At farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision has unique sound beetle bird boop. Drone seen it covered. Click for more we are. Underwritten by farmer's truck. Fire insurance exchange center. Affiliates products available in every state. Warning your about to enter the world of Michael's of all. Now's your chance to turn Bir. Michaels. Avella listening to NC. This is MC now. So I was thinking the other day, like we only have a couple of shows left before out of the studio into our new studio. And I'm really excited about it. There is a little bit of some sadness because I do have some emotional ties to the studio because this is their first studio ever that was just ours. You know what I mean? We have to share it with anybody, we didn't have to come in and set up three hours before spiders, ready to get out of here. But no. Yeah, my, my emotional ties have to do with a flame thrower in this building. Right. What he hates it. I've never he never had to come in three hours early setup dragging all this equipment. He's never had any of that. So you don't appreciate when just walk through the door and be able to Stefan and go back, even when we were at Josh's studio, we had to set up two hours before do. Dude shopping in a studio, or you'd never been in our studio bands. And I know exactly what you're right. But you never did. This is same thing here. He got the hell that's windows, ten concert by what is it advertising to question? You just trying to log in computers, not were disappointed because like on my new computer. It's not new. He just got windows. Ten. Yeah. It's like every time I walked already it's a lie. There's a new advertisement up there. I'm kind of curious what they're selling them. I don't know. That's windows. Ten NAT malware are plugging. Yeah. Windows ten I don't think so. I don't think so Tim. But anyway, I went by the new studio yesterday and is so exciting to see you know, I'll place that. You'll never spend time and place at spider. What's been the most of his life? And then I'll, I'll see maybe once or twice a week. No, no. It's so cool to see like, what we've like. All right. So we drew all these plans out on paper. Here's that is really cool. And now. Yeah. Now we get to see that in action and we walk in. I'm like, oh my gosh. I off these guys did an amazing job. It's almost done. We literally just signed the paperwork, what three weeks ago four weeks ago. Something like that. Yeah. And now it's almost died. I mean also I think that's a big accomplishment. Why think is a bigger one is that you cut it had a similar plan for yourself with just city on general like allowing people to come in here record. Yes. A lot of people know we so yeah, we built this studio for MC now. Right. And then we realize, hey, you know, we're only in here once or twice a week for two hours, max. Why don't we start having? People come in and use the facility that we've built for us to do their own shows. So that's you know that kind of started a few years ago and then it became a full fledged business like spider really wasn't supposed to be like a fulltime guy. Right. He was this was going to be a side game. Right. A psychic. Now it's his full-time thing barely ever DJ you, right? Because he's so busy here. And you know, it's really cool that we get to work on different projects for different people. And so, yeah, the studio has become a whole nother business. We had like an LLC Ford. A whole thing for it as a whole isn't a wide variety of things happening here, too and audio books. Voiceovers the radio drama like is, is pretty cool man. Yeah. We've got so much going on, and never in a million years that I think we would be doing this, and we need a bigger space. Not only just for the other projects that we work on. But for us, we need we need a couch for, I'm as random mass guests. Right. His tattoo victims. That's what he's doing right now to. Yeah. He forgot that we do shows on this day at this time. But anyway, I'm definitely ready to go on. I felt like this is one chap- wool a few chapters at needs to be closed. Yeah. And then open a new but you've been with us almost since the beginning. Right. Eric. So you'll remember at the beginning. Well, not the original show when you came in during MCI, yes, you were part of the process of, you know, dragging equipment in from the garage setting up every single week as putting everything together, then we had to do the show. Everybody was pieced together brought something I brought my laptop. Yeah. Go live. Right. He all of his equipment, we had, you know, it was just a big old. It was a whole get a huge banner. Yeah. Just to just to do this one show for an hour, and then we had a tear everything down. So when this opportunity came, we were, like, yes, we want to we want to we want