"White" (w/ Cole Escola)


Model boys entertainment forever dog listeners, I Yasser lesser. And he is my zilla the co host of my brother sneaker here forever dog radio. And we are what is AO sneaker podcast. We talk about sneakers fashion Greek nuts. We do talk about grape nuts. We talk about the fashion industry. We talk about this industry. And we talk about how both of those things are influenced by none other than great nuts. You can catch new episodes here every single Friday wherever you listen to your podcast. We're talking about I tunes. We're talking about Stitcher. We're talking about Spotify. We're talking about at your mama's cousin's house. We're talking about Ed sure mama's brother's house. That's technically, just an uncle. So don't forget to listen to us is area and Yasser post of my brother sneaker here on forever dog radio. Oh, I see why bullet look over there. How is that? Lasco Chinese-style us ding Dong. West culture does calling. Oh, I'm so Aaron shocked by your behavior pie my behavior. I have been I happen. Very Aaron Chuck, I I've probably portrayed the community in many in many different ways. Have you ever felt your dick move to a picture of him? No, truly, no Rulli. Now. You can't even come to that. He is. So this is the thing. And this might not make sense to you because he might fit into a certain mental model of what you might like you are a bit. Really the so bland, you think oh bland even just physically. It's like I like there's more interesting version of this somewhere else. I think you're definitely right? Although I will say me as a Long Island. I got I got it. I am who I am type person. There is no way I'm gonna see someone like that. And my body at least not respond. But here's what my mind says. Okay. Absolutely not. Okay. Gracie's very harmful to the community. And we're here to announce that all Moscow Theresa's right for the very first time. You're hearing from us if you were on the fence about Aaron schock it's time to jump over that fence time to jump over. Which is what happens with the fence. You have to jump over it. Because at this point, it is we're here to say Aaron schock is careful to the community. Aaron schock is Kansas. It's actually rule of cultured number four Aaron schock is cancelled right here. And now, I mean, there's still a lot more to there's a lot more to talk about what they are. And we don't we cannot get into it. Well, can we just? Say that we turned the corner. What you and I you texted me, and you said OMG you were following Aaron shock on instead because somebody an alleged fan. Oh, this person green shotted that. I was and I did not remember that I was following on Instagram, actually, and this person if they're listening, and I have no problem putting them on blast. I'm not going to name them. But that was kind of shitty. If that was kinda shitty. You should not have screen shot at it to what rubbing NATs face that. He did this shitty thing that didn't make me feel good. It didn't. And honestly, it didn't make me even I was like. Oh, no. Well, because then it's like, what are you trying to do you make me look bad? Like, I, you know. I mean, the only thing I said was on Twitter, at least was just all caps Matt's. Yes. And I was like were you really following your chocolate and cetera truly it must have been one of those things where it's like you've all some only here's their car wreck. Are you follow someone because you're short? Maybe I don't know. Maybe he made my dick move once. And I followed him. I follow a lot. People with no brain make my dick. There you go and bitch. Thank you for owning up to that. Because if you were deflecting in saying, it was I some other bullshit reason like well. I'm not gonna lie. I'm I have a peanut a working gay penis. I have a penis. It works at its g response to simulates. Yeah. Oftentimes that's stimuli. Can be toxic snake? Get we and McGrath's. Yes. What's in that working gay penis of yours, cartilage, Honey, and blood vessels? Now it gets horror. Now, I'm very upset. And when you think about Aaron shock the cartilage fills with blood ever again now, I associate him with only evil trauma trauma. Now, I associated with it that the the one thing I will say about Aaron schock is one thing blown will say it just it disappoints me that he gets to live in West Hollywood and like be completely protected and like not half delake. I'm sure if he walks the str-, honestly, if he walks the streets. No one would no one would do. And no one would notice because he looks like everyone, and that's what I'm saying. And and also we I've actually think it opens up an interesting conversation about why when someone has apps we let them get away with. Yeah. Everything under percents everything truly if he didn't look as hot as he looks. We wouldn't even be a question. This is the thing if I had ads I would be rule emperor. The world you'll be emperor of the world. You'll be remember palpitation status because I do believe that you'd be evil. I think you are six apps away from being a very cruel person. And I really do. And you're why I agree I'm wearing white too. And I'm White House. Another thing about you. And you white bitch. You're a white bitch who sticks apps away from being a very cruel. Dictator. Not unlike emperor palpitation herself famously, but. Number ninety three famously emperor palpitation had under that role. He was so fucking hot pal that had on go. My god. Imagine him being gut draft is how. I've been then he reveals his fucking wash gutters. You can wash aboard on those. Speaking of speaking of good bodies. Dads are. No. Can I just tell you? Yes. I just saw our guest. I always love seeing our desperate form. And when I heard that he was forming in Los Angeles. I was very upset because what I did not have a ticket because it was sold out. Of course, then our buddy Sarah Schneider had an extra ticket and I on that train. And I went all I wrote it all the way to the show. And there you go there. It was coal school a performing unbelievably, well and funny. I. Bitch is it's breaking news. Breaking news cola skull on not staying very long. This is not what I. On the soothing voice. And the soothing thought I had been on this podcast. Yes. But I thought that this was a different one. I thought like well, they wouldn't ask me on the same thing twice. No. We switched up the Bram. This is exactly what it was before for. Why it didn't wanna come back? No. The last one came on here. First of all welcome into your ears. Call us. So that's the last time you came here. You were about to go on a date. I believe do you. Remember, this are you? I don't remember the date. You were wearing a Brad corduroy jacket almost word again, it was read. But with a black corduroy. Oh, that's what it was holler. Yes. Reddin canvas spot corduroy. Yes. Canvas. I actually I constantly remember this conical. And I wrote like what you're wearing right now very much, and I often in fact almost one hundred percent of the time really like what you're wearing. Thanks. I hate it. And now coal we ask you the question. I always ask you, how are you doing? I'm okay. The. Honestly, a second time guest the question, we always ask them. How are you doing doing? But no. But that's just me as giving an assist to cold to answer the way, he always answers. Which is I'm okay. I'm okay. Yeah. It's like it's just occurring to me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Better better better better. Call I want to talk to something you said to me has really reverberated in my head for you're an idiot. But I don't think I don't wish don't let that guy coming from. I was hungry. I was and I knew I needed never heard of that angry I needed to absolve you of the whatever guilty. You work here stain Q U. I think you said to me twenty nine thousand nine the year of destination. Hookups let's talk about this. I want to know because I think I might I might do something like this eventually