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The Factory of Sadness (The Curse of the Cleveland Browns)


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The road in Canton and football is like interwoven into our lives. Like it's just a piece of life in Cleveland totally the way. I guess I could equate it to hockey for you or I mean I. Guess if you want to generalize anyway when my dad first moved to the states from sports was sort of the thing that connected him to this new country and he initially lived in Queens so he was a Yankees Fan. Just fine you forgive him. It was the seventies but I think the thing that really solidified that connection for him. was becoming a football fan and Cleveland. Do you think he wanted to get into sports so that he had something to talk about with people he wanted to fit in more yeah. I don't think he did it so consciously I think he was a huge cricket fan in India but I think it's something that translates you were fan growing up and now you're football fan and it's just like away to connect to wherever you move. You know when your dad moved to. You said he start. He landed in Queens I. What was he doing? How old is he? What was his deal? He was a medical resident. Excuse he was a mock me six or whatever. Yeah it's wild. That's so funny my mom so they got. They were arranged which is so interesting different podcasts. And so they got married and then he moved here a few years before my mom joined him and she said when she got here he had not yet bought addresses but his clothes were organized in these paper bags. Love that they were organized. Still Organ you can. We dedicate an entire podcast. Just on your dad because he already sounds so fascinating. Thank you we can. I love this. Well I'll tell you what his phantom passed down to me and my little sister so it's continues the legacy continue when I moved to La. I used to go to Dublin's on sunset. Maybe remember it and I would watch football. I would watch the browns because that was an official browns backers bar so the browns backers are an official on. Are you a part of the browns backers? Yeah do you have like a jacket or something? There's no jacket you just kinda joined. But it's like an organization of Browns fans outside of Cleveland. Can I join you should join? It has like three hundred thousand men doing this girl. I know browns backers. I can't believe you haven't already anyway. Look we browns fans as you and I both know are super loyal. This is one of the most storied franchises in football with a long rich history but also a painful one super painful and that is where I want to take my story today okay. So we're this is interesting to me because I'm a new browns fan. Only about two seasons old. I know even just after two years. Okay I it. There's a lot of pain and suffering the same sex and now I'm here until the end but I've always heard these horror stories about how the browns were so bad for so long so I guess this is going to be so today. I WANNA share with you one of my most devastating memories of being a browns fan and basically just like share with you a bigger story about a city in a team. That are basically curse. Okay so we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA walk through history and you know I don't know like prepare to fall in love. I think most sue it. So the browns were founded in nineteen forty six. They were named after their original coach and owner. Paul Brown not creative. The Brown colors were Brown orange and white because this is not about fashion. It's about flipping. That should be on like the welcome. Signed TO CLEVELAND. Some you know what I'm going to contact somebody all the mayor. I know right all right so in one thousand nine hundred sixty one. The browns were bought by a successful businessman named art modell. He's credited with helping promote the NFL and making it the successes today and for the most part he's super he was well regarded in Cleveland. We also had at the time. A huge superstar a hall of fame running back and three time. Mvp Jim Brown not related to Our Name just so many brown so many Brown the Brown. I know Jim Brown a bunch of records and became the only NFL player in history to average over a hundred rushing yards per game. Wow that's that's insane like no one has ever done that again. It's amazing still. To this day he holds that record. That's really impressive. Yeah this dude is widely considered to be the best. Nfl Player to ever play the game in the history of the League. Wow so brown's off to a Great Start Fund side note about Jim Brown. He went on to have a little bit of a career in the film industry. He's like the O. G. Athlete transitioning to acting. You know what I'm saying before. Kareem was in airplane. He was the one that made. It like doable. Yes Jim Brown in one hundred rifles one hundred riot. Jim Brown having one of the first interracial love scenes in moving out of love scene to what cal Welsh and post. I was Burt Reynolds. So basically these early browns are crushing. It they played in a League before the NFL of today existed and they were awesome in it they won championships in nineteen fifty fifty four fifty five and sixty rape before it all got really official. We were great Scott Classic. So kinda just like Cleveland was booming with its steel industry. The browns are also killing it like the perfect fit. This awesome hard-nosed team playing for a blue-collar no-nonsense city And I feel like in that same way like the story of the BROWNS mirrors the story of Cleveland as like steel went away and the city struggled to find its new place. The browns painted the same. I feel like there is something to be said though about like your team. Mirroring Your City. I feel like I. We have them so much more. 