to experience, what it's like to have our own studio, but we don't set everything up, but this place looks like. Heaven when he signed up for it. It didn't it didn't. When we first came into this room wasn't built at all right here, like this place is so small like little shed thing. Yeah. We're like we're like, I don't know what we're going to do with this thing. And then we've made it work for the past four or five years. And we kept saying it's temporary. It's temporary. It's timber we're gonna this is just a, a one, then we'll stay here for like five years. But we've made it work. And so it's been really cool. So there is an emotional attachment to it because this is our own. You know, like if we were, let's say, we all got married, and we bought our first house, we will not get married. How did you know that spider? I'm saying me and you now getting married. But you and Eric, let's say you air, maybe and you, you moved into this first your first starter home, right? You start your little family now. Yeah. Now you're moving out to do your own thing. Full house pull house in Lakewood. And now you're moving out to your, but there's always something special about your first house. I just don't get attached to things like that. See, I grab maybe came in here halfway through in a cell like I didn't see all the beginning it. I'm here all the time though, in a see what goes on. And I hate the please. Why do to be wrong? Like at the every time I get a picture or video or whatever we just start talking about the new studio. I'm like I've two minds. I'm like, get real excited. And then I'm like, dude, I have to be in this whole for two more weeks. Yeah, I know. I do I do feel bad. Because every time I come in, I hate to splice. And I'll say more in the next coming weeks, have all the drama that we've had to deal with and all that stuff. I mean, it's a whole saga we've had to deal with more drama than any tenant in the history of renner's has ever had to do, but we've powered through, and you know, me, I'm an easy going guy, not a lot of things bother me. But now things bother me. And so it's really nice. And listen, the grass is always greener. Right. We're going to have our problems in the new place to we get that. But we have like four times the size of what we have now training we have a trade. We have a trade and, and it's just a smart studios is big as this place is yeah. So we have two studios. Now, we've got, you know, like a security guard a high schooler, and it's so great. So I'm really excited about it. Can you call them effort? We have security Alford. His name's Earl or something like that. We do security guard here now. Oh, genesis. Yeah. He's not security guy. These the security guy. Yeah. But he's not really is a guy that watch the video money off of his rent to be the security guy. Yeah. That's kind of deal, we have to deal with here another wrong with that. It's just not nice guy, but he's a great guy like terrible security. He's never here. But anyway, I'm excited about it. And I realized every time we come in the clock's ticking, like we're about to move on to bigger and better things. And, and it's really exciting. Eric's been here since two thousand nine so that's ten years. So you've seen the growth in ten years as exciting for you. Yeah, it is. Ooh. No, it is. I've, I've seen the the show grow. I guess I wouldn't have thought like I don't know the guest, we've had in the show. Just random as people the trucks, giving just how the show evolves trucks giving for tour giving trunks giving. Wait. Listen, I think just here is we have so much baggage. And when you get rid of it on something new ill reenergize us, do wanna do more. So as soon as soon as you walk in the new place, like marble floors chandelier, I'm like, damn man. We gotta get elevators to the place. Yeah. All right. Man. This is an upgrade. Yes. So now that you have when you have guests over, like very like high level like celebrities or whatever. Yeah. He's come in. They'd be like, wow, right. What, what is this plane? We like why does it sound like music and smell like we? Yeah. Most people that come in here think they have to carry a weapon, right? Because they make there are absolutely people that carry with here. Because it's and it didn't used to be like this. By the way, when we first started here, it wasn't like this just to get like, little side. No. When I walked in the door here, they're like just today this morning, just right now. Like five minutes ago used white Bs on top of. The couch just like open drinks, laid out everywhere. Now, there was a party here that started at noon yesterday, and it was still going when I left at nine thirty. Yeah. And they destroyed a bathroom is alcohol. Like I cleaned up alcohol, but you can still smell the alcohol. It's