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They. What's good? And a welcome to kinda funny gains daily for Thursday January eleventh. No, it's January tenth. I'm already wanting it to be Friday on this first full week back in the office. Welcome everybody. I'm Andrea Rene joined by friend. What is Chris Macher for you? I don't even remember yet think we're working on it still haven't do. You know, what it is? We gotta pick one the hair. Fran Mirabella probably says something about that. That's not the hair. You have really great. Hey best friends. Thank you. I appreciate that. You also have great hair. So I think it's a trusted compliment. This is an exciting gay friend. Not only are you now part of the amazing team here at kind of funny, but we are hosting our very first episode of games together special. I want a little fist bump. Yeah. There. And this is going to be fun because I love you have such a deep background in energy and video game news. So I think it's going to make for some really great discussion. 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Yeah. Now, he's a good kid. Not here. We can talk trash about. I don't wanna talk trash about him. He's just he's just a little green. That's all he's new Hiller. It'll be great. I item on the report red dead. Online beta announces battle royale mode rockstar sent out a press release this morning that stated read online will stay in beta for few more months yet as we have many more new gameplay features to add across the board as well. As further changes to improve stabilize and refine the overall experience today's updates of the red debt online beta introduces gun rush where you'll put your survival instincts to the tests gathering weapons and amunition while the play area shrinks in this new mode for up to thirty two players available to play now in free for all and team variations where the last one standing wins. More updates coming soon including new races. And showdown mouths and new clothing and emotes Walsum additional changes based on player feedback, including daily challenges which tackle new challenges each day covering every aspect of the game from sharpshooting to evade in the law law and bounty upgrade some changes are coming to the way that law about body systems work and read that online to reduce the enticements for grieving soon players will get a bounty for committing crimes, and we'll be incentivized to pay them off within a lot of time way too long and bounty hunters from each of the states will track the player force in them to either pay up or escape parlay changes were making the system easier to trigger so that you can avoid aggressive players more quickly. In addition, it will be easier to trigger feuds posse feuds and leader fuse to take on tacking players in structured competition proximity based player blips player location. Blips will soon appear only over short distances reducing the range of which you are visible to others. Decreasing the likelihood of being targeted by another player across large areas down the line. Also look into introduce the ability to identify player to grief and kill indiscriminately with a. Aggressively darkening blip that becomes more visible at a long rage. So everyone in a session can identify potentially dangerous opponents at a glance and from a safe distance. And they also talked about some of their future plans saying we are working a lots of new content that will be releasing this year just a few of those updates that are in the works include all new missions to build on your story in a land of opportunity from previously established characters like Horley, and Jessica Leclerc, a range of dynamic events throughout the world. Lots of new competitive modes including new showdown modes and races, plus new weapons and clothing. Lots more that we're not quite ready to announce yet. And then they also tacked on the Xbox One players can now access the red chestnut Arabian horse, the alligator skin ranch cutter saddle and the high roller double action revolver in the red dead on my beta, I believe those were police station exclusive as part of marketing deal they did. But now they are able so before we dive into that Elijah Miller has wrote in and ask what's good insurance? Ran the time has come and read dead has battle royale mode. Does this tickle anyone's fancy my? Fancy definitely isn't tickled. But read online isn't for me. Thanks. I love what's good content. Kiva coming. I think you'll fancy tickle rating. How tickled are you? Fran tickled. I'm glad that Elijah Miller said the words battery out wasn't explicitly. I guess in the press release. No, I added the words about ROY out in the headline because it's very clearly that around. Yeah. But I don't I don't know if they hit said it or I don't think they did. Now. Why would they don't because? Bandwagon. Jumper makes the investors happy. But that's what it is. And I call it the arty r Biard GR that's the battery Al gun rush. All right. That's our our PR GR always here for the acronyms. But it's here. Now, you got it use it and in some form of a tweet. Anyway, I'm excited. I already R G R B R, say whatever you want. Gonna make great hashtags. But I'm excited on the premise of. I'm glad they're exploring it a little less excited on played read data a lot of it. I've not played online. But I've watched and it happens to us the same control system. So like sharp shooting. I get like weird battery acetates in my mouth where I just I do not like the controls in that game. I was watching someone playing the team variation today. And like you get one of those crappy snipers and get it. It's old west not supposed to be great. And it's just like basic aiming is terrible. Yeah. Right now, I'm looking forward to hopefully, it comes to PC or something. But I don't know if I like it as user online that being said, I've not played online. I do wanna disclaim. I'm not naysayers going online because I like a lot about so glad they're exploring it. Well, I have played a little bit of red dead online. And I found it frustrating from a variety of perspectives. So these changes are actually really. Welcomed pages the one that I think is particularly the best for me as a player as proximity bass player blips because the green is real in any online game. And it's particularly bad right now and read that online because when you're in the game world, you can see all the other players on the map. So you can't really escape from somebody. Who's greasing you unless you quit out of the game. And join new instance, which well, I mean, here's the thing though that they you can put your white flag up at camp. But they can just wait for you outside your camp. So you leave you know, it's it's a beta. Yeah. Obviously, it's a beta we know that a PC version of red dead redemption to is in the works, and we'll probably release at some point in two thousand nineteen would be my guess, I would think midyear two later in the year if we can kind of look at what they've done in the past. I mean, don't forget