probably very soon. I might literally go to a city yet just to hook up with someone. Yeah. Wow. That's what I did. I did that once in January. I went to the Columbus Ohio us. Oh my God. Rented an Airbnb. Was it worth it? Sure. Sure. What was what was like? Yes. I don't regret. It. It wasn't like life changing. I've done it again. Yeah. I just got back from London and Paris. Yes. Oh and were there, and there are people there. Well, I. I paid for tender gold. Yes. You can plan ahead. So that you can plan ahead. And I knew I was going to go to London to see all About Eve on the west. And I had a good year last year. I've made some money I can talk about it. So let's end this stigma on well you have. Your creature comforts and God forbid. We I burn money. I don't know. I never learned you know, before it's not yours. It's not your responsibility, right one else's. So let's say business. None of my business. None of business. Okay. You're right. You're actually, right. You did you plan ahead successfully, execute hookups in London and Paris. I planned. Well, another thing that I'm trying to do this year is just like really intense. But brief love affair. Yes. You know, because I don't want a relationship. Right. I don't doesn't that flatten out. Everything though, doesn't that? Like isn't. There is no texture to any sort of intimacy anywhere. That's. Misinterpreting? I like people like I literally did the exercise of listing. All the guys that I have or will very soon hook up with us. And it just I kind of felt I was like, oh, but I'm looking at these names. And this means nothing to me. Well, they're all Ryan as mine. Ryan Ryan different races races. And they're all different races. But no, I look I look at this list. And just like, oh, this is just like it's like this. Or just feels like it feels like they're meaningless blends together it all blends together. See, that's I too have a list. Okay. And I read. List on your fuck list. So disgust. This is really just. We are three piglets. We are truly three winking piglets in the barn. That's where we are. Right now in the filthy, muddy barn of sex and Ayman make me sick. It's dark gay culture yards discuss Aaron shocking of us. So you're saying you when I read the list of people, I've had what are their names, mostly their names are mostly Jaden? Honestly, there is I think there is like a name. I think Alex think I've got a lot of Ryan. A lot. I know. I go to the list. Yeah. Let's worry about whenever. That's so many people. Yeah. No, that's the list of the US presidents. I've only nine. Miss you Jimmy anyway. Now what I'm saying is when I when I read the list. Yes, everyone a memory everyone a beautiful memory like a gorgeous scrapbook. And I think I read each name slowly to I can remember a romantic, I think that would call a saying with your affairs is you want to have intense passionate weekend like experience or or like even like a month long. If if we're in the same city. Okay. But I picked some I just had one in London. Yes. And then I knew that. And then I was like we were talking for like three weeks. Uh-huh. On tender and then what's app, and then I I met up with him. And I thought if it goes, well, then I'll take him to Paris. Oh, wow. How did Paris? He made it to pay. He wins a parent. To tunes that bothered him. So at a Jimmy Buffett song. No, yeah. No. It's not that you were making that would you like to wager. A bet I know I wouldn't put your phone away. Could've so many dangerous things on my phone. My fuck list Jimmy Buffett songs up with all four of his fingers. Florence. It's a pitcher of Aaron schock giving us shitty and job Coachella. It's my background on my phone. You know, what I don't find him attractive? Why the picture quality? It's very it's very ward. It's like, it's not even pixelated razor. It's yes, it's very razor like pictures. I took of myself on my razor when I was in good shape. It's that and it's like it's been reposed. It's been screen shot at in posted so many times. Yeah. And there's there's that patina on it where. Just. The news is on the on the photos. Yeah. Yeah. Quality I often feel different messy very many very much. It's very mild. Yes. Yeah. Well, I don't know. The thing is like he did take a lot of professional photos back in the day when he was in congress of himself on the cover of like men's fitness in that shit. Oh, this is really it's really not even the gay community's fault. It's the fucking straight communities thirsty asphalt because they put them on the magazines and they put him on the map. Right. And you know, the ones who voted him into office. Yeah. Yeah. It really it's it's once again, we can blame the straits. I'm well. Well, it's letting ourselves off it'll too especially yourself, especially desperate to be exonerated. We we. We're not ready. Yeah. Yelling. We can't. We're we're not the ones to you have to do you need to talk to your sister little bow. You know? Oh, Bo, you know, if I wasn't told me, you know, about and said to me the words he said, he said, I don't know examine it. Exam. We examined. Thanks. Bo is. Shrugging emoji. Yeah. Because yeah, you literally treat me like I'm sub-human when whenever it comes up that I smoke cigarettes, and you just like you fully completely different things are happening cigarettes. I say are the following Aaron schock on Instagram is not going to Kelly, white supremacy, and gay culture is actually more destructive than me smoking a cigarette. You know, what's even grocer than what you're saying? The fact that bucking listeners are gonna agree with every word that you say because they want you to win and Mita lose. And that's ridiculous. It's white. And that's the fucking most disgusting thing about all this. If you are white man, you're the white person, and you master rate, you continue the charade and you smoke cigarettes. Disgusting I often results in bad breath. Like many cigarettes. I bet you use. Why as an insult at Bowen is maze? As of why? I've heard because I know it's the one could say to him that could truly hurt them. I think there's nothing worse could happen to but he wakes up tomorrow looks on the mirror and looks into a white face. If you saw a white man in the mirror. You would be destroyed. What is going on your so drunk? LA changed? I did have a bourbon Bloody Mary we had a we had a brunch to where I had a nice flooding. Check sweet chick lovely listening three check. Thank you. Sweet check. And can we own meal from here's something we can kick around. Okay. What about hot waiters, and do you remember everywhere when we I think you still live in this area? But when I looked in park slope near you. We went to that diner that one time. And then we asked one waiter. Yeah. Yeah. I do the one because he would always message me. Yes, we were. Where were we? It was daisies diner. Herbs. Fifth Avenue diner, yellow must've been doing the same show or something. And then went to. Yes. It was. We went to a party or standing. Yes. No. It wasn't the underwear party under the key food. I've never been to one of the I've never been in France, but that's a sex party. It is a sex party. Nice. I someone invited me to. And I was like, no, thank you. Oh, yeah. It wasn't. It's just not. It's just people having sex. Right. Right. Right. Which is I thought it would be more exciting than it was. But it it just a little like, okay? They fucking. Yeah. And you know, what's you know, what the interesting thing about sexes? It's not that interesting. It's not in fact, my theory about sex while wait he sit down. Everyone said everyone said down down sit down come in everyone. We've all ever. You guys waiting at the door come in. And just got a spot on the ground right there. Emma st-. You just stood up sit down you can move that. Yeah. Thank god. Okay. Here's my theory about sex. It's weird and gross. And it's strange that we do it. I love. Wow. Is we are all little bags of meat. Slap and slapping together