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59: Our Giro stage 12: Giro 2000


you are listening to this podcast at our d'italia brought to you by. I woke up. Flexible loans bid for small businesses. Do they we add in Tipton Article? Says you say that she you say. Thad that she hold on A. We're always today Lionel. We're in Chattanooga Richard where the Jiro was well. We were lost year when we knew we had a we rush day and Shit Shelf Curtain we close to to I those all resorts down that coast a little bit mixed up. We Return Ramini says in article and we were a high to bring up again line but we didn't have good evening. Did we. In where we Eddie. I think while we just covered the time-trial in San Marino I'd come back from a flying home for the weekend to see what would lose six nearly. Fa Cup final remember. How could anyone and recorded podcasts? Completely wrongly on the Rhone. Channels with microphones plugged into their own. So we lost an entire take of an entire episode and we had to Redo it is just check your levels and stuff is running okay as running running fine and Daniel took extremely. Well I must have. I was tired by that stage being up since about four thirty in the morning. Took it really well. When I said we've got to Redo it from the start but then the end. The dropped the bombshell and said well we were going to have a lovely dinner in a restaurant in town a short drive away but now we just have a bookstand pizza which. I mean it was all right. The wasn't Iran of what we were missing. You kept mentioning what we were missing as we were talking to. You had a big victory. Did you day damned you? Both McNamee McNamee McNamee Biting Your Tongue. I think that was yeah. That's right. That was the day company would have won the time trial. Had He not had a mechanical issue on the final climb? Wasn't it an native wonder who is more? Who is more irritated the evening or Lionel Bernie you? To whom does it mean more a nice dinner or time? Trial victory in the. I think I think that's very close. Never thinks corrections since corn no such. What is Magnum magnanimity? Magnanimity our wasn't listening properly. I was trying to remember who it was had. The nightmare in the time trials racking my brain and it came to of a sudden. What'S COMING UP TODAY. Lionel while we are going to pick up Max Shandra story a little bit. We reached the point where he was just about to come. British will pick that up and then we'll talk a little bit about the Linda McCartney teams experience the two thousand and the two thousand year as a whole Quite dramatic one and while I was Mark Dantonio Return. Wasn't that after being kicked out with one thousand nine hundred nine That was that was heavily. Dramatic wasn't as the two thousand year. I was Had moments as well so as we are in Chechen article Maupin Tony's hometown we. He will feature heavily in today's episode till the top of them. Please line well. We got around a big shark who Daniel starting and finishing in Cheshire and article. Two thousand two thousand kilometers. Now now you might be thousand kilometer time trial not quite no time trial. Always say two hundred and three kilometer road stage three and a half thousand meters of climbing would have been ahead bringing much. I don't know how closely mini mimics the course of the novel call and Graham Phone off very famous form though founded in nineteen seventy one the biggest in the world I think that's one of the tag lines they use or one of the most famous can. I'm on those in the world anyway but if you're riding alone on the all. Gt Platform Riding our Jiro. You'll be relieved to know that. Today is another traditional transitional stage light rerouting of course in this middle. Wake of the Gerard Daniels. Smirking that that I think probably disappointed. That has been made easier for us but We'll be riding thirty four point nine kilometers a little bit of a climate the start but then downhill and flat to the finish my conduct stage. So let's hear how we get before we do lie. No this invective that's being spewed my way race director. I can't help but remember something one of my predecessors on the on the year one of my you know in the form of Jira directors. Angela said in two thousand nine when Lance Armstrong sort of orchestrated a protest in Milan Because of states that went over some trump tracks zone magnon in response to that of course requires explosive power and riders to get their butts out of the saddle. Apparently some older riders have no desire to do so instead it seems as though their legs shorter while their tongues have become longer good for podcasting sentence over trump trunks as well as echoes of. What's currently happening on our dear. Well let's hear how we're getting on in the saddle. Birds Chirping in the trees a radio playing the background a hammer somewhere but no infernal. Terrible trainer churning away on another stage of our Jiro. I am afraid I'm DNS TODAY. Nazmi reclining chair am. I will read the stage later but too late. I'm afraid for today's podcast Lila. My did do last night yesterday. Stage last night in a group raid and in fact ended up writing into finish together. We wrote for quite a long time in each other's company before are really closely contested sprint. And please report that the winner was me. Sorry Lionel you are listening to this podcast at our jittered Italia brought to you by I up. Flexible loans built for small businesses. I W C that's two K. Yes a big. Thank you to our lovely title sponsor. I walk and some breaking. I Walk News as of Wednesday yesterday. That's pretty significant. They've been accredited by the British Business Bank to offer symbols. 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Not all of them administered or offered by walk. There are nonetheless because they're nicely. I remember Senator Palm UN piano. I went Chris Shawna difference. Yours looks like thin bread. More like a pitcher pocket moines is flat Britt Sausage Sandwich on somewhat healthy meals does greg. I'm onions gone. That gives you feel like associate language from home. Townie cumulus so napalming to the spot. Co Pantani the museum just had Dina From the Kennedy Ninety Out Pantani. Yeah well the most remarkable thing was. How much like Marco? Antonio man at the next table looked shaved head sticky out. I mean I was convinced he was. I Dunno an uncle Laura cows zone or an older brother or something but no nothing to do nothing nothing to do with him and but there is a lot in the not go. The is in Pantani owner clearly. He's respect her looms large still here. Doesn't it yeah it does? I'm the thing about the museum. Short was the owner of the memorabilia. Was fantastic. I mean it was a real treasure trove of Pantani's career and achievements jerseys trophies bikes But the the sense Tony. Steal a