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RE-RELEASE: Carly Rae Jepsen (w/ Brandon Wardell)


The Oh hello hello. Hello Welcome ICONOGRAPHY. I'M ION and we're here to frigging wheel and deal and talk about the celebs that you love. Every week we bring on guests friend someone who we think someone who we think is interesting. Come to talk about someone they think is interesting and let's let's just say we can go at it. Yeah we tear each other apart nasty. It's horrible vicious sort of place to be noticing a lot of toxic energy. Wow that's kind of well we don't really have any relationship with each other strictly financial. And here's the money we got into. It was sort of like a open casting exactly couldn't think of the term. I'm not industry green. That's what happened. They found me. They've only in a Walmart and never cast. It was sort of like reading mercy. List out loud. Someone was like that Mr dog head of forever dog noted Sunday oil tycoon. What happened with me and your PA. A clair's thank you getting. Your ears pierced getting circumcised getting circumcised at Clair's Jack Wagner and Claire Said Police on taking office circumcision. Clair's there's nothing left to the employee's Marin doing it clears with my getting circumcised. And that's the way that it happens. That's the thing about this industry. It's a funny funny I. It's a silly little place that's why you go to the grow. The growth. Listen boys if you're trying to get circumcised. You're you know where to go. I have to get out of here for twenty four hours and I'm like no no. No no you're right now you're gonNA. Yeah Yeah but now you're going to go back to New York and you're going to see and I'm circumcisions everywhere. Actually just your eyes. I live by declaims words so circumcisions all the time you're looking for a I'm I'm I have an APP on lots of babies and that's not you know just talking underst- reporting fat that's true that's the thing you are just sort of like. I am just reporting the news. You're speaking truth to Alrighty I don. I'm sorry I didn't even intro. We didn't I mean I think. I mean the circumcision speak for themselves. You might know him from his pod yet but still you might know him from his frigging standup. You know him from these streets. Okay because he's out there And he's awesome and we're so happy to have him brandon in more depth. Thank you for having me. How's IT GOING Well Okay Yeah Brinton I just met. I just met. His dog is here. Here's the thing. Cool the truth and it brought a dog. Well it's a dog that dog sit a lot. There's this talk penny who my friends are out of town a lot. And if I if I'm in town I know how much I love this dog to take advantage of it so much that it almost seems like your dog basically I mean I feel like she is but it's also it's also the perfect level of commitment it does. I don't I don't really want because I'm on the road kind of a little bit and I'm on the road a decent enough amount of light cities. Yeah but dog fold dog fulltime but I can have a dog on the side. It is like it feels like having a like a niece or nephew. Absolutely love to you nailed chucky cheese. Assure frigging. Watch you mess tokens for weekend. I'm giving her Turkey. Yes but the emotional labor. No you won't and I never shed brandon before we get to your guest Olivia night. We like to talk a little bit about a icons that we have stuff. We're talking about this week. 'cause we because we talk icons and you got one that we're excited to hear about but I'll talk about my icon of the week mine has been Hugh Grant Okay it's just like a personal. Yeah it doesn't have to correspond with like Hugh Grant's current star meter or. No it can literally just be someone. You're thinking about the For me the star meter high. Whenever I get sort of like in a bad mood I'll always turn on notting hill. That's one of the only movies I own on Amazon. That and like those season of killing eve. Oh Yeah my whole library. Well okay it was just kind of into my own research and I would love to close that door. Really Scary Notting Hill. I think I also own but I also owned Babe Nineteen Ninety. That's the difference between the two of us. Yeah I o loves baby pig love. Even you know it's like a good movie literally is a good move. I mean for best picture. It should've won. No you're perfect name. Five nine hundred ninety four. Because that's forrest gump. Whatever DID IT LOSE TO FORCE? Go No forrest. Gump here is Forrest Gump quiz. Show four weddings and a funeral We need movies like for weddings and a funeral. Like bathing of Hugh Grant. We need a back in but speaking of you. I mean he's just always so good like I just love watching him horrible person. It seems like I which is thing he had will. He's prostitutes sort of the prostitute one and apparently like when he was sitting with her he was like the black girl. Yeah not hiring the and then after they found a way to just like besmirch her may make her look horrible. Really bad time yeah. He's like she'd done people on his like Elizabeth Hurley creates too much ego ego so yes. He's a bad guy. But my dream Couples costume is Hugh grant and the black prostitute. I just knowing your interest. I think it's super bowl of defined find like a floppy haired white boy. You're asking me me. What do you do this? Podcast anyways. Tober say yes okay. You're not recorded. Nobody in this room. I've hired on craigslist. Just sit here Red Guy. Frigging bought all this equipment producer. Brett name really. I see your name like like a slur although some bread that is