rushing. And it is insane. That we do it in recently. I hooked up with someone and then two days later, we hung out. And he said, isn't it weird sex? And I was like, yes, he's like isn't it weird that we're not laughing the whole time? It's happening. And I'm like, yes. It is sexist. Psycho sexist psycho. Yeah. It's holes in poop and blood. Well, that's why I don't get it. It's sweat. It's tears. Rhymes? It's prince crime. It's blood its prime in holes in poop, and blood and sweat. I and. I call it that in France, you know, they do it's called liberty more the Petit mall. The Petit mall mortar the little death death because every time you come you. Dial a little. Oh my God. That's a beautiful lyric. But that's what I find it insane. That people don't like to talk during it. Idea. I dirty talk words like you like that bitch. Like that. Like do you like the way that tastes? Yeah. I get you anything else. Just you still working on that bitch or more cock bitch. How would you doing bit? How's everything tasting which better bitch? How's everything tasting somewhat someone's hungry bitch? Are you verbal? Yes. We talked about this yesterday. We spoke about it yesterday. And so now that we're at now that you're saying this yet you and this person saying it's so funny into that. We don't laugh during the whole thing. There's gotta be something where you just just remain human. Yeah. And you don't be completely blinded by. Yeah. Hormones my mile. I always I have two jokes when I'm done having set. Oh, no. Do you wanna say them now? Yeah. Okay. 'cause then they're not gonna feel fresh when you do. I know, but I'm gonna keep doing them or I'll come up with new on. Exactly. And that's that's that's a writer, and that's that's a writer because I'm pushing by by telling them year, I'm pushing myself. Yeah. With. The first one is immediately after I come I say get out. And then my other my other one is immediately after one of us or both of us. Come I go. What is it? Before. What is this stuff? Those even though even though you shared it with the world and shared it out. You cannot retire them. Must go. Thank you. Thank you. Tannen. Cannon over now. Stop no cannons. Not over. Okay. I'm just worried. That's how much we respect you. You said cannon and a mocking way. And there's Boeing white pass. We have to retire. No. I appreciate it. I don't wanna be behind the times. I'm seventy one seventy two next week and happy early birthday you. Was a Taurus. I know that wouldn't pay right was the Torres. That's actually today has no yesterday was birthday. He shares a weekend with Christ. Oh, wait. This is coming out at a different time for the listeners this we're recording this on Easter Sunday. I what are you going to say because I had a point with the okay, you make your point. I was going to shift gears go, okay ready here. You're going to say I'll say what I want to talk about Boeing say what he went talking about it. And then everyone in the room will vote on a witch one. We'll discuss attacked an EMMY, you're you're you're you're going to be a deciding factor, adding you as a fourth person in the yes. Okay. So Bowen present your topic. My topic was not a topic. It was more of a line. It was more of a prompt. Ask to ask both of you, actually. And just to have around table discussion about what what the protocols are. Like, let's say like, oh, I do tender gold attack the plane icon. I change my location of this city will get my likes and see who liked me and swiped right on me. And then and then set my traps because now I'm developing these little these little like, you got the honest. Yes. And say that you're you're not. Yes. Of course, or if you want to if you don't wanna seem desperate, you can say like, oh, I was just there. But I'm coming back. Hopefully, totally okay. So that was my little prompt for all of us. Just just to talk about that a process to have a process congress. I want us to talk about because sweet chick had hot waiters, and I wanted to say have you ever left your number for a waiter? And then yes, the waiter. I've never the waiter never got back to me. But I have left my number. I've left my number two. And you know, I've never fucked the waiter. But it's it's resulted in some texts that I think like could have gotten to a place like there used to be this bartender that worked at Joe's pub who worked in the back in the in the Joe's public like the theater space, and he was the hottest person in the world. And he's the only person with a little ponytail. I've ever been traumatic that was Aaron Shah. You are. Disgusting harmful. We, but so but you texted with him though. Yes. He texted me. And he was like, hey, this is so and so you're bartender. We should meet up Cutie Winky face which had to me that's as good as sex because that's the validation. And I probably did come to it. Forget about it. Yeah. Which is you know. Well, I mean, we're this is the true flattening desire of desire refer equating the chase two sacks. Yeah. You know? That's interesting. I talked about that. Yeah. I think that wins. Now, it doesn't mean that we need a vote at ten dump pseudo intellectual conversation that I don't wanna flattening of desire. Yeah. Although I know I am actually I'm happy to talk about it. Because I really feel numb. I feel numb to needing guys and having sex with them. No. You feel numb to it? Non meeting them not that. I'm just gonna it's not about me. It's on it's on a volume thing. It's not about me. Like how many literally not even having that much? It's just like it all doesn't no one's nothing. Standing out. I don't know. It's because you haven't done it with the right people. And I think you could actually take note from Kohl's book. Okay. And I think you you need wenches coming out this thaw. Yes, called how do I do it at seventy two to do it at seventy two. Novel beco-, let's go with a foreword unarguable from Margaret Atwood. She used to the four hundred I love how novels have forwards. Now are white. Now. Wait, what were you? I think that you are doing the right thing by romanticizing things and making them feel meaningful. Yes. But that's so much. I mean work it's a fulltime job to full. It really is. I haven't made money in seven months, but I've had a lot of encounters pulling counter. He's wealthy wealthy wealthy in romantic affair. It's actually really. No. I know what you're saying. And you want to have these fun before sunrise dates, yes where you just walk around town yet. I mean. Yeah, it's not I take big swings. And sometimes they really miss. Yes. Okay. Let's talk about the misses. Yeah. Because the MRs are. Yeah. I think that you need to humanize yourself for the list. Okay. Who think of you right now as someone who's a ship? Oh god. Yeah. Turnout who goes to, you know, Paris like parrot who has vetting process in London for Paris trip and sorry but can afford Tinder golds, which is thousands of dollars. You had to go to your last year. I had a good unit. What can I say look? I'm not ashamed. Okay. We need to stigmatize the one person. And I don't you know. What's funny is that like when I first started being able to pay my rent without worrying about it. Yeah. One of my first thoughts was like. Oh, no. I'm part of the problem now because I could pay my rent. I was still like fucked up by. Yes. Everything that I was like, well, I I'm the one percent. Yeah. You don't pay my rent thought ran through my mind, literally on the Uber on the way here. I was like who am I to Uber? Hold. It's the one percent they paid off my credit card after years and thousands of dollars of. Yeah. I was just like, well, I'm a monster. I know struggle like, look, George W Bush was not a bad president all of a sudden, I'm like lot happening this Kelly fiscal conservative. In poor. Okay. I know what it's like I don't want to go back there. You look down on your hand. And you're so white you can see through your hand. Becoming rice paper. Honestly, wait. Okay. So