Episode 172: Wilder vs Fury 2 | Miami Herald Falsely Reports Nate Diaz


Traded football for some here then got what tried in the face with baby. Fu-kang over the place with him started survivor. Fall this makeup old. Well hello friend. It's Monday February seventeenth on this president of days days of presidents so holiday the only way I kind of realize that was I was driving my God. Where is everybody loved that? Oh isn't so nice. Yeah yes you don't live in L. A. Like you who gives us shit? I hear you man. It's such a big deal here when there's a holiday because there's no there's no class there's no school so there's no traffic there's no work it's like need. I can escape board work today. Made about an hour ago skateboard right down to paint Canaan. There's nobody pure play grant. Or that's what I was like man. I can go fast. I want my car to the fucking fantastic. So it's a good day. Good day I'll say where is everybody? Oh Yeah President's Day to most people take presents days off. They do a good chunk of people. Wow your friends giving you shit for working. What do your friends do though? Yeah feel you well yeah I mean? Can you do dude? What can you do man Yeah but shut up to present day thanks to the traffic. was an Ontario over the weekend. great shows appreciated by that came out. Love Ontario. Those are my peeps the inland empire. Your boy at super sick. I was trying to hide it a threatening to post on instagram or social media. That much got really sick. Could you tell I was start your songs going on? I didn't know I thought maybe total too much whiskey. Possibly but no sir now I wish I had too much sweating. Could I sweat like US rock and you know John Belushi up there is my shit? Was I was sweating? So bad on stage a great all right. Oh Wow yeah now I did meet and greet through like man you all right dude. I'm like I'm good ban but I've just I wouldn't shake houses fist-bump everybody I don't WanNa get people sick I can't realize super sick man. I kept getting all those. Iv's trying to do it and even even whiskey doesn't doesn't really mass. The sickness thought it would it would and then I was Thursday guy. I'm okay Friday Ghana feeling great woke up Saturday morning. My brother flew in La and stayed with us and he came in the room. It was like oh I don't I don't know how the fuck do the shelves and like me and my face was still as my face. Always SWOLLEN GETS STUNG BY BEES. But it was like my eyes were like swelled shut. I couldn't see nothing a little ice and I don't know man I don't know we worked it out and then Saturday night. I Show. I was okay. Second show prior to end in about fifteen minutes early. I just my voice. I can't talk anymore just game. Set Game set match Ban as Valentine's Day on Friday so all the love birds came out came out to the show on Friday. Still Talk Fast. But for the most part people brought their girls you know so real caucus Yeah I was Gonna. Did you do anything for your girl for Valentine's Day Chen or we went to see you. Yeah I remember her. Yeah I met her in San Jose San Francisco Ah COPS okay. Yeah that's right close enough but and we went and got drinks after. That's right. Yeah she was my friend. Then Yeah She's your lover. You Lock Down Locker Down. Pick up basketball game rows interested in the other girl though. Yeah that's right wing girl that night. Yeah always been Mungo. That's great man. Earlier interested in was picking up chicks. Where you know no. I was interested in her in one of her friends of friends. She was helping him out. He's been my friend forever so cool. Yeah and so you went in Salt. And then what did you do? After his chill went to back home the regular staff that do then the next day we just had like food together. We made food either. That's nice thank you I Yeah I mean it's Wilt I. I can't stand Valentine's Day is made up fucking holiday. My girl wants something you know. I don't need a holiday. A hallmark holiday reason to get her something or give her flowers and then I got there. How's IT GONNA get flowers and they'll get a delivery at the crib and this fucking this vase from the Balaj or some shit with like ninety long-stem dozen Rosa. Well Fuck you got this dot get this Nobel the car just as Happy Valentine's Day I'm like what the Fuck I can't go to rousing it. Flowers now fucking hope Mr Steal. Your girl sent these things I took picture and I said I said who accent these. And she's like. Oh those are from the floor. We have this florist who hooks houses with the plant stuff like that. He made a mistake so he sent those as I like my bad. I don't know the guy. Can you send me his number? Two what are you doing? You Fuck me. Bro. You're fucked me. Do you really fucked me. Ralph we get these Flimsy Ones. Who settled these fucking? That's Oh man fuck else too. That's why I'm laughing. Yeah rouse you see a bunch of dudes like half ass chocolate these fucking shit roses. Can you do man we can do? I I'm in Vancouver on Friday. One show only at the Vogue theatre for the just for laughs. Comedy Festival may hoover Some big boys this copy festival the way it works. I think is you get a pass and I think in by certain tickets just a my show but if you get a pass then you can see all the comedy there. I think the there it is on that yet. Ron Ron funches. Who's amazing yacht? Bill Burr handicaps. We Pat Oswald. Jay Pharaoh Child Bunch of Beast Chang. Bunch a beast. You are kill Tony's out there Santino. Shit Run funches Donald Rolling Seas Ads. Hugest lineup it will be Jay. Love big J Chris Reds hilarious. Melissa Bill Sonoma's when my favorite people on the planet Jesus Christ San Morales GonNa be out there. Just going to do everything out there. And he's like nine shows. I'll have one show Sean Friday. The Vote Theater Tim. Dylan's out there Either way I'm out there. I think the way it works you get a pass. You got all the shows you give them is show all those other people. I mentioned the festival for God's Sakes. It's a festival But yeah so I'll be in Vancouver on Friday son's birthdays on Saturday or his birthday parties. His birthday on Friday was celebrate on Saturday with all his friends at the jump in place trying to give them a beast boy cake because he's obsessed with the Teen Titans Alcee Beast boy's the hotness on their favorite and reach out to do this cake house again a mockup institue sent it. It's not a Garg oil like making that clown me man give me. It has to be beast boy man. It's boy or nothing lady but apparently she's really good at it hopefully comes out. Goes picture of it and you know how when you get those those cakes done of certain things sometimes. The cake tastes like Shit because basically sculpture artwork. Yes yeah your kids eating like straight up glue and paint but they call it a cake. Hopefully that's not. This hopefully looks like beast boy. 'cause they'll fucking rendering she said it looked like the grinch. I'm like well he's going to cry. I bring this thing. This fucking buddies. Yeah it's basically should is fantastic. Even parents can watch that got to. It's good man it's really good Obscene Vancouver this. I'm sorry Friday phlegm ass back early Saturday for the birthday. Party Papas coming to town. Should be fun man. We go that jump place trying to blow up my asshole my acl. Which one is it skies on? What's called all the trampolines out of warm up man? He's got a warm up dude. Those tramps tramps or no joke. Can tramp students no fucking joke There was some fighting going. I on on Saturday I Was able to get him in the back. The service where I was in Ontario Improv. The services really bad so my phone barely worked so I couldn't stream the bare knuckle. Boxing fights shout those guys for. Send me a link I did see most of the Main Card on The ESPN plus Kept Pretty Boring fucking card man. Just I thought it was kind of a bunch of five nights. It was kind of a bunch of you know I don't know some questionable calls some cues you know the not Yanti Medeiros at that was fine the night they just never think enact it was weird they just is one of those fights where you know you like style askew they sh- it should be a fun. It just wasn't a fun. One Ray guidance candidates dominated that. Dude just out grappled them just out grabbing the whole damn fight miss wait the current events. Montana Dela Rosa look damn good she dominated you know it wasn't much of a fascist dominate then. Diego Sanchez verse. Mike Pierra Your Boy Mike. Appear the