like what you call a derogatory term for Lacrosse player. Brett all right. Yeah but this bright isn't a brand does Brett Scott. He's got a family you know but that's sort of my icon is hugh grant but also. I guess music movie recently. Yeah I watched. I watched Notting Hill and I just felt all warm and fuzzy Notting Hill. Oh I think the sequence where it's like he's going through without her and the seasons are one to pack items that you haven't seen it. Yeah I haven't I just Kinda like get your costume. Frigging ready has to movies. I gotTa what is what's the other one. Oh Babe is on your items. Oh that's okay I understand. I have babe on. Vhs Like at my parents house. That's good. I Have Mighty Joe Young at my parents House on. I guess we got rid of all our VHS tapes. A family is kind of. Dr Martin is too much of a minimalist. I know my mom doesn't own thing that like fully-informed remembered how how much I hated that minimalism documentary. Oh flicks where? It's the two guys that are giving are giving hugs town. Like talking about minimalism. And both of them love giving hugs man who loves giving hugs disgusting. Well that's free. Hugs guy that's like. Oh that's nasty. That's that's perverse. If you're hugging sort crosses into like y'all hug a stranger I also think that intro hug sometimes like a friend of a friend entered hugged. Yeah we drew me when I was playing music. That's no I think of your personality is like I'm a hugger last. Those those people are say goes my on this week I picked up a bit of a like a girl boss. Someone I've known for a long time. Thank you know like no not panning. Hey It's my life the Chin hair that POPs out right before my period. Okay this is you just refuses to quit has been hard for a decade now and one hundred but like you know like eight years you get one of these very confused by the rules. I didn't know I love it but you know yeah I just I hear very basic. You've yeah because you have to the basic description. Say Some Shit like that. No hard our. I'M GONNA talk ten here for like five minutes earshot. I'm the captain now are just saying. I'm just new to it and I'm just trying to save of the land in your home. Thank you for coming in. I do live with Brett from craigslist dot last forever West and they do not let you validate. They will own okay. That's true that's true. I will price for part. Expose your ass. Did pay six dollars. Cash went to an ATM on the pod. Besmirch OUR FORMAT UTARA. Plenty I am. I am not tearing down the company. I'm just addressing issues. This is something needs to unpack exist from the something they and I will i. I've got an Indie podcast. We don't have any allegiances. We're not on a network okay. We you know we we went. We went troppo mode. How dare you in my house my house downtown? La I. I'm not. I'm not on the network at I. I like forever dog. I like a lot of these podcasts. I listen to him. I've been guests on them. So you say I'm saying Forever Dog West. You BETTER START. Validating your parking shits about to get messy. I've seen those are your words. I'm not saying that but AM I. I don't know okay. Well starting out really super hot and we think we have to like keep this energy whips table. You absolutely just Waco in the brandon. Who Do you WanNa talk about today? Carly Ridge upson new album. Dedicated just came out okay by dedicated on apple music. I'm The water going back down. Oh my God you you. You brought an interesting pick you you came. You were like you love Carly Rae. I did think we were GONNA do. Carly at some point on this podcast and I didn't think A straight man was gonNA bring her in. Yeah but I'm kind of you know I'm not like other street. Made the thing about me is. I'm not like other straight men. I like skincare. I like carly rejects. The likes yeah. Brandon will will be around town with the and he's looking is looking extra cute totally distracted attention out well brandon okay. You're not like other guys. You're not like you're not all men but you are Darlie rang. I'm driving truck. Jetta is your sipping. They finally plugged. I know which was free. I'm really happy for you yesterday. Got Apple Spritz care package and listen to Carlier. Jepson dedicated so. That's kind of a huge Dan. That's actually the ideal day brand. Where do you think you're like spark for Carly Rae? Sorta like started emotion. Obviously no it wasn't Congo. Maybe 'cause okay call me maybe is Carly Rae Jepsen Cannon Church she will. She obviously will do it at concerts and it's like. I have like a complicated relationship with that song because there's people that only know her for that song and Oliver Stuff on motion and after is so much better. Yeah and so. It is frustrating when somebody only knows her for that song talk to us about emotion emotion. It's like a perfect album. It's like just you know I don't know it's just like fully. It's it's textured pop. Yeah like it's like it's mature pant. Leg It's yeah it every song I feel like every song on. That album is so good. And it's so we were watching the video new video Which one too much for too much and it was like. Oh she's like really like working within her means here and she's like they they they feel like the whatever labels he's on there like just kind of do whatever she has she's like with. Scooter Brom- Yeah. So like he's like well that's just like when she first came out. I think with call me. Maybe everybody thought she was like seventeen. O rest like baby. She sounds like a baby but also the Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun of at all and so I