Just The 2 Of Us


This is Stephen Fertig on the pastor of Elevation Church, and this is our podcast I wanted to thank you for joining us today. This inspires you open builds your fate. Hope it gives you perspective to see God is moving in your life enjoy the message. Come on everybody prayed. Let everything that has. To. Whether you're in. A. Bathroom. Come on. Give him praise today. Oh praise the Lord. Lord. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. How are you doing? I know my sermon last week was called. Did I ask but I'm asking how are you? Come on. Let me know how you're doing right there. In the chat you use your favorite Emoji to tell me how you're doing. Your favorite church appropriate Emoji. got. All, kinds of people that tune in you know you never know what they'll i. don't want the Holy Spirit to leave the youtube page. Give. God brace if you pulled on, we're gonNA bring it back. Give God praise if you're doing better than could be expected. So in other words like. Hey preacher. That's a complicated question. But when I think about where I could have been in would've been I WANNA put up one of those. One of those worst of hand, the MOGES. come up roll worse. So Panther Mogi and the chat. Away from. The. Party spill South Carolina if you got a reason appraise Impreza. Wow off. So Anyway I just I thank God for this opportunity to Minister the word of God to you and you may notice. that it feels a little different we're going GONNA. Do it a little different today we're having to do almost everything different right now. Anyway. So. What happened to me was that after I got done preaching. To you last week God kept speaking. That's a weird sensation to be done. Preaching God's not done speaking. And I wasn't seeking God for a sermon or anything and holly went for a walk and she started sharing with me something God. was speaking to her and what God was speaking to her was kind of like what God was speaking to me. And I said I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Take that in preaches. She said you can't. I'm preaching soon. I'm going to breach it. I said Oh I'm taking that in preaching. She said you can't have it. I say you're like our kids when we go and buy them Did you ever buy your kids whole meal and then you wanted one fry? And you wanted one fry and it wasn't even a hot FRY. It was one co FRY in the bag. It was one of those bottom of the bag fries and you went to get that one fry. She told me about this one verse in the Bible. I WANNA preach that she said you can't have it. I said give me that fraud girl. So this sermon today was stolen. From. The woman of God Holly Firday. How Appropriate I, told her I'm taking your sermon, but you can come here, meet preach it, and I said to make it up to appreciate just to you. And so I've got some of the most amazing musicians in the world here today and some of our staff that snuck in were here working I told you could sit in the back but. But I wanted to in addition to just those who are here helping me get this recorded I asked him how can you get over here and helped me record this message that God? Gave Holly. I. I from her and they said, we can do it in an hour. And so here we are to bring God's word to you fresh relevant and I believe that God is going to give you a personal. You know what you might want to say in the chat right now say this one's for me this one's for me and those of you who are in the room come on shake tell this for me. This one for me little drummer boy. Dom Look back and say oh no. You long haired. Hippie this one's for me. This one's a mind come on. If you know this one's for you site in the chat fest one for me. This one's for me. Man. I want to share with you a scripture today from second kings chapter four. Kind of a continuation of did I ask we were saying last week that when we stop asking God, what he wants to do in our lives and what he put inside of us and start assuming we limit the potential that is in us because we. We kind of confine ourselves. And I believe that there's so much more that God wants to do than what we can ask or imagined. And so I wanNA share this passage with you today. J. Since it's only three of us in the room, go ahead and keep playing for a moment. And The message that I want to minister today. Is actually appropriate that. That, it's just a few in the room. Because I. WanNa, Talk to you today about just the two of us. Just. The two of us. And so as we share this time together today, I want you to hear it in a in a personal way. The Bible says, in verse, eight, one day Elisha went to shoot them. And a well-to-do woman was there who urged him to stay for a meal? So whenever he came by, he stopped there to eat. And she said to her husband. I know that this is. I know that this man who often comes our way is a holy man of God. Let's make a small room on the roof and put in it a bed and a table. What a chair And a lamb, let's put a lamb to. Go over there to Ikea. And less. Less hookup this man of God. Then he can stay there whenever he comes to us. Now one thing when Elisha came, he went up to his room. And lay down there. So he said to his servant. Geza call the Shuai. So he called her. And she stood before him. He likes you said to tell her you have gone all this trouble for us. Now. What can be done for you. Can. We speak on your behalf to the king or the commander of the army. She replied I have a home among my own people. Can Be done for her Elisha. For wonder. What I could do for what if God is not conspiring about how to curse you? What is God is brainstorming how to bless you today. What if God is up in heaven trying to figure out when to hit you with a lightning bolt or a hernia or a flat tire to get you back for what you did in tenth grade what if God is what if God and the angels today are brainstorming away to bless you in this season? So as I said. She had no son. And her husband is all. Then, he likes said caller. So we called her And she stood in the doorway. This, she stood in the doorway about this time next year. How many of Y'ALL READY FOR NEXT YEAR About, this time next year Elisha said, you will hold a son in your arms. Now. You're. Not. Object. gave up on that. Not. Bad Man I've got. Don't mislead, your. Servant. The woman became pregnant. And the next year about that same time. She gave birth to a son. Just as Elisha had told her, can I read a few more versus? Because the child grew and one day he went out to his father who was with the reverse he said to his father, my head, my head as father told a servant carry him to his mother after the servant had lifted him up and carried him to his mother the boy sat on her lap until noon. then. Die. She went up and late him on the bed of the man of God. Then, shut the door. Shut the door and went out. She called her husband and said, please send me one of the servants and a donkey. So I can to the men of God quickly and return why go to him today he asked it's not the new moon or the Sabbath. All right she said. She sat at the donkey and said to her server. Lead on. Don't slow down for me. Unless I tell you. She said out came to the man of God at Mount Carmel and when he saw her in the distance, the men of God said to his servant. Keizai I've been saying gauzy and. To pronounce his name but he was a scoundrel anyway and so watch this the man of God said to Gaze Gazi look there's the shunamite. Run meter and ask her. Are you. All right. Is Your husband Is your child. All right. Everything. Is. All right. She said. When she reached the men of God. At. The Mountain. She took hold of his feet. As, I came over to push her away but the man of God said. Leave her alone. She is in bitter distress but the Lord. Has Hidden it me. And it's not told me why just the two of US Lord would you fill every heart with your presence in this moment? Would you make it so that there is a direct connection from heaven to their heart and they could hear from you the words that they need to make it in this season of their life. We thank you that anything is possible in your presence. We thank you that nothing is impossible for you. Is