red dead redemption never came to PC. But given everything they did with GTE five and GTI online specifically it would be silly. For rockstar to not release red dead to on. So I think that's coming. It's definitely in the works. But I don't know if these changes are enough to get people back into the online space for the reason, you mentioned that the combat is just not as fun as GTE online combat is such a heavy exploration game for those of us that have played it. I think at the end it is about the the smell and the feel of it when I get into engage. I kind of like some of the quick draw auto targeting written tuten in town shooting stuff, but even then I get a little frustrated. So since you've played some I mean, what is the mode that people were playing before consist of I know, you were getting some money, and, but you you can like run into people and choose to battle them or not is that what it was like what the parlay system is. Yes. So you can it's not as obvious as what they GTI online. And obviously, you know, GTE online evolved quite a bit. Over the years that it's been out. And I remember it was also had its fair share problems at launch. And you know, they patched it and passion patched now have a very consistent content. Release schedule that appeases the community that still there. I think really the key differences here is that the open world in red dead is just inherently different than the world of GTA. And there's more to do GTE. I think it's just being in an urban environment with vehicles is inherently more exciting. But we also just for you guys to know I want to make it sound like we're just kind of crappy over run. We actually talked about it on the games cast this week, which you guys can check out tomorrow Friday at six AM and Monday for patriots. Fred at six AM and Monday, six am on YouTube. Right. Kevin pitshop Fran. Games. So you guys can check out our conversation about the campaign over there. But I mean, this is good. I think what we've talked about is that if you're really excited you diehard red fan gopher jump in fun. But just keep in mind that it's a beta, and they're still tinkering, and there's work to be done funnily enough, I was planning on right after I finally beat it. And so close I'm going to hop in online and check it out. So I I am excited to check it out the world is really lush and beautiful and controls aside. I think there's some neat stuff that can happen. But that's why I don't know what people do enjoy online. It'd be curious what they like most about it. But it's still very early. You know, it's still in beta guess, we'll see. Yeah. Exactly. Well, next item on the Roper report. The academy of interactive arts and sciences have announced the dice awards twenty nineteen nominations. Fifty six of the most exciting games on twenty eight teen received a nomination God of. War leads with twelve total nominations followed by AAA blockbuster hits Marvel's spider man with eleven red dead redemption two with eight indeed title return of the overdone with six nods time with four nominations, including Astra Bhatt rescue mission, Detroit, become human Florence and into the breach while assassin's creed odyssey and moss each received three finalists for the top honour game of the year are God of war into the breach. Marvel Spiderman red redemption to and return of the overdone the winners will be revealed at the dice awards ceremony on Wednesday February thirteenth at the aria resort hotel in Las Vegas co host for the third year by kind of find his own Greg Miller and just show about of nervous news honored this year as the hall of fame recipient will be Bonnie Ross Microsoft corporate vice president and head of three four three industries ceremony. But once again, we live strain in its entirety beginning to eight PM Pacific time, the multiyear media partner, I g entertainment you can find the fullest of non. I need over at interactive dot org, which is the AS website. I'm in for people who are curious the academy's thirty thousand plus members comprise of interactive publishing development communities, recognize excellence in twenty three different interactive game categories and one of the highest forms of recognition in the industry titles were played evaluated by members of the academy's peer panels to determine final nominees, and these panels these panels one for each ward category comprised of the game industry's most, experienced and talented men and women who are experts in their chosen fields winners are determined as part of confidential voting process and will be revealed the evening of the show. I think it's always kind of good to get the information about how these nominees are picked and how the winners are chosen especially in light of some other game shows a game show game award show. That's what I'm looking to say like that farce of an award show that was on CBS. Oh, yeah. I didn't even really catch that. But yeah, these are the. That's for the best friend. It was a hot tire fire. The I always forget this. But the Golden Globes are peers is that right or is now, which is the peer the pier. One of the saga wards. That's right. And the Academy Awards are technically peer voted to. Golden globes. Are are critics Hollywood's more impressive socio Oscars is pure, but it's a quick to that. That's what they're trying to keep the official people who make games or involved in it voting on them versus it just being the press, right or a fan or fans. Exactly. Right. Exactly. I thought you know, one interesting thing to think about is. You know, what was the biggest game? Would you say of twenty the biggest the biggest game was in arguably fortnight? That's right. So it not on the list because it came out the year before correct persistent online. I think it's still an interesting category to figure out they did have an online category. I think it's interesting destinies on the list because it is the love it or hate it. The it is a huge online game. But I'm pretty sure. So by the quickly scandalous right now, just four night is on sorry. It is an online game of the take it back. It's just not nominated for game of the category. Maybe we can take a look at. I do think it's interesting for game of the year specifically that how they differ from what the game awards were. So return of the overdone getting a big nod here and into the breach. Also getting big nod. I'm a little disappointed. Celeste didn't make it into the game of the year category. Because it's one of my personal favorites from last year. But I've also heard fantastic things about those other two games. One of the other more fan favourite categories outstanding achievement in character. So we've got Cassandra from Hassans creed odyssey. Trae us from God of war credos from God of war. Peter Parker spider man for marvel Spiderman and Arthur Morgan from redemption to that's going to be a really tough category because any of those characters could win. So that's that's really fantastic any of these other categories stand or speak to you. Fran. I