'cause they like there's like grit in that you know we're kind of on the same side so I I like that. I agree symbiotic. It's like you relate to that not just like the excitement of the team but like the way they embody who you feel like. You're you're all going through something. Yeah yes I agree. And I think that's a piece of this like deep connection between the city. Yeah so in the seventies the fans continued to be amazing even though the team kinda wallet in Mediocrity But right at the end of the decade in the first game of the nineteen seventy nine season their luck started to turn around. There's a game Cleveland. Browns vs New York jets and the browns are up six going into the fourth quarter but in the last five minutes of the game last they give up a touchdown and below their banner. Oh we listen to the right side. We are the jets midst the extra point so the game is now tied. Nineteen nineteen and the browns get possession but bone raw here immediately. Give the ball back to the jets on a fumbled return Maryland. Recover the bubble at the burglary. Armide birthday and the jets are able to kick an easy field goal to twenty two to ninety so with two minutes left. Lebron now with one fifty. Three remaining their work cut out. Brown's still have a chance play by drake site deep in the coverage that they throw a hail Mary down the field and of course the ball. It's free spill. Ranch fans are like. Wow this is how we were there. When the browns finally get the ball back thirty seconds left on the clock down by three they get one last chance to win at this point the jets think they have the game in the bag and probably even fans are also like whatever like md the state in fact the jets fans were so sure of victory that many are filing out of the steam. Well GUYS BIG MISTAKE. Because with eight seconds left the grounds make a big passing play and get a key penalty again suggests that allow them to make a thirty five yard field goal to tie the game as the clock expires? Can I just hop in here for AAC? You leave the stadium early if you think. Your team is going to lose you. Don't leave the stadium. Early of your team is probably going to win lame. You stick around a sell giants fans. That's pathetic that's so agreed anyway. So with this field goal. The browns take the game into overtime. As less than thirty seconds left in overtime. The game is still tied. The browns intercept the Baugh moving to feel go rain on. That's good and the window unheard means so began an era with the team known as the cardiac kids because of their incredible ability to come back to win multiple games in the final moments so fun what a great nickname and the cardiac kids was a superfund team to root for we had quarterback. Brian SIPE fullback. Mike pruitt tight end Ozzie. Newsome and wide receivers Reggie Rucker. And Dave Logan these guys were super fun cardiac kids t shirts and hats became a common sight. They were already this. Like where do we skier? Let's get on Ebay. I mean in the players literally could not go anywhere in the city without getting sworn by fans people were into it. Oh I'm sure people just buying them beers shots so just a little funny anecdote about how connected this team and these fans are. The browns are coming back from Houston and at the airport. The fans are all waiting. And as a decoy defensive and Lyle L. Szeto who weighed about two hundred and fifty pounds literally runs and dives on top of the crowd. They Listrik like at a concert while the rest of the browns sneaky and they were like it was electric. He's a hero. Yeah the superstar so they were basically like the rolling stones anyway. The point is browns. Fans are the greatest honors. Yeah and we truly are because we've been tested and proven ourselves to stay loyal. Despite so after the cardiac kids we suffered through in era of great teams in the nineteen eighties. That were cursed with some heartbreaking playoff losses. You could imagine they are named Red Ray. The drive and the fumble. Oh my just real quick recap on. They have names. That's how to remain. I correct they are like not to be forgotten. So Red Right. Eighty-eight is a last minute. Loss raiders in the nineteen eighty-one where we had the opportunity to take the lead with field goal but the coach ought to