Full Show (Cowboys lose, Patriots dominate, Eagles eliminated, Chiefs roll, Kyler Murray)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host, Jenny Taft. This podcast is the full show. From today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Good morning. Welcome to undisputed. We are live from allay, Johnny taffy. Aw, jiting. How do so? I guess, Shannon. Sharpe is celebrating the demise of his Super Bowl pick the chargers. I guess he's celebrating the goat -ness of Tom Brady. Did you see that? We talk about all their steam go to talk about. By the charge. You talk about Tom Brady. Oh, how we starting in type Judy. How how what did you do Saturday night? I went to the game. Don't you ever go to another cowboy game? Know what about the Cowboys matching luggage Cowboys needed some luggage because they cleaned up the block of the date really snoop weight or those for the chargers to bring charges. I don't know still there right back. Newton told me he gonna come and see you the week, but he sent me some anti gravity genie. Yeah. We coming down from the clear. Ain't got lucky. We don't test on this show. What s for you know? What are you Ginny? Yeah. A lot of my followers skills. They were showing you always have this. And you don't have anything for the women. So I got right here club chez, we all look shape. Really? Well, you must have fewer followers left, and you do have Super Bowl picks. Your the be going on night. Really? So I did I feel Bayless tonight's let-up about about it. Let's talk about. I wanna talk noble. I got good trash bag will never learn. You don't bet against that guy. Do and I will again. Yeah. Now guy Tom Brady still looks like the goat. And then he is the go. Nick foles magic. But we do have to start with the cowboy fan. Do I'm sorry. There's no easy way to put it. The cowboy season is over the Rams beat Dallas thirty to twenty two Saturday night to advance to the NFC championship game for the first time since two thousand one the Rams running game was just too much for Dallas C J Anderson Todd Gurley combined for three touchdowns, and they each ran for over a hundred yards on the other side as equa- Elliott was held to just forty seven yards. Dak Prescott had a solid game with a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown. But it was not enough. Let's take a listen to the Cowboys after the loss all the downs. The team that we had our three and five and being counted out by everyone but backs against the wall mentality. We're able to fight just to get to where we are right now as spying an incredible all the men on this team proud of this team. But any time you lose, especially when you know the team that we have and as close as as close as we thought we were not a good seller. Where life? Look at your star. Starring I remember it. Hopefully, our guys use this. Initiative, shannon. What happened? Oh, if you don't wanna go let me go need to go. You'll eat talk for fifteen minutes. Once I start. I'm not gonna stop what happened with the Rams and the Rams offense and defense of land dominated. There's something to be said about a team running the ball forty plus times because with a team run the ball that many times, obviously, they see something on tape. And they seem something over the course of the season. Because once you get to the playoffs. They don't just break down in the regular season. They break down for game in four game chunks in the postseason. They break down all sixteen games and you playoff game. So clearly Sean McVay in that offense staff. They saw something that they can take advantage of import this team known for their theatrics of throwing the football all over the field gov. What had a game where through five down to four hundred yards. And that's what they're really known for. They had gotten somewhat away from running the football. But they saw something even though the picture perfect performance. They had last week against Seattle who the number one running team, Sean McVeigh said I will not be deterred. You won't understand this. But there are a lot of people out there mock community that will understand this the Rams won't the Cowboys won't program. So when you have a program getting you know, you have someone to do the prayer you have someone to do. The welcome help someone to pray. But you need someone to do to Bill addiction, and the benediction is given at the end is letting everybody know charges over time to go home. Them addiction boys, buddy and CJ Edison, thirty five skill Baylor. That was a shame. What did you got at the end of the first quarter and midway through the second quarter? They shut them down band did not want any more C J Anderson what Janus meals. What are you talking about home and put didn't want any more? Did he wave out of the game? Stop at. They came out of the game for no apparent reason. Go ahead. Go ahead. He didn't want any more. How do you know? He didn't want. He wants all of the above police. Yeah. So what happened why withhold rudely interrupted? Lord have before. I would rule interrupts that was totally unnecessary the CJ Wison game. And he got his start longtime ram C, J Anderson. Right. You wanna go? Do you to go have good draft choice by Los Angeles. Go ahead. Go ahead. I wanna hear for all of all you've done is interrupt me. I'm done. I go ahead. I go out to you. Go seriously, Kyle go. So first of all I would like to congratulate the twenty eighteen Dallas Cowboys on not just a good season. But a very good season. I would like to congratulate them on one playoff win that should have been to playoff wins. But in the end my quarterback deck Prescott. His extraordinary