The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 727 News and 2020 Outlooks


<music> hello awkward grabbing seven twenty-seven on the sleeper in the bus. It's wednesday august fourteenth. I'm your host. I'm joined by justin mason justin. What's going on dude. It is so oh hot right now. Oh my god fan yourself with that. You want in the draft kings game yeah did. Let's go man who who did it for foia. Who was it a team effort or was there to that really. It was really a team effort one. I mean i think i won by like forty something points in our contest. It was a little bit tighter in the towers. My giannella made kind of run. I ended up winning that one too is so i won the period as well which gets something in a tournament. Tell me you did. I did not d._f._s. Wanna one yeah it. I should've i honestly i had i when i set up when i stood up my <hes> my lines for earlier in the day you know us kind of a dummy lineup. It's got some of the players and ideas of kind of what i wanna build and then typically you know about an hour or so before log all make sure you guys are in the lineup move things around things like that. <hes> and i wish i had run at least one contest with the original lineup because it even better oh no is way the worse i'd like matt boyd instead of jack flaherty everybody but two guys score double digits for you yeah it was it was really a team effort and it was you know i mean obviously yankees. Stack against you know means in the orioles is always a good idea. I faded colorado in colorado which you've heard a lot of people tennis the gotten at ten seven with l._a. Pittsburgh that's that's really what did it. I would say that that that effort with bell frazier and otani was was really where it was that yet trout as well but he's actually on your underperformance as was gleyber torres to your most expensive guys great job there though well done. I like that you had joe ross since it's on on the topic. There wasn't gonna bring them up but you pick joe ross. You're obviously familiar with what he's doing and light his chances to to do something there last night i joe ross was a prospect i. I've always loved tights. It's an fell right for joe joe. I i did not pay him any mind this year. I was like you gotta show something and we talk about players like that where it's like until you shows something. I'm not in and i might lose you to a waiver wire. I don't care but now he's showing something you'll get his last three starts for joe roff basically his august thus far at arizona at san francisco and then yesterday against a quality cincinnati team. He's allowed just wondering run in eighteen innings now he does have eleven strikeouts nine walks but <hes> this three innings sample. He is throwing watched <hes>. I watched the san francisco start for joe ross. Is he somebody that you're picking picking up and hanging onto right now. I don't know that i'm hanging onto him but he's definitely someone i am. I'm kind of looking at the schedule and going knowing okay. Is he usable in in the near future. He's not a guy that i necessarily want to run out there against elite competition but <hes> i mean if if you had seen kind of this san francisco and cincinnati to step you probably you probably would've wanted to use him. I mean these are two offenses. That aren't necessarily firing on all cylinders so i used him yesterday largely because he was home versus it's an any and <hes> he was extremely cheap in d._f._s. And i think that kind of the the <hes> the things you want to target. Is you know he was extremely cheap. People out to load up on bats. <hes> you know in pair them with clarity so. I don't know that i'm holding onto him anywhere. I don't know where his next start is because to pittsburgh and then the cubs home to miami gotta go pittsburgh. You're gonna to use them against cincinnati at home. You're you're going to pittsburgh like terrible. They rise up every once in a while like any team does but you're not afraid of pittsburgh in fact dylan peter's tonight. Tonight is an interesting spot start their dreadful against lefties not joe ross a but i think the point stands and you know at the cubs will be tough <hes> <hes> but miami after that so joe ross you might want to just be putting them on your bench as opposed to letting i'm get dangled back out. There on the waiver wire be dominates at pittsburgh. There is a scenario where i would start at chicago. I will say that joe ross <hes>. It's not that's right now for me. Though the upside just so limited i mean these last three starts where he's been very very good. He's only had three three strikeouts but i think a lot of that right. Now is joe ross looking to survive and doing so he's still getting swinging strikes not really going for the strike outs i think as he settles we could see a little bit more of the strikeout upside because he does have an eleven percent inswinging strike rate so anyway. That's just where i'm at right now with with. Joe ross is definitely something to pick up in stream to your point for the app is for sure. Maybe not for the chicago but then home against miami to cap off the month. You would definitely want to get back on that little tangent there. We got a lot of news and notes today so we're gonna we're gonna cover that kind to get your outlook on some of these guys whether it's going forward for the rest of this season or into twenty twenty because of some injuries then a few performances that have been going off and i want to get your thoughts on where they're at ah especially their twenty twenty outlook. Let's start with some unfortunate bad news for pittsburgh. This came on. Nobody i mean shouldn't we start with like the big good news as a pitcher going to arizona arizona yeah yeah. I was gonna talk about that at the end of it. That's fast. I just figured we start off on a high note and then i'll be at we. Did you one relax. How many high notes do you need today. I need all the high notes clearly clearly but yeah you're gonna to be there. It's going to be awesome. I'm really excited to be honest it's going to it's going to be a lot of fun and i mean just the people that are going. It's going to be even better this year than it has gets better every year it really does. We talk this event. They don't pay us. You know it's not anything like that. We call it. You know we talk it up because joey lobby. It's been a great and i'm really excited that you're going to be there. I will say that the the lunchroom mean with you on the outside was one of the funniest things i've ever seen life. <hes> did you see the the first burst first birthday version of that. No i didn't <hes> games to me. Yeah off off to send you the one that <hes>. Ah after i announced that i was going to be going there was a kind of a response mean. You're gonna miss the first birthday but like the i. I don't think i feel like a crappy dad and everything at the same time she's not gonna know missing it no chance and then honestly <music> honestly. It'll become like probably a funny thing dad. You're going to get my birthday this year like you did when i was one you know that's that's kind of a funny jab that <hes> that you guys has can have because you know danielle is gonna bring up so that'll be funny job all weekend. Oh well yeah that's one hundred percent on the weekend this year but i'm talking like when she's twelve and the day before her third no way she lets this go ever know nor nor should she so it'd be great a great. I mean fodder for the future. Let's get back into this news james anton down with tommy john outta nowhere really i did my ideal top thirty podcast casts yesterday and i talked about a group of honorable mentions ty did not make the top thirty but he was in the next twenty honorable mentions thinking that it's going to be an off offseason of rest and rehab coming back from from the strain that he had nope full-scale tommy john out twenty twenty and it's really tough now to to be all that bullish on jameson on. It's just it's one thing after another and i it really sucks because this is a career. That's being cut a short that i think really could have been special big town. Fan loved him coming into the year. You only had fourteen era in his first seven stars but i was not deterred at all my my i love about what he could do was still very high. Even with the strike outs underwhelming little bit thirty in thirty seven and a third innings the way was throwing was strong but then the flex restraint right right elbow flex restraint turned into tommy john and like i said out twenty twenty in dynasty. We're yet now with with jamison. Take the pennies on the dollar or you. Just ride it out and put. I'm on the stash i mean i'm always about taking pennies on the dollar especially if i know that twenty twenty is in going to be profitable for me anyway so there may be a league