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Hour 2: More AB Fallout


It on a much more serious note. Let's talk some football. There are new sexual assault allegations against Antonio Brown artist who accused Brown of sexual misconduct says she received intimidating text messages from Brown after allegations surfaced this week in sports illustrated the woman told sl she received a group oop text message that appeared to come from the same number Brown gave her in two thousand seventeen when he hired her to paint a mural. The woman says she believes it was brown encouraging others in the text to investigate her describing quote super broke. She's not pursuing charges money but her attorney and the NFL have arranged a call between investigators and SL reports art great football every time you walk in the doors here. You know be a team so every time I walk here. I just WanNa make sure the apparent kitties guys my from the League. If anything about your availability before appreciate that question you know I'm just here it is you just focus on ball and look forward to getting out there in the home stadium okay that was. Ab Talking yesterday today before these allegations came out we have NFL executive VP football ops and of course former Philadelphia Eagle Troy Vincent still here with us. Thank you again of course for being here serious matter. Please tell me this what goes into being on the Commissioner's exempt list will tip the process. That's handled through the Management Council Commissioner. We have set up security officer an investigative team so each case is different most are criminal cases and that process goes through the commissioner and he actually has some council internal and external evaluation situation and it rises to the level of being on the exemplifies. I'm curious curious to know from the NFL's perspective as you see so many of us myself Max v Molly various others speculate speculate about what the NFL is supposed to do. What's the misnomer? That's out there all the time in terms of stuff like this in other words Alright Antonio Brown acting up the Commissioner Roger Goodell what you put them on a commission. We automatically lean on the League office. We don't even think about the teams themselves themselves. Sometimes we usually think about you guys you and Roger Goodell mainly people think about that. What's the misnomer that's out there that people need to gather and understand about exactly what goes on with these decisions are? The decisions aren't made in evacuate an individual decisions. We've learned years ago of that. It's a it's a team concept concept and you don't want to you're innocent until proven guilty and every case is different these pending investigations we take him serious especially when you start talking about sex crimes those are things that you know that's delicate and you want to write people right professionals those individuals who actually deal with those things that are experts in those fields they evaluate the process they bring those materials back to commissioner and his team and then there's a decision that's GonNa help you know sometimes common sense can get in the way of due process. Due Process is Bate is rooted in basic fairness which elite can be set to have of value of like we want to be fair. Obviously every league wants to make money but you also want to take these kinds of allegations brought by women very seriously based on what we how everyone's been educated about. What oftentimes is the case when these allegations are brought the in the situation like this when you get it when you start to get multiple accusations on the one hand you say well once he's been accused once but nothing's been proven he's more vulnerable to another accusation? Someone who'd be extorted shorted on the other hand. It's common sense that if multiple people are accusing the same person of the same thing it's different than say if one a person is accusing multiple people of something right you think whoa wait a minute. This is not the only person saying this about you so how much does kind of common sense play into the Commissioner's exempt list in a situation like this is processes due process and some time we've seen common sense doesn't play out sometime. Commonsense isn't fair. You don't WanNa falsely accused of anything you know and also wanted victimize someone as well so the due process. This is important action. No one wants to jump to conclusions. No one wants to go out. That's why the team investigators are gathering all the facts bring those back in eternal share those with the club and representation but what does an executive for the National Football League say in defense of the Commissioner of all all the commissioners lists when we've been taught that sometimes it's not about guilt or innocence. It's about staining the shield impugning the integrity of the national football league and that alone is justification for us as the League to say. You don't need to be a uniform right now because we have the luxury of making that call. What do you say to that? What policies policy we've all had to live through that as a former player when and that is necessary? We've seen the commissioner exempt people be player to be put on Christmas Commissioner's exempt list time and time again but we've learned and also you gotta do