Hour 1: The NFL Is A Fraud


Don't let winter boss around your car's engine use pennzoil synthetic motor oil made from natural gas not crude oil gives you unbeatable engine protection the proof is is in the pennzoil based on sequence for aware tests using SAS five W. Thirty Dale Avatar Woodstock got your podcast presented by capital one where you can open a savings account account in about five minutes and five time national average this is banking reimagined. What's in your Wallet Capital One? Na member FDIC these the Dan Labor per sure with these two cats podcasts so many places we could start today college football the NFL Ravens over the Patriots last night that's dolphins likes browns. I might have to fire gays today if not the fakes to God's will fire as for a second consecutive week Israel Gutierrez is in studio with us Dan we'll be back a week from today Levy talk will return to the Dan Le Batard show one week from today we're all very excited about that is he where do you WanNa start today you're my hero man Oh stop stop it that's where I want to start I am both proud of you envious of you kind of not very envious of you look tired you look seeing how tired you look walking in here yeah but I have never been more combination of happy and proud that I'm not related to then you on Friday night at that way we'll thank you I appreciate it I am tired I watched the fight I actually watched the fight I paid for the fights right you weren't courtside or brings I believe Julio you believe you and something happened Friday they've had a budding friendship on the air or hey mas on Stugatz but Friday backstage age while Stugotz was holding his hands up and worry Mas Vidal was punching them as if it were legitimately trading for what would what was the come something funny happened spend sue gods and Mazal became legitimate friends Putt for what they want I gotTa tell you I was trying who explains to buy wife Abby that man you see on the videos that man walking to the stage right before the way up standing right behind him by the way that is my iphone the entire time so he is walking down that aisle it's backstage and we are walking and that's the only time where it was just me and Moscow and can you hear me saying let's go let's do this let's come hyper them up he told me to take it seriously to get fired up at am trying to explain to my wife that man that you can see on their television screen green right now the people of certain saw over the weekend there's me waving his shirt almost hitting a a ring card woman I think I hit her in the face up she had to dodge a flip flop that flew out we have to explain why there was a flip flop that flew out of the jacket for a second there the Rock Ah Dwayne Johnson looked down and you could see in his face and says why is this mother bleeper blocking half of my body with his who is this and why is he black so let's start from the beginning because Pablo Torre and I are waiting for Stu Gods I just WanNa say this what I was explaining to my wife life is as we were watching the fight together and this is the baddest bleeper on the planet right now okay I tried to explain to her that outside side of the octagon there is a warm authentic genuine caring man with a great sense of humor she refused to believe me I is it abby I would trust them with our kids that's how nice this guy is it is real it is genuine he is fantastic with that said let's start from the beginning from the beginning in which we're panicked because it's a dead show so we know got US showing up the Madison Square Garden and we're just not sure or if he's going to show up in time for the way in that is before the deadandcompany show the the debt shows were Friday and Saturday you're going to Friday's he went to Thursday tame riders you into Thursday yes I wanted to Thursday and Friday then the fight was Saturday night live Maggie Rogers opening up very cool too weird opening act for deadandcompany and she was fantastic I'm trying to get her on the podcast this week she really was amazing was a nice little treat their I'm telling you guys after the Mazda away from me why is it no one else thought wow Maggie Rogers opening up from the dead that's weird or fine well she didn't open up for the dead she she she was a part of a couple of songs wrong so she did friend of the devil toward the end of the first set with the dead and she did the weight towards the end of the second set the end of the show with Dan she was fantastic so waiting for guys I'm like there was a moment where I am telling you I enjoyed five six songs with Bill Walton Thinking Bill Walton new he was enjoying this the songs with Bill Walton they had no idea why I probably only knew who the people onstage zone those shows so sue God's finally does show up it was a little confusion maybe showed up a little bit late but it's all right we get through security and there's a lot of security and we finally get to the Hulu Theater Paddison Square Garden near the ESPN plus broadcasts spot and there's all sorts of mystery as to whether or not to is actually going to be able to do this because we've talked to people and we're like we're here I'm in contact with Hore Hayes crew that I it seems that appears to be on but everything that I'm hearing from people there it's like like oh we heard this wasn't happening who's telling you this is a UFC telling you this because representatives from the UFC we're telling