Episode 147 - Mike Glover


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He is an ex army green beret also known as special forces. He then was a CIA contractor Watt and then of course got out and started feel craft survival. I we talked for three and a half hours I'm not even going to try to explain what we talked about. All I can say. As I'm looking forward to round three. So let's get into round two episode number one, Forty, seven with the man himself Mike Glover enjoy. A smoke. Norfolk. Worship. Small? Thank God for Youtube. They for Youtube and Google right yeah. I spent hours I the first thing of course I was what does Joe Rogan have in his studio and there is Five. Web Pages dedicated Lee that all the details to so just to Chink Chink Chink and then I, also I'm going to be honest i. have a slight advantage. I just got a hold Jamie his producer and said, hey so what do I need to do and he means he wrote me out a list as Roger that Mike and Beware. If you send me some crazy shit I'm going to buy some crazy shit. Please just give me the bare essentials. I don't need the Millennium Falcon like you guys have. Man. This is cool because it ties into this bad ass would table which is made from wood and Montana, with a dude that I do Jujitsu with who like fully crafted guy cut down trees at my house where we did the first podcast. Put this whole thing together and like the legs of it has got some metal. that his buddy did it's awesome. So this is from your property. The would is not from my property, but the I wish I think. I don't know shit about with, but I think you have to let it season for. Two So this is older but Like the living at it it's awesome and I love the craftsmanship and artisan shift of some of the people up here. Love it man it's unbelievable I. Love It. I just did a post on a cowboy hat that I get from billings Montana thought what so awesome wasn't it? Like twenty years old to have. That was the the hat I was actually holding was a charcoal color, but it was twenty one years old and Patina like it doesn't. Even. Look like that. When you buy a new, it looks gray but that hat looked like it was brand new almost. Yeah. The the condition of after twenty one years like ranch living I'm my damn and eat three of them I, didn't get three thousand a piece by got one. Yeah, and then I was looking the only thing I think I deviated from with Joe was the arms holding the microphones because you often see them coming up and Angle Yeah I like this because it's straight across, we can see and there's no I've had four people in here before and there's no. There's no issue with looking across to making eye contact Shit? Interface. Yeah I don't like that either yeah. So it was low Yeah, then that I basically just spend a Lotta time on the Internet and Amazon Dot Com or do you have these mics or these headphones into filter? They. Okay. So it goes down through the table. Yeah. Have you ever heard measure twice cut once yes. Okay. So we. Drilled the holes for these young directly into the metal beams that are supporting the table because we didn't measure. We eyeballed it which is why they have these little. You know little plug there between. Speaks digital cable. Yeah. So Cameron just like fuck. Me Just made this table in the first thing we did was drill hole rattlers. which is like a new car, right? You might as well. You need to like Oh we need to do with a new car is flip your knife open like chip the paint somewhere can calm down because. Let's see over it's over with. So within this table being this room for twenty minutes, we had drilled two holes in the wrong place. which he plugged amazingly. So everything goes down and then around behind you and it goes through. Our headphones are on. spot by behind the chair, you might not be able to see it. Yeah. But the mics and stuff all goes into a I don't know what to call it anymore. It's the headphones it's just a boost. Yeah and then everything else you know you have to have the interface between the digital signal, end the computer, which is the red box underneath, and then I just were recorded live I use audition because I. Don't know much about anything I, find it to be the easiest program to use. And this this set of ghetto. Cell phone turned around and just like record disabled I not doing that. But I'm doing what I started. The same thing. I had a little Mike with the little pop filter in Zoom, and then I went from that to the road cast or which we're using last time as you know what? I have nothing else to do during this time period might as well. I'm going to try to I'm going to try this is like your firebase you're just upgrading. Well, there's one thing that's left. That's coming, and that is the Guinness calculator. And I think I'm going to have cameron drill one more whole and I think I'm going to put the tap directly there. That would be bad. But do you know of any other podcasts city that has an actual alcohol dispensing device on table? Yeah. So you'll have to get up no I WANNA make sure that everybody is going to be economic right? Everybody needs to have the chance to reach it. So we'll just go the Guinness coming directly out of the table are sponsored by Guinness no no, it's a reverse sponsorship I think I turned the lights on and off with them. It's so man, it's delightful. It's like in an ice cream in a can. I love. Well, first of all I love Calisto and whitefish like this area. Yeah. Do such such an amaz-. It's like for me. It's like literally feels like therapy if you know how you like you're in. You're in bog. Room. and. A whole bunch of shit which doesn't feel like therapy. It doesn't at all I feel like overwhelmed and then you get to the firebase and everything's quiet. That's how I feel like the the helicopter just dropped me off and I thank God him home, and it feels like that here man I love it here although unfortunately, obviously, you got to see it. Once. Without this ridiculous smoke this smoke just showed up yesterday i. saw that I was in Bozeman, I, looked at it last night. What does that smoke from I think I think we still have a westerly wind. So I believe it's blowing in from the western states while man those guys are been, they're getting old man crushed and the thing is this valley it's. The people will talk about it like Oh, the valleys a bubble, and they're talking about like socioeconomic stuff, which is true. Yeah. But it's also a weather bubble because there's mound on the West item on the east side. So this stuff that there's a high pressure. Just get smashed and he'll be like this for a few days. It was hot as hell yesterday here it's an it'll be like that again today I couldn't believe it. It was hotter. Or is actually hotter here than it was Bozeman and then Utah were drove from and also how does that work like how does how does that work words hotter here in this little pocket than it is anywhere else I have no further like near Canada we're near Canada. We are sixty miles as the crow flies from Canada well, but they won't let us in right now. Yeah. The invisible enemy is shutting the gates. I. Mean I think they have commerce going back and forth. Yeah. But you just can't go over. I. Don't think you can go you. Basically kick around for tourism. That's so dumb. The invisible threat I saw the stay vigilant. Twitter the CDC do you see that yet? This the CDC dropped the I can't keep track of the number of times that the CDC is going back home. They said, well, they said a smoke. Is Not. Going to help you from. And I'm like, how does that work and there's dudes justifying they're saying they're talking about droplets water like the droplets of water is the virus and measured in nanometers. That's what they're talking about. They're not talking about literal drops of water. They're talking about droplets of Saliva, which is ninety nine point, four percent of Arizona's droplets, ads, droplets, and so there it's not going to protect you from smoke particles or particulates, but it will protect you from Kovin, and everybody was like what in that hope that tweet doesn't have a lot of interaction engagement and straight from CDC. What's up with that? Let's be honest. If. That implies that everybody is dishonest. I mean. So I did A. Couple podcasts with Brian Bishop a buddy, my marine corps in an inflame the Internet to degree we were chatting about masks. My thing is if masks if it really. If it was incredibly important. They would tell you what type to where they wouldn't say it could be a t shirt or a SCARF ORASAC over your face worship correct. It's like come on they either they either matter or they don't matter. True. So what is actually going on here? Yeah we give me give me pause to think yeah. Would you remember when it originally came out? Everything was it's not all the experts came out and they're like it's not gonNA work mass don't work and I was actually like but wait a minute like the nurses where mask I know in ninety five mask do like, why would you even put that out? Wait a minute, and then all of a sudden mass where the thing and then all those experts recanted their statements and I'm like, dude, what is going on now and I supply and demand as you may be an I buy into that maybe but the fact that The handkerchief is going to be called a mask or a skiing buff over your neck or people just t shirts around their face. It's like come on. You can't tell me that that all works effectively the same way I had a lady sitting next to me I I have a DVD more right said you probably do from getting smashed in the face so many times and or shooting cargoes doffs until your nose bleeds. that. Routinely. So this this lady was next to me and I couldn't breathe and I kept telling my mass just breathe through my nose and take a breath in my mouth in put it back over on the plane and she's like you need to get what I got and she'll she pulls out. Her mask and it looks like a pair of lace like it looks like panties and it's the lace portion of like I guess stocking or pennies it this what you're describing may have started its life as panties I it literally could have been panting like she could have pulled them out of her pants, but she goes us this and I'm like but that's not even because nobody mad it doesn't matter if they don't even say anything I'm just going to do that I'm GonNa make a mascot of like a fishing net this. The big fishing. The fish. It's a mask man. Yeah, and then there's Listening. To the World War canceling Halloween that's the one day where you wear a mask. Yeah, and for kids I do it for the children. I mean at least for the kids I, actually spent far too long. On the Internet trying to find a stormtrooper mask yes I was gonNA wear until I grocery stores just to mock. Oh. Yeah and I'm not mocking people dying everybody calm the fuck down I. Am WanNa have fun with Shit Sandwich that we're all eating. So why can't I wear a stormtrooper mask? And people like you have to wear West Lake obviously I am. I'm I'm GONNA wear a full suit, Assu Cape Capes or the barriers between us code. It's pretty crazy man God. You're a stat guy to you saw the was at six percent. I don't know if I'd call myself a stat guy but I. Love Hard Science and math axe I like facts math hard science statistics, i. You know what's funny is Talking to you about that, and then even listening to Joe and you guys it's it's interesting because. I've always been that kind of guy dip but on a big stage, you guys are doing that and that's important because so many people hypothe- and I've seen you check people with stat I think my hand I can't bring some some grimy. Shit. I can't show up like Hypotheticals. Have some analytics fine. What I'm talking about I like that though I'm all about pathetic as long as the conversation is framed around this being hypothetical, we can work your way through these ideas I love the economy and Commerce of ideas. But I also think as an individual like if I, sit down and have a conversation with somebody I feel like I need to have an understanding of where my position comes from. Yeah, and it's okay if your position comes from emotion but just don't confuse that with your position coming from something that is based again in the hard science or math. Or fact, yeah especially your arguing right and you're trying to convince people of it to get get on my team at least that that's what I can't remember her this recently. But I'll listen to audio books like you guys on the road and I'm just inundated with information but there was guy talking about layers of communication. Oh, as Tim Tim Kennedy, somebody ten, and he was talking about how he wants people to talk like if you really want as a Beta point, big listener be an advocate for being a good listener because the more somebody talks the more their story becomes a like it comes unfolded and if you're if you're faking the funk, we know this because like. In the military everybody sees that it's very transparent and you want that. So you WANNA debate or you want to suppress keep talking, and let's see what your true arguments are. Let's see at the root of it what you love how framed it too. So stupid people to keep talking I noticed him. Yes. It's so true. We gotta be big. Are you GonNa let me talk a lot on this don't. You can say whatever you want I. Actually I mean the first podcast we did with the Internet ablaze us all that. Yeah. So I think this one will probably. Go organically to start that kick that off. Here's the thing I've learned. Awesome conversations will happen if you don't hit record right away, worst thing that could happen takes up a megabyte recording device. That's true. Hit the road. We're on it right now we've been on for like Tony Love. So. I got great feedback from that and especially with the conversation that we had about killing people unusual. Hundreds of messages from people who and most of them they they followed a similar trend one. They were shocked that we were able to openly talk about it from that perspective, and secondly, they were thankful that we pulled the veil back on that. Yeah. A little bit and it wasn't something that I had and actually had a few friends reach out to me and say that's the first time you've ever opened up on that topic and I was thinking about it's like have I ever? Do I intentionally avoid it? and. It was no i. just you gotta you gotTa have the right person to have that conversation with absolutely. I think we it the same exact thing happened to me where I thought about it and said Oh. I've had those conversations but with team dudes that were standing next to me at the time. Yeah. Like where we are comparing notes or saying, Hey, would do you how do you remember that night and it was always at an afterthought but in hindsight looking back at our conversation between two guys who have different experiences in that environment and people are privy to that conversation it's gotTa be unique I I has to be a an odd thing I feel bad for them I get like. Understanding like our mindset and not realizing that we're not as normal. which took me a while in the transition. It's civilian life realizing that you may not think your normal I am this single most normal person I know. I don't have any problems at all. No residual no baggage. I hear I'm totally saying I the rumors. Yeah. I don't distrust humanity and human beings at all I. Just look at everything is fucking rainbows and gumdrops. Yeah. I'm not what you would call paranoid at all when you. Pay More coming into your driveway like this is totally normal. Disarm to why are your trees painted different colors at hundred yard increments. I don't know. It was interesting. Listening to Tim on Joe's podcast and for people who haven't listened to it I highly recommend that they do like I said, before we started, I'm always incredibly impressed with SF special forces specifically the ability to articulate the mission set like the way Tim broke down everything from J. set to the. Program's going over security the by with and through all of that stuff. I think sof and Moshe I don't know if we impact last I'm SF specifically green beret ODA types of a lot of people would just say SF and I think they're talking about. That from people listening would be soft special operations forces. I would say in my experience that the SF. Community. Is Amazing job explaining the mission set in that understanding better. So I would say the Committee for sure 'cause we're more like smash rock. Or turn turn rock pebbles pebbles into dust were very good at the had on. Why is that? You know culturally or is it is it actually got training thing now but look at we were talking to this last Robin Sage, there's no robin sage for our community it should be there should be but also at the same time, your community and the community I came from, they droop slightly from different origins and I think they drew they went in that direction and it's interesting because you know the UBT, the the predecessors of the seal team's. These men who had fucking balls that you need wheel barrels. Yeah. To carry around her ud t shirts. Yeah. Their primary weapon was a slate on their arm in a lead line. So they could go measure fathoms they would just go in before and Fabius invasions covered an axle grease which I've never cover myself and axel grease. They used to do that before themselves and excellent before wetsuits they were trying to put like a petroleum layer on for warmth. Is they're rolling in I mean you know you t shirts? Oh Yeah. Most unacceptable. The tire for any human being ever super uncomfortable. Yes. So they would throw that on. Jacques Cousteau dive mask, and they would go out and they would survey the beaches looking for you know the the. avenues in they would look for obstacles they would blow up schools. and. They would do that prior to an invasion they. So like a k bar knife on their leg and their whole thing is they were just measuring water because there's and we did this training, they were tying knots. There's a knot tied at every fathom mark on a piece of string and you just swim along the beach and you measure it you write it down on a fucking grease pencil on your arm. Predecessors sealed. So it came from that world then to Vietnam where switched from ud t to the teams. And then. I just think our pipeline it never like I don't ever remember early on in our career the term I remember hearing the term and I knew what it was, but it was never our primary mission set or you know advise and assist or going with the partner force and I think the origin and I'm speaking from outside so you can correct me but I think the origin of SF is more in that direction. Yeah, and so I think at a cultural pipeline level. Deeper but the ability I'm so impressed with him because the ability to articulate those things in my opinion makes you so much better at the execution because he defined at a granular level, the role, and if you can do that, you know exactly what your job is and you're going to be so much better overseas he's super intelligent and I've actually was within the same unit sniper school together and did a whole bunch of stuff and he's always been kind of that guy. And I think you're right part of it is the training pipeline like they teach us Indian P, the military decision making process they harp on planning in the five paragraph operations order we do. We do even in small unit tactics you're you're learning patrolling and all the things that you do in the woodland. You're still having to plan this along the way and as an I mean I want to render school when I was eighteen years old and operations orders, which was the scariest thing for me because patrolling is easy yet reacting to contact bottle drills that's easy but standing in front. Of Senior NCO's that are going to ranger school as well as a PFC, a private first class, and then having to a plan that was beat into you because it's either like you swim or you drown in I, think you're right in that kind of stuff is is heart but I've seen some dumb SF guys but just like some I've seen some dumb sealed seal dudes who look at foreign internal defense who go. I don't ever want to do that, and then I go man and they just fucked up by saying that because that. Afghanistan, two, thousand, ten, my last tour there. It was as far away from the DA direct action. That's one thing that we have to do. Did you get a bunch e mail saying I didn't understand anything you guys were talking about because all acronyms yeah. So we've got to do our best. People a literally like you asshole, put a glossary on the podcast description I'm sorry man like we were talking about Shit da raid. Yeah, direct. It'd be you know you're you're literally going to compound or a village in. Trying to find fix and finish somebody in a location essentially. Okay. So That I think is what most people to include myself wanted to do in their career. But as battlespace as mature like, oh I F one O e f One da centric or you oh, I F. Five six, seven, eight, nine, ten, probably still da centric in the six, seven, eight, nine time period on that you went over the hill and it became partner forced by through with Afghanistan exactly the same thing. So I go back in two, thousand and ten. And You know were out it fob Naba Har-. With a partner force mandatory one to one partner force either a or A and P. And some people were really resistant to it like this is stupid. You know I don't want to do this. This isn't what I signed up for your moron. If you understand fit or the partner force, it's the key that unlocks yes. The Connecticut aspect later on that's how you get on the target correct. It's like come on man this is our chessboard. Now let's look at our pieces and we had an incredibly kinetic. deployment because we smartly played the pieces that were in front of us, I think uncut unconventional warfare, and irregular warfare also bread in the relationships that you build with host nation forces. So it's all access in placement. If you're if you're involved in day to day operations that might be training, what you're able to do is all the. Second third tertiary. Elements that are required and building up the packet. I? Guess for commission warfare to be able to do the advanced Ford operations to prepare the battle for the call this operational prepare preparation, the environment O, P, which is all the things you need to do to set that place up where when it falls apart if it falls apart which most likely it will then you're prepared to go into war and that's like that's green beret one, a one which is foreign terminal defense is that access placement and our member in six working with the seals they're all young seals most of them. Were their leadership did they were there at five and four? but they were like we don't need to fit. I'm like counter terrorism foreign internal defense is the way of the means to get in the fight trust me and we started they started picking up on it more and they T- I saw young twenty two years old take a lot of pride and teaching seek you be teaching, and then they're honing their own skill sets because when you teach that's. How well, you actually know some hundred percent you become a better practitioner of the skill sets that your teacher asked my favorite question people say, why do you do this? It's like Because the guy who taught me told me to do it wrong answer. Yeah. Incorrect answer. Yeah. A lot of people. Yeah and obviously, if you're an instructor and somebody asked you that and you don't know the as you shut the fuck up this question to answer time. But that's just a that's a bullshit move because then you need to go figure out what it is. Yeah go ask you. He's like what was this? Yeah. Hey. I just had to crush studio fast tell them to shut up does anybody know the answer one, hundred percent and? Yeah I'm a big fan of of fit always has been but understanding its role because I. I mean I was guy everybody who's young we were all point. Doors and shoot people in the face like you can get there man and by the end of my career. As a even as a start major teams aren't it was. if I could facilitate the kill, which is sounds like desperation Kinda was like even if we can silicate to kill guys and try to motivate and they're like facilitate, you mean like setting the parameters like Yay. Intel and the SDR's anything we could do oh God the sucks but just the evolution of war but it's also I think. The long term strategy to win the US military? Yes. We can't commit everywhere that we need to an talking about that too. What happens if? Why were there stability and security and that's one of the biggest things. That I wish people would because I hear this, all the time as I'm sure everybody does who pays attention the complaints about the foreign policy of the United States were interventionalist route. They're in basically repeating what Tim is saying you know we're out there policing the world and and that's not the point and that's not what we're trying to do. We're trying to facilitate these people in the countries that they're in policing themselves. Yeah, and that's the long term strategy because. I mean. Let's just at the special operations community. Imagine if they had to keep the OP tempo for the two, thousand, two, thousand and ten time. It would grind people into dust I don't think it's possible. I don't think they could manage it I. Don't think they're prepared for that kind of I don't even know what you call that the the second and third order affects of that it would crush people physically physiologically emotionally. Broke jet like when I think about six seven and eight, even just those three years. That warm out I mean that I loved it and we I was super pompton motivated about life and will never get those years back but I look back on those years in a my man do we're like the OP tempo for that of like even back, the my five rotation I did nine months in Afghanistan a base and I came back and spent two months home and then went straight to work for for some stuff didn't came home went to sniper school went to freefall school, and then went straight back to Iraq again in like I, don't remember how life in my. Twenties how could you didn't I didn't don't. Yeah. That's why I'm trying to make up for it now as an old man, how much did you love that time period? You're like Oh, my God on I thought I was dabbing out away I'm like this. You're a way for us to live this as our lives you know and that is how you would be dead at thirty five of adrenal failure that's true and yeah just completely and utterly smoked. Yeah. Yeah and I think I remember commands star Major Fairus who was the at the time he might have been Jay sock. Or So calm CSM and he said we are going to make sure we take care