biggest welterweight in the world. First of all second of all. He's beating the shit idea. Sanchez woes. Da Sanchez doing how. `Bout when he's just like this the whole time. Yeah that didn't make sense just like this power like strange coach at one cornerman coach going on there. But they just signed. Yeah you'd like along another six ideal right. It was crazy. He was getting beat up in that fight man. He's getting hit. He had no answers for anything like appear. Could it could even put it on more but you know that. That wasn't even a five. It looks like you know as a bat. Rough matchup for days anxious to do that to him in Albuquerque. Jesus Christ guys hooked up and The the illegal knee. The D. Q so I I saw on twitter. I saw Connor Talkin Shit against Sanchez. Right was I go She fight him NEX. I saw some people pretty upset about the D. Q. F- I mean for Diego. It was You know he's playing chess. Russia bitch playing checkers because for him. He's like all right. Defa not win. This fight can't even touch. This dude. Can't get him down. I've just getting literally annihilated illegal knee. I can't see y'all I can't see I win. Give me give me my pay. I went so it's like you know it's not the warrior thing to do. It's the businessman thing to do. It's the bill because what was best case scenario is GONNA happen. If I'm good man. You know they take away. Peer still fucking wind so he got out of there but man. I don't know what you do a diego also on that one. He asked the refugee ref. Like if I say I can't continued automatically win Yup and the Ref couldn't tell I talked to commission. He was like well. We gotta go to. Yeah and there's a can't talk to my corner you'll get that crazy S. involved. Yeah again. There's a business decision and he. He was destroyed. It was terrible matchup for man. I thought that might appear like fucking good to man. Bebra look yet because he didn't do got to tell you what didn't go well. His walking his entrance the dance. The dance was awkward. Be his his cornermen. Were like ooh. This ain't going. Well nobody so they kind of backed out then he was still half assing it. He was getting booed took long. He's like way too long. It was just bad. The whole the whole system was bad but the hat because you got your fricken knockout in the first round. In the main event young black of each recording Anderson I thought Cranston look good is head movement. Everything was good. But you know you play that. Play that game play with fire that you know the one way young can beat you. He did by knocking out. Man Just wasn't very strategically smart. By what with Cora and what. He was doing early on the way he was the movement. But then I know you just play that game we got fucking clipped dot Clinton I have no desire to the young black of each verse. John Jones that I have nothing. I have nothing that does absolutely nothing for me. Nothing is interesting. Because he's there though it there's a lot of setup now for that fight because there's all like the images of them like talking back and forth I I bet you the the viewership on that fight night was not good be viral. Because John was there might have been all right but there's not much going on their men plus a dunk contest. John Give us well Goede heavyweight dude. How many papers do you think John Black rich verse? John Does three hundred K. Maybe maybe two fifty yon and Yonder amazing fight or knockout Luke Rachael knocking out and then in the John. Jones fight is just like dude. Maybe they put on a summer car and they stacked it. I'd almost rather see yawn verse To See like John Does want that. I guarantee you theon verse John Nixon. Summer Johnny beat him up and then who knows what people are saying. It's not fun is it? I don't know it's not exciting at all. Feel for Corey Anderson. I'll man took some shit to get their talk shit about John and then you know he's just he's played dangerous game. I think if they fight nighttime tencor beats at the shitty thing. Yeah the way he kind of just waited in. He's he dipped right into that too. Shitty deal man was on during the dunk contest she the dunk contest. Yeah Oh shit. Fantastic fantastic doctors. I think the best. Since homeboy lost last time the guy from Orlando. Here's my thing. Why is the guy from Black Panther? Judging this thing why is the guy from Black Panther dictating who wins the dunk contest? When we some legit judges you fucked my boy over. You're crazy if you don't think Aaron Gordon had the two best dunks of the night you hear what they were GonNa. Do you know what they were going to do. They were going to The judges wanted to leave as drawl. I that's okay Dubai. Guess Somebody fucked up probably Black Panther. Somebody fucked up because They made the score round. It was his his his one handed. One where he cradled the one hand. That was the best tonight by far too. Can we talk about. Though white boy was in the dunk contest from Milwaukee a how do you get their fantastic by far the shortest his look and he also looks like a Frat boy due to his dunk where he takes the ball hits the side of the bill backboard and then dunks it. What Dude. That boy was insane when my fair players? Now look at him. Will You let guy tells you dunk contest? It was a fan like when I when I first started. I didn't know he was before it's all done contests and I go. Gotcha got the white born the dunk contest and my brother goes. Oh I think he's like one of those celebrities want celebrity Youtube dunkers. He's a youtube duncairn. Like I bet that motherfucker can jump the Goddamn roof and there because you don't have a Jersey on. He just looks like this. Yeah I thought it was like one of those tech Sanam Fuckin- trickshot boys know them focus a legit NBA player top. Five faith for me. Now I'm buying a New Jersey. I want the Cream City Jersey. What's his name Pat. Contin shout PAT. Where do you play like rutgers or some shit was he the white boy in Villanova bus in the corner you know goes it's fucking tough man to begin dunk contest? I'll tell you shit the bed I'll tell you shit the bed your boy frigging Howard Howard pro pro your seven. Whatever with a forty five inch vertical. That's the bet. She died upon that Cape and did a regular dunk. The Fuck Bro. It's a throwback to his previous because he was needed at a while back. Yeah Dude it's two thousand twenty yet. Come up some creative. He is Jack City Him. Your attention about Dwight Howard is when you know he. He wore the Kobe Jersey. He decade everything. Coby coby didn't like Donald Fucker. Kobe like him. Because he's weak minded and lazy go. He would would just belittle him because he couldn't keep up was leakers before he was on leakers before. Yeah forgot about the coast? Do what they say. Kobe was ruthless because he was lazy and like wasn't always there at four. Am He's like. Do you have all town the world? What the fuck you do. But we're here the their Dunk Dunk contest. Fan fucking tastic. I thought the whole star Games a lot better to really high scoring. You have really has gone freak. Yeah I think what what's crazy is. When was like the third or fourth quarter? I don't watch. I wasted complete waste. I might as well watch. Ymca basketball pickup basketball. There's no defense. There's do their thing third. Fourth Roy started picking up in the fourth quarter when They had like the second team in which is ballers From the West. And then you hear and you look in all the stars come. It's quite Leonard Fucking Lebron James Hard and you're like Holy Shit Dude. Look like they'll fucking non-stars from space jam man out of all the sports evolve sports. Nba kicking ass. Far As straight up superstars it's never been betterman. It's never been better. It's so fucking good to so many good teams to so many good players free agency. The trades really helped this past year. I think I'm more into it and I've been kind of out of basketball for years yet. The Greek Freak Dude. God He's a baller and then you see him play like there's A. There's a time when the Greek so the Greek freak was playing sears. Defense is Lebron blocked them and then he went down the court and it was. Anthony Davis Lebron James Leonard. All triple team and him and announce it goes all through those guys are first team all NBA defense. That's kind of Australian. Good onic monster. Trae young Devon Booker barely he was gonNA make it until. Lillard dot hurt Devon Booker was gonna make it with just so fucked up. I've