talk about the failures. So we'll just like scribe a time when you took a big swing and. One. Well, well, just like not being able to stand the person by like, oh, you know, our two and then being stuck with them for a few days. Wow. Isn't it painful have wonderful sex with a person? Yeah. And they are bad. Yeah. In their heart. When they have a bad heart when I fucked John McCain. I who because the chemistry was there. There was never a question about the heavens. I've we loved Zona we'd left cactus growers cactus cactus, growers the to you. You know, we both care about Megan the same amount. Yeah. Which is not at all. Would be so funny if it came out in like the tabloids that Meghan McCain's ration- for her father was completely. Definitely his diaries came out. Like, dear diary, it's me. John mccain. This is good. I don't know how to say this. But I don't love him. It's weird. I always thought having a daughter would should love her. I love my kid can't find there's something about her. Anyway, I had a dream that house was on fire, and she was in it. And all I could think was no my house. And the papers within the house. So many papers burning and also my daughter, and I thought of the papers. I hope she's ok Columbia now. Did she go to Columbia? Did she actually talks about a vague on and had that makes her a real New Yorker, you know, I'm I have such a complicated relationship with Meghan McCain NY, and why why why do I try so hard should be open and shut she socks by do. We think she sub. Yes. Yeah. I don't I don't even want to open the book don't open the book. Let's not even open chat. We didn't just leave his mind bind every side on. I bind you Nancy from doing harm to yourself. What is that? It's from the craft. I won't be on. Juliet, no. She was a weight. Have you gone your whole life thinking the craft is roaming? Yes. I love. Shakespeare, I love when that one girl starts losing her hair. Ben Stiller's wife. Christine tailored. Oh my God. Wait, Ben Stiller is in phase two right now this light or four or she's directing now, she's escape that Patricia Arquette vehicle, which by the way, you should Ben Stiller Christly Taylor. Ben Stiller, Ben Stiller, I call her I call him. She. But. Escape. It's outta Maura. No, I feel Patricia in escape it down and more with great inspiration. Is it good? Is she good? She is good. The thing shark. She's got she went almost every award ten. She like she is in a shady wig. Yeah. Are they made her skin look bad? She has like on camera she has sex with Benicio del Toro, like it's like there's a crazy scene in a scape down Amora, which it's everyone argues everyone argues, whether or not this is good acting or bad acting from Benito del Toro. Okay. So they gave it to anymore escape pretend. Immoral. Okay. So in escape it to them, so Patricia Arquette and Benicio del Toro have like an interaction sexually romantically at cetera. And then he says to her due to new book. He says it like that. And then he leaves. And I swear to God, it is the MO and she just like sits with it. And it ends the episode ends on like four seconds of her face. Like, not understanding what the fuck that was. And I actually think it is a genius choice. I loved his like it's so bizarre that you're, but it's so scary that it's like, no, I wouldn't tell anyone after that. You're crazy, nothing and human behavior says do this right? But something happened in the chemical artistic collaboration between benico del Toro. Ben Stiller and participants receiving dude. Bod-? And you are you don't know what to do is view. Wow. Interest-? How did you see me doing that to you right now? I almost left both times. I almost left. I was I was hot well this. Yeah, it's warm. It is really warm Easter Sunday or Sunday. Can you believe that choice? That's crazy. I have to I have to watch it. Now, you have to watch it to call. I think you have to why can't you like, it's bad. I feel like they'll tour is a bad actor, he's an Oscar winning actor. And then I feel like it was like Jennifer Hudson. And it got to editing, and then Ben was just like, let's just let's just end it. We can't we can't address this. I don't know that to me. It was like it's so funny because it's a clip on YouTube. You can read the comments and every other comment is a different take. It's like this is insane. And then one is like, this is brilliant so unsettling, so amazingly amazing character choice. The next one is like, what are you fucking talking about the crazy? The next one is like, wow, this scared me for weeks couldn't believe it's honestly is so polarizing, and let's say emitted to this podcast. Oh, that's being of comment sections. Do you ever read the comments on porn videos? Yeah. I love a sincere paragraph. Yep. On a horn video. That's like this is what I love to beautiful men just enjoying each other's touch. Yeah. I once had a friend very much like the blonde young man in this video just going on and on. It's one of my favorite thing. Yeah. Oh one that. I came across recently was wow. The sounds at that bottom makes that's how about him. Should you can tell he's enjoying it? I love you can tell the bottom isn't joying it. Yeah. That's a frequent comment which is like so often the bottom's just not enjoying it. You know? Well, they they probably aren't even when it seems like they are because porn shoots seem like hell, they seem like how I I wonder that, you know, sometimes like I'll often like, I don't know if something about Jesus watch straight porn straight mourn. Foreign does that sound familiar straight porn? I do sometimes I love to watch porn. Okay. Okay. And then like, I don't know. I feel weird afterward. Katie. Okay. This is like sort of like in the kids of all, right? But reverse. I watched this one porn sometimes which is it's this girl and her step there in one of those bedrooms, they're separated they're in two different beds in the same bedroom. And she's like don't come over here. You're my stepbrother. So don't you can't basically she's just like she. She looks over. And he's like jacking off. What are you doing? You have to stop and his I'm on let me soup with you. Fine. You can. And then he comes over and she's like. Can touch me my pussy, and then he reaches over and like since figuring. She's like, yeah. That's the way. Like, basically like it escalates. Okay. Fine. You can lay on me. But only a little and then like he does a men. It's so fucking horny and hot this. She's like I can't help it. And she takes him and pulls it into her and they perceived to have twenty six minutes of the most passionate. To this. When you. Highly something about it. Like, I was like on. Honestly, I wish I could just decide I've had enough and just pull someone into me. But you can't do that as a gay and cast rebuttals ready at all time. Yeah. That's all. I know what you mean. I think Matt you you have to do some performance piece where you play you do straight horn. And. Yeah, hey boats that you play both sides. I would get really good at that was like Mike where are you from Mike Tampa? That was just shocked at your straight girl, the girl, honestly and come over here. Privacy right now. I'm your half sister from a rom they're related. Real brother. Don't come over here year, my real brother by blood. So if you fucked me, it will be bad. Wide open. We'll be so bad. I'll be. Thank you can't do Karai. How furious Alabi if you fucked me Daniel, that's what I love you can tell they're brother and sister. Just enjoying exploring sexuality similar. That's beautiful. This is what's fun language. Learning tool is I have gone down this rabbit hole of Chinese porn gay Chinese born? It's great seeing myself represented porn who was. Close my eyes, and it's fun to read the comments section. It'd be like, oh, what are they saying? Oh, learning learning. Oh, you mean. Are they in? Like, even porn habits. Like the comments are in Chinese. What are they saying? They're