11 Trivia Questions on What's the Theme?


It's eleven totally random trivia questions on what's the theme episode written by Listener Luke McKay. This is Trivia with Butts <music> and welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thanks for checking out my show Trivia. If you like pop culture if you like movies Music Television Video Games comic books you are in the right place and this show comes out every single day and there's over five hundred episodes to check out so it's perfect for binging on your next road trip on your next plane ride on your next getaway of any kind nine now. This show is very listener. Driven in today's episode is no different because it was written by Luke McKay one of our patriots subscribers over at patriotic dot com slash trivia with Buds Luke always contributes content to the show and always comes up with some great great questions probably since the beginning of the daily version of the show little over a year ago so thank you luke for these questions <hes> what's the theme works like this. If you have not listened to it on the show before there's ten totally random questions you right on the answers you look at them and you have to try and figure figure out what they all have in common so luke sent this one to me. I'm going to play along with this. One so I'm going to try and answer the questions and you can kind of play along with me. I'm sure I'll know some of them and will not know some of them and the same thing can be said for you so do with this episode what you will but I'm gonNA write them down and try and figure out the theme and then I have the answers on another piece of paper right behind them that I can check in read to you guys afterwards so that's what we'll be doing today. This shows a little different every day. Sometimes it's me asking questions sometimes. It's me figuring out questions like this one from Luke. Sometimes I have a guest done like my friend Jim O'hare who played Jerry on parks and REC. If you ever want to listen to that episode just search Jim O'hare Trivia with buds and you can listen to some fun sitcom and Johnny Cash Trivia Trivia way back. I'm like the sixth episode of the show ever almost three years ago I've had some other cool guests on of had some musicians and comedians actors actresses and there's always somebody that could pop up at any time so <hes> be on the lookout for those kinds of episodes. Some other episodes might be recorded live so I put one out this past weekend. That was a thing I do call Trivia Bingo where I ask a bunch of Trivia questions and I have Bingo cards with the answers printed on them and you have to kind of Hunt and peck for the answers to the questions and and try and get five answers in a row and I'll record audio from that and you guys can listen to it so there's a bunch of different varieties of how this show works and I'm so glad you decided to check it out today. 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I asked for the month at all my live events you can use those for your own live events you can use them to play along with or you could use them a to have a party at people over. Have Your Own Trivia Party so lots of cool stuff available over on Patriot dot com slash trivia with buds. Thanks for listening to this winded intro and hopefully there's something in that in those tears that kind of jumps out in your like hey y'all throw buck. I'll throw three bucks seven bucks. Whatever you're into and whatever you want to support that would be super super appreciated okay guys? It's time for me to try and figure out eleven trivia questions on what's the theme from Luke Mckay here. We go all right. Everybody here are the questions that Luke set me to try and figure out this is called. What's the theme and here's question number one if you lived in the mushroom kingdom by what name would you call a ghost number one if you lived in the mushroom kingdom by what name would you call a ghost? I'm going to give you a pause there to kind of figure it out for yourself and I'm GonNa Kinda talk through my answers here. If you live in the mushroom kingdom by what name would you call ghost. I played a lot of Mario Games a lot. The mushroom kingdom exploring and I think the answer there is a boo so that's my intended answer boo number two Freud theorised the theorized the human psyche is structured into three parts arts the I._D.. The superego and the blank ooh. I remember this but I definitely don't know the answer number. Two Freud theorized the human psyche is structured into three parts the I._D.. The superego and I'm gonNA say the disposition. That's definitely not right but that's my guess for now. Question number two was about Freud here comes number three in the John Wick Franchise. What was the name of John Wick's wife? Life Ooh that's a tough question. What was the name of John Wick's wife in John Wick Franchise? If you seen those movies if you remember <hes> you're very smart because I have seen the first one and a half movies I watched half of the second one but but I never saw the second half of the second or the third one and I don't know how many times they say the wife's name. I'M GONNA say Naomi which is definitely not right number four eight thousand five film starring Jennifer Lawrence as a self made millionaire two thousand fifteen films starring Jennifer Lawrence as a self made millionaire <hes> think about that one number four number four and this one. I think it's called joy. I think it's where she invents something. I remember I think she has sunglasses on the cover. I don't know that's just a guess joy number four number five star of bullet the great escape and one of the magnificent since seven bullets the great escape in magnificent seven guest. That's gotta be John Wayne. I don't know a lot of John Wayne movies. I've never really seen one. I'm like I've ever seen any John Wayne. Movies Number Five Star bullet the great escape and the magnificent seven my guess there I guess it's John Wayne Number six what I kind of actor played Jor El in Superman nineteen seventy eight. I do happen to know that one. I believe numb well. WHO's Jor El? Is that the dad or is that Superman's real name name. That's what I don't know <hes> again not a super superman guy but <hes> Jor Jor el Superman himself or his Jor el the Dad <hes> that's a tough one number six what iconic actor interplay Jor El in superman. I'm going to put on my guesses which are Christopher Reeves obviously and Marlon Brando so it's one of those I would say guaranteed number seven. What unit of measurement is equivalent to approximately roximately five point eight eight trillion miles or nine point five trillion kilometers? What unit of measurement is equivalent to approximately five point eight eight trillion miles or nine point five trillion kilometers lawmakers <hes> what unit of measurement <hes> that's a lot of miles trillions of miles? It's not like the distance from the sun to the earth because that's not a trillion miles right. I have no idea what the unit native measurement would be a galaxy. I guess I'll say galaxy. Maybe we'll see number eight in the seinfeld episode. The made George wants people to call him t-bone. What undesired nickname does he receive receive instead t-bone and <hes> something monkey related right? I've seen this episode a million times t-bone and oh what the heck I just just joking about this Chattanooga my brothers and I we're calling the I call my son Tommy t-bone nonstop <hes> man. What is that nickname coco is a cocoa cocoa? Something monkey related. That's my guess cocoa number nine what. Was the name of the Warner Sister Anna Maniacs. I definitely know that one. I'll give you guys a second to think about it number nine. What was the name of the Warner Sister Anna maniacs my guest there and correct answer has got to be dot in the Warner sister dot dot that will be the answer number ten nick tune featuring characters named Skater Valentine and Patti mayonnaise? Give you a second on that one. I definitely know that one number ten nick tune featuring characters such a skier Valentine and petty mayonnaise the answer there would be Doug Okay so I've got boo disposition. Naomi Joy John Winning Christopher Reeves or Marlon Brando Galaxy Cocoa Dot Doug <hes> and most of those are probably wrong but I definitely know that dot and Doug and boo are correct and joy dot doug boo joy dot boo joy. Are these my guests on this. I think I got it. Okay so based on those four that I definitely have boo is a character and monsters inc.. Joy is a character inside out. Dot is a character in. I don't know maybe this is not good. Wait Coco. That'd be a pixar movie and Doug is the dog in up so these have to be pixar characters of the ones. I got right. I would say they're pixar characters so that's my guess. We'll see what your guests was. You Could Yell L. At out loud right now. If you want in your car wherever you're listening and we'll be right back in just a second with the actual answers and the actual answer to the theme for this round Great Job Luke great questions we are back with the what's the theme answers. I tried to play along with the first half of this episode. Hopefully you did too now. We got the actual answers to the questions from Luke McKay question number one if you lived in the mushroom kingdom by what name would you call a ghost that would be boo. The answer is boo so I did get that one correct question. She number two on your list was Freud theorized. The human psyche is structured in three parts the I._D.. The Super Ego and the EGO and what's funny is I almost said that out loud. I almost said Ego because I'm like well. It says superego there is an ego but then I actually didn't say that and that was the correct answer so I missed that one but we got boo an ego number three in the John Wick Franchise. What was the name of John Wick's wife? Her name is Helen Helen so I missed that one Helen and question number four two thousand five movie starring Jennifer Lawrence is a self-made millionaire was joy so I did get that one correct sweet joy number five star of bullet the great escape and the magnificent seven of course. It's not John Wayne now that I've seen seen the name I definitely have seen it. A million times. Steve McQueen Steve McQueen is in all those movies that was number five number six who played Jor El Marlon Brando okay so I was right half on how I don't know why isn't isn't Jor el very similar to Superman's name. Isn't it Jaro or something like that or am. I totally off on that. I don't know why I'm thinking about Marlon Brando number seven what unit of measurement is equivalent to approximately five point eight eight trillion million miles or nine point five trillion kilometers a light year okay so I was kind of on the right track galaxy was not correct but it was light year good job Luke number eight was the seinfeld episode in the made. George wants people to call. t-bone instead they call them cocoa so I get that one right cocoa and then number nine. Let's see what was the name of the Warner sister that was dot of course dot from Anna Maniacs then we had number ten a nick a tune featuring characters like skier Valentine and Patti mayonnaise that was duck and the theme was they were all Pixar characters so nice. I was able to figure out the theme that would be two points and then I got one for Doug Three one for four four one for Marlon Brando Ish five one for joy six and Boo Seventy eight out of twelve which is kind of my forte I think last time Ashley and I tried to figure out what's the theme it was also eight out of twelve but Abu is in monsters stores inc.. Cocos in cocoa obviously Helen is the MOM's name Helen Parr in the incredible. 's Joy is from inside out. Steve McQueen lightning McQueen was the connection there with Cars Marlon Brando Marlin the dad the fish in finding Nemo a light year buzz light ear from toy story dot is the and Bugs Life Ego Anton Egos in Reta TUI and number ten was doug. Doug is the dog and up and again. They're all pixar characters great job Luke really fun quiz and I hope you guys had fun playing along with Luke's quiz it is time for the Trivia team name of the day and shout out to my new friend David Praet who sent me a email and he said hey listen to the show I dig it and I love the team name of the day thing. I came up with a whole list so he sent me like I I WANNA say thirty or forty different teams saw the using some great recommendations for team names from David Praet. Thank you David Today's team named the day is Quiz Christopherson Quiz Kristofferson which I would think I would have seen him over the years hosting trivia but have never seen before quiz Kristofferson and that's from David Praet. Thanks for listening. David used that Trivia team name next time. You need a good one. It's also time for the question of the day question. Today is brought to you by funky monkey designs of Sandy Miss California Checkout F._M.. Designs INC DOT COM and if you need something printed they do amazing work they just gave me two awesome t shirts with their logo on them their logos this great monkey carrying a flag of San Demus in funky monkey and the really really cool shirts t shirts to give away at my live events this week around San Demus and they gave me a really cool printed on growlers silica custom growl or you can fill up beer in it and it's very nice tight in thermal and and all that stuff and it has our logo on it so thank you funky monkey designs and check them out guys. If you need something printed they can send it to you wherever or if your local to California go check them out San Demus California question today is what year did the box office bomb the super. Mario Brothers movie come out. What year was the super? Mario Brothers movie released that was kind of based on that first mushroom kingdom question of this episode. What Year did Mario Brothers the movie come out all right guys that is it for today's episode if you oh by the way if you have the answer to that question tweeted me at Ryan Buds or email Ryan Budget Djamil dot com? Thanks for listening to this show. Thanks we're going to check out all the rewards tomorrow on Patriot Dot com slash trivia with buds and thank you for telling a friend about the show it means means the world to me that you listen and I'm so glad you do every single day. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling a friend. We'll see you tomorrow for more trivia with buds cheers.

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