said this before. It's well. Documented Devon Booker has the biggest Dick in the NBA. I guess it's just I want that pictures like crazy. You know it's like you know the thing that you know. Pj tuck Tucker collect shoes. Booker just has a giant did. She's like that's what they do man. He looks part Asian to Asian at all. Just hoping I don't know dude I probably say no I say no. He's a super baller. Jovovich yet Damian. Lillard fucking ice cold Chris. Paul losing his hair. Yeah that all star game was grail and guest oh because that sweet round NBA All Star game Because that this was going on the same time as the AFC and the NFC was only on ESPN plus. So I mean. I don't know dude. It's already like a lane card is back card bad fights. There's no fighting. Do you spend plus now because this? There's no that just there's so much going on right now. I just don't I don't know that that Yon Block Vich and John Jones fights tough Salman. Let's watch John. Collect another body. Hate shitty about it. Do you think they should not put on cards like this instead of even having events every weekend pretty much like they keep going on about like we have eight weeks of straight fights I like it as a hardcore. I like it. I love having the fight every week. I'm a psychopath I love it but I this is. This is my card man. I can't hate on this. I I was happy with this. Carter's just you know. Sometimes it happens so bad night fights. Some Shit happens the energies off. The decisions are weird. You know just happens but I like it. I like when there's fights especially if I worked at I like knowing Sunday can wake up and watch the card. I love that just I. Don't you look at the the? Whoever did the math raking for the car? Dyke Fuck this a fun card. Man is better than last week's better than John's pay-per-view Astro way better source. I entertainment factor in fact a bat on like. Oh this dude Veneta yawned yancey is gonNA knock your fucking socks off. John Dodson Great fights got Holtzman. Jim Miller that's GonNa be a fun one for you Tim Means Daniel Rodriguez Fun for you ray boards and do his thing deal Sanchez. Piero killing me like this should have been a fun card. Shit happens something here. Tim Means can tap or go out. Remember if you went out or not Like he did in in New Mexico. Tough that the dirty Bergman. He's New Mexico right or die. Yeah that's true. I love in his His Dad cornerstone has a ponytail and it is his mom too or was that just. Because there's a ruler that lady or go on it now. I wouldn't be surprised I saw. I saw him fighting legacy and San Antonio one time and his dad was in his corner with a ponytail. Sleeveless T. He looks like a bag from your. You know what's weird is you know. Tim Means when I think of Albuquerque. I think if. Tim Means a hundred percent. I think Carl's conduct. Do Yo- Sanchez. Greg Jackson and Tim me like that's so I think you keep Jar Dean. Sironi a little bit by an ops from same town in Denver so You know but it's weird. No one talks about It's Weird. Tim Means never went to Jackson's yeah deemed entertain it deemed cross pollinate. Nothing has to be something going on. I think daddy we got this. There's Dad Rockslides Tees Robson Reps gunshots. It so you want the seat. Come on over. I didn't even know his dad. Remember 'cause I was covering for is like press and I tweeted out something about it and he. She tweeted back goes. That's my dad. My Dad did maybe cool. That's my dad. Tim Means is such a beast. We're used to fight at lightweight. We're chip POPs up when you do. What's Interesting Jackson? So a lot of those guys who've left Jackson's Jackson wink they're actually still part of Jackson's they train now at like Jackson's a coma. So there's a lot of Jackson's affiliates. But they don't seem to be attached a wink called Jackson's and they all have the same logos. I'm like tiger or something like that interesting. Yeah 'cause tim means with an HP right yeah yeah like Dodson Veneta guys kind of they're all at Jackson's board. They're all Jackson. Coma INTEREST TRAINING THERE ACTUALLY TO TO. Jim's there's a bunch of different affiliates but I think they're just Jackson Not Jackson. Wink taxes can has thing going on right now right. He said it was called Jones John Now. That's what they're saying. Jackson is not really part. Oh that's making fun of him. Yeah but that's not a real Jimmy. Damn dirty birds at a rough go lately. Battaglia Alba's though maturity Alvis forty seven years. Yeah it's not what it used to be. Nico price has a tough one. Ricky Rainey was again form CAESIUM SPLIT SPLIT DAMN SPLIT SPLIT TOUGH. Go for the dirty birds. He's getting down and dirty though indy. Oh we talked about last week. That heavyweight than Lost Greg Hardy and they got knocked out. They got him. What Adams. Yeah yeah I I figure maybe one more but the nominee they couldn't quite a few Ben Saunders got caught. And he's Guy. I didn't know Ben was still fighting. Oh yes that's the second time or third time Inca because he was at Biltmore for take off. I fought for a title a couple times. I think Did you guys watch the The bare knuckle. Again I apologize been uncle. The service wasn't good. Bye appreciate the the code. Oh my God London look at that Body Dude. These are the highlights. Yeah but it's just like slow motion highlights. Oh let me see it though. It's just all slow motion to Music Loom Blue Hector's jacked to the guy. Font must be a bad s to Dan. That was the the highlights. Yeah terrorist. Those were awful. Who put together? I think this no I saw it on. How maybe just played the end though? I mean the insurance just like them walking out and stuff the fire was I mean. It's kind of back and forth is just and sometimes it was It's kind of hard for them to connect I guess because they just because the first send their fighting with bare knuckles are trying to feel it out. That Guy Thicke Brian. Barberini cannot WANNA stud to even take this fight against Lombard any cuts or anything. You Got Arts County. What'd you say your opponent got cut out. What were the other five on there? Were there any knock after one knock out? It was kind of going on at the same time. So it's kind of hard to like and it's tough to keep up on Saturday so he could have watch your chin yet. Could've what you did. I didn't want their next one Isn't the Tiago Alba's one he just signed so I'm not sure if he's fine the next one but I thought he does love fight lined up and I could be wrong. Well I WANNA know is one. Is that that The Hulk Guy when he's GonNa Fight. I bet that's not I bet he's not even real. That's how I know that was all bullshit skid attention. 'cause like a hot chick on instagram. Mind up yet. They didn't seem real. Yeah this episode is brought to you by the one. The only Blue Guys. Remember the days when you always ready to go remember that. Remember that now he can't increase your performance and get that extra confidence in bed. Listen UP I'm talking. About Blue Dot Com. That's blue like the color. Blue Blue brings you the first chewable with the same. Fda approved active ingredient as Viagra or cialis. Heard of him. 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They missed their window a little bit. Yeah Boxing Yup boxing. I'm super excited for it. You know both guys get into wins since fighting each other. But it's just like I don't know what it is man. It was going to say because it's not with showtime now. I'm your would if this fight was on. Hbo Design Whatever. I don't care this amazing fight man but digest. I don't feel that anticipation. The only the only way I found out about it is because they follow both of them so they post about it. But I don't see it like on the Internet like the first one I I felt like like complex and like yeah looks like it. Was it ease like it was all over? Men Fury taught some guys that weren't names didn't look good. This is See I think well. We'll find out Saturday night but I think with fury when you buy with him signing with. Espn having those kind of Fight that we don't care the kind of tune up fights getting ready for his next big fight against tough guys but then you know the no-one Watch those nobody watches so you kind of forgot about fury for a little bit wilder had great not GonNa Tease which is not easy to do. If you WANNA see who had the tougher fight since those two each other this ena competition water definitely had the tougher fights and got finishes like stone cold. I mean