like, that's what I love. They're just as gross. They're actually. Yeah. They're just as gross. But it's just it's interesting to see the terminology change. But the concepts still remain the same where it's like. Wow. That zero bottom zero is really good with that one top call it. And then if you're verse your point five. And then it's like, this is the beautiful thing. It's fully on a spectrum. Someone will be like, I'm a point seven. I'm more of a top than amo bottom. Wow. What an efficient way of doing. What an easy way to ascribe value to tops and then take value away from Byron China. I don't think so Honey, China Wang mind. Absolutely not from there. You white bid. Your parents are obviously descended from Sweden or something descendant from Sweden. Yeah. That's exactly what I said. It's just said white. Yeah. White. Are you white? Yeah. Why? Nice one white. Love it seen. Well, listen, listen, we have on our hands here a wealth of material for for the children really that listen to this. Yes. Because we know eighteen year olds into this. Oh, they do. Now. I've even more self conscious because we had some true teens come to our shows around. Yeah. Yeah. And then they say often they'll ask their parents about the content of what we discuss. Oh, like, sometimes it'll be like, hey, mom. What's the movie ghosts? Let's goes describe ghost. Yes. And now it's gonna be like, hey, mom. What is it when a stepbrother fucks his sister? But then you related. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is it lethal? Do you? Watch porn mom. Do you think parents foreign no, no, no one's parents watch porno, and if you actually have a child you're not allowed. Yeah. Too busy too busy. And they don't know how to watch it. I just don't believe for a second apparent would watch porn. It's just too devastating. That would be true. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just can't believe for one second. You know, didn't Kevin Spacey. Watch porn and American Beauty. Not to even mention him. Well, his co star bedding, and this is my kids are all right reference. She Julianne Moore's character, watch straight gay porn. Oh, kids are in the kids are alright I think that a lot of people if we just came out about our porn preferences. A lot of stigma would be removed from the world you have K. Should we? Sure, keywords. She was share. A key words your key search term, he search terms my mine. Have you been daddy a lot recently? I like watching somebody just like be older than other person. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes I like, yeah. A distinct age difference young. 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More time story worth dot com slash ding-dong for twenty dollars off abuse of oh subscription service. Are there any white Yang's? Don't know you got to. We're gonna MOAB looked at. What if I took what if I had a stage name, I chose Yang as my last name. Matt yet not yet. Stay today was mad. Otherwise known as mad Yang Yang though in who may white name p something bow. And my last name would be Bowen, drew Liebau it really Bowen famous white person one of the most famous white people in Hollywood. Oh, isn't she a Republican O'Hare crochet she and Tucker Carlson had like an affair, wait? They you hear about that. I mean, it's it's it's a rumor, but it's a pretty well sourced source to rumor I would say and look if she wants to sue please filling she's that kind of person who'd like back you into a corner at an event that was not for this type of conversation and wide. I explain to you why and Trump is good that. And also when modern family first came out, she would like go on talk shows in like fully shit on Sophy regar- and like do the accent. And like be like a monster. And it'd be like what the fuck you doing? I actually like really enjoy. Julia. But Julia Bowen as an actress I like hers and actress I loved her in weeds, I guess, but like. Then we'd she got fucked by hundred Tara what yes star of life. Why wasn't that me star? If we'd start ways I am spring awakening him in spring. Yeah. He was fucking hot. You saw his. But you see every what's that character's name milk. You're you see every milk yours. But. Yeah. He was not care. Right. He was milky. Audible, I don't know the the show you don't know the show spring awakened now. It's fine. It was after my time. So I can't ask if I asked you this question was, you know, how to answer what are you one hundred or an Ernst? Now, I don't know what that means Hansson is the top he sort of like calm cream away the bliss. I this is a gay care character. Daycare took. Okay. He corners the Ernst. Who's like? Oh, yeah. To give you an idea Blake Daniel played Ernst on the great white way. We love you play. We know two earns. We not wait. Who's Ben moss wasn't Ernst in the in the touring production? I love that. Yeah. Two beautiful and certain let's drink to that here. Cheers. Cheers. I feel like I'll have ice coffees from different places. I forgot to say my search my yes. Sitting here waiting like specific like specific videos, like there's this one video of this drunk straight French guy giving like his friend I hand job, and he's like joking the whole time, and it's like amateur, you know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I don't know why. But it's just like one of my, and I send it to my. Have this good friend who we send each other porn that? We think the other one might like, oh, that's interesting. And we also send each other guys on Tinder you actually do that share function. Yeah. We use the share function. Do we know the person know his name is Tibo? Really? Yeah. I I would know immediately. He lives here. Yeah. Okay. So is this someone you've looked up with? Yeah. Yeah. We had like. It's a somewhat romantic friendship. Right. I've seen. Yeah. I love how are you with like managing for money. Not very good good. He says not good. And it's not my business. That. Are you someone who can do no strings attached? I don't know what that means. Like you hook up with your friend. You're like that was fine. We yeah. Okay. Yeah. Got him. Yeah. Are you? I am. I I don't know. I've literally lost night. Good friend of ours. And it was it was nice little pet goodbye. And he would he would. I'm sure he what are you talking about Joshua destroy, Mr. Josh sharp? Yeah. I knew you were. But it's because I know the boundaries. I know this the thing on his end is like, okay. Well, that's he and Blake he in Blaker in this beautiful relationship. Now. Here's the question. I have for you since you were last here. Yeah. Yeah. There's no doubt been culture in your life that has affected you. So what do you even like, what do I why what are you? What are you into? What culture is affecting you now. Profoundly and influencing as an artist of what you very good one. Do you watch television? No, actually, I want to ask Cole this. I think Cole a difference that I've noticed in Kohl's performance is that the costumes are getting very sophisticated and you're getting old who's your friend who designs all your stuff. I'm andrea. Yes. Yeah. And he's a white Yang. He's half. Yeah. He's half. So then he's the white Yang. So it's gorgeous gorgeous, gorgeous, costumes is that was is has it's been like a choice or like a direction you've wanted to. This sounds like such a yeah, I liked I just liked to have like I like to heighten there. You know? I just love heightened that. Queen Elizabeth go. Thank you on that. Yeah. Yeah. And it was originally made for Caccia. It was built on Caccia. It was the because we're the same size. Really? Yeah. Oh, yeah. That wouldn't be in LA where he was making it. And so he would send me all these pictures of Caccia wearing the Brian Brian, you know, cut you we've only texted than such texted and such not like that. Could've potentially been like that. But oh my God. That's rude. You're rude. You guys would be you guys cute together. They extras not