Is The Pop-Up Trend Fading? #586


today is the pop up concept fading in popularity not according a taco bell is no idea of a pop up is not really a new thing it's been around for number of ease some would say that it's maybe had its peak it was popular a few years ago but now it's possibly fighting off but you recall maybe a few days ago i spoke about the total spot takeover which really is kind of a form of a pop up will taco bell the fast food company has just announced they're doing i total hotel takeover so they've actually taken over the existing hotel for days i think it is you know just they gonna rican sexualize the whole thing the rooms v f b the concept so around it and they're calling it the bell and renaming it and apparently the rooms for the four days the were available freestyle all the hotel rooms will basically sold out within two minutes of being a viable facade so that would tend to indicate that the market is still very much open to this idea of total takeover temporarily or i pop top of concept so i would really encourage you to think

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