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A Customer-First Default Will Never Let You Down #802


A customer I default will never let you down. A funny thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago in a Fancy Hotel in the gym in the morning and the staff came through to refresh the Jim basically due to sort out the clean up. Get ready for the day. And the thing that struck me was that they had a routine in place because this happened two or three days consecutively. They had a routine in place that worked for them. Didn't necessarily factor in what the guests might. One is a priority because the first thing that came in and sorted out the newspapers and the magazines now now most people in a gym. I'm really they read magazines and newspapers. What would've Matt Moore was the empty water bottle or the lack of towels is in the place. Those things didn't get done until ten minutes into their cleanup process. So I think what. You've got to be careful when you've got your systems in your routines there's things things went from an operational point of view but you've also got to consider what works from the US perspective if you put the customer first if you default to customer first then then the routine will always work out trust me. The routine is not going to go wrong. I can't imagine any exceptions. Where they could have. They couldn't have done the towels and the water. I and and I had to do the the newspapers and the magazines. I such a very very small example of an organization. That's basically got the customer first culture wrong. They haven't trained their people. Haven't trained trained staff haven't trained their teams to default to exactly what the customer wants. I everything else comes second so when in doubt always default to customer. I because it won't let you down already. That is today. I do thank you for your time and we'll be back again tomorrow too.

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