there anything too hard for you? There's nothing too hard for you. Is there anything too small for you? Nothing is too small for you. You can do anything we believe. We receive it in Jesus name. Amen. Well, you may be seated holly. And Others, just the two of us. This kind of coup girl you get a personalized sermon. Never before. Well, this is been close Because people were asking me what's it like preaching in an empty room? That's one of the questions you about questions last week and people will say, what's it like preaching in an empty room I said kind of it kind of takes me back. I said I kinda like it and then I could see they were offended. You. Don't want us there. You don't want us in I was it's not that. Sometimes, it's good to go back. Sometimes it's good to go back and there were times when we first started like. Our ministry didn't start when people saw it. and. What you see now is not how we started how many would say that about your life you should have seen me, you should have seen the Beta version of me Oh, you think I'm messed up now God's really been working on me. And the crazy thing about this season of quarantine was I kind of knew when they were saying, you know we can't have mass gatherings of Church and all that I knew that if it came down to it that Hollywood, hold the camera. In fact, the first thing I did when they start shutting everything down, I called many of these same people who are in here running the cameras today in this building I call them. In I said, get over to my house I, want a camera in the basement I wanNA laminated instruction thing printed out. So I can see how to run it because if it comes to it, I know that. I can put holly behind that camera and if I can have that camera and if it can go well, we can find a way to get the word out. It might not be pretty professional well lit in a big room but God will find a way to get his word out. God will find a way to get his word out. So we didn't have to do it we could have. As a matter of fact, what what a lot of people don't know is even before competent professional musicians like eljay. We're we're here to play. Me and holly. So when you're first starting out I just want to take back for a minute when you're first starting out in ministry. You might not have all of the. All of the. Desired instruments you know what I mean. And when we would travel around I told you last week. How Hollywood on my? My summer impact team I was the leader and we would go into these little churches. A lot of times we'd be with. We'd be with little kids at a Backyard Bible Club in the morning. And then we would be with some senior adults in the afternoon. So we had to diversify. and. So I would go out there with the kids in the morning and Holly was PRECIS sometimes, we would go just the two of us. So my say, just the two of us. Come Up, put it in the chat just the two of us, and this is what I always remember like if the whole worship team quit. I could grab. This Martin Guitar. I could. And I could tune it myself by ear because I've had experience sometimes it's good to go back. And one reason I said Holly I want to go over and preach it just with you and I want to remember how we used to walk into those churches and I would I would stromer. DEB debare cord and say. CAST your burdens. Unto Jesus He cares. For you. Castro burdens. Until Jesus. He cares. And you know you'd be going into these places where nobody really wanted to worship and it would be like you'd have to start it from zero I. Mean it was worse than this empty room at least the camera operators want to be here. But in those rooms you'd have somebody who got dropped didn't want to be there. So you make them hand motions, right? Holly Show showing what we used to do. I did not ask her if she would do this. I just figured if I turned on the cameras and told her to, she would do it stand up do it real quick show? How do it higher higher? Higher Higher. Hi Show them how to lift them higher Jesus polly. Jesus Higher Higher. Higher. Higher Higher. Higher. Higher. Live visa sire ready lower low. The will lower lowell the will. STOMP seats and. Lower lower. Though. Stop. Satan low. Super, super. Osgood back because I just I figure if they if they didn't let anybody come out and run a camera of we couldn't get into church we go in the basement and if I had holly. Had the holly. Ghost in the Holy Ghost, we can preach this word come on if it's just the two of us. We can stop him. We can. We can live Jesus and stomp Satan. Just the two of us. That's how we started. And then you know we couldn't. We couldn't do that at night because. The people we're ministering to at night over eighty. Church revival everybody in there was. You know doing their best to walk in and they weren't trying to lift him or stop him or nothing like that. They were just trying to. So you slow it down do something like When I think about the low He say me. How A SMI How. Fill me With the Holy Ghost. To the other most in Hollywood at the harmony for me. When I thank. The Lord. he picked me up. In turn me around. How he plays my be. On solid ground. Makes me. Show. Thank you. Geez. Of. The honor. A. Good to think back you know. Think about the lore. You remember that just me and you. Menu. Singing and stuff like. A friendly. and. Sense. Increase to? A. To care. Run crisper. And then after you get done without him. James Taylor you just call. My Name. Karaoke Wherever I am. I'll call Ron and. See, you Know you're not alone even if it's just the two of us. Winter Spring Summer Fall. All, you gotta do. And I'll be there. You know make it. Christian. Thank you Jesus. You've got a friend. And then I like those hymns that nobody knows to calm. was. Calm. A. ooh. Snow. That had. K.. G. Us. No. mind. For the. The. Hustle. He's Angry. US. I say. If. The. it. All comes back. My Geez. To this now. It's good to go back. Good to go back. Come on. Give him praise. It's good to go back. Man. So. I liked the worship team that we have now and I don't WanNa, go back to doing it all myself. I'm not trying to take anybody off the payroll but. It's just good sometimes. To to go back, put it in the good to go back. And I know you're thinking like I thought we were supposed to go forward. You know and all that. Well, sometimes, you gotta look back to go forward. Say Man. Because sometimes, if I look too far forward, L. Freak out, just look back real quick lion bear cool God is strong and I I believe that God's resume gives me reason to believe. In resurrection gives me reason to rejoice I just need to know how many of you even though you felt lonely in the season and you don't really know what God's going to do. But you have some kind of faith that some kind of way the same God that did the things for you did the stuff back. Then he's going to do this stuff tomorrow that I need him to do. Wow. Even if it's just me and Jesus, some of some of us are watching this by ourself we'd rather be with other people, but we're watching it on a screen, but even through this screen, the spirit of goddess seeking. God's got a word for me today. I just felt something Paul and Silas were in. Philippine. By themselves, I feel like preaching in a semi empty room. Feel like Christian Holly. Up Silas? We're not where we wanted to be the situation looks bleak. Got To train on our wrist been in quarantine bid on lockdown been persecuted. Felt so bad but you bid up. With churches. But if we start brazen. Dr. Savage Miracle. We can get this off. Get this. It doesn't take many if you got much. Just the two of us. So something about that. Just comforted me. Just walking around the block with Holly and. And God was using her to speak to me and I was like wow. Thinking about how how God God is enough in my life in every season? In the passage that we read, we talked about Elisha the Prophet. Elisha ministry is interesting because it was very lonely. The Ministry of a Prophet was A. Was a lonely life. Not only were you standing up the Kings in ways that made you popular Oh prophets would have got cancelled. So quick in twenty twenty. Every prophet would have been out