run a passing same instead intercepted the wall and it was intercepted and the picked it off. Oh that's just stupid. But despite that rough loss to start the decade we continue to be good that whole decade it was like another super fun super talented team. The quarterback Bernie Kosar Wide Receiver Webster Slaughter Tight End Ozzie. Newsome running backs. Kevin mackin earnest. Byner and linebacker Bob Golick. Who was a Cleveland Native before there was Lebron? There was Bob Golick so fans were in so. This team is really good and twice. We need it after that sad loss to Oakland to the AFC championship game for those of you. Who Don't know that's the game right before the Super Bowl. Yeah so mind. You get into the soupy. Can't we won four championships before the Super Bowl was the thing and haven't yet one so in the Nineteen eighty-six AFC championship game the draft Mark Sheriff's basically Denver Broncos quarterback John elway in the final minutes of the game led the team too improbable ninety or drive to be us in overtime? Go Away five minutes and six seconds to complete the drive of the game. This devastating the very next year in one thousand nine hundred seven. We make it all the way back to the AFC championship game. Only this time of winning spiner recover at all star running back earnest. Byner fumbled the ball under one yard. Line right before he was about to score to take the lead with one minute left in the game handing victory byner head first and goal and lost the ball. You miss them in so young when this stuff was going. So did your dad you about this as you were getting older you were Rachel. I'm older than you. I give you credit. I'm saying you were a baby when these were happening. No I was a teenager until now I was young for these two losses. I like remember eating. Seven layer dip in pure utter devastation. I was ten and eleven respectively so I mean it. You know I remember these year. It's scarred you yeah but despite all these scars deep deep scars on our heart we fans we stick by our guys. Okay an example as we're going through these horrifying losses in the eighties. The browns Star cornerback at the time Hanford. Dixon nicknamed the defense. The Dogs are defense was awesome. The dogs is a reference to like him thinking of the defenses dog chasing around the offense which he thought of his cats and they were just like a hardcore defense that just like crushed it and not only did he name the defense the dogs but they put up a sign in the bleacher section called the dog pound and the fans like wholeheartedly adopted it and so now to this day the bleacher section. At Cleveland Stadium is known as the dog pound. These guys took it to heart. They were dog. Noses dog masks bone shape how would like throw bones on the field amazing? Oh my God well I see you see them. Every single broadcast like they're out amazing. They've got like face paint. Yes viggo go hard. So that's my team. And that's my teams fans and now you're team and that brings us to the mid nineties so in the nineteen ninety four season the browns finished with a really good record of eleven and five and one first playoff game in five years under head coach. Bill Belichick a name. You might recognize hall of fame coach and winter. Go Billy yes winner. Multiple Super Bowls widely considered to be one of the all time greats despite some cheating allegations. But that's a different episode greatest cheater. Rachel has no love lost for bill. Belichick I think no. I don't sorry anyway. We were really good looking good. And when we're going into next season in one thousand nine hundred. Five people were like Oh. This team could finally be the woman wins the superbowl so it was an exciting time yet again. Midway through this we're doing all right and then art modell the owner that we talked about earlier the owner of the browns nineteen sixty one people like him. Yeah meets with team. One morning business as usual But that night out of nowhere art modell goes down to Baltimore which is weird and he makes a speech at Camden yards and announces. Something that shook Cleveland and the Browns fans to their core. Wow but we're going to have to go to break. 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Owner Art Modell announced his intention to move the story browns franchise to Baltimore and announces that he's relocating the Browns to Baltimore for the ninety sixties literally for the next season. No girl this blindsided everyone. Her Dad must have been devastated Walkman. Walk me through your whole like what was happening that night in your home. I want you to know that like the next day like I had school and like every class started with teachers being like I was like a version count there avail Allen. Let's let's take a minute to process what has happened. It was a big deal like everyone was blindsided. The coach the city. The team like everyone this asshole. Total devastation chaos. I mean this team is literally the heart of the city for some. It was too much to be sad to see them. Go how