knockout highlight reel knockout finishes over tough guys so You know I think it's a little bit of the manager. Pardon on fury You know I don't know I don't know if he kind of forgot about here in the states. He is my favorite heavyweight. I Love I love fury. I also love wilder Off See worked at town with water at fucking love water. He such a good dude. So fury I just yeah. They missed a window a little bit. I think if I get closer maybe get bigger. I don't think it does anywhere near the numbers. It did last time. Nowhere near just not like last time. It was a cultural phenomenon. You remember like all the means and all that and just leading into such a big deal I don't know what's going on them. And that's box for you though you know that's boxing We can get into it now. We can say for the end. I think this I think this fight is You know it's it's really who who's GONNA be able to make changes and adapt from the first fight So if you're on the fury Side of the fence. You could say well when he fought wilder he probably should have taken one or two more fights before he actually fought wilder so he was kind of rusty in that even though he outbox wilder. He's he's rusty in that fight and one ten of twelve rounds and that team rusty him nine in great shape him kind of feeling his way out you know had some bum fights and then fought wilder. Price should have been doing that but he still won ten to twelve rounds so now fast forward to Saturday. He's had some more tune up fights supposed to be in better shape Probably better frame of mind as well. different trainer which can be some red flags for me 'cause that Ben Davidson who use last time kimball with good game plan off. See clearly a good game play when ten or twelve rounds but also I I don't like what I'm hearing. That new. The the new camp him putting can heavier putting on weight to knock wilder out. I just I don't think that's the answer you're not gonNA. That's not the way to beat. Deontay wilder you beat. Donte wilder with Good Precise Fundamental Boxing Jab footwork. Get off the ropes. Not Getting hit not taking chances. You WanNa Trade Punch for punch with the wider. Who's the hardest hitter to ever enter that ring? Good Lock Dude. There's no way you're making out of the twelve rounds without getting knocked up. There's no way name one guy who has done that meted out does it never happen. Never happened about fury. Last time fought damn near perfect. Even though he's rusty corner his camp in the he's rusty damn near perfect made two mistakes in those two mistakes got knocked out. That's your margin. Vera GETS WALTER. So fucking small is the best boxer. No does he have the best fundamentals nope to swim from the hips. Yup is the hardest hitter. Ever fucking put on a pair of boxing gloves correct. So you know. I also think if you're on the fence you're thinking okay. I don't know that he thought Tyson for you is going to be that damn good. I think he kinda underestimate him. Fives you can be able to get out of six. When he writes he was gonNA fight. You know it was tough man. I think cardio is live in issue in that first one forum even though he did it up getting you know those knockdowns later in the round. So it's in the twelfth round so I think now we're finally gonNA find out who's the better fighter who's the better boxer. I think that first one. There's a lot of I'd I swear? I don't think wild thought fuse. That fucking good fears as far as skill wise fundamentals. And boxing's fury's the best heavyweight on the planet hands down hands down the most skilled heavyweight boxer. The goddamn planet I think wilder learned that the hard way he got out of their withdrawal should been a draw prior not he lost that. Fight Pressure Benadryl But it is so it is what is so now. I think Waller's taking more serious. He's GonNa have a better game plan just from history wilder and Rematches destroys dudes fucking destroys dudes. The somebody set for that man. There's somebody said for that. I just I'm onto bias. I absolutely love fury. I Love Tyson fury man I just. I'm I'm worried about how furious looked in his past two fights. I'm worried these changes that he's making. I don't like these come in heavier heavier. I don't think that's his his his superpower nece him being heavier. I wish he'd get lighter. Get lighter do. Don't try to knock out the knockout artist. How awesome do do your thing drag him into those late rounds? Just don't get hit this time and you clearly win clearly when the fight so I just don't like lumps fury camp man. I don't like to his last two fights that were on his pin so she especially that cut now. We keep talking about that. Cut Open up against homeboy last fight. That's going to be there I think water does have room to to make some changes. I think he's taking more serious. Be Tough to bet against Waterman. It'd be really really tough to to bet against wilder if there's a Finnish it's definitely deontay wilder. I hate picking. This fight. Fears my favorite on the planet. But I I don't I don't like what I'm seaman with. I don't like what I'm seeing that camp. What do you think Daniel? Yeah I I was on the side of fury. I thought he because he was winning. A whole fight except for that knocked down But after wilders last bite because it looked like he was trying to box with fury the first bite you know when that's not his thing just go out there and club But after the Ortiz Fight Calculated Jab Jab. Yeah I thought he looked hesitant but after he knocked him out. I saw that like. Oh no he was just portions. You'll fight to lane that one punch. So that's the perfect thing. He should do against fury agree. Go all in on. That landed. A Big Punch agree. But there's room for fury to do work to like fury a miss. A bunch just didn't really beat them up now. You meet a mess but he never really landed any shots. Go more to the body for fury. Then he can go to the. I do like Walter. More of the body elusive is furious against the ropes and his hands are always down to. So if you make them think you're going to the body and I just you know the that Tom Schwartz. Fight that auto wall in fights all right. Dude look at what what was done since those boys fought. Okay Dominic Brazil would be either one of those guys probably knock both amount. That fury fought the loser. Tease would absolutely destroy both those boys. And look what look. What while did to those guys? I was in person that Donna Brazile fight. Even my brother was scared. It's hard to scare fucking shark is doll smile. Sound like someone got shot in the face with a shotgun I felt so bad for Donna. Brazile his family his family next Malik. Tears Oh God fuck that Ortiz's no joke. I still want Ortiz verse. Andy Reid Junior. God I WanNa see that one. Yeah would oh. I'm excited for it though. I'm excited for it. I'll be watching that Saturday night. Do you think they make the winner verse? Joshua this year question 'cause Joshua's fighting Poverty anything veteran is it peculiar. Prulev Pula with Rice. Who Level is no easy task God no you her now. No well this one February early. They could get they. Yeah I bet we get you know what I'm GonNa be positive. I bet end of the year winner this verse Joshua Dude Wilder Verse Joshua. No one box and then we'll get into twenty four furious Josh were. That's the biggest fighting and both faulk. Oh two or something. Good things on that What is yet current Events Sherman? I think actually supposed to fight Dillion white I think that's right. Yeah you know. I'm in airports all the time. You look around airport. You realize it's a wireless world. I'm just a wireless girl. And everybody needs a great pair of wireless ear buds but before you go dropping hundreds and thousands of dollars in a pair. You need to check out ear buds from Rais. Khan Yuri No RECON air but star about half the price of any other premium. Wireless EAR BUDS ON THE MARKET. And they sound just as amazing. They sound amazing. They sent me their latest model. The e twenty-five Raycatena their best one yet six hours playtime seamless Bluetooth pairing more base. 