of business. You had some of them walking around naked, some of them were lighting up. Animal excrements for their sermon illustration Tim do not get any ideas for rhythm night. I could see your wheels turning right now ula. Deng Nudity No. I'm telling you right now. You'RE NOT GONNA. Do any of this stuff that the prophets did. Because the prophets man, they just really had to rely on God and yet the thing about saying all I need is Jesus just mean Jesus what a friend I have in Jesus he can't hug you. Yes he does he embraces me in my shut up I'm talking about like a human hauge. Human Hug. I can't. He can't argue, and so as simple as it sounds I, want you to write it down. God. Uses people. God uses people. God uses people and sometimes when we ask God the US us, we have no idea what we're asking. have. You ever asked the question you wished immediately, you didn't ask. I asked somebody one time. How was my sermon? And they started telling me everything theologically incorrect and I said in the sermon and mispronounced. As I and I called him the wrong thing I said man I'll never ask you again. I will never ask you again. I I've learned. Don't ask your kids unless you really want to know other people have this layer of professional politeness that comes with maturity and adulthood. But if you ask your kids, they'll tell you. They'll tell you Graham told me in Singapore preaching over there in Singapore. Try to say that Moses at the burning Bush was lit was the cringe moment of my childhood. You can never use that joke again that it was so bad I said I got it I. got it but then I say anything good. He said I couldn't hear anything you said after you said Moses at the burning Bush was lit pleased at don't try to be cool and try to be relevant so don't ask your kids I feel pretty cool compared to you know if I if I asked Larry Brian Pretty Cool. Don't ask your kids. Sometimes, it's best not to ask. Right. And what? I love about the passage. Is that God provided for Elisha and I get this? If this is for you because I promise you gotTa has a word for you today. If you'll stay with me, you'll see exactly what it is. God met the prophets needs through someone who he didn't even ask to do it. Remember last week the crowds got fed and they didn't even ask for meal. Remember those times in your life where God had people walk away from you and you didn't even ask him to remove them but he was so good that he knew they would screw up the rest of your life. So he took him right out even though you cried and begged forum back and God took him out even though you were begging them to leave him in God is so good like that. He is good enough to give you what you asked for and so while we're quoting if Asians three twenty, he's able to do immeasurably more than we ask have you ever noticed how we're saying that he can do more than I asked at the time we're saying, God You can do more than I. Ask we secretly want him to do exactly what we planned. How's he going to do more than you ask if he does exactly. What you plan And none of us asked for the situation that we're in right now. and. So what drew me to this passage was that Elisha did not even ask the woman for a host home. When we used to go out yet nothing about host homes, we didn't stay in hotels when we would minister in Bamberg South Carolina no sir, you got you got the host home and if you were lucky, you had the bedroom to yourself or you might be staying with their eight-year-old. You never knew until you got to the host home if you were lucky, they could. Cook if you were lucky, they didn't keep you up until two but they don't know anything about a host home. You didn't have a contractor a writer, and so the Prophet is staying at Carmel and it's lonely to be a prophet but God uses a woman. The Bible calls her a well to do woman. But the Hebrew word is great. She was a great one. She was great woman. She was great. Materially, she was also great in the ways that you can't see. She was she was great. She was so great as a woman that she had the means to do something for God and the humility to do it. That makes you great. And what got my attention. was that Elisha didn't even have to ask. This to have to ask you to do everything. You remember when Graham asked a few weeks ago actually I think it was a few few months ago. Maybe it was a few years ago. I can't remember when when did he ask you mom am I supposed to brush my teeth every day? Mom Am I supposed to change my underwear every day these are things kids ask and it's like, do you really need to ask that? Do you really need to ask God certain stuff? There's some stuff that God's shouldn't have to put a sign in the sky to get you to do. This stuff you shouldn't have to ask you mean you mean you want me to praise you today. God shouldn't have to ask you for brace. If. He gave you breath you want to give it back. It belongs to him. There's some things. I I love when I'm dealing with somebody and you don't have to ask them to do every single little thing. Maybe. It's just me as a pastor, but I love when you don't have to ask for every every little thing you know I, I shouldn't have to ask everything that's what I love about our staff at the church. You won't have to ask everything I don't have to ask every single thing. All I said, give me a guitar. So in case I, want to play it when just the two of us in the empty room I didn't have to ask them the tune it he just did that. He did that. I texted Chris this morning I said I'm going over to preach I'm doing it on just the two of US I'm put. Out there in the cameras in the musicians, but I want you to come over to he said, I'm already on my way. I didn't even have to ask he wanted the word. He's like, Oh you think I need to be on stage to support you I want this were you'll have to ask me I WANNA do I wanna serve God i WanNa preach. Don't have to get to. Get to. Walk around thinking our volunteers. We would have these nights when back when I used to be able to shake people's hands legally. Back before it was against the law human customs and social etiquette to shake a neighbors hand, I would shake their hand. We've had these nights where I would think all the volunteers I would preach and I was shake their house. Thank you for serving. Thank you for giving and almost every time they say, no, thank you. I'll say no. Thank you. Let's say no. Thank you I. Feel like quick canceling my thank you. I'm giving you gratitude. You receive it. We're both standing there trying to thank each other. Get to do this. I get to do this I get to do this. said to me the other day not the Prophet Elijah my my son Elijah he said thank you for for for working out with me. I said I wanted to. Work out with you. I love working out with you. I can do more weight than us so it's good for my ego. And I love talking to you. I didn't have to beg her to come preach the sermon today. She said what time I said I don't know yet. She said I'll clear the schedule you know what it's like to know. That in such an uncertain moment of ministry. You got. Somebody. You can count on. That I don't have to ask you are you still with me then I don't have to ask you. We used to say like Jonathan's armor bearer said, do whatever you have in mind I'm with you I'm with you. Do you have that kind of spirit God I'm with you. If the wheels fall off I'm with you if they shut it down I'm with you. If it's good I'm with you. If we're in the LIMO I'm with you if we the hits hi I'm with you if we to get on a scooter if we have to walk with you I, love it. I love and God will send you somebody in every season God will send you. It might not be who you expected it might not be who you. But God will find a way to get it to you and he will use someone. It was someone he didn't even ask. Someone he didn't even ask she just had an idea. She didn't go into a trance lured I wanna be used by you. God speak will you speak to me? Speaking. How do? show-me. Your will what is Your Lor for? is the kingdom bust of the King James English asking God to do stuff like if you get real deep gotta show something Real De. She did something simple. She