07-28-21 Book of the Month: Healer of the Water Monster by Brian Young


Support for this program by fairbanks alaska the golden heart city go see gold-panners game visit downtown art galleries or drive out to cina hot springs exploring your home state. Is the kovic safe way to enjoy the summer. Welcome to native america calling from studio eight six minnesota pueblo. I'm tara gatewood humor. The water monster is dna author. Wine young's debut novel the book centers around nathan in urban deny youth who encounters a whole being while visiting his grandmother on her traditional lands of the nova who nations. He is lead on a journey that truly tests his bravery get ready for our book of the month. Or we'll visit with fine to hear more about healthy to dream into a novel. National native news is next stay tuned. this is national native news. I mean antonio gonzales vice president. Kamala harris hosted a native vote discussion. Tuesday with tribal leaders and voting advocates in opening remarks harris mentioned barriers including lack of access to polls harris says the administration is listening to tribes. Here's part of her remarks which aired on c. span we've been engaged consultation with the leaders in recognition of the government to government relationship and in recognition therefore of the need to consult with these leaders to make sure that whatever it is that we are doing to fix the problem it is formed by the leaders tells artifact caracal leaders and advocates from five states. Took part in the meeting. The yukon cuscak quim delta and western alaska is the second largest region in the us without access to high speed internet. But not for long as kyi. Uk's great kim reports one try but plans to beam down broadband speeds from space the current state of internet access and the white cay delta is abysmal. Three hundred dollars a month by internet service a hundred times slower than what's offered in many u. s. cities so the accuracy native community a y k delta tribe decided to take matters into its own hands using newly launched satellites akio plans to install broadband internet by november of this year tribal chief mike williams senior is excited for all the ways. Broadband could change life. Enac improve their quality of life in all areas healthcare education economic development and other services like. We're so excited about catching up to the digital world. Low earth orbit or leo satellites will beam. Internet service into the satellites are owned one web last month. One web announced ahead launched enough satellites to provide service to all of alaska. Accurate says that will more than double. Internet speeds have a higher data cap and cost less than the current option other tribes in the white cay. Delta are following ac lied about half the tribes in the region have joined a consortium that will help them set up the same internet system in their community as they're planning on paying for it with the federal grant that has nearly one billion dollars available for tribes to expand broadband access. The deadline to apply is september. First in bethel. I'm greg cam. This year's class of crow reservation rookie. Firefighters montana were sent to their first place the same day. They graduated training school. Taylor stagner has more the buffalo pastor fire earlier this month became a training ground crow firefighting rookies to test out newly learned skills. How fireworks chemically different approaches to fighting fire. And how to stay safe. We're all part of the curriculum. Carl big hair ran the rookie school and says the opportunity for hands on experience was an excellent way to test what they learned over the week of training for them to experience a whole thing actually decline right buyer. They care says he sees the need for more firefighters in the near future especially as fire season is expected to become more intense as summer continues last year. The reservation had twenty one rookie firefighters this year only seven second year. Firefighter de shauna. Anderson said that while there are fewer workers this year. She's really impressed with their quality. I feel like more of them are more determined to firefight and i see them more on the line billing to dig lie and then get things done and i feel like this fire. Season is a lot hotter than last year for national native news. I'm taylor stagner and demand tony out gonzales. National native news is produced by broadcast corporation with funding by the corporation for public broadcasting support by the center for indigenous cancer research at roswell park comprehensive cancer center dedicated to cancer research medicine and cancer care for indigenous population. The no charge online risk assessment tool is available at roswell park dot org slash assess me. This show is supported by the fx original series reservation dogs from sterling harjo and tyco. It reservation dogs follows the adventures of four indigenous teens rural oklahoma preservation dogs streaming august ninth exclusively fx on hulu native voice. One the native american radio network. This is native america calling. I'm tara gatewood joining you live from my homeland. Assure with dewi. Healer of the water monster is a book that we are going to jump in today. It is by deny author. Brian young and it calls upon a traditional story but there is an added flair to it. And we're going to