your diligence so I would just say again. Those decisions aren't made in a vacuum commission. Adele is not making those decisions. Individually it is a is a team that is bring back those facts and then he weighs in does this rise to the level with all of the facts on the table should someone the for the folks at home just so they want to have some peace of mind we understand this clearly the NFL speaking with Brittany Taylor that was the first set of sexual assault allegations allegations and this female artist as well and they'll be investigating with them and speaking bolt directly correct grow. I've one last question about this has the. NFL established I whether Antonio Brown sent the text message that has been reported and disseminated in the media where he taught where he texts her purportedly reportedly reportedly what he did while she was sleeping because to me that is commissioner's exempt list if he said that that's bad that it was nonconsensual appending an investigation will leave it on that note. Yes please give it up for Troy Vincent. Everybody thank you for being here on behalf of the League and of course right down the street from Philly Yeah Winston Salem State. I see you what's going on everybody. Welcome back into I take. HVAC you week. We're here in Wilmington Delaware Steffi sixers. We're GONNA have a little fun right now. We're GONNA play segment called back to school Steven Stephen A. and Max up there in the crowd looking like young pups when they were back at Columbia St Bobby here from willing founding tenants kind enough to join US bobby. What do you want to ask Max and Steven Steven A? I just wanted to know who do you think we'll have the more impactful for performance on Sunday Patrick Mahomes or my man action Jackson. We'll go with action Jackson. I'm Lamar Jackson so you know why because not only is he throwing the football bedroom. We know he's got wheels on up. Last time I checked Kansas City still don't have a defense. That's that's why they want Jalen Ramsey so bad patrick mahomes is a bad brother but the ravens a no joke defensively Kansas City might be joke which is why oh. I didn't need to get Jalen Ramsey. I agree with all that here's the problem. Patrick Mahomes has played real one real season a couple games. This dude has thrown fifty seven touchdowns and two interceptions. No no sorry twelve interceptions in the last. What is it eighteen games fifty seven touchdowns and twelve interceptions? He just turned twenty four he he might wind up being the best to ever did it. Give me mahomes alright. Thank you so much right. Now we have made here from University of Delaware are paying homage of Andrew his career cut short. Thank you so much for being with US nate what you've got for the guys Max. Which quarterback would you rather have going forward jared goff or Baker Mayfield? You know what for me it's Baker. The Baker's got jet. Bakers got something that tells me when they get the offensive line together when when they get acclimated the whole thing money on the line. I want speaker over golf. Maybe in other situations the money on the line Jimmy Baker over Governor Baker well. I wouldn't know because I haven't seen the Cleveland browns but money on the line yet with jared the fact that a matter matter is jared Goff is Taller Jared Goff can make any throw jared Goff beautiful spiral. He can fling that football there is no doubt about that. I do think Baker Mayfield if you've got a better set of receivers with Landry and Odell Beckham Junior even joke who got hurt but the bottom line is jared Goff is fresh off a super bowl. The rams gave even one hundred and ten million a guaranteed dollars for a reason this brother Ken fling the football where Baker Mayfield wins is in headlines because he's in Cleveland and he's got people like you to dip as championship contenders when ain't done a damn thing Friday with Cleveland Williams here with me now don't they look so cute and innocent up there. They just need lunchboxes and fabric keeper. Just like young box walks out William when he went asked the guy's got question for Mr Steven A. and Steven. Can we learn anything about your favorite team. The Dallas cowboys this weekend against the Miami Hi. It's Jamie Dolphins well first first of all. I'm assuming that sense. You asked me that question. You probably a Dallas Cowboy fan cowboys all right well. I'm glad because if you were I would have security remove you from these premesis. Sting Dallas Cowboy fans the most disgusting nauseating fan base in American history. I can't stand him Fan. Dan The cowboys are legit but here's the thing the difference between champions and wannabes. Is that when champion. NPR's have an opportunity to put their foot on a theory of throat they do it does take their foot off the gas because they're not accustomed has to know Prosperity Fun Dallas Cowboys to be we'll see if I'm wrong as the season progresses any team that thinks they're going to the playoffs us and beat the dolphins by minimum three touchdowns the only thing you learn about them as they got problems. Dallas cowboys are going to curb. Stop aw the dolphins. Hey I'm Molly Carolyn. You're listening to the first take podcast more than one million businesses TRACINDA's to help them open their doors with confidence gets cintas and get ready for the workday. Learn how CINTAS can help your business get ready at Cintas DOT COM that's e. I N. Then T. A. 