Lame AF Presidency, GOP vs God 11.10.20


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Twenty twenty seventy one days until january twentieth But who's counting. My name is jack. O'brien ak now. This is a story. All about how pennsylvania turn blue flipped upside down. And i'd like to do this intro. Sit right there. I'll tell you how this became the place that turned around this affair and west philadelphia. The differences made where they kept counting ballot and it lasted for days counting all the votes them relaxing all cool because the ballots that were mailed in. We're just as valid to then a campaign of lies. They were up to no good start filing lawsuits in the neighborhood. Then loss just one little fighting. Donald got scared. He said fuck this shit. I won't leave. And i don't even care that's shot up. Thrilled to be joining. As america hosts mr miles smiles gray. A home so fucking tired from fucking years of doing this show i. I'm going to have a good podcast aka to start the next one. I'm just so i'm tired. Yeah so extra award right now. I look kristi yamaguchi. May i see you. I sees you with that ether aka. I promise you. I'm gonna bless everybody. Would that second either verse. But for now i'm just miles just hanging out with y'all thanks for having me somebody else who gives us ether. Who writes ethers for us is Our third seat today come in to us all the way from north of the border. I think canada's. She is the brilliant the talented jam. Mcnair a hey. hey going. may you're welcome jam. You're welcome canada. You're well save you're s. What is this what was that like. What's it like being up here during election. Same right. I did look up like because i was watching cable news like everyone to see how is all playing out and i saw the celebrations in the streets and then i so i looked up to see because i don't leave my house anymore. Yeah uh-huh same all the stuff. So i looked up on twitter to see if there was a celebration in toronto at all and there a small a small gathering but they're immediately dwarf by like an anti mask rally. That was happening downtown in toronto in toronto. Yeah oh me We freaky friday with you guys. I think that's what's going to happen anymore. More pete in the same fountain and there was a magical fountain. Yeah that's that's how the switcheroo happens in that movie. The switcheroo i think the one switch movie with jason bateman that nobody saw they peed in the fountain and he found with ryan ryan reynolds and then lake the like. The point of switcheroo. Movies is supposed to be that. Unlike people have to live in the body of somebody. They're not like and jason bateman. I'm ryan reynolds two guys. Who are like cocky. Like same aged white guys switcheroo. It's a different kind of handsome now. Exactly adorable now. All right well jam. We're going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment first. We're going to tell our listeners. A couple of things we're talking about. We're talking about the covid. Nineteen vaccine that was announced that is ninety percent effective which i didn't know whether to be impressed by that or not. We'll tight ship in you you things. That's very suspicious. That vaccine was announced after the election. Yeah oh now you got back. I mean to be honest. If i was a trump supporter. I definitely would be like. Oh yeah and if. I was adviser on my year. Forget we did that. Yeah seriously if you're a company that thrives on believing in science. I think you're within your rights. We're gonna talk about the terrifying things. The president is doing today. we're gonna talk about why this transition is going to be a fucking mess and some historical precedent for that. We'll talk about the trump supporters. How they're digging in their heels. They've already spun off from this version of reality. Michelle bachmann is calling out. God himself a word. That's the stage. We're at like other. People are trying to speak to the man omaha. Ha oh man. We're going to talk about one conspiracy theory jim you you looked into. If you hear people talking about the hammer and the scorecard get ready to just heavier brain filled with a load of wild bullshit. We'll talk about that bars. Yeah yeah the hammer. And the score. Got the scorecard or the hammer scorecard. Alright alright. The hammer is a socialist bar but the score is the opposite. They're on opposite in corners. Wayne's in wayne's world two where they held the fundraiser for wayne stock number like it was like member like that party they had. It was like a lennon. Themed bar like monuments handled lead announcer. We'll be a communist party. I remember was a joke. And i was like this show sick. I love that movie saint. louis. Mccloskey's checking in with the mccloskey's of saint homeless There in the running. They're definitely in the running to be nominated for twenty twenty s most notable shitty white people. They probably don't have a chance with just the year that we've had but they're a they could be nominated Jam before we get to any of that. What's something from your search history that will allow us to judge you. Oh wow well. Yeah i guess you can judge for this new tone on the top. Yeah i like to have your search history right here and it says i been watching a lot of murder. She wrote this fall. Hell yes i find it. It's a lot of anxiety. There's too i because i was really trying to unpack. Why i find it so calming. I think it's because you can watch an episode and everything gets solved. You know forty two minutes or whatever. Yeah and you don't know limit in cove where the murder rate is the highest in the entire history of the world of any town a week. Everyone in that town is having an affair with everyone else. Everyone's plotting to kill. It's the worst place to live. But yeah it's very calming oddly and also like i find like my anxiety about like aging and mortality are oddly soothed by it. Because you think bert. Angela lansbury like she's been she still alive and she's been an old lady my entire life. She's still alive wild man she then. She came here to toronto and did like a stage. Show like a play a few years ago. And i wish i had gone now but Angela lansbury still alive. Yeah i mean. I hope nothing we record this. She's ninety five hell ya Wow good are you angela. So yeah that that. That makes me happy. So i've been watching. British tweeted something out about it. And someone responded. A that's angela. Lansbury is daughter. Used to hang out with charles manson. So i googled that that was something that i felt. I had to look into it and it was just something she liked. Dropped in an interview for no reason. She just brought up. It's like charlie. Oh yeah yeah. We used to kick it with charlie. Yeah i remember. We were while writing songs together for a little bit. It's a shame those albums never got traction. But have you heard those. Manson family recordings steady beach. Boys it's like yeah. Yeah