hear from our author today just The protei took but the story follows a young man who returns to the nam-ho nation to visit his elder and while he's there not only does he get to reconnect with his family and his language. He also connects with a special being. We're going to hear about an everyone that is tied to that one being and today we are gonna get insights into when books are created by native authors. The opportunity that it is giving to readers so we'll get into all of that today and we also hope that you will join us too. You can give us a ring. The number is one eight hundred nine nine. Six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and the first ten callers to make it on air to share their thoughts or their questions will receive a complimentary copy of healer of the water monster. A courtesy of harpercollins children's books so again if you'd like to join us one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is how you get into the conversation and right now. We're in a fort defiance arizona to brian young. Who joins us today brian. Thank you for joining us and please feel free to further introduce yourself Thank you for the space. Yeah tissue can't though she's an aide bryan young initia- cut cheating or the name bush's gene toward a dutch call. Eight thousand dollars Cotija go team teams slim It dan Corgi dj brooklyn michigan. Hi everyone my name is. Brian young i am an enrolled member of the navajo nation. I am originally from the forty five sam area but i currently live in brooklyn new york and again. Thank you for having me. On the show brian. There is so much we can explore in this book. But let's go ahead and give them some of the setting. What would you like to share. Sending things up Well first and foremost is a middle grade novel and the civic subset of waie or young adult. I have heard several people referred to as an adult but Middle grade is a little bit younger than young adults. So the target demographic is sixth to eighth grade or ten to thirteen and a while. I did write it specifically for young navajo readers. I was hoping that the book would be able to reach a broader audience older and also non-native audience. And so there's a big invitation into all this Continue yeah and i guess. Plots of nonsense Nathan is an eleven year old. Deny a ski or young man and he grew. He lives in fort for defense. Fourteen points. nathan live in phoenix arizona. And he is sent to. His paternal grandmother's mobile home trailers sites just north of truck new mexico and in the book that area has been in a drought for about thirty years and his nellie or his paternal grandmother lives without running water or the trysofi because of how far away from the towns and infrastructure. She just doesn't have access to those and then in addition to Being conscious of water conservation. Nathan is doing a science experiment And he was comparing the water consumption of traditional heirloom corn kernels that his nali had received from her grandmother versus store bought corn kernels and is during this time that he gets lost in the desert at night and comes across a water monster and for now the we have our hygiene bachan that or are merging story or a creation mythology and mortar. Monsters are in the third world and in my authors. Don't i specifically make sure to say that water in all the navajo stories like mortar monsters. Do not come up into the fourth round but this is my fictional addition to do the creation mythology nice. Say that is false. The first people the first beings into the fourth role and the into the time that we are in right now. And so nathan comes across a water monster and in my book in this fictional setup. I say that water monsters protect bodies of water such as lakes rivers and they with their songs are able to sing down the rain and they are pretty much like water deities and this particular water monster has been sick for thirty years and because of his sickness. He hasn't been able to sing any of the rain songs thereby causing the drought in the area and and in exchange for helping nathan get out of the desert nathan agrees to find out what is sickening the water monster and hopefully he'll him from ever is causing him pain and there is a lot that you end up bringing up about you know of course Living in a community Having mixed families in there there's just so much Explored in in the different pages that you have provided to us and brian free you. What's your hope on on this book in who it'll reach from the very beginning. My hope my biggest dream was that young navajo. Readers would be able to see themselves in the story. I grew up. very voracious reader and in fact libraries. Where one of my first Babysitters because my mom when she took me to gallop who had kind of dropped me off at the library. I would just spend hours upon hours looking at books reading books and i just entertain myself with whatever i found so stories were always a huge important part of my youth and growing up but the books that i was reading the movies that i was watching the video games. I was playing. Had no native american protagonists. We were always secondary at best or we were treated as environments. And we were always stereotypes. We were always boring feathers. We were always speaking broken english. And i did not identify with what was available at that time and growing up like I