of the guys and he started the Red Amber Green. Cycle and he's he said mandatory time home at lasted a couple months. He's like oh the wheels fall off. Let's. Let's go back to war. Well I think one of the most insidious parts of that is that the guys If. You give them the choice they'll put the gas pedal to the floor Oh yeah and I think it was I was talking with Jason Silva in he was just saying the job always suffers last. And I saw myself if I'm being totally honest and I look back. I when I was overseas. Stoked and when I was home, I was thinking about overseas and what I needed to do to go back over there. And Chit would fall off mail like a wheel coming off but the lug notes the allowed bolt on a little bit. and. Just put it to the side because the job suffers last and then you end up with is, let's say you twenty started eighteen you have a thirty eight year old early in life early in life create incredible military accomplishments. Intelligent but probably physically and psychologically at the tail end of. What they can tolerate. Yeah, and I don't think that's healthy for people at all and you couldn't stop him in the middle of that because that's what they WANNA do yeah I don't know the solution for that I. Don't think there is one I I listened to You see the one of the special missions units, a Cag- medal of honor, Pat. Pain. And I see. So, I knew pat pain when I was there and Pat Pains Rockstar it feels weird saying his name openly but is he still in he still in? Okay. Yeah. That's So there's there's rumors. Like pat, pains and Eighteen Year Guy Right. Now he's got a young guy. Pat Pain When we're together in Afghanistan, he got enemy fragmentation. He's the kind of guy who got injured went home with another guy often objective worth thirty, six enemy combatants killed. No casts all small arms. Big Gunfight. to I think two guys were wounded from from getting shot and then two guys were wounded from fragmentation loss a dog on that objective. He goes home for a couple of weeks and fights to get back and gets back. He's that kind of Guy Wins Best Ranger and two, thousand twelve. And then is just a rockstar and then on this hit in two thousand fifteen, you know selflessly he's run the bolt cutters he's he gets called he's to icy gets called up there in a gunfight the guys that are in a hallway it's one of the teams that are in the Hallway I was actually on the CIA side of this in Erbil at the time and they go to cut the bolt cutters and they can't get through because the smoke inhalation. So this is a partnered force operation by that or bilateral, which means you're operating with the one. Unilateral American force in typically a host nation force and the smoke inhalation is causing them to not be able to get through the chain and all the hostages are locked behind the door and so isis in the gunfights and everything they're clocking off their best the buildings on fire they're in a gunfight the guys I can't remember I wouldn't say what team it was, but one of the teams was inside the hallway and they're down that last magazine. In this gunfight, he comes he exposes himself to gunfire trust to unlock it switches out with one of the Iraqi a partner forces. He can't get it. He takes a breath comes back in again and then unleashes it not only do they free seventy plus hostages who most of them were Ziti, a Christian Iraqis, which is common to see a Kurdish people they break out and they set up a human wall to shield them as they're running off the ex on in the middle of the gunfight trying to get to the helicopters and you know in in the in historical terms, it is the. Hostage Rescue. Successful Office rescue conducted in the modern global war on terror probably by a magnitude, huge magnitude hostage rescues where he rescued sink of Iraqi deal like a dozen people but sat on them what you're looking for a single person. Yeah. Absolutely. The the Italian job is a good one to two guys. So not good movie as a total of. Youtube video. But all these guys and gals get off they they get rescued. And that's just like I hate to say this. But that's like a normal day like when you're doing a da hit all the technical things that are going on the stress that you're processing. The literal life of operate operator in that unit or special operations is living their life through technical means like an appeal V perspective and those things that are happening. Everyday routines except you know in this case pat pain sergeant major pain when above and beyond But I would argue that lots of guys in tiered units and special operations go above and beyond and our never ever recognize recognized ever and and nothing to say because it pat pain deserves that. But here's what I know about pain in the context of what we're talking about originally. Is He's wearing that medal master start Josh Wheeler who was a rock star in that unit was killed tragically in a gunfight his because last words were on me because he was a t. l. at the time and got killed in a gunfight and when you look at the award, which is the medal of honor. and. You look at the responsibility he's going to bear that responsibility. He's GonNa take that. But now he's no longer operational and no right now he's he's he's going back and forth with the Department of the army as he should be to lead because he wants to lead you know there's a rumor he might WanNa WanNa lead special operations units. That that's the kind of leader we need and the military but those kind of guys exist all over the special operations community from ranger. Regiment. All the way to the tier one forces and they do these kind of things every single day and none of them want valor awards because if you get honor that's taking you out of the fight now he has to he he's at thirty year A. Guy He's got twelve years where they pull them out of the fight he at the prime of his career because he's still young dude, the NAS wants to still be in the fight and now he's not GonNa. Let Him. Yeah I, think they did the same thing with Ed buyers. He got allege Afghanistan is actually hostage rescue as well. It was it was wasn't it? It was Afghanstan Afghanistan yeah. It's What would be the polite way to put this? It's too risky. For the United States military or the government. To lose that individual if they were to go back, they become they become too valuable and don't say this negatively towards the person who's receiving the award because I have nothing but respect but I feel like to a degree, they become too valuable the chess piece. And they're not willing to put them back on the board. Yeah. I feel that way to in a sense I think. I even say this way, but I think he has a broader responsibility now I agree with that too and I couldn't agree with your sentiments more than number of. Like. Things that I have seen the define bravery be so far beyond like the Webster's dictionary or valorous actions that went completely and utterly unrecognized because either nobody saw it. Where nobody said Shit about it? Yeah. Is Un- unbelievable? Yeah. Nobody cared because they were on to the next target there doing another tst or everybody else was doing exactly the same thing because that is. Yeah, it's hard to describe I. Thought I thought it was amazing that they recognized him for that effort. Yeah. Smoke inhalation is no joke. Oh Yeah. Not like outside right now. Yeah it's crazy. I. Have Only one experience with that. and. This is not to try to draw comparison between the MEL of story at all. This is a US being dumb fuck quits in Iraq. So this is. One. Right. We are still like we're so bad, ass. We know everything and then you backwards like Dumb we got very very lucky trying to figure it out. So we're role in downtown Baghdad I. Think we had borrowed kegs. panders or now what are the special vehicles that they have the painter? Anders so six or I don't know where we got them. But we were driving around in them. Sorry. Guys to death and We remember we roll up and we like L., D. outside of a compound breach went off. And there was a like a bucket of either gasoline or propane. Pretty proximal to the breach. So when it went off, it sprayed everywhere. and. I have never I've never been a firefighter I've never really seen a house kind of go up but the blackness of the smoke, and of course, looking back at this the people that we were uneven remember who you are after but I can tell you right now they didn't rise to the occasion where any of us should have gone inside of that building. Yeah. Of course we ran in. The Gore's I'm upstairs and it is so dark like I've always. Been Up. Until this point, you hear like if your house is on fire, just like just get out. Yeah. I couldn't see shit I was crawling on the floor to find the stairs like watching the black smoke come and breathing it into and I get down the stairs and it's the same thing. And as I run out. There is a fucking propane tank where the outside of the propane tank is on fire that we all ran passed on the way in great situational awareness. Oh. We just got out of there and I guess from the platforms dislike what's happened hang it's. That's crazy and I couldn't have done anything I could have been a tiger walking around in that room and I wouldn't have known it because I couldn't see anything so. When you were telling that story because I didn't know the specifics I'm like, oh my God I know exactly what you're talking about. That's scary too. It's superstar I as I remember going up the stairs and I made a left and I got about four steps and I'd literally just fell to the floor like I have to retrace my steps now. So obviously, we're outside like head odds lasers Oh everything. Oh, so you're blacked out. Done and get back out and of course, the only thing we need is a head count because we're getting the fuck out of there. But that was that was one of the most bizarre experiences that I ever had time I went into a building like that. But. I can only imagine trying to go and take a breath to run back inside to try to get people That's how ambassador Stevens was killed really smoking elation. So when when we are deployed in October Libya. the State Department now was big on looking at the circumstance they finally paying attention and we hit the ground and we looking at crisis action plans and hey, how can we mitigate this and one of the ways we one of the tactics they use was the tires they would set there were throwing the. Most horrendous smoke. Because if you have seen it all I've seen it in Yemen of ran over tires they're trying to burn in front of us a checkpoints, but it's common in the Middle East. Africa. And they let the tires on fire and push them through the slats in the in the compound walls that there were bars. So you couldn't they wedged them they wedged through there and then set them on fire, and basically you know will the tires inside but that smoke inhalation is is what cost ambassador Stevens? His life and you know unbeknownst to. The popularity of all the circulation of bullshit about him being you know raped and. Mutilated dot none of. That's true. He he died a smoke inhalation effect. The picture that you see of him being pulled out people would think those terrorists those are actually good people trying to trying to help him. You know inherently the Libyan people actually. Super Friendly. But. Aka. P. Rent remnants of terrorist organizations come in there and showed occupy that that that vacuum that was left behind but they're trying to help him and then he was evacuated and he died a smoking Latian man I can't that. That's scary man. You can see in that picture he's so ashen and always Allard I think I. I. Mean I would imagine if I had stayed standing I probably a couple of good breasts of that probably would have gone. Oh Yeah. So and you lose in in the thing is That's what happens you lose consciousness and then you're stuck in it, and then you're stuck in their breathing it, and then basically your oxygen levels did nothing just pass away you go to sleep you never wake up again. Thanks Yeah Scott people a hot tip if you see a propane tank that is burning outside. Maximize your distance from that propane. To people like with Special Operations The reeds palm trees, and smoke of any kind you can't see through night vision and laser you get your lights your infrared light will not cut through that actually if you turn it on, you're going to see less. And then white light does the same thing. So you're blind your just. Darkness as well. Yeah. You got about fifty thousand dollars worth of year on you and it doesn't work. It's all useless. It's crazy. One man I wish I got some. Time you know. It would have been underwhelming for you looking back in your career it just. Their immediate was Kinda like a smash. Complete overwhelming. Fire Pierce Superior Order. Technological superiority. And it wasn't until later where that vacuum was created and then people started coming to get their Jihad on. Yeah and that was that was later Oh af one was. I think it's the uncertainty that would entertain me Oh for sure. Yeah. You guys you're going in there and you have your like this is like what's going to happen my first real world target ever the number one bio target. In Iraq, we were looking at it before we went mop level for there's which is mission oriented protective posture yeah. I, don't know how to describe to people what it feels like to wear it. Now, there's a garbage bag over your face. Ventilated or I did okay A. Ventilator. which is basically. So gas masks traditionally, we'll have one canister scrubber canister that has a certain amount of life, but we had a hose that went to our back that had two canisters and it was a battery powered blower essentially, but I just put my weapon sling over the host which was awesome. Yes, a mop level four is the highest level protective posture just imagine wearing. Garbage bags underneath a firefighter said a turnouts with a set of garbage bags over the top in a son in a sauna, and you're on a assault bike doing calisthenics. And admitted out. First real target ever Dorgan or shot in the face from me so that I was like, oh Lee fuck. Sixties and me. For our even worse hour flight. Oh. So we'd left from our and a flight of I. Believe it was four forty sevens and four sixties. They sent a C. One thirty with little birds in it to do a desert landing strip. They landed. Pulled the little birds out join us in flight with the snipers on it wo- for the For yes it was amazing right? WHOA. Flexing a little bit of fire security. So. That goes down I think it was on the second forty-seven there's like ten rounds or so into the first one, twenty round north not a person other than the door gunner obviously, he lived I don't think he was the same afterwards because kind of peeled off the back of his head. But. I didn't realize how ridiculous it was until the next morning we got back woke up. Walked out to see the helicopters and they're just stitched with bullets the nighttime it there was a nighttime. Wow. It was the first in the first hours of away F one tail. Yeah. Successful hit Define successful dry whole hundred percent dry hole. The number one can bio target in Iraq was an agricultural school. Really Yeah. I've hit some of those I ripped off all of my mask and Shit as soon as I started seeing textbooks I'm like I don't care rather dive. Seren gas than suffocate I started in the Texas. Did you look in the textbook I just saw tomato on I'm like. Fuck me man. So. Yeah. That was number one just go into was number two, and then that's a big one. That was blown out of proportion. You know again, it talk about you know the ambassador in Libya. A lot of the people around her where they were trying to do the right thing they were trying to get back to American forces they put an ambulance, they tried to get her back to a checkpoint she ended up getting the ambulance got shot at because well, insurgents were not even insurgents it was the Fedayeen at that time. They were using ambulances to move around an cover as their cover. So they just pick something that in the days before that, you know what I mean. Now the Americans are conditioned to getting shot at. So they're shooting at it from like a long distance like, Hey, you need to stop and get her. Yeah. But you know we we know resistance on target. She was being cared for by doctors. It was cool to get her out of there but it was definitely blown out of proportion. Yeah. One of the coolest things about this. PODCAST is I sat talked with her about it for and really cool. Yeah. She needed to. She had never sat down and had conversation with somebody on the other side where you was it in person interview. Yeah. That like it was surreal because I didn't go into the room with her my team leader and one of the PJ's were the ones in there that were providing medical care after she left we stayed for hours because we're GONNA find the bad guys. They'd already left you know it's like, Hey, we're move along so. and then we move onto the next and then and we so we were in Baghdad. I don't know maybe forty, eight, seventy, two hours after that and it was every night. Essentially you know dusk until dawn just banging target some good. Some bad dry holes figuring out the intelligence cycle because at that point we were pushing so hard that essentially they were fleeing. Yeah. Yeah. So there wasn't a lot of resistance, but to be able to go back and sit down and talk about it from her perspective and what she experienced, and I wouldn't want to put words in her mouth but I personally believe she was used as a huge chess piece. Yeah. Right I remember when it first came out that she was rescued I remember hearing on the news Jessica Lynch, thought to her last round should be the first female medal of honor. Recipient and then you look in she never going to have to try she got knocked unconscious weapon GM. Like what's like stop using these people as fucking chesapeake salesman the scuffing it's not fair to them. It's not it's not fair to the answers a truck driver eight. Mike think think she was in the back of a non armored Humvee I think they hit a truck I believe they. I believe they hit a semi. But yet was it total ships in a big convoy? She was in a big wall she was supposed to be in a big big convoy, but there was a contract. Yet, and they weren't under contact but they they were visibly separated took a wrong turn. Ended up downtown. Now's a rea-. In the early days you're studying around yeah. Fuck wits is it didn't fed at he. Can't even say that FEDOR. Heen. fetter him I don't know. How about fuck US people didn't they become the leadership isis somebody was just recently telling me that I lost control of the Hydra snake. You know because started in Afghanistan right Taliban in Iraq we were fighting the Iraqi military and then it morphed to al Qaeda. And then I started hearing about Isis. And then I still and I lost I kinda lost control or an understanding of where the Hydra. Begin. I could see it. Somebody's telling me that the. Fed were rolled up in a lot of them were put into Guantanamo and then later this is later. Net. Guantanamo Gitmo. Guantanamo wait wait which wants to win nail has tournament. Winning Iraq Goddamn it where they had the. Pyramids Shit. We cleared that prison. It was I did one hit on it too hot damn. It did you go into the room that was full macaroni no macaroni in their bro. Like, the whole room was full of macaroni bro Okay so We're clear in this hospital. Where like an outlying section? And go running into a room into like I'd take a step in and it goes like all the way to my waist to fuck and macaroni noodles dry noodles. Yes I don't know why. I don't know what the fuck they were there for, but I just backed out and went to the next room because I, assume there was nothing bad. Macaroni News. Abu. Ghraib. That's it. That's it, but you never saw the macaroni room because that's the VIP is the macaroni did a Story with is there's somebody else who was your number two guy at I might have been the number two guy it was. So fucking bizarre non sequiturs going on what are you talking about it? How was just like? Is this is happening? I'm sure it's been cleaned out by now but that fucking memory sticks with me because it makes no sense whatsoever that place is kind of weird but that was yeah that was a big Arabe which turned into literal and figurative. Shicho. And that that whole thing was at tobacco and what I heard is. Those guys got put there and this is after all the controversy with. American. Forces. That they got broken out in two thousand, a Masuma, thirteen rep four, all the shit went down. And became the primary leadership, which is Kinda crazy. If you think about like the beginning the origin story of where they were at were. We roll into Iraq and we don't just say which I think is a bad strategic decision where we say, hey, everybody who's in the military you're all waiting to be combatants. Now we're going after you. Probably don't because if you actually talk to the generals which they have a pretty good hierarchy in their chain of command and you say, Hey. Generals we are going to take all these guys and we're going to give you the opportunity to make this the Iraqi army and work with them some way instead of going, you're fucking on the deck. Which I think is a bad move and caused a lot of issues and that. Evolved itself in progress itself into Isis fucking. Insane I could see them becoming the leadership if they were all slammed into a boo grape together Just like I would imagine happened it Gitmo I I would imagine to get placed get. You probably have to be a touch more extreme radical and you're at least I have no idea at a complete assumption on my part. But I can only imagine that people at Gitmo a coming more radicalized not less. So if you smash these people together the Fedayeen people together. I could see them thinking thinking plotting is time think you know discussing what we're GonNa do and then get out and poof? How come nobody's talking about the fact that trump did crush. Trump didn't crush but as under chief. Launching. Special Operations which I think was the best. One of the best tactics in modern military history. And the fact you don't hear a lot about it except for you know even recently two thousand fifteen. That was early on in the fight against Isis but the Syrian fight in Aleppo where we lost dues from Fifth Group, he lost dues from the unit. We we lost dudes from all over. And we crush them. I mean annihilated off the face of the planet. Never is talked about I think it's because people are unable or unwilling to separate trump as a person between trump as the commander-in-chief. Yeah. True. I think at I don't know if that's A. A just a mental gap that they can't cross. And NSA. The basis of what I see here in read on social media, it almost doesn't matter at all human beings have their flaws and trust me I have some pretty severe issues with the way that trump conducts himself but I have no problem admitting where those issues are. Also, you know what you fucking kicked ass on this particular issue. But I think that requires a little bit of nuance and then you start to blend the ideologies of the left and the right like, Oh, no, I land in the middle. Is this I'm you know I don't think people like that. Yeah. That's what I see at least it's either you are here and with us or you over here and you are against us and there's almost no gap in between by that divisiveness. That's that's that's really it's convenient. It's the easy way to go. Right? You could say, Hey, you're on the other side of the team I'm GonNa draw the line in the sand. This is easy for me because I'll just simulate with my friends. In most of those friends are virtual friends on social media. Versus coming to some commonality which you don't have to. Now, you don't have to talk to your neighbor. You only have to look at people. You could probably do a job for the rest of your life and career never even interacting with human beings especially now with all the Kovacic going on, it's it's interesting well, and then to go back to tim on Joe. Show talking about if you choose to do that or you're forced to do that and you curate the information that you are absorbing and it's only from what you agree with and you don't have that ecosystem of ideas and ideologies that can bounce up against. Let's one of my favorite things is to see read something in like bounces up against what I believe. I'm like Then you have somebody from the black lives, matter movement Or assault. You say it was I. Mean I don't know I would have to let her her name's Francine or Samantha Francine. Yeah. I don't know where she would put herself in perspective to the actual black lives movement organization, but she was here in Whitefish and. it was brought to my attention because there's this towering white dude just trying to scream her down and she is standing her ground wait on her toes. Just Ida. I with this and I was like, fuck? Yes. Like I want to hear about your life I want to hear what led you to that point where you stood up to that person as opposed to backing away some people lost their mind. How could you have this person on who supports black lives matter and I'm. Like that's what you WanNa do you WanNa hear their perspective and not even that it's like I wanna I wanNA talk about the woman and if she talks about things that she believes interest, she brings a black lives matters I'm gonNA listen that doesn't mean that I agree but I'm going to listen in think about it and hopefully refined my position in the world and what I think yeah I look my whole thing on this on the bill ending especially is if you have a rational If you have a rational. And that idea is to. Progress, your ethnic group religious group, whatever group you belong to? And you WANNA line that plan out and you WanNa talk about it. and. You're not hurting anybody I'm on board that and even as even as a movement the problem that people a lot of people especially for right don't realize. Is it so decentralized it completely design by design because the benefit is you don't have to take credit for the things that are bad but you could take credit for all the good and you don't have to be associated with the violence. You say, we don't support any violence and then violets continues to happen and it just it is what it is. They sit there and they try to wash wash your hands clean. So it it's beneficial operating decentralized in all means of task organizations I mean it just how it works. So people don't realize that people inherently flawed I mean, that's just that is that is the start point right? If we understand that and then looking at this argument. When you look