Pandemonium at Stamford Bridge


Welcome insulate sedition. ESPN DOWN Thomas. From Stevie Nikko and Craig I would also joined by Franklin birth. A dramatic day. In the Champions League will stop at Stamford Bridge finished Chelsea for I x four lacks for four one up up to fifty five minutes but then they had two men sent off Chelsea capitalize on that came back to make it four four. Couldn't and get the winning goal which means this is so close Chelsea. I asked him Valencia off the van. Full well one win over little all on seven points. We're talking about the significant Mitha of those results and who will go through in a moment but let's focus on the game is this is Berlin. Wasn't what a match that was the fantasy game Thank you to all the players know they are watching. Yeah sure sure. I'm sure too so I I enjoy criticize sir. Like two weeks ago interrogation at one because I thought it was very very slow. I think when you give a reason when pace to a game when you give everything that you have have and try to give your best you that kind of result where I you have to say. Well done in the first half to to the X. Player the dominated Chelsea very well scoring four goals in the first half we didn't see Chelsea was almost masterclass and re android that but there is a turning point. Of course we the two red cards after but just he studied to play better in the second. Half and tried to pressure is a little bit more. d- The Team so I enjoy from the first second to the last one and a controversial aspect of the of certain actions but I really think that it was a game at. I want to watch every time that I watched the Champions League because I want to have died kind of emotion from the neutral point of view. It's exactly the sort of game you hope for in their Champions League. It's what we got both teams score goals. But there's frank mention the defining moment really in this game. Those two red cards odds within twenty seconds yet will blend can have no issues may argue that it was not just off the ball got black with his feet then tried to challenge. Abraham Romm was clearly second-best and getting their second yellow cow but in the same move the ball hits Veldman in the arm and this is where this is where I and he gets a second yellow count on of the penalty scored Gino Second Penalty. But this is what are the key the whole Han bowl controversy. If you want to call it across the ball just gone through the roof because nobody knows what anymore stevie resided we'll watch. It was a penalty I could see can giving us a panel a frustrated because because his arm leslie talked Anti Sade so what Silhouette Silhouette arms here wade out. An issue was done. Obama Body a mosque Masella question. We're else apart from dot. We hate this apart from this so I just don't know where you an arm. I what we saw adamant Steve of everyone when we watch it together. Just because when you when you look at the rules if you make your silhouette beggar and that's where the confusion Uson Stars so whereas far distances we're talking about so against so then you've the rule but you've also made a rule that subjective so what's the point and of course the we he proves his head so I think we've suggested the refereed but he's actually got his arm position and trying to get the win and he's given a penalties again. It's clear as mud but considering what the rule is the way it's written fingers penalty. At first I was with creek right arm down by his side but there seems to be a little something a little leaning with the left arm. That is far enough. I'm going to say carefully far enough away from his body and I think the most damning evidence stevie juice alluded to the ball hits the arm and then swings swings back. And if you're the referee you see that then it's very difficult not to make the call and it certainly no one of those goals and somehow you say it's not clear and obvious and this and that and the other are you make that call. He saw it. He sold the armed flying away and from then on. It was very difficult for eye exam and to complain and to actually try to change the so. What do you think Frank? What I think it's it's well of course because I was a former player before we think that I'm I'm neutral but I I think it was fair as a CV? Said I sees. I'm going a little bit away from his body before the ball. She's cheese his arm and the and after he tries to hide good is on meaning. He knows that he's armies in the wrong position so I think it's it's it's a fair coal like it. It was a fair call on the labral Ni when the last week with US called and the the goal was cancelled. It's it's a new rule. I don't think he's clear enough off for everybody but it is what it is and I think it was an annual. It is an end bowl. It's a penalty yellow counting as well. Yeah yeah well well not really. Because once he and the reveries main he's deemed deemed. There's a movement of the arm. So there's an an has made it as an intention independence once he's done is he's given the the argument. But I'm just arguing over as a generalization. The another free might not give an for other pundits five other concern and debate and argue because all we're hearing nowadays from from all different leagues in from UEFA as wanting like primarily with virus high bar now of silhouettes and all this nonsense on since it's just great is. Is this a good result. The Chelsea wages wages falling down. Do you think brilliant but for the last twenty minutes. You're planning against nine men. Listen if you're Chelsea your delated together point This game no when you look back and see how how the game went right. The we played in the foster off. Then you would be absolutely delighted. Listen Tommy Braham the Cutler Great John's we hear those he could have won the game fall off the end. The when you look when you look at the big picture this is a good point. Consider and so will I act- I actually delighted with it as well because once the game changing the madder better than I did and they were hanging on nine men and they get out of there with a point. That's okay we can we can take a breather here the rest of the qualifying state. What I would say about Iot is that? And this is the same mistake that they made