was a huge fan of the harry potter series attended like book releases. Midnight book releases watched all the movies in theaters. I remember one of my friends saying like reading those books. Only white people get to go to that school and that kind of just stuck with me and painted my reading experience not just with harry potter but with other books and book series. I was reading about there. Were no native characters and at age are just kind of looking for reflections of yourself. And whatever you're doing. And i wasn't finding that so with my book. Healer of the water monster. I'm hoping to provide that reflection and in providing that reflection i'm also hoping to say to young navajo kids on the reservation in urban environments. That you too can be protectionist. You too can be our hero. And i feel that as a message that all all native kids not just now the host Need to hear especially at that age range between ten and thirteen where there's a lot of milestones that they are crossing as young adult. Sure there's a lot of things that the four men in that age range and showing this character as the hero. I think really is exciting and something that you also do. Brian in terms of traditional stories. A lot of times they are passed on In in they create the space that we connect to traditionally a and what you have done with this kind of blending. You are basically. It seems that you are telling these young individuals that you belong in this space is well You're connected to this. You know traditional circle By by even putting a young man you know having conversations making friends With holy beings in i'd like for you to just expand on that about taking that approach Well it wasn't such a radical idea to have a navajo protagonist in my because in some ways. I was already doing that with. The books are reading. When i discovered i can find any representations of myself is the author wasn't providing no concrete details of the characters i was inserting navajos anywhere. I could even when my mom would buy me like coloring books. I was coloring all the characters the same shade of brown. I was at so in that way. I guess i was in digitizing the contents around me but when it comes to blending both traditional and modern it didn't that also was not as radical idea to me because as a person who. I got my bachelor's degree young and my master's i am kinda living in those two Atmospheres not Stratosphere of journal and it doesn't it's not a he's be participating in both. There is a little bit. Never doable and presenting the brace in the west and brian hint type brian. We gotta go to break here and He's actually going to read some of this book for us coming up right after the break and i know you don't wanna miss that but i do wanna remind you. It is our july book of the month. And if you'd like to join us. Talk directly to brian you can call in at one. Eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number. We have ten bucks to share with you today Courtesy of harpercollins children's books full nicer. Open you gotta make it on air though one. Eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is a number go ahead and give us a ring and you can ask your questions to brian's ready. The remains of nine children who returned to the rosebud to trolling nearly one hundred and forty years after they were buried at the carlisle indian school in pennsylvania remains of another alaskan eater. Person was also turned. We'll learn about the journey to bring these relatives home. The next native america calling support by roswell park who know tribal communities face persistent challenges in health equity such as cancer and higher death rates the centre for indigenous cancer research at roswell park. Comprehensive cancer center is dedicated to advancing cancer research that will lead to translatable science medicine and cancer care for indigenous populations worldwide. Are you at high risk for cancer. A no charge online assessment tool is available at roswell park dot org slash assists me. Thanks for tuning. In to native america calling interrogate would from a subtle pueblo and it is july book of the month this month. We have invited. Brian young to join us. He is danny author. The name of his book is healer of the water monster and again that invitation. Is there for you. if you'd like to join us. Go ahead and dial in one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is the number and we are also going away ten copies of the book to get one. You just gotta make it on air Dialing now you like to join us. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight and brian attorney to you. Take us deeper into the book. I know there's a section that you're excited to read of course. Of course this is chapter. Two after nathan has been dropped off his knowledge place in east kinda very uncomfortable having trouble sleeping and so this and pop of pink twenty six nelly said. It's okay not to be comfortable out here. She must offense. Nathan's lack of enthusiasm. It's tough living and not everyone finds it relaxing nila. We have a long summer and to keep attitude. It's gonna be even longer shown a be patient. Give it time for me okay. Nowy making said in the kettle started whistling nathan inserted a sprig of lavender into sage leads into it. Are your friends working on their projects over the summer team. No just me. Oh