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she's starting already I think that we minutes away from channel to retire this debate after this episode are you sick of hearing about it I guess like so sick of hearing about it sure no one can hear your good kelty years it I don't hear it really oh great and Great Roxie Hart and Broadway I whoa okay I never go I okay my good week oh so I read was reading this book and it can't and it's like that need to be touched like when Chris's Outta town all the time and then he comes home and I'll be like falling asleep and put his hand on my back or like a rub my head or adding there's that skin hunger like just it's not sex right and it's not like it's just a massage from a stranger it's like that hunger of just needing to be like coddled yes skin touch in hunger I like that is not so good week I just finished this book called I'm not so bitter feel left out let's have our listeners right in our young sick of hearing about it because they seem to be posting a lot about it they do I mean you're probably talking about the defend the COP and the Lady Gang Okay Lady Game Dot Com by did you guys know that sox are the most requested item at homeless shelters will bomb us his on a mission such a good read all right here's my bad week I've come up with a game that technically I love but I know you're gonNA hate it involves lying lying so you guys know you really don't have a list when you talk like jared has really it makes his he kind of has already but then like it makes us less worse I was I've been working with it yeah maybe should talk to someone about this yeah I just heard her undocked shepherd fabulous she said about the book is incredible it's huge five hundred plus pages and I finished it like two days celebrity that's not a singer so I get that any singer he's no I'm like I was watching pose on that flex and I got so gagged by the category that I fell on the super q great and I feel like I was on the first day like I was on a first date myself and I kind of missed Salat it does it would probably be the only time I'd actually actually yeah the best moment before you get I was about to say put down dating so I feel like I have like circumvented this problem in a relationship while also getting the excitement of first day and that is being a third wheel have had to get surgery I'm scared of it all right I love surgery 'cause I love being knocked knockout does sound like a lot admired since forever is on the lady gang today it's a very exciting day she's the only person I care about in Hollywood that's not true I barely she's even better than what you could possibly imagine I literally never happened that never happens and I just love her so much okay bad week well I am suddenly like a teenager again where I can't predict my cycle and I woke up what's broken and everywhere I go someone's like how'd you break your foot yeah and I've started doing a thing with all the celebrities I interview and making up lies to them so like interviewing Kelly Clark we're like finishing up all of our work and I'm like getting up to leave and she's like no you have to stay and like feel this guy out and let me know Ooh I like this Jack Standing Service hooking you up I kind of liked it it's kind of fun because there's there is such an excitement to a first but it's usually because you don't know what the other person's thing yeah you did Kelly Clarkson Women in the next five minutes Gwen Stafani comes by like how'd you break your foot and those like Gwen I was on the treadmill and I'm like always end up your ex girls take the sheets off to not ruin my mattress and I just heard that it gets worse like your periods get more aggressive as you get older yeah I thought up in the middle of the night and it was like a gusher in bad it's so gross but like to the point where I had to it's like this is weird because I would never bring a friend on a first date but I was like all right I'll do it I'm like drinking some wine whatever so the guy comes he's so nice great job like Tawny Rab last night and I was helping her set up her like merchant or whatever and after we're done working she's like I'm going on a first date I'm like Oh this is so exciting like he was coming to meet her like a lot of people but you know what it is they always say don't meet your heroes but I did and she's better or like you guys will see Kelsey knows her but like gang so it's a way to like get that excitement while also being in a secure relationship into it yeah so that's why good week my bad week is simple I think I'm getting bunion on feeling great for years they've been wearing scratchy ugly ugly nasty scrubs while figs is this amazing company that is making Scrub Scott Stylish and functional essentially like Hedge Abrego foot and I'll be like it's actually your fault Kelly and what I was like I'm on the treadmill and I'm like what does kill you makes you stronger and she's like I broke your foot and I was like you think these people deserve the most stylish comfortable scrubs to where every day why aren't our medical professionals that are helping us in our family members looking amazing is quick little shots like I don't know but you feel amazing Oh hell ya it's so good it's like a warm water but that doesn't put you under its before they put you on it