mean, they all do. I don't know if we want to drag on the topic too long. But we've got some time where I was originally going with it. It's interesting that so it's good for head. Is it online almost had report me? But it's not algebra for other categories. Although it has significantly updated an added and done these huge online, and I'm not saying, by the way to shouldn't it just strikes me every year. The last several years is interesting that there's these really big games like destiny or whatever you're only eligible for online because there's not a destiny three right? Might be kind of. I mean, you aren't are. But meaning is where it gets a little gray. Don't you think like we still as an industry face? There's these persistent growing experiences. Forsaking did come out. I mean, it was eligible. But what I mean as you kind of fall under the radar because it's a, you know, it's an add on almost. I mean, that's how I look at it. Like, I feel like it gets a little overlooked in some ways because it's not destiny three. I'm not this isn't about destiny other games. Go through this four night like season six and seven everything are pretty big in terms of. Just games like what are meeting? The example would be it's shooter or action game. Whatever you want it to be. It's not really gonna get put in those categories because that was last year. How do you think do you think it's a pro straight that because it's persistent versus brand new even though the gameplay stands up. That's what I'm getting at GameBoy hasn't changed in everybody. Still loves it bursts other new games, but it's not really going to be part of that category. Because well it was last year. Well, you know what I mean? I know what you mean. I don't necessarily think that games a services are automated discounted because their release model is different than a traditional retail release. What tends to happen is that games as live services generally have very niche audiences, and they don't tend to speak to a wide variety of gamers because in order to be successful. In a lot of games of service games. You have to play them consistently over and over again. 'cause otherwise you kinda. Get left behind and the content. Anything for a fortnight really excels is because it's a protocol to so many different types of gamers, but if you think about other games in that category like destiny like four honor like a pub g or even again, a more traditional game like a more traditional Emma style. Those have very individual audiences a of people who play games, and when you look at the development community people who are making video games. They probably don't have as much time as fans do or people who have other jobs to commit to playing games a services to that accent. So maybe it's not the top of their mind to nominate in those categories. Yeah. And it was really just illustrate it's tough. You know, I think about like division was a good example now fixed itself within the same year. But it kinda came out it wasn't broken anything, but thin, and then it really came out and rebalance and man people are like now you should play division. But imagine that that was on the cusp of the year. And that's kind of what I mean, if if it happened at the city end of twenty eight going into twenty nineteen. Tends to be will, you know, it's overlooked or whatever for the next year. But. You know, part of it you gotta look at. And I know why are you gonna make room for all these new games? And there's a lot happening. But it's just an interesting place to be when you think let's say they revamped they fixed all the sound effects. They added a new character. It just tends to be a little less top of mind for some of these categories. I do think it's interesting that the categories and online game of the year include a game called laser league, which I've never played an include CFC's, we've got Seve's laser league red redemption to which by the way, still in beta I think that's that's crazy that red got a nod and online game of the year fortnight and destiny two four nine destiny to of course, they've been mainstays in the online category for the last fortnight since his came up destiny. Really senses released has been in this category. The idea that red dead is in there with their with their beta like, I've already expressed my my opinions about games that aren't fully out being in some of these categories, but I'm trying to get over that because happening more and more. But that game is not ready to be nominated. They have activity issues. Those are sirens on our end, by the way, every time home me trying to get into a posse with with Britain simul is like a really much more difficult than it ever. Should be insane and posse like the matchmaking still needs some work. There's just too many issues for that game to be not. Where's a game? Like, call of duty black ops four. How is that missing? Yeah. In canada. I was going to if I just said pick a better online game that we took a second. I mean, even as much as I gripe about smash brothers like I'm pretty sure gonna played reading online about a watch them. Pretty sure I would enjoy smash what's absolutely called duty blackout or even just call duty period. So there's a lot going. I don't know how that one got in there as that. But it is the peace and that it does that's the point. These are. I mean, it's the industry, and this is what they're they think is interesting. Yeah. Now might have just been they didn't have enough time to play all this other stuff. But we all go through that. Yeah. I mean, I think the concept of read it online in the technology behind what they're trying to do is absolutely noteworthy in worth recognition. I just don't think they've executed on that vision quite yet. And I think it would have a better place for red dead online in this category at the dice words twenty twenty. But that's just that's just my two cents for all of you smash fans out there since you did bring it up. You will be happy to know that it did make the nominees for best fighting game of the year because it missed the cutoff date for the game awards. But because the dice awards are in February at snuck in there. So you'll be happy to know that. Smash fans in the peanut gallery. But yeah, if you guys want to check out all of the nominees and all of the categories again, interactive dot org is the web site and forget Greg is co hosting with miss Jessica job out on February thirteenth at eight PM Pacific time you guys doing to wash along. Maybe maybe of the of the dice awards. Why not eight PM on Thursday or on Wednesday? It's broadcast in in a couple places. We know it'll be I Jan it sounds like, and then the official AS actually twitch their official Takano channels so many actually destiny was nominated for the action category. Forsaken which I think is I know that we bring it up is really come to destiny fan, and I are hosting. Okay. Donkey Kong sixty four. Well, he's back that would be a hot sake if it were true. But it's not true. So the worst because the other