not. Brewster smell. It's like spill during smell and they try to cover. They tried to clean it, but then, like just forgot about, hey, you know what? I can't do it. I'll throw fabulous on top of it. I don't wear the cleaning crew we hear Friday. Yeah. All right. We gotta take a break. When we come back, we have a guest on the phone. I don't know if Hymie will be here. I don't know if he's finished tattoo. Maybe bringing in tattoo. Here's a good thing about our new studio. It's so big. He can tattoo and do the show at the same time. Yeah. Yeah. All that coming afford. Online MC now dot TV's. Hey. One eight. This. The year as a whole. Critics are calling the scariest movie in decades. From the mines that brought you diabetes parts to comes a horrific nightmare that you have to see to believe. The riot goes the disturbing masterpiece that will keep you awake for weeks. Entertainment Weekly, says this terrifying and traumatic experiences not for the faint of heart and the Hollywood report says, I can't unsee what I just saw. It's a Lexus good movie. Now in theaters. You'll know it's time to turn the dial. When you hear this sound, I'll give her a different damn. Kim Zeno like a fun Facebook at Facebook dot com forward slash MC. Now. News from them. And you're listening to Michael's. This is MC now. Hey, Matt, how're you doing? Let me turn you up. So we can hear you. Sorry. So let me give you a little back story on Matt. So Matt decided, I don't know how this started, but he decided he was going to Chucky cheese convention, and this is now going on these second year where could can be a kid, right, for adults could be kids. Right. Is the phrase. Yeah. Pretty much. I mean it's it's where everyone can be pretty much what the phrase that second cheeses were kid can be a kid. Right. So how did this all start? Well, it kinda came about as a convention that was actually done by another group of fans called cheese Benjamin, and we decided to me, and my group of friends decided to pick up, the just pick it up pick it up for more left off about five years ago when, when they ended the cheese venture event, we decided to do something to bring fans together again because prior to that there is nothing that was brought up at that time. So you guys did it for the first time last year. Is that correct? Yes, that is correct Chucky. Con I twenty eight team was the first year that we actually did the events great name. And did you guys? Now when I saw photos of it from last year, you guys had the animatronic band there. You had the whole thing. It was a whole big party. Right. Pretty much. I mean so some parts of it were actually done. Well, there was one part of the event that was actually done. Added chucky. We went to an actual location. It's still has the Amtrak show at okay at the at the actual event hall we did actually have a couple of animatronic on display too. So what do you expect me in jail? One of them was on loan from family friend. The other was a family friend of a friend of ours, who passed away a couple of years ago and I've been I've been in contact with his family still. And they allowed us to have his Chucky cheese in a truck on display the other the other animatronic, which is Jasper actually my animatronic that I have in my under splaying my house. So people come over to your house, like, hey, do you guys want to see this Chucky cheese amateur that I have? Yeah. Pretty much in the living room of my house. Yeah, I have to I have what I call two different shows. I have one downstairs have one. That's up stairs. That's so. Yeah. The downstairs one if the Jasper show, which is just Jasper. And I'm working on getting him working slowly. It's been a if he's kind of like a car, you know, like some people, you know, restore cars, I'm restoring this character g back to its prime. Yeah. That was the dog right. Yes. That is the dog Jasser. Jasper TJ. That's yeah. And then upstairs, I have what's called the, the franchises studio. St. which is pretty much the if the glorified light show pretty much. I. Music. So where did you get this? Ada, Metron IQ from you on EBay. Like, how does this. How does it come to your attention? Well, I worked at a deal with a friend of mine, who actually owned the character before me, and he wanted he wants to, you know, work out deal with it. So we've, we've worked on something out, and we made we made a deal happen. That's so cool, like right now, my biggest by that I want to do right now when a by Kermit, the frog puppet, but once that's done real one like somebody like, you know, like professional looking Kermit, the frog, but I would love to have an animatronic Chucky cheese banned in my house. That would be great. I don't know where I'd put them friends. That's right. Yeah. Got to have people people who are connected