media people know he's not going up but I'm like where were are you at the time I was we were there backstage we were we were in front of the stage not backstage because I was told that only if if this happens only to gods can go backstage now stu gods dresses like an animal sometimes he wasn't really put together going to a dead show yes animals usually naked yeah yeah well cigarettes was strolled up he wasn't that bad to his credit he was wearing adidas shoes and an under armour Jack UFC has a deal very exclusive deal with Reebok so I was being asked what suits was wearing and I told them and they're like that needs to change I'm like this can jeopardize him going going up there I don't know I don't care if he has to go up tiny white shirtless like he needs to be like me and I'm like Adidas though we'll try to get him some shoes I'm like he'll we'll go up barefoot it doesn't matter so finally like we're pushing them you have to go up there barefoot it's got already like I'm aware that he's got back out of this on his own because he doesn't WanNa be embarrassing written go up barefoot suits is capable of shame somehow yes but we're in negotiations and we finally get someone takes you gots backstage meet up with four hospital where he is given UFC slides to put on his feet while Yeah Yeah and and he sends Oh you got a bunch of free stuff that he all left there he were wait a minute what happened to the shirt you had made for this That shirt is right here I actually have it right here so we couldn't wear that shirt because again of the deal with Reebok so sue gots what's is given these UFC flipflops but by then Pablo and I were so committed to him going up there barefoot obligatory yeah we told cigarettes no you have to do a barefoot but and it worked out because you got all right I'm doing it barefoot any Waldo waddled up to worry Mazda Dole who told him I like it it's primal hey eddie greet you when you first saw he gave me a big hug we talked about the lack of flip flops and he said that was one of the first things he said to me I like it primal originally I was actually hoping to be like on the sage back to document the entire thing they were only letting sue God's on the stage so I told got you have to document this entire thing with your iphone so stu gods credit to him did so and at the beginning of this whole way and he got like what is truly a beautiful beautiful cinematic experience if you watch the way it's Lynn and how he's like behind or hey mas vidal it's really cool but he's been goosebumps dud it really does I I mean perhaps because I know upstanding three feet behind him just following him into the onto the stage but it gives me goosebumps every time I watch it got the only only person on stage with Horror Mazda I assume there would be a large crew would just be part of this is the only person up there repping team Masato it's amazing easy face do you have never been more focused in your life yeah I mean I mean no offense you've got the extreme double Chin action going because you've got the face pulled he holds are just focused like you are some sort of award winning cameraman just doing your thing you want to be the guy that pisses off Moskva though he ought to take it seriously to put my game face on it yeah you don't look scared you look intimidating so it on the on the stage is not as has hoary mas but all Joe Rogan Dwayne the Rock Johnson who looks incredible and huge and he's holding the B. M. F. L. Dana white this is legit this this is the face off before the fight and they're putting his camera in everyone's faces holding his phone like a dad chewing his tongue forget about swinging shirts tamie swinging a jacket which it has like the flipflop said he put in the pocket the flipflops come flying out a ring card woman has to duck out of the way of one of the flip flops and at one point I was like begging guys okay you can put the phone away we got enough good self nope Stugatz then takes his phone and in the staredown if that's what's what's always photograph before the fight the stare down between the as STU gods bullies his way in between them to put his phone in there that's when Dana White gets into the picture Dana The white brushed aside that image for those who watching on TV it's an image of a barefoot stew guys phone and warned a hands swinging jacket on the other hand and the rock looking down at him like what are you doing here so security told you to stop with jagged I noticed suddenly they did did you notice when I walked past Dana White and perhaps shoved shoved them aside did you notice he looked down at my feet look very confused my favorite moment was you going to Dana white it was picked up by their cameras but I'm STU Gods Dana White says I know stupid I approved you being here yeah and the rock whose confused by why do I know this person what is he doing he's really forward with this whole cell phone thing dude chill also why is he barefoot he then God's straight line right after Dana goes to the rock introduces himself takes two great pictures with the rock the rock lock no who you were I don't know I mean I felt the need because I didn't know who was who I was focused a mosque fidel okay that a- As far as I'm concerned it was just me and Moskva Don that stage together that didn't notice anyone else I went up to the Rock I saw him I knew I was GONNA ask him for himself he's he's not Mike maybe because he asked