looking for anything. I just I said that when I came in here. Opposed. Yeah. I know. Choose. No one no one. I really do think that I will be single forever. No, no. Because I want to be. Yeah. You do I do is it because of our relationship in your past, partly and I just don't I don't know. Do you see yourself in long stretches of not monogamy, but of intense intimacy with one person for a while now. Wow. No. What's I want to? I'm just not open to it. What's your upper bound on like how like what's the max amount of time that you would wanna like date someone a month. He said earlier, maybe three months like, yeah. I love that. Yeah. That's do. You think that is where we're all headed. Well, I think everyone wants different things. Yes. And people are different and God loves everybody. And I think we should all just drive to care about each other. And if we were an I think became to each other. Yeah. I think too happy Easter have you fucked? I don't have any culture that. I'm you're not absorbing anything. Do you tend to gold? I do. I really don't think I've watched anything since nineteen thirty. Truly I find that. It is hard to sit and watch like, for example, a comedy shows. Yeah. Because I I'm always like trying to do it. Yeah. I don't wanna like enjoy it. Like, you know, what I'm watching right now, which I'm really enjoying. I just started watching. Shrill. Oh, yes. I really like it that's on my list. Everything's on my list. That's the thing. Everything's on my list. But I appreciate something. That's that's not like lizard, the comedy. Lead the comedy. And this is like a very like real racist. That was very racist. White people so apologize to the white person at the table by one. I'm so sorry. Absolves whole I do think bold movies. And I was gonna say like, I think and the sound so obnoxious and gross. But I think you should explore like French new wave stuff. Thank a new source of inspiration. Thank you God. Maybe lodge in being held that. Oh my God. I love it does. Yeah. Just just to explored this thing as as inspiration to be the kind of person who's told you know, what I think you'd enjoy French new WAVE's? Yeah. No. But I'm saying like, truly, I it's it's in like it's in the it's in the whole sort of neighborhood of like things that like Camilla's is so versed in already, and it just doesn't seem like it seems like a sensible extension of. Oh, I went to speak. I went to Libya to have lions house in Paris. Oh my God. Yeah. Is she still Louise one hundred and two years? Yeah. She's suing Ryan is that an asset. The the next it was like dismissed. Yeah. Right now, there's the supreme court is all that's left truly, and they haven't I don't think they've decided they're probably going to be like, no, we won't hear this case. But they haven't said that yet. I think that's where literal supreme court. Yes. Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, looking at a live to have Lynn versus Ryan, Murph and watching and watching washrooms of you. And being like. She's like I do want to sue his ass. Yeah. Yeah. Drag her. We have declared that they dragged. Was unfairly dragging have. No. And then nobody imagined RPG watching that and being like now I'm going to do. Yeah. For like wasting? But honestly that would make Ryan Murphy so happy because you know, he's currently prepping America versus Cavanaugh legs. Lousy Ford versus Cavanaugh is something that Ryan Murphy would do. Yeah. Or to have versus Ryan Murphy. Yes. Or and eventually are route thirty Ginsburg versus Ryan, Murph. But the thing is. For to go to Libya to have house in Paris. I just typed in Uber destination Olivia to have land. And it took it took attorney. So when you say you've you've got to go inside. No, no, no, no, no, no. It was just like outside and. I mean, I'm sure she was home because she's one hundred out. No. And there was a security guard in front, which makes me think should I don't know. I just wanted to be like near her for a minute. That's for ferry. Very funny entertaining to read her statements on her lawsuit. Like, yeah. I will be suing. Yeah. And like, I wonder if it's her lying. It's almost sounds like it's probably hurling. It is absolutely because she's still she speaks like that like their interviews of her from like even ten years ago, and she's like what a wonderful opportunity. This is for me to sit down and speak to and it's like, no, no, no because she's one hundred over she's still thinks in terms of like nineteen forty one publicity. Yes. Yes. So you mustn't hundred thirties, then truly caught it. It's like Khattak you shouldn't live past not seventy two. I yeah, you're gonna I'm gonna I'm thinking you should die. So we this is a piece of culture that I do. Love is Catherine Zeta Jones's Instagram. Oh, all right up to know. She has a good Instagram. And also did you see what she posted after Notre Dom? No. So basically like it was the Notre Dom. And then like like interfaced over it was this woman with her head in her hands like Ryan reading and crying, and I have to pull up the caption. It's yeah. But she also she has like a home line c. Si, si. Casa zeta-jones. Yup. That's her like home like bed linens, and like just tacky tacky stuff. And we can't we can't we have I'm gonna pull visit a Jones one. And then we absolutely cannot mention celebrity. Instagram's of out mentioned me or Glenn. Yeah. So this is the photo. You can see it's a woman with her head in her head. Okay. And then Notre Dame in the background the caption reads, our sacred Notre Dom heartbreaking like just like to prayer hands. But this you have to go to this Instagram. People hedges insane though, the woman with her head in her hands the images insane. Now, I don't know if you guys are aware what close do she? She went lines is one of the funniest things that has ever happened in life. I'm going to play it because it's just it's just too good. Okay. I'm sitting here on a cold and windy night. And I'm thinking about metronome. At setting pictures of it burning. Holded win seventeen years ago about that incredible building. And it at a time when it brought great comfort. And I think that's why personally I feel so attached to the place that I was filming in in France may two thousand and two and it was when all the headlines said that we're going to fall into nuclear war because of the confrontation between India and Pakistan. So I went to know too. Wrote this afterwards, and I just wanted to share. I went to Notre dog. And that's. And then she posted a video later. Ignorant. I have is to Graham, and I read my whole thing. I'll maybe try to time a little bit. And put it on is to grant husband put it on. Yeah. Oh. The Instagram past the best. I couldn't believe when she's. Sure, I went to Notre Tom and then cut. Her Instagram is better than any best actress nominated performance. You know, what honestly Oscar you one. Yeah. I bet she'll win with Sunset Boulevard. The movie do you believe that this will happen? I if cats is going to happen. Yeah. Yeah. Although I just I got to win Glenn's. God. How did you feel when she lost? Like what went through that? I was like I love delivery Coleman. And I was I, you know, but I was like poor Glennon, pork, Glenn also Livia wonderful. But also was not the was not, you know, an leading performance in the film Q. I mean that that's what we were saying, and let's say come on. Let's clap for ourselves. And you said that. And here's the thing Glenn in Sunset Boulevard. They better make it because you're right. We're going to get cats. And then I then I thought to myself when you said, well, if we're gonna get cats, we're gonna get Sunset Boulevard night thought you hit but cats has like Taylor swift in it. So what will we have to do to sex up Sunset Boulevard to get made? Maybe modernize it. I think that's like a thing that like a modern thing. No, no. It's gotta have that grandeur God to be silent movie star because there's about right? We didn't