so on informed. Them. I guess, but yeah, I was going back to what I said before it did make that category for Sekine. But there's so many good games out there. Now, it is crazy. And unfortunately, there's only it looks like about five slots per each of these main categories only so much someone's going to have to get cut. Yep. Third item on the Roper report. Bungee speaking of destiny caves after new destiny to puzzle stumps players. This is. Bisi? So this right up comes from Ryan Gilliam over on polygon. And he writes destiny Tu's newest puzzle has players completely stumped with destiny. His weekly reset on Tuesday came a new event known as niobe torment after players found their way to a previously hidden area of the easy location niobe labs, they discovered a multi tiered puzzle. Completing that puzzle would unlock the fourth and final forge and destiny twos. Black armory annual pass content after more than twenty four hours of attempts to solve the puzzle. Bungee has revealed that the Bergonzi forge will open Wednesday at two PM Pacific time, regardless of whether the puzzle is solved. So that was yesterday quote. Well, come together as a community to solve puzzles can be fun setting this puzzle up as a gate between you and new content that you want to play has not been an ideal experience said bungee as such we will be decoupling the puzzle from the final offering of the black armory all annual pass owners will be able to experience the Zia forge when the puzzle is solved. When the deadline expires, whichever happens. First the puzzle itself consists, a players standing in a room clearing away of enemies than punching a code into a wall after each code is input. More challenging wave called a bypass starts in a more complex puzzle on filled players have made it up to bypass level seven presumed to be the final bypass considering punches affinity for the number. Bungee has also revealed go shell in an emblem will be rewarded to the players who complete niobe, torment puzzle, successfully streamer and world force Reiter, X glad has been attempting to solve the puzzle for twenty seven hours straight. So this was yesterday. And looks continue the journey the change of heart or capitulation for bungee seems to come from fans complaining to the developer on Twitter who would have thought that happen. And while she spent the majority of Tuesday, encouraging people to try the puzzle for themselves on Twitter. It seems the internet voices were too loud for the studio to handle. So we've got a couple of questions about this. Fran and maybe just finish the setup yet do simply as because that's a lot to process if you don't play destiny. Yes. Here's kind of what happened is. I would describe it. You bought a season pass for about thirty bucks content releases? They said forges come out. So they stack releases of these new forges where you go, and you forge these new weapons by defeating enemies effectively. So you get this chance to explore new thing. And they said it will be out on January seventh. That's all they said they have a roadmap. They've actually been doing a killer job of telling us the roadmap. So he paid money on the seventh. Maybe I'm gonna take work off. Now, relating this to something that I've run into in the past with this stuff. And I think part of it is they're like, let's go the fans, and there's this crazy puzzle. I keep thinking that gif in. It's always sunny Philadelphia all of them that to all the it was it's nuts. I mean, even I was coding some of the glimpse based on somebody just made a little Kodak. So you could figure it out. But it's it's nuts. It was a barrier to the content that they said was coming on this week. So that was part of it is the fans are like I'm just here to play like, I don't I don't wanna do the puzzle on the other side, there is this puzzle thing, I think it's cooler trying it. And like the the thing is just went on way too long. That was the other side of it. It just is way too crazy and push came to shove. And there's a lot of reasons for it their stuff to do this week. And the people just could not get it done bungee. Basically, I don't know how they test the stuff, but we're way off in their estimates. Which I think they've been way off in their estimates lay because they overcorrected in trying to become super hardcore grinding again. And this went a step too far. And it's still not been salt. So sorry now, you almost answered Matt's question. Do you feel about the way bungee handled? Abruzzi afford puzzle issued. Did they make the puzzle too hard? Was it just kind of bad idea to have content? Locked behind the puzzle, and then Meco rights, and I often so excited have Fran on the show question that regards Destiny's decision to release the new four G, even though no one solve the niobe labs. Puzzled. Do you think the fact the bungie released puzzle, this heart will negatively affect the community in any way? Or do. You think them releasing the forged for annual pass holders has negated? The fact that they blocked the content behind an unsolvable puzzle, fixes everything. So you kind of answered Matt's question a little bit Mashego. I as I Blanchard already I will. 'cause I didn't really give my opinion. I don't think but well, I have the annual pass. But because I took so long getting up. I haven't even done the first four yet. So I just finally hit over light level. Six hundred can start doing the forges twenty thirty hours before you can even do this stuff. I know. So for me, I'm not as in upset about it as other people are. But hypothetically thinking if I if you were ready on Tuesday, I thought would you have felt if it was like, crazy puzzle? And by the way, you have to bring a team of three people in there, right and have him sit there to figure it out or you just have to wait for a full fire team. Yep. To solve it. I mean, we might find out later there's some way to do it. So, but for the most you have to have fired effect, everything I've seen the way it solved you have to actually get to about bypass three. But the ideas that this week you ready to play ready to go you want new content new year new you gonna play some destiny I'm trying to like set this up. But if you were in that state, honestly, just ready to play. Would you be like, no, I don't mind waiting. I think it's cool. There's a puzzle. That's one view like really cool. They did this crazy puzzle. Or are you in? Patient. You like what the heck I don't even wanna do this which side are you on? I don't generally like solving the puzzles and destiny on my own. In fact, I have never solved any of the destiny puzzles on my own. I rely heavily on the people that are in my clan and more importantly on the people who are pro destiny players who are concentrated on YouTube or a fulltime destiny streamers because those are the people who are so deeply connected to the game that they'll be able to solve it. I what's interesting is when I heard somebody explaining how to decode this puzzle. It made me think a little bit about some of the