me house Dan doing and I responded personal matters he'll be back week from God's it seems like car battery struggle in every season in summer they are hot and winter they are cold advance auto parts will test your battery for free and any season and install new one if you need it whether your car's covered in fall leaves or winter snow it's always a good time to test your battery insist advance auto parts we'll do it for free you have no excuse swing by today and they'll help you power through the seasons advance auto parts big ahead think advance prescription required online physician consultation and are only available at the physician determines prescriptions appropriate see website for full details and safety information one of the scariest things that can happen to a guy that first morning you wake up you look in the mirror and you start to realize you're going thin up top to out of every three guys are going to start losing their hair by the age of thirty five thirty five you're still young dude at that point you're GonNa Start Losing your hair then think about it a year from now it's all gone everybody used to think as soon as you start losing your hair yeah that's it it's genetics it's father time and there's nothing you can do about it well guess what that's wrong for him dot com is a one stop shop or hair loss skin care in sexual wellness on this for men prescription solutions backed by science written by Dr delivered to your door thanks to science baldness can be optional good for him dot com slash. 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AT CASPER DOT COM for a special offer Israel Gutierrez studio with US get there and we'll be back a week from today is he will be in studio now are you here all week this week a little bit here a little bit there Thursday and Wednesday Wednesday Thursday off all right so I know we have Diana Rossini coming in towards the end of the week to co host it's a few shows Greg Cody will be in tomorrow when a damn we'll be back a week from two that Diana's South Florida Studio debut very excited for that Mike you're the only one roy will tony meters well but you have not met Diana Ruthenian Person Yet Our staff fell in love with her we were up in Bristol a few weeks ago she was fantastic did she shows with us took calls as as your Mama Too Deep Jersey accent yeah that's coming back right that is coming up both days I think are you excited for her do you work with her those shows were really showing up and Bristle so that it should be really fun week shows Israel NFL. Yesterday we can mock Mike Mike Ryan and the brands sounds we could mock me getting old too little to easy yup the browns they're bad like no one expected this okay they they are bad we cannot talk about jets dolphins we can go patriots ravens where would you like to start in terms of we got a note here that just says the NFL's a fraud and just because when I think of like two weeks ago when we were talking about essentially and going into this week as well talking about the Patriots being the best defense ever ver- and this team being atop the AFC with no peer and we were wondering if Lamar Jackson had to run more than we wanted him to and was he he good enough and everything else and now we've got this all time patriots team given up as many touchdowns as they have all season and one game and Lamar Jackson looking more responsible justice responsible for his team's wins let's say Russell Wilson out in Seattle and he could be an MVP candidate before it's all said and done and now suddenly we don't know what the Patriots have as far as offensive offensive line as far depth that receiver as far as a run run game instead of just like you know the passing two running backs in so yeah the NFL's a big fraud because I thought everything was one way now it's another way do we know anything anything that we know the niners are good we have gosh they're winning without actress that was a big win for the chiefs yesterday and that's what more can do for you when you game or two that you need to wait until mahomes gets healthy again no lie we had a discussion on HQ I think it was last week that said Kirk cousins MVP and it was in that same convert and same sentence Now now he gets to fund digs a pass for the entire game. It's a credit Andy Reid because how many coaches have we seen fired because their quarterback gets injured uh-huh over decades now Andy Reid has been able to manage injuries to Stud quarterbacks sometimes going in there with a third string quarterback like quite even dating back quite detmer yeah and still being able to run his offense who would agree now it's certainly not what it looks like when Patrick Mahomes is fully healthy but if he had an entire season of Matt Moore you're that's a borderline perhaps even wildcard playoff team if you team it with a full season of Tyreek Hill because holy hell that dude as fast I mean he gave Davis teammate a running three yard headstart and caught up to him within thirty yards of that play that was twenty two I don't even know how fast yes that is like relatively speaking but twenty two point eight three I think miles per hour he just for fun nothing to it just high five is teammate as he was sprinting past him and you think mahomes probably GonNa come back next week at least that's what they're saying so the six three two up in a in a pretty weak division with the raiders are in second place speaking