at people that are involved in this organization most of them, I would say most of the majority of them don't know what they're involved in. They don't know the Marxist. Ideology tied to the root of the founders. That's that's illustrated on their about us on their website. They don't understand the in-state and goals or objectives they just want to be part of something. So when I see a this happened in Prescott Arizona which is you know my my company E we're still Prescott Arizona but we evolved and we stood up a a a I'll call shop Ford Operating Base? Called Farm Now and Hebrew city you how dare you father Soviet Sabato real people don't believe but I have the water. So I see that taking place and and there's a Prescott Arizona Bill Protests and If you go to Prescott on the median age of sixty two years old. It's a retirement community. It's a beautiful place though I used to fly in there all the time I love that. Of Tons of really good people who are just Americans who want to live their life in peace? No drama. In there are a lot of better answers of huge Federal Committee I. Think. Per capita might be the largest veteran community outside. Of. A. Town in Texas. I was GonNa say I feel like the State of Texas probably has the media They have they definitely have. High veteran population. So good community and we we operate there. We have a studio there. But there's a in protest now here's what happens. All the right-wingers calling right wingers because they're right wingers right. I'm a I'm a conservative but I'm sinner right and I hate even illustrating that but I want people to get the idea that I'm not right wing person people want to be on board with us at Phil Craft and America tendency because they're like, oh, we want to be part of this like we're what's your stance will were whatever the right wing organization has no offense but I just don't want that affiliation right because I'm not right one. Is that a thing right long I don't know if it is but I like it right one I don't even know what it means, but I'm going to use that today somewhere. Not Right. So the they WANNA get on board, but then I see all the right winger show up and Prescott Arizona Bill and protests is more likely. The most dangerous course of action is probably people tripping over each other in Prescott. But they're spitting and yelling in like a salt verbally assaulting and trying to get physically confrontational with a bunch of white people I mean, it's one in six protesters apparently in the Bela movement are black one in six, the rest of white. So you had a whole bunch of white people walking in the square protesting didn't look violent, and then you got a whole bunch of right wingers wearing catch me fuck me shirts, which is like the you know whatever the fuck name shirts right and they're screaming and yelling and I'm like man and all these people who are just normal people contact me and like what do you think about this while think the right Wong Showing up at that a bill protests are just as guilty as violent people enacting or inciting violence all over the United States like get the fuck over yourself. You're either a person who believes in in the constitution and you want you advocate for that which I do. I would advocate for peaceful protests you WANNA protest I don't give a fuck what you're protesting for. You want UNICORNS and schools fucking do it but the second you get violent everything changes. Yeah. You're outside of the First Amendment at that. Absolutely. You're. You're you're right now committing a crime and everything that you you raise your hand and stand for is Nolan void especially as a person who's conducting. Assault on human beings and hate that man I hate I hate both sides of the fringe fringe anybody Sam. I like I like I like things to fit in the pattern, and I don't mean that in a in a mundane sense what I mean. If you live your life in the pattern. Understanding that does lawn order a left and right limit. You could fucking do whatever you want. You could be a fucking former navy seal a former Green Beret and crushing business doing fucking wellness country but the second that you decide that you're going to forcibly push your ideology with violence with criminal activity with spitting on fucking people you've lost me and all those people on both sides of the French that's where we need to start trimming the fat I mean that's the conversations we need to have. I could not agree with you more and this is something. So when Bishop and I were talking, we were specifically asked a question about Tif end blm. And I intentionally tossed it to Brian. I because I know he would fuck in Cork off and I was just like here's your fucking Shit Sandwich. Any did and I got so many messages of people saying, well, what about the right wing wrote about the right wing and I and my response was first off I was asked a question about two specific organizations. So I answered that and that Inouye, means that I have either complicit or passive support. For Shit, on the right wing, it's people's actions that will make them my enemy not necessarily their ideologies it's actions I couldn't agree more in I, look when it comes to the constitution. I'm so tired of these people who WANNA pick and. The amendments or the pieces of the Constitution that apply to their argument and disregard the rest. Like the First Amendment is key but fuck everything else you know these people should be hung in the streets like Oh you don't believe in a jury trial you don't believe in an expedient trial of your peers. So you know the Fourth Fifth Amendment they can just get fucked. Or it just picking and choosing you have to value them equally or don't value them at all and I agree with you I I mean. I would I would say. oftentimes, people say, Hey, thank you for my freedoms and I stop them listen I didn't provide you your freedoms. We as Americans we we have our freedoms because they were preserved in the Constitution the founding fathers amazing job of encapsulating that and guess what I wasn't alive. So I can't help you with that. That'd be the oldest man ever in the history of the world. How ever that people who? Put on a uniform and wear. The. American flag flag American FAG. I just said that that was a slip in words I'm not going to edit that out don't edited man. They, they wear the American flag. Because it was issued to them and not rented or bought those people I think are putting their toes on the line to preserve the freedoms that we have. I didn't provide them but I think both you and I stood on the line. So somebody could stand in my face and try to argue with me about something the boils my blood and I'm gonNA. Let him do it would. I. Would probably get involved if there was somebody who was on the other side of whatever metaphorical fence fence protesting in what they believed in somebody's physically trying to stop them I probably would I would get involved in stop that because that person has the right to do it regardless of whether or not? I, agree with what they're saying but if you pick up a brick. And you throw it at me. Shit just got a lot different. Yeah. All everything that you're absolutely right because that that's that's where everything changes the your your arguments no longer valid. Yeah E-. E- everything and that's what people don't understand about these protests is there are there are numerous amounts, copious amounts of people who are peacefully protesting, but they're asked majority of vast majority are and but there are pockets of deliberate troublemakers that are inciting violence all over the United States like for this Kyle Rittenhouse kid well, you can tell based off of the arrest records and their home addresses are observer is right tourism going on for sure and there are people and I don't even want to say this term but our professional. Insiders, of violence in fuck anarchy. They're shipped, getting, mobilized, and deployed all over the United States to be part of these riots I mean, I've talked law enforcement officers. that have said they have they have targeted and seen the same exact people in different sides on different sides of the country that they've confirmed their identities and you have to be an idiot right. But when I when I look at a group like Antifa? Who is problematic in the first place your antifascist but you're suppressing and dictating where you're using ashes, tectonics, techniques, and tactics on. Your out in an open forum and maybe you think you're covering your face or you're running around being inconspicuous and stealthy and surreptitious, not even close and to not think you're not being targeted by federal law enforcement agencies that only job is to profile you and determine if you're a threat to national security, you're the dumbest idiot on the planet and so these guys we've been told is these guys are action arms. They have a commander they're running dual calms they're talking to lieutenant on the ground and there are articulating in this communication Their. Schemes. Of, maneuver. and and their tactics on the ground there dictating it based on overwatch I mean they have overwatch of the entire scene via communications and and their eyeballs. they have roving patrols and it's it's a deliberate skillset. So it's trained it's properly executed and it ties into a broader strategy, which is insurgency and when I went to people talk to me and they go. Well, my guess is really a big deal I mean it's buildings statues that technically is not a big deal to me what I'm worried about is what every movement started out as and then what you do when you take logistical support and time right when you. Stretch, the timeline it means you have more time to prepare. That's on the friendly side, and that's on the bad guy side they are preparing and they are they are in their own interest which people think they're aligned. They're very misaligned but they all serve the same purpose in getting favoritism in recruiting all the people that they have by the form they've been given by these. They're seizing the opportunity that's in front of him is what they're doing. Absolutely, it is a H-. Opportunist wet dream. You have political people in positions of power who were suppressing law and order because of the politics that are involved and allowing biting citizens to be affected at the same time, providing a huge void where opportunist or filling that void with violence with recruitment with assessment with logistical support and that ties into like will you want to see a delivered operation by insurgent unit or insurgent organization trying to conduct a coup I mean. The COO is the next thing. A coup would be the way four right you're inside Portland they don't want the mayor none of the organizations actually support the mayor who's the most progressive mayor in the history of the free world potentially on the face the fucking plan on the planet, right? Yeah. He's he's opened his doors and said commit violent ex police law enforcement. You can't do anything to prevent this by the way in my opinion is the complete dereliction of his duties. He's a criminal to me. He's absolutely a criminal if you look federal federal law. Any kind of litigation federally. He's committing acts of of crime, and so as he opens these gates, they're telling him. It doesn't matter. We want you out. They don't want any power. What do they want him replaced with? They want they want chop in a in a you? Know Academia they want they want to occupy Portland as a point. For example, they conduct a coup and now the own the governance. Now they're policing their own streets and what does that look like it probably looks like a very easy H. RT target I mean, that's that's what it looks like. It looks like A. Looks like a one minute objective secure call I mean that's a that's going to be easy target to address. I agree and. I will going to clarify this point for people who said they don't lose their mind although we are talking about organizations right now traditionally sit on the left. I. Would feel exactly the same way from organizations on the right who are taking these actions as well. It is not a matter of left or right. It's a matter of the actions that you take against either me my loved ones or my fucking country. Yeah. That's what determines it for me. I'm tired of people saying, well, you're not saying anything about the right or you need to say more about listen. If you asked me a direct question about I'll tell you and my stance is the same. It is based off of actions whether or not you think you're a threat to myself or the country that you and I both put our toes on the line to at least the the best that we can to allow people to express whatever they want to, which is not what's going on in Portland. It's not what I mean. Can you think of anything good that can come from them continuing to to write in protest one hundred plus days I mean what type of precedent is that setting that shit needs to be shut down? That's the role of the state and federal government to protect those business owners to protect us be and this is what started tribute I'm starting to see you know they're in DC and they were at the black lives matter square I believe it's called if that wasn't the name exact name I apologize but they started a protest there and then they started going into neighborhoods. And they're starting to shine flashlights into people's windows I'm like okay. That's an interesting micro escalation. You're still not really you know, but then they'll start banging on doors. What did they kicked the door in? You know now these micro escalations are GonNa lead to things that I don't think like you said, it's one minute HR RT objective secure I do not think. That these people had any idea what could potentially be waiting in the wings for them. Yeah. The the biggest problem in that is you know as it spreads into rural neighborhoods and urban neighborhoods, communities, right these are communities were people pay. Taxes to BURP, vied the support, the funding literally to law enforcement officers to react and respond to calls of danger. Right now, you have people who are for the first time half to think about protecting themselves. Now, all the sudden, the second minute matters. Now, the Senate is a priority and California. It's like Whoa we down with Governor newsom because he's he's suppressing the he's got security. We've been talking about that for years. He's got state officers that are fully armed to bear sniper overwatch providing security high capacity magazines are sure APPs Ropley automated weapons of enforcement, which by the way people. Love automatic us so weird I answered this question was with Bishop who was we were talking about do automatic weapons apply to the Second Amendment and it's my own fault for my response because I essentially said civilians don't need them which people took his I. Don't think it's covered by the second amendment is just don't ever use them on full auto because you can't hit shit is what I should set. So it's so weird. Isn't that weird will they watch a lot of movies? Yeah and you see you know a hundred brown belt going through like a saw 'em sixty and ninety eight people fall down de instead of seeing maybe the first round hit a guy and then the rest of them are hitting about four kilometers behind because the muzzle just drives. The funniest one to me is the short barrel, right? Say the short barrel is the most the biggest danger to society and I'm assuming it's the it's the way in which it's be carried in this configuration. Celia. But a longer barrel is more optimized for trajectory for external ballistic and accuracy inaccuracy. So it all that shit like. suppressors, for example, that people don't really it's so silent. You know it's their stealthy killers and suppressors still have massive amounts of decibels. You could clap louder than a suppressor is yeah and if you're using supersonic ammunition still sounds like a gunshot going by your head. Absolutely it does yes? Oh, laws are bizarre but you have this people in DC like you just mentioned now in Washington DC like major metropolitan areas like Philadelphia. CHICAGO, those people can't even have certain kinds of guns to protect themselves, and you see these people whoever it is. There's many groups and inefficiencies as well. The groups that just comical to me. I've actually talked to one of the dudes who wanted to do a podcast with me they're walking around with Ar Fifteen S I was gonna ask you about this. What do you think about these? Organizations and you'll see him on the right and the left right. You'll see the hillbillies rolling in with their kotex backwards and visible. stovepipes like just complete bolts at battery on their. A ours. And opted covers or down eight points around backwards I'm sitting there looking at this like son of a bitch, but they do have to camelback hoses so I'll give them that. Little dual hydration, and you have to run to a hydro what are your thoughts on people? So this happened here in callous bill, there was a black lives matter protested in. Three blocks away. Yeah. Wow. Well, it doesn't surprise me. Because I I think didn't go to it but in talking to both of my sons, who did it was people who were Called a generation I. DON'T WANNA. Say Behind US but a generation younger than us. And I think they they have a different form of information delivery and uptake. Most of my kids you know it's they they see it on a device and it's real. It's real and it's and I'm not saying it's a I. Do believe that inequality has happened in this country since its founding it's not perfect is never going to be, but they felt moved to go and be part of something. So they did and which showed up was probably equal number of people who were armed. With thoughts on that the people who roll in heavy there weren't there weren't play cares I don't know how many of those people actually have plates in that stuff what are your thoughts i? Think it's a bad decision. I think it's it's horrible. Here's what it is. It's horrible tactics syntax to its superintendent. So here's here's the exception to the rule my my mom she she's Korean as per my Korean is and another side no not to hijack U I got many emails confirming the racism in the Asian cultures as well. They like, Fuck Yeah. Mike was Right he said it. Asians are the most racist human beings on the planet. You can't get past that man is that is that is true. My mom she's worked forty years for her business spa in fable North Carolina and it's off of It's off of Ramsey in and near Hay street which has downtown during the bill in protest they were burning down the market place or the what they call the market square. It's because that place in the center of Fayetteville used to sell slaves. But it's a building it's a historical building. It's been there since the beginning of time it's just the building that happened to be there when the slave trade was a thing and it it did happen. So a guy tried to light on fire lit himself on fire. He actually died from doing that which is Asinine. He threw a Molotov cocktail or some kind of. Got All over him all over him set him on fire third degree burns one of nine. So down the road moms salon is there. She's been fable forever it's next to Fort Bragg North Carolina a lot of immigrants or a lot of people from different countries have came there from soldiers being married to them. Germans Koreans tie the those goes on because there's Air Force army everything's there. So her business that she worked forty years four is there and she called me once she said son I don't know what to do. I'M AFRAID THEY'RE GONNA burn down my business and they were they were burning down businesses downtown fable, their lighting stuff on fire graffiti damage. said. I'll. I'll get back with you and I contacted a dozen of my buddies or special operations who were at Brag who said, yes, they will go there and protect her business to make sure that it doesn't get destroyed a lot of people on one side of the army go. It's just a building insurance pays for buildings. Well, that's not just a building that's livelihood, right that's the means that's like coming to your house and have a lighter in my hand with an accelerate and I say, I'm going to burn down your house and if you don't let me I'm going to hurt you I'll burn you in it but you should let me because you have insurance. Well, that's not gonNA happen I'll shoot you in the face all my front doorstep. So when when we look at these buildings and we look at these people who are armed like cow Rittenhouse, right this kid seventeen years old comes from out of state like all the protesters did. And shows up to defend businesses because nobody will in I think that's a courageous act because there's so many people who want to do that. But so many people even in your own community who would never do that if it, it can be happening down the road and they won't do that. I'm the kind of guy who if I see that kind of chaos in my backyard and there are people who are being disaffected in a negative way especially by by criminals, I'm going to do something to protect them now. Am I gonNA. Stand in front of the building with a gun and body armor no, because that's bad tactics. Anything. In tag is people on the road and potentially risk your life for a statue made in eighteen sixty three for a building that does have insurance. Standing out there to antagonize that is a bad tactic. Better tactic is staying inside the building posting signs all over the walls that we will defend and protect this building and and staying back into it and defending and protecting that building from the inside because they kick in the door if they break in the window and they're entering that domicile. A lot of laws including castle doctrine and standard ground laws apply to self defense and use depending on the state depend on the state. Absolutely. There are states even California has standard ground law. Though they do very very. So drastically check your local loss because the protection of property in life and some states like Texas go hand in hand is somebody steps on your property at Texas at the the castle doctrine and your standard ground laws apply. You could actually there's actually cases of people being shot standing in property with no defined fence line and getting away with shooting somebody because that person was trespassing giving them orders and then gutting them down. So that's where. People need to research this on their own. So Montana property does not apply meaning. Land Yeah if you step into the house, that's a different story Montana is a castle doctrine about a business. I. Don't know and I tell you what? I? I think it might have been the same podcast with Bishop. We were talking about that and answered. The answer that I gave I I believe in the answer that I gave. This is the classic example of reading a question not thinking about in firing away for five minutes because I said, I don't WanNa. See People lose their life over property and I made a broad statement that. A lot of those businesses. Do have insurance. But in my head, what I was thinking I'm looking at watching videos of like target macy's yes that shit getting corporate I wasn't thinking about at least in that moment. Somebody has forty years somebody who has a generational tied to those business? Oh, thinking in my head like, is it worth shooting somebody over a purse? No, no I and my biggest point is this. I don't WanNa see Americans killing other Americans. I would. Yeah I want this the line in the sand drawn as far back as humanly possible and reasonable, and only when you're pushed to that point to include myself like I'm not going around looking for to target anybody. But if you push me, I have a very distinct line in the sand if you push me past that, what happens after that is going to be on you. So I, totally agree with what you're saying and it's an and but at the same time the. Nuance right if they're stealing a big screen TV from best buy, don't go stand out in front of it with your are absolutely not in Kyle Rittenhouse. I'll tell you what I think. He might have had the best of intentions but as a seventeen and a half year old is not mentally prepared to go out there and be close and his parents should be mother's specifically should be ashamed of herself that she took him there after watching the videos many times. In reading it, I believe that his actions were in self defense the catastrophe there was that he was even physically present one, hundred percent avoidable. Absolutely. Everything you said is exactly how I feel because that's the problem when I when I when I when I see people motivated to get out on the streets with guns, I I asked myself where the fuck is your family where where your kids? Where's your? Where's your spouse? Where's your mom because that's where you should be protecting that's that Should be standing in the threshold of that doorway with your carbon in your body armor wear that. Like. Like I think about. Our time in the military and all the things we would risk our lives for every single objective, our risk, my life, Sampo, I like picking up my kid putting it on donning it. I accepted every time that I was going to potentially die but I looked around and it was very easy to make that decision because everybody in that in that stage room kit room were men that I loved voluntarily they're making that same decision. Yes absolute, and we all had that understanding and so when I see somebody senselessly get killed in the streets because of simple exposure dump tactic don't even be out on the streets what avoid those places like the plague and just like Tim said about people running their mouth to to make themselves of Phil good about their cause and sounding stupid these people the world knows now and not the world because they're they're absolutely They're they're protagonistic about everything that's happening because of they roasted marshmallows about what's Dude it's insane but we know as Americans what's taking place in every single one of these groups are shown their ass and hopefully what that translates to. Is People voting. I mean when people say Mike, what can we do? It's not go low to fucking thirty round. Sure. You're actually already loaded by the way it's it's get ready to fucking vote on November third and be prepared to write them to make the right political decision and your local governance and the federal government's because that is how you're going to affect the most change. That has resounding effect that is A. System that is emplaced designed to make change. I'm worried that regardless of the result what we're seeing going on. And