puzzles that are in ready player one. Like did you ever read that book? So the whole premise of ready player. One is no spoilers. No, the adventures Infinity moment for me. Right. I think gosh. It's basically like this guy has to solve these puzzles set by this multi-billionaire in order to to win his fortune in there, really like obtuse puzzles, and you have to study years of his life. And it's kind of like overlap like seventeen different than diagrams of figure out where it all. And so I was listening to somebody trying to work on this puzzle. And I was like why did I know why bungee did it right because they please everybody. And you can't that's the problem that's fair. And the the biggest complaints that. I saw about this. I think are valid are over ninety percent of the people who played destiny consistently who by the annual pass who beideal see packs who are there for the weekly reset are not people who are fulltime players, right? This is the same thing that you and I got into it about when I was on fire team chat about the raid and how high and Ohio difficult. It was to get into the rate at the beginning. And what it comes down to is if you're charging money for content, you shouldn't gate it artificially behind some kind of a wall that excludes the vast majority of people who have paid for it. I think it's a really fun eastern. Egg for the diehard fans to go and find that puzzle. But saying, hey, you can't get into the last four until that really crazy puzzle. A solved was obviously a misstep getting it comes down to number one just communication. They not said that it's even not even coming out. They shouldn't be talked about and just released it, and we found out there was this other forage, and I think it would have gone a little better. But instead, we were all told January seventh get ready. It is tied to there's other deeper stuff in the game. If like it's curse week. There's a special. It's called chatter thrown you can only do this week. So that's why by the way when you put it all together like crap if we don't let people do this. The week will expire you have to wait three weeks again to try to do there's this quest that continues after this. So anyway, my opinion is. Man. It's too long for this show number one. I do feel like I got to be careful with how say this because I'm a streamer, but I do feel like it's being designed for these fulltime streamers and yet which maybe that's more objective now. But I'm like it had really high success on twitch. But I feel like there's a bit of measurement of that Heyman. We were like number two on, you know, some of the top streams the other day because it was so crazy, but it was out of frustration. And also I would look at like did have the people coming back to play the content that had have people buying the game. You know? I hope they're looking at that. And not just stuff like this. But I get the feeling it's been a lot about their tired of the community feedback that it was too easy. They really overcorrected. Right. You know, these decisions were made, you know, months and months ago. So I just feel that that went too far with it. I really do commend them for on the one hand saying we just have to open this up. You can still go do the puzzle. But we're not gonna. Like stick our heels in and like because there are people up for thirty hours. And I think there's another side of it that I really think about him. I don't they I know it's data glads, and everyone's choice and my own if I want to sit there for five or thirty hours straight, and they made some good money on that day. That's your business part of that's cool. But the other side, it's like, I don't know, man. There's an ethical side they know people are going to try to do this and sale for forty hour. Like, I just don't like the design of it in that sense. I think there should be a game. You know, I think the real the one thing that they could have removed with was the reset within the puzzle itself. So God there needed to be a checkpoint. Yes. Right. So I think that was the toughest part. And I don't wanna go into the weeds of the puzzle is because a lot of you out there. Probably already have glazed over is. Because you're like, I don't care about just like Mario you to level one seven. You know, you always get reset to one trying to right, right? If you fail the end of one seven it's like back to one one. And you're like, I already did all that. Right. Right. Yeah. Exactly. No. Like, a checkpoint system would have probably expedited it a lot more and made it more enjoyable because it's it's frustrating for any game that kind of punishes you for making one mistake and then throwing you really far back progression loot loop in. I think that's really part of why it's such a big misstep is that they didn't stop to think about the average destiny player who's going to be attempting this puzzle because I would like to think that with as much Destiny's I play, and I don't even play nearly much as you do that. I would be able to attempt to do this puzzle with my clan. But everything that I've read and watched makes me go. No that's not for me. That's that's kind of sad, you know, that I I've paid for this content. And if it makes me feel really excluded from it. Yeah. I appreciate that. They were really went deep, and there's for some fans, I think they they loved some of the things, but apparently got so convoluted people still understand why. But I tend to err. On the side of I wish that a lot more of it was like face value in the game like put things and puzzles in front of me, I was using words like Zeldin on chart. I know like I'm not saying make it those games. But those things have it's in the game. It's not the triumph that on locks Lor tab that I read that's a riddle wrapped in a 'nigma in a riddle. And that's where it's has gone. And it just it was too far. I wish it was puzzle mechanic based like imagine, it's you it's like the raid. Right figure out the mechanics. I don't like the side of like people were like getting into like Merlin's lore. They're looking up star constellation names. And quite honestly, we don't even know. But the truth is probably ruin it was right there in front of them. But it's so confusing. So has anybody has anybody salted as of right now? Do you know, I didn't double check this morning. But I had not heard checking I know, we know normally check the chat on this show. But if you wouldn't mind double check, right. And of course, you can't. Slash your wrong. He can't hear you. Never mind him. And I'm you kicking back. Can you tell bear walked away? Kevin. But then they unleashed another thing. Anyway, nobody has solved it. Yeah. Think the end of that. That was unfortunately, this type of stuff that people who don't play destiny here about and they're like, nah, it's really not. It's really not what the game is. It was just this thing that they did that was an experiment in some ways actually goes all the way back to wrath machine when they had done some binary code puzzles people really enjoyed