of the NFL being a fraud who the raiders for four after eight Games and the raiders did everything they could to lose that game to the Lions yesterday that buccaneers Seattle Game Looked L. Amazingly entertaining looked like the seahawks offensively were fantastic and then you're like Oh yeah it's the bucks and so I mean you're entertained but you don't know what anything means it's we're we're in midseason for we are but you still have the Patriots now I realize a difficult portion of their schedule is coming up but they're still eight and one the next best team in the AFC it's the bills at six into it's the ravens it's six into The chief Sandy Texans are six three so the the Patriots are still pacing for you know first week by two home yes you get to a super bowl still do that they have the one hiccup where they look bad in in a game and you're always looking for the signs that say maybe this is the final the final fall and yesterday after Brady threw that up for grabs interception and and the rest of the game on the sideline just looked flummoxed and looked like he just I mean he he'd never looked like he was mentally out of control before and and I I think it looked that way yesterday and I think he was disappointed in himself but again they do this once a year but the people expect them to go I mean no one was expecting sixteen in no let's see how they play against the thing I know but we're going to do the first one it is the first one they of course once coming up they have Prescott after that they have mahomes and Shawn Watson so those are the next four games and they get the bengals offense bills I think they'll finish those are three wins right there wins already is you know it's fun I'm not worried about the big picture I think it looked worse last night because of the way the Ravens started because it felt like that patriots defense caught up a little bit in in the middle but then the ravens you know put in the dagger but people will say catching some ads say that people will say all all right the Ravens now the team to beat I'm the NFL we nothing it's a week to week thing the ravens of the team to beat the ravens loss of the browns at home that's right they did they get blown on out I was so long ago we know nothing was blowed out that was I just wanted to hear it again tomorrow on physician consultation are only available at the physician determined prescriptions appropriate subscription required full details information. 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Thanks for this Mike and now your your sports interrupdate podcast listeners you'll just have to figure it out somehow Sunday night football ravens defeated the Patriots thirty seven to twenty four Jackson was seventeen of twenty three for one hundred sixty three yards within a touchdown on the ground here in sixteen times for sixty one yards and two touchdowns nationally gold gloves catcher jt Real Mutahi first-base Anthony Rizzo second base Colton Wong Long shortstop Nick Ahmed third-base Nolan Aeronautica left Field David Peralta Centerfield Lorenzo Cain right-field cody bellinger and pitchers that grinky and finally happens to all of us Randy Moss accidentally flew Bristol Tennessee instead of Bristol Connecticut and almost Mr Peering on Sunday. Nfl Countdown Wow one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the first first game in college football history is Wednesday and this week ESPN is celebrating check out the American Game Games of the century tomorrow at Seven PM EASTERN ON ESPN two for all the latest headlines Headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day as that happened to you Bristol Tennessee Bristol Connecticut no no but I have woken up in the wrong city before because of an emergency landing and didn't know it wasn't really interesting though it wasn't I mean you put it out there it seems like something that we'd be fascinated fascinated with no no no I mean you know Bristol Tennessee Bristol. I would've stayed in Bristol Tennessee if I were him if you're Randy Moss job to do in Bristol Connecticut though that's gotTa be jarring right I'm surprised it hasn't happened to me I guess that's why I was asking I mean that's pretty far it's a pretty big distance there I mean did he get on the wrong plane or did they just what happened there I think these are issues that I can't really relate to because that's very clearly private plane situation breath the right that's a good point like by the way I'm getting this from Hembo no need for stat of the day Lamar Jackson the leading rusher on the number one rushing team in the NFL now no team has ever reached the super bowl but a quarterback as its leading rusher the last thing the lead the NFL rushing and win the super bowl was the eighty five bears I mean I watched that team last night and I don't know if they can win it all but I don't think there's really any limitations to what they can do you there's there's not I would put them in one of maybe ten teams that you wouldn't be surprised if they win the Super Bowl right is that fair there are ten teams I feel they could win the super bowl and none of us should be when we were talking last segment about who we don't know we don't even mention the packers right they look a couple of weeks ago against the raiders and then you know this happened I think they're very clearly limitations as to what that offense can do but their strengths might