to the stuff and they know that, you know, the wanna work with you and stuff like that. Now, I haven't been Chucky cheese in years. But I would imagine that, do they still have the bands or is that gone. Some locations. Do they are slowly starting to phase out the characters or the animatronic virgins of the characters? So what do they do? Now video, it's more video, but also they. They have the walk around the walk around version of Chucky, that comes out, and performs like every hour on the thirty and then they all, and then they have the, the show still plays like it's still the show. But it's like the puppets on the TV screen stuff in the news, videos, and stuff like that. Oh, I see. So it's more like a guy costume going out and performing with video behind him, essentially pretty much essentially put it is. I don't think that's. No. Oh, no. It's not. No. I, I agree that the animatronic are probably the what makes Chucky cheese different. And I love about it. That's so that for me is the reason I still sometimes go. Yeah. You know, like today, like today, I was up in Wichita falls, actually going to meet meet a friend to actually pick up something for Jackie. Con as a matter of foul. That's exciting. This is also a kid friendly event to like this year. With our registration, we do have a lot of younger kids actually attending this year's event with. There's a lot of younger fans that are very eager to see these specific versions of the characters like these the nineties versions, and the eighties versions of cheese characters and stuff. That's so cool. So what if we go to your convention, what's going on there? Well, there's going to be this year is going to be a little bit different compared to last year, but we're taking we're taking a lot of the aspects from last year that made that work last year and for just pretty much times ten in at this year. So we're going to be doing pretty much the same format more or less. We're going to go to a couple of checking cheese locations in the area. We're going to go, we have a couple of locations in mind, we're going to go to, and then we have a private hall where we're going to do the same thing where we kind of did a we're gonna do a lot of live shows with the characters onstage and stuff and performing this year. Our stage in our. You know, our performance areas going to be a lot more elaborate and stuff to a whole weekend that, that this thing takes place at one day. It's a Friday and Saturday event. Okay. Pretty much only a Friday night and all day Saturday. No pretty much. It's all day, Friday and all day Cerrone. What this? Yeah. We have a lot of stuff playing than on top of that. We do we are adding one new feature this year that we are actually going to have a couple of QNA panels with some people who are involved with Chucky cheese, or formerly involved, I guess, I should say too. Yeah. So that's going to be real exciting. So if somebody wants to go now this place this convention takes place in Dallas. If they want to. Buy tickets where do they go? Okay. So tickets will be available on showbiz pizza dot com, which is a fan run. Circa chief's fan website, registration is on the you have to go to the special events section of the website. And then you'll have to look up Chucky Conti nineteen because there are two there are two events because the, the big thing about this year is that we are so our community or online saying community turning twenty years old this year. So we are were sell definitely one of the that's one of the big selling points for this year's event is the twentieth as we call it the fan of her Serie okay calling this year, and I will say this much right now, spacing, like like space is going to be limited because we are, we are getting really close to our to our max so are out right now. Right. Yes. Registration ends on July fifth. Okay. Or it might it might be sooner than that, depending on whether or not we actually get to. Our to our goal, which are trying to we're trying to at least get one hundred people this year. And is there going to be pizza? I think that's the biggest question everyone's asking well, I can tell you this much, there definitely will be people. Guaranteed that there's no question about that. I am a I mean pizza pizza maniac myself, so perfect. But yeah, yeah. There definitely will be pizza there. And we will have like drinks and snacks, and stuff like that. And like I said, this has been very kid, friendly, too. So we do we do you know, welcome, you know, younger families who are interested in the characters and stuff, too. I mean anybody anybody's welcomed, it's not just for adults for kids and adults alike. Willer via ballpit will there be a ball? You know, it's funny you mentioned that we actually had a small one last year as part of the Raynham