what are they doing to cough wesley. Going to summer camp. While stephen going on some family vacation to disneyland or disney world. What about your other friends. That question stung nathan. Didn't really have any other friends. Leslie in stephen. We're the only ones who didn't call him butterball. He folded his arms over his stomach and wish they would go away. The tea should be ready and they can thought he poured steaming liquid into the monks and only had brought out really blue on the t in her cup. Took a sip and grinned Silicon hook cost. Come over here. Pulled him closer to her. He rested his head on her soft shoulder and she continued to small not only inhale deeply and said so. Look all the phone nathan salt means star and she cleaned up with your lips in the navajo way. Each and every song has a story behind it. That's a lot of stories. They said knowing chuckled. Yes only had medicine men medicine. Women are able to remember each and every story touchy say that the phone seeing the stories to each other and wants to know their stories. They'll send to you as well. Nathan look at the scar at the star at the sky and stared at the milky way. Question do they think to you. Sometimes i'm gonna pay real good good attention eastern she. If you pay tension you'll notice things to out here away from the big city. The holy beings have a much easier time connecting with us sometimes like little cheese wearing turquoise necklaces. She smelled at him. Respect them and let them do those things. Well we do ours. Normally nathan would have shut off always comment but he had seen that footprint and the horn food war a turquoise necklace noli continue once you earn the stories should know you realize that the brighter the star the bigger the story and in my heart. I believe your story is going to be as big as the sun nathan recipes head against her shoulder again not only always knew what to say to make him feel right about himself. Perhaps these next two weren't going to be that bad. I will stop right there in there. You have it bryan young. He read to you straight from his new book. His debut novel healer of the water monster if you'd like to talk with him directly. We sure hope you'll dial in. Give us a ring at one. Eight hundred nine six two eight four eight. that's also one eight hundred nine nine native. Let's go ahead and go to the phone lines and give away our first book. June is on the line in albuquerque. New mexico listening in on. Unm thanks for giving us a ring. Go head you're connected to brian yacht. The hey brian thank you so much for reading writing this book. I look forward to reading it. I lived out on the reservation for a number of years at sweetwater arizona. Water haulers came every day and until then. I had no idea what a hardship it was for so many people to have water and we take it for granted. It's like gold. And i do everything i can to educate people and hope i can use your book as a source of debt and help heal the water munster. Thank you thank you for your call june again. If you'd like to join us one eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number plenty of books. Left to share with you in brian. Any unitel june. Yeah thank you for that comment Part of my experiences growing up in cleaning my grandparents. My muslims oj. Maternal grandparents had cattle on bigger. She and the and we would have to haul water for them to drink. Water in knoxville. Area is border landlocked. And there's no water there so a lot of Nathan struggles with You know living without water mirror my experiences at that time at that age june. Thank you for your call and brian. Water plays a really big role in many many of the moments in the book. And i'm your also teaching us about some of the land to and even contamination and how it can hurt you know such special beings and not only family members Tucked me a little bit about weaving in you know. Some history of what has happened to the land in challenges to clean water. Anything you wanna share brian. of course well definitely Being indigenous implies that there is an inherent relationship in the land that the mountains are wholly Ab not there are holy being either live there or did an important bent there as a young kid. When my grandma. And grandpa and i were traveling looking for cows they often put to hill. And say that's where certain holy being resides or in a valley. That's where the warrior twins thought this monster so growing up like that. There was a tens ability to the creation stories to the traditional story. There was a real that i grew up with and with healer of the water monster. I approached it in the same way. I imagine what it would be like if those creation stories continued from when they ended but didn't and they just kept on going and they kept going into our current modern times and especially with our history of being a resource nation in that a lot of our interactions with the united states government has been for resources such as coal I feel that that has to be brought up. That has to be part of the conversation. We're talking about land the health of the land and i feel that's why a lot of non navajo authors. Who wants to use the culture forgets that. In addition to the traditional stories they are pegged to the land in. The land has a history. The land has a lived experience. If you are going to evoke the traditional