to react. Some knew exactly what they wanted to do. Fans the stadium seats to them as momentum. Thirty one were torn out taking home. Memento others ripped off seats in on the stadium grounds. A woman's crying man says he's devastated. Was that woman you now. You're thinking I was a tiny baby like and now you're like where you this yesterday told is this. How old is retina? A highlander was born in one thousand. Nine seventy seven so fans reportedly through faxes member of those guys over the walls of the NFL offices. In Cleveland. Fun which is just brush pass through. They must have been like. I'm I'm picturing like a photocopier machine. The paper like the faxes angry fans papers like paper. Humans a machine. Maybe people were upset like actually probably machine or to was thrown. They sent like so much mail and so many phone calls to the NFL franchise owners. They like took to TV radio and newspapers to protest calling your senators cardiac kids. T shirts replaced with mucks. Odell t shirts you get it you get with that meant. I need that as well. I need all of this merch. That's amazing and this was so big. A ton of huge companies pulled their sponsorships McDonald's and continental Ireland. It was so good when the as Shitty as it is. Money is what it's all about. That's it so like legit here. Mc Donald's and Continental Airlines. I don't know if you remember them at the time. They Cleveland with one of their hubs. Anyway they were like we want no part of this madness. These people are angry and guess what a lot of people in Cleveland eat. Mcdonald's even the Pittsburgh steelers who are legit are hated rivals like there is no love lost between these two teams. They're our biggest rival. They like their fans protested because they understood. What a big deal. This was your on my show of support as a football fan that you would recognize that that to be a terrible thing season ticket holders of the browns brought a class action lawsuit against Modell who settled for three million dollars. Whatever you don't subtle unless you guilty so it was basically like art. Modell saying to a city thing you plan your whole autumn around that thing that keeps you moving through those brutal. Cleveland winters literally one of the mainstays. That your identity is defined by. Well I'm taking it away till Baltim- and you don't have any time. It's happening at the end of the season so that maybe one of the craziest innings is that he gives no time. It's not like we're GONNA move out here from now. So let's have like these big laying hourly now nothing no time to grieve. It's kind of like how we had no time truly to. And then all of a sudden we were locked in our homes is not true we did have time to prepare and we didn't hear that Donald Trump we had time. Yeah I think he listens to this. Yeah I think he does. So modell was claiming. His money was running low and his patience was wearing thin and so he had to move. Here's the deal. Of course Cleveland Curse as ever days. After modell made the announcement public the city passed a referendum that did allow them to fund the improvements on the stadium. That modell had asked for but it was too late. Okay great so then. They don't have to move. No I was. A to lay late already had signed. Oh Hitch Pau facts away. So modell expressed a lot of sadness. This has been a very very tough road for my family and for me I leave Cleveland. Ohio thirty five years and leave my heart. Good part of my heart and soul there can never forget the clients of the people of Cleveland. The fans it's afforded the browns for years with frankly came down to a simple proposition. I had no choice. Okay so never forget the kindness of the people. Yeah you forgot it. The second you took the team to Baltimore Bitch please. Fuck that mow down knows what he did. He knew what it meant. He broke the heart of an entire city. And don't give me money argument modell. Here's my thing you a multimillionaire. Once we're talking about twenty thirty forty million dollars like you got plenty of money. His family was fine. It's like old rich white men and their money always being on brand. Always just hoarding that. Shit to this day even in a pandemic. I'M GONNA stop. We're not here for that. We're here to be distracted from that. I can't imagine though with the amount of fans that the browns had in Cleveland like. Are you really GonNa make that much more money in Baltimore? Have like these diehard fans here already the. Nfl operates at such a high profit. Like this guy's doing fine. I don't WanNa hear it. So even the players on the browns were completely rattled. This city has some of the greatest fans in sports. So they're very connected to it. They were so rattled that this team that was predicted by many to get to the Super Bowl that year ended up losing every single game for the rest of the season except for one against the bengals. Who's their rival rough? I hope that they did that on purpose. I hope that they did that on. Were the fans because they were like screw this guy