feel like what the motion was cool because it was like all right you are like third. Yeah thank grown woman. She's being a grown woman on this album like that the album with call me. Maybe there's like a couple good songs like call me. Maybe is good and like tonight. I'm getting over. You is getting have now. Listen to the album before that one. There are some gradient nine. Yeah war is good like money and ego we started. Yeah the first one because murder is really as you said earlier. It's very Kelly Clarkson yes. She's on her belly. She's under Kelly. Ed That is a whole adult woman. Making a perfect popout emotion inside be. I like as much as I do. Tend to the feeling cuts his Co. Some oceanside feeling is the. Song Commission Canadians. The movie. I'll ballerina I saw. I heard cuts feeling when leaked. I heard fucking leak of that on soundcloud well above all you are online. Yeah but like I sort of like lurk. Now it's that's like that's nice. Yeah I really posted a ton. It's healthy. Yeah it's really great like I just sort of like sprinkle it out there and I'm the thing is I'm probably still on my phone like in all my computer more than I should just like sort of lurking just sort of like taking it out. Yeah and that's better because then when you are putting out put out then it's like okay. This man he's not just saying whatever constantly right but yeah emotion side. That has store. I'm going to start now Alabama to start a band. Yeah of course there's a bi-coastal call manager Scooter Braun. But I live in Detroit. I will have to move to Detroit. Scooter Braun feel like he's been given more attention to like little dicky than like absolutely. I mean Braun. Kind of I've got little dicky and it's just ridiculous literally added beef with little fucking annoying literally like he had I had. There was a point where I was like. Maybe he's got bars. Maybe something sort of like me say fifteen was funny and creative and like a really good That song that he did with snoop dogg where he was like a rapper and I was like okay. These whatever then fucking that song with Chris Chris Brown Song. Oh you like fully rehabilitated. Yes Chris Brown's image. Yeah that's violent yet. Chris Brown like yeah like when he like. Is You know like when drake was like at the staple center and he brought out Chris Brown Chris Brown performance freaky Friday lake. It's that is like one of his chapter for. Yeah and your career is based on being like I made Chris Brown cool again and then earth. It's like every single words like every pop star and it's like all the proceeds go to Leonardo DiCaprio's like environmental charity once at a party when it fully feels like very transparent Like I'm not sure how it's how she not like even the dumbest person doesn't just like see right through it where it's like. Oh this person is like their only value is like being famous. That's really insane. We were looking looking away. Oh I was yeah I was Gonna say that one time. The these view will dicky's I got Intel. Somebody was like in the studio with Lil dicky and wander in the studio but like two people were like. Oh you like going to that word L. Show. Yeah and then he was like Oh. That guy hates me. Search branded research brandon wardell little dicky on twitter and it was before. I deleted all like most of my Tweeden's tweets where I was just like saying very bad things about it. That's fine I'm fine with you. Know so what for you like? I don't know the thing that like drew you to carly someone like put you onto her poor. Did I think I was like? Maybe I don't know if I listened to emotion like right when it came late. I think I might have. I think which I remember from emotion. Run Away with me was like yeah. I remember the first time listening to run away with me and being like blow the horn if it opens the album. Like yellow mega starting goes. She told me. It's actually actually not hold your. He plays plays me so much of that. They're like powerful collaborators. The cool thing. Yeah Him Jack and then like Deb. Heinz in the mix album got a bunch of COOL PEOPLE. That was like a thing like with that album is just like the beat selection. Just like having like incredible producers like. I don't know that that really does make such a difference. Yeah yeah surrounding yourself. I do also remember being late to that album. Though I feel like what happened was like run away with me. I was like I like this but it wasn't like invested into the album and then like most good things in my life. All the game around me were like. Why aren't you listening to this? There is definitely a thing where people were like. Everyone pay attention. This album is good. We're all like okay and we girls and Gazer says I don't know how many Straits Lake I Nelson because even I'm thinking like Carl Jeppesen Sword. That feels like gay sort. Yeah that was huge. That also is like very like your like a part of the Internet in surprised. Charlie you Carly Rae. Jepsen Song wasn't bigger. Yeah they do they do both also like straddle pop in a very interesting where they both like the Doodoo pop and they know they also are both kind of like outside like kind of fringe. Ray like not but like you know. Yeah and wonder what's fraud calls. Do you know what I mean. Spotify offer like well. It's like it's a bad ass. Women Pas a lot of wild spotify playlist and I always get humiliated whenever it's like the year end thing and it's like you listen to indy psycho babble. Yarn like the number one song I feel like the number one song is always like something kind of embarrassing