stories the holy being you have to pay homage to what they are have endured back in those traditional stories and are currently enduring are modern times with those resource extractions and with healer. The water monster. I don't mind toilet too much but there is That conversation of what affects are happening. Not only to the land from those sorts extractions but what is happening to those holy beings. Because as i as i said earlier a certain holy being lived on that mountain. So if you were to dig into that amount and how does it not only affect the trees. The animals houses affect the holy being that lives in that mountain. And think putting these together is really important in. We know a lot of people grow up with this kind of education. And maybe some what he just said stirred something up in you and you'd like share some thoughts with him. You can give us a ring. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is number bryan. Young is with us. Today he's our featured author and we're talking about the book healer of the water monster. Let's go ahead and take another call. We have indra who is on the line in arizona tuned in on ku. Why i i think she's a copy. Thanks giving us a ring year on here bryan young. It's a blessing to Hear your voice today and i'm shipping up because it It's it's really difficult to find someone who knows our creation story and our creations. Theories are often are young ones are are not are not here with us. And and they're easy to the tv to see the tv and The latest music which are native songs have have no connections with. It's just a blessing to hear someone that that has the education on our creation story answers about it to get it out there. 'cause that's our younger ones me that needs to be educate on our on our history. Thank you very well. Thank you for your call and brian anti you wanna tell her. Thank you thank you so much for that. I definitely feel a lot of our kids. Have the opportunity to learn the stories and find value in them. I definitely sounds value in the traditional stories and the teachings that they imparting on me. And i feel if it wasn't for haji naboth and the warrior twins stories. I wouldn't have enabled to get through my education experience at yale and columbia. Thank you for that indeed end now we go to malachi whose in wit springs new mexico tuned in on cagey lp. Thanks for giving us a ring. Go ahead you're on air. Yes i would like to like how you said earlier that you somewhere like somewhere near for defiance and you used to visit the library i would like to ask if you would like go back to like. Take a big visit back to. They got libraries and like read a book. You wrote like this book right now. sign other books and just like give away other books. That thank you mallika. Thanks for reaching out brian. Go ahead yes that is in the works. I do to cova. My publicist doesn't want to do any in person events so a largely i have been doing a lot of virtual events but as things progress and numbers go down and as covert starts to become more contained. I do intend on coming back to the net pakeha navajo homelands and surrounding areas. Interact more with people but as of right now. My publicist isn't very active. Because of the cove situation in brian. I'm also told that malachi is a young reader. Anything you wanna tell him specifically read read read reading is gonna take you so far and you can also be a hero. You are not worthless. You can be a hero of the story. Thank you for that and again malachi calling more good to hear your voice. Let's go to another caller. We have think it's madeleine in albuquerque new mexico tuned in on 'em. Thanks for giving us room go ahead. You're on air. Hi brian Madeleine here commuting. santa fe to albuquerque. And i'm just listening to the radio. And i feel so happy that i got to hear about the story and your future strode and i feel so grateful that we are all having opportunity to be heroes and water protectors and i wanted to ask you. If you have any illustrations that go along with your book okay right not to have anything illustration for the book is as the right now. Currently just a middle grade novel about three hundred sixty pages but Szanto ba- gate did the artwork for the cover and it is astonishing is stunning and beautiful. And anything beyond i could have ever imagined. I'm so thankful for szanto contribution to healer of the water mobster. Meddling thank you for your call and again lanes are open. Join us one. Eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number. We have six books left and something that Malcolm made me. Think of and and i know you're very passionate about access to good reads Access to books by indigenous authors too and bryan tucked me. More about this of of your one day dream of giving good access to our young readers especially there in the nomination or innovative nations. Well okay i have been exceedingly. Blessed to be have been published by one of the big four one of the big publishers in the world. Harpercollins heart drum is an imprint of harpercollins and with that there are so many resources that smaller publishing houses don't really have access to such as You know getting into bookstores. Such as barnes and noble. And i have been kind of going across the south west albuquerque phoenix flagstaff. And i happen seeing Healer of the water monster on those