fingers. Let me ask you this. The game against the Bengals was it a home game. Yes yes absolutely. They were doing it for the fans and I commend. They're like we're gonNA give you one big win against our big rival. Yeah but other than that. That's going to be the most devastating thing. Yeah so wait when he and made this announcement. How many games into the season do you know halfway halfway through a fucking asshole year? That's like I'm always talking about how Jerry Jones likes to meddle with the cowboys and like literally go and talk to media. How terrible is quarterback was right after the game? Yeah but like there were some meddling sorcery. That'S INSANE BUT CLEVELAND. Being Cleveland did not go down without a fight. A judge granted the city an injunction that led to modell being required to adhere to the terms of a contract. He signed with the city back in one thousand nine hundred seventy three and the terms of that contract stated that the city would retain the name of the browns the team's colors logos and records. Okay what happened was basically Cleveland would get the browns back in nineteen ninety nine as an expansion team and modell would receive a new franchise that would become known as a Baltimore Ravens so we would get like the name of the browns and the colors on the logo and all of that when we get to stay being called though Brown. Yeah and he he would take the entire browns roster for his new franchise. So it's like a small victory for Cleveland but ultimately modell gets the better deal because the truth is being an expansion team is hard like modell got to take the biggest piece of what may the Browns Brown which is the actual team super bowl winning team while no never wanna see almost. How almost Laurie so anyway? When you're an expansion team you're building from scratch. There's no franchise player. You're starting with no solid Olin. That's already in place you know. We get to keep the name in the colors and logos and the records. But we're basically a baby franchise starting at square one and that usually means you're bad for awhile and guess what we were. It's been a while we've only had two winning seasons in two thousand two in two thousand and seven since the expansion one playoff appearance in two thousand and two. You just Timber Mamdouh everyone. We're in two thousand twenty and no playoff wins and we've only one of our games. What's in two thousand and sixteen two thousand seventeen? Under head coach Hugh Jackson we went. Wait for one and one we literally in the year. Two thousand seventeen went. Oh and sixteen like it's hard to go fully defeated as it's just to go undefeated that's it's almost from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen. The browns literally had the worst stretch in NFL history. Meanwhile there's more one more dagger Rachel the Hits keep coming but you have to be on this journey. We all do. Oh boy. I'm here in nine hundred ninety nine. The browns come back as an expansion team. And they're struggling and they're not good as we talked Abou- and hasn't been basically since then. Meanwhile the next year in two thousand the Baltimore. Ravens made up of a roster. That's a huge piece of the team. That was taken from them and the rest of it filled. In by General Manager Ozzie. Newsome who would have been at fever that along the Super Bowl trophy champions. No that's bullshit so basically. If the BROWNS had rained. Yeah Brown on the Super Bowl the wikipedia girl. I mean okay so digesting right I feel like this is more than just the story of the horrifying time in my life when the browns were taken from. I just want you to know it was horrible my senior year. It was my senior year of high school. Let me ask you this. Do you wear being a browns fan as kind of like a badge of honor. You have been like you look at other trans. You're like you have no idea like to be a true sports fan. Oh yes yeah to me. Being a browns fan like being a cubs fan before the cubs finally won the world series. Like it is right up there with like the most painful phantoms history of sports. But I do feel like that's the best kind of team to support and hear me out. It's going to be so trashed for so long but when you win like I liken it to the Raptors the Toronto Raptors. The back him. They were bad for a long while. Like loving this team. When Vince Carter was playing years old reliever an expansion team right yeah and they kinda grew up and there were seasons where they would make it in the playoffs. Then Lebron came he was in the east and it was just we were just like garbage and then they won last year and I was there. I flew to Oakland. I bought the tickets. I was there in the stands and I was bawling my eyes out because I was like we learn as a city earned this joy and I'm going to tell my kids about it and there's just so like you have to ride it out and hopefully like in our lifetime we can experience. I Agree Lebron's winning the Super Bowl and it will be the greatest feeling ever. I agree let me tell you. I know a piece