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Coming up on show. One zero six. Three riven announce their returns policy. And its route the generous stick around of all the details for you tonight close porsche building on ebay battery factory here in europe but whereabouts. I'll tell you soon why battery swapping scooters could be a solution for some markets and gemini is the biggest market in europe. But what's the second. There's been a change of place. We'll find out good morning good afternoon. Good evening wherever you are in the world. Welcome to av news daily for sunday. Twenty fifth of april. My name is lee. And i go through every story so you don't half day headline story today then. Two ravines seven day one thousand mile will return policy as it prepares to make its first deliveries of the won t. That is that pickup truck reminded the i one s the suv. Coming later. the truck should be delivered in a couple of months time. June revealed still confident of delivering those vehicles. Also a few pages out of tesla's playbook because let's face it. It worked for them. So wanna copy it if it's not broke. Why fix it They're opening showrooms across the us. They have their own insurance company. As well you can order the cows online. That's touchless delivery mobile service now. Riven copying the return policy. That tesla used to adopt. But he's a seven day or one thousand mile return policy says ford authority dot com identical to tesla's seventy thousand miles per tonne policy. That was offered until the end of last year when without warning. It mysteriously disappeared from their website. Presumably now tesla determined. There's no longer any need to provide extra comfort blanket that peace of mind to that potential buyers but riven will. They are in a very different boats whereas tessler of ten years had stopped. They need to convince their customers. There's no risk so ford and then a backing revision of course but they haven't delivered a single vehicle yet and the needs to assure that customers that they have a way out if anything goes wrong or if customers even change their mind because let's face it there's nothing really to lose for review and if a customer to deliver a truck which would be kind of weird because these buys have been queuing up for years and if somebody did say hey i want to complete refund you know what reviewed have got a queue out the door. So they'll be able to sell to the next person but yeah. They're doing that to persuade people that. There's no risk at all in buying arabian. I didn't know they had to. It's a smart move as well if anything just to give people out to the peace of mind one of the great things about tesla as well but you know i've said many times over the years they are no longer. The plucky startup are no. They aren't yet the incumbent tesla kind of going through the difficult teenage years where they don't know quite what they are and that's that's not good no bad. That's not by the way i compliment or insult but can't get getaway anymore by saying. Hey we're just the newcomers with learning how to build and there was a concert. What we've been doing it for the last time two years so we should know better. They are in that weird of weird phase. That i mean yes. Bhai market capitalizations. Is that bigger than all the other major carmakers added together. Probably but certainly by volume. They aren't but they can do heading towards a million vehicles this year. So it no longer the plucky upstarts and ravina and that is a useful place to exist for reviewing it gives you time buys you a bit of slack next. We'll talk about one of those names that has been around rather long. We'll talk about porsche. And that plan to build a navy battery cell factory in germany that speeding up my -bility drive and now they've got plans for jam. Factory the point of the factories to build sells for trick vehicles the c o. Good oliver bloom and he's been talking to a german newspaper now according to what. Somebody's of these european comic because Looking to reduce that dependence on the asian manufacturers as they ramp up production of and they will have to meet tough environmental rules in the european union their fines based on the amount of co two their entire fleets emit say fleet. I mean all the cars they sell a year. Porsche will purchase eighty batteries from that parent company. Volkswagen group play plan on building six battery cell plans across europe over the next nine years existing battery supplies focusing on volume so that more specialized needs like porsche. Ticon mcken audi each on. Gt audi six as well. Well those will fall to the back of the line because they not volume cars while i got a quote here from the ceo of porsche. He said this. And i quote battery cells or a key technology for german automobile industries and we must also have in our own country. Porsche wants to play a pioneering role in this but there will also be a segment for high-performance battery cells. It's bullshit i mean just as we developed high-performance combustion engines now we'll be at the forefront of high-performance batteries and quite so a bit of bluster in there as well which we get all the time from many names where they go. Oh way absolutely wonderful with the best always have been with will be and yeah press release speak. I put that down. But there's a is a lot of truth in that as well. The german car makers do take a lot of pride in doing a lot themselves and engineering themselves. So the ev situation at the moment has been one where they had to go and do deals to get cells Because they want in a position to build self factories themselves. I they were really looking at the middle of the korean Lg chem s canonization Battery companies with the