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This is it would the world standing at the brink of war. Salt taps a fragile carry to return to the Middle East. Afghanistan has changed but so has carry and no one knows if she can be trusted with her loyalty and question. Will she be branded a hero or a traitor? Find Out Claire. Danes and Mandy Patinkin star new episodes of the final season of homeland are now streaming only on showtime. You know the deal homeland showtime. Get you some art. So you mentioned Ray Bork missing. Wait looks like the AFC. This is an official. But one of the people that does like the rankings official rinker has the makings and then certain journalists or whatever allowed to do the rankings form. Yeah One of them got a note saying that there are notified that UCS requested board removed from eligibility in the flyweight rankings. He'll be moving up to bantamweight so looks like US's forcing him to forcing ray to go back up after missing fourth. I think it was for keeping US away. He's lucky they didn't kind of. Yeah I mean you know as long as I've been around the fight game I've never seen. Ufc brass more upset than when you miss. Wait tallymen that's one thing they just. I mean I get it is being professional. They do not fuck around man. You Miss Wait. It's like you kick Dana. Fucking mom in the tit. Mikey does not fuck around man and to add to it. This is what Ray Bork tweeted out to the TAB. Ese Dana White. Sean Shell today. No this is a last year. Oh when he miss waiting that's wasted. It's the weight. Would this change. The world will find see my true town potential as wanted to go on right deaf ever Miss Wade. The fight do anything other serious injury. I will leave the sport Forever well I mean do we get hold his feet over the phone fire because of this and I'm not making us for Ray Board. I don't know I have no idea with the issues with his son. Everything going on. I remember excuse who knows what's going on his personal life. You know. Yep Who knows man look good. Oh good lockdowns This is wrong are is fight with Francisco for all G. I see this. Knockout boy rang. Garcia Aka. The Mexican Bieber of boxing has some fucking. Hey Bob on the guy was like open is knocked out check hook too so fast counterfacts Star Trek. Here's a chance to be so big. Golden boy vibe from him dude. He's Oscar de la Hoya. He's the periosteum Delahoya. Hush tough guys and stuff. But the looks the speed dude. People love him. How do you feel about him retaining next? Possibly they walked in the ring together. They've been kind of going back and forth. They have kind of hype it up. Yeah I I love it. I would love if they fought the promises. The box the way. The boxing fan base in the boxing media looks at someone when they lose one fight who live Haney or Garcia fight. Who gives a fuck dude but they use one box? Set you back man. I love that fight. Though it'd be great to get them just fight each other acting but fight each other all the guys each other though. You ruined the sport fight each other please for the love of God fight each other. I'm sure you have a current events. Manny Pacquiao signed with Conner's team. Yeah Paradigm so that opens the door or the the the rumors that connor and pack possibly do a boxing match. You guys know this. I ride connors nuts. Hard data eight. The fight man. That thing can be fun. He's not an older counterpuncher. Who's GonNa do the phillies shoulder roll and entertain the idea? Manny Pacquiao fucked dude up. You know you beat Keith Thurman Right He's I like some washed up old boxer. I I think that would be the worst decision for Conor McGregor. Man I don't I don't get it. The Congress team knows that. Yeah but I mean money's everything right well it does really well if you want to write off the sunset you conor. Mcgregor after you know who knows what he does this year in the AFC next year. You on right off with another hundred million dollar payday. Fight Manny back. Yeah there you go. Am I going to buy it? Yes we all FIT SHOWTIME. Will they hire me to sell to? Yes all right. This is a big one from last week. The Miami Herald reported that may fighter. They named them. Nate Diaz was arrested for domestic violence. Also attacking cops hold on hold on. Let's see any this last week. Yeah Nate Nate Diaz. They said it was nate. Diaz initially reported Nate Diaz. So the Miami Herald of all people can actually write that down Nate Diaz without double triple. Whatever it wasn't him no it was some other guy his last Michael Albert. Nate's this is the guy that this guy. Mma fighter from Miami of course. He's from Miami date. They thought it was. Ads really quick retracted. The name. They redid the story and they apologized. But of course Nate Diaz and his team is probably. GonNa you sue them. G's because that's such a hardcore thing. They put your name on domestic violence. This Awful Guy. You scared me. I thought it was neat. Did Not know that'd be terrible and that was this is nate's representative necker. Nate has been home. And then posted to what? I'm not in Miami though on his instagram. God Miami Herald Do Better Fuck Dude. Well hopefully now youth radio that he has to sue. Us terrible right. Kansas City Monday from ESPN. Kansas City is going to experiment with real time. Open scoring like you can see the scores as it's going on. That's great much first. When's the next time Someone's fighting against like a big INVICTA in victor's actually GonNa try it cool based in Kansas City. That's right yeah for sure. Yeah that's cool some people that like I think the detractors of open scoring or at least I think maybe in boxing was that. If you get ahead even use plate safe the rest of the fight if you know your head. I'd still rather leave it in. That guy's hands to play the head. Then get fucked over by. The judges rather fire half the control to do what he wants to do. Think it's fucked over by judges. Yeah there's also I heard on The Matt Sarah UC UNFILTERED PODCAST Phoenix Carnival. She's a fighter and also reporter just great great and she mentioned something like when they do that. You know the the annual you you get surprised and the and the new new winter is whatever and newer instill that goes away. I don't give a flying fuck. That does nothing for me. It's still like you know for the fighter. If we know you're not getting screwed over by the judges that's all I care about. Yeah get fucked about the new. I don't let no as long as the guys didn't keep getting fucked over by the judges. That is the most important but I guess there's really nothing can do. If you're fucked over by the judges on the other end of that if fighters going into the third round and he's debt we know he's down to he knows it's balls to the wall so that could be fun too. Yeah and even even still the judges you mess up that third or fifth round. Oh Yeah Oh yeah there's GonNa be issues with this. Ain't the answer to fix everything. Seattle goes shut up convicted for even trying it though. No one's doing anything here you go. This is bound to happen. Douglas Lima going up for a second belt. Versus Gay Garden. Chassis for vacant little super fight. A fun one. I'll take. That does Lima such a good dude man. Yeah it's just great person. I've just seen how Masasi dismantled rory so easily. Just I mean it in. Lima's a big welterweight but sausage huge ozzy light-heavyweight. He's big boy. That's a great fight though. Yeah Levada actually got engaged over the weekend. Oh he brought his dime piece fiance to my show Oklahoma City at Bridgetown Comedy Club. Like Jesus Christ I told you guys. It's still just before Levada. Juniors make no mistake a straight up man dime piece. He's a man panther diabetes. You I was like Goddamn breathtaking. Dog Them Baby Blues. And just he's a good looking dude. It's supposed to be one of the nicest people to sell friendly. So Fred just good person. Super Nice posted a photo on instagram. Like the ring. It's kind of Nice to see that. Despite all this stuff happening Bush any fine. He's smart dude. This jujitsu stuff. He's killing man. I'm happy he's done man. What else you get this. How this came out recently that bj Penn was hospitalized after flipping a car and being investigated for possible Dui. I saw this last week so it says according to Big Island now the accident happened. Approx we send. Pm Friday for why Police Department. Ken Coach told the website at Penn. Lost Control while Driving Block. Pickup truck and flip the vehicle in front of a shopping mall so anyways there's pictures of the actual scene right of of his truck. If you look at it the truck is pretty messed up and dirty but it does not look like he flipped it so something to do maybe foot area the mirror now so it's like the witness reporting it. There's there might be an issue. There people dramatic. I love BJP. Hopefully he's doing OK. Be Japan was the best. I did A pair with him on a five dollar store before and I did appearance with Show Leah PJ pen Chuck Ladele. Anthony Pakis Ben Henderson me and we are all in Hawaii and they flew us out there and for the opening of bj pens UFC. Jim So we'd all chain a bj's Jim and chuck with Ted. You know I love chocolate. Oh he tells long stories and hope for now that he forgets. Someone reminded me keep telling the same story and he on Thursday. He told us this long story about some fight or something like that Friday. Someone said something and he told this exact same story again and we're just like in the back like trying to laugh and then trump gets out of the car and bj looks at me. After I lost out to someone I forget going up a laws in. Bj Goes Shaab. If you don't start moving your fucking head and use your your end up like that. Don't seem story over and over cracking up. 