put a lady gang listener and her husband she's a nurse he's a doctor they're amazing people what they do every day is life saving life changing and don't you they were supposed to be slowly disappearing from our lives I think they get worse than than they go away great so low I mean being a woman is just brutal to dark time it sucks I'll what's wrong with me is to get you like and relaxed before they actually like massive xanax yeah okay so my good week is that the woman that I have a fight I am old why the side of my foot like on my bone hills how do you have bunions I don't know what a bunion radio it's else is not yeah so I don't bone every time I put on any shoe my foot kills me and I think I have surgery for that I know it's like a full on surgery hats the the people who deserve it most so right now we want you to head over there and weather it's for you or some awesome human that you know who works in healthcare you need hey this is the second time this has happened remember when I got my I got my period twice in one month period is usually every twenty eight days on the dot yeah sucks my periods been shorter who've my favorite things in the entire world one is online shopping in two is saving money I can do both with honey honey is amazing and it's magic and I don't know and mel it's so easy and fun but I kind of liked that thank you I know you know it's a good week for me but it's a bad week for you okay go ahead okay I'm GonNa go my good week so honey dot com slash lady try it out again that's join honey dot com slash lady while more time join honey dot com slash ladies start savings to do this figs is going to make it easy by providing you a fifteen 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DOT COM Enter Code Lady Gang at checkout again that's fifteen percent off your first purchase so do you want to hear about costume now back to the League gang our guest today may very well put an end to our ongoing who should costing me amazing and so that's why I'm obsessed with me undies so meet undies has halloween costume onesies that's right costumes Roxie Hart in Chicago battle as an accomplished actress singer and author she's conquered Broadway Film and television with roles in the West wing pushing daisies glee in the good become an ego winner before I do now after just releasing her seventh studio album for the girls that features no big deal Arianna guerande Dolly Parton Jennifer life but it was her broadway roles Sally Brown in you're a good man Charlie Brown and Glenda in wicked to that left us feeling all the fields and a little jealous that she will definitely it is the pro panel is no that's a purple purple that they give you a shot of like inject not go to meet India's dot com slash lady again that's me UNDIES DOT com slash lady go pick out your amazing new Halloween onesie gotta go no your foot will heal Bunia lately get were surgery for Bunions I know but I don't WanNa have to I've never knock on wood can just wear their Halloween costume wants to pass out candy and you're good to go so if you want to check out me undies and get fifteen percent off your first pair free shipping and one hundred percent satisfaction it's an Reba mcentire please welcome to the show Emmy Award winning Tony Award Winning Grammy Award winning way too good to be here Kristen Shannon Jesus coming out with a variety of festive prince that really put the boot in booty and you know I love that didn't think unto his would up your Halloween costume game well think again because deck the halls twelve men of Christmas Christmas Christmas album maybe ten years ago and then Asia next they're obvious good well let's talk about the hallmark movie because we love Christmas movies December seven stab you but he's just so sweet and so funny he's a good guy but there's something about holiday movies because there's this one and then in twenty twenty doc well listen well the good thing is that we can break up the Christmas with a shirt only cover of let me I've been doing Christmas though Paul started in February so two months and then the break and then two more months I have my own they're okay but it still counts though I was sort of a cast emmy and I call it an Emmy Award winning Kelsey night count you're close to the what Kiss Roche I can't confirm or deny if I've got to kiss him in a show wolf hair everyone had it I would run home on nights to watch party of five Oh my definitely kissed a pillow saying Oh metoo and you know when you walk in and you meet them and you're like he'd be cool and then ooh that is such a great idea just wrote a song for a hallmark movie not quite the same but but but can you win an Oscar on a hallmark movie read too fast to run to and she's like Oh my God I feel kind of honored but like we're so started telling all this limited as you can't do this I love this sight hey what about it hot Christmas left story and then holiday so that'd be six you really dealing exude Christmas cheer and I love Christmas Yeah I love it eighty something I love this I love this for so many reasons eight you're hot you're like ageless which is like a whole thing but the fact that you're like you know what I'm GonNa do this record I'm going to bring all the says I have done four Christmases which I loved I loved it too I loved being in that film I'm reese was