for me. Like I think like I'll look at my like top one hundred and it's all like it's mostly like respectable stuff right and then like number one that will be like. I think like one year was cold. Water like major Lazer just like one year it was like I'm the one mind was. I'm the one that yeah well because I college on like. Oh yes I remember. I remember the exact a yeah. I don't want to distract from carly too much. No plea yeah. I remember being in Seattle University of Washington. That song came out. I listened to like fucking fifty times. You cannot the truth. You can never lie okay. You can't ever let that song is the one Carly sleaze hit it back. So yeah have you ever seen her live no which is weight. Yeah Okay Festival no okay. I saw her a couple years ago. She performed in Toronto with an orchestra. Amazing went and saw them flew. I flew I flew out. I made a good choice to Toronto side by myself and then I got to write about it so I covered the cost recoup right of For buzzfeed about cool fucking wish I it was. It was like the craziest experience because it was just like it was just like a night of joy so happy to be. I feel like that's like the most pure it was again. The girls and the guy is just like a losing their mind and she sounds exactly the same live as she does on record and it was just like it was when she did play. Call me maybe it was. It was now and something great about playing call me. Maybe among all the other songs like playing through an issue like call me maybe started out as a folk song started at like like I throw a wish in the well and manages like evolved into this like pop like true definition of an earworm like just like I mean that summer that song came out. It was just everywhere unavoidable. I oh I will say oh so I have not seen her life and I want to so bad. I think she's doing life is beautiful. I kind of want to. I did it last year but I KINDA WANNA go okay. Yeah but I don't think they like book. They're not going to book the same comedian. Probably not but like maybe I can just go. It'd be like hey guys showing thinking about I was GonNa Hook Up. I'm sure yeah I okay. So on instagram recently I like she posted like she post cute stuff. Here's something that I found out today while doing research. She follows you on instagram. Yeah Okay Yeah Yeah Okay so you know you did you. You look into this. I don't know how I covered this page and I was like. Oh Yeah Brenna. Faltered following follows brand. Yeah have you ever. Dm D- I I did. She did not throwing. Here's here's what I? She left me on scene. Basically how it happened. This is you know and this is brutal. I am sort of like this work. This out yeah This is hard to talk about but I she posted some photo and then I commented w ID and then she followed back. That's how it happened. Yes I literally commented w followed me. I think is 'cause she follows enough people that man. Yeah I'm even a musician. Sensibly Indie rock band. Basically if not the drummer at least band. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah. I'm basically a basis God and in so many ways you also are not sure. It's cool that she knows who you are but yeah I think eventually you know the it'll it'll work we'll meet it'll work itself out. I don't know this. Is You know this is a season for both of you to be playing around. You're ready to get settled down. I think it would make Sansa cute. I for sure and you agree. How was he was voice? You don't share. Your Voice is so high right now. It's nothing I don't really. Yeah it's not that I don't ship I just. She is dating somebody right now. People break up people bring up. Yeah but but if she if she weren't for sure for sure you both you like wait. How old are we ever I do. I'm twenty six. Oh so she's an older woman. Yeah I think I might be the energy that you need though. I might need an older woman in my life to Be Like Brandon. You GotTa Act Right and who else but Karla the most sort of woman in the world. She does have interesting. Like how do I say this? She's Kinda boring. Whoa WHOA No. I'm not saying this in a negative way but where I love everything else but I think crime real life. You know what I mean I. I don't know if she's boring or if she's just like private you know because like in interviews. She's like she's saying anything at early. I don't really know like Olivia. You said this earlier and it made me laugh. She in the sense is a pop star because like she's a vessel. Oh yeah she's just like a vessel for like producers and songwriters to be like. This is my good stuff and it sounds good coming out of her body but I was really has like I I do think she has like the best production of in that sphere. Yeah Charlie. Charlie is close. Pop twos really good feeling the brandon. You said something earlier about Harley. That was very interesting to me texting. Where she is the best at like describing. I want I don't want to be worse. I think like why her music is good is because I think she like articulates having a crush. Yes the honeymoon. It's like she makes me WanNa be in like the first two months of early. Yeah that's like that like that push and pull like so I feel like she does understand like longing in a way but she also red meat for someone. Sure I read this interview that she was like talking about like all my relationships have pretty much. Been those things where it's like. It's inner ow or it's like long distance stuff so it's like all things where it's like. The feelings are very intense and a lot of them. You're like well this is probably in my own