commodity is lingers in with some of the souvenirs. Were a little bit tacky. I'm not sure anyone needs a mockup. Pantani signature a cigarette lighter for example. Do they proceeds go to charity Marco Pantani Foundation but no I. I take your point You know Pantani. I suppose always want someone who's who's image walls manipulated used in appeared in retaliation sport When they were on the lookout for an icon on they got one in Pantani and it was you know a period when Italians really dominated and professional cycling and those days are gone on bucks. Pantani's legend suddenly hasn't gone. Certainly there's a kind of a mawkish nostalgia not for Montani but for that here it. I'm you know we're in Italy now. On the coast West Liking really been eclipsed and almost obliterated by motorsport is a huge area for motorsport and projected onto pantani have since been projected onto an particularly motor. Gp pilots people like Valentino Rossi. Who's the scene is kind of anti-establishment figure a bit of an iconic class in the same way that Pantani was the one thing I keep thinking about. Pantani is how much of that marketability was created when he decided to shave off his head because when he won the remember when he won the White Jersey in Jira Best Young Rider. I mean he looked about forty eight with contact with and I can say this as somebody who lost his hair prematurely That moment you make to shave all office quite significant thing about he. He kind of became much more confident character. On and off the bike I think and yet retain that kind of vulnerability and you know the things about physical appearance must've kind of influenced and affected his character not something that's always interested me well down. That was a year ago on the Chiro when we dropped into the Pantani families. Maria is that right. Yes yes excellent. you were doing your best. Louis through impression. What you trying to see if Marco Pantani sister would want to talk about Johnny employing my cellphone naive stick. An hypothetical tastes tease out. Some podcasting podcasting. Gold wasn't the case. Was it. It wasn't really no. We didn't have the ruthless streak. You you you demure it really didn't ear and You know with withdrew from pushing too hard and then we sat down and I was feeling some bearing into Into the side of my face from a gentleman. Dale the table. Who looked so much like mock. Tony's older brother I literally couldn't believe it I but it turned out that he thought I looked like honorees. I don't know who should have been more offended. They're really omay anyway. I was really taken by the by the sandwiches and little flat bread sandwiches so I had a go at making some for Algiera Eastern. Tina is a flat. Breads it's Phone number ammonia region and. I think he's just think about it if you're not familiar with it is. It's kind of liking Italian Tortilla s of non leavened unlike pizza which is risen with yeast And cut to and data is flat bridge no raising agents and it's cooked on a very hot debate. Critical more like Tortilla And traditionally it was made whatever they had to hands every major the acorn flyer or chestnut now these days almost always wheat flour Generally traditionally Scott larger it because that is an ugly flaky texture of budgetary olive oil vegetal And then uses sandwich fillings. So you in a sandwich bread. So you can put in cheese rockets delicious things that he put it in hot and then he folded over and eater 'em immediately while it's still warm and they're so delicious a better night's to Dina chain in Britain match me. That's my next my next project. Excellent I might do not knockouts. Pd there once. You got the Pan Hole is I actually never made them. Course you have a march on me practicing lockdowns down and now I made my dough here using one of your colleague. Rachel roadies recipes and it worked a treat a real nice flat bread road out. Nice thin pricked with a fork and then put it into a hot dry pan and you just get that little bubbly effect on on the outside of the bread and then filled with well. We had a mix really. We had some Mozzarella tomato and Basil. We had some Shuto and then we had some Cheese and endure sausage and then basically fold over the bread and keep it put it back in the pine till the feelings warms melts. Bit Lovely lunch sandwiches. I say that I mean this. I mean this innovative positive sense. They They reminded me of something. I've had in this highly and service station So actually that's quite a professional bill. The nicer they had quite professional to it in the picture and little bit of a slightly rustic appearance in the shape they went the the man round but Yeah I I I think there could actually. I've actually never made these myself so I'm thinking that if you can do it maybe I can say dumbed with damned with the faintest of praise a half did consider using a side plate and cutting them too. They were perfectly round but I know I know I would just live with the little imperfections. Maybe a job at Fatty ferber awaits me. That's the service station. Daniel always tries to catch me standing in front of the big fatty for both sides and recovering the chair. Well as well as being a ball through the fearsome reputation and having run quite a few very successful cycling teams. Beyond a reese make. Some cracking flat breads son would just doesn't I'm surprised to see line here on the podcast today because I've been lobbying him to be exiled like the old house of Savoy when Italy became a Republican nine hundred forty six because if he needs some Cini Cini the other day with with salad cream. I only got a lovely cost. Lovely garlic mayonnaise which I mean actually when on the roasted potatoes more than the line but it went very well. I mean this kind of this kind of Tiring kind of culinary elitism is really boring. Isn't it. I mean if you if you want if you WANNA put Pineapple on a pizza. That's absolutely fine on your. It doesn't affect you very especially in especially tinned pineapple in a very terse text exchange earlier today and I did send you the famous famous quote from Italian writer. Leo Longanesi who said of the Italian talons Let me just find it on. I'm worried about looking for that. My my brother used to swear by a banana and to not crazy you think it. I'm GONNA say just no response to that whatsoever. He said the Italian is totalitarian in the kitchen. Democratic in Parliament Catholic imbed communist in the factory online. No that's the way. It should remain as far as I'm concerned. Tyrannies coming back in fashion well speaking of restaurants Max Young Andris. We heard yesterday's episode by his upbringing. Ban IS FATHER. Am is a restaurant turn. I've been in La. And but we're going to catch up with Max. Today on the mid nineties when he switched from being a time to being a British writer in