playmaking his his warrior spirit, his refused to lose could not quite overcome Jason Garrett and his clear deficiencies as a head coach and the blunders he made twice in the fourth quarter. The second of which involve late in Vander, and I'll get to that in just a moment. But the point here is did I hear one analyst all week long last week predict that the. The Rams were going to run wild on the Cowboys. Because all I heard was that that Cowboys possibly could run wild on the Rams my right about that. That's what you said because they about five point one carrying. That's what Zeke reviews. Okay. No. That's what a stat said. Because five point one was the league worst yards per rush. They had given up. I didn't hear anybody. I did not hear the hall of Famer, Shannon Sharpe. The hall of Famer Eric Dickerson. Nobody predicted that the Rams would run wild on my team because you'd be a fool to predict that because you had just seen what had happened in the previous Saturday nights playoff game. They held the number one rush attack from Seattle to seventy three total yards twenty two in the first half. And you saw what happened on that fateful Thursday night? At the end of November at Gerry world when New Orleans was riding high and they visited with one of the top rushing attacks. What happened that night to Kamera and Ingram? What happened sixty? Eighty five total yards happen. So don't tell me that. My team doesn't have the talent to stop the run. My team just wasn't ready to stop the run. You know? And I know stopping the run has a lot to do. It's like playing defense in the NBA or rebounding the NBA. It's a lot to do with your heart with your desire with with what whatever you want to is on that night against that opponent. Right. Yeah. And for some reason, none of my coaches were able to light a big enough fire under my defense because it just came out flat. And I've told you all year long. I trust my offense more than my defense because my defense can lay eggs, what am I defense do two years ago in the playoff game against Aaron Rodgers early on what happened twenty one to three happened because they weren't ready to play. Right. But you told me the team because Jason Garrett is not a motivator. They don't need him to motivate motivate me, they wanted to get even with the Rams for what the Rams did to them in the second half lash out a win Todd girl. Really ran wild. Okay. And I'm here to submit to you if the Rams don't sign C J Anderson on December the eighteenth. They do not win that game on Saturday night. He was the difference. His power blasts up the middle. He looks like he's gained fifteen or twenty pounds from what he had in Denver, and it's good, wait. It's like fullback over good weight. But if he's gained weight he's gained weight, but he was just like a bowling ball knocking over unmotivated pins. Am I right? You might be shorter might Tober. You. Do I but he goes for one hundred twenty three on twenty three bursts up the middle. And it changed the whole game. I didn't see it coming. But I should've seen it coming because he had some big games. Remember yet? What to to Arizona had one hundred. I thought he had hundred sixty seven hundred sixty but he was like way up there, and he had my one twenty three against the Rams. So he was doing this. Forty four nine four nine. But my point is I should've seen it coming. Somebody should've seen it. I don't if the cowboy coaches saw it coming. But he just he was just all over them all night long. And again, I don't think Todd Gurley could've gone for two seventy three by himself. No, no plate in a month. Right. So on stamina loan. He just would have run out of gas and let alone. I don't think his knees one thousand percent night. Okay. All right. So now yet and still all that two hundred seventy three years rushing. Dax still could have kept him much closer. I'm going to go through the first half without too horrendous calls from the referees. And the first one happens. It's only they're only down thirteen to seven. It's four thirteen left in the first half. And they back up the Rams to third and fourteen. Now who is in on that drive of a sudden, they have put Sean Lee in in place of Andhra. What are you doing anymore? I used to love him, but he has played football for a year and a half. And he's. Got a dicey hamstring at best. And all the sudden you get to the the pivotal game of the year. You put yourself like that kid those two kids in the middle. Jalen Smith and band. Rush got them. Here. You've got chemistry. You got flow. You've got rhythm on defense and all of a sudden on a crucial series. You're down only thirteen to seven you yank van for what reason you think he's too light in the behind. Stop the Ron skit remember now he's been under the weather this past week. He was on antibiotics. So maybe I'm not buying. I'm not I'm sorry. I'm just not buying it. So we get to third and fourteen and Jared Goff pressured by DeMarcus Lawrence fires at low to Everett and Dak is going to get the ball back with four minutes left in the first half down only thirteen to seven and what gets called hands to the faith by Byron Jones. I gotta tell you press corners up and press coverage. I see this four five times every game. I watch where they. Get their hands in high, and they flagged that it's ticky tack chicken. You know, what we'll the measure question. Did he put his hands to get called all the time? It's an anti Jerry Jones, call era chance yet they're going to stick it to Jerry Jones. And then this is my favorite. This is the last one. This is fifty two seconds left in the half. And Dak is driven them all the way down to third and