so good and bench on and all of the people are all of the character actors Yep a Christmas love story yes okay are you falling in love of course and with Scott No skull wolf is my high school chart doc I mean I know how how do you how do you know you write an original Song Lady Gaga it that's I think it could be your He come up better than a body has so I thought maybe that song and then when my manager reach out to her manager because we do not are they just suck and I thought why can't I not have well and also I think it's very funny or interesting Arianna Guerande on the album she also hates pants pamphlets realize that right she wears the big Hoodie sweaters and just a gene to a boot no gene ugly cry I sent her a video back on I can't believe it I was unable to speak and she video magazine we'll Cristiano if you like it or hate it I love it are you kidding there's no risk she does whatever the fuck she does was there blow back to that era like what are you going to wear I was like maybe it's just t-shirt GonNa get she is not going to let me have that and when she so let's do I will always love you pothole Oh my God so I sent her my cut and then she sent me haircut and girls on it and then I'm going to be Pantelis Hover it's next level kind of thing is a new but it's like the risks I have searched the world over and I cannot find anybody says I don't really like Dolly know what have you met a person that said it never never never ever but I feel like you have vibes with this up Dolly can you hear me are you with me come on yeah so good so so there's a part of her spirit I mean like wrong wrong again I saw right when I walked in the room and I practically genuflected I like bowed okay go ahead at the altar of doll yeah that was the kind of gets you got Oscar flow I mean I don't know I really I've I've been a part of a cast albums have won grammys I would love to I love what one on the bottom I'm like nothing I think nothing and then I took with some with just wrapped around the t shirt wrapped around and then I took one with no with no top and just jeans Dolly and then there's a new original song you write with doll the film you win the Oscar you all can are each other's dates to the authors did Allie are you listening you need to each other but I didn't I wanted to turn out to feel pressure you know yes she said well if I'm GonNa do something crisslow undo something I wrote and I thought no she not GonNa get she is not no big deal on my icon Queen Dolly I think my head would explode if I was in the room with pictures on and it's a terrible picture me it's the only one I have my neck look sold Bidi Bidi Bidi I started seeing this guy at our church goes you sound like Dolly Parton I went I just always remember that and then I just became a course grown up in Oklahoma different when I'm in New York on Broadway it's no joke like if you walk if I walk in and I'm tired and a bunch of people are there to watch like say a workshop I better deliver is a producer of course I get a chance to like his wife facetime who I really really love and she's so cool that and you see them together and it's just like Oh stabbed so many things like your you have your hand in so many I would say divisions of Hollywood i WanNa know which one has the best people which has the worst you know what aren't however I will say that the speed at which things can get done in La is very quite impressive look what you've just done in one morning of your boots and a sweater and he just had just assure justice shirt just a shirt and it's like no Bra tell me the conversation that goes on between you and are there roles that you would love to do like on Broadway that you assume you can get anything you want but like they're like the ever Hudson to do it and she sings her face Jennifer Hudson she has an insane insane voice here's my next question you uh I I would love it so much you know left to play her you're long lean Omega June because they're making the movie right did they make it already I think they did they did ah the feeling that people are like of course we want you to do la La la La La and then you find out it was never even right so I just feel like it's just the sing the phone book and I would celebrate it but so that that that happened it's next level can't believe it that's like I wanNA movie with you too I wanNA mind and then in New York I tend I tend to sort of just do roadway right or concerts yeah speaking of your ageless wonder Zik people worse than TV people are moving people people were music people there's good and bad this is a true that I would tell you the truth okay there's good and bad vibes to both and they're what they are real looked up to as well and then it's just like generational right and then I was like be cool to do such three different voices on I'm a woman and get I mean obviously we're talking about Dolly she hasn't gotten her due yet on Broadway really with her own story and I would love to I would love to delve into Broadway there commute here all we listen to and that's just my queen the she's the queen she's the Queen Reba I mean re- leaves go covering myself but I just thought it was a throwback feel for me but also I I was tired and I'd WanNa put on pants day it doesn't matter who you are is GonNa come up and say oh that wasn't we'd have to you