or to where i go and acquire a tie on that being you'll pay. You'll pay the pennies on the dollar. Sure sure why not okay yeah. No no that's fine. I misunderstood you would take it and start selling off your shares. It depends on i mean i don't know if i would sell off my shares shares unless i was in a league. That didn't have a lot of i._l. Slots every game you. This is is probably too hot right now because we can still dream on it but i feel like in two weeks. It could be more reasonable than say like aristidies keno. I'm trying to think of somebody who is like that flashing flashing the pan though that somebody just say you know what you can have this guy right. Now is kind of out of nowhere think ryan goines is too low and aristide is too high but you get the vibe. I'm trying go for here. I don't know that i would necessarily i don't believe in kenya so why would you take talk men for tie on. Would you trade trade. Talk in a dynasty league talk for tyron okay and so then you were trained aquino too. Okay okay well. That's where you're at then. There's not much else to i'd say right. Now about a massive bummer struck me. I know where i was talking yesterday actually kind of getting excited like oh yeah. We'll be twenty twenty back on the train and then boom t._j. Jake arrieta elbow. I l out for the year. It looks like terrible anyway <hes> hm this doesn't really move the needle as far as like oh no fantasy teams are are toast. It does cost them some innings. Though right i mean when we started talking about n._f._c. Versus real life it's one of those things where he was still eating innings and while he was not particularly fantasy viable with four sixty four year eight and a one forty seven whip jake arrieta i mean that's that's grinding out like just worse than a quality start and every time out that's useful for a real life team so now they have to go replace a place that but what is your outlook on gariana going forward because i was a thousand percent out this year and yanking me back in next year. That's for sure so so. Where are you right now with an elbow injury. That's likely to cost him the rest of the season yeah hours right there with ya. I'm i'm out obviously for this year. I think you can you. I used to drop him in just about every format. I know i say full-scale draw now only here for hanna yeah so i'm <music>. I'm gonna stay out next year. The price is going to be nothing so if you wanna take a shot on it. I just think you can get <hes> you know sixto extols sanchez or something like that probably in the same spots yes by back in and some of the prospects who didn't pan out this year like hey seuss lazardo force whitley lately that's the drought trains and so why even why even take the area at a shot because it's going to be safer yeah and those prospects come up and ella say they're more of like this year's jake arrieta but they have the upside to be like good jake arrieta if we're really if we're keeping in the scope of them versus area so i'm with you full l. pass it does put zach f. one back in rotation i believe in he's flashes this year but obviously was poor enough to get kicked out. Where do you stand with zach kathleen as a mixed league pickup is funny because last year we were looking at those underlying numbers going man. There's some room for growth here but he can't keep the ball in the ard ard yup and this shocked to learn that on june nineteenth after his quality start at washington zach f. one had a two eighty three e._r._a. Day june nineteenth. Do you know what it's like far and half right yeah it's four forty nine so you put an eight and one in the subsequent thirty two and a third innings there and guess what he gave up ten homer so there's your there's your segue segue back into what you were saying about keeping the ball in the yard and that's i mean that's brutal so is that your biggest concern here and why you might not be interested in yeah. That's my big concern. I mean i like the stuff but if you can't keep the ball ard philadelphia he's he's gonna have problems that being said is giving up only one home run in his last four outings so that's a bit encouraging though it's not like they face the giants twice yet and then tripped arizona with the humidor and then the white sox on exact scary and it's like five innings so i feel you on that zach one the thing of it is he's going to look like an oasis waste out there on the waiver wire because even with the four forty nine e._r._a. It's still one hundred eighteen innings ninety nine strikeouts that you're gonna see that it's going to be enticing. Let me just kind of give you. The schedule set up here a little bit san diego this weekend at miami the following again. They only have a five day schedule so we actually next week so he actually goes set a saturday here for flat. I really really just decided that. I'm actually going to go pick my one fastest finger league. I'm gonna now because why the heck not take that shot. I mean if he can if he can get through san diego will he should have no problem getting through miami so yeah why not take the shot up side there yeah yeah. Just you know hopefully you don't get burnt and there's always that opportunity was going for the afrin can do i will say it could be a two and and jump off situation now because it winds up mets at cincy atlanta boston so it gets a lot tougher there zac f. one would have to prove even the san diego miami starts improve as much as you can't to starts that he is commanding the ball well enough to keep it in the yard or else. It could be held pace. I say get zack f for this saturday the next saturday and then consider moving on unless we see something that really look like that first half of the season. Let's talk about robbie ray. He loved his start today with a little bit of a back situation. Back expands should be anything too crazy only two innings in colorado. Is this almost a blessing in disguise being slightly tongue in cheek but also somewhat series of course field yeah we we don't miss a game. This is the one you wanted to you know and it's back spasms. He should be all right so it's not i'm not wishing for injury or routing being on it. I'm just saying like a couple of weeks there anyway. Let me just go ahead and get out of this one. I'd already given up a run to walks on a hit <hes> so yeah kind of the long ball anyway. I'm just saying i'm just so with robbie ray. I did want to talk a little bit about his his twenty twenty outlook here because let me ask you something real. Quick and get your thoughts. Where do you think is on among starting pitchers on the razz ballplayer raider. I bet you he's twenty sixth really good at this today. What was the other thing you guess f. One ziara twenty eighth very well done there and that impresses me i did. I wouldn't have said that high. I think because it's it's it's a bland offering outside of the strikeouts but the strike outs it's strong with robbie ray and the simple fact is something that we've hammered home repeatedly in the last year plus plus you don't need to the top of the scale of innings to rate well on these either so you take a three ninety nine one hundred and eighty five strikeouts in one one hundred forty innings and ten wins and boom. You're twenty eighth among starting pitchers. That's where robbie ray has any always costs fair market value. There was that one bid after after the sub three e. r. a. where he was pushed up and that was that was an issue because it was very clear that he was not anywhere near it eighty ninety or a guy i am but since then last last season's draft price i think upcoming season's draft price twenty twenty. I think robbie ray will be someone worth buying lying. Just you kind of know what you're getting right. Yeah i think if as long as he keeps the ball in the yard and doesn't walk the entire yard and while while for walks per nine isn't necessarily thing we aspire to for him. That's keeping people off the base paths yeah because it was five last year earn it really ballooned robberies whip to one thirty five and then all of a sudden you start to undercut the positives that he's doing with a passable e._r._a. In the elite each strikeout rate so <hes> yeah the bax shouldn't be anything too bad business as usual. You almost caught a break there to be quite honest though because he wasn't chorus field on the sean the only only three pitchers that have a higher k per nine than robbie ray in at least one hundred and forty innings so far this year chris sale garrett cole justin austin versus number yup they go and that's that's how you're twenty six are twenty-eight despite you know solid but unspectacular era a mediocre whip at one twenty nine for robbie ray all right showman ira gonna be back after one more triple a rehab start it hasn't rained in the minors with the results particularly because