head. She was like I don't really have. I haven't really had that many relationships where we get into the boring things like brushing your teeth side by side or you know and like having routines with each other. She's like that's not really like my thing so naturally my songs are going to be like. Oh there's always been traveling along the schedule busy. All the songs feel like that part in a crush rear like anything could happen. Ah Are we going to fall in love? I don't know and it's exciting time because it could not work out right might not work out. And that's fine but you're paying out the future in your head obey Song. That's on Dedication it's maybe something may be beat. Oh Shit what's the name of it? My favorite is too much too much. Then I I in the sound happy not knowing knowing only is like how I feel like ninety eight percent of the time not knowing is like where it's like. I like this. I like having a we like each other but also like I'm busy and your busy to say it out loud a logistic now. We do this thing. Yeah what was the song on emotion side? Be those like sort of the it was like sort of the the same sentiment It's the one that's like. Let me find it Motions side B When emotion side became out was Right around my twenty first and I remember. I drove from From like D D C Down to Charlottesville like go do my birthday at UVA. The one that adjusts. Come out. And I listened to emotion side. Be on a loop for like our real. Okay we where did you say? Did you say you? Yeah did you go to you? I didn't get all my wings. Went from like really plays area. I went to Nyu. But I'm from Arlington. I'm from Fairfax. Oh my God. Where did you go to seven? Oh three first ever open mic. My first ever time doing stand up comedy was at the Boston Mall comedy at comedy spots. Yeah the comedy spot. Oh my God. The side like blackbox stay. Both I. O is a cursed space. They rented the third a third floor of the Boston Mall. That was my first. Yeah it was hot breath is sometimes I would go to that chick-fil-a the that was good. You could go. There's a bad movie theater and that's why you go to Boston. Went to Boston to like fuck around with your thirteen year old friends. Yeah Yeah Oh I took like the orange line from Vietnam Olson. Who hit the hit the open? Where did you did? You go to Virginia School. I dropped out. Vcu Oh my God richmond the fan. This is ever podcast. If I wasn't doing stand up like I would have loved loved. Vcu Richmond is so cool. I spent I definitely felt like more time going to the waffle house than I did ever go. There's so much good like Richmond is where you can go and just like hang out in like jump in a river and get a cool has decomposed tattoo. Like it's so so many it's like a cool all. My friends like moved there after college. It's like a booming. Now Anyway. Okay if anyone is part of the six one seven five. You know what? I'm talking about Boston. Folks get out here run to the studio locations. West or east. But you know I'm sleeping in the West over me and my boy Brett. We grow in hot dogs on the computers getting hot. We're grill and hot dogs on top. Come on over on the door Boston habits there so just sort of blackout. Really your grilling hotdogs use. A computer could be anything chairs in our parking lot. Sam Perkins priced leases. So no one parks there. That's real that's like a real snow man. You've flight people might. My Dad wants a almost beat him up. 'cause he tried to move his chair. He got violent. I was like shook Delhi never push. Nobody does go man. He's he's a citizen. What's up that works? Refuses to all I know I feel bad for having not followed back for so long hardest. Nowhere you just you don't. I just yet happened that you didn't say some fault now. It seems like it's your phone. I know Brandon short new brandon. His MIDDLE FINGER RANDOM HAYES READ. The room spread the room. So okay we know Carly Rae. It's got an incredible voice. She's got the hits. We also know she might be a little. She's she is and she looks great blonde. She looked at one very discomforting his future wife. But you know might be a little bit on the bore side. I don't agree don't agree and Olympia. I think he might be born and I think she has A. What do you think I? I don't think she needs to share everything with the world except active puts out. She puts out her music. And that's enough anything else she gives you should just be bonus as she doesn't she doesn't she doesn't even need. I think I think my thing is. She had a great over under so good. I was I what I think I'm just saying is like I don't know what her personality is and I am so I'm saying that she's over under right now. This is the thing that I will say which which I think is getting to earlier is like because she's not a child like she makes pop music but she's but she's a thirty three year old woman like know she's just out here writings and she also she writes like two hundred songs each hour billion for ladle down. So it's like she's busy doing work busy being busy thank you. That's what I've been. That's what I was saying to certain opinion. Yeah I'm not like crazy about her but I'll just say Europe set you finding words for sure. Speaking about her being maybe boring Lou. Is it time for a little segment? Bang Bang Bang goes the frigging gavel called the People's Court. Olivia hacked into Middle School. But Pretty Much. And now has access to a lot of archives including people magazine and whenever guests brings on an icon. Olivia will do a sick little deep dive and find an article about this celeb- and so Libya what you pull up for people this week. Okay so this is Right post call me. Maybe so this is just a little. You know those things in people that are like who is this person So she just gave a bunch of quotes that are like what's it like to be a pop phenomenon. Twenty six which is Kinda weird question. 