did something simple. Notice the connection, the deepest desire of her life was meant when she did something. And it's even more powerful when you consider her disappointment. Because this great woman. With a great big house and an old husband. The Bible. Says he was so old that when the boy got sick, he couldn't even carry him upstairs. Had the send him to his mom that's who she was living with. As. She said through the Prophet. Come over in. Some Spaghetti. Come over and and you know what the Bible says. The Bible says she urged him. Has Actually have to ask them to put the scripture backup. They just did it. I even have to ask they just put it up there. You see how this works. I didn't even have to ask they just did it. That's how God this guy that's called a prompter. That's called a prompter. This is crazy. They are. So into the people who are who are running this today, they are so in tune with my spirit and my flow that the moment I said urged them, they put the prompt Iran. Now WanNa ask how sensitive are you to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Or does God have to push you or does God have to broad you or Kenny prompt you. How hard is it for God to get you to say I'm sorry when you're wrong. How hard is it for God to get you to do something encouraging when he lays it on your heart how hard is it for God to get you to do something that you ought to just naturally do as a child of God? Is Not hard. It was harder for her to convince him to come eat than it was for God to get her to feed him. She had to urge him. Please come she had to ask him more than once. And I'M GONNA sit down because this is too rich to rush through. Their ready for this. Come on over you're watching from it's just the two of US right now I want to show you something I. I. wanted to share this message with just just the two of us. I wanted to show you how God will send people into your life. Even in the loneliest seasons. Even in the season's Elisha the Prophet he had a servant who was a scoundrel he had a Servic as I who had no character. and See Elisha. Knew what it was like the stand by somebody. In the season of loneliness. You remember. Can I go back? To when Elijah with a J. The profit. was hiding in a case. Because he had lived through a three year drought and he stood up on the top of Mount Carmel but even on top of mount. Carmel was so much power. There's often a difference between what you show publicly and what you wrestle with privately. Did you. Hear me. You can have great power publicly. Great Pain privately. And he was up on the mountain he said I'm the only one of the Lords prophets left and he called down fire remember this. You remember this. Holly. Said, I'm the only one left. Then when Jessica threatened to me ran for his life for forty days he had to run and he left a servant and win in a cave and got sent him to fire and got sent him to win but he spoke in the whisper because God. Speaks in the whisper because God doesn't have to shout because he's not far away. God doesn't have to shout. That's what the devil does. The scare you away but he whispered and he said, what are you doing here? He asked him a question. And Said I'm the only one left. Only one you've ever felt like that I'm the only one who cares. I'm the only one in this marriage who cares I'm the only one carrying this responsibility. I know you've felt this way as a leader before. Chet. I'm the only one who sees what needs to be done. And God told him go back the way you came? Because I've already got somebody to support you. His name is Alisha it sounds a lot like yours, because y'all are meant to go together and when you get to I, want you to take your cloak and throw it on him and I know you feel alone but I've got somebody plowing the field right now. I don't mean to turn this into a dating seminar, but sometimes we get so lonely and in our seasons of loneliness we isolate. But God said, I have put somebody in your pack. I. Put somebody even if you are not married right now even if you don't have the support system, you WanNa right now I know what that feels like. I've been lonely and I am married I've been lonely and I have kids I've been lonely in this room filled with two thousand people and they were shouting and on the inside I was crying and on the outside I was smiling but. On the inside cry and nobody knew what? I was carrying and nobody knew what had just happened thirty minutes to go backstage and nobody knew the hate that I was dealing with from critics. But at the smile and show love and see in these moments of isolation, you might feel like the only one but God has somebody for you got even if it's just this moment what if God sent this message today, you've been on the brink of suicide you've been on the brink of giving up and got prompted my heart to come in this room and put holly and Todd and Doug. All them and they're back there but it's just the two of us right now and God is trying to bring you back to a place of understanding that before you even acts he answered. He hears before I call. Followed Elijah. For many years. The two of them had a special connection. You don't read many of the details, but they must have been so close. Because when it came time for the Lord From. Russia. On the day that Elijah was taken up in chariots of fire by the way bonus point. Allied. Joke was scared that Jessica was going to kill him. But he's one of the few characters in scripture that never experience physical death. The thing that you're worrying about may never even happened. The thing that you're running from WHO's this for? WHO's this for? Is it for you come on I'm asking I'm asking is it for you say it into check this word. I don't have to I don't have to run from it. And I love Elisha. Because when Elijah said stay here, the Lord has called me. Look what? Look what? Elisha. Said in verse two Second Kings to stay here the Lord Semi Salacious at surely as the Lord Lifts. And as you live. I will leave you. I will not leave you. That sounds Jesus. I will never leave you. Nor Forsake you. So somebody else did. And it's just the two of us. The Lord sent me to tell you. You're not alone. God will give you someone that you need in every season of your life and I've been praying a new prayer lately every morning I've been praying this just in my heart I don't go. It doesn't take me long just say Lord put somebody on my mind today. PUT SOMEBODY ON MY MIND TODAY Somebody I can call somebody I can put somebody on my mind today. and. Then I gotta be honest. I'm selfish. God put me on somebody's mind today. PUT ME ON SOMEBODY'S MIND TODAY Because God uses people. See See. Yes. Just me and Jesus, but but but God uses people. So so the way that he needs needs us through people and so so the Prophet Elisha he's used to a lonely like he's he's he's been with a mentor who hid in caves he's been with a mentor who was unpopular at times so he knows how to be lonely. So when the woman invites them, right this woman, this shunamite woman, who is a great woman who has an old husband and she looks at her husband one day and says, you know it's just the two of us. Is just the two of US I get tired of just cooking for the two of us. Let's have the prophet over. She they leave and pray about it. You don't have to pray about everything just do something for God. She didn't go on a forty day fast to see if she could have to profit over Lord I just don't know if you want me to give to the church Gimme aside, what other side does he need to give you then is suddenly dot for you. Assigned she didn't have a sign she had an idea. I WANNA keep going how is how you like your personalized sermon girl? Aren't you? Glad I took French fry? Now listen. When when she said to the husband, you know how it's hard to calculate how many when you're cooking people. Holly was cooking for for me and the boys when we were a couple of years ago when the boys were smaller and abby doesn't eat much but the boys now we got fifteen year old and a twelve year old and so there needs change and the other day we realized we're always running out of food because she