we'll see it one of unsettling hanging out with him. Yeah dennis hays bird or a super producer called him daynuss dennis. He's a burger. Yeah what's funny how. This is a complete aside. How our idea of dennis hays birt has evolved over time based on how old you are like. If you're a consuming eighties media you know him from major league joe nice and just think he was joe boo not even pedro serrano which was his actual player name but joe buddha idol he would forget all kinds of fucked up problematic and then after that when he was on twenty four announced. Oh my god joe booze. Working still and then people like dennis. Hays bird is putting in a performance. Like oh shit. Dennis hays bird but then some people only know him as the allstate guy. Yeah i don't know. Dennis as dave chapelle played him in a sketch over the weekend. Which is why we're talking about it. is pretty funny voice. Changer on snl. Oh by the way. Have you seen The original the manchurian candidate. Yes lansbury is in a very pretty but also playing an older woman in in one thousand nine hundred sixty two. She's playing it's not like she's like a young like you know the love interest. She's the love interest of the older politician and like pulling the strings behind the scenes. Choose only like ten years older. Than laurence harvey who played her son. That movie really. Yeah they still since she had old lady energy back then. Yeah oh. She was his mom not his wife. Yeah i think she was as mild. That's right because he was like a young soldier. Yeah alright what do you think is underrated. My underrated overrated are pretty like kid centric. because again. I haven't left the house so i spend ninety percent of my time with my kids these days. Yeah spend ninety percent of your time with your kids. that's all all the big or small children and luckily they're super cool. And i love them so that that worked out. But it's hard though man kid brent you like when you're only hanging out with kids like you get kid brain and the like my wife was out of town for a couple weeks and it was just me and my kids and like i when i would get back around adults i would be like just incapable of like saying anything like that made sense or i was just like on a different wavelength back from episodes the last couple weeks. Yeah the baby mueller. Yeah i find sometimes. Like i'll just say i'll say to a friend or even my wife i'll accidentally call them buddy on but anyway well anyway underrated i was i put i found in my old room in my parents house. I found my old waldo books. Where's waldo so. I brought those home. Kids love them. And i found them very again again. A lot of things are built like alleviating anxiety for some reason. But like i i got into them to. I found it very like stress relieving. Just sit there for a few minutes to try to find waldo. Yeah and i know you don't have to only find waldo you can go deep as a as a. Where's waldo stan For a couple months ago. Actually there's like lists of things free to look for so you like once you find waldo. It's not over you can still explore. Yeah you could find a guy in the grassy knoll. Those books i remember i. It's funny that you mentioned that. Because i remember the when i was like eighteen or something i'd picked up one of my old. Where's waldo things that hadn't maybe looked at like six and it's amazing. How immediately like you remember the ones you really like the one i think like the for second whereas waldo book but there's like a beach one that i'm like all this was my favorite one to stare at for whatever reason and i remember how at a certain point you begin to memorize vaguely where waldo was every time you opened it as a kid so they were kind of become less stimulating. Ray i remember one time. Some asshole circled waldo in my book. Almost beat motherfucker to death with the book. Because i was like fuck. Do not desecrate this book by marking where he is. That's the fucking fun or else. It's it's useless now. And i ripped the sheet out and i was crying. I was a mess man. Leave my fucking waldo books alone. I'm sorry i brought that up now. I feel like so your kids are young right there. Yeah once five and wants to. Yeah i now feel very stupid. Because i think i was still looking at the like. I can picture the bedroom. That i was in when i was looking at them and that was in that bedroom from like when i was eight until when i was like thirteen some of those hard man was mental. Where's waldo difference between the first one and like the third and fourth one is crazy. Like i was legitimately having trouble with the later ones. He's like you know you could see like a sliver of his head in this the first one. He's just like you know like two inches taller down the street. There is like walking cane or then they do the ones where like someone would have his hat on. And you're like they're even it's somebody in this fucking outfit Doing decoys into the mix. Yeah what is something. You think is overrated. Yeah overrated in the same vein of steph have been doing with my kids. Someone gave my son and extra sketch recently. Okay and i remember it. Various algae from being a kid and it sucks. It's useless products. You can't draw good pictures with it. If you do somehow managed to twist the knobs into making a good picture like you can ever save it it someone will jostle. It will be gone forever and my kids have no interest in it either because i tried to explain why they say what do you what do you do with it and i say well. It's like drying with the piece of paper and a crayon except it's worse than his harder and there's no applications for the real world tuning shitty radio and yeah that's it it's like what's good for about like maybe one. I remember as because i had to. And i only could fuck with it for maybe one minute before. I became so frustrated. That i could not actually do what i thought i was able to do. Because you have to really have to be able to make sense of those knobs and how. They're moving to like actually draw something half the time. I'll just twist him in circles and make wild shit. And then i twist the knob so like they're like endpoint and like breakdown on angry clicking. Yeah i was a knob boy. Growing up a lump sum love to good knob game the labyrinth. And even i really with that. It's just get ob- city in op city but there are definitely people who are into it but i feel it gets older people who are like really artistic and it's they're into it for the same reason that like knitting is like soothing whereas like it makes it gives you an extra challenge like do something fun and artistic i. Yeah i never got the got the point of that shit when i was younger. Did you play the labyrinth game a lot. Yeah yeah was. He did real into labyrinth. I could go to the end and back like four times because that used like similar skill set. Were sort of deciding those planes based on the knobs but that was always easier