know we need yeah we need to workshop workshop at in dark and light and Hurson revisit of I I'm attached to playing her so that means something cool and we're doing death becomes her as well so there's a lot of what all's going on her life but you know there's the maims and the hello dollies for sure Tammy Faye Bakker is one that I'm thinking of that which which is for her because she deserves it yeah also upset the same thing about Reba just as a sidebar for the girls I think Reba deserves her own show just think about I'm Kardashian you know she's the she's at the top top top you know I didn't think she would say yes I had a different song in mind for us to do together Eh kind of thing if I got myself back into shape like real shape the kiss of the spider woman fun ha messed up my favorite there's roles she was like I'm moving to Seattle to become a yoga teacher and then the next week she got glee left Broadway and I was like I'm so tired I'm so done I feel I think there's an article somewhere that I did for some stupid magazine it's not stupid they probably listening The person so hardly so like disenchanted with at all and so I started doing yoga and I was like this is my next calling and I'm doing and I'm doing it and then I get a call from my agent they're like glazed right like she has like a bat phone to Broadway but I'm ready to come but all I guess my question is like okay take Chicago for instance l. e. even though they were a lot of it with CGI and trickery they still get themselves you know who can help you with the yoga poses she almost she almost gave up we'll be velopment Chicago I know she went into Chicago. Arthur roles are Dr and big and a weird they're like who's the person that you series back or most starstruck to work with and it was you know this morning this week when we were like I was like guys et comes first and uh-huh death but I know how and I'm worried about I need to get in Yoga because you know all those Maryland being for a bitchy cheerleader and I was like of course they are and you know they've been casting out in New York for a long time because I didn't care I got yeah that's why are you the holiday on that flex I have Christmas right yes you see white glove right now too so I'm not really helping helping your call we're doing not if you're not here it's the first show at three hundred shows that you're not a part of but like we're doing it without you had a show where all three of us weren't we've had one one achieve some deals babies included in this box playa soft volume hair powder this is a hair company that smells amazing but this powder you put it in your hair like instant texture so how many too because honestly when I I will say this when I got really the only person I cared about meeting with you that's it I I swear to you a friend in it it was off Broadway and it was about like the answer the vampire that's mine that's what the vampire it was like the beach it was there was an age of Aquarius all the came from Japan they started a workshop in Japan I was dating a guy doing it and they brought it to awesome I love holiday movie I don't think we've made enough of them in our life for Christmas and it was like it was all that sixties Music Childhood Mirror groovy things yeah thing Jackie ever seen a show on Broadway yeah we talked about it Abdali Vijay's did you watch her she an icon of yours the one yeah enemy because you have the same vibes thank you I take that as a huge compliment I mean when I was little getting back to Chicago on like are their roles that have like to play you WanNa play like a mother for sweet are they I kind of do Lewisite Joseph Joseph and the amazing whatever yeah fantastic okay you have the Broccoli girl any given it to you crystal lighting I saw a show and trouble if I missed like et and I was like I don't know guys I got to go to I gotta go do this dance starts things at Disneyland and Bekker's like the sub for me I was like net flicks Dolly using I need you do Oscar Babe here's your Oscar the Oscar you're playing history yeah so what's so we made we can't play very important to drop these are GonNa win but were show you've ever seen on Broadway work that's the only thing she does not gonna be proud of copper theater not at the pub the kristen let's go let's go November two weeks we're going to start on actual Broadway Ndaye's and also were so excited that you should go listen to our other five shows Momma said showman's ladies like stacks and our newly launched trash cast enjoy in her debut Broadway debut is going to be back on Broadway ten years after she said and no one cared about swing and rock of ages so they're going to be like back where Roxie Hart on Broadway or are we yes okay we're told me so begin back we're going to start first question what is your instagram following I don't know the guy next now we'll review our Broadway performance experience Becca rock of ages Broadway the swing and the Sherry cover uh-huh and then I toured with the fiftieth anniversary of west side story I can't remember which jet girl I was that important one what about we're coming we're coming in November November for the girls and we're coming backstage and we're wearing t-shirts well I may or may not be doing the same thing that's eight eight hundred thousand eight hundred forty thousand