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S2:E56 Songs, Cars and Guitars!


They are live J Christie. Berg guys. What's happening is the brand new seems to your show? Minister could start. Florida. That's in floor. Were. Brian. Driving less play. Appalachia get done job. How much I jive. Wrong. Get your comedy cancer early morning radio. Three stops more. Eight thirty captains law dates that was off the cuff, buddy hill. Go could tell if ain't I. Scripted? No, that's good. Appreciate you. Joining me, man. It wasn't really by choice. You just have to do radio. And this is what we do for Tory comedians. The good and I get in the car. So I can ask you bunch of questions comedians with guitars getting driven in the cars, the cars with guitar guitars. And you didn't wanna coffee this morning. I asked you I don't drink coffee. I asked you if you want Dunkin donuts anything, no nothing, you just go straight up. No, I'm trying to starve myself when I host confetti on Wednesday. Okay. So just a fast, they call it these days. I do I do the intermittent fasting. Okay. Twice a week. That were tell me what you do. Well, you just sixteen hours meals were all you're allowed is water. Right. It's not too hard. No. It's not that hard. Because you do it at night. I do it actually. Yeah. Yeah. Here you go. I'll stop eating like nine, right? And then I can eat a one PM. Yeah. It's not that hard. No. And people are always so confused like they should call breakfast. Something because you're breaking fast. I'm like about breakfast. Yeah. Bring fast. Yeah. Which is another thing. It's just like why don't they have a magazine about making America? Great again called magazine. Yeah. I get it. Yeah. That's that should be coming shot up to Carl Reimi, call remake comedian extraordinaire on the show many times. My good, buddy. Carla hope you didn't make you play guitar. No calls and play the guitar colleagues to hit the gym nice works out. Yeah. He knows about intermittent fasting. Right. That's right. He does he does. So where were you coming in from which is in Los Angeles. Yup. Yup. And I flew to Florida, by Flo. Rider as the cool kids like to call it, by way of Atlanta. Atlanta AT L. Yup. Heard a really horrible conversation where he became I refer to myself as airplane, Chris when I get tired, get your take like you're a ball. And I'm not even doing a bit. Like, I just can't not get annoyed allowed pretty calm person. But like if I haven't slept anybo- a bunch there was this guy, and he was hitting on this girl in front of me while you know, when you're in line on the jetway. Yup. Just try to get on the plane, and it's all bottlenecked in whatever, of course, guys in front of me. And he's like oh shake shack here at the airport. Isn't that weird? That is weird. He's like like shake shack shakes. He's like, they're good. She's like thirty is weird. He's like do. You take Uber. And I was a on. Let's go. What are you talking about? What are you doing and j Christie bergh's our guest it and the counters guys you could find him at the Chris army right at the Chris arm. Shout out to Brendan then. Brendan Maulana in the house watching the captain's log here today. So Chris this is what your this your fifth or sixth time. Yep. I think it's more than I said, I came I was two years prior to when the play burst in Marco island that house we stayed at all, wow. In the ceiling, whatever in the whole ceiling fell fell. I was there two years before that while that was a that was a while ago. My goodness. So you might even ten times, I think so have we ever done the captain, no is the first time on the Lauwers time on the log, man. I it's because I was in. I was kinda lazy. I'd only do it randomly. I should have done. It all the time. I if you've never been lazy shout out to Vicki Baker never been lazy. Every time. I come in town. You're like, oh, I got this new thing invented the straw. You know, or like have you thought about putting you know, ipads, on top of the roof of your car. So they like planes concede this year host look, I know, I know but something magic if I acted on. Everything that I thought of though, I mean, there's time there is there is I try to do I try to do as much as I can't. But I can't do it all it's what it's the story by life. It's Kerr's one day. Something's gonna hit big though, absolute a hit big big time. Limited, you know, pushing this podcast right now Botka sugar free. Gluten free sugars better than or as on the same as a competitive with Tito's it it's it is. It's actually very simple because the style of distilling the Tino's does we do the same thing. Although we're twenty six calories less than Tito's. I wanna brag. No, you don't need to. Let's Brexit sell. It's organic, and it's all Florida made. And you know, all the right buzzwords Yar. We only use that that that restaurant. I do I no one can come in. I'd like Tito's we have Tito's that we have. Well, but for the most part, everything is all of our specialty drinks are captive Brians. All my gin, my rom my vodka. Doc. It's all me like that to have a take to go license can people by their I sell it in almost seventy stores in Florida. And I just broke out of of maybe as about one hundred eighty new stores, they're