that period. You know your results were good enough to be selected for Italy for the world championships. But you weren't really getting into the team. I mean obviously the had so many different leaders that I could pick and was eventually led to you deciding that it would be better for your career to take out a license exactly. Probably one of the saddest part of my career was literally throwing away three or four years of my first year as a pro when I was really winning six seven eight races a year. I'm being one of the strongest riders in Italian scenario and not being able to go into the world's the world's land sworn in also I was flying that yeah I was literally flying. I want I want. It'll I want your the Vanda with four guys. What just came back from the world's Giovanetti Food Lion Capucci and somebody else just literally played without now so strong really deserved so one of my biggest regrets is literally not having done three or four world championships as a bike rider that I really deserve to go. So that's when I decided to take a decision picking a British license and I mean let's let's explain to the listeners here because British cycling of Nineteen ninety-five was nothing like British cycling of You know even two thousand or two thousand and five or how is no is no no exactly nothing and in UK in an UCI? Allow the due to take a license so you could just pick a license. Then they obviously now the ruler's gone down like you have to take a license of your of your residents nation and so on so on. It's always a little bit strange even even in today's but and then days I just I just this applied for a license to supply for license got British license and there I was they gave me a jersey. And that's all they gave you today and I think all Mormons and there was a racy for for the rich slices can you? Can you remember how that will work again? Ninety five you know the Internet was just starting but I mean. How did you get in contact? You'd I guess you'd have to bring somebody up to his work. Yeah Yeah for sure I you know. I can't really remember who helped me out but I remember Doug. Daily was coach of the days and it was fantastic. I and and I remember who really helped me out if maybe some x pro down there. Oh stop what I saw in some race. A lot to call somebody. I can't remember and so let me. Just get the the time line right here. Because in nineteen ninety five he rode the Tour de France and you one stage into Senate in as a British writer. Yeah I remember will die. I mean Britain had time trots really. I mean Chris Boardman at one prologue schone. I said one. I'm pretty I think being Probably since Robert Miller would would have been the last person to have won a road stage in the tour. I mean a big deal at the time. There's a big deal but you know the whole bridge. Scenario was this time of starting to grow and grow and get bigger and bigger and and You know really aware of the whole. I just want to that license. Basically into do the world's house my main sadly for the whole British thing was thus aimed at to the world's and and obviously represent yourself on the country and and obviously with British with British cycling. Uk More maybe representing myself because there was no organization. Thought as you said it was the while smaller countries what this showed up worlds and had to spit a team car and only three riders were allowed and that was it. That was a scenario. Today's so your first world is a British writer. Wish Columbia and ninety five. Yeah and so you would have presumably taken on quite leadership for roller with with with some writers who were racing domestic racist in the UK. And you know perhaps not as experienced on on that big stage no sales. It's pretty funny because I was in year on and then with with Pasquale shot role Sorenson Cassani four of us. We repaid swannee and we decided to go out two weeks earlier. Two climatize altitude something. We did on our money. So here we are. We went into. Tom And I get that first day the day off. I said okay. Let me go and ride the cost. I went around the course and I was like Whoa. This is like up one side down the other side to K flop up on this a world then. I remember I got sick. Is this a nightmare for me? That year. That was and I remember the team was a small team on the funny story is when I went back I got a few interviews battalion papers and I said Hey I. This team mate was actually a plumber and is called Chris Lillywhite then we friends because I me even last year in Britain like they Chris. I think we even ended up racing in the Mikhail. He is this funny because in Italy. Here y'all winning races inaugurating acted and then the British scenario a Guy. What was a plumber and a bike rider? Nabi is in the world so that was a little bit the story of the two sides and then of course the following year which was the Olympic Games in Atlanta. And you're you're in the team again with another kind of mixed bunch of riders representing Great Britain. Yeah Yeah I can't remember the names really tell me I remember. Miller was that when he did the he did the time. Trial and I remember dog daily very well and yeah. I remember that race obviously and all thing is great because of course Chris Boardman wars film. Mozambique Mozambicans 'cause into Ryan gave me little because board my Inter on the road at the time trial. Dinty that's where Yeah Indoor. I'm won the time. Trial Crystal can tell you little insights story wall in me. Gavin became friends said He wanted it because I think Boardman chose to ride with one chain ring on E. said And it was pretty rolling on. He said he had the advantage of being able to go down to smaller changing. Put Him on a bigger one though. Instead of like this eight forty-two he got a forty four. Say so that's why it's all mix. He wanted visit thing the we about it after but I never really spoke about. It's Chris so I don't know I'm struggling a bit to find the men's right as there wouldn't be many of them would probably three Brian Smith. Yeah exactly Bronx with Joe Montana. Yeah Malcolm Elliott who racing in La at the time for the Chevrolet team or racing in the And that's it you well. I think that's it. Ya I mean you you you go into a go into a bright with with re Shaw Sorenson. And now earlier so basically earlier was the last lot balls dead on my knees because I went in break earlier with the way Ranki Andrey or think and Metro Maori. What a one the welter. I think it was three or four. And we're all in this break for a couple of APPS. Then the pendleton catches catches the the break and then I slip away again with Pasquale Role Sorenson so I was all like a double break and I'll I'll dead the last lock balls dead but a funny story. Is I give you a little story? So we we're in a in the in the in the Olympic camp and we we we come off the