Marian Webster's word of the day for January twenty first. Today's word is bond on me spelled B. O. N. H. M. I. E. Bonomi is a noun. That means good natured. Easy friendliness here's the word used in a sentence from the Chicago Tribune by Chris Jones throughout its history the hugely successful TV show Downton. Abbey warmly embraced the tradition of the Christmas episode. A seasonally themed special that continued the endless narrative but with a particularly romantic and sentimental nod to what audiences wanted on Christmas. Miss Day a time of familial togetherness and bone on me. english-speakers borrowed the word. Bonami from French. Where the word was created from Bonham which means good natured man and is itself a composite of two French words bowl meaning good and Om meaning man. That French compound traces to to Latin terms bonus meaning good and homo meaning. Either man or human being English speakers have warmly embraced Bonomi and it's meaning but we have also anglicized pronunciation in a way that may make native French speakers cringe. We hope they will still be good natured. Richard about it with your word of the day. I'm Peter Sokolow Ski Visit Merriam Webster Dot Com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look cops.

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