of hits and homers but the underlying skills and twenty four and a third innings with thirty five strikeouts in eight eight walks. We somewhat encouraging here <hes> he has split his time between high and triple a. and got blitzed in tripoli. Those are excuse me in high. Hey those were the early starts. He was not going long eight and a third of the three starts and it was really bad in the sixteen aaa innings. It hasn't been bad outside of the four homers giving up so he gets yeah his home. Park of oakland for shaman is going to be a hell of a lot better than anything in las vegas or the has to offer. Are you jumping on the mnay train before he comes up or is it a wait and see approach. Do we know what his schedule is. Potentially let me just go over the general schedule for them and kind of eyeball it because it's hard to know exactly what he's going to come back so so let me get that here for oakland. <hes> let's see and by the way i think as cels ardoz also working his way back so the two of them could be coming in tandem here so let's just start with next week. It's a new york for three. Don't want that the yankees but another two pack against the giants okay yeah that would be nice yup and then a four pack against case he he comes back in that six day range and that plausible considering ninety seven his final rehab start art from august fourth through august twenty nine. I think one of the encouraging th there's two encouraging things for me one that he's gone in his last two starts he's gone six innings and then five and two thirds when was that last one from his last one was it's eight thirteen at kansas city yesterday okay so <hes> he's gotten strikeouts in those two starts as well eight strikeouts in that six existing stretch and ten strikeouts yesterday versus kansas city's triple eighteen so he's he's staying in the game deep deep enough to get out to get a quality start and <hes> getting strikeouts. I think that kind of lends well to him having success at the major league level especially getting a pitch in oakland <hes> which is a nice little pitchers haven. I think i would kind of grab him especially in fifteen leagues even if it's just a stream in for a starter too yeah even if it's just to see what with the san francisco or k._c. If chamonix depending on when he comes back if everything it goes well with the last rehab that'd be great. If it gets pushed all the way to the end of the month the new york that's a different story but then it's home for six against the angels and the tigers and even the angels have some difficult parts in their lineup. I still wouldn't be as afraid of starting there <hes> and then of course if it's detroit then it's all systems go so keep an eye on an idea i agree. I think particularly if you're pitching starved and you're already turning over iraq. You're looking to get eflin right now. You go get maniaci ahead had a time anything either like the nice thing. I if if you're running low on fab or you're trying to conserve for the last six weeks you shouldn't have to to break your budget and don't like two three dollars because if somebody else wants to overpay let them because guys like keno he did go and a lot of leagues but there were some wigs were he. He's going he was going and he was the hottest thing going right now. Aquino was talk men and they were going at reasonable prices so sean. Minaya should be a sub sub five dollar bet therefore particularly. You're buying ahead of time. Alex dickerson is going to be activated after an oblique situation with the giants pablo sandoval all goes to the i. l. to take his place <hes> they basically trade spots. There dickerson was absolutely electric for the ninety eight plate appearances that he put up before this. I l stint six six homers. Three triples ten doubles three eighty six four forty nine seven seventy three bungie numbers bottom line he was kicking but can you come back and carry on on in mid eight hundred's opiates because he's not going to keep at twelve twenty. Nobody thinks is gonna do that. Can you <hes> but but can you keep can keep something in the mid eight hundred's with some punch because that's what he is is. A power guy fawkes dickerson. What do you think i don't think so well. I just i that's the giants fan. Folks coming at you at the honesty. Yeah i think he can be a an interesting adding player in maybe kind of league average in your fifteen team leagues but i don't expect him to be anything. Worth fawning over the park accepts too much power that lineups just absolutely atrocious awesome oh sarah i was trying to finish your sentence. I i we're not quite as in tune is we. We will be after spending a weekend together in arizona hell but it's yeah. I think you probably have admist hot streak. If you didn't pick up before again i'm talking like i don't know i think i think he can keep a mid eighteen hundreds what i do like that he comes off the gets the game today at home against oakland which then they go on the road getting shut out okay so <hes> if he's in that one than than homer bailey's cutting them up <hes> but this is alex nickerson we're talking with the with the pronouns there but beyond beyond that once they go on a on a away stand a road trip. I should say in a way stand cool life. Do i'm going to quit. I quit the podcast here. Charlotte take over in a way stand band sick brain functioning <hes> anyway he didn't play into a stickers that did not play in today's game but that so he's going to be there for the rhody at arizona at the cubs so i say pick them up if you need a little punch if it is like mid low eight hundred with some power and you can afford potential batting average hit. I think that's what you're really protecting against their as you mentioned the park always difficult particularly for a left handed guy so i'm not saying anything near the hot streak that we saw you know he hit six six homers in ninety eight plate appearances. What's he gonna get the rest of the year like two hundred point. Yeah i was gonna say about four or five. I keep going to repeat that but maybe in double the playing time yeah. I just think there is enough dickerson. I was gonna say. I just don't think there's enough upside to warrant <hes> the downside that's fair. We'll see we'll see how it goes and of course needs needs vary obviously when you're need offense vince. You're not hoping to go to san francisco to look for it. There was some intrigued with him. Though during that hahtrick that's dickerson moving on jeff. Mcneil hits the l. with with a hamstring situation. I don't like calling every injury of situations that i'm just an injury <hes> again. My brain does not work today. I guess i'm just so excited to see you on october that i. I can't talk straight but i've faded him a little bit this year. It was the one thing i will say. I did like it when it came to people wanting to prop up joey wendell. I was like well gimme jeff mcneil. I thought they were the same player gimme jeff mcneil as far as that goes so i had a little love for when it came to that debate but overall. I can't say that i was i was really trying to get jeff mcneil beyond that and he's really impressed. He's actually used a super happy. Bouncy fund ball clip along with the great average. We knew the average was going to be there but he's three thirty to four. Hundred five twenty nine with fifteen yaks even thrown informs on basis granted. It's been nine opportunities but jeff. Neil's been pretty nice assuming this injury is not something that hamstring is should fine. What do you think of the multi altea positional eligible jeff mcneil for next year in two thousand twenty. I kind of feel like he is early career justin turner war ooh where he's just getting that first power does this year but then even more that i mean that fits the it's the average plays multiple people positions yup. I work for like you're doing kind of a weird thing here. Because justin turner was as well now he didn't really break out with them but that that that gives us like an extra link. At least he could do it with the mets whereas turner left and then broke out so i'm going to be very interested especially. I'm not one of those this guy's at prioritizes average but he's third in the race for the n._f._l. Batting title right now. He's not what i really don't think that even if he comes back and he's fine. Let's say it comes back in two weeks continues on his trajectory of doing well. I don't think jeff mcneil's prices going going to soar. It's gonna go up from last year but i don't think it's going to be agreed just to where you're like. Oh i can't pay that and if you get cheaper batting average like you said you don't prioritize it usually because it's too expensive. I think that's why you usually fade. I mean this is not perfect analog because it was it was on memorial morial day and