need words. We had faces. Yes. We didn't need would. And but it's also like was going to say, oh, my thing is would they make like? Android wherever Steph in that close proximity like cats. I mean, like how long do we have to wait until if hats is a hit. Yeah. We should get. I think it will be. Yeah. Yeah. Taylor swift is. And I know, but yeah. But then we'll get it with like two three four years later. I think we got it in two years. I think so too. Because look I mean, she at the end of the day. But it's not like we're getting Saen time stuff after into the woods. You know what I'm saying? Right. Well, that wasn't was that hit. Maybe it was a hit. It was. I don't think Sondheim translates to film. I know I thought into the woods was good. But I just don't I think musical theater is tough. Many Todd was bad my mom, loved Sweeney. Todd the film. Yeah. That's so funny. I know it just an idiot her getting. If you're listening love you back to life. I I can't tell you how bad I I'll tell you. What I what what musicals I think work like the big frothy ones. Like like, Chicago. Yeah. Those Karen zeta-jones, Catherine Zeta Jones, so good. And but, but like, you know, complicated like musical musicals like that's not gonna work. No other. You know, what would you know? It would make sense from Sondheim as as a film IC thing is is it merrily. Reverse. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Like that would make sense where it's like, you would it be easier to show that an interesting way not be bound by the strictures of like theater on anyway, silly conversation. No, I don't think it is silly at all. Because of what we see now is a lot of the same. And I wanna find a way to make this work when you find a way to make Sondheim, and and we need to find a way to make Shakespeare work. Right. We love. Shakespeare, we love the part when they lift her body up in Romeo, and Juliet, I love Romeo, and Juliet I think teen suicide and more of that. Amen. More teen suicide entertainment, man. Do you think that it was irresponsible of Shakespeare to write that? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Do you think he's canceled? We are officially here to say, we are sick and tired of these. William Shakespeare gets to opera in West Hollywood. Protected being to protect citizen, man. Uh-huh. Member hot. Shakespeare Shakespeare in love. Women of fines. Oh, he was really interpreted Handmaid's tale now he and Shakespeare in love could very he was hot. I love hot people. I do I I've just gotten into it. I've gotten into them lately. Now, what if he's a hot per will now actively he might be hot to some people, but not might not be to others. That's Aaron shocks the world. Oh, no, Aaron shocks not hot. There you go hot or not dot com dot dot com. Okay. Ready? I'm going to say the name of people, and we're going to say if they're hot everyone turn to Emma and go. Really hot. Really good athlete. Hot and a nice in a nice, man salty, hold you'll meet him. Yeah. I thought crazy warehouse per you went to a warehouse party. He got to meet Gus. And I have I have yet to make us got or man, and we love mount. Yeah. And Matt and Gasser both at this party. And they were very nice. I bet they would be joy if you guys had sex ever. He has a couple of fucking virgins. Okay. Okay. Max. That's next person. Milk over. Well, yeah. I can't picture him. I have such a hard time. Remembering what men look like he was Batman in Batman forever before George. Oh, wait before George Clooney. But after Michael Keaton, see I can remember Keaton, and I can remember Clooney that middle. I see Nicole Kidman. I see Leila's. I don't want to kill Dr chase Meridian. Chase auditor chase Meridia its culture well movies and sings psycho or no. Robin with Chris O'Donnell who by the way is dead. He passed away this morning. He passed away this morning. He was like the hottest hottest. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm slapping my thighs. I he has a hairy hole. You know, you know. Fight me on that. Honestly, I bet the only thing that is Harry about him is his whole. Otherwise, you remember, wait. So what we want to that comic? Con thing. What was that flame con named? There was somebody there. One of the vendors had drawn up all these like hot hot hot like pictures of like, superheroes. And I got so horny for these pictures that I bought a bunch of them. And there was one of Chris Johns di- when I know I should have jackdaw for I want or else. I wouldn't have spent literally seventy five dollars only at night wing, but with chest showing. Both pitchers as they're beautiful picture. They're gorgeous pictures illustrations, the illustrations tomorrow, of course. And but yeah, I should have come first. But there was one really good pitcher of Chris O'Donnell, and he looked so hot. And I was like, wow. He was hot end of thought next always jerk off, Chris. And doesn't do it for me. I don't like the body transformations. It's too chaotic. I again, I can't picture him. He doesn't really know love. His fate hint. I don't like us face either. But the baht is something else when it wants to be for me. It's all about face. Yeah. All about face for me next. One more. Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I would I was willing to like just put his legs behind his head and just leave the room. Let me beg for the whole. Cole. Episode full is that he leaves? Yeah. Ts. I love to tease. I love edging tearing. And I say I want to give props I want to give props. Yeah. Because I I actually think it's odd that we discussed me as my doing my performance before as the porn star actress, and we haven't commended Boeing on his fabulous sketch. The actress starring Emma stone that he wrote with Julio Torres. And that was did you see that? Yes. That was funny. I loved I shared. I liked shared. I was I was yes, I feel that I feel that that she could win an EMMY for that. I she literally I told you this. But speaking on this she would do takes. And then we would just like look at each other. It'd be like oh my God. Yes. She's she's real. She's really fucking talented. She deserves that Oskar not that I ever called into question before. But I was just like, oh, she knows he LA La Land. But I loved her in the fight while she was fantastic in the field. And I love the favorite Eileen. Performance in the favorite. I really do. I think she's the protagonist. She a hundred percent is the protagonist. And I thought she gave the most difficult performance and the most like I got I got to see lowland honesty Lalo if I truly it is. Culture, number forty one Emma stone gave best performance in LA, LA LA. Wow. No, the actresses was really fun. And it was just mean. Holy out. Just clock clock him. Yeah. And it wasn't even like this thing of like, well where this was just like what's this right it? Yeah. And then and then I was just like, oh, she should have a voiceover throughout the whole thing that like talks the talk through her process SRI sleigh. And then we'll and then we're just like, let's call back the things that you find the Ben. And that's if you haven't seen the actress yet, that's an L sketch that and until you wrote you should check it out. It will be linked with the episode as long as as well as the porn. Right, right. If you click the wrong, one NSF WB mom, so it is time for I don't think so boy with our own Cole who has done this many times. Hasn't been are amazing part of our live shows in the past and a veteran of the pod. And so we're gonna do I don't think so Honey now, and I actually have something I thought of on the car out on the way here, which is important and must be discussed. Okay. Great. This is Matt Rogers. I don't think Sony's time starts now. I don't think so Honey Mel c erasure here is the deal when you think about the Spice Girls, you think about everyone else except Mel c and that is disgusting. I don't think so Honey if you think of the Spice Girls, and the first