'cause you don't. Bj Bra bugging. Used your down using your headband. Yeah end up just like that tells the same story over and over. We're laughing so ARD. It's one of those. It's one of those stories where he's just a storyteller a bad because you know the people so he does the details. You don't give a fuck about. He might yes. Oh you know my club. He's like there's a club man I went left and then he went right but I should have went left but I did go left. And you're like what who cares dude. It's like the longest story and then when he fired it back up the next day. Everyone's like Oh flat out a Abra Start Moving. Your head user. Tally up like that tells the same story over and over. Dj's the nicest guy ever and then he was like Yeah then he's like eight for your camp come back out here man because he had some fight coming up. You should come out here and I was like. Yeah look around. All those guys like yeah. I'm a hundred pounds bigger than everybody to down come to Hawaii and trained with you and I don't know what I would do. I'm so much bigger than everybody. He's like we'll find people bro. This huge guys on the island. I'm like no I know. Yeah I know there's much Moana around here like legit fighters dude and wish. I still wish I would have done it. I think Paddison Ben Hunterston actually went out there and trade with He's as one of the greats man one of the Nice guys of all time. I'm so fortunate. Have these stories about these fucking legends? Man It was so cool so cool. Chuck was Great Club after that. No it's not that it's not like A. Ct fear nothing like that. It was a new guy. Got On the van and asked him a similar question. That fired back up that old stories like like I was mad at the guide. Chuck owned by Fine Dude. Our long drive. It was a forty five minute long story. That was funny. Man It weird. How Your Brain Remembers Certain Shipman? That like I was driving. I was driving somewhere. And someone was Osgood down a going down to Panga towards pch. And there was one of those they were. They were doing something on the side. So it's like the grass like the something was going on there. My windows rolled down. It hit me do it. Took me straight back so weird. I just remembered you take me straight back to when I was when I was in fourth grade. This park called Youtall Park. And who's in the summer and his YMCA? And I remember. I don't I don't remember which friends is with by. Mira had my arms crossed because like a hilly Kili Park Grass and I would lay down just like dizziness function. Roll down the side. It took me there. I haven't I haven't I haven't had that memory I don't know how long do but just that weird certain crass sent took me like. Oh fuck smells do that. It's insane man. Like what are those those memories that tune you know where I only remember something triggers? It only certain things will trigger it. Only certain things man shop for my kids for for birthday traveling my birthday parties. It's like I can't remember tons album. Grown up you know like my my brother I think I don't know how we start. We're talking about timeout humor. My mom my mom's a really funny person. Messiah my mom's Family's funny the from England right and they're like very brashly cuss a lot. And my brothers Forget who was was the owner of Ontario goes. Where's the humor? Come from with with brandon like the humor come from in the locker rooms and as I know. He's always been like this but he got it from his uncle. Charlie because I have this uncle Charlie still alive. I'm talked him as much anymore but he just always had like this like not. Who's always nonstop man? Non Stop like just shitting on us or like Hugh Saying J. Goats. You'll never forget when my dad's dad died. My GRANDPA died. We went to the funeral. Right dislike that the funeral. And then my dad drops off parents divorced drops off at Grandma's. My Mom's mom's and so were there and we're with Charlie and he was like making fun of my brother because he was crying at his GRANDPA's funeral. My my brothers. I remember that vividly funds do in J. Goes. I must have been sick so you were four and I got any of that man. Wow certain memories dude. Weird stuff triggers the ROLODEX. Put Me Straight back the fucking. Ymca Summer Camp Rolling down that Hill. Fruits dear I didn't food kinda remind yourself how food smells smells. Mature smells or certain things like trigger something motion and taking back there. I would've gotten in just a couple of fun for the record I love. Bj Penn and chocolate. Yeah they're both on and Rachelle Leah. She was awesome. She was my favorite back then. I thought she was the most beautiful ring. Yeah Yeah Great Beautiful. All right. This is just a fine interesting well. How much do you think the replicable costs? They sell it at on the. Afc store now belt cost replica for that for them. Five hundred four nine. That's too crazy. Imagine like two or three hundred bucks Max. But they're going for eight hundred. Fifty Bucks is the legit one. Yeah it's from the store I mean is it like the actual makes it. They make it looks sorta like it. I mean yeah. It looks like it's got some some weight to it for sure. What do you do with that though people what would you tell me about what would you? I guess you putting your like a man cave or some. Yeah let's go but eight hundred fifty bucks. That's pretty crazy if it's legit when though because I matured the like when Christine feel when just the year those are accustomed to. They're like to one hundred nine hundred bucks on there that new belt. We got theo sick now. Ones over a grand. Oh we paid a grand for that more than a grant. I don't know yeah well there you go but I mean they they sponsored us so They go to see that you know so this belt eight hundred you know there you go that belt so sick we gave deal. Yeah is so heavy too all right. We got fibrous overdue returning a fight. Alexey Olympic I love that. That's a good one. Let's see if Olympics fucking Shit see works now. Doug let's see you get that frigging choke now Doug Yule chokes for doom. No way no way if he does I mean dude you ever. Doomed got suspended right. It's been out for a hot second popped but he got to reduce suspension. Because you know I remember that little thing that if you go in rat on someone he did. He partook in that see. I don't think there's this other fighters I think they're snitching on their resource like the connect the guys who are connected. But I mean you got fighters though I mean he saying you snitch. Your snitching on people that also might pop or something. I think where. Yeah I like people you just. That's what we need you guys for for new super cool. He's ready to put that on your list. I love for Brazil. Have you thought of just throwing this out there? Jeff Novitsky would that be like Jeff Me Jeffrey? Cool that'd be awesome food truck. That'd be an interesting one we different. That'd be I mean it'd be very interesting to say I mean I I love Jeff Fiat. One hundred percent have a man. I don't know we can. I mean I don't know much more. We can talk about besides just like a man so interesting all that stuff about brutal grams and everything else. That have him explain it. Everything I guess it'd be what could he actually say versus like keep chill for the company and not pretty open though usually pretty open he was great on Rogin. I'm as a lot of good think I thought that I would you know on. I'm sorry he was great on Ronin yes when him and Dana went on. Espn not on stuff. That was like