for me to like put the time into versus. Like 'cause i was. I'm not good at drawing anyway. It just it was a reminder of health on like lack of little talent. i had in that department. I'm sorry i brought that up to it's tall. Not as easy as they look man. They're not as easy as they look for it all right. Let's talk about Some really good news that just hit so pfizer announced that they got their early results. Back from there Vaccine trials and early numbers suggest that this vaccine they're working on is ninety percent effective Which is apparently good news. Dr fauci was like hell yet. So that's that's how i knew is good news but then like i did a little bit more research. The flu shot is apparently between forty and sixty percent effective based on like whatever year you get it because they're having to regenerate to apply to that year's strain of influenza and then like the vaccines that actually a radical diseases like polio and measles are like in the ninety s that are like polio. Was ninety two doses. Measles is ninety nine percent So that's that's pretty prompted. A numbers pretty exciting. Yeah so long as scientists are excited you know yeah yeah it seems like scientists are excited just like what's the what's the science excitement meter. Say the so the lab. That kind of made the breakthrough is called biontech which sounds very Scary and like dystopia. But they were funded by the german government and a european investment bank So that's the the trump administration obviously has jumped on billick. See operation warp speed with the speediest mayor. Fucking really trying to. I don't know what they're trying to dave. It's like i don't understand this. All this would have happened because trump. And i know talking about that because this is all the we should all be thinking trump right now. But they're really really really trying to commandeer this development to try and be like you see and that's why he is should have been elected. I don't know it's too late now no matter what they think. They're trying to say like you know no one gets election. Yeah right there's no vaccine now guys. oh interesting. Well i guess we'll just go with our vaccine. Then yeah we'll go with ours which will be better. Pfizer specifically came out was like that nothing to do. We had nothing to do with operation warp speed but wasn't so hence trying to say he did it wasn't it. They were responding to him right specifically. I think he came out was like. You're welcome america. To shot up. Mike pence outta here i to hear from you and this my wife. That ship But yeah fox on fox and friends. I mean fox. They're still i. The only self been doing is watching one. America news and fox because self. I don't know why that's been the thing that's only made me smile is to be like y'all are you've truly you through everything except the kitchen. Sink your through that now and you're still grasping at shit trying to make sense of but on monday morning. Charles pain Who's you know just on making money. On fox business he was talking ainsley earhardt on For friends and again you know. Because it's fox. Everything has to be some kind of grievance or older improvement was with the whole time ainsley earhardt to sort. It starts off by being again. Oh so they're announcing this now After will and she she posits. A question is the timing curious. Are you finding the timing curious. We had an election a week ago. I am finding the timing curious. It's frustrating also interesting. I was watching tackling around. Tv yesterday watching a couple of games. Or whatever and i saw a commercial for sixty minutes. And they said we're going to go to the military's operation warp speed. The military's they're they're they're actually operating at the at the has the president trump. And then i then. There's an article this morning before this came out. That was shifting sort of operation warp speed to bite now. The washington post biden advisors met with sharp with the warp speed drugmakers before the election. But what. I thought was intriguing is on the biden. Website says operation warp speed laxest strategy to see its mission through and gain the trust of americans. Well i wonder what they're gonna say. They're going to tell people not to take this vaccine. The pfizer saying is ninety percent of the active has nothing to do with operation speeding lake. That's what he met with people in it and now he's saying but he said it wasn't good yeah. This guy is transitioning into power. So he's trying to see what the fuck is going on. Yeah so also but decided present affective so if so facto operation warp speed is ninety percent effective now. Just supposing for a moment and this is going to. I'm asking you guys to wrap your mind around a reality where the deep state and corporations aren't trying to take trump down from the inside but like even then i feel like it would almost be excusable for them to hold off on announcing a successful vaccine until like would no longer be associated with him because he's been so anti-scientific and it's going to be at struggle to get people to take this vaccine like. Yeah because it's developing the vaccine is about like the implementation of it right the distribution of it. So yeah like. I mean like you said like so much of it as about how many people will take it about making sure that it's effective so you have having a future where someone who won't totally fucked up we'll be in power is seems key to that message that they're trying to send. Yeah yeah and so. Many people are like you know the razor thin margins. Joe biden won by would have been completely erased. Had this been announced just one week sooner and it's like they're not razor thin right you check the numbers i wanna know. What kind of razors. Y'all are looking at. But these are pretty thick daddy and even like the way the head of research or the vp in charge of Like vaccinations at pfizer's like unequivocal unequivocal as she was saying we've never been part of it. And we've never taken a dime from the us government or from anyone to even suggest we'd be part of it wasn't just like not that didn't happen. It's like do you understand how that program worked like. We weren't anyway. So i think i think they did walk that back a bit later because they they said that the us government did pay for like the future like distribution like buying supplies to people. Yeah it's like it's not. They didn't fund them at all in terms of like they're testing or the research all independently financed or financed by themselves. The overpriced drugs the other drugs. They make that are overpriced. Eighty dollars so the way the trials worked was actually easier to get your head around than expected or easier to get my head around. So they've they've given the trial and both forty three thousand people and half of them are given this new vaccine and half of them are given a placebo for the meningitis facts and neither they nor their doctors know which is which and then since then ninety four people who were involved in the study have become infected with covid nineteen and ninety percent of them are from the placebo group. So that's where the ninety percent number comes from. Is that the people who got the actual vaccine were ninety percent more likely to not come down with covid So there you go. That's how video on tiktok were a cute blonde woman was saying the microchip was gonna get into you and she was crying. And then apparently some off camera government goons were beating up. Did you see the video where she's singing along to the song court like yeah. It's wow And yeah that's it to your point. I don't even know how the his own supporters believe like. He's he's the boy who cried hoax. So many god damn times. Nobody knows anything anymore. Like it truly was like is it mele in our. Is the mail in vote fucked. So i don't do that and then the vaccines no good. But then i don't you. But i gotta give you credit. 