and me enroll we riding out the camp and I remember a lot of security. Pause like metal detectors fingerprint. I basically we come out in the camp and we meet Scou- and we were trying to go and see the course Pasquale says. Let's go see the finish so the day before us three. We're riding up to the finish line. There's this big wide. Wrote American road is pulling up a three percent to three percent on US three writing and they the finish with us three again such a funny story it was just. It was a strange course. Wasn't he knew it was a? It was like racing around a neighborhood really from just as a neighborhood course. And there's all these rolling up and downs in the woods. Bit of trees shelter. That was really humid. I remember boarding. I remember looking at Chipo after three or four APPS. His face was red as a beetroot and I said all he's not good today and it was the first Olympics. The pros could do first Olympics. Exactly Yeah Yeah. Yeah and I mean what a big deal when you four British cycling and Doug Daily I mean I remember Doug daily so saying because it was a pretty bad Olympics for Great Britain overall. I didn't do much in many sports and there weren't many mental. This one of you in Boardman. What you know considering the size of the tame across road and track Really delivered. I mean it was. It was a good result for cycling and and I think it Doug dailies from talking to him you know he did say that there could be some talent here that we thought it was kind of the it was. It was a thing that kick started a little bit the British cycling putting funding into cycling. Now now they focused initially on the track but it was almost like the first day of the the revolution in a way. No for sure I mean I became aware of what I did and and I remember when I came home. I had a lot of interviews from Italian media. Saying this is This is could. We could have been in Italian medal because I think Olympics. Meddling is is is thing you know. It's like the nation really proud of of their medals and an in Italy. Really kind of said at one point That's that could be mad all and they looked a little bit into the whole thing of like winding get slacken. I really made a lot of noise about the whole system of Italy was very a done badly. You know Italy is the way they chose. It wasn't unresolved feels like more of friendship. And I I'm the lead and I'm going to bring this guy and he's elite as going to bring two guys and that's how it's built So I I made A. I said what to say and days on but was British medal. So do you remember much about coming into the you know the last the last bit the three of you together and remember uh I remember Ralph and scholar hated each other and not even being teammates. They hated each other and I got on both with both of them super. Well Shaw's like Shit. I'm GonNa both of these guys but I was dead. I was dead on whose. Hey I'm GONNA try and attack. A to go don't put don't don't chase the scalise like I'm GonNa do the spring. Can you help me like I'm going to pick both of them but Alicia on my knees on the humidity was high and we didn't get drinks off and and also along to lose in a three man break go to Eko toge- medal but the medal was in the pocket. And I said I I couldn't I couldn't stand a sprint one to one. I just didn't have the legs and I said I'm going to try and jump around five or six hundred meters. I see if I can. This have enough energy to make jump and open a little gap and they kind of look at each other but didn't happen obviously and just got blown away in the spring. I wasn't even in the picture book the end of the day. You're on the podium in Olympic medal. Still you know it's it's Lebron's still volleyball and still metal today. It's one of the only things I probably have in my house my whole career medal. I don't know trophies. From the wins the tool wins all other race. I want. I've probably the only I have. They Sakhalin five cast at our d'italia he supported by scientists post scientists. Buoyed fueled by science. Thank you very much to our longtime sponsors science sport who have been backing us into twenty sixteen years Italia and if you want twenty five percent off all your lovely scientists Sport Sciences Sport Dot Com. Enter the code. Sis CPI twenty-five a big reason for scientists support support of the podcast is their chief to Stephen Men. And who is a listener and Well he emailed me about an episode of a few days ago over the weekend. We did a two parter on. Mario Cipollini on Stephen emailed with his own CIPOLLINI tail. He went into a very premium bike shop in south west London. He writes and because I had a double puncture wanted a couple of chips. There was eleven thousand pine bike in the window at Cetera. That sort of bike shop. I asked the owner about the nutrition. He had an offer. There were three bronze. Sis was prominent 'em he was very sneering said season and said. I only make pennies on that stuff. Pennies I don't know why bother I mentioned the I was in the industry but didn't claim my allegiance not sent him off on the same rent. I counted with but you never know when someone buying Gel might see that bike to the corner of their I and register for luther purchase. He wasn't having it. The door then burst open and three guys we can actually has from Maura. Blew into the shop at the Front was Alon turned job. Deeply tanned. Long Leather coat wearing CIPOLLINI. Bind them to almost stereotypically. Hardly King Italian security guys. He'll eat around the shop and I was slide jawed as he alighted on the science and sport product and double fisted jails proclaiming widely. These are the best. I always use these. I would never got a job. In sales says Stephen as quietly slipped by the shop leaving the owner to extol the virtues of awkward apparently not his favorite jails to So CIPOLLINI apparently was on his way from Gatwick to the show for the launch of his bike range. And so Steven A. A bystander there as Meyer. Cipollini grabbed a couple of fist foods of scientists sport. Jails you've been thinking that the last ten days or so haven't Lionel regularly during your rt rights suddenly have it with my supply a Extension of your as extensive as yours because well you've got a huge consignment of stuff uneven not well any you're supposed to send me a few and just to think I might need them all for myself. So apologies for 'em but you'll you'll survive and you only do anyway on on with on with the show so we heard from Matt Andrea and he wrote the tooth fires and Julia d'italia for a British team. And we'll hear about that in a moment or two but not two thousand. Jira was far more significant than being the only one with Or the first of all with the British professional team we spoke in our very first original episode of by the Nineteen forty-six. Gio The of rebirth. And its own