has. Not upgraded. The quantities of the food is still just good but there's not enough because seasons change and the seasons change needs change and who got uses in one season of your life bridge into might not be who uses in the next and he'll give you what you need for the season that you're I'm anointed to preach the somebody come on. It's just a few of us. It's like I'm talking to you and she turns to her husband. She says LOS ALBUM OVER And she urged him. She begged the profit. Please let me Cook for you. Please Please God. Let me do it. I just let me doing. One of my friend said, the other day I'll beat up on your staff members to come to church right now. I beat them black and blue with a tire iron. I said calm down. This is the Sterban they said I'll beat him unconscious to get in the room I want to be there so bad. And some people in the room probably just feel like I I to get over there. When did you start having to do what God gave you as a privilege to do? So privileged serve guy. It's a privilege to preach to you. As a privilege it's a privilege to do ministry. She said will you please come eat and she urged him You probably pushed her away the first time. You know how you get used to push people away. When you're not used to people being good to you. When you're used to be an unpopular. Elisha. Finally accepted. And he got there and he found out. She Go. She can. She can car. So he came back. said, he would come there often. Stopped by. And he would he In one day. She said to her husband. I. Think we ought to take the extra room we have in this House The Room that we? Had in case God ever gave us a child, but he didn't. You know this woman. This woman had probably prayed for years. Scott Gimme a child. She probably ask God many times. GimMe a child. And he didn't. She would ask again and she would ask harder and he did. and. So eventually at some point she stopped asking. Win If. It was the first year the fifth year the Tenth Year remember her husband is also they've been praying about this a long time now it's too late. She stopped eventually she stopped asking. And instead of asking God to give her something. She decided to offer God what she had. There comes a point. Where instead of being bitter about what you didn't get. It's better to offer God. What you have? She said, we've we've got this extra room here. And, this man who keeps coming by I keep feeding. But. I feel bad. Every time he has to leave because I don't know where he stays on his way back to Karma when he passes through shoot himself. Since it's Just the two of us. Since, we didn't get the child that we wanted from God. Since I. Didn't get the opportunity that I want. Since we can't have church full on Sunday. Why to meet me over at the Church early And why don't we just take advantage of the opportunity? We do have see I was complaining the first few months of quarantine I was complaining I can't preach with no crowd in the room and God said I thought she didn't preach for them. I thought you wish for me. So then I stopped asking, God why can't the people come back and I started asking God? What are the opportunities that we have? Here's a great question. God. What are the opportunities that I have right now that are in my life because of my disappointments. She offered. God, the place of her disappointment. She said, we have that room on the roof that we never got to finish. We never got the by a bad for our son because God didn't give us one. We never got the put a desk in his room for his homework because God didn't give us one. We didn't get to give him a lamp or a night light with ever got the by a mini pajamas, but there's a man of God who passes here and I refuse to stay stuck in the bitterness of what I didn't. You Be Paul oppy Silas and we will turn this prison into a place of praise. We will turn this up telling you if two of you will agree concerning anything in his name, he will do it. So you might be saying I'm all alone right now. No, you're not. There's no stipulation on geography and Matthew Eighteen twenty, his two of you we'll touch. Agree. So even if you're watching this by yourself and even if you just sign divorce papers last week or Even. If your kid just told you, they hate your guts or even if the third person just told, you know we do not have the position available or even if you're dealing with the addiction, the makes you feel like a fraud when you smile at people but there's changed on the inside God came to tell you you are not alone I'll be ball booby silas, and let's make a space for God to I. Feel Praise rising up in this place right now. I'm glad I came over today. Come on just the two of US let's let's we got more. We got more house than we have family. Come on I got more time than I ever had before God. I didn't plan on having all this extra time. God said. I. Gave You the extra to see. Would you trust me? What would you do with it? What would you do with it? What would you do with the extra? In this place. What place the place of her disappointment. Don't you realize this is what holly told me on the walk before I ripped off her Surma. And I started preaching it back to her. I said, this is good to keep just between the two of US I. GotTa go preach. Preach him for for the weekend I got a pretty for the FM. I got appreciative to all of the different countries and all the different people but I started with just the two of us. She turned her husband and said since just the two of us. Let's meet the needs of. Prophet. You know that that room that we were gonNA. Yeah When we when we built this house, we built it with extra room. For the kid. God. was going to give us by. While we. Thought by now in my life, I was going to be here. I didn't ask for this situation, but let me offer the situation. I didn't ask for this disappointment. And Ask for the storm. What would it be like to offer God disappointment? The deep. One. The one you smile over. Rely. Elisha. Is laying down one. He's getting comfortable now. At first she had to urge him for a meal now she can't get rid of. I'm telling you if you make God a place. If you make God a place, he doesn't want to visit he wants to stay. He wants to stay he doesn't just want to speak to you. You're like Oh man I just I just wish I was I. Wish I could listen to you preach all day. You don't have listening all day gotta speak to you long after I shut up. Is Making my place. So just lay down rain. And he asked. What what can we do for this woman? That's what drew me to preaching it because last week I preached on the question. How far will they go I talked about Jesus says three, hundred eight questions and only directly answered eight of them. And how God is a god of questions even though we want so many answers put a question mark in the chat. That's God's favorite punctuation. I think as second favourite is a Karma. Because the comma means. It might have stopped. But it's not over. Okay I'll give you ten seconds. I gotTA. Give you ten seconds for the common. He's the God of the Comma. But. He's the God of the question. The question is, what will you do with this disappointment? She turned it in into a place that God could use. Are you doing that right now? Are you bitter. are in resentment regret shame. All those places that we stay. You know what's crazy holly? In since it's just the two of us, I, can show you this. The question that led me to this text wasn't the the question. That that told me I needed to preach it when he asked her that the first time. them off. She said in verse Thirteen Party I have a home among my own people. But but but Elisha asked again, what can be done for her? Now, this is amazing. Can I drop this? Okay. He's up there asking God. For something. That she stopped asking him for a long time ago. You know how you can learn to live with certain things. I'll give you a version of this. I'll never be free from that just learned to finesse. That could be anything in your life. Somebody thought drugs somebody thought a sex somebody thought of negative thought patterns it doesn't matter. So you say on never be free from it. I'm just GONNA