we've had plenty of excellence from mcneil sense then but he only went to fifty seven knows drafts and he was already doing well in fact. I kind of look exactly exactly where he was around that time his slosh well he was on the i l. at the time but he was hitting three thirty one four eighteen four sixty one macneil was so you know he's been better since particularly with the power but what even if he seventy picks from that to fifty seven seven a._d._p. You're talking <hes>. I have no problem taking him at that. At that level of around one eighty one seventy the guy is so for home runs a three hundred batting average yeah at the top of lineup even even if it's not a great one we'll see what the mets do in the off season and everything anything awful lineup no no yeah i'm on jeffrey neil. It's a bummer. They got hurt here but just ride it out. Bring him back. He converted me. That's another point in in the conference chamberlain by the way too quick trivia questions ones about mcneil because i'm looking kind of underneath nisa hood a little bit. I'm a bit concerned. Like what do you think is swing percentages what you said you're a big concern because obviously i would've said had not because he's such a good batting average guy low strikeouts fourteen percent clip yeah i would've said swing would be like i don't know fifteen percent or something. It's forty one. What is contact is just amazing play coverage. I mean he's got a seventy percent okay so he's making a ton of contact outside when he swing outside so he's like you know he's kind kind of wadi. Ask here as far as like as far as that obviously not the full profile here but that it really is he could be striking out only fourteen fourteen percent clip but swinging outside of the zone that much you know that's reminiscent of a <hes> well not the strike outweigh the that's the thing anytime i find a calm it kind of breaks down because the guys don't don't swing that much. It's forty percent on the swing right. Actually no this is this one does work. It's kinda reminiscent of like an eddie rosario and he swings a lot and doesn't have a lot of patients. You didn't take walk but he makes contact outside of the zone and if they can do damage on it. I'm all for it so you know i'm here for this with jeff mcneil to like i was saying good call by mcneil and talk me whenever i heard their name all year out. Chairman is what i would think of and he runs with both the talk one took awhile but <hes> big ups to him so hold on before you move on <hes>. That was a piece of trivia one. There's two there's two mcneil is third in the n._f._l. Batting title race christian yelich is to who's not who's leading the n._l. Batting title racer <hes> uh-huh. Josh bell nope his teammate though kevin newman no. I'm brian ronald yeah. I think i meant to say reynolds. When i said numan truthfully to reynolds has thirteen home runs is hitting three thirty eight. Oh my one didn't he only recently qualified to maybe he wasn't leading a while because he wasn't yet qualified fine yeah so it's going to be an i mean he. He's got a little bit of a lead on <hes> on christianity to going going to be interesting race down the stretch. If ryan reynolds when you know brian reynolds will look pretty good at the toppling of san francisco lineup. They could use a guy like really interested to see where in those are jerk thing to say really interested to see where he goes like in the too early mock drafts yup because that's another cheap batting average i think i don't think people are going to overspend on a guy like brian. Reynolds and i'm here to pick it up. I think i think guys like mcneil neill and reynolds and the aforementioned newman who's hitting three oh to a few other guys out there that do this kind of thing they could. Maybe help you use big when you are or maybe even lean into more of your no batting average thing earlier in the draft or even later at the ends of the draft but then in the middle you you pat it with these these guys here so that if you don't get a joey gallo hitting sixty five or whatever you're getting protected by these buddies brian reynolds types 'cause. I don't think hans john's or l. Bertos who is worth in the american league batting tyler is absurd or louis arise in in minnesota whose like basically kind of a willens as to d._o. But not as big of a cult favorite because he's not a portly guy who also plays catcher somehow ronald a kunia. I have not heard of that guy so don't really know anything about him late by the way. I don't really have anywhere but i fully support him going. In the first round. I wonder how much victory the people who took him in the first. That got crapped on our doing. They've got to be loving. I think more deka at the yeah yeah. I get a <music> virtually daily reminder that i took a altoona they over kunia by calling weather wax in our main event qualifier fire sorry. I wasn't trying to roast you there i didn't i didn't realize he he just he owned a pretty close to daily reminder. You know he sends me. I remember it was like a thing that modique took him fourth in arizona like <hes> look at him overreacting to the hot finish that he had maybe he i should've gone earlier. Let's be honest. Maybe he should've gone ahead of knowing aired auto in that draft as well but a kuni is amazing derailment there. Let's get over to garcia speaking speaking of batting average another guy who sitting pretty well but he's gonna hit the i l. right. Now i believe with an oblique yes least favorite injury so that stinks <hes> hit seventy eight nine thirty average and you had a few years ago but still happened. The pop seventeen homers sneaky nine stolen bases for missile garcia. Eh as far as the oblique goes that's right. That's my concern cutting him shower leagues. I'm cutting them in all formats except for only take. You can't do it but yeah it's. It's a huge bummer because he's putting up that milky peak milk caroline with ray com isn't like super sexy but it's super valuable as you're like number four outfielder yup. It's a it's a glue piece that look at the end of the year and it was worth like twenty two dollars in your damp. I got him for three dollars or whatever the case may be so great comp there. I agree with you mixers. I think gotta move on oblique so the worst a._l. Hold on impre y'all moncada going out on a cab for the white sox. We haven't heard much from him or tim anderson really they haven't been really in the spotlight lately but they're both continuing their break out. Seasons moncada has a three zero one three fifty eight five thirty thirty-five slash with twenty homers seven steals now. He's only played ninety seven games so far so when he returns he'll probably finish with what <hes> round one hundred and twenty five ish games by the time he gets back from this hamstring strain. Where does moncada's value i next year because he didn't quite complete the breakout but the bottom line is going to look good unless he he sputters to the finish line. Yeah it'd be interesting to see what he does rest the way he he's become more aggressive this year fire which is obviously a he's made a concerted effort to be nor aggressive at the plate and i think it's working obviously he's walking get his lowest rate in the major leagues but i mean he's added this power this batting average has i mean that's obviously going to come down. I think think he's probably more of a two sixty two seventy hitter. I just have no idea where the industry's going to put him in terms of like a._d._p. Ian ranks next year remember where he went in the too early <hes> last year. Excuse me not too early in the <hes>. What's it called. Oh i'm sure he went way way higher than we got because that was when that was when he and anderson were getting all of their buzz so he went fifty. Excuse me anderson went fifty sixth. Moncada went sixty. I do you think he improves upon or acts to that goes up higher or or kind of stays where he is from cada. I think he's going to kind of stay where he is which isn't barring like september right. Yeah i mean if he goes is often september. All bets are off top third. He's only twenty four years old. Yeah i mean that's the thing with moncada here. You know those that were kind of writing it off and i had my doubts for sure because the batting average with the strike outs that was my biggest concern i thought power speech scher but is it going to be with the two-thirty average. It's going to be painful same with tim. Anderson had some concerns with him but i like i'm okay with inkata's changed here because it's not like as walk rates nothing. It's it's still eight percent. He'll still take a walk on you. If you're going to throw all around him he striking out last two hundred twenty eight percent clip after thirty three percent for two years so i like moncada aw i would take him as a