against Spurs in the semifinals of the Champions League last year. I know there are pretty to watch. And I know they can be open. And they can pass around. Laura there are times there are times when you feel momentum getting away from you and again then maybe you do something different that you are a little bit more practical pragmatic I know. We appreciate the the fact that I play. And they don't change the way they play. Well maybe there are times in which you gotTa have some sort of flexibility to where you clear the ball we clear lines we get our players for and now we're gonNA defend from better positions. They did not do that. Chelsea got on top of that eventually they call me the difference and from then on he was hanging on and that's where the coach has stepped right. You've got nine man against the living and you're going to try and be clever and play. Oh I stone coach get a hold of them and see everybody up and we. We play the game the other end. We discussed this group having we about whether or not Chelsea going to get through as confident. How can you lose when you lose you lose four goes home? You know away as the next game right and so I think on listen. The one think of Chelsea the way they play if the opposition. Good with the ball. I exile and Valencia. Good technically as well. Then you've got a chance against Chelsea. That's that's my buddy. I'm not scared that Chelsea are going to go and freeze. They'll go play. They'll go and do they. Do they take the chances or not. And Keep Potato by DOC Chelsea game for a thank you to squads Valencia and Chelsea Chelsea are the best site the play the way. The money's the game with the hall into Phnom Saddam Against. I asked whether they were more of a counterattack and team using the pace whether it'd be Mesa Mount on which I think that certain them in Spain so I think just josh thanks. We'll go through. Accent Chelsea through Valencia playing well enough even from behind. It's it's a flawed team. Another Spanish team playing well at the moment Barcelona remember they lost against the van. Take three one at the weekend. They could only manage a nil. Nil Jaw Against Slavia lobby. Approx at the camp now this is a sign of yet to register a win in the group stages. What's going wrong with Boston? Well there's a lot going wrong. We bought US along but clearly deep deep. If you were watching the game today there is a nervous environment going on in that stadium. There is a feeling about the players that you can send. The fans are waiting for something to happen to just go crazy. Just go boo everybody because clearly that disconnect that is where and the players it's in it's evident to see when I watched. I WANNA play right now. The one thing that comes to mind to me they look like Tina and that's not compliment. Yeah they look like got hint Dina Messy. They look like a team that is disconnected disorganized stretch all over the place. There is no real semblance of organization through the midfield and they're just waiting for them to do something and if he doesn't pull it off. It's not happening. That hasn't worked for us. And it's not gonNA work for Barcelona. They have to resolve a lot of issues issues. But more importantly the organization on the team in the midfield. There is no midfielder Taco. When you talk about Slavia Prague whenever they won the ball they're going to connor and he was five three? If lower prior- had better players players some attack this would have been a different result. Frank do have the same concerns about Barcelona. Yes yes a little bit yeah I. I wasn't pleased with the way they played. I was talking before the game at Jack Chelsea. That would just that pace makes the difference. It was so slow. Well the first half off was quite okay but I was with the way that private play because they played defense of course but they were trying to defend going forward pretty high on the on the field l. but as I said if MRI doesn't do anything it's like nothing's going to happen. That maybe in consciously the other player like Grays Man Damn Bilas. Well they look for me because they have to serve the king which maybe is not even macy's fault maybe message astle does those ball he's talking to guy are forced to give him the ball for him in order for him to to to make the difference so I didn't like the way they played. I think it wasn't the right way to play if they want to. Have a change in the chimpanzee this year I think something is missing Akon really point. That's where where is the problem but the problem is sorry but but there is a problem and I don't think I can see the future champion. The chimpanzee this year when she bustling playing this way for some of the other teams I would be feeling quite Italy. As early. BOFFA was love. Apu concetti bothered. There are no say ever defensive issues. PSG maybe events they pick up a head of steam because we have got a great squad squad but we know they haven't played particularly well. Follows them if there's no change in Real Madrid at our bus alone up and there's no suggestion there's going to be under both managers. I think I'd be feeling quite good about shares again. John is definitely but of course. It looks. Looks like that'd be fine. They will get through this group as we'll Borussia Dortmund. After huge wind today home against into Milan they were too l.. Down however a second half comebacks the German side take all three points. This is so weird because into looking great and then all of a sudden they can see that opening go and you just saw. Wow you know for for such expedience bike lane into Gaza as well. I mean if we didn't know before the Italians gone away getting the lead sitting on it and given nothing as completely gone I mean it two nil. They were absolutely on the gals and then just from nowhere. The game's changed range with Fox goal. And really after that. There's only one team going to win and dormant. I'm Lee went for the throat and create all kinds of mayhem in the penalty box. The got goals and it ended a day dominant job. You Think Inter get that wind couple of weeks ago to oversee a doorman tuna latman against the side signed away from home. They let it all slip now. They need a miracle really. Remember