stop asking. Especially if you raise your hand in Church and went down and prayed and okay, this is the time. This is the breakthrough. This is the one you know this is it, and so now is kind of a way where you click on Church and watch church but you only let God's word in so far. So. You get God's word to cope with stuff but you've lost hope that it can change. This is the woman she's a great woman. She's a great woman and God is using her but there is still something that she stopped asking God for what is that for you. Because because after you've done everything, you can do this is a proactive woman. Then you see her pushing the prophet around. If you're GonNa boss ally surround, you've got to be a proactive woman. She's proactive. You see how she's talking to her husband get a table did land go down there I know you're old I know your knees hurt but we gotta take care of the man of God let's get this room setup. She's not some passive woman but in this area and everybody asks one. I guess I'll never be happy. I'll be happy when I get to heaven. I'll be happy when I get to heaven down here on her just I'm just make it through. This value shadow death gossip I didn't want you to make the Valley of the shadow of death, your permanent mailing address. I guess I'll just stay in the case I guess I'll just anxious. I. Guess. I'll just live in this I guess this is just what it is. This is not all it is what can be done for her Elisha. Wanted to know I know she said nothing I know she says she's all right. I know such as good. I mostly stable I? Know She's great. Staying in her house, but everybody has a need in their heart Africa body. Even if nobody else knows it. and. The Scoundrel said, she doesn't have a son. Said get her back. I Heard Gossiping Come Back. Come back. Come back. Come back. Come back. Come back. You remember I told Elijah go back. The way you came you don't belong in a cave. You don't belong in this low state. You don't belong in this pattern. You don't belong in this place. This is not you your child bring her back, bring her back I. GotTa do it. I want to bless her? I've been brainstorm in waste of bless you nothing can cancel it nothing can stop it. I came all this way. I'm not going to stop now are brought to you this far come back and then he He made her the promise that she had stopped bringing about. About this time next year. It's one thing to tell her. She's going to have a baby, but he said you're gonNA, hold it in your arms. That's emotional. Is giving her a picture. Of something that has caused her so much pain. And she stopped ran. I went through depression. And the thing about me and holly when we were talking about this the other day and I did if I could share this with you but. She was saying how there were times where She would see me hurting. And she can only help so much. And she would feel so helpless. And she would see me hurting but she would see me continuing to do what I had to do. And it would come and it would go and it would come and it would go and during that time. I think I started to convince myself. That I didn't deserve. To feel good. So I would cover it up by saying. I'm just going to serve God it doesn't matter how I feel. But the barrier disappointment is not a sustainable strategy. And Elisha said on. About this time next year. The thing that you've stopped as the thing don't you love the passage, he didn't ask for a bed and she didn't ask for baby. And God is giving them both what they did NASCAR. Is God giving you right now. What you didn't even ask for. In a way that you could have never anticipated come on is just the two of us right now you don't have to put it in the chat but between me and you is there something that you've buried Something that God promised. He said. He said. I'm going to be out of a guestroom soon. Because about this time next year. There's going to be blue all over these walls. About this time next year Oh man I could just see us right now on December thirty first twenty, twenty like bring in the New Year. You know like Oh next year is going to be better but she did not respond with praise. Her instinct was to push him away when God speaks something significant to you you push it away but I can't hear that no, no, no no. No. Even when something good happens you get threatened by it because the last time that I got my hopes up this is what the woman said. Don't mislead me. I've been down this path before. Four and it hurts to hope it hurts so. I'd rather just show everybody publicly. How good I'd rather just pretend like everything's okay. But just like the prophets said. God said just like. I seventeen the woman became pregnant and the nets year about that same time. She gave birth to a son just had told her and before we stop in shout over that, the Bible only gives one verse to this little boy's life. The. Whole chapter has been about her frustration. One verse about his life. Here's the verse verse seventeen, a versa. Versa. The child grew one day. He went out to his father who is with the reproduce verse. Nineteen. He said to his father, my head, my head, his father told us. Carry Him to his mother? Verse Twenty After The Servant had lifted him up and carry them to his mother. The boy sat on her lap until noon and then he died. The only thing the boy ever said in the text is my head. That's the only word he got to say and then he died. And this is what brought me to the sermon because the servant had lifted him up and carried him to his mother. He sat on her lap and died in Verse Twenty One all soul mazing holly I gotTa show you this I. GotTa Show You this guy showed me. This was so good and we were walking around talking about it. I didn't even know this was and she went up and laid him on the bed of the man of God. Then shut the door shut the door. That's important. Shut the door shut the door she shut the door and went out she called her husband and said, please send me one of the servants and a donkey. I can go to the man of God quickly and return notice what she didn't ask her husband to do what he didn't have the power to do. She said you can give me a donkey, but you can't give me a miracle. Stop. Expecting out of people what only God can go. This is why we get depressed. We keep waiting on people to complete US Renee Zellweger was lying to you. If you wait on somebody to complete you, you are going to be in a constant state of suspension J.. They can help you God can use people to bless you but there are some things that are just between you and God only God just the two of us. I. Hear God saying quit putting demands on people that are unreasonable. Let me fill those spaces. Let me have that room. Let me have that question. She said Gimme a donkey. You can give me a donkey, but that's all you can do. 'CAUSE I. Got I. GotTa go back to the one who gave me the promise. I've got to go back to the one and I want to ask you question they used to ask us and middle school when we got in a fight who started. WHO STARTED Who Started? That's what my dad wanted to know I. Come Home I didn't get in many fights but he wanted to two things who started it and who won. And if the answer was him and me, he was happy he started in and I one he was like, all right. Let's go to Ryan's let's go to Quincy's let's Role so she so she says I gotta go to the one who started because watch. This is good to go back. It's good to go. It's good to go back. That's why I wanted I wanted them to show on the camera. It was like this. You've always been on my front row. You've always been on my front row. A lot has changed, but but it was US thin and it's us now but somebody's saying I. Don't have Holly I. Don't. I don't have holly spirit. You got the holy one. You've got the Holy Spirit. You've got the you've got the spirit of God on the inside of you. So she said, Gimme a donkey and saddle them up and she's calling the shots to man remember this woman is not waiting on God. All God show me what to do. No the boy is dead. She carries him upstairs. She put him in the bed that never would have been there. If she had been proactive if she would have been