admittedly in small pockets would I am what I'm worried about is that it's not gonNA stop regardless of the Al Qaeda won't it will burn regardless it will burn dangerous course of action is. All over every major metropolitan area, you'll see violence and what I mean is. For the first time, what you'll see. Is these people who decided this is going to be there d day using weapons and killing cops and the cops are going to respond and they're gonNA kill and quotations in air quotes, protesters but they're actually violent actress. They're criminals there are criminals before the day before and the time they picked up a gun. Now they are criminals again and dared going to get in gunfights. One bad report because the media should take the brunt of this. The media will report in Portland Oregon police, engage, and kill five protesters to law enforcement officers were killed that will transcend that will evolve into gunfights in every major metropolitan area where these. Antagonists exist where they feel justified. Now to go to war, it's it's time. Now this is their war we had our war we went to war and we picked up arms and it felt good because we had a loss. Right? We had a September eleventh. We knew what we were fighting for. This is their war and it's kind of like A. We're looking through the eyes of the enemy and analyzing sussing of the enemy, and then you actually confront them you confront them in a room and you're tactically interrogating them. You realize this is just a do just like you who wants to get his gut on. The fuck when he he? He thinks he's a freedom fighter you're looking at yourself. You're like man this American flag with this kid I'm a bad ass he does the same thing every morning he looks at his s vest. It looks as has ak who said his fucking fake solo boots and he's like I'm fucking ready to go to war man and that's the same ideology they feel and they're going to pick up that arm and they're going to go to fucking war and it's not GonNa Change anything that the only thing that is going to change in America which I feel it should change is the way in we look the way that we look at our local govern governments and first responders in how they protect us because most people who pay taxes who don't give a shit about guns who don't care about preparedness, they think the law enforcement officers that they pay taxes for we're GONNA. Come to the rescue in Portland. Three weekends ago now when I was there. Sixty phone calls to nine one one for Burghley larceny even rape and he never responded why because the politicians that were in charge of them told them to address only the protest and they're prioritizing that which meant standing there getting pummeled with bottles and bricks and everything else while people law abiding tax paying citizens of this country or getting raped and nobody's doing anything about it. What does that tell you will that tells you you need to be more self reliant you just need to take. What you should have been doing the fucking first place you need to take your own reliance into your own hands like you should be. It should have never been surrendered at least from a philosophical perspective to somebody else. A thousand percent and we did it's it's the freedom by proxy is going to Characteristically. Make you complacent the that's a that's a byproduct. It's a symptom of democracy which when you feel secure in a world, you become less secure as an individual because you let your guard down you should and that's that's great. But on the back end of that, you should understand the contingency that you're willing to. You know bring to bear in the equipment that you have the sustaining of survivability, your own self defense and the defense of your family. But we we lose sight of that. So often, and then we go war that dude was a victim a victim because potentially he made the wrong decisions and he was fucking complacent. And now we can't afford to allow that to happen the wildfires in California's a perfect example of this wildfires have always ravaged California since the beginning of time I mean me and you are from California and In what we're seeing for the first time is arsonist being rolled up in mass because if you're if you're an anarchist, you know the best way to start arche is take a lighter to fuck and dry foliage in the middle of nowhere and start a wildfire. That's GONNA. Devastate people. There was a kid I think it was an Oregon. Found him dead in the back of a car holding his fucking dog. That's dead. A young child fuck to think that some. Cock sucker for lack of better terminology lit some shit on fire to create anarchy and murdered fucking child holding his dog that died as well. Just. To think that this, this isn't Yemen. This is in Libya or raccoons Game Stan. This is fucking California and Oregon. This this tells me and shows me that no matter what you do and depending on government around you you need to take care of your own. You don't need to sit there and go when's the Fire Department coming? What's the plan? I can't check the fucking media winner. WE'RE GONNA get out of it. You need to take that shit into your own hands. What's CRA-? It's even crazier to me is that if you were able to find that person who lit that, they would somehow try to justify that. The cost of anarchy Yeah Ud's set that motherfucker on fire in the back of a vehicle I don't know if this makes me a bad person, but I would volunteer to do that. Absolute. Watch I WANNA watch. Yeah man it's crazy and I think one of the big points that I hope people heard when you were talking about the defense business is that it's not actually going out and targeting and executing military operations. It's partly drawing that line in the sand presenting the like Hey, this is my castle. These are the things that we are prepared to do and they come across the line. You're not out there walking around trying to draw this mobile line that you hope somebody crosses. Your. It's a measure of last resort, but and that's the thing because I think faulk that podcast Bishop Piss people off we were talking about, what would it take for people like you to come off the bench to actually get involved and the answer for me is, I don't want to like that's the bottom line answer the one thing I think I wanna do the least in my life is killing American I don't want to. So for me, it is a matter of a direct threat to myself. My loved ones my family, but I'm not going to go out there and try to antagonize somebody to get them across that line. But if you push me across that line, stand the fuck by. People don't realize the. I'll frame this with capability. You can have a target set. Let's just call it a troupe of guys. Let's call it. Let's call it twenty guys. Twenty guys in a foreign country on foreign soil. Day Don't know the target set they don't know what it really looks like. But they have. Imagery of what that potentially looks like could land helicopters on top of those people and kill thirty plus bad guys net sleeping thirty bad guys ready to fight with Jarecki's in Berry eight PK machine guns, even sometimes night-vision goggles and we routinely do that one. Special Operation Sky. What they said a PBS thirty one big shelter Alpha. PVs threat one white sauce with a laser monitor the gun you have no like when people say, Oh, that's like you guys can enact violence. You know violence enacted or executed looks like efficiency. It looks like optimize. It's like an orchestra you don't realize it. So beautiful because it's it's it's literally being conducted until it's after you're like Oh my God I got chills in in what I don't ever just and I share that same sentiment. There's men. Just like you and me all over the US who are living in peace were trying to pay all I want. That's all we want because we've lived war for for the majority of our lives and so when I'm here living in peace. And I see people who are insurgents who want war at that don't realize what war is. For for one of us to get off the bench dude one, one me one you. Or even worse and you. It, it'd be overnight one night one night and these guys think they're violent bad ass anarchist who were going to burn down the system not on our watch it's not going to happen and I don't. I don't mean to say that like tagging housing the the people in that arena. What I'm saying is you don't want to fuck with the wrong people and what you are is you're poking your name poking fucking bear you're poking like fucking. You're poking fucking galaxy. Of. Of. Rock Stars that will fucking destroy you you. You can't even fathom the amount of violence. We made an occupation out of what seems to be currently their hobby. Yeah. Yeah. The very bad at it. It's every inefficient one. Here's the thing to it our background. Absent Training and currency, it actually loses value as the days go by. I I a firm believer that you should never outsource your safety and security to the government I. Don't believe that that's what the government was designed to do. There's mechanisms that can help, but I think as a responsible contributing member of society, you need to have a baseline level of capability. So it's great. Yeah. I spent seventeen years in the community. In two, thousand, thirteen, seven years ago. My days look like two hours a day of Jujitsu, Monday through Friday and sometimes on Saturday three days at the range per week Pistol Rifle Med kit in my car go bag in my car espionage suppress three, hundred, blackout six, zero survival. Is, a bug out back but I have I, carry with me all the time I have you know, and also I have safes it by house and we're responsible gun owner as well. It's not just like. Throw pissed on the couch and hope that it's still there when I come back. And I carry all of those things because I don't ever want to have to rely on somebody else callous bell perfect example if I'm at the south end of the valley and there's something going on at the North End of the valley and then something happens with me I can expect a thirty minute response time from law enforcement has a long fucking tight longtime and. That's better though than sixty answered calls. You know, but I want to be able to live for that thirty minutes I'm not doing any of the things that I just talked about because I. Think the Batta because I'm not a bad us I'm a fucking average dude from a physiological emotional to. intelligence perspective but I understand that world I understand the competency that can come from that and the capability that can come from that. So I'm not just going to hang the knife up you gotta keep taking stone across the blade. Is it? Got, can you imagine if you and I were able to get the reins pulled off and we were to go to places like Portland and for people listening stop screaming your phones I'm not saying I want to do that or that we are advocating doing that what I'm saying is there's a difference between a hobbyist and a professional and it's not going to go their way. Yeah. Yeah. I just my brain just goes there and I just think these guys and gals are making supersport life decisions. I C E. See this twenty year old girl. There were Molotov cocktail into a patrol car or this is in New York and she goes she's going to prison for a life term which I think is the twenty year whatever it is she got convicted of of attempted murder and I believe it not that this is a. Really. Anything. But I think it should be pointed out she comes from a upper-middle-class fluent, very fluent. I would say probably beyond upper middle-class background and she's out there throwing a Molotov cocktail into a it's like. For me, there's such a gap I don't understand. And I don't know maybe new just wired differently but I don't understand getting from that place to work permits and throwing a Molotov cocktail thinking that you are somehow closing a gap between your projected ideas in the solution i. don't I just don't understand it, and that's I think that's a good point because there probably isn't a in-state. You know when you have a when you take somebody off the streets and you actually start talking to them and you say, what is the desired in state here and the desired in-state is I think destroying the system because the system systematically racist. Or. Systematically flawed that inherently is a problem because then you're hinging on the majority of the country to be on board with you while you destroy everything that's in place that is the security for everybody else in the country absent plan to rebuild as well at there's no plans and so you don't have a you know it would be different if an TIF. Guy. Guy was on a podcast were show and they were the leader and they're saying listen, we're GONNA lay out the groundwork what we're doing. Now as part of a five tiered plan, we're starting out with sabotage subversion. We WanNA create some anarchy in the road you want to let people know passionate but face to of this as we want to get. into the elective process, like we want to be in positions to make chain out of Holy Shit, the strategy behind this is insane and and it's not that would be onboard that because I would say, Hey, let's get the bandwagon on to vote because I don't want this but this is how we could be using the system that is in place for yeah. Our process is very, damn good. In everybody who's in these positions that say? Are. Racist. Society where repressive tyrannical have never been anywhere else in the world and they've you don't even have to go and be immersed as a special operations guy just simply go to anywhere in Africa. Anywhere. Travel outside of the first world that's it go to like when I was in. Asia Africa. My my driver. Had A heart attack and. We couldn't find out he was driving while he was driving. I'm in I'm a sergeant major at the time. So I'm in uniform lieutenant colonel and we're on the WAY TO A. A joint training exercise, which is a staff ex we're we're planning a counter. We actually planned a counterterrorism operation and at the same time that we were there planning a Boko. Haram attacked a place. In Eastern Asia, which was their first ever attack terrorism attack inside of news year? So were there to support a flock, which is a huge joint exercise fucking awesome named exercise now flint lock it. And we're I'm I'm driving to this place in the the driver turns around. And he's like I'm having chest pains and like well pullover and he pulls over and he's telling me symptoms I can't remember what side it was. But one of the Sims is arm shooting pain through his left arm like one side on one side only up and lieutenant colonel with Google Shit. He's like what do we? How do we figure out how to help us dude with a heart attack? So I say listen I'm GONNA drive you to the hospital I. Want you to point out to me the quickest route there. We have it NAVC. He knows the back roads. so He's left right? He gets us to the hospital and I pull them out of the car and walk up to the hospital and I take one look inside I might breach point. And I look left look right and just do a quick scan and there's people all over this hospital laying on pants not not caught snack cloth that sheet but paying metal pans and it looked like a mash casually and I said is. Sonoma. Is this is normal on like what so I go over is like is anybody doctor and this like eighteen year old kid comes up because I'm a I'm Dr Mike you're the doctor are Dr Are you playing one on TV? Yeah. Where'd you stay last night? How does this work out? So he said I'm Dr My. Okay. What is going on here? He goes all people are sick I'm like, okay. This guy's got having a heart attack cardiovascular something when can get seen it's going to be hours. he'll be dead and hours. So we leave we drive away. And I go. We're going to a foreign form because the. In a heart attack and. Baby Aspirin Yeah I would put this out I'm not a doctor and I don't know anything about cardiovascular events except that on Google it said get betablockers because betablockers. I guess has something to do with reducing the amount of Beta. The blood I feel like they blocked Betas they blocked Betas. The blockers of Beta. I voters shocker did. Not Go to med school. So we go in and it's closed. It's it's a holiday. Of course it's it's closed fuck and so we're trying to call people and I'm like, fucking we kick in the door to this pharmacy me lieutenant colonel we ravage through all the shit. We find the Betablockers, we give it to him and almost instantly he's like. I. Feel a little bit better than of my Oh shit. So we take him back to the hospital. We drop him off. He sees the doctor eventually they basically give him the same thing they work through whatever it is. Three days later, we don't hear from and where the fuck is this guy at he's our driver like where's driver? One of the interpreters like he's at the hospital still, I. Go in the hospital and he's laid up in the same room with all these people and he's like deathly ill because he gets sick for being in the hospital. Of course, he they never released. They have room to isolate them and I'm like what the fuck is gone and then I realize this isn't as year Africa there is no there's no resources there's no medical trauma facilities. People die of appendectomies there. There are appendix burst and they die, which is probably an incredibly routine procedure in the first completely routine completely retained people die there. It's the first time I've been all over the shit holes. But I look at the infrastructure there when there's infrastructure. But the only reason the infrastructure exist is because of the nonprofits and the NGO non-government organizations that keep that place alive the other supported that their support from the well water they drink to the Senate I had an upper respiratory infection for two weeks with lieutenant colonel and I couldn't believe how sick I was and I asked the everybody what's going on and you're sick because you're breathing the literal feces of human beings and then I'm driving one day and there's a guy who's walking. He's a Nigerian. He's walking down the road and there's no sewage systems in Asia. Even, in the in the in the hotels that's just pipe out and poop into the streets he takes a step ninety three steps. He doesn't cover his ass he takes one step that was probably a to avoid getting hit by a car when he squatted his ass over the dirt and shits in the middle of the road, he takes a scoop of San, shoves it up his ass, pulls his pants up and keeps walking and I'm like, wow, and in the dust is kicking up an art deco or high looks and I'm breathing in that Oh, that's why I'm sick I feel like that'd be a good set for like a holiday candle. Nigerian ass is an is your in ass power move on a handful of sand. You might get some chafing based off my experience buds. Dude. I, was in. Kenya for not even anything military-led. I was there for a school building project for cross, and there was a medical clinic across the road and I'm using the term clinic in the lightest of Tilde. And they were talking about women who will walk their give birth and wheelbarrow their child back home in the same fucking day of course. Of course by as. My jaw hit the four. It's still on the for I couldn't believe that and That I mean, and so we were walking around building some schools or I wasn't building schools. We were there helping the organization that we were funding they were building schools but when on a walk one afternoon just fallen people two buckets on their heads and an watching where they were getting their drinking water from. You couldn't have paid me to to jump in that water in dry suit and they're filling it up in. It's the women that were doing it jugs on their head like National Geographic type trains of human trains of people with water heads like. People forget that about a third of the world doesn't even have access to sanitary water. Yeah. Yeah that's normal life for everybody in the for a third of the world like in the tally. Of all wealth in the entire world. Context it is context I. saw this interesting documentary on Africans. And it was. It had a and she was from Ethiopia Kenya and they they don't use diapers. What they use as clay so what the woman will do is They'll the baby will shit. They'll take a piece of clay off the ground though smash it onto their knee. Then, they'll take the baby and smashed the baby's ass on the clay and rub it off their knee. Then they'll take the clay and roll it like it's a diaper and then throw it out. And I'm like. WHOA. WHOA. That's I. Mean this is the state of the world around us. And these fuckers are you know they're throwing frigging fifty dr bottles of Vodka at police officers that are Molotov cocktails into their suburbia like most of them live in the suburb these are these are poor people. These are of they're disaffected whether that socially economically. But most of them have Russe over their heads running water. Yeah. You know it's fucking crazy. I don't know about you man, but like I'm. I spend I. Don't think I spent any more time thinking about this stuff than anybody else. But I I I'm trying to understand I mean I'll at least listen to people. When they talk whether you agree or disagree I'll I'll sit there and I'll try to. Think, about my own life and my own experiences in the systematic racism something that you hear all the time and. Inequality or colorblind or the inability to be colorblind or bias. I sit there and I think about it in my head just keeps bouncing up against a lot of the ideas that are being thrown out Tim actually got me thinking very hard when he was talking about his bias. Because for a long time for one, I'm not colorblind because I had the ability to see color like I think that's a stupid statement unless you are legitimately colorblind it. Everybody sees color. Your skin is a different color of the mind. The issue was give a fuck. What color people skin is I almost always default back to actions and how they treat me. Treat me like an asshole and you threaten me if you're white black every color inbetween that's going to get you one response otherwise have a conversation I. Don't I don't give a shit but I do have more bias than I realized but it's not against one group. It is against one group. It's human beings. Yeah. I have. One of the things that I have to work myself through where I I'm aware of is that I have an inherent distrust of human beings, which I think is a tricky place to view. A lot of this stuff that's going on from. Because I almost just don't trust them from the get-go. That's a that's a good bias when compared to I think that's A. I. Think that's probably the S O P for most people now and and and it seen as racism but it's a it's a larger. Race men that I don't. There's no race knocking humanity I don't either I'm the same way man, I, you know one of the things I think about. Like even in this black lives matter movement Antifa is when I was young people. When you're when you're young, you're impressionable you WANNA be whatever it is that you're tuned into for I I listened to country music as a little kid I wanted to be a rancher a country kid unless the these young kids grow up in hip hop, they listen to Jay Z. They Wanna be a coke dealer. There wasn't a biggie smalls they WANNA THEY WANNA sell coke like 'cause that that's the big game, right? That's the big influence. So all these little groups have people who are the targets just like they would be of jihadist of. It named the rogue organization or the insurgent organization oversees the perfect opportunity what I, what I hate that these people don't now it's it's likely to aptitude right or education or and or both. is they don't realize they're being played right because there's mechanisms like political mechanisms where politicians have power, they have wealth, but they also have the ability to influence on mass scales and I talked about this on years ago in a podcast somebody asked me my buddy. Mike Pfeiffer from last line of Defense. He asked me he goes what the what, what is the biggest threat to our society and I said A. Pandemic with social discourse and we're literally living that now. I said it's a pandemic social discourse and at the time be a limb was in Baltimore burning it down it was an and and we had We had people going out and being disaffected because of botts that the whether it was the Russians or the North Koreans or whoever it was North Koreans probably they're they're still working commodore thousands with Korea. But. Control all deletes. The Chinese and the Russians. Right. Well, if they're influencing anarchy and chaos like tin I, love this nailed it left or right. They just want people to be upset they want people to be disaffected. Yes. Because when you're disaffected. You lose trust in the establishment when you lose trust and the establishment y-y-you destroy the system internally because of that loss of or that distrust. So. When people were like, you know Russia's backing trump or whatever it may be in special operations. It's a simple unconventional warfare tactic which is called sabotage and subversion. Would you wanNA destroy from the inside out the only thing you have to do just like Timmy said it's super easy to I. Love. I. Love You Timmy In fact, you need your podcasts you just hit me up today and I'm actually GonNa call him to me from here on out I. Love Contents Mikey so called. But one of the things he he made the example, the analogy about. Party right. He made the Yes. He said you have this party and it's you have all these mechanisms and the party, the art sculpture, the ice sculpture the bathroom people are inside that group and they're all there for the right reasons but it takes one fuck up to come inside of there and destroy it from the inside out. It's like it. Another analogy is like the redneck wedding right? You have. You have a redneck wedding and somebody comes in there and makes one dumb ass statement they do one dumb thing to let fuck that dude it's like don't tell don't talk about ricky bobby like that and he's fucking. Star beating each other up and then you're like, I can't fucking believe this everybody's beat up and blood, and then every body forever remembers that moment but also everything about that as being dysfunctional and chaotic. If you look at the world's perception of us right now you would think is burned to the fucking ground. You would think that this is this is war war three, but it's not i. mean me and you are in a room I drove here got coffee and and in whitefish drove in, it's beautiful. Everybody's out and about half the people wearing masks 'cause they don't give a fuck and I'm like, this is awesome. So it feels like a good place to be in. But that perception is what