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The Dan Le Batard, Woodstock Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? Ron McGill zoo guy zoo expert, animal expert, usually joins us here. He will be later this week. He's got other commitments. But we do have some stuff here that we need to get to in terms of a voicemail that Pablo Tori left us. And I'm told that Marty Smith's podcast is has some sound that we need to get to before we do that too. Got you saw LeBron on his television show with ferrall who else was he with the Andre Hopkins. Was there so bald on's Lonzo ball on his barbershop television show? He said among other things that he was blindsided by magic Johnston leaving. And that he would would have preferred if magic had called him and just said, hey, kiss my ass. But he'd prefer to have heard it that way then to hurt it to have heard it the way that he heard it, which is through some other places share a it's smart LeBron has his own. Performs to give those opinions that his so smart of to do that. Secondly, I agree if that's how it went down. Yeah. The brand deserves to hear from magic before he hears that the way that we heard it. But I would also tell LeBron that Daniel Gilbert deserve to know that you were leaving Cleveland in a way in which I didn't I heard the same time Gilbert hurt it. And so I guess practice. What you preach. I mean, I understand why he's upset the LeBron at one time has done this to you know, his boss, Mike, why did you just wave a hand in disgust? That's God's did. You want to say that what happened at a much better line? What was the line? I was gonna feed it to cigarettes, and he would have gotten all the glory, but it just lay out brother. Let's try it. Again, you wanna try to now what is that ever stopped you? So here the shadows. Here's Stephen a Smith here is Steven. But now you're going to deny the line. No yours. No. I mean, I don't want to do any more the windows closed, and it's not going to even be as fine. Let's just play. Stephen as town, perhaps you would have preferred to find out through a nationally televised special or something like that. I it would it would work a lot better than what he said Daniel Gilbert for Christ sakes. No your teammate, Stephen a Smith had this to say a much the same way. That's godsend to say. Here's what I will say about LeBron James. He deserves a response from Magic Johnson. He deserved an explanation. And if the broad James is telling us the truth their Magic Johnson does not look better today than he did yesterday. Magic Johnson was at lebrons James doorstep at strike a midnight last a lot. I the second that Legrand was eligible to be recruited according to NBA rules. Magic Johnson was right outside door right outside his door. And so for me if you're Magic Johnson, and you're the one seen as the guy that got LeBron James to come to LA. How do you just leave with no explanation to LeBron James LeBron James is right about that? Lebron James to me deserve the call. He deserved an explanation. So that is one part of what is being said Michael wilbon who is friends with Magic Johnson. And really he really supports his friend magic, John. Yeah. You can tell because he calls them urban here is Michael wilbon saying this did LeBron. Oh, people he left in Cleveland and Miami similar conversations. I don't remember. It's been too many years and has been talk about drama wouldn't LeBron don't be too big of a hypocrite. If did he leave Cleveland until his boss that he was leaving Cleveland or was it announced verse on a website or Twitter or some other LeBron's Centric vehicle. I'm just asking the same thing when he left Miami. Did he tell those guys all at least a prominent ones I'm leaving. I'm going to Cleveland. A what did they hear some other way sitting on top of a washing machine? I thought it was a car wash. I think it was maybe a car wash. Where was we'll we'll get to that sound and a second because I want to isolate the sound in behind the wheel bond, but I also wanna marvel at the fact that Stu gods is reheated takes instead of taking your joke on Daniel Gilbert, what he did was just a day later, say exactly what both Stephen a Smith and Mike wilbon just said now, you're not going to believe me. But I didn't hear. Either of them say that so I came up with that on my own. I later a day later daylight. You didn't ask me yesterday? And I'm probably wouldn't have given that answer yesterday. I listen. It's an original thought you I've never heard Daniel Gilbert, anywhere. That's how I wanted to make a different might. Let's let's play again wilpon talking about this. And let's try to ascertain what that is. Because it might be a spin cycle. But I initially thought he was going through a car wash without a car. Did lebron. Oh, people he left in Cleveland in Miami similar conversations. I don't remember. It's been too many years and has been talk about drama would LeBron. I don't be too big of a hypocrite. If did he leave Cleveland until his boss that he was leaving Cleveland or was it announce I on a website or Twitter or some other LeBron's Centric vehicle. I'm just asking same thing when he left Miami. Did he tell those guys all at least a prominent ones I'm leaving. I'm going to Cleveland. A what did they hear some other way like a stalled car? I don't know what that is that