top seventy guy. I got to see how he finishes before. I can really move much higher than that though yeah. I think that's fair to aces looking looking like things are going to be better. Garrett cole was scratched with a hamstring but he is feeling better still unknown if it's going to be an eye ouston but then a groin excuse accuse me growing growing growing growing growing for garrett cole but then the ron boy the back muscle for max scherzer. He says he's ready to return with these two guys <hes>. I guess guess what i'm really looking for is not so much about their outlook here because obviously once they're back. You're putting them in your line up. You need them but for next year. Where do you have sherzer in coal because i did my top thirty. Yesterday i had shares her to coal four with the one caveat that kohl resigns in houston he would be my number one. Wow oh. I don't know i'm saying like that is like some hot. Take or something or i'm taking back. My i have no problem. It's just everything that they've done because you look at the top of the heap right. Now is very lender sherzer degrom for me. They're all bit older so gimme the younger guy who's doing the same thing but if he leaves houston i got to have a little bit more trepidation an kinda keeping more in the four five six range depending on how cole bueller sale finish out doc where where do you stand with and co for next year probably one for me okay so maybe the coles one for me just because we finally have seen a little kind of chink in the armor of of of yasser max is human believe it or not weird right. He's had a few deal. I l stints this year so beat himself up with the bun <hes> first rounders right and a fifteen teamer yeah yeah probably i would think so right and sure <hes> even sale and you're in some leagues i think candy. I don't think all six are going to be first rounders unders but i think those are your first round pitchers. I think if you're if you're moving up for me my next three are bieber club insurance josh. I think if you're moving them up to the first round. You're trying a little bit too hard i think. Are you going to take a pitcher in the first round next year. I think that becomes the the the more important question because they may be going in the first round but that it doesn't mean we're taking him there correct and i would take cole if he was there around like a ten pick if i'd picked ten. I don't think there's any chances her her car especially if he goes back to houston zero chance so i think the bottom line answering your question without caveats probably not is he a for robin cole a first rounder founder if he goes to new york probably even more so for some people because of the yankee tax. Your question is more. Should he be and i'll say yes still i think he's still should be but i will say. That's the exact kind of landing spot that would push me down a little bit. You know how feel about guys with their first year of a giant deal in a new spot. There has been some research on it to blake murphy to s._p. For me where you found that they are a bit worse. Some of that is the normal regression of coming off of a big this season to even earn the type of contract that you have but i just like a year settling not everyone peels back. Patrick corbin's been excellent. He's he's also been the third dog on the team. Cole would be going there to be the guy and he's second dog to overland right now which i'm not making any comments on saying he can't be top dog. I'm saying there's pressure at that and we don't know how a guy deals with it. So if code does go somewhere like new york or boston went crazy one of the big market teams where he has to be top dog i would i would pull back as far as drafting him for twenty twenty. I wanna see the adjustment year. He's never pitched in houston. John sorry in in new york against the say. I i really think he has since just the ninety seven degrees in my office go to sleep get off my back but <hes> yeah so he was just garrett. Cole was <hes> after by them and then decided go to u._c._l._a. So the fact he's never pitched. He might do it in the playoffs and then we'll get to see what's what i believe. He's he's an absolute stud. I love him but i really just hope be stays in houston and he'll be my number. One guy <hes> speaking of potential first rounders for nicotine's junior back injury aiming for friday returned nothing too crazy there so that's why we're not so focused focused on the injury and more looking ahead. I think i did ask you this already but i forgot the answer so i'll just be honest about it when we were talking some twenty twenty two stuff is totti's a first round for next year. He's going to be close. I mean he's going to be in a lot of first round. He might have first round a._d._p. V._p. It's more of whether or not just in mason he gets there. It's gonna be very very close for me. I i know the batting average is is going to tail off. I don't think anybody's expecting him to hit three hundred next year but it doesn't have to crater either because if he improves the strike because he's twenty he can't drink yet. He hasn't had a chance to go crack open a beer pop open baseball's baseball savant and realized that he needs to maybe swing less. I i mean you can do that without the beer but you need the beer to vertically. That's just how it works science science right there so until you can legally do that we have. We have to give a chance to at least improve on his own here so again. I think he's going to track very close to a first around eighty p. I won't be afraid to do it. I don't know that i currently have him as a top fifteen. If i'm just eyeballing it he's damn close like you said. Don't i know it's a a little bit of a cop out that we're just saying he's he's close instead of committing one way or the other but he's he's excellent fernando. Tateishi juniors absolutely excellent the bat who was a <hes> very very low on him coming. They don't ever bring that up online no now but the bats arrest season projections haven't finishing with thirty thirty one twenty season gross there now the highest by the way the bats now the highest and you know listen. I buy like derek. I talk with them. I understand and his process you know acting like he goes in and says. I hate from entities junior. Let me push down his numbers as opposed to talking about him with his system and actually having a human conversation with senators being a dildo about it <hes> i like that the system moves though and when it does get new information particularly on rookies now he's out in front so he might start behind with some of these but he wants to see. What's what are the bat you know the system system does but then when you put in the information of three hundred and seventy two major league plate appearances of excellence now the bats like yeah. This guy is good. We just didn't know yet because because he had fifty billion percent strike coury yeah. I mean the more projects to some guests to see a player. They're going to have better and more accurate information. I mean i. I like derek a lot too. I think he's one of the nicest people in the industry. <hes> and i've always enjoyed hanging out with him. When i've had the opportunity so <hes> i think he gets unfairly treated win. His system is down on a player. It's it's the same it's the same type of person like like bill ripken on m._l._b. The investors in that points out every time the shift doesn't work. Nobody's saying it's a hundred a percent. I think that derek himself understands that it's light on rookies and something needs to be done about that because the game has changed. He got he got he. When the bat had just twelve twelve homers projected for jordan alvarez you know and he has seventeen in forty eight games but now he's on he's in. He's the high man again to eighty. I five average is the highest ten homers are the highest one forty two of the highest so i don't think it's just like oh. I was wrong here. Let me overreact the other way again. I think it's the data i think the bat moves becker than other systems and i i liked that. I liked that they take the system in and they're ready to say okay we now. I'll see something about this guy. In the majors we can put that into the mix and give him a more stable projection. Yeah is he a first. I ran for you tease yeah. It's really close man. That's speed. I mean here's the thing okay well. What do you think totti's juniors batting average is is actually going to be here. Let's say he has eight between okay. If you're saying eighty than i have to because i can't one side of my mouth take trae turner earn the first round but not for nato totti's junior and i know that he hasn't put up quite of the same stolen base rate of turner yet but he's also put up more power so if you're just adding homers plus as bs it's right there