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He'd be on the links before school after school. All all he ever wanted was to go pro and then one day when he was holding his grandson and thinking about twelve handicap Johnny realized it just might not what happened for him but you know what did happen for him. He switch to Geico and saved a bunch of money on car insurance so that was good and sell was hanging out with his grandson back to. I E you make you all love and appreciate the talented artists listen to this list of notable. HP VCU alums to chains Alabama State Erica gramling Sean diddy Combs Howard Common Florida WTA am and Lionel Richie Yeah hello everybody everybody welcome back to. I take here with Max Kellerman. It's such an honor to be here. Seventy sixers field has hugh week and you know what Max I've been working with Stephen a almost almost five years. You know he's pretty big time. He's the Star Alpha but I really wonder what he was like in college and that's ax why we just surprised him. Let's throw it over to Steven A. Can you please introduce your longtime friend for first of all you go find out too much much because each and every one of these boys know better about me publicly like this okay so he's been my man. Don't be telling all the secrets all right. These are my teammates from Winston Salem state a few of them over the basketball team pretty boy Phil Hayes is the one here right. What's up fell? What's go steve congratulations brother proud of you man? How is it that after all these years you still look to say yeah the living in the Hamptons? Maybe he's a model to this is ridiculous man my man Phil Hey preach love your boy monty Ross former assistant coaches St Joe's will make coach at Delaware. I want to tell your business could tell now where you're going to be at Temple University physical at Temple University back. What's going on what's going on? What's going on man how you doing so you didn't tell me about this wanted to surprise you? What would you say to the people I was sworn secrecy and I think we got you you get me? You did give me I'll get you. I'll get you to do this year. We'll be are we'll be our long as coaches this. They either way would be McKee text me earlier today head coach Temple. He texts me Earth here because he texts me well. You know he's a social media genius yourself so I'm not surprised still a politician told us. Thanks a lot John Minutes Guy Right here. His name is Gary Stevens. We know him as spank despised this man's laugh okay him and this guy right here. More Turner wants collaborated with each other to put on some old zoot suit. My father sent Vida College with walking around campus imitate me with the suit on this is what I have to go through when I was a youngster what Softbank let's go bro. You didn't think to tell me he you know we was on the phone Sunday for like hour right. That's right. You didn't tell me at work. I was sworn to secrecy as say man. That was our job. We did a good job all right. I'll tell you what you and you tend to see. The game is stepping up a little bit nice shoes and all that the bed it growing up. Did the white pick the tie out for you. Yes she did Terrell Bora. Boris Terrell battle lives in Minnesota got his children it with him. Let me tell you something I love. Minnesota's grace mortell is it's too damn cold dead and this man has been there for the last twenty five thirty years and you stood me off a super bowl party too because it was called town. You left town two hours before you were supposed to because it was about coal I do. I do get to see you too little game which better music excuse me. Excuse me excuse me one second here. Some things never change like he can't stand the cold. Even though he's from from Hollis Queens that did you you didn't please I introduce your last teammate Kevin with better known escape we love him optical quantum hardcastle okay and he was always ready to look like rock-solid ready to beat people up but he doesn't handle the player his wealth and cattle due correct Kevin. Thank you please join told me this picture. Your hope your that was me that was that was me. It's okay you know I don't look bad and see if you noticed that my hair was starting to fade back then if evo only you could have gone a cowboys fan back then to fall in love with you things would have been all right. Hey don't get mad at me. I got another surprise for you. I have Chancellor Robinson. Please come on out chancellor. Robinson of William Winston Salem state the Stephen Look what he has for you eight scholarship in your honor. Wow thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you what's going on. You get to see them in house squad. Let's let's say this chaffee they've been we want to come out and support you and give you these gifts and this beautiful beautiful photograph you when you were younger and to see how much we appreciate what you do for htc us but we also appreciate what you do for Western Salem State University because how's your generosity because you're giving students and get a first class education because the Byu Ramzi of sound but we here today aw because of you and your generosity money magazine said in two thousand nineteen that Winston Salem State University