way. The two thousand year was also kind of Gio of rebirth as well wasn't that are you talking about Marco Pantani Rich. I am. Yeah because his expulsion in one thousand nine really sent shockwaves through the world cycling but really I would have thought damaged. Jiro didn't it. Yeah I think it did but what was most extraordinary about the the months. The followed leading up to the two thousand two was that Pantani two thousand year was Pantani. Well completely disappeared in the sense that he didn't race a tool in the rest of nineteen ninety nine. I'm he could've come back of course two weeks later because it wasn't a doping ban. It was only a health plan. Although plenty of people drew from that well in for the he had actually used doping products but he could've come back two weeks. Mason didn't didn't race again in nineteen ninety nine in two thousand and sort of went to training camps at marketing. A lot about making a comeback. He went to a couple of rises in Spain. He did two stages of the Valenciana in February. I think and then got off. Put out the last minute a couple more one day races in Spain and then again sort of disappeared when a will We found out later that this while he started to take cocaine until abused cocaine Soon after his ejection from the in nineteen ninety nine. So how much of that going on early in two thousand and we don't know but yeah he disappeared off to those aborted comeback attempts in the spring and No one story. Main March really no one storm in April and it was widely accepted that he wasn't going to ride the Jiro. I'm the couple of public appearances. He did making not spring what to do with court cases that had arisen out of doping allegations. So it's one involving Michaela already. And he was called as a witness He was called to give evidence on the fourth of May. He was called to give evidence. Did Jerry was talking on the fourteenth of May and he left whether it was a magistrate's call police station not day where he gave evidence but he came out that day basically saying there was of course there was no chance that he was going to write The year they asked him who thought would win. The ending said well the winner will be the guy who finishes first and the Guy who finishes second. We'll finish second Helpfully and opinion pieces the next day. The Italian newspapers one I read. I think it was in Tampa under the headline. The bitter surrender and we all pretended to believe that. We'd see Marco Pantani at the start. The Jiro but none of us would bet thirty cents on it in sports and above all inciting which is a beasley exercise dust and sweat but no miracles setting aside a tentative returning Spain. In February Marco has been absent from raising for eleven months. An eternity for anyone thinking about tackling a three week race. We're staunched and dismayed the still no plan. No IDEA NO PROMISE. Pantani saying the same things today that he said eleven months ago and at the start of the season. I'll come back when I found in a piece again. So that was the fourth of May on the fifth of May. Gino Bartali died Now Gino Bartali a couple of weeks before his death had said publicly he hoped. Pantani got it together and could somehow make it to the start of the. Go on the eleventh of May Pantani is now saying So they're news crews have started trying to interview his home inches not to go. He now says he might come back and the fact that bodily had made those declarations or said those things a few weeks Elliott might influence his decision and he might try and give it a go. This point on the eleventh of May. The Italian newspapers started to speculate and and there was a story that he already had a flight reservation or a ticket for a plane was going from Bologna to Rome. A couple of days before the year was Geeta Start and so that was the eleventh of May race starting on the fourteenth on the Twelfth Thirteenth. He arrived in Rome and even then when he had arrived in Rome. He said that he might not take part and it was a fantastic Italian melodrama. That was going to be. They saw papal blessing for the ride is at the Vatican in it. Couldn't have been more melodramatic. And I remember. I was in my exams at university at the time probably wasn't wasn't following all of this new talent newspapers. I think I managed to get hold of a copy of data on the day itself when they leave the race itself. Sound like Bradley wiggins now my to get copy cats in Cuban on road and I just could not believe this because I as I was really party to all of the rumors of the days before as far as I was concerned they should just come out of nowhere. Pantani was was done and dusted pretty much a professional cyclist and then all of a sudden hairy wasn't stopped. The jaren people were even suggesting that he was going to win the rice. Well let's hear what it was like to be on the ground there and be part of the Gironde erosion to be them looking for panic his peers that the rioters and other teams were equally in the dark about whether tiny was going to appear. And all we're going to hear more from him later but John deering was the press officer for the Linda McCartney team and he was one of the the people there on the grind Unsure about whether Pantani would turn up for the two thousand zero everybody over time. It's time it's hard to live on nine hundred stuff If we hold very people got men to Pantani everywhere we went he'd be banned from the NATO Charter. Pronouncement die. Every nobody really knew if they're not an in house is only a couple of things at big buses and raciest wouldn't let riders traveling take touches. You hats official rice buses So there's a lot more mixing between teams and stuff and we've had. We went to the vaccine for rice. Tomato pipe we went to the time you United Hotel to pick them up. Everybody including got up again swing night coach looking see. Pantani IS GONNA come out high tell and typically Pantani for drama enlisted to all the rest of the team and stuff on the came out that Dole off and then we went back can hate speech talking here from Lafontaine Pellets home. It's the Gerardus Italia. Tom And in typical fashion off gone and searched. Has some stories of my iron two thousand and fourteen was my highlight for me. We won the teams. Tom Trawling Bill. Fosse and I've gone back and spoken to eight of the nine guys. Got This story. We've talked about the day before the day all and the die off analysts Jiro stories. You haven't heard it go back and listen to it or going to it right now because this is a really really good episode. Well I think the sense from that two thousand was a markup. Antonis results might have been fairly anonymous but his presence certainly wasn't he was stay with big drawer in the rice. Wasn't he finished. Twenty eighth overall and there were flashes of his previous form