'cause like it seems. Are they calling her calling her? I guess she says I don't know how I would have handled this if I were in a younger. I was happy to organize emerge table and run off stage afterwards and be the salesperson. Willie I get asked this question. How does it feel to be an Indie rock band? Twenty six field to be a podcast or twenty-six rare. Okay wait this is this is this is the thing. She said on her favourite fan. John Mayer sent a note in a little wooden box that said embrace and enjoy your first hit. There's more to come parentheses opening it. I was acting like a twelve year. Old He's a great songwriter and not bad to look at what I immediately was horny. Horny horny also. John's a note in a little wooden box. What why who go in the box. What is the box? Look like? How big is the box leg? That's fucking horny. John Do you think he knew how old she was? Do you think I think he might have no? And he heard me. Maybe and like the rest of us was like this is a hot twenty one year old I'm in I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa what if it's not life? We've we've collapsed. You know he's he's taking his. That's that I can't speculate on. No I know he. That is a horny version move. Wooden boxes are Horny by boxes. Morny sending a note inside not just sending a card. Bach hard wood wood box. I don't really like receiving gifts. Were I feel like I get really SORTA 'cause now I'm thinking okay? What would you do John? Mayer saying you will little wooden box with listen mayor pulls the phone gives you a little tiny wooden one. In Uppsala known is dropping. I just listened to your podcast. It was so great. And there's many more to come anymore hits or many more frequently. I guess I try to a world. I feel like the bucks isn't even have an address on it. No how do you send the thank you follow on Instagram? Hit the phone. The phone got the I don't have to follow. No you don't follow him okay. I don't think you think you're respecting. Hit the follow or involved and I hit the fall things for the buck seeing him at Madison Square Garden this summer. Do they tell you no. You didn't okay. Well I think it's the Friday one nobility like what month. Oh in like July somebody GCA but anyone come. Maybe I'll go through fly out. It's crazy now. It's like you accidentally move to another city in your friends style. Making plans with you in New York other Madison Square Garden plans for this is going to go satellite for some of these episodes Yeah may yeah. Yeah for few for the like little sessions we record with. Sir Smells gotta keep the spark alive in our relations. It's dying anyways. July twenty fifth is when John Mayer is at Madison Square Garden. The here's to vampire weekend. I'm also going number six. Got They after. After my twenty-seventh he has no. That's GonNa be fun. Nice anyway. Brislin Boston in the house. So you know what's from Virginia. Be Being Nasty really polluted GONNA like it. I'm not a fan but you know what I am. A fan of segue stuff safe in that room. No I told somebody to take it so we play a little game that you might call fuck. Mary kill it. We call it the same thing as Fred how you doing. How's the brain okay for sure? I got holes in mind. That's what I'll say but we play a game. Where kill I thought I would fix the transition by doing against it again but I didn't but instead of playing it with people we play it with a moments or aspects of this person's life or career her and scenario to play with carly so brandon? Fuck Mary Kill Three little moments. Okay so I think the I think it should be the opening horn Runaway with me. Okay good All the the the like what remember when celebrities were making call me maybe video. Mary hold on and the third one is John. Mayer's little wooden box. Whoa that's crazy. That of all the things we talked about you were like well. That's a moment at the moment. Yeah well no I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA kill John. Box off rip because this is this is something that is you know. I mean I won't speak too much on this but listen you know. I'M NOT I'M NOT. I'm not I'm not bringing anybody to John Meyers House. Tell you that I'll tell you that. Much okay. I've you know I'm not. I'm not bringing a woman. John Meyers House ever again. I'll say that it's been done before. Fucking Kill de King Kills. I fuck in. I keep the man at arms length booking killing though we understand. I feel like we sort of okay. You know. I don't know if I I don't know if I'd I don't know what level of Cha you know but yeah that's I'm you know I'm following me and Carly Rae Jepsen mutuals now. I can't have that in my my orbital. Now Fuck that fucking killed him by the the videos maybe select video share. There was it was Selena Gomez did when it was cute whatever and then obviously marrying runaway with the name skip mourns so fucking however one of the most powerful moments in music of all time Yeah I honestly think that might be the way to go because I think of the horns and I also think of. Oh wait a minute okay. Okay Okay Okay. Listen to me. I'm waiting in real time. Mary the horns. I'm unaware the orange because you think of that. Sweet little video where the author has the frigging little thing is and they play the Horsburgh