of what you're talking about. So Cleveland is a city is pretty curse. Like it's I think it's the only major city that has all three sports. That has like one so little so like our baseball team. The Cleveland Indians haven't won a world series since nineteen forty eight and the cavs also hadn't won anything until two thousand sixteen when Lebron finally brought us chairmanship so I can totally relate to experience the parade. We discussed earned. Imagine and like listen I so we won the championship on Father's Day to bring the story full circle to my dad and my sister and I were watching it together with their young children and it was like the most emotional also sobbing like sports is bigger than just people playing on a court or a field. Yeah one thousand percent and I feel like it's you know there's parts of it that's nostalgia. I mean I said at the top of his podcast. I don't really watch hockey by the way for those of you. That don't know I think we may have talked about this at some point but Russian and I have something in common. Both of our dads have passed away when we were younger. And My dad was super into hockey. So although I don't watch anymore there's like this of that comes back when playoffs are happening and the leaves have been trashed forever but it reminds me of my dad. And there's like a comforting feeling that I know he would be watching if he was still around and I'm sure you experiences totally. It's so connecting and Rachel you would have major dad. A browns fan would have been here and then he would be with us with. I'll say guys. Maybe the curse is broken. After Cleveland one in two thousand and sixteen the browns last year had a really fun team. Really really fun we had Baker May Dia Nick troub- Odell Beckham Junior Jarvis. Landry like we were fun. It's a fun team yes. We didn't quite live up This year we got an additional weapon. We Got Austin Hooper and we browns fans a new liquor wins. We come back re ignited for a new season. Because that's how we do it. I gotTA say Browns fans resilient as they come. I want you to know that like our stadium has been nickname the factory of sadness and so I just WanNa tell you Rachel. Welcome to the factory. Resilient place honored to be here so I guess all I want to say in this kind of unsettling time where the hits keep coming. Is that as a Cleveland Fan. We will get through this. Yeah sports as you and I know are so much bigger than jest the players and the field or the court and the scores it like brings cities together. It brings people together brings different kinds of people together. United about something. That's kind of bigger than them. And so I think that's why you and I love them beyond the stats and the the plays. I think that's like it's so special to us like I think it's like for us. It's so personal with our dads. Yeah one thousand percent and I feel like also sports is the most maybe besides like food and water. Sports is like the most universal thing across the entire world whether it's like people in India watching cricket or people in England watching soccer or US here watching football. All of us have that in common. Yeah so just to wrap it up at this time. When we're all holding so much I was reminded by my President Bernie Brown. The comparative suffering right now is not constructive but what is helpful is gratitude so even though the story we just talked about in my life and now yours is a cleveland. Sports Fan can feel tragic at times. A story of resilience and connection and I want to take a minute to express my gratitude to my dad and to yours. Today's the Tenth Anniversary of my dad passing away. And so I feel like I really have goosebumps on zoom. This is for you dad. That's amazing but I want to express my gratitude to my dad anti yours. But my dad for imbuing my home with Cleveland Sports and to the Browns whom I don't think it's hyperbole to say I'm a better human for having been a fan of all these years. That was beautifully said and I feel like you're always GonNa have that with your dad like our dads aren't around anymore we carry about. Yeah we have those things that like. Connect us to them for me. It's like music with my dad because I don't like hockey. That was like one. He couldn't get manner that was not the bandwagon that I jumped on with him to you. It's it's like football on all of these sports and that's really the best. Thank you for sharing that with us. Thank you for sharing. I feel exports can be so unbelievably connecting in such a bomb. And I know that you are and I am grateful for them and missing now for sure but anyway we'll be back next week. The He's story hall of shame is a product of crooked media the shows produced by Carolina Reston in Allison Paul's are executive producers. Are Sarah guys? Moore and Steven Hoffman Engineering and sound design by Kyle Seguin and Charlotte Lamps. Our theme. Music is by Takayasu. Thank you to Sydney rap and Brian. Semel for production support every week.

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