okay mine is one hundred and twenty six point five so as far as ticket sales ticket sales okay that's that's the first clue now I'm asking you to put your casting cappon since you're the greatest icon queen go to Broadway and Becca will each now pleading our case as to why we should over listeners do about you that's all I'm Broadway and the theaters are not actually on the street Broadway Broadway caliber theater they could be on fifty oh God yes no better have expensive pair of shoes listen to you know what I love that she's in her little eighteen states right I know that and I think what would be really exciting is that the headlines I just WanNa add this could be like Kelty night extreme that's what I was wondering Broadway caliber theaters anywhere else other than now it's only only New York there needs to be there needs to be glad you haven't eh that was big train segment I had that's a Christmas thing you haven't done well probably because that's cool have to play our game I have prepared it important Queen Chenowitz okay here we go okay we're GONNA play a game now called the casting couch oh gosh okay they were like those fancy ones I don't know it's the equivalent of the jewel these days like the male labor jewel I got got I was the radio city rockettes starts right that's not a Broadway but it Broadway adjacent discipline yeah I know the stage yeah I know how to wear heels both track basically it's the hardest job in the show she has to under study all of the peaceful all on and be in the show Oh my God class for that they were means they were out get me they were flavored cigarettes jealous bay were rubik cloves no moved to New York at eighteen triple it took me three times to get into the rock cats and even after I had paid someone to teach me the them are that's why k. and anything else you want to add just tours and regional theatre okay what about the Trans Siberian Australia I did tour with the translator aw you might have seen me yeah those are tornado hit vegas okay to the casting catch a Broadway performer experience and none it'd be a fresh new star I take that and you are cultured in Vegas Oh yes we did do Vegas ooh Barco Lubaton when you're rich because this you can only wear with this one you know what I mean this is this is not an every baton what size it gives somebody gets sick then you can take to your like the MVP Dave okay next training where did you grow up how did your has your training Tom what was the name of that the Short Park School of down okay and I took hip hop and that is gonNA wait I had a dream job slash night I'm GonNa do it for you but here's why I'm scared because I had a dream last night that haven't gone to you guys and then yeah I continued training in New York that's wonderful yeah okay I went to the shirt perk school of Dance uh-huh true what's okay casting is the backup on Samba member who covers every female on the recreational class and what year was this this was nineteen nineteen ninety-six I studied tap jazz ballet got and then I went to Anga in New York City Gel which is no joke I didn't get into Nyu guest the sleep by five and a half five and a half so they're a little big these tiny okay Vermont before we went on every time we had to go do rock of ages again and play Sherry and they wouldn't give me rehearsals you have to now and I went on and my voice cracks by Mike fell off and I had to which I grew up in Atlanta I went to high school which was performing art you get kicked out did get kicked out but not because I wasn't talented it was because I smoke cigarettes and skip now it's very short doesn't she have I mean Renee Zellweger had the short one little parties Bob Yeah I'm sure you wouldn't awake I do have brown hair that's expensive Iraq saves money okay next vocal range show us a run come on telling you I told asked routine so I knew the routine and still couldn't get the job and then also Jerry Mitchell said please stop saying it's a good thing you're so pretty at an audition to me you're right but it does okay I think you need to show us yeah I mean not doing it using you're asking like a fourteen year old boy who loves Michael Intake shoot some hoops for Michael and they would not if you if you WANNA be young Dolly Dolly Parton musical you go I didn't see that's going to give you a few points with me right here because resilience would fit costume to Billy Wright but was bell on Broadway that was one where it was like a five six require right yeah and I was like kept auditioning and they were hold the mic. The actor's nightmare I had it and I was like why last night yeah because Mama was coming I gave you a little warm up giver uh-huh Align Becca don't make me do this so I I know that was a joke joke I'm very sad eight a small shoe for Broadway Jack I don't understand what there is you wanna be Dolly's bitchy Sister Hilda she had the pitch sisters such last thing she sighs God we wear the and my problem was and I'm just going to go out on this I really thought that my Broadway understand songs should be before he who cares it with my it's what made me different I'm sure it hasn't I know it hasn't gotten me part but it has got me parts do yeah so t you both I don't understand why you can't switch off one of you apposite spirit who is the next Roxie Hart because now you know they're doing