seven at the ram thirty six. You've got a chance to score at least three 'cause you're already in field goal range that drops back on third and seven and he escapes the pocket to his right? What happens when he escapes to his right? Good things usually happen. Because either runs for the first down or he flings it for a touchdown. Right. And what happened the whistle blows that. I'm thinking what what why you don't happen? Lyle Collins, they just called a sack on a guy who plays for Dax team. What are you doing? You can't do that. That's just such poor. Efficient. Lyle Collins throws Dax free of the pocket. That's legal the last time. I checked I don't know, and they blow in the grass in the grass mcgrady's free. He's a scape to the right? Trust me. Good things are going to happen. And it's minus seven and it takes them because it's fourth and fourteen whatever it takes them out of field goal range, that's minus three right there. And I think it well could have been minus seven because when he escaped not good things. But great things happen. So now that's now you're down twenty seven at halftime yet instill why are you down? Again, I'm trying to figure out still understand why you're down. Well, because the Rams are running wild on the what about what is your heart? Doesn't have the football. It's being dominated. What was the file possession? The game thirty six minutes. Twenty four minutes per you. First repossession, what did you do? I three I don't know out out out. I will close game. What are the Rams doing? They're just running wild over the ramp off point despite all those two hundred seventy three yards despite having next to none of coal Beasley. He got in for a couple of snaps in one ball despite not having Alan Hearns. Blake jar one was hurt and caught one ball. So he was pretty useless. Also that still battled back. Dax still got them in position to the football game. It's twenty three to fifteen my right about that twenty three to fifteen and he has gone, boom, boom, boom all the way down to the Rams thirty five and he made a nice completion on third and long to Noah Brown. Now. It's a half yard short. So it's fourth and a half, and we're going to the fourth quarter, and they're only down eight point. So don't tell me this was a blow out and it's four and a half. And the Dallas coaching staff has the whole quarter break to make a choice on the play. Right. Yes. That's unusual. 'cause usually the clock is running. You got to do like that. And what did they choose to do? They choose to run easycall Elliott who has gone nowhere for much of the game. They choose to run Zeke straight up the gut behind the backup center and the rookie guard and the former Pro Bowl right guard who needs knee surgery. You're kidding me. The two biggest anchors in all a pro football Casseus that know how about Aaron Donald both of them are just too big or pillars in the middle of anybody's defensive line. Those two and the play gets so blown up the center looney gets. So knocked off the ball that basically the center tackles Zeke two yards deep because he hits him right in the face. It's just complete blown-up play. It's so stupid. It's such it's so pathetically predictable that if I had had the power I would March right down and fire. Jason Garrett on the spot. You can't call that play. Do you realize what a playmaker number floor is my quarterback? Can you not run the read option? Can you not let him fake you not letting bootleg can you not let him do something? Because what happened later in the game? When he started run with the football great things started happening. And he's still got you back in the game. So he still kept firing. He still kept scoring. It's still an eight point game. It's thirty to twenty two. And finally the defense backs up the Rams to third and seven at their twenty eight yard line. And who goes back in the game. Sean Lee goes back in the game. This is the play of the night early. This is two minutes left in the game. That Prescott is going to get the ball back. And he's another guy who's becoming Brady like that. I don't bet against when he gets the ball in his hands late in the game. I do. Well, you would have been sweating, man. You would have had to change shirts. Against him with rush for one hundred. Well, he had them right in position or I know they need eight points. But you just saw him score eight points heater two point conversion, and he don't for two hundred sixty six yards already and barely had the football. And what happens on this play? They decide. Sean McVay calls a rollout a fake it to CJ and Jared goff's under center for this place. So it's not even a shotgun play and he bootlegs out. And what is Sean Lee? Do he's got higby on a little down out move. And at some point if you're that guy if you're a playmaker you have to see that Jared Goff who's a non running quarterback. He doesn't have a lot of legs. Speedy doesn't have a lot of quickness he is gone up full circle rollout. And once he gets near the line of scrimmage. She didn't even fake pass. You could see he was tucking and running and Sean Lee passed to get off it'd be and make that play because he needs seven yards. He got eleven because. Sean league gets trapped behind because black. Make the tap. That's not his plate. You gotta make that. We're that guy. If you're what you used to be you make that play. And you know, what Vander ash would have made the play on blissful ignorance. Not his play to me. We always say do your job his job is to take an angry down. Okay. But at some point you have to make a play video instincts have to take over because the greatest place in NFL history are