people getting carried away because of a decent start in Syria. Yeah Oh there's going to be a challenge to the end of the season the four really big games to my memory. That's Dortmund twice Barcelona away and event this. They've lost four a new really really big games alien this season I think that's a telltale sign of Canedo. Will they are. Maybe follow definitely off the new where last year but not as for even though the points which suggest otherwise not as close to the event this set the table would show because event this particular well on whenever thick asks the big question into Milan. The been found a little bit wanting. It's a team you imagine. We'll have a good run in the Europa League and that pretty much everything you can say about it. I I suppose so but I I. It's yet another example of mismanagement of a game Europe to nothing. You're no the doorman is gonNA come out of the locker room at halftime. And they're gonNA come fly and they're gonNA come on pressure they're gonNA try to increasing density and the urgency of the game and yet it's like Inter Milan play back since when you don't have to do that. You you have a big guy over there and look big boy. Well hold a Bolo hold a bowl of lettuce get out no I instead of instead of doing that. You're losing the ball in bad areas. The second goal. Oh from Roussy Dorman constantly throwing you have the ball in your hands and you throw it straight to the doorman they go in and score. It's unacceptable so it looks like then. 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What do you say another game if play another game play fixtures fractious? Well they got it. Got To give a CAULERPA arrest And they did won the game and so it ended the day. That's the only two things that really modernise was running again and given a cutler brick meanwhile from a coach's point of view. What do you make of what's going on Napoli? At the moment of course said the players weren't allowed to leave the hotel after the loss of the draw the weekend and then what happened today anthrax command said. He's not happy with that he didn't wasn't up to him. It's up to the president. It is Angelo is enchanted applause. He says when the hotel he says when he stay when they leave whatever nothing to do with this guy. So I'm I'm afraid this is up to Angelo not to push down and make you stand otherwise but she's becomes a circus. Would it help. I don't quite get the fairy if you're having in a bad run and then you're playing make a route sign on by this with a concert would say let me tell you been to whoever it was said. Yeah I mean I'm being like getting up and you can't you. You can't do this. You can't do surprised hotel. Men kind of surprised that Angelo T. I mean you would have thought anyway. I mean it's like like if the club had played. I'm talking to the team at half time. He said I would have walked away and resigned. Yeah I mean I was expecting another would expect Angela Angela. They do the same sort of thing segments. Can you any worth from from a price. Point of view for this thing happened. It didn't happen. I won't one is what I mean but if you're a player of course you're going to speak out and of course you're going to say something but but you're going to follow the instructions of the men. The men in charge and in this case is not. Who would tell you to go so it is up to Angelo to suspend up up to the team the team? What are what are we doing? Let let me run my team. You do all the other stuff. But I'm guessing that if you allow us to get involved in the past an administrative things that have to do with the players then it's difficult to close the door down it's just difficult for you. Denounce no no no. You can get involved with this but you can get involved ball with that once you open the door. It's impossible I'm surprised Angelo. It never got involved. I'm really not surprised at Angelo. Hey that guy's a winner survived. If you ever miss a show that is emmy affording this generally take out on the website. Today it was confirmed that Spurs won their appeal son. Of course being shown a red card after that challenge in the Everton game they look today and it has been rescinded. Frank is this the right decision. It's the thing is for me. It's apt to be honest. I couldn't watch the action and entirely because it kills me and I I watch somebody getting so badly injured but I always thought that because I was a defender that I have to take responsibility for my actually when they would have have injured. Somebody always thought that when it happens and when the players injured the person who was in Cho's in that AH injury should be how of the competition for the time to players was injured is out of the competition so I don't know what what is fair in that case because I know that son is the nicest person in the world on the football field but I think he. I should've been it. Should be punished for for what for what he did. I don't know what the sanctions should be. But at the end of Andhra Gomez is injured. Because he's been tackled pulled by son. Does the only thing that I can say unto Taylor still looking at via tele. He's not quite sure yet. She'll get along with other sexton decisions. You couldn't get right and not game. I don't have an issue with because I don't think it's a red cow challenged. The outcome was as bad as it can be aided and abetted by the fact oreos around as well. But I don't think the actual challenge was a red cow challenge lifelock that he failed. awkwardly on the culmination was a broken ankle. Dislocation location is in my opinion. A occupational Heisel hops Went over the top and smash them maybe common sense right okay. big-picture who means missing a game for Spurs are not how much of that difference that makes and the perception from the outside looking in that tackle where somebody gets his ankle destroy that then the red card rescinded. It wasn't a red card challenge. Well did you see the ankle. The challenge didn't didn't challenges and the reason the ankle L. suggested that again you could've done with human song being being suspended and nobody would have said anything unless you're spurs but that's not really what do you think if you think that I think I'm with Craig