thing you go to is Victoria Beckham, if toria Beckham is synonymous with the Spice Girls, I eat my hat because she won't even go out there and tore with them now. Currently she's making her shoes her brooches her vest her gowns, and I don't think so Honey, I don't think so Honey ginger ginger left the group, if the first thing you think of when you think this is you see that you inject dress. Guess what that you're gonna drag dress walked it's ass out of the group, and therefore should not be synonymous with the group Melby, guess what a twirl and a dance on dancing with the stars. And some Clack Clack. On America's got talent. Whatever the fuck. She has on his nut Spice Girls, and she had nowhere near as good of a voice as Mel c baby spice is just an image. Honey, the singer, and the voice of the Spice Girls was melody also famously never forget she had the most iconic song after which was I. On. The sun. And if you don't know that I don't think so and that's one minute and eight seconds. Mel c does not get the credit. She carried the Spice Girl. Very right. Very true. Very true. Well, you can't even say anything. No, you can't holes in that. I was in. I was just in London. There was. The guy that I was with wanted to we we had breakfast cereal place. And there was a a wall that was wallpapered with the Spice Girls. And he goes why isn't Mel c on there. And I looked and she was and he just didn't see her Iran. I and. Yeah. So it's real she's she is invisible to the naked eye. Yeah. I think it's because she gave cross your eyes a little she's magic yesterday is a little bit. And then a backup because she gave a slightly homosexual energy. I think people were not her she'll we're she was she was a query con I'm saying she wasn't. But like the image was image. But she was like, yeah. She was giving you something not feminine. Did you hear the T about how ginger and Melby back in the day? Yes. Wait, ginger Hollowell. And they'll be scared away scary. That's so totally racist. Oh for her to be scared. She scary. She has she has memo. Did it was something she picked because she had a larger than life knows? None of them. None of the picked them. It was a music journalist who assume assigned these names to them enemy just adopted like, ooh scary. Because because why because why oh I can't even say why they can't. All right. So this is bone Yang's. I don't think so Honey and his time we'll begin now. I don't think so any my foreskin. I am finally over you. I'd I used to where you as a. But now you're just getting in my goddamn way, you know, what the and while we're at at my balls, you're blocking my taint, Honey. And I like my chain. I happened. It's one of my favorite parts of my body, and my balls, I don't know about you kinda feels like you're dead weight. Honey, Honey, and my scrotum. Oh my God. You you. It's too much sometimes and sometimes they get scared about what's what's going on down there. Everything's fine. I'm being tested. But it's just there's just a lot of business going on down there. And if it could all go, and if it could all go, I would I would just do the surgery tomorrow. But my team we're is just getting in the way. I I start to feel self conscious about it. Now. Maybe I'll maybe I'll come back around on it soon. But right now, I'm thinking, you gotta go. I don't think foreskin your your wrinkly. You're crazy. You're darker than the rest of my peanuts. It's one minute. Wow. Wow. You could get that. Right. Snip ride. Don't think you should I'm famously uncut as well. Okay. And I'm my sitting at a table with two uncut. Yes. Yeah. I think so I think you are. I think you never know never know never ever know. So because listeners right now look around you. Okay. Look to your left look to your right? One of those people statistically uncut one of those people. And now looking at is a now, it's on you to suck it. It's on you to suck. 'cause like that dick. Yes. Absolutely. Well, well with that challenge. Well, my problem is I don't like when a lot of guys fetish is the foreskin. Yes. And then they're like all over it. And I'm like just treat it like just treat me like a regular regular dick treat me like a regular. Terrain me, go regular. That would be a really la- poem. Aw, you. Take like a one hour and perfect Patti LuPone impression because you have it. I I know I haven't I have horrible. Oh, it's some maybe it's the Long Island thing because she's also never going to get paid. We gotta get kneel down some some sort of character affect I just think that's all it would take him. Yes. Of course. Yes. Great. I agree. Coal school is. Done this already cut me off. And I'll sort I hate it. When people do this when they ask someone else done this. It doesn't matter. Okay. Wow. Listen. Let's go out on Honey time starts now. I don't think so Honey paper straw. Oh my God. I you have to be here's because if you don't drink it fast enough that straw will dissolve. And look I got one right now, I can't get these last sips up. I would have better luck pouring this on my ball sack and Sutter sucking it out of the wrinkles in my balls than I would getting out of this Cup with this fucking paper straw. But you know, what I mean? And like, okay, you you don't want you care about the environment. You don't want animals choke on Catholic? But guess what you you care about sea creatures that much stop eating seafood? Stop it. Stop eating seafood Dopp. Okay. Yeah. Fifteen seconds water bottles. Give me a fucking plastic straw. Okay. Let me one I would please. And I still have seven seconds. And you know, what my dad, by the way fought in Vietnam. One minute. Your dad didn't fight in Vietnam. We could have this. Oh, okay. Straw. Thank you know for. This was like, you're fighting Vietnam. Both of you are fucking dumb because you're white and your dad did not fight in Vietnam. You fucking liars. Draft dodger why? Both bid. Sitting here with business. Jupiter. Eight people to uncut in a cut. It's because my my foreskin doesn't that? Be like pulled over in yanked on. And so it just hurt. Tuck out and like, oh, jeez. This it's just hey, stop tugging. There. You everyone for that's real. I'll Terry number one hundred and seventy eight. Maybe stop talking is a good time. Stop it uncut white. White coat white whatever uncut white. This is this is this was fun news. I didn't like the last one. But this one I like. The last one, you know, who cares? This. You know? We're about you're eventually going to date. I was Utah. You think that that was preoccupying, you know, know, you were nervous to do this show, of course. And why because you guys are so rude. Well, you very rude. Everyone knows it everyone talks about to con last night at the show. You had fifty comedians. All we worked yacking late. We overbooked at wildly. Well, all anyone could talk about backstage was like were they that? He was. Rude. Like, we looked at me weird. It was just yeah. Yes. What we like to do is create a negative toxic potentially dangerous. Yes. Yes. For many people in the community and invite as many people as we can to share. And that's how this city to just everyone knows to feel bad. Yeah. And and it worked. And it works. Okay. Well, I feel toxic in bad. I feel because it can bad. But oh, I love our guests so much. We love our this is fantastic. You can find them on Tinder gold, Tinder going into gold swipe right and call in for your chance for two free tickets. So we end with a song. What is this? In your room. Come. You. You know this. I don't know what. This has been forever dog production executive produced by Brett Bom, Joe Silio and Alex Ramsey for more original podcasts. Please visit forever dog podcasts dot com subscribe to towards shows on apple podcasts. Spotify wherever you get your podcasts. Keep up with the latest forever dog news by following us on Twitter and Instagram at forever dog team and liking on Facebook.

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