'cause you saved us seems kind of been capable of the sort of leadership that they say like you are supposed to have during a global pandemic is steady staying on the same message and then like deferring to the scientists and the doctors and since he's incapable of that i feel like this is in better hands with almost literally any other politician but definitely a new administration. All right let's take a quick break. We'll come back. Hey miles it jack. From were thank. You interrupted me. Yeahs listening to something. Okay go on. Yeah i have that ability takeover top. 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I want to hear it because like it's interesting how much you can pick up using your eyes versus your ears. Sometimes totally different experiences. I have done the same thing with books that i've read with my eyes and then reread with my ears. And you pick up new stuff. That's a great point miles Thank you thank you. You're welcome. I also want to talk about stories. Audible dot com I've taken a couple of road trips now. There were no longer flying with the kiddos and stories. don't audible dot com has the winnie the pooh stories. For free no strings attached. So my kid 'n sync to winnie the pooh though. Is that a insinkable. Oh yes it's the one with bye-bye on it. But i digress. Okay anyways it is. It's a great product. It's a great resource. These are these are awesome tools. We get what can we hook up the gang with the people who aren't up on the audible so what we can offer them miles. I'm so glad you asked is go visit audible. Dot com slash. 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Sort of Strategy that i think the countdown clock began because he was basically saying. Like yeah in my capacity as the fucking secretary of defense. I do not think. Us troops should be in the streets to put down protests. I don't think that's the function of the military. As i know it so now seems like everyone's like okay. Well who's next. And the money is on christopher at the fbi and genus bowl at the cia. So next to me wired. Yeah yeah he's going to do more impulse firings or whatever just whatever. He thinks he's going to get out of it aside from is there a chance that it's not impulse than that. It's like part of a plan to install people who will allow him to you know do some military of course and then just but then a lot of people like everyone's so deflated in that machine that yeah you're going to get there and there's there's clearly some fans of the president That are in positions of power that are willing to completely fucking dig their heels in shit but yeah i. I don't know it's like so hard he always has. There's always some plan to do something with this guy and then it's always like this shittiest version of it like even again with the total landscaping for seasonal thing. One of the guys was literal sex offender who was one of the witnesses that he wasn't from philadelphia. Either jersey or something. He's from new jersey and he's ran like he said unsuccessful. Runs for office in new jersey. Before and it's like there. I think this is where they're at so so the who knows total landscaping thing was them being. We have witnesses to election fraud. And here's a witness and people looked into it and they're like yo. This man is a straight up sex offender almost four years for like lewdness in endangering the welfare of a minor exposing himself to kids like like. That was the person they're like this. This is our witness to fuck out front. Our last stand is gonna be a a sex offender speaking in the back of an alley this next to sex store right. Crematorium induced incidental offender. That sex store is like doing really well. Apparently they keep facebook. and they're thrilled with the publicity officer. There's a silver lining to the story the ritz carlton dildo shop. I think it's all right. Let's let's talk about just where what we're looking at for this transition there is a gsa gsa stands for an act. Like i'm quizzing you guys. Even though i just don't know what. Come on jack. General services administration station there. You got it. So they're not releasing the funds for biden to start putting his transition team together there on the on. The trump train of none of this is happening trump won. How dare you haw other words. Just you know not not engaging with that reality we were talking about. How like the president to have lost re election. The incumbent of lost re election in our lifetime are just one right. it's just george. H w bush and one term. Yeah and he was able to like he really went out of his way to be like. We're gonna like do the right thing we're going to be above the fray all the shit and like that's kind of what you need because people are like the people in the administration. Do you remember the story of. When after the second term of the clinton administration when the george w bush administration was coming in the clinton administration like removed all the ws from the keyboards. As like a fuck you yeah was like people are petty. And like if you don't have a leader who's like out front being like you're like this. This is how democracy works them like knock it off. Then this is going. We're going to have a complete shit show which i think we're headed for. Yeah and this woman who's running a general survey. Gsa she's she comes from the fucking rnc. You know what i mean. And she's full on you know just here to to. I don't know go along with this narrative like now now who on yet. So i'm not doing anything and this money specifically like when you have a new administration coming in. They need some cash. You know to start fucking creating office spaces to begin planning out the transition to do all the business that a presidential administration would do brand. It's just just sitting on ten million dollars like not releasing it because you want to just say that like they said an