displays that we have last year. And we have talked about bringing it back again this year. As a matter of fact, awesome. Why excited man wins the dates it's going to be July twenty six and twenty seventh of this of this year. Nineteen will we hope to be there. We might even send somebody out with a microphone gonna be there spider or not. I'm going to be in the kiddy pool full of balls. Right swimming watch the X. That's so cool at the end of the coolest part of this whole thing I would go just to see that so show biz pizza dot com. Right is where they can go buy tickets and then the events section of that website. Yes. On the events on special events section. They'll be section. It says it talks about the twenty years, a fan of on the right side of the screen. It will show Chucky twenty nineteen all you do is click that. And it'll kinda give the planned events registration staff. The staff is and also the merchandise you can. Two and then, you know what's cool about that name is you can actually it can be Chucky cheese or Chucky the doll so you can do that change up next year. So all your all your come back. Cheese Khan and dolls little dolls everywhere. That's really cool. We, we make sure we make sure that it's, you know, we make sure we are clear that this is a tricky game. Don't we don't want? We don't want to give the wrong impression. Right. I mean right. Exactly, matt. Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing what you guys do. Pleasure, guys. Thank you guys, so much for having me. I really do. Appreciate it. Thank you so much. Thank you. So where is it how I want to be one of the one hundred though, right? Be one of the one hundred totally forgot it was called show. Biz pizza back in the day show wasn't show before Chucky Chucky cheese for so long just completely forget show biz. Remember Chucky cheese. I don't know if they have it's still used to have that, like money machine thing, Jackie cheese. Like where you change the what Ellie. Change. Quarters for dollars. Everywhere. No, those your birthday or something. They put you machine tornado flying. You gotta catch all the money. What were you see? I was a big fan of Chucky cheese. Right. But also you're at the hit location. I was at the hood locations where people were the money on their shirt. And I, I went to or discovery their money or hid their money. I went I went to discovery zone and their zone. Oh man. I forgot about that place to, but it was so much more money than Shuki cheese. In my parents took me there. But I remember there is this, this hang gliding thing. We're like it was way way you could do more things with the kids like more in. Tokyo. Was games discoveries own was adventure. Yeah adventures. Yeah. Really good word for Indiana Jones there, but one time and that's why we can go back and my parents like oh, it's too expensive. So I never went back and then closed down probably because it's expensive. Discoveries own in my town turned into babies R Us now those closing down. They the other done toys, res- got actually is coming back my favorite. Yeah. There was there was a baby store on, like seventy five north called Bye-bye baby. Yeah. And I always thought it was an abortion clinic. You can get spider at the improv move on. Anyway. I was working on my routine. You work. But no. So I, I watched a Toy Story for I'm going to give anything away too big movie. I know about Chucky cheese and toys, come to life, toys boilers. Yeah, if you haven't seen it yet, so I'm going to say this. You're going to see it with Kirby. I'm gonna. I want to come out on, on VHS Donnie to watch the middle. And if I've only seen the first one really seriously, all you need to really see. And Toy Story is the first and second movie, and that's it. That's what you just told me I didn't have to watch them. Third one is. And I'm gonna say this the first time ever I wasn't a fan of it. I think it kind of went off in a weird direction. What's, what's the sequels like the kid grow up or? Yeah. The kid grows up. He gives us toys away, on the third one to a girl named Bonnie and Bonnie. I've never liked his body is not a cute kit. He's got the haircut of a kid that is always sticky and smelly and, you know, her parents like Bonny, did you do in your diaper? Again. It's like post Malone. Yeah. It's a female child version of post Malone basically is Bonnie and Andy was like this guy had everything together. He was to care of scoring toys. He had a doll from the nineteen fifties Woody, that was still in men condition like this guy has OCD to the match, right? He basic you, right? He's me, so I didn't flied with anti you give it to Bonnie with snot coming over and just disgusting human being Bonnie and Bonnie continues, Toy Story four and then it just tore story four leaves of a sour note, and