chinese as well and so An awesome match panasonic always been working with tesla. And so it's really interesting. This is the decade. That's going to be marked out by comic is saying we're gonna make cells ourselves. We want control over that entire inside. Chain justice tesla doing as well well inside. Ev speculates the this point because they're a details about the investment. They're making some assumptions. Well there might be some battery chemistries. That offer higher energy density and will power density than the mainstream cars required but they do come much high cost moreover the they saying that there might be some battery formats even cell type like the shape and size of the offer better performance butts on being used on mainstream costs because of high manufacturing costs. Another path might be cells designed from the beginning to be integrated into a vehicle as part structural components. All really interesting thoughts and a great development in the world of vase next dwells largest motorcycle market will start using scooters a bike makers of made some splashy announcements about their effort to electrify bikes but nowhere near as many comic is doing well. Bike makers are taking a slow and steady approach to electric butts guru guru and hero teaming up to bring av scooters to the biggest bike market of all says jalal panic gurus battery swapping network and electric scooters coming to india under a partnership with hiro. That's a name you might recognize as one of the world's big bike micheals. Now we may. Well be on the white sea. Av bikes much quicker than we thought there are two hundred and twenty five million gas powered scooters in the country of india alone and this is where battery swapping is really interesting. Because the battery swap a car well A battery and a car is crazy. Big and crazy heavy to battery swap a scooters battery that is within the bounds of of of being lifted by a reasonably strong medium. Build person and so it makes it a lot more sense because battery swapping on skates is removable. And there are some fantastic examples. Already of giant battery swap stations already in use already being used in places like india where he banks and banks of these kind of chew bula Batteries that you can just so slot into a giant wall. Which is the charger and pull out. The next one which is got a green light and it's fully charged pop any biking and off you go so that makes so much sense and clearly there's a lot of combustion scooters in india that will really really need to come off the right as quick as possible to clean up the appalachian which they have and could be a great way of doing that combined with battery swapping as well next the. Uk's replacing franz as europe's second-biggest call market of the uk overtaking. Its european partner franz to become the second largest comaq in europe in the first quarter of the. We're looking here at january. Beginning of january to the end of march is rising demand for period vs says the guardian newspaper today about thirty one thousand eight hundred battery. Electric cars were sold in the u. k. And the first three months of the year compared to about a thousand less in france. Now this is this work being done by schmidt who i follow on twitter. I was messaging him the other week. Cash he's saying you know. Do you wanna come on the podcast and have a chat. And he respectfully said he does. He doesn't feel company doesn't do media. He doesn't do tv radio podcasts. he does his written. He's written reports and that's what he does so fat play to him because he's a loved to get him on but he was like. Oh i just don't do anyone. I don't like to do the kind of interview site. So i would encourage you to go and read his work. It's excellent some of it's free of it's paid for a great independent journalist. Colonel virus last year was the first year in which european consumers bought more than half a million electric cars lost year. Supply was still there with eve. As i mean it's not it's not where it is compared to dimond But last year largely combustion cars had a real hard time but people carried on buying vs through the pandemic but that is expected to double this year a million sales twenty twenty one for european customers of pure electric cars now in the next couple of years across the all of europe now in the uk. It's eleven percents All plugging cars and across all of europe the wide area. It'll be by about twenty twenty four the e. puree vs hate ten percent of the market so ten percent is still small but the number start to get really interesting and big as well. When you're talking about the area geminis my father largest of course with sixty four and a half thousand puree the sold in the first quarter of the year but unsurprising because they're som mega subsidies in germany. It re half paid by the comic isn't half paid by governments next. We'll talk about volkswagen and a survey that done in america and they asked. Suv owners about. Tv's volkswagen of america announcing today the results of the found that momentum and consideration of as growing sharply with american suv owners and shoppers along with appreciation of their environmental benefit with no emissions of the tailpipe despite many of them having zero experience eventually driving an ev well to gauge the appetite for electric vehicles. Volkswagen of america polled one thousand as owners and five hundred. Suv shoppers in the united states. Who were considering a purchase within six months and found that overall over seventy percent had never had the chance to even test-drive an ebay. It's a massive opportunity. And i were looking forward to more people doing that this year. And actually i'm kind of working with those that listening to this podcast