often the result of instinct skill. Okay. He comes off he comes to get Jerry Gump, Jerry gov. Raise hit he'd be. Okay. Seven yards again, if it was third and one fourth third and one I get you your dicey. Like, do I go? But what it was clear at near the line of scrimmage, he tucked and ran with the ball. You've got seven yards to come off higby and make a play with some quickness and speed that Vander has displayed all year. Can he not run and hit Vander ash witted again, it would be blissful ignorance he would just see ball tackle ball because he is the wolf owner. I believe he makes that point. Why why would he's the wolf hunter? And he's gonna make all these plays. How they get to seventy three. Again, how did that Prescott? Keep you in the game. When you've given up two hundred seventy three yards rushing. You're only targets are Amari and Gallup it's impossible do realize this game could have been over early had the defense not dug their heels in. They held him to six when it could have been fourteen nothing. Hello, which defense the cowboy defense. Okay. They go down the field. They get the ball inside the five yard line twice and come away with field guy. Well that was early. That's the star. Where is that talking about the second half? You realize Dallas won the second half fifteen to ten and Dak Prescott had a hot hand. He was making plays all over the. I'm sorry. What to sixty six when you you'll add the ball for twenty four minutes, that's extraordinaire what they should have done. They should've taken the ball out of Zeke sans. Much earlier just say we can't do this. I don't know if you had had the wrong cleats on. Because a few was a little damp a little slippery little slick now you want the ball out of Zeke hands. All I wondered in the playmate. Oh, you love what he was doing. I told you what was going to happen. If that listen if I'm a defensive coordinator planned to Dallas Cowboys, I'm taking Zeke Elliott away. Now if that Prescott they all try to and they did. Okay. Yeah. So this is your time. This wasn't taking him away. This was Suffolk Asian. This is twenty tries for forty seven yards. What's that two point two? There was a play that hap-. And early in the ballgame. And I don't know if you noticed it Zeke Elliott ran the ball in the first quarter. Dante Fowler hit him from the blind side. He stuck him. And you gets up shakes. Hey, zinc. Didn't run the football with the same conviction. Apathetically you watch this hints. Can't I saw that you send a message. That's how you send a legal message to day. Okay. Not going to be your date to my point take the ball out of Twenty-one hands and put it in fours hands. I'm good with it. Four was not afraid for was banging heads with with all comers. Four was dishing as much as all off target. No. He was not. He missed throws all night. How do you? How do you go twenty to thirty to sixty six and your off-target? How do you have a QBR of eighty four to Jared goff's fifty seven eighty four scale zero to one hundred so he allied Jared Goff for the third time. Third time. You look at QBR is played it. Oh, well, Jared Goff fifteen to twenty eighty barely had over fifty percent for one eighty six great way to go. But you see less scintillating last week. You said that bresca I played played. Russell wilson. Did how Huby are seventy four to seventy easy. I can just show legs plus arm legs. Plus our Dak was relegate run with the ball. Tell me the run that was more. Tell me the run that that got had in that game that was more important than Jared Goff, third and ten none. That's the gal case who QBR should be done with the most important because you say it factors in pan with the game. Let Dan didn't. But he was so bad throwing the ball. He was so off target on the ball. So so nondescript on the ball, I can't remember big throws that he made. Usually, I remember the words you take the Amari Cooper, the great run out the cat, and you take the Michael Gallup. So did you see that all behind? Did. You see how Michael Gallup I down through the ball behind. I saw one. And it's like the whole world thick sites on. Did. You see this? He missed a throw mis-throw Tom Brady missed three throws yesterday pain. He was extraordinarily that. What you do hiccup isolated? You say, you know, it's going to be trouble in that escapes to his right? You take one time that he's made a play escape into his right? I got dozens of times or scaping to left as. You saw on the bomb two gallon. I got of the he's been off targeting all over the know. How many how many times did he told the ball of a how scared would you have been if Sean Lee tackle Jared Goff at six yards and they had scared. How would you be? You would be real scared because I gotta tell you my quarterback had a hot hand, especially the longer. The game. Went the hotter hand got skew. I wouldn't bet against it. Or defense. Gabe to seventy three Russian and zero sacks. Let kids Boris leftist seeking we still had a chance to minutes left in the game. That you got a warrior a quarterback. I am so happy Dak Prescott is my quarterback pay the man Jerry Jones because he's going to win. Lots of playoff games for the Dallas Cowboys Soham proto, a whoa, wait a minute. He's a playoff game. But I didn't hear you say the game. Okay. The game. He'll win Super Bowls, plural. How about that going down more later for now Janu came and celebrating show. We sure should be south celebrating differing your Super Bowl pick. The chargers that one destroyed expert skip soup. The patriots are going back to a place. They know very well. The AFC championship game New England dominated the chargers yesterday. Tom