a facebook watch like minded find it and we were going to enter but we can't my chemo on me remind everyone that you are going to be joining the table I'm GonNa say this Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square for their annual Christmas concerts December thirteenth fourteenth and yeah and you have a scholarship to go to my Broadway boot camp with thirteen to seventeen year olds next time there's some you're good I'm so maybe it could be a fork or but you know I could never really get in so I think the girls especially who feel like weird about their size you have a voice though I have a voice is incredibly grading as speaking and singing run out of time and we get to s late again I do want to fifteen so we're very busy this fall busy we're doing a lot of crisp love it we love you so you're never gonNA stop I hope you are like the hardest working person it's business thanks the observatory I'll never Griffith Park never forget it and it was you and Matt's Duet yes it was what was it be you're you're right under study on national tour I'll swing it yeah you WanNa be the problem is when you're good at everything you're getting you're not just getting calls from the TV that's getting their hollomon movie music touring Christmas Christmas Tree Mrs Claus Do you like to do it like that or what I wanNA know I wanNA know do you need brakes yes and I'm GonNa have to get better at them okay I'm I'm just speaking truthfully I'm aw I know what this guy and paid one hundred fifty dollars an hour and fifty four street led me astray he's not right there's so many good songs the panthers I think Dali younger years my baby can narrate as Dolly my gosh one of you be nobody wants to be Elma is there are moments in Chicago that I like film Israel Vilma and gets to do the celebration cell block tango and Roxie doesn't L. Equipment you can have any size foot you want but sometimes if you're going into rural that's already existed they will find someone Saxon Yeah so you can choose I wanted to be bell in the beating the beast and I never I'm fifty one and I need more arrests than I used to have so that I can continue to do what I do and also I need to be an artist so it'd be better artists to be have more of a life so I'm getting there horrible casting good the worst part to get the job we have three more things the haircut Roxie Haircut I haven't okay got the passion she's going to remember me always okay back it's okay let's hold it's no one's birthday if nobody nothing exciting's happening but she's like yeah I brought sheet cake and she just walked go carry on why it was such a bad song you have to take so you have to really be able to sing yes on shelves for months at a time it's fresh food and the transition from their diet is super easy to this fresh diet the farmer's dog works with top vets create a complete and balanced meal for talk it's real food cook food cooked fresh and delivered right to our door it's made with fresh veggies and meat you can actually see everything in there and identify the ingredients no processing no city I'll do my not somebody can sing by doing some high no doing this for a few weeks and only gets very excited for dinnertime and breakfast and it is a game changer it makes me happy that she's so happy and the plans are starting at just three dollars a day so over here at the Lady Gang we are dog lovers and our dog's health is too important to be feeding her some highly processed burnt Brown kibble every meal and that's why we switched to the farm that's less than a morning coffee and I I'm able to make it work for my family because it's a small price to pay for a long term investment in my dog health so right now the farmer's dog is giving fifty a heart was it was a heart song and we were there for king ever I mean maybe fifteen hours fifteen hours at least kristen walks in with a sheet cake GonNa say this and you don't okay I think it's with all due respect to both of you and Jack Jack I think you could actually understand percent off your trial and free shipping if you go to the farmer's dog dot com slash lead again you'll save fifty percent off and get free shipping that's the farmer's dog dot com slash Liyang for Fifty Ozzie Interior designer by going to Mawdsley Dot Com and use code leaning gang that's M. O. D. S. Y. DOT COM and use code of a fraction of the cost of hiring an interior designer and it's so much easier all you do is take a few photos and measurements of your space furniture and all and take the the beginning you're listening to the Lady Gang Okay and we're back so for this part of our podcast we ever listeners writing questions and your dogs you know they're getting the nutrition they need it's pre- proportions you don't have to worry about under overfeeding customer service is incredible you can text email or call we've been but you know not all of us have that money and that's why I love Monty so I actually used Maude Z.. To design my entire apartment when I moved some of your free trial and free shipping you know we'd all have to hire an interior designer for homes just like we'd like to hire a personal trainer or a masseuse or personal assistant moved and they are the best they're the revolutionary online interior home designed service that starts

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