that. But it was done much differently. And anyway, it's a little crazy. Well, hopefully, somebody will solve it at some point. But when is that going to be who knows, but what we do know Fran is what is coming out today. And if we wanted to find that out where would we go where the script bowl of Andrea? I mean, well, would you like me to tell you where the because this is the official lists of upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of funny games daily show host each and every weekday did it did did you did you do? Out today. Achidi bundle on switch at sundown on after charge on Xbox One. And b b cwm the block quest makers on switch bury me, my love is on switch Catherine classic is out on steam, just as a reminder, Catherine full-body still has no official release date in the west, but it is coming out on Valentine's Day in Japan. Combat core on switch double-cross is on switch. Everything is on switch. I played that weird. Radio on switch light seekers on switch mega wars desert ashes switch over driven reloaded special edition is also switch aunt snowboarding. The next phase is on switch. I talk about my experience with everything which is a game that has already been on councils and PC in the past and is more of an Arctic spearmint thought experiment than a video game on what's good games that comes up tomorrow's if you're interested in hearing me talk about my weird experience as a Palomino horse. You can check out the show. Tomorrow new dates band dynamic has announced it will hold an open beta weekend for their upcoming arena. Fighting game jump force starting January eighteenth through January twentieth. Open beta will give players access to the games online versus mode where they can play a seventeen characters from the final game battle across five stages and test out the online lobby using six. Preset avatars the open beta will be available for players who preloaded on their Xbox One. And PlayStation four beginning January seventeenth, though beta will be vailable for. Four three hour sessions across those dates if you want those specific details, of course, head on over to band coz website deals of the day. So warriors sixty four had tweeted that Catherine classic which I mentioned is out today. The digital deluxe edition on steam is fifteen ninety nine on. Void you with the code winter madness. Of course, he does use a filial links most of the time please give while you're sixty four some love and head on over to his tweet at warriors, sixty four on Twitter, if you wanna get Catherine on steam for that discount with that special code today's reader mail is brought to you by quip. The new year means new resolutions. We've got one you're working on twice every day. Fran. It's an oral health and with a quick electric toothbrush. Stick to good habits is simple friend. You've got nice teeth. Yeah. Thank you. Do you brush twice a day? 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We are into reader mail and as a friendly reminder because it's our first full week of all the brand new shows you're at kind of funny four point, oh, we are doing reader mail a little bit differently. This year, we want you to go to patriae dot com slash kind of funny games. Submit your questions and the first question we have is from professor woke. What's good? Andrea and welcome Fran. I'm an occasional fire team chat viewer excited for you and Android. I give destiny a little more representation on kinda funny shows in that spirit. I have been laid questions with anthem pose to challenge. Esty what are some lessons? You hope. They learn from it and expect to see in the former well number one, I would just say remember, I know you get by the way, but and some third person shooter. Destinies first person. I don't actually expect them to really feel and be this, but the expectations high as the only reason I bring it up try not to get your expectations too. That's like a destiny replacement or something or but that being said, I really think number one they gotta learn on communication, the expectation what you can do week and to that people will be ravenous. So what happens when we burn through the content. Have they learned that lesson? And do they have stuff waiting division went through the same thing? I know that's brought answer. But well, I have had the pleasure of plane anthem several times at different preview events leading up to launch which is next month. And it's very exciting to e three. And the whatever was just out that we owe the closed beta, which we can't talk about right, but I played I also played it. But we're not gonna talk about it. I can't talk about is the stuff that I played at an event like packs and three and other public events. So what's great about anthem? That it just is a different style. Gameplay as you mentioned the destiny is the way that they're weaving narrative into the game is just fundamentally different than the way the destiny does it. I'm really excited to see how they're going to incorporate that narrative long-term because you really kind of craft your own personal story that happens at four Tarsus. Whereas with destiny the story is everyone store. Everyone story is the same. Like, you're guarding doesn't have a unique story. This is bio- era. The choices you made in mass effect dragon ash, they affect the sort of what's happening. That's interesting to see this anthem. Exactly. And I'm just going to say that based on what I've seen so far from the bio ware customization stream that they did looks like the customization is going to be a much friendlier system than indefinite which makes me a little sad that bungee hasn't kind of come around to that yet. Exactly. But I also think it's worth noting that when I did a pre briefing with the bio our team ahead of the game awards when they release that new story trailer and then announce the. The VIP demo that's happening at the end of this month. They told us that they have they're working on content specifically for post launch. So they showed us a couple of things narrative things there's going to be like a new area that you can go they have like new missions and things lined up that are coming post long. So clearly thinking about it will it be enough remains to be seen because it's going to be difficult to compare the ravenous level of an online community for bio or game to an activision game. Well, really to a bungee game, obviously. But but like as far as the ability for them to kick content out quickly, obviously EA has a lot of systems in place to handle that from a back in marketing structure, but will buy our able to deliver. And there's no PB that we know of Colonel plans for time. What they said to me when we were doing the interviews was that they have heard people ask for it that they will consider it at some point in the future. But it's. Is not currently in the works. And it's not like there's not like a date in the future that they're going to be announcing it they're like, they're like, maybe we're not saying no to p but we're not