book store shelves. And that's been a lovely amazing experience for me. That was one of my goals. Was having my book on barnes and noble but i i have been Uncovering is that these. Big cities have access to the stories but the navajo nation didn't the chaos and the people living on their don't have that same access. It's not as readily readily accessible. Because they have to travel to these big border towns where there is Like an indie bookstore. Or there is a barnes and noble or the only other option. Assume haven't mail. And because of that. I know that there are a number of navajo young readers that aren't getting being able to get getting exposed to it so i'm trying to do right. Now is find on a structure an infrastructure of distribution to directly on the keio and that's been Kind of challenge. But hopefully what. I'm learning and what i'm doing will provide a pathway for future navajo authors. Who wants to write for young navajo ears that they'd be able to use this infrastructure that i'm hoping to find well i'm excited to hear you know what would becomes of all that Very exciting to be talking with bryan young today. He is our featured author of the name. His debut novel is healer of the war. Munster if you'd like to talk with him directly now's the time to dial in. We have a handful of books to share with you. When you share your comments on air and of course ask your questions to Go ahead give us a ring. One eight hundred nine six eight. Four eight is the number. We'll learn more about some of the other characters that move this story today But again we're ready to hear from you. Go ahead and dial us now. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number. I look forward to hearing from you. Smoking gave me. Copd which makes it harder and are for me to breathe. Have a tip for you. If your doctor gives you five years to live spend it talking with your grandchildren explained to him. That your grandpa's not gonna be around anymore to share his wisdom. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I'm running out of time. Copd makes it harder and harder to breathe and can cause death. You can quit for free. Help call one eight hundred quit now. A message from the centers for disease control and prevention. Thanks for tuning. Into native. America calling interrogate would and in the book. Healer the water monster. The main character nathan faces a lot of things and he's also very brave in that bravery Gives him a journey of a lifetime and he also does some figuring out in any figures out that his self worth is worth a lot and that kind of story Is something that often. We like to share with our young people. They have a lot of war That we need you that your life is important and when we have books matt do this and also invite in a native space. What do you think that does for our youth. And if you're a young reader what do you think about. That gives us a ring. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is a number. The author of this book is with us. Brian young and brian. i got another caller. Who would liked to talk with you. So let's go ahead and bring him in. We have a lane in dosing new mexico tuned in on casey. I e thinks. Reach out your connected to brian. Get afternoon Brian this is elaine. I'm very interested in a copy of the book. Because i have several grandchildren ranging from thirteen to two years old and i'd like a copy of it for them and i like to see for i can purchase one or have a copy and i'm very proud and amazed that you have written this story and i can't wait to read it elaine. Thanks for reaching out in. You know what you're one of our tents. A one will definitely be coming directly to you and brian of course if there our listeners who do want to know how to connect with you in the book. Where did they find it so. Of course i have my author website. Brian l. young dot com and i am pretty active on facebook Bryan young or be young right w. r. i t. e. s. Also on instagram at be young rights again b. y. o. u. n. g. w. our it es and occasionally on twitter Be young and this is where i. I couldn't get the screen name. So it's like we trust so Yeah being rights as already claims and so it's like trust or something like that be why Oh u. n. g. w. r. i t. r. e. s. I believe is how on twitter right. Well there you go Happy reading in lane in when you're young people get there is in this book If you want to write a review or have them rights review were always open ears on that you can always reach out to us. Comments at native america calling dot com. Let's go ahead and say hello to another one of our caller. Celeste is an albuquerque. New mexico tune in on k. Unm celeste. thanks for giving us a ring. Go ahead you're on the air. Hi i'm really interested in story. And i Tutor kids through the oasis program in albuquerque. And although it's not specifically for natives. I really try to bring different cultural ideas to anglo and hispanic kids as well and i would love to help get your book into schools and school library and get it to you acis library and just get it out there to more children. I think it's wonderful. What you're writing. Sounds great celeste. Thank you for that and we. Now go to jessica who in leech. Lake minnesota tuned into day. Jessica thank you for giving us a ring go ahead. You're connected to brian. I just wanted to make a comment. i was. I'm very