and i do think turner still a first rounder so at that point if you're giving me a two eighty i was gonna say give me nia to seventy to eighty then yes. I am taking totti's junior in the first round because i think they're going to be better next year too. I think they are they're going to build on this year and we don't have dundalk conversation about whether they should have had tattoos and pat again but they're going to continue you know they're trying to open their window right now. They thought they opened it this year but even better next. I hear it's so hard because we just had a cautionary tale in that ronaldo. Kunia guy who i know it's just couldn't just couldn't didn't live up to the hype and what he did the previous year again yeah. I you know you talk about a kunia. I t's and that kind of class of player he he can not only build a rookie season but but greatly improve upon padres team's only gonna get better around him. Yep yep absolutely so well. That's been a news. He's here carlos carrasco. Obviously battling leukemia gonna face live batters fantastic news. I can't wait to see him get back. I really hope he gets back <hes> in in his able to pitch at points this year. Maybe pitching the playoffs for them. Let's assume he does all right. Let's assume <unk> has a rehab comes back decent september number quality you know he's himself for september in the playoffs at that point. Where would you rank carrasco because right now. I took kind of the easy way out of this. I'm just gonna park them in the honorable mentions. I gotta see what's going on. The gooky. Mia situation is the only concern right now. I don't care about fantasy until that's done but if we get clean bill of health and everything goes well. Where do you rank gresko next year as a pitcher. He's gonna be outside of my top twenty five okay <hes> enlighten thirty no probably not. I'd have to really sit down and kind of spot with this. I mean probably between thirty five and forty okay. Don't get me wrong. I hope he comes back. He's one of my favorite pitchers to watch. I was early in on the hype for for crass. Go that being said we're not talking about a guy who's had very good track record of health to begin with and we're gonna talk about guy who's going to be coming off a cancer treatments mints and chemotherapy and radiation or whatever they're doing for the leukemia and asking him to come back in a season a season after he's. He's only thrown sixty five innings and be an ace for us. I just think that's a really tall order in a lot to ask out of a guy. I'll be really interested to see where he goes. In drafts. Yeah i think so much of it is going to depend on this finish that he has in how healthy he is battling leukemia two then we can decide decide where carlos carrasco goes because if he does look like carlos carrasco that we know i think it will be top twenty five if he's more of a muted situation and has to miss time i'm again because maybe fatigue sets sets in that. I think people were really peel back and we'll have to see what happens for for twenty twenty but hoping for the best with with them great pitcher seem all all reports suggest great guy as well just hoping that everything comes through with regards to the to the leukemia four are carl's crafts go. Let's talk about a few performances now and some more twenty twenty outlooks actually is an before. It's like my favorite thing. I don't know why but right <hes> when i go on somebody's baseball reference page happens to be their birthday this aaron deputy evidence is so fun for me. I don't know i'm lame. I this is the stuff i enjoy. It's josh expels birthday. <hes> so happy. Birthday is twenty seventh birthday. Do you know that even with the big wall that he had he still leads baseball with ninety arabise and he was he was trashed for a little minute there nothing you know. I don't want to overstate it but he was. He was in his slump which he was bound to hear me he had. I'd like a five million okay so he was basically came out of the all star break and i'm sure i'm sure the homerun derby ruins you clowns sounds. Were just salivating over themselves about how how i was right. He had a one eighty to ninety six to forty six with no homers in his i seventy one plate appearances out of the all-star break for josh bell and took them through july thirty first in nine august games three forty four four forty seven seven thousand one with four homers including those four homers coming in the last three games a two one in one. He is electric again now again again. Let's keep them on like a normal trajectory. Let's say he finishes with a nine sixty. Five p. s. like forty one homers bunch bunch of a bunch of a bunch of runs. Where's josh bell next year who i think he's probably going to go in the second round amount. I don't know that i will be willing to necessarily take him there because of performance our first base or what visit because you coming into the year i loved him but i especially love this value and there's just no trillion that his value value is so low that i forgot him on the first base preview if you'll remember so we had to bring them up in a special segment and we were positive but we did not see this. Oh it was mostly league ariel cohen. He went off yeah he he. He identified him as the top bargain. If seasons if alex gets mcneil area gets that kind of situation i don't know maybe i shouldn't be so worried that he's going to take biggest back in power it just it just so hard to see him hit forty here after he hit twelve so i know what was so annoying that he had twelve after twenty six homers because he played you know even forty fewer plate appearances that does not cover fourteen fewer homers for josh bell so it was very frustrating and he's pacing for forty four now. It is his age twenty seven season. It is the all age twenty seven break. Raise your hand if you've been in fantasy long enough to remember when that was at the thing that's been blown out of the water by age curves now. I just figured if we're going to talk about the the homerun run derby effect to might as well twenty seven things so we have a breakdown of the verduci effect look great. That's yeah so second round. I think you're right. I am willing to take him there depending on how my first round goes what my what my team plan is. I'm open to this because bell makes good contact takes. This is walks <hes>. We saw flashes of the power before. I don't think it's just ball related of course that helps him. I think he is taking advantage of it but a switch hitter with this kind of power even even in a park that suppresses it going actually age it will be twenty seven because he just turned twenty seven today the cutoffs july first. I'm going going to be in on it. Next year is twenty-seven this is technically. We haven't even gotten the power jump yet. Have we fifty six homers homer next. Get ready for it all right here we go. Who would you rather have josh bell or freddy freeman. You know i kind of knew you were going to say that and i really hate because that's very difficult. I think i have to go freeman because bell wants to be freeman and freemuth already there here with several years of this excellence. He's only going to be thirty which is not. I'm not scared of a thirty year old. That team is silly a kunis getting a lot of the hype very deservedly but don't look now at at what are always is doing. He's at two ninety nine fifty four five zero five with what he's been doing. Your favorite guy dancy swanson still been positive josh donaldson speaking good and i think austin riley will be fine in the long term. He was overly electric. When he first came. He's been completely awful. Sent then and now on the i l. he's going to be somewhere in the middle next. I think he'll be like a what one fifteen one twenty ninety five range opium plus w._r._c. plus kind of guy next year with power so it's gonna be a good law. Do you know by the way he's going to get a second this year but it's only his second one one hundred rabi season for freeman. Wow which is why you have to be careful overly using our to mentor a guy because if you would say that he's bad had because of that for any reason teams has been bad exactly. Would you rather have josh bell or peter lonzo. I have come around on the poor but i'm gonna go bell on that. One okay the josh you. He doesn't look like a polar bear. Josh bear <hes> josh beckett spell or one soto hole that one that one's tough they go about it a little bit differently but i think the net value is very similar. I think i give the batting average stability. If i'm doing a project i'm gonna go soeda a little bit more and he has that chip and speed this year ten home or ten steals in tries had five last year in one hundred seven sixteen games so we knew that soto could could give you a little bit out of a chip in there