig from naming the court after him, maybe they'll rename him to head coach. So they can keep from doing it. You have to come back to continue this conversation. So thank you so much. Okay. Paul b be well, what an incredible conversation has nice chat about the masters, and then spitting out some nails about the LSU situation. You know, I think what he said there has to be. Digested and thought about it. He said that the current state of affairs Adela shoe could cost this program. What do you say five to ten years really interested in eager to get some reaction from LSU fans about that statement, man? Tim said quite a bit there. We're up against a break an hour to go right here at eight five five two four to seventy eight five phone lines of variable. We're back with more after this.

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