they're trying to create when you have wealth when you have power and influence it's so easy you can I get people for tell people at these American continuously meets I had like a few hundred people show up in In in Oregon it was no no. This was in Washington outsider golden gala winery. And I said. Think how easy it was for me to get you to show up I did three post in three post I got three hundred people to show up, and maybe with a post I could've got them to throw a rock at a building. So it's not hard to take people who are disaffected who are emotionally compromised anyway because covert, they want something to belong to because they're disaffected they don't have a fucking mentor in their life. They might not even have a father or a parent and they want to be part of a fucking movement our movement with service I do I've lived the US Army be all you fucking be same yeah, and so. We took our energy and we harnessed it and we pointed it in the right direction. Now, we're doing the same in entrepreneurship. When I wake up, I'm fucking motivated that I mean it's sad that I'm not getting shot at because I I I enjoyed that part of my life it's not sad it's different phase of different face. Let's not describe it as set. But I you know I I missed that part. But at the same amount of energy that I have in that I invested in the military I'm investing in entrepreneurship and it's fucking great life to live. But these assholes have picked the wrong direction, the wrong path 'cause they're motivated by some fucking millionaire who's a politician more likely who sitting on their ass watching an fold like fucking mister wizard Mister Burns from fucking Simpson Mr Burns for sure I. also think that the media has a very heavy handed role in this that's not being examined enough they if you know if people are being played, the media is the instrument. Why Because like you said, we're talking about there are parts of the US that are burning right now you know literally and Metaphorically California the Western states that's a different issue. But some of them like you said sparked by either an anarchist or some fuck quits who did a gender reveal and started like did you see that one fucking God damn people don't put pyrotechnic devices by dry grass fuck listen use a popper like a guy in a balloon how `bout get some paper and turn it into like little cuttings of papers Shea. Yep Ga deem it Upset. But. What is being reported based off of what I completely nonscientific. I guess it would be subjected because I'm just looking at it. The things that are happening in Portland in Seattle and other airs their leading the news constantly at the front of the cycle, but it's not it's not. It is not who we are as a country and it's not what's going on in the vast majority of the country. and. People see that and they are moved to take action there being fucking plate. Yeah. Ball by the headlines I. The the rapper killer Mike I talked about this recently in our podcast. But full disclosure I have no idea who knows a fuck it is either I've never listened to killer Mike got only have the fuck it is. But I I what, I, what I know is he's the first rapper outside of What's his name? The Wayne? Little Wayne Little Wayne's of support of law enforcement. Okay. So full disclosure I don't know who little. So I know little. I know who you're going down his genre down a rock and roll road who this fucking rapper. fucking. Cool. So Little Wayne is a fucking rat a full mouth full of fucking like his grill is full of fucking metal you. He's got drunk I think dreadlocks braids or something, but he's a he's a fucking hardcore rapper I. Think he's from Florida for from the south. Never been into his music but I heard him talk about a law enforcement officer once. And he said I support the police in his gangster verbiage. Yes. He said Ebonics that we call that. I don't think you can say that but continued. fucking thin line there man. You might have just read it over it. So. He's he's he's talking and he's like he's yes, support the fucking cops and the person they person is like shocked they weren't expecting that and how the fuck can you you're about the movement how how the fuck you are this cookie cutter you are only allowed to say these things he these his he was in an apartment or House that raided by the police and up an officer, a white dude named Bob or or some shit. They went in there and they started flippin shit going through everything. and. And they said the guide bill or Bob said what the fuck are you guys doing like we're looking for some like we're we're your for that fucking guy and they roll the fucking guy up and he picked this kid up, which is little Wayne and scooped him up and fucking rolled his ass out of there and saved him from this circumstance and he said it's the first time that a heated frame it this this way I'm Paris storing it but he basically said this dude was the first dude to show empathy to me as a fucking young thug and he was a white dude named bill or Bob who police I'm going to save his Kevin. Kevin. Gallen. But but if you think about that man. What the news media cycle never talks about. Is Is the good in people right it's built off an algorithm that is making clicks per capita. So when you look at the monetization rates of how these companies like CNN stay in business outside of their investments is they need to be controversial because that's how you become popular. You can't poplar as anybody on instagram. Showing your ass in a Thong. If you show your ass immediately you get you get a spike in analytics is that what I'm missing you're missing that man I will side I will do that. Well the wants to smoke clears do mountain. Just one just tag being very careful. To do. I. Don't even need a thong just a banana hammock. But just tuck back up. Just. A couple of cheeks that will be the highest post grossing posts. Don't tell me do it. Just ranger pens but tucked up and rest I don't wear ranger paintings but I might be able to find pair of Ud tease I bet you could find some beauty tease I either stick those Khakis up your ass they're not very good at the. Duke's. I don't know. We could explore this space, roll them on the leg of course. So you just get a little ass Chea peg leg one, thousand percent that will be your pay facebook to push it. That would be your most poplar had his. Walkman, but you can't be you can't be. Making money, you can't be spiking analytics unless you're risque and in you're no longer popular for not doing that I cycle through all media channels I do that routinely as a hobby and I look at what they're like what their headline is versus what the content says and oh I catch that. Shit. It's not even the things you'll never believe what so and so said, and then you click on it and yeah, they're they're actually detached from completing content subject. Yeah it's unbelievable. How many times that happens it has to be a it is a marketing tactic in order to spike analytics, but they're weaponising human beings. That's that's the scary thing and people I hope understand or have at least some. Recognition. That the information that you see. Is. Not, a broad if it's a pie, you're not getting one sliver from three, hundred, sixty degrees. The platforms that we all willingly participate in Instagram facebook and all that stuff. They are throttling certain types of information, and if you don't recognize that, I'm not saying. How don't want to go conspiracy theorists say that they're trying to really navigate but they're also not giving you the full spectrum either I've heard you talk about this with a lot of your content that what what the fuck in term is shadow banning or whatever that is but and you're based on them assuming just off a engagement and the numbers and just looking like what's going on here like there's this sign wave I don't believe that's happening accidentally and it scares me to think that people don't inherently realize that. This is scariest thing because it what falls into their feed is like what falls into your fucking lap I mean if it falls in your feed, your paying attention and and whatever that is is going to drive your behavior right this social media platforms. Are are built off of of buying, monetize your attention if they're not grasping your attention if you take if you look at a chicks, ass. And it's engaging, which means you're spending more than a second on it that they're going to send more. Of chicks asses. On instagram and hit the What is it? The I glass little button yeah. That's it. Then your vote yes I'm saying the explore page in which you'll notice is it's GonNa give you the things that you most constantly were most likely take a look at. I so WanNa look look at your shit right now, and he looked at your shit just look at look at the top twelve photos and let's see what it is. Going to be dudes thongs. fucking, dudes Mannix. Seals with their shirts off. All right. So you gotta hit the little page place free. This is to be cold. Oh. God you don't eat one of the I. Oh. Go to go scroll down right here like this to where it's like just these pictures and described the first top six photos. My first one is amazing. It's a great white shark getting ready to fuck something up i. have that same fucking picture. Awesome and then it's a woman Connie closed and then not closed then conor McGregor then a dude rock climbing and then the rest of. That Kinda McGregor was no, it's this when he's doing his little walk I guess had her arrested in Corsica or something like that the vast majority of it is. It's yeah it's women in swimsuits. It's an for whatever reason I get a lot of stuff in my feed to where you're watching it. That's why why is it on? It's unfortunate but that was like the first picture that POPs. But here's the thing. This is so yeah, if you think that they're not. Paying, attention to your ineffective of their and that's and that's the point is like they're they're. Right, back again, Goddamn. This podcast is brought to you by Tim. Kennedy by the way. It should be see to but by being removed and getting your information through that and if they're targeting you I, think the correct and most accurate word of what's going on because if you look at the assist instagram's not paying for itself, right? That's why there were billions of dollars and you're insulated and you keep looking at the same thing. So they're algorithm keeps showing you the same things. I just hope that it's not lost on people that it's getting more and more and more and more channelize which I think we would be better served if it got broader and broader and broader and broader, but I think that would probably destroy the revenue model it would and that because people do not want to see or engage with something that bumps up against something philosophically in between their ears and they would actually benefit for they lose that dopamine hit you start getting you start losing dopamine. Here's something that physiological physiologically have paid attention to. Audio book constantly. So if I'm driving for ten hours, I'm listening to ten hours of audio books. And what I? What I realized is all my audio books are the same shit hunting outdoors. Survival core, military history. So I started buying audio books that I. Don't necessarily think I'd like that's the best way to put. Meaning I'm not going to get the I'm not GONNA get one I'm not going to be motivated to click on to listening to it. It's not going to drive motivation in dopamine I'm not going to get excited and then Three I'm forcing myself to learn something that I potentially wouldn't otherwise have learned. The shitty part about it is. I don't listen to any of those audiobooks. fucking start them for like a Senate. My Fuck this Shit Dude I've literally driven my truck fallen asleep and I'm like I have to get some fucking Rogan on I have to get some stuff like. So. We just always revert back to our fucking habits. No matter what and it's machine learning, which is the scariest when a when a smart coder slash developer builds a machine, which is software that essentially learns your your patterns of life in rhythm and then optimize it accelerates it hard. And target your ask your fucked had everybody can do experiment what I WANNA do right. But the podcast on pause or listen to it but go on your phone into safari or whatever. You'd use, do a Google search and I want you to look for. A product, you pick the product and then scroll into your social media platforms and watch what populates your feed. Yeah and tell me that you're not being targeted. Oh yeah easily targeted. It's you. I'll look for I was actually looking at a like a truck back of A. Truck. Seat weapons. Mounting. System. And that's about all. I saw on social media for the next three fucking days the ferry first ad was bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba. Are you kidding me? Well? Are you kidding me? It just the web is so interconnected is so ridiculously interconnected and it is a learning machine. Learning. How fucking stupid we are as humans. I I I heard Rogan's say this and I heard you talk about it with with the media as well. I'm. GonNa Start I'M GONNA. Try this is my fucking attempt. This is my launch code of this. I'm going to attempt to start a media company. but I want to ask you because I want to get your input. I'm starting a media company that is is as objective as it can be and the context of. The let's put it this way open source information that's going to allow you to make better decisions. To navigate the world around you, I e, you get local or even national news that Tunji into what's going on. That's after the fact meaning it's not it's not a story for the sake of a story and narration to draw people in its this is happening in in this is the area it's objective, and here's the recommendation maybe like like open source intelligence analysis. Yeah, which is you know the significant activity that's going on and then the recommendation for that. But not as dry as the fucking it's not like a you know a sit rep that you read a daily. What were, what are some characteristics? Of. Of good good news outlets or what you would like to see and a news or a news feed. Thuc a good news out. I'll start there. I don't know which one I could point anybody towards because I. Feel like most. And I. You know what? I'd have to use the term news lightly as well. It's editorialized information I think is a more accurate description of what most people are receiving. So I guess what I would like to see would be the opposite of that as much as possible. In I don't know how to do that other than leaving almost every article open ended presenting the facts and and not known don't write out every time but literally like now, you as an intelligent thinking human being need to figure it the fuck out for yourself is that like a bullet like bullets statements. So it's not, it's not a it's not rolled up into a story line. Yeah I don't know I mean because if you have somebody writing, they will of like we've talked about there is bias and they will write it through that. So it would require you to have people on both sides of whatever metaphorical I'll that you're talking about that either worked in tandem or separately, and then the shit to somebody from one side of the fence. They each write it and you present both and people can land in the middle I. Don't know if it's bullet points. It gets tough anytime that any time that human being interface in between the information you know. Fuck is idea I need some time to wrap my head around that? Yeah. I like the idea though what would make it popular that see that's the that's the one thing I can't figure out because. When you look at the fact that it would be unpopular that people would have to think that we have to do that you have to play off the the oxy more of it all because every news outlet even Fox News which. I. I look at both the same objectively. Yeah and I go fuck both these. If you look at Fox News the first couple scrolls like going through though have actually news stories and then they get into weird shit like Kardashians Heidi Klum was seen on the beach wearing a fucking and you're like what the fuck and I click it. Anyway I'm just trying to for research purposes and of course for. Research. Scrolls down Mike I haven't seen Heidi claims ass once scam. A deep rabbit hole, you're like what? The fuck in my ear. but it but it, but it makes it popular. That's what makes it popular my how fucked you make objective actual news popular. Maybe the weights told I need a funny fucking comedian. Yet. But then you're gonNA piss off fifty percent of the people because you'll be mocking their you know what I mean. There's always the lens that people are. GonNa view through I. Don't have an answer that question. That's a tough one. It isn't healthy Ding like I'm. Here's what happened with America tendency that is evolving which I never thought. This would happen. America tendencies the entire purpose of American contingencies give people purpose. There's like people like, Oh, you're starting to militant no, the fuck or not. I've never message that of never disseminated that in the written word speaking at Ne Never. It's only been about empowering people to be better prepared for themselves for the families and their communities, which by I think by benefit makes us all better citizens of the country. I couldn't agree more. So I was GonNa ask you specifically about the American contingent go back like where did it come from? Did you decide to start it just unpacked? Yes. So Mea Kevin Owens were in Colorado and the covid Shit was falling apart. And we we actually we're doing a podcast on the mic drop one he was okay. One of the one of the most phenomenal human beings on the planet in in Montana with me right now in a different location price boring right are born was a counterterrorism army ranger wing. they have tier one element. He was there for like five or six years doing what they do similar to the British SAS. And became a green. Beret was my small unit tactics instructor. We're snipers together and then change the entire sniper game for US I. Mean he was the sniper ensue I see a noncommissioned officer in charge of the. God Damn it. But you know. Snipers ranger snipers and sift snipers special forces snipers he was in charge of the school house. But we're in a conversation and. It came up about the beginnings of the Shit falling apart like people were protesting. and. I also, your Inco-. vid watching some of the things trend towards violence. Yes. Okay. Yeah. So it's there's compounding factors. And I was like you know what I would wanna start something and we had talked about getting off the bench concept like you know there's people around the of the United States, who are law abiding citizens. Who are sitting on the bench watching everything unfold they don't participate in surveys. They aren't active politically they just fucking do their job. They're blue collar white collar people who knows that the People are just trying to make it through the day. Exactly just that's the core of America. So what I realized was it just happened in Portland. Not based on three weeks ago. But months ago they had a situation where they told this actually started in Seattle but the Seattle Told their lawn for officers not to respond they had to prioritize and they said you will not respond you will not do anything Call related and dispatch person reach out to me in a law enforcement also reach out to me and I realized that went. Oh Shit. Than than at the same time maybe a couple of days later the. Not fucking around coalition, which all they're doing is fucking around can be clear. Should be called the fact, right? Yeah. fucking. which his fucking NCO se of those fuck quits. She's he he thinks a M16 fires from the open bolt. What did he call that thing? He called it the grease gun yeah might come. It's the open bolt. He thinks that you launch the ball since the projectile shooting Mike He's a veteran. It's so bizarre. He is a veteran fucking bizarre that means nothing alright. Doesn't mean that fucking much people. Get rid of that. fucking halo or whatever. You think it means zero. Says all the people in the organization including the guy who accidentally discharged. His weapon and injured another person standing next to him. Yeah. Because the in fact people were backing. fucking. Factors. So, fucked up man. So these guys, these guys are fucking off and they're they're fucking around in they're calling people out of their homes which I thought was you know it's one thing to say I'm going to start protesting even with guns right? Which I think is stupid but you're fucking doing it and they start calling Blah and they're calling like they're saying all you crackers come outside of your home and my my nickname when I was a kid was cracker my dad was a fucking white dude right. And he used to call me cracker and. A term endearment, but he means it as a term of racism he had mine is will be saying the word to black people, but he's saying calling white people, crackers it's just as offensive isn't it interesting how it's not? It doesn't seem to be. RECOGNIZED NOBODY EVEN GIVES US share racism and and I hear this. Will you have to be in a position of What is it power or authority to be racist? How about fuck you? Yeah. Those treat everybody exactly. The same. If you're making any decision based off of what position you in based off color ethnicity whatever it may be your fucking racist that about that. Absolutely I don't think it's inclusive. two to one set of people if I'm when I was called Chink in all Ching, Chong and all this shit which I thought was funny because I I like to laugh off people who are fucking losers but it it it hurts I mean that that Shit's real I mean that's that's racism. No matter what color you fucking. So I went these racist people. Who are calling people outside of their homes? That's scary. We got an influx through my company Phil Craft Survival, which we do prepare shit I mean we teach hundreds of trade craft. We teach field craft all over the fucking survival in survive I. Don't know how you came up with that name craft survival given what you teach you know craft and survival it was A. Shit. It was. You only WanNa know the naming. Deanna what we teach teach feel craft in survival I have an idea. A trade track? fuck man. I had all this shit lined out necessarily realizing via all the messages that we got, which is hundreds and maybe even dowse what was the general sentiment in the message we do. Yeah. I'm starting to eat a lot of that as well. I don't teach field craft or survival. Yeah. What what do we Mike? What do we do right now you're saying get off the bench and it's like the same ideology behind people who say you gotTa have a better mindset and and so my sergeant major brain is like what the fuck does this mean like, why are you saying that? GimMe, tangible takeaways, literal things that I could do and. Map that out for me was a problem, which is you know our brains work in which relate to fix problems. So what the fuck do we do well one I want to instill confidence in people and I said to Kevin I said listen we have to start something I don't even give a fuck if it's just a philosophical movement that gives people some tools. Let's start something and when I started it, Kevin Owens actually named I'm like it's American. Something he's like content. What about contingencies we always do continued season primary alternate emergency plans pays plans I'm like American content we've we fucking named it, and then we put it out and I didn't realize how many people were really scared and and really looking for answers until we released it and and got droves of people coming into the fold like fuck were invested, we want to get involved so i. I will say this and this is how it started off. Wrong. Is People immediately thought. Mike Glover, former special operations, guys he starting a militia a fucking militia. I had tweets I had articles which were all faulk faults and fake I had people writing new stories on me saying a former special operations say I see a contractor a starting a fucking right wing militia which anybody who fucking knows me no I. Mean Dude I've never openly say this like I like we'd. Like we'd in Gummy form because it helps me sleep and it's better than fucking What is it called the the? Cocaine Heroin Ambien. India close. It's better than all that shit do you know what's better than Ambien anything anything is better that shit is so addictive dude I was taking one. You know this because you're in special operations that's what they gave us do they had to bowls. Yeah adderall Ambien. Yeah. We had to ship before the admiral where you thought your hair was gonNA fucking light on fire and you like I do want to charge a fifty best. Yeah and then you have also in your stomach hurts for days new lay in bed exhausted sleep. Yeah you're just like. You're puking do heavy or are sad thoughts. Do they more than happy thoughts? So you're just sitting there fucking losing your mind. So what do you do n? Bowl completely unregulated and when it gets low the doctors just like dump it in there. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck and that was the concert cycle. Yeah I would rather I mean so Kill cliff do the CBD stuff I love it. I am so anti putting pill into my mouth based off of I could go to the Cormon and be like I have a headache bag of eight hundred milligram Oh trans. I. Just saw my hand off by accident bag of eight hundred Bill Graham Boatmen's Yup I have cancer bagwell ended up with probably a stretch, but also probably the hand is stretch too but let's just say they will give you you know. They they just gave me so many pills and I I did go down journey rabbit hole with pills after I got hurt but I hate that shit under too. I would rather take a we'd gummy any day of the week obsoleted Ambien one hundred I'm a big advocate will I I don't think I have been an advocate of been talking about it and I've never openly said this on a podcast but I'll say it now is is I am an advocate for. Number one anything CBD related. Yes. That's that's good. CD like on Cana, which I'm I'm I I know the guy who started the company who's a former ranger, and he puts the right filtered doses of CBD candidate Benoy respecters that are going to affect change and help help you and also a big fan of. The kill cliff CBD DRINK I can't even keep them in stock because all my guys are crushing I just give them away. I love. Them. And people will ask me all the time doesn't make a difference I. Feel it physiologically, I do feel it, and so I have. Like. Messed with all of it like the saw and the cream and some of them don't work great and I found stuff we're like I'll get banged up you rub it on there and it's like two million I feel so much better in its localized to that one place I'm not having to ingest. Pill, after pill after pill, and then I need to eat because I was going to feel like I was going to throw up. Like, wow, I guess I. do just ship all the time. You know twenty, four, hundred milligrams of Motrin. It apparently is not good for you. It's life changing life. It is life changing I get that stuff away as fast as I can because people ask at work like dude, it fucking works and I feel it more like I I will take. Or drink the I drink the drinks more often because it's can be thrown away truck, but it helps me like stress. Relief. And I don't understand a mechanism by which we by which it works, but I noticed the difference in my life. The first time I realized Ambien was a problem was in northern California when I woke up in my bed naked with dirt and mud inside the sheets with me all you went on a vision quest dude I. went on a vision quest. I tried to find vision quest naked in my jeep. I found it in a ditch, my girlfriend at the time drug my ass, and God, bless her heart like like we went through some shit together transitioned. The military was all fucked up was taken ambien drinking whisky trying to go to bed it's a classic pairing. That's yeah. You can't slime. Like red wine together and being and whiskey is not the good Combo for parents dude have you ever done the Ambien? which ones the okay. Tell me about it because I might have done it but called it something else come back off of you know sons coming up become back ud jock. Episode of twenty four goes it and everybody takes an Ambien If you're awake at the end of the episode, he takes another ambient and you continue until there's only one man standing. Yes I've done that. Don't ever do this for anybody who's listening, but that's what we used to do that the highest levels special operations. So take whatever you thought we were and then realize where a bunch of fucking monkeys because that's what we would do, and I realize anybody would do that and you'll find people passed out like face down naked on gravel the next morning, not knowing how they got their one hundred. Percent We used to do I did a sniper stay behind missions, for Iraq, is so they we would infill at night occupied during the day watch and observe the guys that were going after for from across the street or whatever, and we would be in that house I will take. It wasn't the adderall you're right it was like the ship that fighter pilots got yeah and I can't remember the. Name of it but God damn to thirty minutes later, your skin tangling you here's what I realized. It was a problem but like I enjoyed it when I was staring out of a window pulling security and enjoy doing so like for hours and fucking like an hour, this is fucking amazing like I love pulling security and staring at the fucking ground my brain, and then you come back from that. So, exhausted age about seven years every time you take those bills, it would fuck people up. We had guys. The problem is in combat you do those kind of rotations and then you rip out of it and then you go back into a a normal cycle and have fun with that transition. It's fucking and so you get back on the train I I was able to break it more than most. Because I didn't really have an addictive personality and never have. But when I got on the military I'm like I can't sleep the the Va Gamy tone, which is a a horse tranquilizer did a fucking mind as well. Then it made me if any fuck a fucking Zombie if I if I was traveling right now be sleeping under the fucking table. And it's supposed to help you with anxiety, but it's supposed to help you sleep and they would do Ambien transito on and they would give you. Give you both. How do you even survive that barely do and peopled people don't, and then with alcohol if an fucking richer life? Yeah. I took Indika is the one that makes you sleepy okay and they're sativa that keeps you awake and there's now it's smart because they do different strains of it for the first time ever in my life because I was anti, we do I was the guy in technical community college because that was my college outside of military college that I went to. where I I argued with kids like you fucking loser fucking. We'd had you don't understand and and looking back on like what the fuck like I wish every. I wish every member of special operations was allowed to smoke weed because I know when they came back from home and they were all fucked up and they were showing it and anger and emotional breakdowns and they. Hit, a fucking joint or the eight, a gummy that would go holy fuck. It's not so bad the out around the corner substantially and they would when I slept for the first time in my life I realized what sleep was and how important it was and the and I wasn't hooked because of the of because of the drug I was hooked because of the result. And so I'm a big proponent of and I know we sidetrack there I fucking like we'd I'm a big big careful with the quantity that you consume people. So yeah, you WanNa talk about stories you never talked about okay. I've had a few gummy incidents in my life and I can tell this story unfortunately, the other person involved in the story has since passed away but I was in Switzerland base jumping they we were out having come some steak frites stake in. French fries. And it was the end of the trip. We've been hiking our asses off and it just at the end of the evening and my buddies like, Hey, man hit some jelly slices. ooh. And I was like Dude I wanna get a good night's sleep because he was leaving the next day I was there for like the next two days he's like here have some of cool an eight and like thirty minutes later Mike do that didn't do shit give me another one of those at that's the that's right there he he he's like You probably don't WanNa do that was like shut up dude first off I am. Of You at every fucking way whatever you take me three times that. So he gave me one and we walked over to restaurant we are sharing a bottle of wine and having little steak freed steak fries. And I remember I took a sip of wine delightful like Pinot a nice. Red. Chew, and some food and I take another sip of wine and it tastes completely and utterly different than the sip I had just taken. We're talking maybe a sixty seconds separation and in the world is just like you. And I remember at what I thought was only like. Five seconds my Alex was across the table fucking in tears. Dying laughing I remember looking up and I'm like, what are you laughing? He's just like you. You're fucked up right now aren't you I could barely walk back to where we were staying I was having like a full on psychedelic. Would it seemed like skin tingling? I got stuck on that ride for forty eight hours look again that's the thing that's why I say be careful I don't have a lot of experience with that. But what I do have experience with is getting stuck on a fucking train ride that I couldn't get off who got miserable. One of those for twelve hours and it fucked me up dude, it fucked me up. You're you're in a prison of your fucking Maya have you ever heard of a? This is interesting. You're heard of the fucking K. whole. Net Nanny thing. Sexual Ketamine. Ketamine. I've you know what I have heard that term, but I have absolutely zero experience with anything. You've ever done any ketamine. No. So had trap nor in my fucking face and because it's a painkiller, an incredibly powerful. Powerful than morphine or any of those opiates right? It's it's we can't be just as powerful but I think the the reason doctors use ketamine in this is not for my doctoral worldly experience. But people tell me is that Ketamine when you kill the pain, you kill the memory associated with the pain. So it numbs the associated factor. So most people who take ketamine and knocks them unconscious and so they don't there's no association. So they don't freak out they don't lose their shit and then when they reflect back on the pain, there's not the Association of the pain interesting. So. Never had done ketamine or any fucking thing recreationally, and in recommend ever doing it I was in hospital in this happen I had facial cellulitis and I had travel in in my face and a piece was working itself out of mind fucking nostril and it turned into an orb which manifest itself into an infection and facial realize this is over the course of a massive bump on. Yes. Well, no, it was. It was like my face was like you know how say you ida she pushed the skin and there's no. CAPILLARY response? Yeah just. Dead and taken your my face was like that. Scaring automate. Funny. So bad duty was fucking faces fucking my dad face. Dead facemask. I don't need a mask Kelvin. Was All fucked? And so I went to the doctor and. Never had any PSYCHEDELIC experiences. I'm a big fan of everything that way. Now because I think creativity is like the it's like the ocean we haven't really tapped into that especially in our minds. and. So I'm I'm sitting there in the hospital when they go hey, we're going to lance this we're going to we're going to cut it from the inside of your cheek, and then we're going to try to push the infection I'm like well that scariest fuck that's gross. But let's do this shit about what you're GonNa do for me Doc. Let's let's lay out what my options here he did. This is an amber account is. Nor Cal and the guys like have you ever done ketamine and said I haven't but I have experienced working with ketamine like in Iraq Afghanistan our docs always used ketamine on indigent people for wounds and it's classic and veterinary. Things because. It's it's mainly used for for animals and I said no but I can because I'm not a fan of morphine. It makes be Edge Shit schofield well. Here's okay I'm going to get the dock from upstairs. There's two docks in the hospital I'm going to get him to come down and we're going to put we're GONNA use. Ketamine. Instead of morphine. So this guy comes down. And he's of Arab descent and I say this for a point in the story later and he's Middle Eastern he's got a big beard and I, look at them and I'm and I'm like, okay and they have me on something already. It's like a fucking like maybe a bump of morphine. So I'm taking down a level, maybe even a volume or something like that. and. He gets set up and he walks into the room like, what am I, doing like Oh you're the only person, the hospital who could administer basically paraphrasing who administer ketamine. So you're going to get this and the nurse hands I'm a Syringe of. and. It looks like a lot of Shit Shipton but he goes over. And he goes to ivy line and he sticks it and he goes. Okay. Just let me know. This is happening fast and look at Doctor. Who's talking to me? He goes. Okay. So what we're going to do, we're GONNA start out and he turns back at the doctor who's administering the Ketamine and the guy pushes the whole fucking. Like he literally like jams it and the the guy looks back at him. And and the guy looks at he goes was I supposed to and he goes And there's this moment of like they're looking at your own, fuck they look at the nurses, the nurses like what the fuck and they, and then I fucking transport. Into A fucking other universe. I. Swear to God. I. Was like. What the fuck is. and. He just I straight into orbit on one Elon. Musk. Rocket. Suit. Was the most here's what I'll say about this. Outside of the most traumatic experiences in war. This trump's every one of those experiences by ten tenfold. I was ineffective world where my head was on a fucking rollercoaster and it's just it's not a passive. This is a dream dreaming I got segment. I'm immersed in this fucking world like I remember it all my heads on a rollercoaster and I'm floating around on this roller coaster through space and time. And I'm interacting with. People. In through this, the course of this interaction I come to the conclusion that I have no communication with my body. I'm just a fucking floating ORB that is a cartoon. Looks like fucking family guy and an I not only do I realize this but I come to terms with it and I come to terms with the existence that I'm going to live as a fucking head on a roller coaster, but it's going to be cool because everybody hears cool I feel good fucking live in this life, and then as I'm transporting this roller coaster all the sudden. I hit you don't the tracks are roller coaster when it comes to an end break you it goes Jeju tradition. All of a sudden is going. And my head's fucking coming on this on this court. And I'm looking around I'm confused because the rides kind of over and all of a sudden I feel like my body reconnecting with my brain and I kind of come out of it a little bit in my eyes wake up and I I start seeing shit and my in my right hand, I have the person who's in the fucking. Stretcher in hospital that's between the curtain and me I fucking reach over and grab her fucking It's like the arm rest thing and rip her towards me. then. I all remember is like the nurses pinning me to the fucking ground I. Look Up. And the. Arab doctor I'm sorry about this and that fucking racist. But he looks at me I'm like fucking Haji Beer. I'm like yelling Haji Beard in the middle of the he's in shock. The nurses are shock on fucking screaming and a look over my ex girlfriend is recording the whole fucking Ama- She just got it. She's like filming the Shit and I'm freaking losing it and I'm coming out of it and it starts to come back and then. I realized I was out and I look at my ex girlfriend and I'm like what the fuck happened. She goes you fucking law like your eyes were rolled back your head the whole time I was like wait a minute. What do you mean rolled in the back of my head like I must have been out for like a day like what the fuck you out for ten minutes. Ten fucking minutes. It felt like a lifetime like lived entire lifetime in this conference state. So I'm like what the fuck just happened holy fuck I through this and I started doing research on the K. hole and apparently everybody who experiences this does experiences the same kind of cartoony visual Phil. Becoming, this associated with their physical body has this life altering experience and fucking added and it was all trauma. It was all I. Mean some people have a good experience. My experience wasn't bad but it was significant and I realize man there is another portal inward that I have have not even fucking begin to understand and that's why I'm fascinated by the whole fucking. I mean. I. That was supposed to Costa Rica I o Oscar probably or skipping down South America I began or whatever they give you. Yeah. I was supposed to do that I hard pass on that because I pay my own fucking travel fucking terrified of that shit man somebody described it I'm gonNA paraphrase, but they basically said you know when it comes to psychedelics. The people who? Should or are considering using psychedelics be prepared. To give the anchor chain of reality a tug. Don't go down that route unless you're prepared to do. So I totally fucked that up at a kind of which you ever do it. In a controlled setting, it have to be super controlled, right it would have to be super controlled for me. I am willing to give the anchor chain of reality tug because I. Want to learn more about myself. That's the reason that I would do it. I'm not interested in having an experience that isn't meaningful or that doesn't provide more insight into who I am as a person. Yeah I, think that's the benefit of it. Yeah. I having said that fucking terrified of it. Yeah. I when. When I was started like, I. Got started getting into Mushrooms and understanding like my seal Liam and and DMC and all these things. I tripped mushrooms, and I've never trip mushrooms before and the only interest for me was healing. You know healing which they say it literally does if you talk to the doctor cellular level at a cellular level like the synopsis that score I think it's called Mylan but it's thick the scar tissue that creates memories. It's I see scar tissue trying to visualize it's nat literally that yeah. But it creates this portal. What what the Silla cyber does is it creates new neural networks that redefined. So it's the idea like. The and I I'm not a big ID trauma guy. I've never seen like I've been idea before. And it was a catastrophic, but it didn't fuck me up. Yeah. So I'm driving. You're driving down a road and you see a bag and the bag reminds you of an ID and you go into a you know your was a Adrenal adrenal glands your I'm not sure the mechanism but I know what you're describing fighter flight but the hypothalamus activates cortisone it floods to your fucking system and you fucking react. That is caused by memory that is triggering that in decryption neurological response, right the physiological response. So I see the bag oh. Fuck and then go into fight or flight or freeze. So what this literally does, and this is just at the education that I got on it as it creates another pathway around that. So when you see that you go, there's a fucking bag on the side of the road and then you then you move on with your life instead of transporting back to that because you're you're triggering memories that are associated with physical conditions in the real world that you experience, which is the whole means behind memories in the first place to remind you. And trigger your physical body to allow you to survive in primal or ancestral kind of conditions Oh shit there's a fucking tiger. Now I need to change the physical composition, my body to survive. So if I didn't have that association, I'd see talking. Oh, fucking. It's like the ladies letting in the raccoon she thinks it's fucking cat she's letting inside so. It creates a pathway but when I fucking trip mushrooms. I'm not a big native, American, native, American and very small percentage of it. I don't even know where the fuck it comes from. It's like four to six generations away. When I fucking trip mushrooms I went into another portal of my mind I fucking saw. And Watch a cowboy movie and fucking years I saw native American Indians and full warrior Kit. Running and full-gallop with fucking streaming Falcon Eagles faces pushing through space in front of him which. Mind Boggling were I switched straight there didn't even research that there was this a common experience shared by people who trips Simon, but it was all like I was a fucking native American any. Dude I was in a residential home in a comfy bed. And there wasn't any kind of that. material or thought inside of my head I was like I want to go into the state and fucking see if I can heal some shit and I'll send 'em transport the fucking a fucking cowboy Ninian's movie and but it was profoundly impactful because I realized dude, you're not fucking what you perceive is not the reality that you tangibly live. It's inside an and it made me feel better about like I woke up I remember coming out of it. And tell them telling my family and my friends like Dude Dat fucking was impactful and not only was impactful but I want to do it again I don't WanNa do it tomorrow. Yeah. But I want do it routinely. Enough experience. Yeah. The mental health mental hygiene aspect of the trip you gotTa do a man never tried it. The. The best way to do it is They can get mushrooms and chocolate. from legal sources because there's a lot of places in the United States now, Denver Portland or their cities in states that have legalized it. Yeah. Fuck. Owner of the fact that it's illegal kind of fucking bizarre to me, but it's it's control but not there it's legal to use and. You. Take you microdosing and what I've would have also I can't believe I'm fucking amid all of. Kill. Recovery. So. Now you microdosing and what microdosing does at least for me is it increases the blood flow to my fucking head like I feel. It feels like admiral in a weird sense it's not like adderall, but it feels like you're on. Like an upper. But without the upper down for like, you don't have to shit your pants. You don't feel like jittery and that's the tough one to describe to people about the upper they gave us the downside was fucking trap door that was substantially worse than the up. Horrible. They put me on my fucking ass for forty eight hours. How did you? How did you cycle? because. You live at life in and you do those those rotations. How did you cycle away from that? I would stop trying to take ambien about two weeks before coming home and force myself through those really rough three to five days. You can't sleep because that Shit's addictive it is addictive as fuck and I would try to get on a normal sleep cycle and and It was tough good sleeper now. Often on a often onto. Yeah. It's pretty good sleep or I if my brain does a revolution on topic I'm fucked. This. If you try my my brain's the same way if I if I get up to Piss in the middle of the night and if I have like thought right at one full revolution of like, Hey, I need to do this task. Don't forget to do this task clock talk that's all you'll be thinking about correct. Yeah. I'm the same way I have to almost pretend to be a dummy like I'm like I'm so tired of fucking dumb and going to sleep and then I'm like. One fucking thing you haven't done on now and then it's what your mind you have another one and then you're planning out your entire day and I'm sitting there looking at the ceiling going through analytical thoughts a two in the morning. So I don't sleep well I. Don't think I've ever. Have I ever slept well. As well I I think slept five when I was in high school and Shit like that. But I can't remember a time where I've had a consistent period of my life even for like a week or had wake up like. This is amazing. You ever tried the devices like the Aurora I just ordered that a roaring. It's the ring that now editors your vitals. A buddy not a buddy of mine. He's associate of mine. hoped to have him on a podcast in his name's Jeff Wu. He's big bio hacker, but that ring is supposed to be really accurate is so basically, if US insight into what your body's going at it, I think a lot of it has to do with physical movement. So when you're moving in your shifting which I do constantly yeah Tracks your sleep that way, and then gives you feedback and then gives you windows like for some reason like today I got up at four in the morning. Jacobi proud yeah. I took a picture of my see I. Don't post pictures. I wake up at three fifty but I, don't post. It's a secret closed again I'm three, forty nine but it's five. Yeah, we don't. I don't like to Brag Hashtag. But when I when I woke up, I think it was four seventeen. I stayed up. But. If I go back to bed at six, thirty or seven, there's this magic window where I'm nauseous because I can't I'm so frigging fatigued and tired that I sleep from six thirty to seven thirty or even six, thirty, seven it feels like I got ten hours of sleep really because I'm so fucking burned out and I don't know what it is. That we're fucked up because we're fucking horrible. So we have to go back explain to me why you started missing contingency I'd. Be the longest digression in you. fucking. I don't know how we went down that path would I'm glad that we did that was that's fucking insane Sorry about that stop looking at your instagram, but I know. Three Yoga picks young. America well. So we got to the naming convention. Yeah. Then people reaching out to you saying, Hey, what do you WANNA do? Yes. What should we do? I should say well so we the IT lined out is I I did well, here's the biggest problem with all this. How the fuck do you do that anything without being suppressed because when I when I thought about it, even on my own account and talking about it in live feats they're getting taken down. INSTAGRAM. Mechanism is for that. Is that people complaining or do they have an algorithm? It's it's both. Okay. It's it has to do with key words and phrases. It even has to do with What's complaints? And I have is why report your posts every time me to mmediately click on This man's racist. I've been giving you one stars on your podcast I do zero. But it hasn't been changed in the the stacks you're getting bigger and better, and you get more ratings I'm just helping you out there. it does have to do with that in I realized it's not going to help either if you early on get branded externally as a Fringe Organization militia, right wing the combination of this do none of those are going to help either I'm sure those algorithms are looking for shit like that like facebook deleted not only antifa counts but every single. I think they're called three presenters. The three percent are group's the right wing Gush of the Patriot groups they deleted them all I mean thousands of them I I even had some contact me like how can we reallocate or guys want to get involved? So when when I looked at this from a cut up kind of a business mind perspective in how to affect the most people. I realized that I couldn't put it on any social media platform I did put on instagram until it is. Eventually, it'll suppressed but I wanted to have a contingency set up to where people can go outside of the main social media platforms to be able to find us. So a buddy of mine will Harbin bigshot the will and and Georgia? He's a video game company guy. bought sold. Traded did a whole bunch of companies he goes hey, you should use a company called locals and I'm like well, I'm not good. He's fucking because logos like your local. LS Yeah, it's like a it's like a fuck I thought it was a fucking dating APP. It's like farmers dot com ca from Sony dammit. Farmers Dot com I gotta take my profile down. Your shirt today though dude fuck you'd be I'd put that as your profile I fucking. Blew my Let's work on our hamstring flexibility. fucking Jim over there Oh. Yeah. Do involuntary yoga folding clothes with people still in it is it oh yeah. That's that's the best kind. Is that open still you guys are still open, right? Yes. Can I even say that on the? Sort of. Tennis. I don't know the exact phase that we are in in Montana but traveling Keesa the owners there, and they actually proactively shut down very early. Yeah. and and they were right to do. So I think both from a medical and social optic perspective I have been able to train the entire time, but I also take it upon myself my own. Health Safety and security of things that we're talking about. So a small group of us who manage their social contacts would meet and we would still train and accept the risk of that and what will we really honest though if we're travelling who were hanging out with but where we are is geographically remote, I mean Montana