certainly well overcome any of the shortcoming I I think when you've got Hollywood Brown back in the mix and the way I mean look against I judge it against that defense because defense is probably gonNA scheme better than anyone else and you know oh against zero coverage against whatever they threw away what you're pests and et cetera during the broadcast they got they take away your best players you've got to beat them with the other guys is Lamar still found a way to buy enough time and beat him with the other guys and found a way to just I mean Juke the heck out of people and and run for decent amount of fifty sixty wasn't that much but they were necessary and they were affected regardless of the scheme so I just don't see much to what they see they don't have to throw it a lot that's the point they run it a lot because they can't right he was seventeen to twenty three hundred sixty three yards he ran the ball sixteen times for sixty one yards but ingram was great last night I mean they're a good team I I just love that we do this every year no one I didn't think the Patriots were GonNa Go Sixteen Oh they've lost a game and now people are writing them off Saint Tom Brady's finished and I think it's laugh out loud funny how many years we going to do this a couple of weeks removed from the NFC north being the greatest division and now that even top heavy like we don't even no way that the and ended the Patriots win three of the next four gets four very difficult opponents everyone will hop right back on the probably get probably will but one thing that won't changes what is your jets now and get to them because this organization like Mike thanks he has it bad and he does and the sheer is painful knowing definitely now but I'm saying historically I would argue the jets not has had it worse is the I am forty seven years old and and I've never seen my team play super bowl look a day over fifty one I feel it I feel like I'm seventy five right Asia this week at two dead shows and that breath fight you've never seen them playing a super bowl but they do have a super bowl championship they do my something that the browns would have had if they stayed in Cleveland but no they left Cleveland Cleveland went to Baltimore won two and my team has been a joke ever since I came back into the NFL but yeah no it's it's awful being a jets fan it like he's got a case I'm just talking does but when the jets leave New York moved to another team a city and win two super bowls we can talk that is that's fair but I'm just saying even the browns okay while all in Cleveland okay they had the Bernie Kosar years okay I understand what you're saying that's difficult they had like Mike they were one of the best organizations at football for a very long time appro long period of time that they couldn't get past the Broncos but they had Bernie Kosar byner and Kevin Mac and Marty Schottenheimer was the coach of those deeds they had a good run for like get eight years I've never had that a sustained run sustain Ron and I think if you look at era you have the Mark Sanchez era which lasted what two years it was two years and the thing you remember most from that era is the butt fumble it's not the AFC Championship Games back to back AFC championship games. If that one play that that define Mark Sanchez his career really the jets as an organization if you look at just about every other team they've had a period of time that was more than two the seasons I mean even the dolphins if you are my age forty seven you have seen the dolphins go to a few super bowls you had Dan Marino you had added ten to twelve year period where they had maybe the best quarterback in football certainly very exciting offense every team had some sort of run a prolonged period of success excess except for Mont except for mine look at every team I mean the dolphins the Browns I'm giving you laughing stocks of the NFL and those teams had prolonged sustained periods of success so is it worst it's worse to not have the prolonged success then then to have the really low lows like Oh and sixteen or never have a quarterback I've just had nothing I've never had a quarterback where the we're the organization that passes on Keto Brian Dolphins get Dan Marino I mean that's that's who we are where the where the organization that passes on Lamar Jackson it takes Sam Darnold that's who we are never get it right Izzy we never ever get it right so are you here to say officially that you got this coach wrong or do we have to recruit somebody else say that again I mean listen I'm going to stay a bunch of facts about this year but they are facts like Adam gazes my friend he's GonNa have to eat it but the facts are the facts okay and I will do that at some point in the show I'm going to unleash on that because I'm tired of this and they have tired of people mocking jet fans jet fans are are very there's a reason we act like this forty seven years I've never seen my team playing a super bowl and I've never had a sustained period of success that's ever a prolonged period of ever you know how I know this is really just had arguably the coolest moment of his professional career and one day two days later later ruined by this group of its the greatest weekend in my life it's a de show followed by the way with Moss football followed by another the judge show watching songs with Bill Walton who

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