and he's going to be twenty one next year. I love bella. Bama goes soto there yeah. I'm just surprised is that that soda has ten stolen bases. I think he had four of them in a game so that elms ten for eleven though it's not like the jeff mcneil contribution asian which is four for nine or even diverse is like nine for seventeen so really still forming. He didn't miss remembering numbering that so yeah. He's all once based games. That's just been chipping in little by little throughout the season just quietly doing doing his wants to. He's not a guy that speed necessarily either so i don't know smartvestor any basis with smart based learning and want sort of showing that so no shade on bell but i'm going to go soto their buy buy buy an inch and i'm probably have them very close to each other in composite ranking for sure. Let's move on here. Let's go and jose ramirez. Obviously we've talked about a lot this year but for once not once i guess we have recently though to or finally talking about in very positively and he couldn't be hotter right. Now i mean he absolutely looks like the guy who was drafted number three overall by so many folks he's clicking. I swear i watch a lot of indians games because they've been playing like like minnesota in boston and so i like to watch you know teams that are a both playoff caliber going ahead when i'm not watching the tigers and and so he's going off now and it's not just like a short little run here. We're talking about forty four games. One hundred eighty seven point parents for jose ramirez with a three twenty three fifty the eight six fifty one line twelve homers which is a forty five homer pace for where he's at seven steals which would be paid to twenty-six over a full season ramirez mirror looks like he's figured things out again with his power and that was really what was missing batting average too but the power was was absent it was gone and now he's back up to seventeen homers already. Is there a way that jose ramirez rallies enough to where you'd take them in the first round next year. That's that's the class <unk>. We're gonna be here yup man. I think i don't i don't. I don't think that's possible. I guess it is his as right. Now is twenty five thirty thirty five just with the bad to forty seven average but at twenty five thirty five if that's what he finishes at two fifty-five batting outing average if totti's is a potential first rounder house jose ramirez not if he ventured strong exactly. We're doing these challenges to ourself. Hey yeah you're right. If this talent pro does occur first round we really are right because there's so many interesting bats right now too and then it goes back to is your question about the pictures in the first round. Maybe you do dig because they're so. You're going to get such an brilliant second round hitter. Maybe you do go with garrett cole at pick. You know oh six because when you come all the way back you're still going to be choosing between one soto and josh bell for your first hitter or a ramirez. I'd even father you don't have. That's what i wanna on a c. Two i almost don't want to draft him because i wanna see what the market does without me taking him. That's a that's a good point and then that's always a really good strategy for or your first few mark drives is don't. Don't be the guy like in the office. Some guys really interested to see what the market does. Is it too early mugs. I think alive times industry guys wanna set the high pick on a guy. I've been guilty. I've absolutely been guilty but it's actually better to let someone else. Do it. Kinda wanna see where we had a few years ago when i did it. I was in every single mock draft and i took startling martin in like three of the four mocks we did and they totally totally ruined his a._d._p. Because i was the one taking him yeah that's is so duly influence. That never really got a vibe of what the market wanted on him so but it's it's one of those things where it's taught me. It's like okay. Mock drafts are about seeing where other people are valuing things not wear. Necessarily you are so you can write down. Who you you would've taken but sometimes it's better especially with. These guys like ramirez to see where he's gonna fall. I mean right now. In the second half so far he's got ten homerun six stolen bases hidden three twenty three forty six six eighty cheese the six because if he's not if jose ramirez is not hitting a double one. I look up and see him. It's a it's a homer. It's an extra base hit yeah. I'm telling you he's lacing things left and right every time i will you wanna talk about just being a pure hitter. <hes> his contact percentage in the second half is ninety percent. He's zone zone. Contact percentage is ninety six point eight percent if you throw the ball in his own jose ramirez is going to hit it and somehow went over for today so whoever that picture was. Let's get him a cy young because he stopped. He's not funny because if it was i'm going to have yeah we we haven't had a long silence in a while so i'm glad we raise stopping dead in my tracks. Johnny whole staff game bryan bryan johnson marcus marcus walden darwin's hernandez josh taylor nathan evolved who actually got the dub andrew cash ner brandon workman and so they pitched a hell of of a game bieber pitched on by the two runs and he gave up those alone would have been enough because they only scored one but then nick goody got bullets a little bit so it's a five one loss but anyway jose ramirez is okay. Let's let's assume that he won't get a first-round a._d._p. Barring just like literally keeping his second half pays for the rest of the year because then bottom line i would be too good <hes> let's say he does finish kind of like with the elite counting stats but but a two fifty average and so you a._d._p.'s around the second round does he become a target for ramirez then somebody who like i gotta get him at pick twenty to twenty. Let's call. I mean you have to use only gonna be twenty seven next last year and we just discussed about the twenty seven year power. It's guaranteed for performance to yeah. I'm going to be back in if if he's going in the second round and i think they're going to be people especially. The beauty is people starting to perform right. Now is <hes> it's hidden in football yeah. The football guys aren't around so though i think there's also been a little bit of <hes> in recent years of almost it's like a backlash and a._d._p. To that only because we guys like a mongoose type off so i in terms of a._d._p. Coming into next season. I almost wonder if it's football guys going back through the second half numbers to see what they missed and now we need to. I let me talk about this. Yeah don't and then you know. Hey don't let this be hidden. This guy was amazing in the second half. Let's get his a._d._p. A._d._p. Backup instead of letting letting people sleep on him and ramirez could be that guy because remember what happened with moncey. He started taking off around august. He he became kind of you. Know chic guy that a group of people were in on and then he just kept too damn good to where nobody nobody was hidden hidden on mondesi even if you are big time football guy who just asked out on your leagues in august because he had to start focusing on football you still knew that modesty was just too legit because he went off and had a second round a._d._p. For crying out loud so that could happen. I do wonder where this the guy will go. He hit six he had six hit yesterday including four doubles and it wasn't an extra inning game. It was just a run of the the mill nine inning game was ten dammit either way <hes> still amazing six for six with four doubles for rafael devers excellent work on him. He now has the m._l._b. Most hits and one hundred and fifty eight the m._l._b. high in doubles at forty three three a._l. High of ninety three rabies and m._l._b. high of eight caught stealing as i mentioned earlier eight for sixteen is his as his stolen base but they let the twenty two year old rafael devers keep running every once in a while. I'll take the chickens because mostly still don't use nets deal so i don't care i'll l. As long as they keep giving them like a yellow light to to get those japan's i'm here for but let's focus on the power output and the big breakout here for rafael devers this this this is chocolate for best shape of his life because that was a big story about how he cut wait. He felt he was carrying too heavy last year and he slimmed down down and he looks like the guy who was a mega project talk to me about raphael denver's in his twenty twenty outlook. I wonder if i think we were we're seeing the beginning. Just it's the tip of the iceberg in terms of his breakout like i think i think there is a forty home run potential in his bat. I was just about to say i. I think there are multiple