finished second on a stage debris song right near the end of the rice and it was clear that he was still the most charismatic figure in Italian cycling. Even though you know the race was led for a long time by Francesco Kazakhstan Day and eventually won by Stefanos. Selah Eliahu in a way was almost an Pantani lookalike. Wasn't he? None of them. Had the the STAR THE STAR FACTOR? That no napalm and indeed in the first week of that Jiro The press understandably Wanted to speak to no one else really. And the other writers on other teams get quite upset about this so much so that Pantani Imposed sort of press ban on himself on said that he wasn't gonNA speak to the press anymore for over a few days because The other is in my feelings clear. He was getting too much attention and them. You Know He. He thought this would be a noble gesture not to give any more interviews and the he did on one of the days when he wasn't speaking to the press was he took the arm of the so the post reports all the racer poetry from. Right television. Alexandra Distefano who still does that job. And he beats her arm on live. Tv which you probably wouldn't get away with these days. How do you get away with and those? Wow Yeah you did. And but this was kind of typical pantani enigmatic and was real feverish anticipation for the first mountain stage. Which was am finishing Abbott. On which we mentioned a couple of days ago when were talking about Alberta Toma but in a big mountain stage and my some Pellegrino in a really fantastic and very hard climb in Tuscany until that point no one really knew whether pantani would indeed be contended to win and Steffano got sally who went onto win the race. The spent the early part of that. Climb of some getting not pace of back and helping Pantani. Pantani couldn't hold the best wheels and God does who's just going to ride his punt on his domestique and then finally he got the all clear to go ahead and yeah ended up finishing a close to the front of the race and they out that night all got alien Pantani fell out but Pantani particularly fell out with Giuseppe Martinelli his direct to split Eve who had been his ds for the tour and the Jira. They'd one nine thousand nine hundred and they never really patched it up after that but then. Pantani did have this great moment as you mentioned napalm on the states too late in the race and it was again fantastic sort of symbolism and drama about this because it was on the. Izzo Odd. Where he he was sort of revived and resuscitated. These award was a climb in France said the rights had gone over the French border. But these were has a great. Hey Great Association with Italian writers and Gino Bartali had remember the year was Bartoli's one one of the names synonymous with these odd and great exploits. The for forty eight. I Yeah Yep and Pantani came back to life there and essentially while ended up really saving God E. Skin and helping him to ultimately win. Jira Pantani would kind of trapped in a circus of Partly making by this stage. I wasn't hey I mean that whole period from getting kicked out of the Jiro right towards the end of ninety nine thousand nine hundred nine race. he was not elevated his status and became a victim for the Paparazzi. Didn't hey I remember that winter. There were pictured in the press of his car. Hof Up the pavement driving the wrong way down a one way street. Everything he did was was in the public iron and gave a sense. He was kind of unraveling. It was probably a bit of a press construct but obviously there was some substance behind it as well and the fact that he was out of action for close to twelve months and came back to the jerome was reasonably competitive and then when into the Tour de France Which ended up being his tutor. Franz has one of the thorns in Lance Armstrong side. Really one of the one of the biggest danger is even though eventually finish the race. I mean this was to the front of the famous side-by-side race up move onto Armstrong. Pantani going to the line together and Armstrong allowing to take the stage win and then regretting it because Pantani didn't gratitude and then came the famous. That's right yeah nicknamed the unflattering nickname and the no gifts press conference quote. Pantani one again at call. Chevelle a few days later and then on the stage to Morzine. The last real mountain stage of the tour was the road. Was this today that there Johan Bruyneel onto the fire to Michaela Ferrari and say come? Pantani in difficulty here because Pantani had risen up the classification to six place which still many minutes down on Armstrong but they clearly didn't want to take any chances when Pantani kind of start bridging up to the group that was on the road starting to more and more of a danger Bruyneel on the phone to check whether whether Pantani be any eventual threatened and kind of the the boom and bust of Mark Dantonio career symbolized in in a Diane. Hof Really. He was off the front looking dangerous then he was caught then he was dropped and then the following morning he didn't star. That was his last brush with twitter de she did of course ride that. Jiro a couple more times like Pantani. The two thousand and tour I was so it was quite. It was quite telling on quite sad. Poignant when a couple of years later he had his ears pinned back. I mean we made reference to the Tina nickname but that's sort of showed how uncomfortable he was in his own skin but you also made him look very different and the much older actually and he was sort of unrecognizable from the from the rider. Who had excited everyone in the in the late nineties? But I always think we've Pantani The two thousand tool sort of fits into this more than the intensity of the passion and the the the love for him when he was there any was performing I think what makes him so powerful makes his legacy so powerful is the is the intensity of the longing with these long periods of a longing four Pantani to be back and performing throughout his career so he came onto the scene in ninety four and one stays Jira and then ninety five as well. was brilliant the France but then had a terrible accident. Milan-turin was opposite was gone for over year. Came back In in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and An even then missed. The Lou crossed out the Jiro. Brilliant in one thousand nine hundred eight but then nineteen ninety nine happens and he's gone again. Madani compete and again several months away in which people are sort of remembering the intensity of the emotions that he transmitted and they're imagining what he might do when he comes. Back it comes about very briefly gives another tantalizing glimpse and then he's gone again and it was almost like an unrequited sort of love and I think that is one reason why he was held in that regard and He still is sorry to drag the