bitter about the child, she didn't have she wouldn't have had to put the child in when he died. She laid him on the bed was a result of the prompting of the Holy Spirit she didn't know what it would lead to but God did she said saddle up the donkey the King James says a different saddle up. But saddle up the donkey put a saddle that donkey I know where to go to I know who the bread is. I. Know who spoken I know where this started know who called me do you know who started it? You began. A. Good work in who started. She said lead John Don't slow down for me unless I tell you too. I. Love this woman she's like lead me and do what? I say. I. Love Her what I love about it is she so proactive to build a room full. She's. So she's so full of fate and baldness to say saddle the donkey. Watch our humble she is. This is what makes her crane. This is what's going to make you great. This is what's going to make this year not the worst year of your life but the greatest. This. Is it right here she came. To, the man of God at Mount Carmel. What comes makes him? Happy? Because you're like, her son is dead, what's wrong with you? I know. I know. I know us about to happen. I know what's about to happen in the story you can. You can praise God in places that make no sense when you know what happens next in the store, not the details of it. But I know who started. So I know that he who began a good work in me I didn't learn much. Greek. But also is the first letter. Omega is the last one and he's both he's back. He finishes what he starts and so when she came to the profit Mount Carmel she first of all, she's she's coming up and I want you to know a couple of things from this passage he saw in the distance. He saw in the distance. He's are. In the status. That blesses me. Even if I'm far off from where I'm supposed to be. In the distance. Does that remind you of the prodigal son or is it just me? Sawn Common. A sour coming. He told the Haze I. You said look the shunamite twenty, twenty, six talk as I run the meter and ask her. This is a loaded question. Okay. Are you. All right. What if I asked you that just. Two of us. Are you. All right. It's one of those questions that we ask. That we really don't want to know the answer to. How you doing? I'm all right. Got This thing on my back I don't know what it is changing colors. I'm all right. It's a complicated question. Are you alright? Depends because. This woman would say I've got a lot of money, but I just lost my side. You Alright. Well it depends you know I'm. I'm kind of disappointed about what's going on with my company but you know what Adriana, miracle my family. What questions Are you. All right. Ask Her. You are I. The difference between God, him people he really wants to know. The other people who ask you that? They do not expect a detailed answer with some points. And I love the woman because as I comes to ask her. Are you. All right. He's not the one who prophesied the baby to begin with. What she does. She does in Verse Twenty Six watch what she does in Verse Twenty Six. We said she's a great woman but he said, are you alright is your husband? Is your child alright neither none of these are all right. She's not. All right. The husband is so old, he can't carry bobby up the stairs we're going to give the name. And and the son that he's asking about his death and she does something even though she's a great woman she lies. Everything is alright. She's lying. Like you. Everything's alright this. Is. Good, she's lying like your instagram feed. I said she's lying like your instagram feed. She is lion like that picture you posted from the family vacation on facebook she is lying why did she lied maybe she wasn't lying maybe she just knew something. Maybe she knew I don't need to talk about my problems to somebody who doesn't have the power to solve them. This is a word for somebody I. Don't need. I don't need the process this in a place that is powerless to help me. And I WANNA stop asking everybody else stuff only God can fix i WanNa stop trying to fix things publicly that can only be dealt with privately I wanNA quit seeking affirmation in public places and let God speak to the place come on. Is this for you I'm asking tell me right now in the comments is this for you? She said I'm all right but I'm not really and look what she did next she pushed right past the person who had no power to solve it talking to everybody about everything quit complaining to everybody about everything quit letting everybody know all your business trying to cover up stuff for people and go back to the one Who spoke. To. Start. When she got twenty seven. To the man of God, the mountain. Should hold of this fee. She's great enough to saddle up the donkey. And she's humble enough to follow this. And you've got to be both. She came down. As I came to push her away. I. Bet you got something right now as I appreciate us, we're trying to push you away. Don't listen that. Don't listen them. Here. For you to somebody else. You're not good enough. But the man Gosh said, leave her alone. Leave her alone. This is between. The two of us. See I spoke this stor. I spoke to her. She's embitter distressed. The Lord has hidden it from in I don't know why. Holly. The next versus what brought me over? Because after I preached last week. I saw this I. Did I ask. Stopped. Her. Of course. Of course, you want me to preach this lor. For everybody who's dealing with something they didn't ask for. I was just trying to take care of you. I wasn't trying to invite this in my life I. Didn't even want all this. God You should economy the do this if you were going to let it be so hard that I do I ask. She's that his feet now she's offered donkey now. Did I ask. Our in Studio Comey I asked you to come stay. I didn't ask you to ruin my life. Asked for this. I didn't ask for this. You did this you started this. I told you it would end like this. I've been want to get my hopes up. It hurts to hope the more I hope the more open I am to disappointment. I. Told You. This was going to happen every time I try fail every time I start I stumbled told you. It would be like this I knew it would end like this. I knew I shouldn't feel good I knew. I. Shouldn't try I knew they would be training I knew they would let did I ask? She had the good sense to know. How to get back to the one. Who Started? I know you didn't ask for a special needs child. I. Know You didn't ask for I. Know You didn't ask for the economy to do what is doing right now. I know you didn't ask for. But just because you didn't ask for it doesn't mean you can't handle it. You. Know. What to do with it put it back on the bag. Put it back in the she stood in the doorway where the prophet made promise. She put the the boy that God gave her on the bed. She went to the prophet she fell at his feet and look what she said. Are you ready for this? All this is so annoying because in verse thirty after the Haze I went back to do what he could do. The child's mother said, Ashley Surely, as the lured lives as you live will not leave you. where. Have we heard that before? That's the same thing. Alisha said to ally jaw that's the same thing. Eli. Sha said to allot. That's same. Persistence started his ministry. I will not leave you. I. Will Not Forsake you and God is saying if I did then I will. I will perform it. Empty. Room. Full Room with many with little. Abounding based. I will not leave you. She said you spoke this started this. You got to do something about it. How you know you're growing in your relationship with God. When you can tell him the real stuff at his feet. And Trust them like Pat. Everybody else sees what you do. She's got a big house. She keeps the preacher over there. They didn't know the depth of disappointment of her barren womb only God knew that. Something's only God knows. I Corinthians to says the spirit of man. Searches man. Only got in university there are some things. That I can't say through this camera today. It's just between you and God. So maybe God puts you in this moment. So he can tell you a few things. Just, the tour. Said I need your attention right