house music. I can't. That's definitely not how. I told me why music because it could be at an arena house music or wilbon could you have that working in his bedroom? He's Chris Cody thinks it might be one of those like festival rise when he come out of the fun house. And there's just like this rotating cylinder, you know. The thing that Danny Zuko and sandy were singing. You're the one that I love at the very end degrees. Lebron? Oh, people he left in Cleveland in Miami similar conversations. I don't remember. It's been too many years and has been talk about drama wouldn't LeBron don't be too big of a hypocrite. If did he leave Cleveland until his boss that he was leaving Cleveland or was it announced verse on a website or Twitter or some other LeBron's Centric vehicle. I'm just asking same thing when he left Miami. Did he tell them? As the prominent ones, I'm leaving. Hear some other the last part of that does sound like an engine that won't turn over. What was Willman having trouble starting? Call him sitting on a washing machine that was old and then he sat on top of the car that had shoes in. It could be a treadmill like a big circular treadmill? Like, I write it would be a squeaky big circular treadmill? Yeah. Gamma put all of those in Opole and make people select what was that sound behind wilpon. I mean, how can we describe the rotating cylinder at the end of the fun house? At the end of Greece zoo. He just likes to God's takes what Stephen ice ribbon wilpon and reheats in a day later less. Well, he goes to your joke. Your joked less less well told moments after you've told me. Hold that thought. Let's sell some ads. Just summon the picture of a Libyan, John, John and John Travolta dancing face to face through a fun house. What is the Pablo voicemail, Mike? You went to commercial there. We're going to repurpose some lebatardshow and friends stuff because we have a dedicated channel feet now, and let's get some content out of the content. We're going to do that next. No. We're gonna do the spot that I've heard. All right. We'll do that next Stu gods here. As most of us have found out the hard way getting into debt is easy. 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That's upstart dot com slash Dan, donlevatar, twenty carrier on two thousand dollars because you're paying off a referee or some low. What happened what happened? What happened? I didn't imply that Doc Rivers at Saint one of the great coaches of all time still God's sit on the poll. Guillermo, first of all is Greg Cody as a journalist spectacularly reckless put that on a pole first. And then secondarily put on the poll as well is Doc Rivers paying referees. I never wants this season live at our show with stugatz on ESPN radio. Stephen a Smith is saying that clay Thompsons not happy with his touches in Golden State. That is something that is coming up as he heads toward free agency. We'll get to some interesting numbers from warriors and rockets in a second, but you just mentioned mystery crate and Pablos voicemail involves the mystery crate so help me understand because it's skyrocketing through the apple podcast rankings right to the top of the list because people want their shipping container and mystery crate is a little different every week every week. You don't have any idea. What's coming? Yeah. I've we're really grateful for the support that we've had and your feedback. It's super helpful especially the feedback that after episode two was stick to the formula. I found that really productive. I thought the love from the first one you just interview, Greg. Cody and my fiance. I thought the formula was that it was different every week. So thank you for every week. It should be interviewing my fiance in Greg. Cody stick to the formulas, I guess allow people to see into Greg cody's health crisis and my personal life. Just do that. Every we have make Greg Cody cry every episode you got it before we repurpose some of these clips, though, let's play this fancy new big open for it. For the daily belly both on gay sin on relenting promotion and selling out this. I looked at lacy show those to collect the future. Bill money. That's two God's will inevitably meet. Thank you. I came in today and Mike Ryan said to me, do you not know your father? You're gonna really write something that sounds like that for your father. We spent three days on inevitably with your father. He's doing this show and a second language. Yeah. We have to just as centrally just break it up into three different words for him that and your dad just hates us now because you make such a diva to be. Poppy for two seconds. And he'd be like perfect nowadays. He just looks up. And he gives me the scowl growing. I used to sit in here while he was doing these sessions. He used to walk it with a smile on his face. And now, I get I have to get out is because he's made wondering anything are you guys? I'm telling you guys that he's unhappy with his contract status. I'm telling you that he's unhappy with some of the things that have happened to mean behind the scenes he's unhappy, and everyone is feeling it me included. I am not exonerated here. Rest assured every day for the last eighteen months, I'm hearing his contract complaint. So he's unhappy with the way you've been treated. So he's treating you poorly as a sign of treating everyone in the way you've been treated treating everyone poorly. Yeah. Well, we're facing the brunt of that. But that openness for this where we repurpose them the content that you might not have missed in order to incentivise. Hey, maybe catch. The next episode now episode two of mystery crate was a made the fourth spectacular hosted by amino Hassen. He was also wore Centric and part of the episode. We got celebrity feedback on the newest Star Wars trailers celebrities like deep Brown, the nineteen Ninety-one slam dunk champion already printed Humira. Wow. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ryan Ruko one Pablo Tori that left this voicemail in response to the new Star Wars trailer. This is Pablo I assume because I'm recording this I've been kicked out of the threesome I've been having for years with a mean, and Freddie Prinz junior which had been the realization of a long running teenage dream of mine or at the very least two thirds of one. But I really watched the Star Wars trailer. And I have thoughts about ghosts life thoughts about ghosts in real life. Also, I ever saw a verifiable authentic ghosts. That would really open up the universe to me. It allows me to more deeply believe in God. Which is a big win for my flagging Catholicism, basically logic exits the window and all things are possible in a real way. That'd be great. Similarly, it feels like. We're going to get a lot of Luke Skywalker the force ghost. And I welcome this. I welcome. Mark Hamill back into my life on screen. But is it also mean that we're gonna get an emperor Pell Patine ghost are allowed to have force ghosts. I thought the best they could do was sort of inhabited animate objects. But maybe that's another bit of logic. That gets thrown out the window for the benefit of our salvation that was deep. Sad. I sat this one out. Leaves a message like that that is the worst Frankenstein evolution of the gas bag. It's the highest form. Evolution of the gas bag who needs to talk about thirty seconds about anything on. I because I've told you before I've had this conversation with max, I'm like max is your wife saying that it home. You can't condense thoughts than at home because you have two hours of television to fill your thoughts or longer and rambling at home. And he's like -absolutely, it's it's touched every aspect of my life. I can't shut up. How would you think of the new Star Wars trailer became Pablo describing what appears to be an existential faith crisis? That is having. So we also have other shows on the network not just mystery crate Marty Smith's, America, Maury Smith was at the Kentucky Derby, and it was all anybody in sports was talking about over the weekend. So you have read Cody says, it's one of the biggest travesties in the history of sports. That's what Greg Cody is calling. But what I love most about these shows in the family sarahspain will interview Tim Kirk chin and Ron McGill. Greg Cody appears on other shows, it's really cool, and Marty Smith was actually talking about a discussion that we had on the show, and it's a point of contention for us because we as producers of the show kinda right? What appears in the magic create a content and last week. Dan, got really bad. Dan, got really mad and blamed us when there was a question in there that was what was your favorite number Marty? Smith tackled. This on the latest episode of Marty Smith's, America. I don't understand what Dan's issue is. I guess that we need to winning to figure this out. We need to understand Dan's issue with what your favorite number. I wonder Dan has a favourite number. He's just not giving it up. In. This instance, look I will lay on the tracks for Dan laboratory. But in this instance, I got Mike Ryan's back. I got Roy's back I got Chris's back. I got gear MOS back had to be said. Thank you. So much day continues greatest number in the world is number nine. I wore number nine and high school in ball in baseball. You can't wear it in basketball. I love the number now I wear the number nine in every beer league. You could imagine I wear the number nine and any fantasy camp where the number not every single day that I'm on your television. You just don't see it. I have the number. Not I have MS nine stitched on the cuff of my dress shirts. And I have MS nine stitched on the inside pocket of every single jacket that I wear on television except for one I do have one jacket where Taylor wrote mardi party. How about that? You want? There's someone else's becoming long winded in his old age that story came on and. Bill French junior the other day, we haven't talked to him since we haven't talked to Marty spent since since he polluted the show with some long windy give I'm story is the story yet. His own highfalutin using a bunch of pan. Does. Why can't you wear the number nine in basketball? I need to keep listening. The Moore dismiss American also, Dan, what's your favorite number? Give it up. As a favorite number everybody does. Yeah. Put it on the pole Guillermo at lebatardshow. Does everyone have a favorite number everybody. What's your ATM pin? Here comes on and truck. We just saw in Greg cody's while it not making this up. We just saw this the original social security card. Through not over. Is original the original. It is worth so much money. I'm also gonna need your mom's last name before she met your