thankful for your program today. i just wanted to say that i had a i had a calling in my heart to drive To the rotter protects your camp it was By for falls. And i have no idea. Sorry but i'm just. I'm just driving and listening to the program and it makes me feel it i. I don't know words to explain it. But it's really great hearing Everything and the topic and it all just really helps helps my soul to hear things like this. So thank you move jessica. Sounds like a lot of things connecting for you Wish you safe. Travels and brian eighty. You wanna tell either. Jessica or celeste. Yeah thank you so much for being receptive to nathan and his journey yet there. There's a lot of emotions to the topics that are being discussed in my book. Typically with No dapple was pretty high. When i was doing another revision and selling it to Publishing houses so this is a very current topic of water protection in water conservation. And i definitely feel that Having a broad exposure to different cultures and different Mindsets and philosophies help children Become more compassionate and ready to tackle on a whole plethora of challenging topics. Indeed and even one of your characters ties directly due to some of this standing up for the environments enough for the water Tell us more about this special character. Go ahead brian. Which one talking about data protest okay. The mother character. Her name is janet She actually doesn't play as much of a role as i wanted her to. In this book but she does participate in Protests but i can say i am working on the follow up or sequel to healer of the water monster and janet does play a much bigger role in this upcoming story. Well there you go listeners. Stay tuned in brian You know there are a couple of other characters that bryan calls on To you know that that very significant stories and bring about other issues in other Topics that you know being able to present something like this is is opening a lot Anything you wanna share about the other characters. We meet in the book definitely i. I'd love to talk about uncle jet because his story and his hewing also mirrors pond with who is the water monsters journey towards health as well uncle jets. is nathan's father's younger brother and in the navajo way that relationship Nathan would referred to uncle as sadda- or no. Yeah she's my my younger father and uncle would refer to nathan as my son so with that punk. Jack is a former marine who had served overseas and in my initial draft. I had uncle jet as a veteran of the iraqi freedom tour but my editor suggested that i not reference the iraqi freedom tour because that would peg the story to a very specific time in very specific place and she said that if i weren't to peg it in that way then future generations could Easily attach or attach more easily to that story line of Alcoholic or substance dependence family member and so i thought about the future generations and made that compromise of okay if your kids because you know a lot of native kids encounter family members friends who are suffering from substance dependency. So i wanted to be able to open that storylines future generations as well and in addition to healing the water monster nathan takes it upon himself to convince uncle jets to participate in a ceremony or any way ceremony to help combat some of the habits and negative emotions that he brought upon himself while serving across the ocean. And you know. His journey is is also about Considering all options to heal in you make a big you know or or it comes up a lot of other things that we have to do this and always find it interesting that some of the healing is coming from Support from family. And you know the different programs that we have done Talking about this people who are living with addiction in their journey and we talk about that supports circle in and it was really great to just kind of see How we also. We've our young people into this and again you said that the young person is the hero in all of this so i'm allowed going on in a no. There are more people who like to chat with you so you know what. Let's go back to the phone lines We're going to go ahead and go to run. Who's an albuquerque new mexico listening in on. Kfi am run. Thanks for reaching out your on air high employees taking my call. I just gotta say that This is a wonderful adaptation of of what you actually have experienced through your lifetime and it's it's touching in the back that you know you grew up that by and know quite a bit of how people Especially who people not in particular but young people as a whole in protein life and what has all obstacles and definitely definitely addiction is one of them and what you've taken these subjects and part of your life experiences and transferred them into something people can actually identify with and i guess my main question would be have you considered or thought about maybe making a video or a movie of of that type of of Experiences you know. I know it. It's it's so great in and its own a. I would imagine a lot. Younger people could really identify if you were to think of Adopt india storyline to a movie production. Run he is so ready for this question. Brian go ahead for someone. Say this Actually healer the water monster started off as a to our future links scripts I was living in albuquerque new mexico at the time working in the native film industry