now. I need your feet right now. I'm trying to bring some things to life. But I, need this to be. The two of us. I'M GONNA use people but. When Alisha? Followed the woman back to the House look at. The boy was there on his couch. And the MOM. The woman the Great. Woman. Proactive woman. She did something that we all have to do sometimes in our life. That after you've done all you can do. The Bible says Verse Thirty Three Elisha Winn. Shut the door. On the two of them. And now, the woman who birthed this boy. has to stand outside the door. And Trust God's Prophet. To do what only he can do? Are you standing on the other side of a close store today? Wondering how God is going to get your kid out of this one. So I imagine that this woman who was proactive enough to tell her husband saddle up the donkey. And a lamb. Rushed into the room. and. Maybe maybe she thought she was going to stand there and give orders. You know she sat kind of woman. But the prophet knew something. About when God wants to do something really amazing in your life. You turned to the woman and said, I know that you get to this boy and I, know you're great and I appreciate you. Right now. It's just. The two of us. Senator out the room. Center out the room. where she couldn't see. Center out the room. Burst thirty four says he got on the bed and lay on the boy mouth-to-mouth is hands to hands. Somebody. Say out loud it's personal. It's personal. He didn't just lay staff on him as I tried that and it didn't work. It's going to be personal what God does in Your Life. This is a personal where God says I'm GonNa I'm going to actually I'm going to actually connect with you your eyes you see. So you touch and feel it's personal. Laid down on the boy. Himself out on them and the boy's body grew warm. But he's still wasn't live. So Elisha turned away and walked back and forth in the room. Walk back and forth in the room. Everybody say it's a process Come on, say it out loud. It's the process I. Want you to say that about everything in your life that you don't understand he's pacing around the room. So he's pacing in the room. And the woman has no idea what's going on on the other side of that door and you have no idea what God is doing behind the scenes in your life and the Prophet is patient. I. Think he center out of the room, not just because it was personal and not just because it was a process. Because it was private. I hear the spirit of God say and right now. I need some alone time with your problem. I don't need you standing over me so much telling me what to do. Summer. Clothes store. Now must spend some time with that thing you've been worrying about and I need you just go right now and you can walk around downstairs and I'll I'll walk around upstairs. But the Bible says that she she had to stand on the other side of the door. You know how much faith takes to stand there with the thing that you gave birth to some of you gotta say and give me my promise back I'm the one who gave it. I can't have you standing over me telling me how I'm supposed to do it, and when I'm supposed to leave this thing with me for a little while you've been stressing so much and every time you stress about it erupts what God is doing. So shut the door. Like the woman with the oil earlier in second things for she shut the door in the oil flowed and he shut the door and he got with the boy and the Bible says, how many believe the Bible? How many believe in miracles that on the other side of that door the word of God did for that woman what she could not do for her so. I feel the word of the Lord. Coming forth into your situation today. And when he got back on the boy. The boy sleazy seven times. That's the number of completion. God said, let me finish this. started. Let me finish this. Got Store Promise. got. Three Short Philly. Got Through but this. Store prayers. And God says give it back to me just. Two of us. God's working while you're waiting. is working way. We. Thank God for open doors. We thank him for close doors. Because, what he's doing in this moment is greater than you now. What he's doing in that room in your life. Is Greater than you know. You thought you built it for one thing you really built for another. Given that space. This is a Holy Spirit moment. What do you do? When the thing that you didn't ask for happens in your. Life. The thing that you were holding in your arms one moment dies. In the seasons. I hear God saying. Take it back. Put it in that place. Because today's Dan Miracles. Elisha. Verse. Thirty. Six summoned gays. And said call the shooter my. and. He did. When she came. He said. Take your son. She had no idea. That he had been based on the floor in there. How many of you? You don't know what God's doing right now but you trust that whatever he is doing. Lift. Your hands. Right where you are. Do you really need to be a crowd to worship me or can you worship me when it's just the? Two of us. She came in. Verse Thirty Seven. Fell at his feet. To the crowd. And then she took her son. And went out. Lord. I thank you that today your people are receiving back. Joy. Peace. And a right spirit. We, trust you today Lord. As. Much as we thank you for open doors, we trust you with closed doors. I. Thank you. That just like your Prophet Elisha. was working a miracle in a room that a woman built by faith. You're working a miracle in every place where we will by trust you today. You know who's on the other side of this message You know what's happening in their house? You know what's happening in their heart Lord if they feel alone right now. I touch agreed with them in Jesus name. That you are the God who sees beyond the surface. You are the god of the question and. I. Thank you that you're doing a great thing. In our lives. Just, the two of us. This, message was for you today and you know. I want you to tell me in the comments I want you to tell me. In the chat say. That was for me and then we'll know together. God spoke this work to me. So I can. Share with you. Just, the two of us. We're praying for you. We're believing, God. For great things in your life. And God wants you to know today. That, anytime something in your life dies. And anytime you feel like yourself. Back to where you started. Stand with the one. Who Will Never leave you? Nor Forsake you. She said through the Prophet. As the Lord lives in his you'll love. God is saying that to somebody today. I didn't leave you. Just. Give me some time. Close the door. Worship on the other side. Don't wait until you hold it again. Come on lift your hands right now. The God who will never leave you. Nor forsake you is with you. In this moment. And no matter what people do. And no matter how. The World Ebbs and flows. Wants you to know. That his presence is your promise. Now. And forevermore. A friend we have. In Jesus. All. Our sins increase to? Their. Approver which. To Khairy. Rethink. To Guide and Go back to the one that started with. He's always been for you. Oh What piece we are. Four. All. Needless Pain we've. This is a different season, but it's the same God. Oh because we do not. Can. Every thanks to God. In. Prayer. Have we try. Anti Travel anywhere. What is we should never be. Discover. To? In prayer just me and you now God just me and you. You know what's going on in my life you know what? I You Know I. Wonder about you know what I deal with. Do they friends despise were saying Take it to the Lord Infra. And here's what I want you to know. In his arms. Here take. Hence you the Dow. Will find. A solace there. Just. The two of us. Thank you for joining US special. Thanks to those of you who give generously to this ministry is because of you that this ministry is possible, you can click the link in the description the give now or visit elevation church dot org slash podcast for more information, and if you enjoyed the podcast you can subscribe you can share it with your friends. You can click the share button, take a screen shot and shared on your social stories and tag us at Elevation Church. Thanks again for listening God. Bless you.

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