Brady threw for over three hundred yards with a touchdown. And is now a perfect eight and oh all-time against Philip rivers. But it wasn't all about Brady Sony. Michelle had three touchdowns over one hundred yards in the forty one twenty eight win. The patriots are headed to Kansas City on Sunday for their eighth straight AFC championship game, Shannon. Were you surprised by the patriots performance surprised? How dominating to work? Picked a charge charges to win the game. Because I had to charge us pick go to represent the Super Bowl. And by the way, you weren't alone. I think most people do but go ahead think they jumped on the bandwagon late epide-. So how well San Diego's playing down the stretch. I was surprised how dominating on both sides of the football. The patriots were. Yeah. Pick the charges to win. But MS apprised the patriots are very tough out in that building. But what was so disappointing is that? The charges inability to adapt. You know what Tom Brady Tom Brady's most teams. Let me let me start back here. Most teams go into the game say we're gonna take the run game away. We're gonna make you one dimensional is like if you a parent you go into the store, and you tell your child you only get one thing they pick seven things, and you let them have them all where you've kinda gone away from what what you were actually trying to do. Well, if you say, you're gonna take the runaway take the runaway. They didn't take the runaway Senate Michelle how to feel they running the football. And you didn't take the pass away. You know, going into the games. Give Tom Brady is gonna throw the ball. Normally he starts throwing the ball. Short to get you sucked up in any tries to put the ball over your head. If he had something the mere fact that Gus Bradley was lining up in a base coverage in saying, okay? This is what we're gonna do. Now, you notice he ran the same defense. He ran against Baltimore Davies, it would work it works against a rookie quarterback. And I guess the team that has no idea that you're going to run it. But you're going to run that defense against Tom Brady who. Had a week to prepare. So they're saying this what we're gonna do. Oh, you wanna play seventy you wanna play instead of putting linebackers on the field? You wanna put safeties? Well, I'm going to see those safeties can hold up against offense lineman in the run game. I'm gonna see your safety can take rob gronkowski at the point of attack in hold up, and they couldn't and this. This is what you know. Also about Tom you need to get pressure on him. But you need to be in front of his receivers and reroute them because if you just play zone just drop to an area Tom Brady pick you apart thirty seven of Tom Brady forty four tenths travel ten yards list. That's eighty four percent. So what is telling you skip Bayless Tom Brady. Oh, you're not gonna change anything. If like if I'm a fisherman, and I go to spot, and I'm just catching fish. I'm not going to get up and move and go somewhere else. I'll stay there presume the Fisher gonna run out but going well, they just don't get into supply. He was in the supply of five yard first down kitchen James Whitehead fifteen catches for ninety seven yards. So what that tells you, oh, y'all gonna make any changes y'all not gonna make Jesuits he had one catch for twenty five yard. So the other if he had fifteen ninety seven at fourteen for seventy two for the rest of the day. So it just goes to show you, but I was apprised about the amount of pressure that they got on Philip rivers. You look at the way they approach this game. They said we're gonna pressure your quarterback, and we're gonna put hands on your receivers. Which is the opposite of what the descending what the deli charge of. We're going to skip you can play certain coverages against certain quarterback. They played a lot of man covered. They played a lot of twenty five coverage, which is to safety main underneath because you run past rivers. Where's he going? He's not jumping out of the window and running pass like a Cam or Dak or Russell Wilson now. So he's not going anywhere. So you can be to physical and not worry about him leaving or scaping the pocket, but I will. Surprise. The patriots won not really idea pick the charges to win. I'm surprised in how they dismantled because. Yeah. The charges had thirty point that game was not even close. It was never close. So that's what's the most apprising part to me was how physically dominating on both sides of the football. The patriots were. So dancer, genie's question. I was not surprised and allow me to say something that you don't wanna hear it's a privilege to watch. That man opera. We've unbelievable at age forty one. That was artist at work. I hear everything you just said, and I agree with all of your breakdown of why the chargers broke down. I'm with you on all the above. But I did try to warn you Friday. There's this one guy. I don't bet against an all of sports, and that's the goat especially in Foxborough. Because what I saw yesterday. I don't think Tom Brady's ever been better than he was yesterday. I saw. Deadly accurate. Lasers. I saw sweet in deadly rainbows. I saw the whole package from Tom Brady. And you're right. It's a little bit dinky should donkeys early. But then he'll start to throw it up field. His thorn on deeper crosses to element in. I want to remind everybody his two primary targets are a five foot nine inch running back and a five foot ten inch seventh round draft choice who played quarterback in college named Julian element. Who's coming off major knee reconstruction at age thirty to those who you're throwing to there's not a