I'm like, when you look at all the movies combined, you're like we went through all of this for this. This is how we're ending up. So I figured out if they're going to do a Toy Story five already figured out. The story for it, you wanna hear it. I won't give spoilers away. Here's the store on fire. No. So body is now grown up now. Because if you think about Andy's around RH, right? So Andy's probably married has a small child at this point. Let's call child Randy for Andy Randy and rain movement. Right. You know let's say and an insurance salesman. He's on Facebook one day and somebody post a picture of buzz light year, and it says, I'm this old. You know, those memes this old and it shows like what they grew up with. And he's like, oh, my gosh. I grew up with the buzz light your search thinking about all the time he had with Woody and all that stuff. Yeah. And you know, people are aged nostalgia key. You can make spin a bunch of money on the stalls you. So he starts going through online EBay. Whatever trying to find his toys, and then he remembers he gave him on the Bonnie. He calls bodies. Mom now Bonn at this point is still discussing human being as it probably in worse. Right. Just disgusting has a cell phone now. Self involved on drugs drugs heroin. Yes. Just nasty doesn't shower taxidermy, too. Yeah. Basically. That's baen. Yes. All right. So Andy calls, Bonnie's mom. Hey, I gave you those toys a few years ago, I would really like to have them back. I have a display case now when a put him back. But his mom says, yes, the last time that a used them was to use Mr. potato head a Bong and the whole thing. Now. We'd holder. Yeah. Now, we put it up in the attic, we haven't seen in three six months. She's been gone. I don't know she's run away with a boyfriend better, if she sold the toys till pawnshop for money for her drug good idea. And then he calls, oh, Bonnie actually took those, and now they're like, pawns pawnshop, right? And they're like give back. That's a great idea. Because there's a middle story. That's the BS Pixar story that doesn't really matter right there. The whole they have the enemy. Maybe there's some bad toys there. So Andy eventually gets some back. Right. He puts them on a display shelf at his house and his kid. Randy looks at them and wants to play with them. And he's like, no, that's not for you. These are not toys Grandy as Randy as a random kid radius, a son. Yeah. And ran and he says, no, Randy. These are not toys for show own right? There are men condition after they've been through hell back. Right. So making men condition. Yeah. He cleans among. Okay. And he's like, no, you can't play with 'em has a display shelf. He's very proud of his election. Right. And then. Randy. I don't know. Maybe there's like another little Bs Pixar store where, you know, maybe there's, like, the, the evil cat or canary or something. Always a piece missing. Yeah. Something and they had the little adventure and then they all come back and at the end of the movie Andy realizes they are toys. And they are they deserve to be played with. And he gives them to Randy to play with and rainy has the greatest childhood, so they stay in the family and then in credits. Right instead of like the little bloopers. And whatever else we see it's. Andy and Randy getting older Randy's passing the toys onto his kids and it's like the grant, and we don't make any toy stories. Snapshot little snapshot photos. It's terrible. Yeah. It's, it's just no more. Rapa end. It ends on a high. No stays in the Andy family. It's a part of the his heritage something childhood, he passes over this kid's spider fi this one hundred percent, and he gives them would make toys. The house on fire. That's there. How does that happen? Now, I don't it doesn't matter. How does yours happen? I told you this on it tuned out about halfway through because I was like this terrible move now it's a great movie crying thinking about. Like I said, only seen the first one have no attachment to it was, so I love toys. Torture is one of the greatest shows like one of the greatest movies of my childhood. Wow. Yeah. Oh, see. That's the difference. Those were not in my childhood, right? I, I think I am going to go watch at the movie. So I can I can support him Allen tummy. Yeah. Definitely. Do they still do not crazy? That's the reason why I would use pretty awesome. I grew up with both of them and Tony health as the four key. He's a little fork. And he plays BUSTER and arrest development. He's for that role. He's great dude is amazingly awkward. He is a little. He had a little like internet show called control all delete. I think did he really is a really weird like little five episode. It couldn't have been more than. Hell. Yeah. No. He was excellent. In fact, I went out to the movie yesterday