ascertainment has not yet been made in terms of like like what is actually going on with this stonewalling so cool. Well if you say like a mall security guard trying to sound official then it becomes more official sir. An ascertainment has not yet been made with regards to the electoral situation. We're not going to get out in front of the president on transition issues. Right now because. He's crying. Interestingly the last time that there was like basically an outright hostile kind of transition was hoover to fdr and like hoover was like this. Guy's gonna fucking with this new deal thing he's gonna tank america like we're so screwed like just believed that he was like the last man standing between the end of america and you know the the bang-up job he was doing but he was just openly like trying to convince fdr the like his way of dealing with the economy was the right way which was like a more or conservative politics Earn more conservative financial setup. He was also would also like make statement in the media. About like how fdr was like not doing the right thing and like was not listening to him and he was leaking thing. Kind of a shitty guy. Which like i would have. If somebody had told me that i would have been like. Yeah but like who had the last laugh. Fdr came in and just like had his way but one thing that kind of gets forgotten is that during back then. It was a four month. Lame duck period just because it took people long time to get to dc back then like yeah to write. It did take probably musical papers. Boxes and boxes of papers but during that four month. Lame duck period. Fdr was on february. Fifteenth in miami and an unemployed bricklayer fired shots at an open convertible where roosevelt was seated next to chicago. Mayor anton cermak and a woman in the crowd actually hit the gunman's arm as he was shooting. And that's the only reason that like it didn't kill. Fdr the bullet struck the chicago mayor and the chicago mayor died a few weeks later. So who might wow. Yeah but that's the sort of thing you know. There's that van jones. Ted talk that i was talking about at the end of last week about how important the concession speeches and like having the lame duck president by into you know the transition of the peaceful transition of power because there is just so much energy and so much anger among people who are on the losing side. That like. you're gonna. You're gonna have problems like that. Yeah well especially because they think it's going to be nineteen eighty-four or something suddenly right. What are you talking about real. Okay yeah it's gonna make me get healthcare booking like like probably relieve some debt. I don't know man. I don't i'm not. I'm not win this. It's weird. how the energy they're talking about. Certain policies like on on when trump came into office. You're like oh my god. Immigrants are going to be fucking savage. Like they're going to be treated like in just in the most inhumane ways Islamaphobia is going to be on the rise of black and brown people will have to consider their protection with such an open in office and these were like out not make me get my soya injections were like all culture worshiped tucker carlson or someone. Who's like joe biden is going to make everyone drinks starbucks. Yeah yeah it's worse thing you can think of. Yeah yeah i mean. It is pretty bad starbucks coffee. I would for something a bit better. Yeah yeah yeah. But i mean yeah just listening to the despair and terror and anger from like trump voters who were being interviewed over the weekend. Just but but without any real. They're they're like there wasn't a an explanation for what they were afraid of or upset about other than that. They think that biden cheated too. And that's a that's a very necessary. Step you need to keep your outrage up right if if you if you hit the wall like sort of even if you're completely like into some other narrative the logic road ends when you're like whoa. Yeah what evidence you know like the. I mean they did it. I know that much. But i guess that's been enough for the last four years for these people but they're also there seems to be also frustration too because if you're getting owned by your liberal co workers and family members on like facebook and you're like yeah just show me anything and you can't then it's or even like did you see who tweeted at the president who was like sir you're the president you can send the troops in. You need to just do more than tweet. Cleese who is sir. And i don't know man. Alex trebek's take it away one more time losers in other words it's all just very very it's an interesting period for all involved for people trying to transition into this new administration and other people. I guess transitioning into more absurd form of sir reality. So what stops him from sending the troops in liquid. Is it just his route. Were counting on his republican colleagues and the generals to night. Why i think what happens is he says something and not. Everyone's like yeah. Yeah yeah do that shit like because the stuff that they are they get done but there's clearly enough there's enough people who are sort of like Also like you pissed off all the generals so like well you can give that order like who knows if they're going to drag their feet because they don't want to do this. I don't know i mean it seems that the he's he's just rapidly losing political capital especially now that like most people have accepted the results even if they haven't out loud or in the media to try and keep the base up. But it's just like you know they're not fired up like like it was twenty eighteen or something. He also just seems exhausted like he does not seem like he could be out there screaming from the balcony. You know staging this coup like he just seems like tired and and i don't know if it's true but there's that report that he's just like eating way too much even more fast food than usual and aids are like having like scented candles in the white house to to deal with the constant order but just like that's a that's an excuse me up to the daily mail article today so i don't know i like to think it's true but i just don't see like him even having the resolve this point to do something that dramatic like i just see him whining and moaning and yeah just going on twitter until they have to throw him out or someone like him. Just goes to fucking mar-a-lago and just doesn't come back. Whatever who gives them they'll send my shit at the winter white house. It's still the thing we'll see. I mean i think the thing that be very telling is what these rallies look like. Because that's the next. That's the next step we're hearing is while the lawyers are out there. Filing just fucking wack ask. Non-substantive cases are lawsuits to try and get a recount or up and the results which is going to happen. He is saying or they're all saying that he wants to get out there and do some rallies to really keep energy but like they're saying like in a couple weeks and if you're smart you're like dude. You don't have a couple of weeks like if you're gonna be doing that you needed to be out there every day since tuesday. He's too tired like did you hear him like the interviews gave on election day he sounded like harvey firestone. Or something. Like is no froggy. I think there's gonna be a lot of energy at those at those rallies just based on like what you're hearing from from the people who voted for him. They really think that they're like they fully believed the the elections being stolen from them. Which you know from the people. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah that's like. He should not joe biden. Should not be cruising around and convertibles right. That's right with the mayor chicago. Yeah well i just wanna say just. To further demonstrate how deep people are going to go into their own minds and into the spiritual realm to train. Correct this result. Michelle bachmann the wonderful horse. Shit congressperson from minnesota. She is just out here. I'm just gonna play this She's on her self videos. Just trying to get god. Wake up god please. I ask god. Did you take your iron rod. And i ask that you would smash the clay jar of deceit in america smash the clay jar of delusion in the united states of america. Please do mass delusion please. Other of joe biden is our president. He is not. Would you take your iron rod and smash the strong delusion that nancy pelosi does have her house of representatives. we don't know that smashing in smash lord the takeover review senate by chuck schumer lord. Smashed it with your iron rod smash smash smash is well. We need fucking god to come through with. Please please please dumb dominatrix. Daddy smashed me with your iron raw. I can bust out clay jar of delusion. It's yeah so now. We're praying for god to change the news narrative. I don't know that seems to be more prevalent. Among adults on that side of the aisle than i would have expected maybe everywhere but the this notion of god as somebody who does things for you and like you can appeal to your for sports. Wins and stuff god. We didn't ask for a single thing during the pandemic just got as santa claus. Got politics santa claus. Yes yeah foof i mean. That's how most people become atheists. Yeah like if you're raised around religion you're like what happens and then you're gonna pray and you're gonna get something or what happened ways this this do died so i could cause i'm gonna jerk off. Ray is why he died. I'm sorry this is a lot to handle and already i. I very vividly remember when god left my life when i wanted a mother. Motherfucking nintendo for christmas. And i prayed because in my school i went to lutheran school. And that's how they're setting up this relationship to you. And god you pray and then god will answer you blah blah blah blah. Okay cool motherfucking nintendo. Because i'm trying to play battle. Totes and i didn't get it and i was done. I my heart turn black. Nothing could happen. Even if i did get mario paint in a super nintendo the following christmas the ship had set sail and i was going into the darkness of godless world. So yeah but even then it's you you hate to. You hate to see it for those people. I do feel like the you know expecting them to come around to any version of reality where trump loss is like expecting christians to be like. Yeah you know what. Jesus did get pony by punches. Pilot like i just think is not happening for them like that's their brain is never going to go in that direction. If it's the same narrative they should they should look at truly as a trump as a christ figure. Because i'm sure somebody was like Jesus i would hate to tell you this but you are the son of god. You don't have to be crucified right now. You know you don't have to do this right now just so you know. I don't wanna see this. But if they're going to do it then maybe he does have to do that. And then go to mar-a-lago for four years then he will be risen except out from that cave. They went tomorrow lago but his body was not. There was going to the way with justice shroud with orange makeup stains. Let's take a quick break. We'll come back and talk about that. Hey miles jack from work. I want to talk to you about brushing your teeth again. I told you about this. It's a scientific is a medical condition. I have is this ulcer. So that's you know. 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Go to norton dot com slash. Td's e that's norton dot com slash td for twenty five percent off and we're back and jam you you dove in did some research into this conspiracy theory that starting to crop up more and more. That's called the hammer or around a computer. A supercomputer called the hammer and a piece of software called the scorecard. That comes from this dude. Dennis montgomery is fascinating figure. I didn't know about yeah me neither. I thought this was really fascinating he runs. Of course we know now. He runs the deep state. Computer that hacked all the votes and gave biden the win which is called the hammer and i guess the software is called the The scores suffer scorecard. But yeah i guess this a pickup traction like bannon and people have been talking about it on podcasts and like i searched on twitter and certainly there are a lot of like either botts or you know sort of all right trolls. Tweeting about About the hammer. But so it's all kind of based on the idea that this whistle blower dennis montgomery who used to be like a cia contractor. Yeah was was kind of blowing the lid off of this hammer computer narrative. It's so easy to just look him up like he has a wikipedia page. That just has all of these crazy exploits city has been involved with like the tackiest one was after nine eleven in the early two thousands. He got more than twenty million dollars in government contracts for his patented software that would quote fine terrorist plots in hidden and broadcast aljazeera. That's walk. He got how much weight that the government paid more than twenty million dollars. He said like you could like freeze. Al jazeera shows and like decode the pixels on the tv. That would give you times and coordinates for where to find the next terrorist plot and this wasn't just like a random thing they paid money for and didn't heed. The advice of like flights were grounded as a result of this like counter-terrorist operation Went through on obama's inauguration day. Apparently because of this like and it was just obviously a total scam like it's con. That's so brilliant though of weaponising islamaphobia for your con job. It's almost wait. Yasser lesser does would like for doors for freedom about being like what's his i'll tell liza fedora. To show your an ally of the black lives matter movement get up all weaponized and this was like. Oh yeah just so you know because you have your so afraid of Of of muslims. That i