every day We'll hit my premium pilotless or Some call dealers in cincinnati of audi of cincinnati east and volvo cars Portion of the village. And so i was talking to them a couple of weeks ago about. I'm just some kind of hinson tips and and they're really ford obviously sponsoring the podcast and drive vs themselves and so of course every dealer experience will be different but those guys and girls really pro av forward and talking to them about things that we can do to just encourage that buys into just to try one right if somebody comes in to a new porsche whatever at least to say hey. Have you tried the tycoon. And then if they try and don't like at least that number is the amount of people who've tried ev. but more than seventy percent of never even had the chance to even drive one sixty five percents of owners and seventy six percent of shoppers. A more interested in electric vehicles than they were at this point twelve months ago. Hof of owners and six out of ten. Shoppers say that they would likely by an ebay the next time they purchase a vehicle which is a huge stat. We're talking just under fifty percent just over fifty percent depending on whether you talking into existing. Suv owners or people here in the market for one. It's around fifty percent either way would bion ebay the next time they purchase a vehicle. That is great news for perception. It's great news for the pr and marketing job. That the the. I'm a. I'm a tiny parts of but that's the point of this. Podcast is an advocate advocacy. Podcast try and spread the good word about electric vehicles and say i don't know if anyone i do. People have listened to the show and then borne ebay but it editor the impact of truly. It's great that's more the more everybody can do that. Every part of the av wild including this little podcast here Just to persuade. Hey considerate just consider that numbers now. Fifty percent which i didn't have an equivalent survey but i know the general stats last year year before you before it was nowhere near that is fantastic news. All right. let's move on and it's time to answer your question of the week with mobility no way dot com this week. We're asking you you would buy a chinese-made ev. So many of the chinese carmakers have is on europe and the us so many of them don't by the white and so many of them are just busy satisfying the home market that they have there which is enormous and still largely untapped. But there on names expediting and neo that want to sell cars and in many cases in cars already in europe. A us as well so asking you. If you would buy a chinese-made evey would put you off. Would you have no worries. June bombed of culture tv said. I think it depends more on the reputation of the manufacturer rather than the country if the m. g. s. v. had been out in the uk. Ditching out self. Charging hybrid is a few years ago. We wouldn't have bought out lock in outland. Mg china had already shown they could build quality vehicles a reasonable price and this is a great suv. And if they build the atf. Av an e version of a convertible that they have the tooling for abu. I in q after all a lot of the components used to make visa from china anyway just the final assembly tends to be elsewhere thanks again for the ratios says. I appreciate that. Yeah you're right actually. So many bits. A- shipped from china and then final assembly happened somewhere else. So does it matter next. Steve john says would i buy a chinese. I'm the proud driver of a pollstar. Too and i'm loving every minute of it says steve funnily enough i saw chap reverse parallel parking his post onto today and so i had to put up to a stop because he wasn't doing particularly well and it was a two lane or is a two road is so single line and I couldn't get past. And so i was just cited my wife of the pulse dot to do you like it and like. Yeah but it's a bit of an old man's car brilliant. Thanks for that matter old. I love it post gorgeous. of course yes made in china and I had a good look at it Today you just from from cows we. We were driving past as we were driving around the very nice area of sandbanks in poole in dorset so we live by the way there. Because you know we are normal people right next. We'll talk about steven troy. The fact he. The car is bill in china. Wouldn't turn me away says steven if it has enough range for my use case and the price is right's then it's fine by me david austin says i don't care where something is made along as the quality is equivalent to i'm paying for it good point so it's actually a bit more complex question. I thought actually when i asked it. Would you buy chinese. ev. Well yea sure. What's the price. How long's a piece of string if it's the same price as i can get. Maybe a a german engineering company. That's been building Sort of years. I have a brand affinity with i. No i'm going to be guaranteed a certain level of those cost before whether it's performance handling or luxury all your ride or whatever but actually if the chinese eve is half the price and it does all the things you want that's really really good nuance point. Having all that next. Hannah in san diego says it's it's not the fact that the cars are made in china or any particular country but more about some many of those names not having any support network over here at all. All machines will go wrong at some point she says. And that's when you need to know you'll vehicle can be fixed. Yeah i know what you mean by. That is one of the things that's Not i'm in the market for a tesla by the white but before there was mobile service one of the things that i always moldova again on the market but i'm two hours from bristol in two hours from london and so if i had ever in the past board a tesla. I was aware the i am. I mean