me think of when Jennifer Garner had her little vogue video and she started asking about names but w I forgot how much like a like mean there was a lot of with. Yeah there was a guy on the Strip stripper pole. That's like a funny aspect of just like that's like a funny type of fame that like right handed control about how much like Hannibal is in just like action. Images yes entirely. He'd never has a tweet again now. He's already he's already. That's what a freedom. Oh my God never have to tweet it. Well Okay my dreams away. Does that mean. You're fucking the box I'm marrying. I'm marrying the horns because that is my ideal relationship. I'm fucking John Mayer. Thank you okay so we did talk today about how I do not have any of our. I'm sorry I got hit real hard and I'm bleeding but No but I'm I'm fucking a little box because it's it's it's my type of book which is bad for me and that's an I. I like that. The box is toxic. And sort of me. No I like the. The box has really intense horny energy. And so it's like oh you that once. I will say nothing better than fucking a horny person. Ladies next him noise. Let's give it up for that Brett Commodity class to the horny person. You can have sex with two types of people. Okay somebody not horny and somebody horns and I'm GonNa ask you GonNa do Hannity present. Meal Horny Person. Not Hoarding Person. You say both of these people they WanNa have sex with Mike. Did they really? Do they really go with the way you so eloquently said? There's a lot there's a lot of Sexual like pent up energy in the box for sure and in the pot I would even say I listen to is better. Be Horny on what we're talking about. Actually when you when you in Gerald in the podcast I checked like there's like I checked discord. Yeah they've got like a discord for the no. You know people say they're respectful. They're nice people not horny but they're like. Oh like they like Jack. Jack really took a back seat to this part. And it's just like there's like a lot of flirting happening with other no with all. These people are flirting. Okay we do just off the one thing we do have to talk about I went on your pod. And then the hinge blew up from being being like a Hulu umbrella. That's so funny and I responded to any of them but one of them is high and I think you should do something I know fan. Yeah I focus Fan Challenge. I and challenge. I nominate all right. Maybe I'll accept. We'll see accept. It just feels so intact really was like Oh this is dark. Brennan's influence in my life has now reached the place that I thought was safe. Which Hinch safe-space is just like? It's all like men who are relatively small cells so I felt like I'm doing okay and you know another great trauma of my life is now. I blew up on hinge. But you're not famous enough and I don't even know if we can say that without getting all of our accounts talk about Ryan Pod you talking about Ryan Safe lets you a good riot or I told you about a good riot. What's Your Asong? Oh mine is I think it's on blue www okay. No look at this. This is this is something that I didn't know you could do. But you can do it. You Know I. Britain can I incorporated. The song is Mark Marietta. It's just a snippet of the Mark Marian it's a snippet of wchs with Marc Maron as the song. Should I get I think my ride profiles psychotic but again in these photos and like Oh. It's like I put up a picture with you now. Carlos Mencia door twisted binge fucking like Suck Dick Fire Guy who of the fire You know like whoever's like yes it's going to be someone that like you'd want to know exactly. The thing is setting. I'm setting the banners and I think this is funny because I saw. What is my song because like normally ranchos are going to be like. This guy is weird blitz fucking but the freaks me I come in the kind of W T F and they're getting ready to get sloppy at that point in. Listen I don't want to speak out of turn. You're about to talk if you look at a riot saying I. I will say anybody who who can appreciate. Somebody's riot song being a Marc Maron podcast. Yeah gives great head. I mean I don't want to speak out of turn but I will say that it's in turn. I think that there's a direct correlation. I never got a real date. Have you know? Yeah okay. Yeah Oh like Yes yes ill New York Ryan is. Oh Gary because it's just like it's literally just like finance guy and like lone star. Sometimes I'll see my friend and I'll be like hey is a place for podcasters to date models what you meant. Our Way. This was brandon ripping open the fussy among emanating from his fucking face as he said that horrific horror. Okay there's ultimately here's the thing true equality is when I will get go on a date with a model off of Ryan. Thank you know I agree. I want feminists want is finding hot. Do you have a podcast? And I'm like yeah in your hate to hear it and you hate to see but what I do love to hear and to see in the Taco Bell is the Carly Rae Jepsen just on it and I think good no but I'm on it and that's that's that's from an honor and a privilege to to have that happen to me are real Q. About it feels that you feel a little bit like now that you have a podcast versus having a podcast fixes all your problems nita therapist when you have a workout. When I have a pod is trying to push up before you got here can't do it. Oh Yeah we did like a push up right and so then. Basically smoke to your. I wouldn't say you've smoked my as I just save with that you that you won. The also didn't know how to do it. We don't have to get into it. You didn't on my God Ma. Yeah that's