have a thing that will d scramble. Their tv shows and reveal the hidden message. Because you already are so fucking far gone. They like yep. that's pigs. Lhasa you the reality so people say about like the devil working through human when we were kids neville does work through email. Okay yeah yeah. And there's other things like he was gonna keep it movin jam too. Hung up on the devil doesn't come on. He was like a confidential informant. For for sheriff george pyo who like conned him out of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars claiming to he conduct pyo out of one hundred twenty thousand. Yeah exactly using his super computer to To prove a conspiracy between Like the the judge in his racial discrimination case and the prosecutor no and here's something desperate racists. Yes guys kind of a hero yeah. It's kind of amazing really. I mean i don't know why this isn't like a podcast or a miniseries or something. It's unbelievable. I can't believe this guy actually exists and has gotten that rich off of this stuff which how does he now factor into the this election. Will you see the main ingredient. And all of these is that he has a supercomputer called the hammer that he's able to use to deal who's been using the hammer he created longtime ago. She's a con computer. God tony stark. And he has been using the hammer to like dig and all the information and decode al jazeera and now for biden yet now. He's claiming that they. I think he's claiming that they used his computer to steal the the election and now he's like blowing the whistle. Yeah yeah exactly. There's even more stuff. There's even more stories but Yeah it's it's worth reading about because just a fascinating seekers and just also like the idea that he's one of the earliest like his. His kind of theories are are. One of the conspiracies is that people are using this election when there's just so many examples of him literally using the same supercomputer narrative in these bonds. It's it's amazing. It's hilarious and yeah please please make this miniseries with paul giamati or something. I one thing is. I don't think anyone would like the people who are buying into the idea. That biden uses supercomputer to steal. The election are probably not skeptical of the idea that he could use his supercomputer to decode aljazeera and find out the coordinates of the next terror attack. Like that. that's true. Yeah yeah yeah. Of course man. This guy's a credible source. He's the guy who found all those attacks in that reality because their lives are so boring. All of the data is out there for them to solve crimes from the comfort of their homes right. I mean it's actually you just pause aljazeera and you look at that and that's how you save the country actually if you just go to this pizza restaurant and check out the basement you might be able to stop a child trafficking ring actually if you just look at the first letter of each word in. This article is spells out. The storm is coming. therefore it's like. Oh wow so if nothing requires expertise than everyone's an expert with all this shit. It does feel like all these conspiracies are coming from. Someone just like looking around there. There is a pizza pizza parlor conspiracy and tv and right it just like shitty verbal kint from usual. Yeah yeah. I mean literally what they did because like the whole pizza get conspiracy came from a email dump right. It's like they the wikileaks email dump and they just went through the random boring monotonous day-to-day shit. That people email about and like crafted a conspiracy out of that Let's talk about the mccloskey's real quick. I always liked them. They're going through it. Yeah really going through it for them. Yes um if you don't know who they are. And that's why i have. This somber tone is at the. Mccloskey's is the lawyer couple from saint louis That pulled the straps out on the peaceful. Protesters were marching through their gated community. If you remember a very famously the probably the most famous photo is the one with the woman with her hand on her hip with the lianne gun with a handgun. Little short and here is my handle. Here is my nine So these this couple is now suing the photographer. Who took that specific photo. Because i think we all whenever we think of the mccloskey's it's just like mustard. Yeah like them just like. Oh god honey let me get my ar and you get your little gun and we'll fight against progress. So they are now. Apparently they're lawyers and they have been apparently like very litigious they're saying even before all this shit went down in the summer like they're just this is how they get down. They like to sue or threaten people with lawsuits and they're suing this. Upi photographer for this photo because that photo has quote contributed to their significant national recognition and infamy okay in addition to suing the photographer and the news service. They're also suing that company. Red bubble you can just get shipped printed on a coffee mug or like a fucking phone case or whatever you know all those. There's plenty of businesses like that. They're suing red buffalo to because they're saying their image has proliferated across the world and they say that with red bubble and green blat the photographer they are profiting from t shirts masks and other items and licensing use of photographs bearing their likeness without obtaining their consent and they said often their image on merchandise sold by red bubble is accompanied with quote mocking and pejorative taglines or captions causing them quote humiliation mental anguish and severe emotional distress also they also point out that these people themselves use that photo on a personal greeting card they made and sent out to fucking people ha- stunned on them you see us and now they're like oh we're su- that's just that so now they're saying they've humiliated us and now we need to sue i guess they know very clearly that i think as many people realize that the white supremacist mario star that everyone was like glowing with the last four years being dash it's wearing off now and they're like oh i can't i can't blow through walls like i used to anymore like i'm straight up like they're going to remember me as this racist trash couple who should not be practicing law yeah man if the if they don't like having cameras pointed at them wait till they find out what's What guns are like. Yeah i've heard people really don't like having guns pointed at them. Sure an odd of course for for them all their notoriety and infamy. I mean it's not like they turned down. The opportunity to speak at the republican national convention. Seemed real. we'll see where this goes all that all that recognition. What do you think that's like like obviously they feel some type of way about it because they know like aside from the little group of other. You know ski racists. They hang out with whom i pat him on the back. There's those