saying yes to PB. I like sure if there was all the resource and talent in the world. Of course, it should have PD in it right now at launch. I think it's way more ambitious to to pull that off. I think they are doing the right thing to wait on that. Yes. A group is on the current PD. So when I wanna co up with Andrea we got stuff to do things to grind supersize making processes fluids. That's really the important part. Here is that they I would really love to see them not have any stumbles at launch and how to be really successful in fluid. Like, that's what I'm hoping for just jinxed them, you just jinxed. Just getting now was the number one choice on my list for the most anticipated games on the game geo destiny fans that are excited about that. It's Greg I think was division of grinding games. Van. The persistent online is really getting its hoax in the people this the last several years. Indeed. All right. Rachel has a question. She says now that epic is the flex some serious muscle with the Ubisoft announcement. They'll be putting the division two on the game store. Do you think vow will start to feel the pressure and turn to releasing a new installment of one of their amazing p's? I would love to see a new portal or new half life. However, I would love to see them. Release a longer more indepth VR experience. Thank you for always keeping me company during the long work hours. And raising my spirit's when times are rough Andrew and Fran. You both are superheroes. In my opinion. Thanks, rachel. I would love Puerto three that would make me incredibly happy. Yeah. I was is one of my top time while we're at it. Care less about half-life. Oh, don't careful now. And you're sure that ship has sailed sure way. Do you want to expound on that? That's going on the record. Yeah. No. That's that's okay. That's mic drop. I don't care about half line. I saw. Yeah. No. Anyway, different discussion. Of gamers, who don't even know what half life is because it's been that long. And during our games cast discussion, you're just mad because also collected half in his bullshit thing. He made which I'm not gonna spoil 'cause you guys should listen to it. It's really funny. But here's my thing. Like, I think valve is way overdue for publishing something. I don't think Doda artifact counts, I think that serves as a very niche audience, obviously, there's a monster Doda to audience, and we don't have current numbers on Doda artifact. If somebody does have those numbers, of course, the great place for dot com slash you're wrong. But they just need to give the people what they want whether that's left for dead three or its portal three. Either of those who gave maybe it's team fortress three. Something something different something new. I don't I don't necessarily know that the Ubisoft announcement or what's happening with the game store is going to push them into publishing. I think it might push them to change their revenues split model if they get enough people leaving, but as of right now, they know that they still have domination in the PC digital distribution space, and they're not going to budge until they really start to feel the pinch which I don't think will happen for probably like two to five years, quite honestly, I'd say a couple of quick things want. Wow. That is huge though that UB which has its own platform as well for buying play go straight through, but they're going with epic. That's a it's a ton of pressure for sure. But I mean, we live in a world with that super important. So I'm glad that healthy competition is happening. Steam is just a monster. But that's also why it's not going. Steam is suddenly, you know, we live in a world where on? Our phones, we don't even think about you use either the Google store or the app apple store. Probably. That's just the world. You live in doesn't matter on something like PC, you know, you can choose now. So like big deal and valve makes tons of money. So that's the one side, but I'm really glad the pressures there. And man, I'm epochs doing some interesting things in that space. The other thing I'd say though, is valve already said, actually, it's come back to development. I don't know if they have expanded on it. But last year, funnily enough, I was just pulling it up. So again, I don't know if it's been updated since then, but gave Newell was talked at an artifact conference or whatever. And he reiterated valves getting back into developing new games. And it's you know after talking about valves, focus on steam, and hardware, he described it as an investment in the future. So anyway, he already said again back to it. So it's not like this isn't part of the plan. I think maybe if you were to look at that. And rephrase the question is will disag- celebrate them getting something back out the door. Yeah. I think it will. I think it will be a slight catalyst, but they're already planning on it. Anyway. Thanks, rachel. I appreciate you. Register those questions or it looks like we had time for one more do any of these speak to you. Or do you want me to pick? I need to bring a laptop. I'm like tabbing between. Okay. So wait. Okay. How about this? How about this one? Try from Alex bliss from Minnesota with all the talk of days gone. The last of us potentially getting in the way, each other and cannibalizing each other and sales and often confused by no one ever mentions, the three Japanese dark souls esque games that we are getting all potentially this year Neo to has a twenty nineteen release dates occurred shadows die twice comes out and March twenty nineteen and on a previous episode some of the cave GD crew thinks that maybe goes Fukushima could potentially release this share am I taking crazy pills, or at least one of these games destined to fail because the industry confusion and fatigue. Love everything. You all do welcome to the party fan. So the funny because it started his last of us in days gone. About those is the souls style game cannibalize each other right easy answer for me. Absolutely. Not not a problem. Those fans are so hungry for those types of games, and they don't even all released at the same time right secures integrate spot. In fact, I think we saw people moving stuff around like the dark side or just came out. All the sudden when I think it was supposed to come out this year dark siders is not the style of game. Well, it is to it's much as I can action three his really gotten good. I mean, it's my so I know this because my brother is this fan. Okay. Nuts about it. And he plays. He's played dark souls every Neo everything over and over any can't get enough. And when he came out he's like, wow, it's like they copy dark souls three to a point now granted cheesy now that's just his purview. But I have washed. It is very heavy in the comet putting that aside. I don't think it's a problem because released as far parts, and then I guess it's not about last days gone. I'm still cut up. Those are I know the both got zombies and end of the world stuff. But there they don't even have release dates, and they