completely. It's a full but it's a complete accident ensure yellowcard for me would have been fine. This is not a red card and a million years and we all start every single game known that this kind of thing can happen to us know if at Homs because somebody solely and you know the Katie and they do porpoise. That's a completely different ballgame from making an innocent challenge. Get that wrong as a photo and in two pieces the guy breaks his ankle. But that that to me absolutely new wishy perform as a red card. Now I agree with you. I agree that it's not a red card challenge. I'm just saying outside from the Outside looking in you you may say well. He gets to spend time we move on with. Our lives is a perception thing but if he's wrong is role Nali well I know but many commonsense. That's all I'm asking for a look. I think since I think she's Rome. Well I don't I don't think human being suspended would have been the biggest deal in the world taught him of course in action tomorrow in the Champions League. We'll be looking back at the game. Plus the other big matches from across Europe. Be sure to join us We'll be with you to discuss the all big games. Are you still wearing your button. Downs on talked in hoping for the best. Then stop it seriously. Sleep seriously because traditional shirts weren't meant to be worn untucked and honestly it shows untuckit believes in helping guys look sharp and feel casual. That's why there's shirts followed the perfect length and were designed for guys of all shapes and sizes taller. Short slimmer athletic build. UNTUCKIT has the perfect fit because everyone deserves a shirt. That looks great untucked. And you shouldn't have to go to a Taylor again. One with untucked. It's huge variety of colors and patterns. You're sure to find the style to match any wardrobe so whether you're shopping for the perfect gift for the man in your life this holiday season or just trying to craft a look. That's as relaxed as it is. Smart any checkout untuckit get free shipping and returns on all orders in the US at UNTUCKIT UNTUCKIT DOT COM and don't forget to use Promo Code Ros to save twenty percent on your first order at checkout that's U. N. T. U. C. K. I.. T. Dot Com Promo Code. Ro S. eight more Champions League matches for you tomorrow. We'll be discussing them on tomorrow. Show also in action loss. No outlaying Europa league tie tomorrow. Why why Y- Suddenly Feigns Interest Europe? Don't care someone else's inaction which means as I go play tomorrow. Grant Shack officially stripped of the captaincy. Today was this the right decision. Steve Nicol absolutely. Yeah it's not a surprise Yuka got it done. Do you think. Do you get rid of in January. Now I think if they get the opportunity some the offers a decent amount of money they would but I don't see him to do now. Here's the thing. He not only did his little district or whatever he'd double down and then he tripled out and then he went all in and say you know what shirt is all the captains as all the whole thing. There's no coming back from Ghana Jacket Obama young then is your new captain. We'll be back tomorrow for more or less until then goodbye. Welcome into extra-time. Lots of questions about the Chelsea game today. Frank I one on few what game was better Chelsea or Tottenham Imax. I think because he was he was he was a fair game. The Tottenham I asked was so crazy I mean Luca's scoring three goals also. That was absolutely fantastic. It was at the centre off or something like that. It was just a a football game with the craziness of football game and it was no count stages stages close semifinal usually. Yeah Yup yeah. See All right. Steve Noting for cosby approval is called approval. Frank what did you make the four minute so did in the Chelsea S. Game injury-time giving measurably more. It should have been more but I think franken part shouldn't have say anything when you see the game and you see where Jesse came Kim back from. You know you shouldn't complain too much about the only four minutes. It's okay it's okay. You GotTa draw you as Stevie said you are delighted with the result result and you go to the money. He should have complained about that but he's true. Formula was a little bit. It was a bit not enough. What will it take for Valverde to be sacked? Well clearly not getting bounced out of the Champions League two years in a row after having a big league going into into the second game of those series so I think this should have happened at the end of last season. Didn't and now what you're seeing is some of the remnants of whatever this connection and whatever ill feelings towards already from the fans the players the club itself and when you have that you have lack of certainty continuity and so. You're seeing a team that doesn't quite you know whether they're going forward backward for size ways. It's no good messy messy messy on and off the field. It doesn't perform on the field. He's going to get shot and if he's fed fed up with her performances off. The field is going to get sucked so come on Mesh Final Question Stevie Caravel Cup or club World Cup which uses first team in this obviously announced that they will pay villa the day before the semi finals of the club World Cup. You know if if I was in charge I would be more infested knickebocker Kaufman Award the club World Cup call. As far as I'm concerned the club World Cup is absolute nonsense complete an utter wasted time and affection that the likes of Liverpool and the European champions in general only go to because they have no choice otherwise I wouldn't even bother so you don't like the quote workbook complete and utter nonsense wiz. Who is the time to official member among united the ethical? Yes same competition. I think that was a slightly different one company. Remember that was in Brazil. Wasn't it any other than other than Marino. You ask any role and he'll tell you the club will just complete and utter nonsense. Well if you ask maybe the European champion but if you ask teams from every other part of the world they don't look at it from that perspective I can. I can remember when the Intercontinental Cup was a huge deal growing up in South

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