and at that time a lot of us were working for free on each other's movies as like directors producers actors. Anything and everything. And i kind of gravitated towards the scriptwriting but whenever we would approach executive producers are people with finances or the ability to finance their movies at that time we were encountering this prejudice notion that there is no native audience there are no markets for native voices so when i was writing the first draft of healer of the water monster i knew that i would be encountering that wall again at racist mentality that there's no market for native stories and so that is actually why i decided to a book and needed to get an msa from columbia university in creative writing so that i could learn how to write a book and not script but yes long story short. This is kind of my overall plan with healer of the water. Monster is to demonstrate that there is indeed a market for native voices hashtag navajo voice hashtag own voices and in addition to demonstrating that. Hopefully if this book is successful enough. I can use the money from the book to produce on my own film interpretation of this story. Because that's how i envisioned at first but again A lot of it just comes down to the power and finances of who can produce a movie because they aren't very affordable they're very expensive productions so and with this story is like i feel that do justice. I'm going to need a lot of money. So long story. Short yes It is in my career plans to eventually do film. Cinematic interpretation of the wall monster. Brian net is really excited. Ron hey thanks for asking that in just considering the conversation we just had yesterday where You know reservation. Dogs is premiering and you know. It's it's there and we're going to see how much of a pool a native story story brings in and we already kind of got a prelude to that too With rutherford falls another program that we took a look at In there making a second season they got the green light. And and we know how this works to you know There's got to be an interest if if people are going to invest in a second season In so rather for rutherford falls got their second one in so brian at think we are definitely interesting. Times of seeing this is a reality of seeing yes native stories are what people wanna hear One read wanna see very interesting l. Let's take another call. We got jin in athens. Texas tuned in online things are going to serene jin real quick your thoughts. Thank you sir. Appreciate you taking my call A cherokee activist living in east texas. I've lived other places and been activism many years. I love that Brian is writing for the youngsters to become Activists and i want to congratulate him for getting on the bookshelves. Barnes and noble and yet it's even more important getting the books to read so that's awesome but in listening to I'd like to encourage him to and he probably will. Anyway have audio books. Because when i'm reading a nave authors Are listening to a native authors own voice. it's very important to me whether it's cherokee are in scott mama day or it. I like it in in their reading their own shirt. You know a lot. Lot opens up when you get to hear from that author directly and brian. Thanks for reading for us today to. I'm real quick anything. You wanna leave us with anything you wanna tell jin. Real quick yes. There is already an audiobook. Version of healer of water monster by sean taylor corvette identifies with the blackfoot nation. And we spent a week working together with me. Mike teaching him how to read navajo because he is black and not navajo and he did a wonderful job just jumping into the navajo language because it can be very hard and yeah you're the longer boxer is available as an audio book. There you go well everybody would think you for giving us a ring again. Thank you for tuning in today with our visit with bryan. Young name of the book again is healer of the water monster. Thank you for being with us. Brian also thinks to harpercollins children's books for providing copies to our listeners. Today and we invite you back again tomorrow when we sign on air once again. I'm tara gatewood loss looking to get your high school diploma. Southwestern indian polytechnic institute offers native americans ages eighteen or older training and preparation courses for the high school equivalency diplomas in person and online beginning september. Sixth this no charge. Programming testing fees and other resources will be available to help with supplies and living expenses. Space is limited. Application deadline is august. Sixth more by calling five zero five three eight two four two eight seven or at s. ip i dot edu who support this show skills fashion. You could barbecue tweet down your team. Off on my. That's all keep up with not for her. My ensure kids now doctor. For whom o'clock kiki will will luther test. Why will want to shoot from kit mama and him. Mc centers for medicare medicate native. America calling is produced. Annenberg national native voice studios in albuquerque new mexico by kwon broadcast corporation a native nonprofit media organization funding provided by the corporation for public broadcasting with support from the public radio satellite. Servants music is by brent. Michael davids native voice to native american radio network.

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