and bought my own little forking. That's in my little display. Andy me only the sport tattoo. I mean, get high may on that apprentice, do it. No. That's not having that we can get little HIV. This is well, anyway, happy ending. So June is pride month. And we haven't done a whole lot of stuff this month in support a pride and, you know, we have our own right embassador here spider. Eric, Eric, and we decided to our gay rant, which we haven't had a gay rant. Right. And there's a lot of stuff to be angry about right Eric. Yeah. What's going on? There is a free going. Yeah. I was going back and forth on this. I think I may have a good gay rent. I don't know what we're about to find out. Here's our first gay route of two thousand nineteen. Out wrong again. Where is it? I you know, you could just take that off there, so you don't play more. What if I want to play it, then it's not there, then you can load a back on there. We're gonna get Chris f iron, I. Comes on everyone else's show, but not this, Eric straw. But I will say everyone happy pride vine out here. Happy. Star. Yeah. Happy pride month. Everybody. Okay. Yes, I, I want to say that and also want to say, I'm glad this, actually this year was the first annual pride at the fair park. They held at school. Pride Day in pride parole. K. Yes. It seems like they're starting to get it on the same month everywhere. Finally. I hear like like queer. I think you're right. I didn't realize because we had ours in the next week in San Francisco, I think Miami work doing one next week on the the together. But also want to say -gratulations wanted to give a shout out to AAA. On the twentieth. They actually got an Email. I don't know anything about this, but they were doing thirty three percent of the revenue for that damage with go towards the, the resource center, which is Nelson's hillock in Dallas to help with gained actually anybody, you'll be gay anybody with free HIV. Oh, yeah. So that way you have no excuse. I tested and rice satis. So if anyone is looking for that here in Dallas, look up now says on, Oaklawn basically springs, and there's free HIV testing. They're inverted queer instant testing that I think you're reads up to a few days, three days and then there's extent testing that takes about two weeks. It gives them more extended by the month. If you were exposed to a month prior being tested, many ways. So my gay ran is. I guess about just overall nutrition and body care, how it's not like Adamy. To me. It's important, and I'm just now getting into it right now. Are you? Yeah. Which I'm like Madam. I self because nobody told me anything about it. And so. In the past three years. And I've had like a weight lots. Every three years for you guys. And now you're just realizing how important it is side note. There is a gym at the new studio. Yeah. There is a gym at the new studio. Yes. Well, I think not just the thing of it is getting overwhelmed with all. It's like it's fitness. Internal body health so that just working out, but also, will you putting into your body? Right. Also, skin care, and it's just all like mental, like mental care if you're just now figuring this out, we've had so many, trainers, and weight loss thing. You also can jump into all of that, like, right now, at the same time, you know, in our lifestyle changes over time. Okay, look at me, look, I know. Yes. That's exactly what I was gonna say. You'll have the same body. We can be Jim buddies at the new stadium. Yeah. All right. But slowly at the end of the year, solely I baby. Richard simmons. Please leave. I would turn that VHS off and throw it in the trash, you, here's long term. I said I'm two inches away from being the game. Stock guy. Visit guy sign up for Nintendo. Hey guys. Have you tried out game of war? The guy that just you walk in, and he's like with the ponytail. The guy the guy that called theft auto. He was like, oh, you're here for that. New GT. You hear that has a loose like rubber band, right? Here's all greasy dandruff coming down. That's me, two inches away from that, and says, thank classes you need to bottle cap. Away with the game, stop logo. That's it. No one would question me a game. Stop. I wouldn't. Yeah, a work there. Just walk in and be like, wait, wait. I guess we got double scheduled today. I'll take the shift if you want. Hey, bro. Have you tried to do? So do I know about, like, just the routine of skin-care like facial skin here? No, no. See exactly. That's what my, my point. I know there's no literature out there. There is literature with the man. Right. Right. Vermander is not for women. It's placid. But then the women don't really know because it went into alternates, all like women don't know about skin care either. I don't know what's going on anyway. A mad about it because I felt like