conversation onto more present matters. Speaking of intensity and longing and tantalizing is it time for the Tinton as podcast full. Jiro and baby juror now. Wind its way out to the market region. Will looking at the chew? Chew Lacrima to Alba now. This particular wine is might hundred percent from Lacrima great which really exhibits sort of a black ink appearance with some Cherry Mall. Brian Lamb and violet. Sort of notes. Coming through now. This particular one itself does not have a huge tax structure so in my opinion that makes it really appropriate for just general easy drinking so very good for a midweek drink especially if you're having some chips Chak Utri light cheeses. Maybe some light light and in the mixed chicken. Poke things like that. The really we like could use a good versatile drinker. And we hope you enjoyed wine region doping today. Nice because because this one today is from the market and we know in the market and in fact our Jiro briefly going to the market yesterday. When we run away from today too blur you might be sleeping. In the car point this is very wreck. Grape variety lacrima from Moro dalbar. Nothing to do with the Alibaba in Piedmont which is very close to but all on about EXCO which will be talking about and what you think. Rich you get into some so stooge drawbridge. They're bringing unusual brain. Usual Senate is one found usual. Yeah that you've dried up. What if it is Laurie dries? Except I I use the I use. I use up all my gooseberries Tannin's and licorice in the first week lionel guiding to say while I'm I'm teetotal again today sorry about that I am. I right in thinking. This wine is made from grapes. Daniel on the off on with the two thousand zero. Well we're going to hear again for a bit from Max Andrea Art. We M under remainder the the fool Max dri opus is available for Friends of the was the Super Tuscan is on Yeh You had with him. Lionel the life of Mac Shandra. That's available for friends. The podcast so is Daniels extended conversation Ritchie poor covering the rest of his career beyond the two thousand ten Keita. Which spoke by in Monday's Rusty episode? 'em So if you want more Richie poor and more might Shandra become a friend of the podcast of the cycling PODCAST DOT COM. But what we're going to hear nightline while Let's hear I a little bit from maxine Andrea in writing Jira for the mckearney chain. But first we're GONNA hear from John Deere who was teams press office. That giradi tally at first of all about a visit to meet the pope before the Jiro and then about what happened on. Fa Cup final day. It's relevant to that year because it was also the day. The Linda McCartney TAME won a stage. Courtesy of David McKenzie. So I John Deere and then Maxine Andrea on that Jerry. horrified Some really nice suits and stuff we can tell we were getting postseason. Done Dusty Nice on there. We ran the now track. Seeped like sixty Max just so shined such big deal for those guys like to insure thing. So let's go back to. May The twentieth Saturday? The twentieth. Two thousand. What was virtually. There was a huge event on that day and that was a cup final. That's what that's what you want. Well yeah I mean it was a. It was a massive die around. Wasn't it an Chelsea your football team? Where at Wembley and you you go to the match we had to so you Chelsea suppose the same myself and Chris. What who's the assistant manager to assist the DS? Oy or second. Yes to show nights. So banish the get For the final and he went back for the guiding takes Lamba who the ashes in England he came out that more may swap tighter at Where we stop. Sumerbee somebody that scar or someone that allow me on the Jessica key is getting short jaw but the holiday in Italy. We took him out. Must have been the second idea right right. That's right. Yeah so for the Cup and I stayed it. Miserable I commitment was he said to wear I had to wear my shit. Jesse Owens wasn't quite it was it staged seven of the race. It went from vast. Though as you say on the Adriatic Coast to Dom Oh it was one hundred ninety two kilometers it was pretty flat stage but it ended up being eventful. There was one thing heels. Like why would it be like right around here? I think you have gone up. And down around the Corner Die Unite Chewing for me up from I. Ten that diaper tech basically showing fit based. Chomsky the insecure. I but he's attack we will is call We will want us in and Remember dive after the first twenty minutes or so she was a polling about. It out John. And you just think y'all cheaper Mazda muscles up at night be thinking about giving that guy and Basically just choice it all day. Now you kept up your part of the bargain with Chris. Lillywhite you war your Chelsea show. I what happened as you get to the finish in Tehama and your run your you. As as often happens with people impress capacitation cycling teams. He kind of become par press person parts one year a of the finish line crew To do we have tons of stuff fulltime style. Who professionals how that can laws about fifteen including Reuters? When he came to the finish. We just tell you been on. Just folks on the bunch for ages we time gaps on there all the as United Jira. I was much more of domestic rice in those days. Wasn't it and only Italians. We were in Swanton years area. Just finished watching TV. And they'll say collect gutless leagues rolled up to get TANS JUST RYAN and everybody's super relaxed tonight. Tv Time on just at the screen. You just do that. I we really coal when he crossed the line. New One of the first people to Yeah look he's done. You don't think about what you're GonNa do in situations. Be Nice to be chaperone can address so the rations will planned out by just was a fact bounce council and Grabbed up for the line and Nothing he was Sean Put currency deviation late it other barriers and grabbed him as well. He was crying complete week. Special died and Well there was a small recrimination. The fact you were wearing Chelsea shot rather than an official. Linda McCartney John Top. Y'All go into shit. Justly we were in the race and so walk on Air Poop bullock on the phone for not wearing thin kit I picked out one of the stages in patio but as long day. Two Hundred Sixty K. And we got into part on. I second Axel Merckx spawning dismayed a little. Move a few like a K. Before the finish. Show US pretty disappointing. That Mackenzie want to stay with a with a great breakaway. I think after and For me you know. We didn't get a penny or euro. Whatever was in today's because the whole thing went bankrupt without guy was running the show but A lot of good memories you know BUSCA was Ashwani as was the coach. I remember Sean getting up at like five in the morning. Riding a three hours on rollers as the ash and is just This a good team got a lot of fun. and And here's a as vegetarian team. You