dad, Grainger people facility managers know, the Grainger is there to provide them with the supplies. They need to keep their facility manage stugatz is here to tell you some more first grade teachers name. Now. And now I fought from Geico motorcycle it took fifteen minutes to click on the banner ad entitled, you won't believe what these child stars look like now, Vida satisfied and kind of said about how the child stars look. And now your computer is plagued by incessant pop up ads on this can't be to add insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen click bait minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geigo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. Donlevatar Cody is married to a Saint of a woman and this morning. She finally shouted shut up at Greg Cody. And the reason she shouted shut up this respectfully, Greg, Cody is because he would not stop singing kung FU fighting's still God's I was in the kitchen making coffee, and it's just you know, soon gets in your head. And you gotta let it out. And I only know like everybody was kung FU. Hey. Hey, his fast that day. After about ten renditions of it at first the volume on the TV went up a little bit. And then he's like would you shut up? I'm trying to listen to this. How did they get into your head? Do you? Remember, I don't know it just appeared in a magical it just appeared in my hand. I had to let it up BCC donlevatar show with his two guys on ESPN radio. A tweeter writes in the Dan lebatardshow was to God's is the absolute worst, they rarely talk about sports, and the tangents they go on aren't even remotely funding. You don't get they show not even remotely man come on come on on some remote island somewhere. Somebody's laughing that we're doing a mockery of sports radio. Somebody come on. You gotta give me that just just one one person somewhere. They might be over and ocean not here. But some someone's finding this funny right about everything else. But give us a remote. Emme the remotely this. Go ahead and get put it on the poll. Guillermo, does the show deserve the remotely in not even remotely funny? I'll fight for that remote. I think the final art of conversation will be appearing on Thursday after two episodes of quite the run. Yeah. Episode arc that to magic show less longer. Would serve me. Right. If Magic Johnson show lasted longer than my show because Mike Tyson is the second one we're doing, but it has been largely even though this is good. The content has been good. It hasn't been supported well enough. So it's going to be on ESPN two at seven pm on Thursday. And we've got some sound here to play the dues prime time. Time wrong network. So this is sound from Tyson of from this interview. Because you guys I'm telling you that the contents. Good. You guys will watch this at seven o'clock on Thursday or go ahead and DVR Mike Tyson super interesting, and I know what we put together. So you're going to be watching it and be like holy bleep. You can watch it or just wait for Greg cody's column. Seventeen hours before it, actually, which you'll spoil it. I'm sorry. I sabotage entire show, by the way, you really brought it to an ad for that as you'll never recovered. Yeah. It's true. Good job. Greg the power of journalism. So here is some sound and keep in mind. This is not what's going to be appearing in the show. We talked about a lot of different stuff some of it. I'll just tell you that his life was changed. When smoking the poison of Taiwanese, towed. I'll just leave the all I'll just leave that there. Kids me. Do whatever you want to say. You slow down. You went out of your own terms. A place in regular Chapelle show. The place. Exclaim a story. You know, I started smoking marijuana the young kid. Thought about that. And then around fourteen years later, I had a fight a smoke. Join before the fight of guy. Intimidator scary kind of guy, and I really love. Relax broken nose. Cheekbone? I it's really good stuff. Right. And. And I took a blood drug test, and I got fined two thousand dollars, and I really hefty price to be smoking. We so I never did it again. Your swell. He's like, you know, just a great seconds after just casually describing, hey, I did really well, I broke an Izhak it. It's why the show has the had the run that its head across the television, like a meteoric cross your television landscape. No one is better than you. It's why it's why I spent five days in California, missing radio shows and television shows to sit next to Mike Tyson. And so they can put it on ESPN two at seven o'clock on Thursday time the dues what do you think? People from the outside who have a certain idea of Mike Tyson would say, oh, it's funny to see him that kind of domestic champion oil a little money and stuff, and that's the flow. Which is he never thought. It would go stuff is leaves. She'll go the way when you own neglect it, and I lived in my life. That was the my my crowning fourth making money and stuff on someone to Moto off of. I never wanted to do that wanted to be the guy. I had to make the money. I wanted people to look at me. And I wanted to be foon guy with a really real person at that particular time at what point did you realize? Okay. This isn't the normal heavyweight champion life east. I'm living a full you ever dreamed of doing. And when you reach that pinnacle of success