nutrition. There's health class in high school, but it's optional. Right. And that it'll tell you, anything either. It was all. Hey productive is what penises and this point was great. Don't guess. This is the penises of a giant of this is what they do. Don't SAD's. I'll give you one tip though. I've been taking this. What? Boutin helps like your hair and nails. I click my nose two weeks ago, an anti clip again today because I looked like a rabbit, they grow so fast now because this bio team dude, I really want you to some long. No ideas as before this for the show. It was super long ghetto nails. Yeah. They were two inches long. A cop stop is like hey do you do cocaine? No. I just take bio team carry on. I finally figured out some of your bones, though, shouldn't it not up on your hair, and whatever now not that I think something else for that you need you need some bone help and bow near help you found that too. I'm just saying we're like there's been a lot of accidents on scooters and outside of the dude that died. I don't know if anyone's broke their leg and sixty places yet about that either people broke arms all that stuff. No, it's there's a report the other day that Baylor, just one hospital in Dallas Ardy made one point five million, there's been one point five million claims just from scooter a four month period. Yeah, its it hadn't even been a year. Now, those things have been here and why C just approved of so talk about skin health and all that stuff. Just don't get on a scooter. You'll be fine. That's a population control men. Yeah. That is true Darwinism get the dome. People on scooters. That's right. Pick themselves off. So anyway, are anyways. That's, that's what I was just saying so, but. I like what two days of research, finally, and I felt like I got maybe a little bit information. So he's supposed to expel the eight cleanse, your skin cleanser. Yeah. Then you wanna do like a serum what on your skin sputter with that? I don't know not to stake in by guys men's okay, natural serum. Okay. Okay. Yes. And then you wanna do a moisturizer? And then you moist wants to go outside, make sure that the moisture has some sort of like a skin. What do you call it protected? Sunscreen minim-, gamertag SPS, one, fifty yes. Yeah. Minimum fifteen. That's as far as best for anything. If you if you all together with us lip Bom we should have SPF chefs onscreen in that talking about. That's a daily routine. So anything you put on your skin should have a little bit of sunscreen. So you're rant is no one told us how to take care of our scan. I'm mad about it. And I'm gay, I should know about it. But I don't. Right. I am queer. So now also mad about how people assume that I sh- know about this stuff. Do people who is know? Yes, about hair straight friends, or asking, mainly Suming. Maala Suming, mainly no mainly girls. They don't know. Girls bitter, no BS about beauty either. Right. And then I asked my friend because obviously, he's like the pedia that's pretty, they're coming to you, though. But I don't I would go to Chris fire before I know down like me, but Chris knew he using a bar. So which is a really bad for you from dries you out. Yeah. And then he's, he's complaining about oh dry. And then all he does is before he puts makeup on is like a moisturizer, but he wears makeup. Right. That's the problem. You don't wear makeup. No, I don't. But I will say perfect skin. It's he wears makeup. But I will say men's skin looks ten times better, the women's skin. Oh, absolutely. I don't know why it just because I'm someone make me I'd be sexy is have you seen those games? Yeah. It's terrible. It's terrible. But guy were busy makeup at all. And they look like flawless, right. Because we all can flow over here. That's why I need to make bias baby. But I agree with you, 'cause you see, like girls like, oh my gosh. Look at this girl. No, no. She looks great. Right. And then we go swimming, or something like that comes out of, oh, my gosh. What happened to her face or you sleep with her? And then the next you spent a night and then she wakes up in what El- what happened last night. Let me take off my makeup. This was Demi Moore. When I was drunk last night, I woke up to four right? Are y'all? Oh my God. Yeah. All right. We gotta go good time did show. Chucky cheese con view be one of the hundred be one that should be a shirt. Showtime, pizza dot com show biz show biz pizza dot com Showtime pizzas my porn site. So don't go there. Or people that are into pizza fetishes. Yes. Okay. That's really what it is. Let's hear you spider at the improv at. We don't know which one. All right. To, to, to we'll see you next week. This is m z now online at C now dot TV like fun Facebook at Facebook dot com forward slash MC.

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