is a socially distance of that. Yeah by topography and geography. So I have been able to keep training, but they have phased back in based on the guidelines that have come through. So it is open now. Yes I love it man So he he hits me up and he says you should be on this platform negatives, Dayton platforms, kind of blow him off and I'm looking. For platforms my my idea was I'll just crowd source this shit and I'll. I'll start on my own. APP. That is I realized how much fucking APPS cost millions and millions of dollars for a good one for a good one you I mean, you could go on and make your own fucking Goo up and it's a bag of shit. Don't do that. Yeah. In the in the worst thing about that is when you when you start looking at something like this, which is harvesting. Social Contacts. It's completely and utterly. potentially. Exportable by should heads, of course, and and most people don't think about that. So I security is on my mind. where I put them on a platform is on my mind and then not being suppressed. So I've actually reach out to the guy named Ari who's who's the CEO of local he's also co founder and he's a former Israeli defense officer interesting American and he's like, Hey man. Listen. I know secure in Israel is no security more than anybody and he's like, I, I know what you're talking about and here's Laid out for you and he lays out the groundwork for for the server he goes we will never suppress you. We are not in the business of suppression. That's why we started locals because we want to have people on the platform who know that if they want moderate, they'll moderate themselves, which is another fucking ball of wax. So. He gave me the confidence that I could. Potentially push everybody to locals. So I start that movement. While the problem with the problem I think it's actually the benefit of locals is that it's a subscription based model just like all these platforms, how the fuck are you supposed to build the server, maintain the server for free and do it for free? So we started looking at it. I go all here. We'll do a free version of it, which is American contingency that does open source Intel I got twenty two analyst who are OJ guys. That open source gather information and then reallocated and disseminate it for geographical regions. They'll say, hey, there's a protest in your area in this vicinity on this hour on this date. Stay the fuck away. And so they do that for free on America contingency dot? com. And, there's a paid slot and I'm like I'm not gonNA charge people a lot of fucking money. So what's the minimum bucks? So the minimum is five dollars a month, and in that fold, it allows us to start vetting people. Which means I do a background investigation on you. I verify you are who you say you are, and you're not a shithead. Even if you're a shithead as long as you didn't touch a child I'm okay with that. So I support the death penalty for pedophile. I support like fucking like torture and fucking Oh. I was going to I didn't say how they were going to die. Yeah. We should be Burnham's motherfuckers to the ground the sex offender APP which is a to me a d. f. tool a directly finding fucking tool should if you're going to go out and kill yourself. This is like you should I I want to advocate for you did not do that but all these people were fucking wasting their lives. There's plant I shouldn't say this on a podcast. I think this is my inside voice coming out. What you on the sex offender APP, you could fuck it fine shitheads in your backyard by a Red Pin. You don't. You don't even WanNa look at that in Florida by the way. I have looked at that and I look at least take a look at it anytime that I've looked at moving and all I will say to people is you should go take a look and. You'll probably be utterly shocked. It's fucking scary. Isn't it? The number of red pins is very, very high. It looks like a cancer direct and and more. More. So if you click on the red pen shows you the dudes face and if you look at these fucking people you're like, wow wow. I, don't mean to stereotype but you fucking look like a sex offender not uber like the fucking on the map. Yeah it's fucking insane. Yeah. anyways, we digress again we do. That's fine. It's American contingency paywall. So so there's the the pay wall which might might begin also to is we have people complain they're like. Like hosted twenty thousand dollars with training at South Carolina at the Sawmill it's actually going on today September Eleventh Twelfth Thirteenth for three hundred people from all from low from American contingency dot locals, Dot Com. So there members and they got a training from mostly seals five navy seals, three GS buddies a couple of guys who are teaching them self defense situation awareness net just tactics, but how to think you know? And their families there there's people who they're with their children. There's there's husband and wives training together. And and there's people complaining saying five dollars it's like fuck dude. You could pay five dollars for fucking energy drinking a gas station, but you're fucking complaining about getting free information and free training via an apparatus that brings people together. So I thought, how is this going to? How am I going to navigate this world? and and what does it look like evolving? Well, one, it is a means to educate people. So it's a train apparatus that's online training, off-line training, physical training mindset training. Also. Teaching people how to lead in their own communities. When I did my first American hit couldn't see me it was Oregon. And maybe fifty seventy five people showed up. It was a small group because we're restricted by the the community center that allows us to do it. And the sentiment was the same they're scared. They don't know what to do. They don't know what the start point is. So people just need guidance and I want to run this like how effective of government should work where I give you the promise that I'm GonNa give you left and right limits. I'm going to create some construct of law and order which is saying, Hey, you can't scumbag and be on this APP you can't be you can't be a troll and talk shit and be negative and toxic 'cause they'll just block in fucking delete I'll give you your fucking five dollars back. And then give you education where you can do what you need to do in your own communities to lead on your own because the dictatorship, the hierarchy that the I'm going to be the sergeant major. You're going to be the team leaders that will fuck it never work because people have their own incentives, their own agendas, and we'll fucking fail. So I'm I'm saying look I'm not on that sergeant major glover's not flying out to you and fucking cure. But what you could do is look in your own communities you can look at the construct of the way you're organized families, friends whatever that might look like, and you can come together as a community and stand up in your churches stand up in your workplaces and say, Hey, maybe we should do something together and come together as a community to protect ourselves and that just manmade. We're not talking about fucking. Writes the bigger scheme of maneuver. Here is we're talking about what's going on right now with the displacement of human beings and the wildfires in Oregon in. California. Did you hear about the National Guard forty-seven pilots just came in? Yeah. How they took off with against sore guys with those one sixtieth guy I don't think they were they might have actually been forty six is instead of forty-sevens, but I'm amazed. Amazed, they could take off with their balls weighing them down. fucking believable. Basically from what I heard Kalfa was like listen we can't get to you. It was like two hundred people national guards, just GonNa fucking die in the National Guard like hold my fuck and beer just a the. Launch and people out of the fall. In. fucking rescue those people some of those pictures from the cockpit to like Shit is just a blaze everywhere saying guys just like. Yeah he'll be as fuck and handlebar. Moustache. US With the Raleigh. Seniors. Pipe a fucking. Love that man. I I. That is the thing to go in. This is another one that I try to tell people. You can avoid. The riots and protests largely unless you know again, Tim was talking about the Uber driver who got put in the wrong direction. He got fucked right in Austin. He ended up shooting the guy who appointed an egg. But Guess What if you pointed Aka me I'm gonNA shoot you too. It's happens. That's a mathematical formula in my mind there's no emotion in that. That is one plus one equals two shots to your face. But mostly, it's completely and utterly avoidable. You don't have to go strap a gun on and come down to callous bell to they. All were protecting the veterans monuments like. I don't know if it was really at risk, you don't have to do that. But. You have probably no choice if of wild, let me look where I live to you or were house last time. There's a damn good chance. Well, not a damn good chance but I have a better chance of being involved in an environmental situation that I ever will. Because I'm not going to go to a riot I'm not going to I'm going to remove myself from that. There are so many more threats other than what you just see on the news. Yeah. I what I people should understand even though it seems like the world's falling apart the world when it comes to natural disasters is literally falling apart. Yeah. We we are consumed constantly with. In the new cycle because you haven't seen it, there's been a catastrophic windstorm. A cyclone a hurricane numerous tornadoes wasn't a double hurricane. Yeah. Taxes to to storm surges caused by to back to back tropical storms that that hit the country there was there's major wildfires that are making historic references right now in the history books, it's the biggest cal fire circumstance they've ever dealt with an history. Oregon's following that same suit it since two thousand fifteen was the the highest spike of fires. They will beat that this year, the mayor boy or the government or just blamed it on climate control thought was comical. Talking. Let's not even go down there. But what I want people to understand is America catoon sees about looking at yourself and realizing that you need to be your own first response you have to take your life in your own hands and the lies your family's if you're waiting for governments if you're waiting for institutions to come bell your ass out, then you're going to fucking potentially risk your life and that's not okay. The the evolution of this the last components be prepared, but the evolution of this is I want people to be able to help each other understanding they're they're also in the American continuously pipeline. So it's just a better way of looking at you as being vetted. Right. If I show up on seeing gotTa American continuously shirt sticker ID where the fuck it is and you're married guy we have a commonality or a common bond and at least establish soap's we know, hey, we know what I ate and trauma is you know and it's generalized I, don't I don't mean we know how to shoot move and communicate together I just mean we're on the same sheet. Of fucking music. So when when it does hit the fan and we're able to logistically which requires funds that's why I'm excited that it is a a revenue stream because we're able to do the training on the east. Coast, we're doing it Dallas Fort Worth we're doing series. California were doing it and Golden Del Washington, these mass events where we could help train that one day we could mobilize and help each other and I don't give a fuck. If there's nothing going on, we'll go to the fucking homeless and trying to take ten homeless people off the streets and and have counselors, psychologists and people there to help them see if we can get them off the fucking streets. We are surrounded by natural manmade disasters and catastrophes every single day. Oh, he's going on somewhere in the world at all times sanitary sixty five. We could have a community of like minded people who on the same sheet of music that have some semblance of organisation that have that are like minded per out of all the things that I've seen bring people together like Jujitsu brings your your people in your community together right Preparedness. Is that for me because when when, when I see people from different sides of the aisle liberals from San Francisco Conservatives from fucking Dallas Texas when they show up and they're the idea for them is to look at trauma for stayed whatever the fuck it is and getting better prepared to take care of their families they're bonded in that and it's one. Of the things that I've seen bring people together for years in my company Feel Cross survival and for me America Tennessee is the idea that we could come together as a broader community through that means it's not a fucking militant movement because it's a bad tactic it is a movement to to look in your own communities, your own backyard and come together as such. Would you agree grab that one I was GONNA kill been fucking kill that bitch you're reading me would you agree? That absolutely nothing that we did in our combined careers had any like. True Magic to it meaning that it can be reduced i. mean you come into something with whatever physical or? Emotional skills. You may have as a person and I went in with what I went. But The product or the things that we were able to do came from like the crawl walk run philosophy starting with foundational steps through practice training, practice, training, practice, training, AD, nauseam. And I guess my point in Saint all this is. I often see people who view the special operations community as Fuck like UNICORNS like No. Those people in the reality is I think that's the farthest from the truth I think that people. If they dedicate the time and energy and effort to whatever degree they want to. I'm not saying trying to make yourself into a J sock operator because if you WanNa do that, join the fuck military and then they'll do that. But then go do some good stuff with that information the point being. You could teach people everything that we did. There's no magic recipe that somebody's holding behind one of these curtain saying we're not going to share this with you. You just have to do it. When I look at it when I start all my technical, we we call him, you know gunfighter whatever. That's a marketing tactic because if you call it technical skill sets or pistol WANNA one. Won't sell as much as to be a chaplain for pistol one fifteen yeah. They're like nobody show on the advanced course there's no and that's. That's that's it. Right? There is. There's no fucking advance. There's no advanced Ninja school and I always tell people my in brief I hate to say this but I'm GonNa underwhelming you with what you're gonNA. Learn. But what I am going to do is allow you to understand. Technically that everything I'm teaching you is a developed. Technical Rep- of Skillset, right? It's it's the mechanical process. Outside of that you have cognitive processes in decision making that are going to allow you to navigate the world around you executing those technical scripts and the better your technical scripts. The more efficient you're, which means the more capability you're going to have to open up your cognition toll idea to think through problem sets. That's why seek you be close quarters. Battle starts out very technical and it's very mundane. It's it's too man Jammeh tree. Yeah. It's three men into a room center fed corner. It's it's men it's adding problems because if you add too many problems, you become overwhelmed especially if it's compounded compounded by stress what tell people all these technical shit that you learn. That never changes. If you're if you're learning on a flat range, how to shoot a pistol. and. You're doing this in a box like this rectangle that is your hands in the pistol in front of your filled the view, and it's a visual game of executing technical skill sets. What's the difference between that a flat range at seventy five degrees sunny no stress in a seven, forty seven running down the aisle trying to shoot a bad guy in the face to rescue the good guy in real life there is no difference. The only difference that are that guns are legal in airplanes. You could never do that. That's that's a video game. It's on a bus. To. Bus. The. Only difference is the environment in which you're in. So when when John Develop new mechanics in that situation, don't come up with a new tactic day. Please don't. Yeah. Because because if you realize that then you understand that what you're doing physically that you're emulating technically never changes. So if you think about that like just thinking of the kind of the fucking high level thought strategy here. If I want to be as good as the guy running down the aisle on the seven, forty seven of the bus or the bus. You probably should go. Let's go but. Then, I want to imagine that I'm going to take all the technical skill sets that I execute on a flat rate just as serious, and then practice all the different environments, which is the advancement of executing technical scripts. So now if I'm sideways laying on my side shooting a pistol in front of a car behind a car or I'm in a car or in my bed getting the pistol from. The nightstand, the technicalities of that remain the same the environment has changed. So you take all that which is a technical skill sets in the cognition that's required to perform or to maneuver through that environment, and then you take stress. That's really that is the discriminating factor between what makes an operator elite versus a person potentially be good or bad because what I've seen is the most technically proficient. People on the planet they've gone through the Q. Course they've gone through OTC, they've gone through a ranger training whatever the training is. That is not the end. All be all. Understanding of how that person is going to react in the most accumulated stress in the world, which is combat with war so I've seen the guys who were operators. or or special. Operations. Guys. In the fetal shivering shaking Sam because there's because maybe because we train for reacting to contact the bullets to guns but we're getting one. Oh, seven millimeter rockets shot in that have. A hundred plus meters and nobody prepares you for that, and then that person and you can hear those fuckers coming do does that sound is horrendous my butthole inside out we're like incoming mortar fire Oh fuck man dude insane that that's that's another level but the the point is no matter. If you look at that no matter what you do on a range no matter what you do in training. Ultimately is not going to prepare you for war like wars going to prepare you for war. That's why that's why I harp on this. Emulation technical script writing, and they an influence on instagram versus somebody who maybe is that the fastest fucking shooter but he's been to war he's been. He's been tested validated and proven, and he he's a warfighter. There's a huge fucking difference between the two of those. I would actually take what if I look backwards I would say because I get asked this often people will say, well, how did what adjacent shooter stack up against? Three gun champion and for ninety nine point nine percent of the guys they would get the floor mop with them. But they're from a technical proficiency standpoint? So solid that you could take that shooter into the bus the plane they do fine on a three gun. They're not GonNa win you know against professional shooters but take that professional shooter. Take the race gone away. Give them a piece of military hardware or fuck glock forty, five with regular sites. And say, Hey, you need to perform in all these other environments what you're going to see is one guy who just kind of cruises and performs versus guys here, and then comes back down the other direction. Yeah. I'll take the guy who's at seventy percentile, the entire time. Yeah, and in the the technical scriptwriter, the person who who practices, the technicalities of executing physical movement. That has nothing to do with the script under stress, right so the guy who runs the gauntlet of steel and paper targets and he smashes, it shows the fucking pro timer of how good is had executing a script props to you for being efficient physically and optimizing your movement and having the fastest time Kudos to you try doing that in the middle of the night in a gunfight. Bullets at you trying to take your fucking life. Why do you have to make fun Attaran tactical like that? He's a good script writer. Let's make fun of Joe Rogan Joe I. See that fucking Terron tactical range and I see shooting really fast did I'm glad that brought. Why do that hurts my feelings when I see that? because. I'm like you could see if you look at the array of target, well, they never show the impacts, but they never should. It's because every array and how it's offset you could shoot and hit any because they'll and the way that you're looking I know exactly what you're talking about the Pov of the shooter. You're just literally working probably Fronta back and it seems to be a left to right on that one side. Dude, and you know the deal is a shoes you're sitting there fucking dignity naming it is leading the recoil drive you in that direction there's no consciousness there. Does, dudes are can put most of them chicks and no offense to the checks, but most of them are just turned off their unconscious and they're just blasting that to stay cognitive during. The hardest thing for though scriptwriters. is to stop or interrupt the script as executed. It's the same. It's like the idea of doing a practical shooting exercise where you shoot the target three times and then you look left look look behind you one. When you shoot three times, you're executing a script that if you needed to shoot five rounds what would interrupt the cognition or the script. For you to be cognitive to go way three Theron's it and put them down the likelihood of doing that is less likely the more efficient you are. So if you could, if you're the script writer who grunts around in these got, let's and you do Xyz but somebody puts in and moves a target five inches to the left and you fucking miss it. Tells me your conscious to the script, but you're not conscious to reality and the unfortunate thing about reality is reality maneuvers in space and time very fluidly. So it doesn't have a pattern of paper and still arrayed in fucking micrometres right and and so when you take the operator. WHO's not as as much technically, a script proficient he's thinking through problem sets that are saving his life and people's lives around him and killing bad guys. That's how it works. I'm glad that those guys are out there You know these they're probably learning safe weapons. Well, I'm sure they are safe weapons handling nip relation to get behind the counter I love that my only concern is confusing that type of stuff with reality. Yeah and that's that to me being in the in tactical industry is the biggest problem that we have because. When, when, when somebody shows up likely they showed up because they saw me or even the script writer shoot fast and go Mike I wanNA shoot like a gunfighter well, the question should be. or or the or the the comet should be Mike I want to perform or Mike I want to think like a gunfighter right and I tell people especially in everyday carry and and and practical. Application if you are drawing a pistol and shooting bad guy in the face, you have fucked up ten times ten ten times before that actual. Happened, unless you got like ambush in the parking yet, there are the exceptions Jay Baldwin I talked to bj often he sponsored by monster and Toyota trucks he's a he's a big proponent of everyday Kerry. He's always into guns and everything else. Him and his girlfriend was shot at on Shit TV camera. I remember this. Yeah. He fucking I mean dude he he he pinched that dude from. To his face, a executing the right script, but using the right process and activating the criteria for the script in fear full of. Is when you see a guy. WHO Like I like a ADC carry pistol course I didn't the Sawmill and saw Carolina. I said to one of the young men said, you're at a gas station got pissed off Kerry carrying the pistol and a guy comes up to you. And the guy coming up to you is antagonizing US Talk Shit and he shows you the back strap of his glock, nineteen in his waistband what are you going to do? and His answer was I'm going to draw my gun. And then when I draw my gun on him, I'm going to stop and give him a chance and then, and then after I'm done giving him the chance I might depending on what he does shoot him. And so I said okay that's good because the good in this is that we're talking about it because most people don't even they haven't asked themselves the question and they definitely haven't been asked the question. So they said that's good. taught me through this process you pull the gun and you hold the gun on the guy and he draws the pistol. Then when you're GONNA do off of him. Okay. So your criteria. For killing somebody. Is when they go and physically move to the the gun. That's actually good. Next question you. What would you do if I saw the back strap of the GonNa pull a gun and shoot the do in the face Oh. Okay. That's an answer. That's a solution. Let me walk you through that process. You shot in the face who showed you the backdrop of a gun. What your criteria was was seeing the gun. On. Camera as on TV camera if it recorded that, it would look like murder it would look you shot him in the face and you killed him if he lived what's history going to be hey, man I went up and ask for directions he got hostile with me and I got scared and thought I was going to have to use my gun and I didn't do anything and he drew the pistol when he shot me and he wounded me he took. Physically possess every item that he's ever owned in his life. Yeah. Now it's now it's fucking. Came over now civil court it's civil. So now when I look at both those circumstances, the problem with how people market tactics is they make it look like it's a fucking game. The problem that we've identified in combat, it's it's not a game it's a, it's a balance between life and death. Then the game in the sense of it's comical fucking entertaining the game in the sense of one person's GonNa win and one person's GonNa fucking lose and if you hesitate in that action or don't understand the fucking process, you're potentially going to lose. So I said to the kid who drew the pistol and he held on the guy, you're not a police officer. By law if you pulled the gun and