Keenan Allen. There's not a Mike Williams. There's not a hunter Henry didn't really register yesterday. But goes back or what's left of Antonio gates? What gronk catch one ball over twenty one for twenty five and it was nice to see a little blast from the past. But that's all you got was one little blast from that past. And yet I've I've not seen Tom throw with more accuracy. Or with a quicker trigger than I saw yesterday. But all I've heard is especially on this show from various people on the show. He's washed up. He's over the hill. What's our man? Eric Dickerson say and he's going to be on here in a little bit. But he says he's an old man who shouldn't be playing football anymore. Well, that's that's a pretty commonly held view of Tom Brady who did that to that defense, which to me is a little if not a lot better than Kansas City's defense. That's the one chance that you gotta give Brady at Kansas City next Sunday night. Is that the chargers defense is it's it's talented man is they're not there's telling everywhere I like to think they're better than what they showed them. They are better because the corners are better the to pass rushers. I don't even know what happened to I saw Melvin Ingram flash. A couple of times joy boasted he play yesterday. Boy, they eliminated him. Skip is that when you can't stop the run. Now, you have to be on your heels you gotta dig in there to try to say. Okay. You're not gonna run the football. And so now, you laid out the ball and he's throwing the ball quick. And this is why you want to reroute guys. Because by the time, you get there, you take two steps and the balls gong because Gaza vacating to an area and Jillian that those guys are smart enough to go. Okay. I'm gonna just gonna go where you're not. So that that was the most disappointing things get and why good Gus Bradley, see when he was in Seattle skip, and they were up and coming and he had those young head or Sherman, and he had all these young guys that were great. He says we do what we do better than what you do. So we're just gonna lineup up here. We're gonna play cover one man Frey safety in the whole. And we're gonna come get you. So, but we're better at that than when you run your office that what you do Tom Brady say jive. No, you're not how many teams have gone in there thinking that same thing. Like they look at him on tape. And they say he's old you can't move, and then they get out there and the ball's traveling little faster than you think it should in the receivers are catching and listen, Jillian. Aleman after catch is he not mentally is going to battle through. He's gonna fight through whatever. Tackle you wanna throw at him. So he's been good now. 'cause I remember the last laugh laugh two months now he hasn't been doing good again when it's time when the money's on the table is he not a money catcher in runner. What about any good? He's not gonna make sure that you know, you've been. Jay, I just wanna make. I said he was pretty good. So Brady another words Brady has hell, I don't know if he has a lot of hell, no, no. I know put Julian it'll money either any of the roster in this league. Do you think he'd be that guy? Are they don't think? So the question when you transfer someone from Rafter Marley to use them in the same way. I don't think anybody would care to. But he's got wavelength. He's got report. He's got connection would number twelve. What about the nets? All that matters. Bill Bill to take his fastball defense any good yesterday. I didn't think it was very good. I'm glad you brought that up is it still scares me to death. Philip rivers didn't have the ball too much because that was another thirty six to twenty four time when they had to do in the first half of Philip had the ball. What did he do? With Philip rivers threw for three hundred thirty one yards and three touchdowns. You get to play four quarters. I'm just saying hollow hollow it is go with thirty five to seven and a half. But it ended up it started getting a little nervous. There at the end and Belcher was was criticized and pushed after the game. Why'd you leave Tom in? And he said, well, I was going to leave him in until the game was over. Well, I'm telling you, I Philip rivers is a comeback artist. And we've seen what he did at Kansas City in Pittsburgh, we've seen it. Right. And I'm Bill check was still sweating over there thinking is he going to get them back in this game? The thing was is that I'm looking at like this. I have had seen up until that point Philip rivers in this offense show me any no glimpses of being able to get back in this game. And plus they couldn't stop Tom Brady. Get them in third. They get them in third and eight and he they run to area vacated in their little and sitting down or there's James white. So it just goes to show you if a guy catches fifteen balls any catching fifteen balls and the fame way swinging the ball out of the backfield. Okay. So what Bill Belichick finally have the presence of mind to do with the opening coin toss he wanted. And then what did he do for once? He took. No, he didn't take the ball. He handed it to the greatest quarterback ever. Because you know. And I know he usually defers, and it usually drives me out of my mind giving he's normally different in the playoffs. He's different because you remember when they played when they went to Denver Denver head that von defense. They wanted to talk and he took the ball in the playoffs. He likes us in whatever you think your strength is he likes to send a message because he wants to send that message early. He goes down the field against that defense. Bill. We've been talking about bolsa and