moments where people like. I don't know if you saw we were in another post again from that. One mean company. And it's really it really makes us look bad. Honey i don't know. I think we should sue like it's getting to them. If people are if in their own family people keep talking about them but well. I mean they're so with that those outfits to like i don't know that recognize either of them in a panerabread so i wonder if they're suing for being made to throw out those outfits like they can't wear public anyway. I mean the mustard stains on his pink polo shirt may have already been a loss anyway right and then her striped i remember. She had a black and white striped shirt yet. A pink polo and they both were stained with mustard We've all been there. I mean she looked like one of the henchmen from the old batman tv show. Yeah like she looks like she was already a cartoon villain burglar irving all very cartoonish and twenty twenty. Th it's weird how we've had those moments and then other ones like where i actually felt good to like. Suddenly it's weird. It's it's starting to become like more. Surreal as the calendar. Your clocks down. Yeah the fact that that was in june like you told me that was in march or you could have told me it was last week in two thousand seventeen yes remember. Trump was inaugurated in the. Mccloskey's pointed people yup right after. fdr almost got shot. Isn't that amazing flag fight with hoover obviously didn't handle the economy so well it's not like inside out. Pockets were known as hoover flags back. Then i mean that's just good branding. Fdr guy knew what he was to suppress the vote. The guy who came up with hoover villes and hoover flags. That's that's who've cost me the election Jam it's been a pleasure having you on the show. Where can people find you and follow you. Thanks for having me guys You can find me on twitter at j. m. mcnabb again I also a co host. Movie podcast rewatch ability. You can find that anywhere anywhere. You get podcasts. Year and Is there tweet or some of the work of social media. you've been enjoying. oh i did I don't know if you guys watched. Gravity falls but the guy who created it does a lot of the voices. Alex hirsch has been calling into the trump voter fraud hotline as gravity falls characters which has been pretty enjoyable so if you go to him he's at underscore. Alex hirsch on twitter. People find you can follow you. And what's tweet you've been enjoying Man i've been on twitter and instagram As miles of gray. That's where you can find me there. I haven't been on. I know i. I did see this one tweet. I will say someone re tweeted. Just because the the levels of denial or really something else someone is comparing the vote. Count in the state of washington saying like okay so this is weird over three point. Eight million votes were cast in washington yet. There's only six hundred eighty four thousand people that live in washington and in this person's screen caps. They don't even see that the population they're looking at is the population of washington district of columbia. Dz gary smalley part of the country where the capital is elda and the state of washington and still out here like match. They're like what the fuck is going on in our country. Clearly a failure of the education system of for starters. Though that's that's point one and then from there. Who knows i mean. White supremacists completely rod people's brains so it's a few different things Tweet i've been enjoying dan. White tweeted out. My dentist doesn't buy back old teeth. Thought it was like a game stop situation. Apparently they quote have literally no use for old teeth. quote couldn't use them if they wanted to end quote. Need some kind of explanation for where all these teeth came from. You can find me on twitter jack. Underscore o'brien you can find us on twitter at daly's zeitgeist. We're at daly's based on instagram. We have a facebook fan page and website daily dot com where we post our episodes and our footnote were linked to the information that we talked about in today's episode as well as the song we ride out on miles. What are we ran out on today. Just high energy you just going to get our our shoulders shaking in our fucked toes tapping This is a track from yousef days. and postle you is called front line and this has got like do yousef so nasty on drums And i've played other work of his before But this one just got like. It's almost like drum. Basie live drums Good energy so. That's what we need this start. I'm trying to reinvigorate my body. Because i am exhausted. Ooh i think i keep saying that. But i'm really as the days. Where on from tuesday like more and more. What what the fuck. If i become governor man. I feel more like completely worn out from the last week and i i feel like i need to give myself that the well. It's weird because we started this show as like a response to the administration. Yeah and then like we've gone to this point and now it's like fuck in. There's still so much more to do but also like we. I think we very much also. I think all people need to figure out how to give themselves just a moment of reflection and rest because like is not old and the only way we're going to keep going is if we properly take arrest properly acknowledge victories around. You feel good because you gotta keep the battery gotta be full To stay in it so we'll be hearing out ways to charge our best telling you murder. She wrote on my hop in. Because i loved i remember as a kid. I loved it because i was like. Oh man like my best friend. Chris got real into murder she wrote after we graduated college about literally. Nothing else to do. Honestly right dailies like the production of iheartradio for more podcast heart radio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you listen your favorite shows that's going to do it for this morning. We'll be back this afternoon to tell you what's trending and we'll talk to y'all by i get just i'm on the sweet okay. Bill still doing doing a phone line. This jesus urban philosopher philanthropists in the host of the recession podcast a production of the black effect podcast network and iheart radio. I'll bring you wrong conversations about systemic racism mental health life on the streets and much more so join me on the recession podcast by jisi s r e s s s. I o n. Podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. A web you prefer your podcasts. I'm shonda rhimes watch grey's anatomy or any of my tv shows that. I love to tell a good story. Well now the sean lent audio. We've partnered the iheartradio launch a slate of great podcasts. You listen to the first four right now. Katie's crib permanente. Go ask allie and you down and we have so much more coming your way. We can't wait for you to hear it all. Welcome to shawn. Thailand audio was all the new. Sean dillon. audio shows on apple podcasts.

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