old. Yeah I have. I Love Jeff Zero. She's I think he's great for our. I think the awesome. Yeah Yeah but for doom beginning me and him were supposed to fight. I'm Merrill. Ea Sports Thing. This is years ago doing. Ea sports thing. I forget what fight they gave me and he was there and then he did some interview I meant they said they said they said something but he was there for one of the great well. Not There's no argument. He stopped five of all time hands down. And if you didn't get his you know feet it loses last one. He there's argument best of all time. You look wins and Shit but you know. He's a legend. I mentioned him the same with Frank. Mayor and Verdoux by just stood out like that. Like big flip. Frank Mayor for Doumen. He heard it too. He was not avenue. Talk so much shit to me as a Jesus. Christ he's like I'll fight you on the fucking Mon of God. Great Dude though really really good dude seems pretty funny to art. Speaking of Jeff. Novitsky the did it. Honorary Honor Cetera ceremony. For Holly Home for passing fifty drug tests. Which I thought was a little bit odd that she gave her a clean. B. M. F. Bell Real. Quick it's very short. All is the epitome of a leader and a role model so to to recognize holly for her for her fifty tests We've stepped our game up a little bit. And so here's a little letterman jackets. Time symbol here all his name on it and UFC on the back. So holly we couldn't be. Yeah on mad. That jacket on rock the shit. I couldn't be more honored and more excited to tonner holly home please. They don't even show the whole thing. I noticed the back though. That's cool. Yeah I mean they could give you nothing. It's a little weird but fifty tests should pass. Hey but also quit. Tested Holly Home. So fucking much thing I I was thinking like. She's probably like all right great. Stop showing up my house at times. I can ask me a piss. So weird they keep definitely yeah of all the people to me after thirty. Hey let's back off holly I mean she looks jacked too so I guess maybe that's one of the reasons they test or so much. I don't know I it. Check THAT WAY. Lyngdoh Wade saying yeah but she's up all over the place right now so there's just a random when also. This is a from Barstool that fighter Valerie Loretta. She posted this on Valentine's Day. Sh she was supposed to have a fight and then the same day they announced it they also called it off and said she was pulled out due to entering or something like that right. Okay yeah that asks straight up. Jesus Kramer eighty down Bush's a dime. That's cool yeah She's fantastic. She has thank you for that. Welcome kind of woke me up. Good God all right back to guys because otherwise we'll just go to. The fights fights all right first one. Is this one or do you want you already talked about some fury wilder? Yep Sorry go listen to Auckland Yep starts at four. Pm Pacific Saturday. Lucy the whole car. And so yeah. I like that Jake Matthews verse. My Boy Meek Miki's back. Yeah meeks back the dime piece Angela. Hill Fast Kevin. How you are fun. One Dan Tyson amsoil fighting. I know That Brad Riddell. It's a fun one. Yeah man I mean I think fucking Villier felder hooker. That's an awesome felder. Dan hookers in especially division. And there's a lot of implications for you know someone's going to get a big ass fight. Whoever wins this big boy fight? What's the odds on this chin? Go I would assume cres. A slight favorite allies on forty-five mice forty five got hookers on one any from that same camp and he's from New Zealand as well. Yeah I wouldn't bet against Dan Hooker invoking New Zealand he's been confidently to feels like he's been more like he's getting an Israeli man. It's his time I just feel like it's time I love Paul felder. I alternates one. Such analysis one of the best can be a war. That's a great fight. That's the best event we've had in a long time. It's great fucking quite. It's funny because a hooker called him out actually previous fight when Paul is interviewing using all right man. Well let's see Jimmy Cricket. He's he's GonNa come up to you. Hey Is Caroliina Carolina win. He's wanting a while right. I remember the last time she fought. She lost in the she said likes. She knows she's not going to be on the top but she wants to. She can still continue or something like that. God Damn She's at a rough go got knocked out by just dries loss. Michelle Waterson Lost Alexa. Grasso through tough go. She's lost one two three four five five zero s seven but before she went on that loss. She beat rose. She's doing really good. Nice run great run and then she met you WanNa so it's fight that four. Pm Pacific on ESPN plus yet is says ESPN plus all right. Oh Yeah that die meantime host of interest must be on this Vicodin all really. Yeah Oh man this bell tour too. Yep there's a couple Ed Ruth. All right never met. Ruth fights Bannon grits also monster Mouse Jerry Hall. That's fight to fun at heavyweight fortune. Timothy Johnson wasn't Timothy Johnson the bare knuckle champ no Somebody else that someone else Tim Johnson funding. You see I. I know with the mustache. Yeah I'm thinking of God. God's Bear God Timothy Johnson. Fight bareknuckle or no mustaches. Perfect for it He did Fortune that guy. He's a legit wrestler He's wanted us a guy to came out of Oregon Yes he's on the come up. He's one of those guys belt or signed straight out of college. Maybe he didn't Bela Tor. So maybe that's worth no that he bare knuckle. He just looks like a definitely take bare knuckle. That's a great Main card yet. Guide he He beat Silva Erick Silva. He's crazy he does like crazy motorcycle. Chivalry standing on the motorcycle and stuff as going down the highway. He's insane we got your boy. Pete go on Wednesday for FOOD SHOULD BE COMING IN TO BE FUN. One right bunch of fight so yeah more than forty two. Yeah that's the one that was supposed to be on through so many fights at us and it's always confusing to which I it's much Yep who you got on this card you have Bret Premiss yachties fun the Dublin Card. Charlie Ward actually not bad BEC. Rawlings Love Rawlings rookie. Ben Davis is the Guy Psychic Gallagher in the face. Yes yes got. How many fighters does belt or have on the roster on one of European wants to? Because they're doing this whole like this is part of their European series. So they signed. They basically signed all of Obama pretty much. They signed almost cleared. Bama out and I think even hired their matchmaker or something. They're trying to make a big splash in Europe. A GAL was the headline. This woman got injured. And I'd actually heard from my boys over in. Uk that the guy was fighting actually got a good chance of beating him really. Yeah this is GonNa be a tough test for hundreds of stun guys named cal blown up with the camera style. Oh Yeah Oh with a dego Sanchez. No video that's been swirling around Ireland. Yeah crackhead yeah. That was also disappointing to see. Hey girl on crack or or That car at both of rumors. But there's no I don't know wha do we know it's him guy. Tattoo everything it was. It has to be him. You think he had the same tattoo face. Look just like them. I mean I mean if if it was like a you know what I'm telling you now I gotta get so much. Dublin's are islands with my biggest markets. Reason you were there with. It's so big. They're amazing they're the best. Yes that's shows I've ever had gone out there in April and May this year almost two sold out theater out there. Already love you yes. They're great they're fancy. Send me like private shit that Connors. Doing all the time like stuff you. We don't see it like. Oh this Dubai go dude his next door neighbor what they please don't say my name again trophy and the semi like I mean town you dude. I wish I could post my D- I'm like stuff you know. We're I'm like oh I like to talk about some of the show died. Don't in that world do. I'm not pres- Hilton TMZ. That's not what I do. I'm GONNA try and blasts Bissau also. That can't confirm that's him or not. You think it is always. I don't know I can't I can't i. Don't entertain the candidate Tannen. Where you can do to be a slander. The guy's name who knows what's going on at girl too. I mean one thing for sure she's bracket but you know the whole thing. Dude Yep shouted Dublin amount. Their baby. I'm coming is that it meant shit little fights this week one note about that Aaron Chalmers Guy the way he was described to me. What is that? He's the basically the