thirty thirty. Five one hundred seasons basically like a j._d. Martinez at on the infield right now and they'll probably move forward. I eventually but that's the kind kind of that's the kind of impact bat. I'm looking at here with j._d. Himself which will keep their runs in rb is boosted. I mean i think theoretically i mean wins. Moorlands lind's contract of next year. I think it could be as early as next year. You think they'll probably keep him yeah. They'll probably keep deep dover's there at least one more season but i think they've got a couple of guys in the minor leagues who are third baseman that are interesting and like nick nor cut cut <hes> so but i think he's probably a season or two away. <hes> yeah i just i think he is is. I think we're gonna be talking about him. In the same vein that we're talking about josh bell and then go go on soda <hes> yeah in one soda so we're talking about a guy who is probably going to be a fourth round pick going into next year. That should deliver top two round talent or i oh i think i think the arezzo jona and maybe the too early mocks. He sits around for third but then by draft season. He's going to be a fringe second. Rounder under rafael devers is so that's where i see it going and i'm willing to pack. It's a it's a high freight for what it is but this was this was heralded prospect as well. I do believe in in pedigree and and guys panning out to where they are didn't wanna freak out when he had a mediocre year last year twenty one year old holding his own. I know it wasn't great right but he held his own for four hundred ninety appearances. I saw no reason not to buy in then you learn about the way you feel even more confident that there's a tangible change to things too and rafael devers has been excellent so i agree somewhere in that second fourth-round range depending on your league and all that but i would any of those prices right now last guy. I wanna talk about yuli gurriel. He was a late addition to this because the more frequent homers now unlike all these other amazing guys have been talking about. He's not some young up and coming back. He's he's a thirty five year old first baseman who was supposed to be going back to something we talked about earlier that late batting average type he doesn't cost too much. You know we kind of reminded me of his is pre free 2017. Excuse me pre twenty eighteen david peralta where you weren't seeing a whole bunch of power but you're getting that batting average with the little contribution of power but then all the wind hit thirty homers last year and now gary l. has become like he's taking the same trajectory but coming into the air pre two thousand eighteen politics now it seems to just be like regular old david peralta and by the way i'll mention david birthday. I just went on his page and i just saw it on on his on his birthday happy birthday. This is a big day for for baseball players. Apparently clearly it's also giovanni goggles his birthday. You might as well get all the guys who are active right now. It's just those dylan covy but anyway yuli gurriel heels birthdays six nine it it is he shares my mom's birthday. Mom understands the greatness of her birthday. I not know abbott in two thousand five homers now for yuli gurriel. How could i is there any way. I could have gotten to believe that that was going to be his home. Run output this year. What what would you incentivize. Eh told me we're playing with bouncy balls this year. I would have been like all right sure why not i mean that's all this is playing one hundred eighty nine games for some jason yeah. We're we're. We're we're playing in playing with balls that just are not fair to pitchers and so that's my my biggest issue with a guy like your yell is what happens when they're if they fix the ball extra because what we saw when this happened in two thousand seventeen was that in two thousand eighteen they came out with a more regular ball and so i would really expect them to do the same coming coming into two thousand and twenty. Here's one reason i think you're protected from that. Though with gergo specifically he's old fantasy market hates old guys. This is being thirty six will mitigate the hype of what's going to be like thirty thirty three homer summer or higher. Even perhaps like thirty three home run season the fact he's gonna be thirty six next year will mitigate that if he's around pick what if i give you pick one eighty or later where you angry then i'd be totally down for that just because he offered batting average in exactly because he just this goes back extra batting average these days it goes back to hit you know quote unquote just hitting two nine with fifteen homers and that's only one hundred thirty nine in one hundred thirty six games. That's kind of his pace in seventeen and eighteen if he does one hundred fifty games. You're talking like to ninety and twenty so south s._p._n. Player ater for first base this year. Give us some info. I'm sure that's what cody bellinger obviously number one freddy eddie freeman number two and then it goes all over the place de la mayhew is the third player he does grow and you could almost make a case depending on how your team structure is that you might be better off using digital may ask. I carlos santanas v. I love l. Yuli gurriel is six. Danny santana's seven. Oh my god that's crazy. Dude and gurriella reality probably going to move up a spot from two homers say you might leapfrog santana. That's an whereas lonzo. He's gotta be top ken eighth and then rizzo manzini who claim any. I wrote about him. In the i think the rodeo ride up recently and it just putting together a quietly excellent season here he really is and i got imagine hundred christian walker they start to pop maxson san jose abreu and dosier walker hosmer is fifteenth gross. You don't get the paul goldschmidt until seventeen. Reese hoskins is twenty. I did you did you skip gallo or has fallen that allo aloe is twenty seconds. That's a bummer man he was going to that breakout was awesome thirty. I damn joey motto thirtieth sucks. I mean such a bummer dude year boy dell com- brera <hes> is forty third who would ever draft him. You have to be so stupid to do that. Oh wait i did so first base got better on the fly but similar to like catcher but obviously a little bit more name value. It was different fifty ninth see we knew it. That's why we said faded. We told you you take a year to pan out sure but like hey man we don't have the timetable on everything speaking about taking too long to pan out a right above <hes> matt carpenter your boy jake bowers desperately bring. We're having a good show yeah. I know it's just i feel like we started on such a high note talking about my win in the f. as in <hes> in megan just i needed to crush you. That's rude rude absolutely well. I'm bringing up again that you foolishly didn't put your beasley lineup into three dollars thing where you could have won a couple hundred dollars and all your daughter a gift or something that you're going to skip out on her birthday and let's be honest. You're gonna skip out more because this could be a yearly thing if they move this. If that timing coming lines up because i know colette hasn't seen a halloween from one of his kids and i don't know how long you've only been two birthdays in like like a little on twitter there you go mrs halloween with both keys and the daughter's birthday so you both you're both going to be never met mrs colette ah but i can tell you my wife will castrate me if the if i missed too many birthday yearly especially once they you know this man done type of situation unless they moved the you've got you've got an i._b._m. L._b._j. Move it back to where it was for crying out loud. I don't even understand why they would it makes the playoffs. It makes absolutely no sense. I don't wanna get into it. I'll get fired up plus. Get ready for trivia but great showed they great job with your lineup yesterday so excited that we're going to be hanging out and just two months now almost two months to the day to be quite honest. It's right around this middle of the month time here so that's going to be excellent. Do you want to do a twenty twenty draft soon where we do the first maybe two or three eight rounds. I think that would be interesting thing to do with a guest. I fully agree with that. Uh we we should get someone. We have on the show before. I have some folks in mind we shall talk via text all right. Let's do that. I have a whining charlotte ready to eat. You gotta get ready for trivia just she has been on the show charlotte. You're always show you're not you can't drought. She says she has some good picks but she can't be on. We'll have a guest for that. We will be back early next week talk. It's more baseball justin <music>.

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