that you believe is your shining, accomplishment and stuff, and then when you reach that accomplishment. He said, well, this isn't that what I thought it would be the wanted to be applauded twenty four hours a day and have that high from applaud of accurate I wanted to have that high. And you know, you don't get it. Twenty four hours a day have downtime, and you have to have hobbies to kill your diet and your downtime and stuff, and I them hobby. Besides flying pigeons. When do you want it to? Yeah. Two. Boy do respected shot on network news. Yeah. I made inroads over the last few months. Wayne, move raptors the raptors. Yeah. Yeah. You ball. The conversation. Yeah. Never been covered before new. Toed. Yes, right smoking, the toad. That's correct. Talking to you next. Bo jackson. Jim palmer. It was amazing nine hundred ninety three you'll get ESPN one eight a cloud if it was on. They said for the nineties motherships. Conversation with entree seriously Beckham, perhaps you get back on the mothership Ozzie Smith. The wizard. May. Your money truck. Come on, man. You're so good at that. What part the art of conversation. Don't wanna do it anymore and the. Casper mattress is people. Casper mattress, we've told you to support the people who support us. Casper has supported us. And we all have Casper's in our home, perhaps have the art of conversation with someone in their twenties that. I feel like that would just be them Texas all on air today. And he's really good at this man is the best we have. Donlevatar? My hair is unfashionably age. Inappropriate long, perhaps the longest it has been since college and may continue as such. I'm not sure why last vestiges of the. Of the extreme outer limits of midlife crisis to God's futile shield held wobbly against the encroachment of mortality, maybe the last day j- before the onset of mister Rogers styles sweaters and the silent surrendering acknowledgement of official old aid. All truth. You always wrote you would be like one of America's greatest on there. Libertador show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. Pat Riley and Mike Tyson over to episode arc. We're gonna catch the third on their episode of the art of conversation with Mark Messier, the messiah this. You're gonna talk to Tom Candiotti is all any man ESPN, stats and info reports on the rockets warriors the rockets have made twenty six more threes than the warriors in this series, outscoring Golden State in every game. Steph. Curry has missed thirty four three point attempts through the first four games of the series. That's the most missed threes and a four game span in his entire playoff career curry his shot thirty percent or worse from three point range in every game of this series. Curry is six thirty to nineteen percent on contested threes in this series, including the first round curry entered this series shooting forty percent on contested threes this season, chef Kerry. Yeah. I can't wait to find out. What Monica sell us is up to at lebatardshow on Twitter and Instagram. Let's update the poll Twitter balls brought. To you by Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club delivers the products that you used a look feel and smell your best right to your door, plus with their handsome discount. The more you buy the more. You save go to dollarshaveclub dot com slash, Dan. For a special offer. Do you want game of thrones to end just so that game of thrones fan stop talking about it? Sixty six percent of the audience said, yes, I thought the Ryan Sandberg. Due game of thrones fans just need to leave Bill Elam sixty seven percent of the audience said, yes, I mean was Jose Maria. Olazabal not available. Does Detlev France. Look like Drago seventy four percent of the audience said. Yes, Walli join is out there. Why don't you thought damn through while he world does any company have a soul? Eighty five percent of the audience said, no. And wait to find out. What Jim carrier's doing did David Bowie have every right in the world to be terrified by giant pink bunny that seemed to be stalking him ninety one percent of the audience said yes, Steve Avery by his time with the Braves. Is never gonna give you up a good song. Fifty five percent of the audience said yes, can we for you to recap the huge year, Laura Davies had is John Sakata still doing his thing? Fifty three percent of the audience said, no, Jim Abbott was amazing. Why don't you talk to him? What do you smell other people's sneezes? I don't believe this. This can't be a thing. Bill. Thing. Can't be a thing. Billy says the sneeze mouth terrorist of sinus infection. I'm telling you. They smelled terrible. Dan. I looked it up. Eighty nine percent of the audience said, no, you guys should thank your lucky stars. Because it's a curse when you can smell sneezes. Did you hear those numbers nobody, but you can smell a sneeze, and it's a horrible curse? Are we still making Sam or is fifty eight percent of the audience said, no, I'm Dan laboratory and joining me is Purvis. Ellison. Never nervous. Are there any photos in your wallet? No the love of God. Eighty three percent of the audience said, no, I'm Dan Libertad. Join me as I thought the John John the auto compensation. Photo in your wallet. Tiger of photographs. You got to defend yourself. You know?

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