signed a deal with tune of student play me something that I love the new some of the new stuff. You can go full on baby. Yeah. Okay. All right. Okay. I'll do the voicemail one that. I just. This should be. Everybody's outgoing voicemail because everybody hates when people call them. And a Hanes chew. Call him. Never mind is hang up. Please don't leave. Please on the message. Never mind. You. Messages anymore. Right. You call. If you wanna talk to you call. The message comes on immediately hang up and you send him attacks. Lazy is an hour. Senator turks. I think because if you want to get something out right away in your driving you call. Otherwise, I think you do send a test. I think that's the way to go. I do a lot of the voice texting. I do the video like if I'm driving just put on record send a video. Like, hey, this is me. This is what I want to tell you, and you are gonna click on this message of watching. It's great. That's how I do. I do it's like it super old school and everything all the TS here from driving. Are you texting Florida? You are but I put the full right there. And I hit play in record. It's crazy. And I just do it in talk. It's nuts. It's nuts. It's good though. I love the technology these days technologies. Huge you mentioned when you were when you were younger when you were growing up here on the blank or the scooter skateboard side onto the hardest part about scooters is the people have to see you on them as the rough. That's the worst thing when you were, you know, at your we've smallest different thing. There's going to be a time in my life more. I'm driving. I'm on the phone doing a podcast pitching vodka. I've created and then on my way to another radio station to promote so people come out to my restaurant comedy club. It's technology. No. I did not ever think of those scenarios together. What was the dream? Like, what did you want to be a chef Schiff? I wanted to be his chef. And I wanted to have a restaurant, and I click I mean when I was twenty three twenty three and I opened up my first restaurant Marco island. So that was that that was done. The dream was was. And then it's never stopped new Brandon. Very after once the goal is like Mr. Jones from Counting Crows, you've got all your dreams. Come true. Yeah. I like the struggle of getting there. And then I kind of I feel like the novelty wears off a little bit. Once once it gets to the black Tove success. I don't wanna go onto the next thing. But I always have to have a couple of irons in the fire. Once that keeps me going, I get bored. I mean, it's just music or just stand up writing on the road. I wanna be on the show. I'm gonna show. I wanna be on the road. I wanna be writing. I want to do all that other stuff. So yeah, I just recently started a new podcast. Yeah. By podcast is fun. You get your check it out heroin as a great publicist. It's about things that are fucking that people do anyway. Right. Then if anyone who is listening to the show or watching 'em bitch shut out to the addicts. What up kids one of them? It's it's just it's fun thing. It's like, regardless of how many people are watching listening. There's something so powerful and honest about being able to podcast because you're just talking and it's not like the people who listen, whether it's the seven now live or right seven hundred whoever over many, it is that ends of being victim to you. Maybe not all at once when they have time. It's just like the legit fans. Can they want to be that they want content and they interact, and they send you messages, and it's fun. It's like a whole family you call it. The Chris army call the Chris with that. I hate it. My last name. I don't really hate it. It's like, but it's like it's not memorable because I had the I have the pretentious first initial J born James go by Chris. So I was j Chris Newburgh which arguably could be as melancholy Milic Mellencamp popular, if I became huge, but it's not the most immediately memorable. Right. You know, it's like the inveigh mung steam of like names O'Brien spin- sharp. Then you've got the captain. Yeah. They're already there. It's all it's all three. I need something for my followers. I keep asking somebody to name the followers. What are they going to be called little buddies the little buddies that's crate little buddies. Visit. That's it. We should be buddies because it's on Gilligan's island. Yeah. Into their little cap. They're all Gilligan O. You could call him Gilligan's. I think a little buddies little Buddy's still, but I didn't get into your said it full on. But it's catching. Yeah. Watch captain's log what's up little buddies, huge if. Yeah, it's giving my fans are junkies addicts not legit. But that's what they go by. And you know, it's thing then you get like it'll be like to be a hashtag watch captains fog, hashtag LB. Little buddy events little buddy events liked it soon. You can get in with a little buddy card. VIP? But yeah, like if you want to come to the show, and you wanna buy a bottle of you get ten percent off your little buddy card. That's called the captain circle the campus. Okay. All right. Well, you know what the annual membership? It's not gonna fly for the podcast. No. You're not gonna be like what up circles second