know obviously the Linda McCartney products vegetarian so I did the whole Jira. I didn't eat one slice of pursuit of talk with With with what what they gave me you know we had to read the team of chefs. Actually Not Jiro. I made in could nothing of But the funny story is I went to down under and You know when you go to the Presentation Party. The first day they offering these old barbecue me and I just grab one is kangaroo me and I'm Richard about the by. Ns I she. I'M GONNA to put it down. Obviously when when it came home at night my Nice steaks you know on the big mistake a Florentine you like a Florida on Steak International. Yeah yeah well. It was an eventful. Jiro for the Linda McCartney Tame an interesting subject. Something I've written about before for the cycling anthology and something might revisit for the podcast. Maybe for a friend of special at some point Tell the story of the teams rise and demise. It was pretty spectacular. Both on the way out and on the way down. Well I mean there's so much to to say about. The Linda McCartney team was from the from the involvement in the first place. All of you know Paul Royalty. Linda McCartney am and there were. These pictures are members of the team. The McCartney State Meeting Paul and Linda when it was set up and Gillian Clark. The man in charge eventually went to prison. Didn't he and they had some phantom sponsorship agreements and the team collapsed the following year. Doping allegations are on the team as well which have led to serve sort of investigations. It seems not far not doesn't seem very thorough investigations into what went on that team and so a friend special would be Would be a great idea line. I know you've you've kind of talked to buy an uncovered. The Linda McCartney story while over the years. But it's probably still quite a lot to see. I've been eating some Linda McCartney food on my During lockdown I'm stuck in the UK. And I didn't realize it. We're still going the old McConnell and realize either actually meet Bulls. Linda McCartney FO- meatballs fo- sausages rank. Good Mike Shandra dog of course swears by. It doesn't doesn't he with with he said in response? That's a whole other story that will make into your friends. Special wouldn't wouldn't be Jiro without controversy with it. I mean every has controversies even Algiera. Partly so yeah. There is a controversy scandal. Bubbling away and our Jiro. We believe we're going to be following the story on. We have a couple of ex pros riding. And they've blown the whistle we've got we've got a crystal bustle of all Jiro. Someone who's blown the whistle on what they suspect to be some cheating going going on the Lionel of maybe put in a way. That's too high. I have lost weight over the first week of cooking reverse wait doping. Why did anyway? I look forward to hearing more by the developing scandal on our Jiro and over the next few days. What we've got coming up tomorrow. Daniel well rich Tomorrow from purely geographical point of view. We got from Robina home of LASAGNA. I think Did we have LASAGNA? There last year night palm we did. It was a huge. Wasn't I couldn't manage IT I. I was beaten by the size of the portion. It was just too much. It was like a like a breeze block of lasagna. Really very rich I mean it was excellent but just maybe they looked at me and so I needed feeding off of it. Lasagna of course outside the only the only possible that was available start in the UK. Wasn't it because it's just too young? Yeah Yeah we are actually going to be talking about lockdown things them corona virus. Because we're on our way to pot tomorrow. We're going to take a detour. And there's a range of hills just outside part of a cold Cali Ghana and one of the first outbreaks in Italy and in fact the first victim of corona virus amd died in area. And we'RE GONNA be talking about the impact of Kobe. Nineteen M we specifically. We're going to go back to the last race lost important race. That took place Pyrenees. And we're going to be talking to the last race win out which was mucks shock money and we're also going to be talking from a well team who had a very different and Unpleasant experience of those first couple of weeks when and the virus was spreading around the world out of course shock had a very prominent role on our vary important day in recent. Jiro history and which is a day that will or an episode that will cover in one of our episodes in the final week of our Jiro. 'em So they'll set up nicely as well and we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA say a few thank you's to friends of the podcast. Thank you very much. Everybody who signed up as a friend that the cycling PODCAST DOT COM be shipping out. Lots of signed books as well. If you become a good friend of podcast or even just a friend of the PODCAST. You can get a copy of our book. The Grand Tour Diaries. Perfect for lockdown If you pay a little bit extra as a friend you get signed copy unfortunate the moment that will only be signed by me but hopefully not so k. And as I say the Mac Shandra interview the full interview is available for Friends of the podcast. And before where we're going to say a few thank you's M following that will be played by Francois. Tommaso am who is paying homage to the Linda McCartney team with a Beatles Song and looking ahead to again another episode that will be playing in the final week of the Jiro from a recent Jiro. Sorry in the final week of our GPO from a recent. Jiro but before we go and big. Thank you for me to Charles. Bruna Zeon Mattias Frederickson. Thomas Still Steve CRABB. Harry Walton and Laurel or the bear. Lauren's actually overtaken me a couple of days running on the stage of Algiere on. Rg Tay Say He waved both times. You went past a big. Thank you from me to Eric Johnson. Jonathan Daviss Nick. Bentley Steven Carr Sean Gordon and Joan. No and big. Thanks for me to Maggie Brown. Jim Watt Car Lanka. James Forrest Mosima bomb feel in Brown and Brown in Brown I it's not my kind of music but different spelling spelling. Yup thanks you carry long. You Jerry Only send in the middle oldest owner Jerry Jones. You gotTA carry. This was one of the shortest songs by the Beatles Gone. Carry their weights. It's funny because it's so short and everybody seems to remember it. I mean it's part of the kind of motto the in one of their her last albums and I don't know when I ever since I've seen some molins episode in. Jiro When he had to kind of carry that way before Kind of delivering it or a getting rid of it That's famous the Jiro all. I'm saying I'm thinking about it song. You know with all with all ahead on the riding a bike or something to carry the kind of wait anyway That you are carry this way. But it'd be was my song for today's are. Jiro cheers guys.

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