Ingram and all those guys. He gets the ball. They go right down the field. This is the same Bill Belichick who wants deferred in overtime. The jets the late in the twenty six season it cost him a football game. And then they lost at Miami. And wound up in Denver. Right. Okay. So what did he do this time? He handed the ball to number twelve what a number twelve. Do he faced four third downs in that drive? And he threw for first downs all four times, and it was seven nothing. And then. Stephon Gilmore, I have no idea he wanted double. Now. I know but unlike him because usually that early in the game it takes time to set that up, and it was already it's like he just kinda lost focus for second. And he lets their best receiver run right past him for a give up walk in touchdown. Right. So it seven enough seventy seven played enough. He looked back your sound like he's supposed to have him. Now, you got hit one on one. Look like, I. Water with you yet Tom Brady takes the football. And goes, boom, boom, boom. And it's fourteen to seven, and then, you know, the rest of the right way. So he was unstoppable yesterday. And I'm gonna say this again Tom Brady is on a new mission. Because this is the first time in since that first Super Bowl he's the underdog now, and what did he say to Tracy Wolfson on CBS right after the game. What did he say? He said, I know people think we can can't win a game. Right. Well, that was significant because he volunteered that. She didn't ask him that. She she didn't ask him. What do you think of the naysayer she just asked him about Kansas? Hold on. I thought Tom Brady said it doesn't matter. What anybody says outside of the building? It only matters. What comes inside what I will head on for him. I was told Tom Brady doesn't listen the television. He doesn't worry about anybody though. So. Just like all the other great here. Everything. What did I tell you on Friday that Tom Brady has is in ears? He might not watch undisputed. But he here's all about what Shannon Sharpe. And Eric Dickerson to hall of famers say about him on her. But there are people around here in go back. That is correct. So he says nowhere. I know people think we suck. And we means you, and Eric and others Hulo just wanna know where was that synergy when they play Miami. Where would that suited you when they played the titans? I try to do is. I'm glad you brought up the Miami miracle Yankee for bringing that up because Bill Belichick cost this team home field advantage on Saturday night. And I still don't get why he's getting a pass. You're giving him a pass everybody in the world is giving us the great Bill check. Hello. Just to refresh. Everybody's memory. It's thirty three to twenty eight Tom Brady at Miami was seven seconds left and the Miami Dolphins are sixty nine yards from a touchdown with a quarterback who's hurt who can't plant and throw in. Ryan tannehill my right about that. And so Bill puts in what's left of rob gronkowski who can't run or jump to defend a hail Mary. That's going to be thrown from seventy five eighty yards away. Really only repair holders. Make and I'm not sure he could. But he might he just might. But if anybody could eat good, but he was not on the field, and you know, the rest of the story being being being being touchdown. It was the most shocking turning point moment of the whole NFL season. And it put New England it put them from Foxborough all the way to Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday night this game Sunday night, and it will again if they're playing in Foxborough. I think even you would. No, no, no. It looks like Tom Brady's back. This is going to be hard. But I've been telling you all year. I think Tom Brady is loving this new circumstance because he has gone from prohibitive favourite, which is often been almost always been since the first Super Bowl to underdog to everybody thinks we suck. And it's a new deal for him. And I told you he has a chance to pull off his greatest achievement ever am. I right. I road. Win says they beat the charge of Jarnac. That's the visual thousands. Yeah. That's thirteen years really from they they've lost their last. He wrote play. All right. And he's what would bring in Belgium three and four five three and five on the road. They lost. They lost the Denver twice on the road. They lost the Indy on the road. So they've lost their last three Rogaine. You don't think? That's going to be. You don't think Tom Brady is gonna hear that over and over and over again all week. You don't think he's gonna? Here's your guy. My homeboy. We'll talk about a forty one year old. I gun you. Yeah. Go here that all week. All right. But a quarterback can't get over motivated right want that kid to come out. That's the one position where motivation doesn't really all. But home you. So you like, Tom he psycho. Remember he comes down, and he goes go. But he, but he doesn't saying this is the first year starter you might get a little too gunned up with the math time I in order through fifty touchdown the five thousand yards he different. Well, I'm getting remind everybody Tom Brady head to head with that kid threw for one hundred eighty two in the fourth quarter with no hell to overcome guess what he overcame Bill defense in the second half at home gave up thirty one to that kid thirty one points in the second half, but who won forty three to forty Brady. No help. So I'm thinking, Tom Brady's your school. What has helped with? Allman is hit with James Michelle's back Brady, probably score seventy nor should probably be seventy two fourteen. That's what I'm thinking. Yeah. So let's see does. Brady have Travis kills. No. He