worse without roundabouts runoff. Yeah. It sounds very beach Boyce on. So what's next for you? Man. You get this new Facebook show, which is cool. Yeah. I'm working on confetti. And that's tell me the premises of the show because I wasn't sure when you first said it because I've never seen it. But I know it's really popular. I have to watch it. Yeah. Confetti super-popular to game show that you play on your phone your phone. It's your remote control. It's touchscreen couldn't easier. It's like a twenty minute show. You start off host comes on and tells jokes it gives you shout out. So when the show could wait when the show comes live, the has something on your phone that they can touch day this notification. Yeah. No like, hey, confetti lives. Just click on the notification. Yeah. It takes the Facebook page and you just hit play. So it's not as simple as like an H Q is far as technology because we don't ever own separate app. Okay. There's actually two steps. However, you know, you just follow it. And you know, it gives you the notification click on it next to your plan. Ten pop culture trivia questions sometimes the shows are themed. That Star Wars Episode the other day and teachers episode yesterday. The may the fourth be with you. It was I took it. Good guest. Absolutely. And you know, it's it beget good numbers. Sometimes we'll give away fifty thousand dollars sometimes fifteen and five usually. But it's definitely like tonight's episodes ten thousand and you have like hundreds of thousands of people watch. We do not have that much. We have like thirty thousand per episode live. And then people who watch the show afterwards. It's three or four hundred thousand right. Yeah. But they're just but they can't win for not playing while they have to play live to win to win. So once they see the show, though, I can imagine that they want their dying to play live the next time. Everybody gets everybody. Right. Yeah. I mean, it's like, it's it's awesome. It's a more fun version of h q. I do I do on Saturday morning. Sometimes I do barter with the captain. So they can it with me anything they want. Okay. So they wanted give octa tickets. Or I have gift cards or even have like stuff laying around the house. They can barter with me like stuff that they have. And I trade about people like to do that. But it's also it's fun. But I think that's really a lot of entertainment. It's going to be coming this way. I think a lot of there's I mean, I think you're there's a new platform it's hitting junior. I twenty twenty two quickey could be I wanna say is Jeffrey Katzenberg's new entertainment or he was giving. There's over a billion dollars. It's going to be basically entertainment app on your phone, which are like, I don't want another one. There's time with stuff never too much stuff. If the stuff it's coming out. It's good. You know, you can have a show on Instagram story. If it were if you like you could technically watch game of thrones Instagram story. Yeah. If it were good enough. Correct. So quickly he's coming out. And it's like they're looking for content like crazy, but they're doing is. They're slimming down different formats taking like let's say you say like at midnight show, which. Four was twenty four minutes on comedy central right now. They're going to do a four minute version of Qube. So people could just watch for four minutes. Eat up, the content like it go there to make just as much money off of billion views on live as they're going to twenty three minute clip. And it's like I in my Syrian for that. It's like the five hour energy drink has ruined and recreated all content because people don't have time anymore or the convince ourselves that we don't have time for being showered with all of this content. And it's like, so I if you say to somebody oh watch this episode. How long is it is the first in them when they saw washing. They like it. They like it all my God this guy, what's he doing? He's like cutting up. They like it. But why do they immediately already start looking for other things because they go to their phone? They're like, oh, I love this clip watch this. And while you're watching it, you have somebody already scrolled something else to Kinney who just told me to watch it. If you can't even stay on the. That's what my kids do. That's how they work their generation. I think I think obviously. Or honestly, the most popular channel on Netflix is not watching that flick split scrolling looking for different things to watch. Right. Not clicking. You have such a gift such commitment issues caused by such overwhelming amounts of content. I agree. I agree. We're in a sterile, Florida. Now guys, we just left foot Myers. We left one five five the beat. We're heading to one or three nine big mom in the wild bunch. And this is the captain's log a J Chris Newburgh performing live off the hook comedy club tonight and tomorrow to shows, it's a pleasure. Heavy grace always talking to you. But more importantly, can we get out with a song? We crank it up, buddy. Another one is gains the best. Yeah. You should call your. Body. That's it guys. The county's log we're live. We are out be. We'll be back. Tomorrow have a good.

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