was the number one public eight species you in the country for best value and that is because of folks like you. Thank you so much for you. Do thank you so much. I don't know what else to I say. Thank you thank you so much. I really appreciate it from the bottom so we're in the process. Now is setting up a scholarship in your name and because of you we WANNA to ask people to donate to the Stephen Bill Scholarship and western Salem State University James do both is handling all the details Dame's you've got into new details for us. Yes you can visit. SSU Rams Dot Com right now and support the Stephen Smith Athletic Scholarship Fund which is so thank you Steven A. and your name will forever be apart of W. S. U. History Gentlemen thank you so much for being here welcome back to I take on this Good Friday h VCU week with my Guy Keller and having Dr With this crowd it is incredible but we really want to get these fine ladies and gentlemen feel of I take I don't think we can do that without a Stevens James. Please do the honors on as I have to artist and you see what it says it says Stevens a list all top eight athletes. I'm I'm not talking about your performance at. HCC US talking about you coming from an HBO and all that you've done. Let's go to my father Jimmy Number Five Pete Tapie Michael Strahan Max. It's not just because out of Texas nothing brother Ball. He was an all American. Did he goes to the Super Bowl win. The Super Bowl for the new the judge Ovalles xactly fees it all tackling put a case it missed it. Hey Barry what makes the top okay. Let's go Oh to number four on my list Jerry Rice. I should say why but I really should have to the greatest receiver in the history of Football Fifteen hundred plus perception twenty two thousand for yards three times super bowl champion. He even went to a super bowl with them. Damn Raiders. He's the greatest perceiver in the the history of football. Let's go to number three on give it to me Walk to pay in Aka sweetness. Wa you know what he wants. The man played the Jackson State. He was sensation today he goes to the NFL he was he went to the Super Bowl Championship Chicago. What's up on a time? He was all Tom Lita Russell before. Emmitt Smith came on no debating this. Let's go to number two live. Please give it to me earl. The Pearl Monroe Winston. There's Salem State University average forty eight college on national champion Bet bought away the brother brought an MBA VI championship to New York City Jesus said this is this is what it was all about okay and we go to number water waterless Doug Williams easily black man that wanted to championship but Steve. I actually but Steve McNair can't ignore how great he was our Forte Candido how great he was in the national football the even Doug Williams at a super bowl McNair. Someone on you had a better career by the way you see this top five list with Steve McNair number number two. We gotTA move him. I don't want to rip this up. I'm sorry I have to because what I WANNA. Do is take earl the Pearl Monroe doc put him at number one because dammit he went to Winston Salem State University. Excuse me excuse me Steven Yeah. We have the scholarship fund in your name. I am so proud of you. Surprise you with your teammates. You're not getting off easy as giving you real quick story. Let's just embarrass him. Real quick back a weekend in my freshman year. My mom called me and said Mark. How's the college life going? I said mom colleges cool but my roommate is awful. She said what do you mean. I said he talks do much everything he cuts me off when we talk you don't share his food clean up after himself horrible. Nothing's changed Gosh. We're GONNA get a lot of stories about how they tell Steven A. You gotTA shoot the ball to stop passing the ball. You just gotta she. WE'RE NOT GONNA get too many of those stories stories right just the opposite he never passed. Ask Exchange never even get a word and then with him not a word Molly Max. I feel your pain. He's a cowboys fan. He's lucky he's here. He gets taking Steven. I want you to do these honors. We have these talented folks here about the band's. Can you please take over and introduce use them. Here's the deal I want to thank. Everybody would be here. Thank you so much. Thank you ever sick and his staff Earl Kupa Ashley Christopher. Everybody Associated Member Sean McDonnell. We'll put this together I take. ESPN Maxim Molly love. y'All appreciate your day everybody. Let's talk to the band Delaware state the battled a tweet mile a model three take it away. Yeah insist breath the that was beautiful beautiful Porta Delaware. They all the problems of the world but I'm from with the sale of State University last time I checked ranked number one in terms of bid so you'll know what targeted this represents your boy. How did do y'all think sure what you got? Please take it away. Ah Yeah Doc the yeah the the highlife incredible. Thank you Delaware State. Thank you Winston Salem State. Okay thank you so much for being here and I need to give you a hug congratulations. You work so hard so deserved for you and your family and of course we're celebrating. HPC You week. We're celebrating Youtube still proud you wanna give thanks to both of you can't do it without y'all. I really appreciate the love thank you so

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