won't cannibalize days gone. Does. Oh, it is out in April. Okay. Forgot so brands relaxed of us park to is the guy that we don't know it could have a surprise release this fall. But I think twenty twenty seems more reasonable space, but we talked about I had said previously on the show that I think it would be really a misstep if PlayStation released to zombie focus games in the same year, but maybe wouldn't be maybe they're servicing different audiences. Yeah. But I'm curious what you think maybe. But I don't think goes Shema will be lake dark souls. I know that now it's like secure. Oh, but ultimately, that's you got creators like infamous, you got ninja guided crit, you know, that's makes Neil stuff. Right. And then you've got the dark SaaS, folks. I think their styles are different enough. Not really gonna be a problem. But right. No, I agree. I think that they're going to be different types of games. I think the only I think maybe you could have an argument that Neo to and secure. Oh are going to maybe compete. Each other. But I don't think we we don't have a release eight for Neo to yet. Do we see? I didn't think we did because we were doing the twenty nine hundred just say twenty nineteen. I have it in front of me. So we'll find out if we're gonna go right into you're wrong right now because we did not get a squat up on the dock today. Don't forget you can send us your squad up requests to patriot conflict kinda funny games. And look for those January participation late with the squad up request. So the kind of funny best friends. I watch this episode catch me onto TV FM three. If you don't know if you wanna squat up Fran. The we have an amazing community of best friends out there, and they love playing video games. And they love coming to the aid of other best friends who need someone to help them in a video game. Oh, you whether you play on XBox, PlayStation or switch or PC or Lennox or whatever platform you play on. There's a best friend out there for you. That will help you play the online game that you need assistance with us. Gotta write us and tell us what you need help with the best friends will come to you. Awesome. So let's head on over to kind of dot com slash your wrong. Let's see sure we were wrong about something. But I've been catching them too. So this is this is. Guarding Andress common about Reddin online be nominated for an award. But still being in beta technically fort still in beta as well that is that is to note, however, four nights, not broken in beta WaKo WaKo. Sin chat Presider. Yes, you're right. It's funny because I don't have it in front of me. I don't know. Do they say, it's embedded? They say it's early access. Do they say it's in beta, I believe seiger, I believe battery Al beta and save the world is still in early access. But maybe I'm wrong right in. Maybe I'll read it by the end of the show. Kebab says PSA one of the new releases for today after charge is this week's party mode game and is available to you now at YouTube dot com such games. Thanks kebabs. Stead John it stead John app. I don't know how to say your name. I'm sorry says Sega ages outrun also came out on switch today. Thank you. Andrea five. Head says gator heap is also out on switch today. A new date from Zaire final fantasy Zaira actually pulled this up. And I just forgot to put in the dock. So thank you. Twelve zodiac age is coming to switch an Xbox One on April thirtieth. Also final fantasy ten ten to remastered are also coming to swish Xbox One on April sixteenth. Thank you for writing. That in literally the tab is open on my computer. I just forget. I did want to mention that. It you probably talk about in. Tomorrow's news resident evil the remake too is getting the demo starting on the eleventh. It's going through the I think the end of the month. It's a weird thirty minute demo thing look it up. But you'll probably talk about tomorrow's news as well. I don't know if you're here tomorrow. But I am here tomorrow. There you go a little hot tip for tomorrow. I'm serious about that game. And I think it meaning it is almost a release date for them. It's just a day away. Exactly. Next up from quip vibrates in me undies to watch as artificial sweeteners, such as sodium saccharin, unlike sugar sacra, doesn't promote decay you talking about xylitol natural type of sweetener known as sugar alcohol. It is there there is I guess it's an antibacterial as well though. I guess or is it? Yeah. I mean, I looked at up it said it was kebabs. I tell you why. Nobody I think it's all that. I read that if people chew gum was tall like but all day like a ton of eight you'll get like explosive diarrhea. I mean, you shouldn't be having any artificial products that. Indeed, a sweet sugar alcohol that zero calories and also prevents toots two cases. It doesn't break down into acidic. Bright products in your mouth. That's good science for science. I love I'm excuse me. The nanna biologist I mentioned left for dead three zero goat. Ruffles indra. It isn't called Doda artifacts. It's just artifact. Okay. Who will thanks? Lord of pony niobe labs came out on January eighth France at the seventh. Costly Dave's with you. Fuck have three the reason though, the re, but you are right. But I think the reason is I think on the map it was week of January seventh or something I might of made that up, but it is the week of. It's okay. Don't worry. I'm not. I was wrong. I don't we didn't know it was the tenth. When we started the show goat ruffle says the question about the three games cannibalizing each other was not in reference to them being like dark souls in terms of combat, but in the three games are all set in feudal, Japan and file spied world. Well, ruffles. I appreciate you writing that in. But that's not what the question said. So. So we're going to wrap Kevin I'm really at the end don't worry time. No. We're just at time right now. Kebabs says I can't find any current numbers. But apparently artifact has tanked in terms of player numbers. According to team spy according to the site yesterday. It had about four thousand concurrent players. Ex rainbow succeed ranked still invade us as an antibiotics I don't know what that has to do with anything. It was a nominated for front. And Nikolay by said, Catherine classic is available on steam today was the the deals of the day, you if you're going to write into your wrong, at least make sure it's factually, correct? I don't think that's asking to the dumpster fire that we inspire kind of funny. Oh, this is a watch that we try to make sure it's dumpster fire. But now we got up. But now, we really got a rat kind of Freddie, so much for for hosting the show with me today. This was a pleasure again, forget Fran and I are both on the games cast which comes out tomorrow patriot dot com. Such kind of funny games. If you wanna check that out or you can check it out at YouTube dot com. Such kind of any games on Monday and still then it's been our pleasure serve shake, my hand friend.

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