right because you know it's like when you have a baby whereas both your kids but sometimes you say my. This is what it is on our pod. Sure YOU SMERCH MY NAME. You try to tear me down for her in my peer. My friend you try to do this on our part to me I can let let you do it. I'm sorry this is basically the Carlos Mencia episode of Mark Comes back to mark and it always comes back tomorrow but we'll bring it back to Carly Brennan we like to ask the Q. Do you think Carly Rae will endure and before that? Do you have any last words that you would like to say we plugs know anything about carly later? Oh sure share with okay. We'll do anything she'll indoor. Yeah Yeah why she? The new album is amazing in like thirty years while I'll be like carly Jepsen what I will if I'm alive in thirty years. You're white you gotta you gotta say your name. What's your wife getting? Yeah we'll ever remember my wife in thirty years. I think so. Olivia what do you think again I flew out for. I flew out Sam Energy Young. I think yeah I mean I think among certain like sect of people again we were just talking about this with wet but like I think like where were we? We don't know what order low But Yeah I think amongst like you know Artsy Lake. Long people like I don't know what I'm saying. What does that mean? What does that mean? Girls in the game and Brandon for. Yeah but I also think like that's kind of all I really care about. I don't care what like nor me. Straight dudes are canonizing. I'm sort of. I'm sort of a straight for the for the girls in the days. Okay anyways doing And I'm just GonNa just GonNa rush that along. I hear you saying bird. That's what that's what people are saying pressure. That's what people are saying the industry when you're going on generals we heard you're the straight for the girls and the game love that for you but I am sort of like moving along with that is silly bill. Okay Yes for sure thank you okay. You take the place all right. I'm going to take over and I'm going to do my first bill. I do not think she spoke out during the fuck walking out. Walking out and keeping the door is shut okay Just as many as Brad Penny yet. We get to keep the dog dog. And that's what happens when you have a podcast and you have strong opinions. I don't know if brandon can hear this but I do want him to hear my argument. My mom doesn't know who carly rejectionist. That's fair my dad doesn't who carly rejects in this for my uncle. Yeah MAYBE WE'RE BACK. Hayden Cooled Down You. Good also your arguments that your mom doesn't know who she is Brandon. Let's my friggin argument. My uncle might have an honest but I think in terms of like. Oh you're mad or your parents know about anything I like. No I think okay. I think we were talking about this with someone else. It's not about whether your parents knew who they do. You think your kids will know who she is. I don't really think so. I think maybe I might have like a weird kid who liked the way. Think I might have a weird kid like the same way that it's like it's like to listen to like the Cocteau. Twins are like yeah. I'm listening to Carly Rae Jepsen. Or whatever and I'm like okay cool but I feel like in terms of like a legacy legacy beyond Canada and I'm not saying anything against Canada beyond Canada and might be a little rough sawn voted. No unfortunately I now listen. We can't always have percents fucking contrarian how dare you how dare you. You can't please. Everyone conflicts on a podcast. Now you gotTa fucking manufacturer can fall on this sword. I'll fucking fall on this sword. Not Carly's comes back. It all comes back and with that friend you so much for coming. I know I know that we ended on a sour note between Do you have anything to plug will? When does this come out this summer? We're working really. We're recording this two years before you're listening to this twenty twenty world dead now. This is fully joe blindness. God Damn Jill Biden and Mike. Prints are leading a bipartisan presidency. I don't government my podcast. Yeah but still okay and then you know. I'm probably on well I don't know when it comes out in the summer. I know that I've got some July dates. Okay all right. Let's go to my website. You know worked with this with this. I'm easy this is what I'll say you could have said your social and your site and you could have been easy about it but difficult. I just I was I. This is most combative episode. Today I feel like my parents provide like this. I think it's Yeah but this kind of is this real like this is the best one probably. It's again one up brandon. Thanks so much for coming on the POD Guys I L and I'm Lydia and this has been a frigging episode of. I listened to US wherever subscribe. I don't know you'll leave. Leave leave a review for this need review. It honestly leaving reviews helps when our our pod came out of Kim fucking. Please leave her view. Only it's fucking Yup on those charts right so you know what to do. Listen to them in like subscribe. Share this pod like I'm mostly Stitcher stitcher in the back of my head we're talking frigging YELP. We're talking then mo or talking to the Chad. We're talking lime wire we're talking for the MSN the Pirate Bay area. Yeah Yeah you know what to do Thank you guys for listening by. This has been a forever dog production executive produced by Brett Bom Joselito and Alex Ramsey. For more original podcasts. Please visit forever dog podcasts. Dot Com subscribe to our shows on Apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 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