situation from their version of the Jersey Shore Paula the Geordie shore haulers all tattered up to Super Tat and he started Dr Blacking it out so armee just when people go black weird like he was already covered and he's like now covering them up which would black which I get rid of my tattoos really Only certain ones okay. Certain ones yeah. You know you get while you're young too. How do they not have technology? And just can't do what you want just a race them. Yeah tap for a month. Get rid of it. I want nick that do all my life can't do that. Shit Austin Vanda for style with the purple. I should be sick though. I'll tell you. What though fucking well. I'll talk about Brian. But fucking American idol off. Last night had me cry damn near the. First Episode Man. Get me every time every fucking time they produce it. Well there's a A guy who's a fucking worked on garbage truck in the south Georgia no lessons. Nothing he walks in and he you know he looks like he's looking rough he's looking rough and you're like oh he's like missing like to just like what are we doing. And then Lionel Richie goes you can tell like the fucking like did you warm up. And he's like do. What did you warm up he goes? I don't why would I warm up in line? I was like dude. You can't come in here like let us help you. So they go and he warned like things outside so they can't hear it comes back in. Start SEEING. Like what Dom Gosh Go? Then they go. They go What range do you have in can tell you like what do you mean range and Cape as like like what? What can you different with your voice. He's like I don't I don't know like I've never had any training so then Fucking homeboy The Country Goner. What's his name for American idol? Not Luke Bryan Bryan Bryan gets on piano just seeing after me and takes them through the different ranges and the deutz hitting them. It's Craig get chills. It's fucking nuts shaft American idol that gave me. I don't know why that popped him ahead. Okay what he got man questions. Sure before looking pretty thick and that sweater doing thick. Everyone's been hitting me up. I have no idea what you're doing with these. But they're asking me they're going on sale day. Welby on sale. Yeah we're revamping all the merge for find the kid and everything and for My tour stuff so right now. It's only available in person at my live shows Those bitches sold out on Friday night. You should take slow weekend but The biggest line boy sweatshirts and shirts. We sold out of them So right now just at the live shows but once the sites done I should be the end of the month a bit. Those think boy hoodies be available end of the month shadow thick boy nation. All right first question. They are wearing Chen. Thanks for giving it to me. I didn't have to buy it first question. Gee why G Yellen Have you noticed since? Espn took over. There has been no mention of the new tough season. Even though Dan insisted it wasn't going away. I there's just not a place for it. I think if they want to do on like fight. Pass some but it's too much of a production to put on fight pass. Thank God I all right. No one's watching that U. S. P. N.'s. Like what No. No that Schiller. We're we did IT LAND ON ESPN ESPN. Plus he put on the again. The productions costly in that thing man. So I don't I don't see him doing it so he just said that just to keep it alive in his mind. He's not close the door on it you know. He's very calculated. You know all right. I sound taller. Usually when we see two popular fighters in a match we were whoever loses will experience a drop in popularity is sounded versus. Romero an exception or the exception I don't know how much is left for. You'll Romero Matt Heath. He loses this one. It's just like you know he's got a shot. Missed a you know so Again I said since they made this announcement this fight. I think it's easier matchup for style. Bender than whitaker was or Kelvin gasoline. Easier matchup for now they. Your mail is not world class. And he's not gonNA be have some problems but I just. I love stubbornness fight. Yeah me too knucklehead barbershop. I wonder today when Michelle backflips onto a guy. That are a guy that is grounded should not be considered an illegal kick. He backed what he backflips onto. Grounded opponents landing his feet first into the opponent. You do that with Diego. I think he did once he tried once. I mean it's not. It's not a legal issue late in the head. It's not illegal unless it's a stop to the head other than that because you can you? Can you know if you're controllers feet kick? Geico tried to do it to him. Way Off the first one he do these little off way off seem. He's backing up the whole time. It looks like he was trying to get spirit spiritual powers that you were talking about force fields Dan. Hardy had a good one a tweet where he just tweeted out doctor. Strange during the force field thing is very well Yeah he's also going for like low singles is a weird vibe. Is a weird vibe. And he's I like Diego to. He's way too small for pm that there's just no. I miss him in. I don't know if on the matchmaker for the Seattle U. Diego this home turf. The futch things can happen but Diego said that he wanted to prove that being at your actual walking around weight is better so you wanted to prove that in this fight he's GonNa show the world well. No we learned that makes sense being cut. Wait to cut way. He was best at lightweight. Anyway he's fantastic. Ed Devote Okay next one. Just been fight since fucking tough one for so long time. Yong Bending desert anything better than nasal spray when you're congested that shit addictive use that. I've used the one the victim vicks vapor. Vicks was on Vicks for awhile. Now this that Zaia Cam extreme congestion relief. That Shit didn't work for me really. Yeah when I was in high school has addicted to African. Jerry's that course here's the problem though. Kids if you use it more than two or three days in a row then you have the blood vessels just they get tightened so he knows his always clogged. So then you're you have to use it all the time. Your body adjusts to the good high. Shared it all right Benny Yacht. If felder beats hooker does he get gates or poor. Yeah ooh either or both of great fight for him. He hasn't had that big kind of superstar. Fight so I think whoever wins out of Hooker fellner is going to get get. Your doesn't great fights fights last one ray DP thirteen. Who WINS IN? A DANCE BATTLE. Michelle PIA or style bender. Break dance to. Yeah just depends what you're into that cap era style that Be as doing these days or like the traditional Abi Boy Australian Flavor Swag New Zealand. Swag style better brings more of a stall bender. Pop Lock and drop it kind of dragon. Ball Z vibe. You Know Beers just you know. It's a lot a lot going on there. Sue breath letting boy shred city to house looking like locked up. Fuck Dude. His body looks almost unnatural out. Dare you almost. He just looks like I bet he'd be the funnest time gotten Brazil with three. It's wild God well is that it. That's it all right dude. Good questions guys thank you anyway. Friday February Twenty First Vancouver Vogue Theatre Jeff L. Comedy Festival. I will be out there with some of the greats. But he's just me my squad. I got Derek Post in Asana. Maud I heard the whole squad with me. Vancouver for J. F. l. The Vokes Theatre in Vancouver one show only Oscar Brett Forte. Doing some time with me. As well he'll be hosting Canada's finest Brett Forte will be with me The vote theater so you can get one hell of a show Almost sold out and then next week. I'm into coma actually. Ever been here Tacoma. Comedy Club Tacoma Washington. That is Thursday. Friday Saturday in Tacoma Washington. Thank you a little time off then marched in frosty March. I go at Lamma March Thirteenth. These are one. Show one at theaters tonight. Only Atlanta March Thirteenth New Orleans March Fourteenth Toronto March Twenty Six Detroit March twenty seventh mini Annapolis March twenty eighth and then dam and then in April taking my ass to Ireland. You'll cork Belfast. Dublin Glasgow Newcastle Birmingham Manchester London Cardiff sweet in Amsterdam. Norway Stockholm comb. I end in New York City. Graham see theater was up elector boy tee fakke DOT COM for tickets. Be Nice each other. Could see guys see around town We'll see Vancouver guys. This Friday and Tacoma next week right love guys nice out.

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