bristol's closer as the crow flies but it's back roads to get there so at least a two hour drive on the back of a lorry to get to the near service center fantastic. I've got my boss service now. Plenty of people who have mobile service and swear by say it's really good works very well eases the worries. Of course so yeah. It's a good point. Actually what is the level of support gonna be like Know it's hard to build a national network of dealers. D need that you just. You should use. Outsource it to like a chain of guarantees or something and train. Train them up. So i was funny. I was reading a press. Release a couple weeks ago about. Mg's expansion in europe of course. Mg is a famous british sports car name but that's long gone their owned by chinese company. S i see. Now he used the name of the low. They bought that and They've got a load of dealerships in the and the press release was all about the the european expansion but they were talking about how many they have in the uk and get the number now but it was way more than i realized. Now i know i've gone. Mg dealer named me but there were tons of them me a lot of dealers so again. It's a really important consideration. Next from the feedback form at eighty news. Daily dot com run says considering a question of the week. Would i buy a chinese-made ev. Am i buying chinese mates tesla. Vw volvo am. I buying an australian made british badged vick owned by an indian conglomerate. Mustang is made in mexico but some will say that made in america is more important. I'm most concerned with engineering pedigree. I like innovation and efficiency. The flag of the manufacturer cannot be relevant for very long before capitalism will betray a any rights apple and foxconn built. S- well that i just by. Maybe i'll get me a german engineered. Us made next car. Barry wolf on the feedback form. Abc news daily dot com email address. Obviously i can't give it to you by the way but i love it He says if i were to buy a new battery electric vehicle i would want. It may lie. Carbon neutral facility using renewable electricity. I do not believe this can be accomplished in china living in the usa. I would choose. Navy made in north america with batteries made in north america. If i lived in the eu i would choose a locally made with locally made batteries china continues to build more coal burning power plants and while they make great cars and sells they gotta clean up. That grid says barry already count disagree with that point that you've just made next pizza. The model three owner emailed me to say i think warranties make the biggest difference with chinese cars just as the korean companies like kea came to the uk with longer warranties than most others and they actually followed through on them as well. I've heard that the cows says pizza have alone warranty but they're very selective in what they cover. He says. Chinese companies coming to the uk can ease worries with a fully inclusive warranty. Yeah i've read that as well actually. And i don't know either way and i've never i don't you know i'll always give. Mg the right to reply accusations. But yeah i have read that on things like forums and what have you. People have posted pictures of the cars wearing and even visual rusty bits underneath of the not very long at. Mgm said no. That's normal that's not undressa not warranty. That's normal so again. It's one side of the story Mg a very welcome to to To to to clear up is and isn't covered. Think really long warranty on their electric cars from m. g. again if as comprehensive as others or not. I would want to say either way so. Thank you very much for all of your responses this week on question of the week less at a brand new question for you this is gonna get. This could be a really busy one this week. So many people are going to chip in with this because it's a to hate it topic. What's the most effective. Consumer advocate shen regarding. Av's follows up the survey that we were talking about on the show today about lots of people would now like to buy an have driven one so we need to tell people all about electric vehicles as your question of the week. What's the most effective consumer education regarding. Evt's you can email me hollow av news. Daily dot com and take part in question of the week with mobility no dot com radios out on sunday. Show you know the deal. It means a lot to anyone who checks patriot. And thank you very much to everyone who supports the premium partners phil robertson electric future brad. Crosby porsche of the village. In cincinnati audi a cincinnati east volvo cars of cincinnati national charging dot com today. How charged come get jim omen that podcast very same organizing that derek riley from the ev review. On youtube channel. A former guests and other form against richard at rsv cut of the buying and selling eve as in the ability. No dot com. Of course been partners of the podcast. Support is enormously appreciates david and lisa allen gareth halima bibi mill brick cottages the five star gold self-catering us now that we are easing lockdown white to go see bobbin solar and his battery and storage and charges and stuff that he's got his guests a down mcklusky from d-i-n-o-v-i-t-e real estate hutto to yucca. Cooking and from shift to electric dot com was a raji. Mary-anne an enc like you all of you for being part of the podcast on equip mentioned for exact produces because there will legends as well. I owned by allen. Alex haney i like some the frank. Anders hove andrea jefferson andrew. Green andy ankara when lillian casts acid. Kelly fused blunderbuss. Jones was brian thompson. Bricks hanan charles. Kris hopkins christopher cohen. Zv craig rogge's. Oh by the way colin. 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