you brandished a firearm that would be a criminal act same as the guy showing you the Baxter famous. Yes same as same as guy show in the back strap, and then if you decide to shoot that guy, you've already committed the violent act before that and likely in a civil trial or in a criminal trial of trying to defend your life, you more likely would probably get manslaughter. You more likely would because you look like the antagonised, you pulled the gun, you're pointing gun in Deutz face. So most people would say, well, Mike with the fuck is the right answer with the right answer as there's a balance between living in operating and reward environments and Your fucking criteria to go right I have a criteria like you have criteria. We what's what's what's unique to the conversation is we know what the switches because not only have. We thought about it but we executed. So I know what my criteria is. So in that circumstance, if a guy is antagonizing me I am trying to mitigate contacted risk on putting the door that's in front of me between us I'm walking around to the front of my vehicle to look for cover and concealment I'm staging my fingers or my hands near the the bottom of my fucking flannel plaid shirt because I'm ready to remove it to get access to my pistol and I'm looking for. Because, if his behavior is violent, he's coming towards me. He's antagonizing me and that's one thing that doesn't mean it's the criteria in the fucking face which most kids who see these gun fighter tacticians on instagram would think I'll just fucking more that do down will you go to prison for the rest of your so easy to say and it's so not black and white like that. It's easy to demonstrate on paper fucking target rubber dummy even this retracted gun same same circumstance but now I've mitigated risk he goes for his gun in the movement of moving my execution is is executing the rolodex that have in the back of my head and picking out the script of. Draw from picnics, carry and shooting him in the chest in the face until he goes down and he's no longer threat. That's that's the technical scrip that that I've written but it's also tied to the cognition that I'm thinking through. So it's not like three rounds checking out gunned down looking down left right and rear. It's fucking. Thinking and technically scripting. The execution of it if you go to any everyday carry concealed carry course you do it yourself. The conversations that you had fucking dinner table could be more advantageous than the actual course. Literally, nobody asks the fucking question Yeah I mean let's let's ask you just fucking the entertainment because because you've been in these circumstances, what is the criteria for you to literally lift your shirt, pulled a pistol out of your waistband out of your holster and present the gun and go to work what what does that. So for me, I'M NOT GONNA, present unless a mini use it because I'm not going to brandish for. So if I go I'm going to go and for me the line in the sand is probably deeper or closer to me because I'm comfortable in my reaction like that same scenario you're talking about I was already thinking through it in my head. You can always manage you know spacing distance usually, and I'm looking I'm looking at posture I'm looking as drunk. You know what I mean is he Drunk did he mean you know what I mean? Did he meet the brandish? People branch accidentally. But guess what was right next to that fucking pistol grip was a badge. Yeah. You know what I mean. It doesn't necessarily mean there's a lot of shit you gotta take into play time of day another thing to be looking at us. Hey, is there another mother fucker with this dude am I getting maneuvered on will disguise looking at me I would do exactly the same thing. And I would be comfortable in my reaction. That my my line in the sand is an aggressive movement with the intent for that individual to do harm or to take my life, and once that is Matt I'm going to go and go until the threat is no longer a threat. That's the greatest thing you said in that is. in assessing the environmental factors or it will call this distal behavioral factors. You're determining what your actions are going to be based on their actions and people forget that because a deliberate hit looks very different than a drunk bomb looking for money. It's all deliberate here is not going to look like that at all. Yeah, tactically. behaviorally, there's there's all these signs indications and my my favorite thing you said also to created like you have the ability in your own shoes and your feet to create this into space. Yep. Just back to the point of what you about the protesters with a gun in the body armor you are disadvantaged. Mismanaging the tactic because you're not allowing yourself to break contact and you're creating the the circumstance to only meet those confrontations head on, and that's a bad tactic. That's that's like walking out in the middle of the street and Baghdad and getting out of your up armored vehicle walking down the middle of the road kicking cans that are with a high is. Fuck it. I'm taking the chance here. That don't do that. Don't be that fucking guy yeah. Hard to they're not hard to talk through I. Take that back is the exact opposite for you and either very easy to talk our way through like we could go situation. After situation and. The problem I think is that people think they're far easier to deal with than are in reality the decision to take another person's life should not be something that you are braggadocious about a shouldn't be driven bravado or. I mean, fuck. We probably both know people that want that's narrow play itself out in in the gas station and I don't want to. Yeah. You know I'd. Rather. I'd rather give some fuck wit a pass and give him another day and look on camera like, Oh, well, you were just opposing him like no I just basically walked away I managed my distance and walked away and we both live and there was no police report and none of this shit like I'd rather do that. Then be wrong. Why is I I've noticed that in myself as I've gotten older but also was a team guy in. And active duty D I was looking for fights everywhere and I was I remember it being a gas station, the shitty gas stations because unlike I wish motherfucker would. Like like. I guess it's I in my experience it's been the more exposure to violence the least likely you are to actually seek it out. Yes, and when it comes to fighting if you think you're going to be a bad ass in a fight, what I recommend people do is go due to budget soon. Realize you actually don't WANNA put hands on people because these nerd assassin motherfuckers who wear Harry Potter spectacles and fucking crunched numbers all day long will bow tie your shit and you realize it's just not worth it because you never. Unite are very I mean nobody knows who I am in this town, which is awesome. I don't have fuck in a punisher skull on the back of my truck with a veteran license plate in a fucking purple heart and have two of those don't tread on me. Of course, this describing your vehicle is I saw earlier today. I don't have any of that shit military's I don't work cam. o- out in town spoiler alert. It. Yeah and I don't mean gays in happy. I mean gays in sucking another man's Dick which I don't know if I can say that on a podcast. The opposite. One due to in another dude and it's nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying it's gay. I don't wear camel out in town. I don't wear like veteran t shirts I don't. I don't have a hat that says Operation Enduring Freedom veteran with should that'd be bad ass run away from those people. I just want to be left alone. I don't want to be involved in violence because I've seen it. I've been on the receiving end I've been on the action and of it and it all hurts does to degree in the short term or the long term, and I don't want any part of it. Man I just WanNa be left the fuck alone. I think I have a lot of empathy for people now more as well like when I see these even these dumb ass in Deutz I'm like, do you guys need a fucking job? How about this one? Is Silence Violence Mike Belmonte fucking God. surreptitious silence Holy Fetch thing now no they will scream people down your silences violence and again I was talking with Bishop is we need a different bumper sticker that says violence is violence and silence silence. True. It's fucking ridiculous. It's it's the redefining of of words like words used to mean something, and now it's like you could create any accumulation of fucking words and and change the world because it's just defined by you in the fucking cronies that that work or live with you or Buy. into. Your Bullshit. Just is somebody who's been around what's called an average amount of violence in their life. It doesn't feel to me like silence. At all not even close but once an incredible talking point that they'll sit there and like you know, yell at Unisys like. Again context, let's get some more context. Let's get some more laps around the sun. Let's get some more experience outside of an insulated bubble where you're surrounded by opportunity. which maybe it makes people too soft. I think it's a part of that I. don't like when I see all the circumstances unfolding where people are getting bullied like the you see the one where they're in the restaurant. There's one in the subway where telling talent razor fist and they. Had A pen in them. I just can't fathom one of us being in that circumstance right? I can't fathom doing that to another human being to me that seems like. If, I was to try to think of a way an effective way to make sure that nobody would ever even truly consider my idea or philosophy away. That is how I would make sure that has never. Even considered. Yeah that'd be like the number. Okay. How about some with the least effective way I can behave to spread my message it would look exactly like I want people to see I want people to hate me and I. I also want people to realize that I'm tyrannical I'm the dictator repressive dictator and and it fits like when I see that when they talk about fascism and Nazi Germany I see that in the go that's fucking the woven s I mean they're fucking bully tactics or like they'll girl following some the couples out of the GOP convention. And they're they're walking the cell phones and she's like I'm GonNa Kill Your Wife How do you feel about that? I'M GONNA fucking kill your wife as they're walking I can't imagine walking with my spouse and somebody's saying I'm going to kill your fucking loved one that's not going to go. That would not oh, that would not go but the proper here's the. All that said the problem that I see that actually that is stupid. Right I. I. Look at that Shit, I go comic. What's this dumb shit but the problem that I see is when you have people who are politicians in positions of. literal power like meaning the district attorney's your that are changing use of force policies across our nation. That's fucking scary because if I defend my life in that circumstance, if you have somebody anywhere on any given day, they come up to you and put their finger in your face and they say I'm GonNa fucking kill you. That's a crime. You can't you can't. You can't one you. You can't tell somebody you're gonNA fucking kill them because you can't verbalize a assault. Yeah. You can't say that that'd be like saying I have a gun will you told everybody had a gun calling nine one one you're probably going get rolled the bomb on an airplane Bob. Bob here. So that with that being said. If it's not enforced and there's no ramifications and there's only pandering and facilitation. Then what does that look like for us on the other end that are just law-abiding because if I'm in that circumstance, I'm grabbing that. Woman by her fucking face almost use a different home when I was. So full almost use a different word almost think it started with a B. No no, no something else see. No. One. fucking. Chick chick with sort of. It was I would take that fucking chick I would smash your fucking grabbed her by her face and shoves her off the fucking sidewalk that I was on and project violence. So everybody around who thought they were going to violently do anything. Now it's like you know dogs small each other's asses. Let everybody know that I'm the fucking Alpha in that circumstance, and then I would posture myself to be able to defend my life because the the chance of that going bad or high because now it what it's turning into is I'm going to push you get an era fifteen. Then we're pushing the fucking ground. They don't take a skateboard hit you in the fucking head. fucking pistol and pretend like recall, and then try to shoot you in the face and Rittenhouse experience fucking for those. All those are compounded when you are. The minority meaning numbers wise. Vastly superior mob mentality fuck man do those mobs. That Renou Shit bums me the fuck out because it really does he's. Boy Same Way. I'm like fucked I if that was my son that would bought the fuck out because now I like the likelihood of going to prison for murder as unlikely but the likelihood of him I don't think there was premeditation. So they're going to have them with that but manslaughter reckless reckless homicide. Charge us a minimum of five years in prison that dude for a seventeen year old kid who thought he was doing the right thing which you can't argue that the ANTIFA people think they're doing the fuck right thing throwing bricks at people's faces hitting people in the head with skateboards. That's never the right thing. But defending standing there with an ar fifteen defending a business at as all accounts lineout and videos that he was doing it for the right reasons. Even, he was the day before he was scrubbing graffiti off a fucking wall. Yeah I mean it's unfortunate that whole fucking thing took place. It's unfortunate that this guys lost their allies over something. Dumb. I agree and I actually think that his his mom if she took him there knowing what he was up to share in that prison sentence I. Think so too I. Think She's fucking adult. Yeah. He's he's a minor. He's a fucking child. Yeah I mean that was in the army was seventeen but nobody gave a fuck to you know because at. Argument will come up, but we were also trained and supervised, and we were never at a point where we were running around by ourselves was Eric's this even you're part of of a unit working together as a team. It was a very different environment you. Yes. People were eighteen or seventeen and a half, whatever it may be conjoined military and get that training. But they're not like sent off into the woods by themself. Yeah. You know it's it's a completely controlled environment and what you have almost at all times especially if you're that young is very senior people with severe oversight over you because guess what that Shit's dangerous. Yeah. Fuck you. If if there was a recall right now would you go? Yes. No hesitation. Would you go back? Oh, three would depend on the job they were offering me. Shooter or flying desk I'd be like, here's my commission. Take that commission. Yeah. I. Mean I don't I don't think I'll ever lose. The willingness to do that I think I'm timed out currency wise. Intact gear is moved on. I'm sure the tactics are relatively the same but. I mean how how? How could I not? Yeah. How can I pass with? They came to me and said, Hey, we need you to come who the fuck would I be. If I said, no, go find somebody else I have to I believe that you have to be. In a value, add responsible accountable member of society and already dedicated my life to that earlier on and the philosophies that I had. When I went in there had been strengthened the the love that I have for this country. Regardless if I believe in somebody's opinion or not I'll still listen to them like it's only been strengthened, which are which, what's that purpose or what's that Service. Now, what are you doing? I think we're doing it right now I think. Well. I don't know I don't. We talked about mushrooms we'd. Well it I think it's the fact that we can sit down and have a longer conversation from an interesting experience that a lot of people don't have and I and I and I say that I think it's meaningful because I get hundreds of messages from people saying, Hey, this was meaningful to me. I mean from a tactical perspective I everybody has an expiration date. You'll time out but the ability to pass on that knowledge to talk about things like leadership and integrity and accountability and responsibility. And how to apply those things the what if scenarios that we're talking about I? Think it has incredible value I think we're doing that now. That affects thousands of people I think it does does probably less so you and I because we're talking about things we came up though in such a bizarre and unique path if you really think about it from just a math perspective. Are. Optic in our context is very it's skewed and that's why I thinking by fucked him. You're right like I don't think about the bias I have or the inherent distrust, but it comes from. Engagements with human beings that just. You know seeing the worst sides of humanity there's no way I can turn that off and I do view everybody that way. But don't worry I view everybody that way equally across the board man or woman. I inherently hate you until you prove otherwise. What do you? What do you? What do you find in passion in now is it seems like he picked up the you're. Well, I loved you Jitsu for a couple of aspects. One is a never ending learning process, right so how can you not for me? I love those things do not fall in love with something where the state moves along with you like you'll never master it. So I love that but also there is a crazy element of. Psychological and physiological readiness in there as well. Having I mean, it's not Jitsu. I say, this is a concept. It's not hard but being very good at it or proficient in it is very hard. It's it's weight in leverage in. Angles. An you know that's really easy to say those three things and you're going to get smashed for years on the Mat because you have to learn those things incrementally the concepts of shooting not that hard right stance how to hold a gun satellite manager control your trigger easy to say we could go out to a range right now and people would be shooting into the ground in front of them would be like a shocking pattern because it's easy to say it's hard to do but. I loved you too because it keeps my mind sharp and I do view it from the perspective of self defense and you need to hear this people not self offense. I don't want to get in a fight. Yeah. I don't fuck and want to get in a fight. Yeah. But if you force me to that place, I'm going to be as capable and competent as humanly possible and if he forced me to that place where there's weapons involved, you need to stand the fuck by because I'm still training on those things as well. So I think. The most. Rewarding thing that I do at this point, one would be going and talking to organizations and people about leadership that's off the table right now. So that'd be probably the thing I'm the most passionate about. But I. Think we're touching more people now. Yeah. Doing this. Yeah. It seems like It always has seemed that way in the last few years since I started my podcast that it's becoming a thing. Yeah. podcasting long-form versions of it. Are. Know quite that third person in the room. Yeah. Go to digest all that information Are you gay or Nogi? I do both do both most of the class will the class that we take our wearing a ghee but definitely open matt pop the top on and off and I think a lot actually with a conversation with Rogan about this because I was asking him he came. Up I know he got his black belt from one of the Machado's and I mean I, it might have been John Jock but he got also a black belt from Eddie Bravo, which is specifically Nogi and I think he did more of that than rolling. So I asked him how he approaches Roy Magee and the thing with a key to do like door handles you're just like year. which is not there except for in Montana like your flannel would is pretty much I. Choke you to death tweet or anyway. Yeah it's it is even t shirts if the less a seems don't rip, you can get choked to death with a Goddamn beefy t hanes. But. In Montana sweatshirts jackets, it's pretty common but talking to joe he's like when I wrote the G I just don't take those grips. So that way what he is doing is not reliant upon clothing and I like that right he's able why rely on a single point failure and then that's that's a day one shit for us I don't WanNa have a tactic only works it's like hey, here's a tactic asterix if they're wearing a jacket. What about is the benefit? Yeah. What if we're at the beach, you know like we had no jacket no shirts were wearing shorts to work there. So I always approach. Jujitsu from a perspective of. Being able to handle myself in the thing is like the more I learn about at the least the less likely am I don't want to go and do that shit in a bar I don't want to hurt anybody because you learn about you know like, okay it's it's. It's not even fair when you encounter when you are somebody who doesn't know anything but they've been. So. Easy. It is easy in you know what? The the easier thing fucking walkaway Byrom walkaway. or You as your body holding up very well actually. Yeah. So but I'm in fucking indestructible. There's never been somebody built lake me yes true. Tall. lanky. Yeah. No it's. I got my I, got miles on the old. Meet vehicle that I. Walk Around your backs good. Yeah. Knees back. Sneeze at my elbow a couple weeks ago, which was my fault. And I what I do is I listen to my body though I'm not twenty anymore I turn forty three next month and I I. Don't need to remind myself of that because I wake up every morning and I feel that. So I take it easy and I I was really lucky to find a school where the Matt Culture is. Awesome. It's not a bunch of twenty year old dudes touted up and there's nothing wrong with that. But I'm just saying the people who if you go to look for Edgy Jitsu school and it's all beefed out dudes in their early twenties smashing each other and you're a little bit later on in your revolutions around the. Sun just realize they're going to treat you like a tank. So find a place that has a more balanced, Matt the culture is it's awesome. You death matches for sure. But for the most it's very chill and he you know you I mean I will escalate of people escalate, but I just tried to start very level. Yeah. My neck I got a compressed disk and see three and four yeah and at the base of my spine. And so like last roles rolling with chat robot. Sean. Chad's he's a former a champion fighter He's also a a a I can't remember what degree black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. He's a Gracie guy and he dropped me by Paulo drove me Oh my fucking neck and instantly I felt that nerve out and just blow my neck out and I was fucking just I was like man in my ever going to get back and I wondered if it was a conditioning thing. Besides him planning two hundred pounds of my ass on my neck, which he shouldn't have done by the way your. The way he the way he was moving me it just set me up for that way. Yeah and the last I blew my hamstring off of my fucking bone and Jitsu in a bad fucking. Train out for the modern combat of Shit Yeah and I just I feel like that'd probably that probably didn't hurt at all if you like dude. That's the most painful Andrew ever had. It's the cramp that never went away. Oh, it's all should get a cramp in you're like, Oh God and then that feeling of Oh fuck. Never, went away and I was like. What is going on then just in constant pain and then surgery more pain than it fuck it finally went away. Yeah. No I I try to remember how old I am I wanna have as many usable years as possible but I think pursuits like that will actually extend usable years I. Want to get back right man. Yeah I see you doing this essay. You you you guys are motivate me because I see Rogan's old asks you you doing it and oldest fuck I know seventy four I think he just turned Surprising move to Austin. I don't know much about us. I'm not surprised he moved to Texas I don't know much about the individual. Austin's net. I almost allison's got good beer Good show. But Austin is like cal maybe that's the reason why it's like California. Abia but it's just fucking I don't know man his. Texas I'm not a fucking. It's too fucking hot there. Now, this summer months you will die dude I was a Dallas Fort Worth and it was a hundred and six degrees on the range we had. We had people passing out in the fucking class. This is not good. Let's kind of awesome my insurance is going to. Shit can should Cami I can't do it. Fuck what you want to end with you. Yeah. We've been at it for three and a half hours again. Really. Yeah that's solid. I always know a good podcast when I don't feel like it's it's not at all I just are measuring the time by my bladder. Yeah. You about ready to have to be I'M GONNA bottle underneath the table. Sweet twice already what should we close with? We covered quite the spectrum fuck those a lot of shit in that one how about this be a fucking responsible American be kind to your your neighbor regardless of the beliefs that they may have because we're still all in this together. That's a good way. Did I share that sentiment because I think? We're all worked up 'cause Kovin and we all we are over emotional and dramatic about fucking everything. That's the culture we live and. Everybody's fucking sensitive because this politically divisive culture. Outside of politics outside of what team you're on what football team you like the beal movement were just fucking Americans trying to get through the fucking day You had mentioned it in our riposted your post on social media on. September. Eleven that a upset a few people but also set the internet ablaze. It did I thought it was a great post. That's why shared exactly verbatim. The Edwards to that because it shares everything that was going to say as well and. The feeling we had September twelfth that world I missed that World Sam. I missed that nation and we can get back to that nation. We just need to fucking remember at the end of the day like there's people dying in Wildfire People Americans dying in fires in this country should not be happening. people getting hit in the head with skateboards and fucking any place in this country should not be happening and I think we need to fucking chill take a chill pill watch yellowstone afflicts that will. Days. Sitting on your ass that Miss, Eliot thanks for our meal.

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