didn't have that. Does he have Tyree joint way? Let me ask. Let me ask. No. Tyreek is there. Tyreek on New England. Is there? A Sammy Watkins Sammy Watkins was really good. You know, what I noticed? I never heard. I never heard when gronk was running rampant. I never heard to say air. Rogers have rob gronkowski. Will he does air Rogers have Randy moss? I never heard skip say that now he had Greg Jennings. Mike, stop it's give stop Greg is unbelievable unbelievable career, but he had an unbelievable year that but Randy malls. But I never heard you say, I never heard us lane. Man. I sure wish I wish Rogers had a wrong. What about right now? Does he does Tom Brady have any of those weapons that kid for the last the last six years any elastic you rob gronkowski double digits down talking about now? He's flawed no web now. Well weapons so homo talking about now just talk about so one guy has fifteen catches. The other guy has nine for book. Hold on, Jillian. It has the second most receptions in playoff history. But he's nobody. Yeah. But how do you do that you do that? Because your quarterback loves you. And you get to play in a whole lot of playoff games if you're riding with number twelve he's not Brian one when the late a lot of playoff game. Tom Brady, and they're not second in the NFL Yoon Ripley off catching, well, that's his favorite target obvious. Oh, so in other words, the guy can play what do you think Julian element to run the forty and I don't know anything. I don't know. They're the lot of live one. I don't know. Maybe only this one. I ran for eight you did you. I didn't the Cowboys told me that John wooden. Did he timed it? And he said you here we're off. He was offi watch too slow watch array of four six seven four six five the combat around world. Okay. That's good. You're in the hall of fame. Yeah. You gotta have something going on. Oh, absolutely. Talk your way out now. Doc about the Cowboys. Well, they lost to the ram Saturday night failed to advance to the NFC championship game on the positive side deck threw a touchdown pass in rushed for another. But the Cowboys were only one for ten on third down after the game. Dak said, quote, we weren't able to execute and it hurt so, Shannon. How would you gray Dax performance from the week? I gave him a C minus because I thought it was very average a slightly below average. He doesn't seem doesn't push the ball down the field Jenny at thirty two attempts. Only four traveled fifteen yards or more all if four travel fifteen yards or more. You know, what I don't like to video because sometimes but drop that try. Drop that try for me because really he should have to pick six. I mean, I don't know what the cover the covers tell you that the linebacker lined up. He's gonna blow the flat that what he's going to zone blitz. It's just you get fooled. Why you get fooled because I not to rush the past though, he didn't that formation tells me, but he's going to blow up the flat, and guess what that hitting right between the numbers, and he dropped it has MAC cotton's lie. Although skit on how many caught you see a pass catcher is interceptor. No didn't catch him right in the hands the ball traveled like three yards, and it stuck right in his and he walk in and guess who through that my homeboy Jimmy. That's only one I wore during this, Shannon. I did you need help out of hell, no, hell, I'm helping then again. It's the Cowboys. It's hard to. Just what we do with Zeke this year when Zeke isn't running all you gotta do beat the Cowboys this about Saturday night. What are we giving? Great for the whole, you know. Cowboys violence leak is held under seventy five yards this either seventy career. So in other words, what we're trying to tell you get been to annotate and everybody's been telling you running football team. And when you shut off Zeke, Elliot, and you put the ball in that hand and say that deliver us from evil. He did he unwilling or incapable of doing that. Because he had another golden opportunity to show me. He had an opportunity. Shut Shannon Sharpe. Up to say, you are a liar. But it didn't do it. They shut off Zeki what he do. Dana and Dak and all the big fish are in the deep. I've never seen. Anybody catch away at zoom. You gotta go away. Drop the track of Gallup with over the shot for touchdown. Why don't you drop that track? Hold on those don't count sweet those under your could've. Swore of Dax thirty two attempts all in for fifteen yards down the field. So what would have found how many how many quarterbacks do more than that? That's most quarterback. I this. You had a higher yards per attempt than Aaron Rodgers swore hot. Help. We're not talking about a lot of quarterback grain a lot of quarterback out grading this quarterback. So thank you. That's a necessary skill that is very unnecessary. I'm so disappointed in you this morning for interrupting so unbecoming Jerry played outta. You know, why you're better is not easy is not easy playing the quarterback position. And you ask to turn around and hand the ball off forty seven forty eight times. And then on third down come up and try to make throws or try to make grows when you hand the ball five six seven times in a row, and they ask you to turn around and make throws after that. So it's not as easy, but at the end of the day now most quarterbacks tell me, you know, I heard it. I heard that you don't care about new QBR. He'll cut no touchdown care about yards about them. And he came to my restaurant. Oh, really? Handsome. This would mean I've heard that. They come by. You know, who came I had a good old time tiger now. Good game. I had a good old time on with Todd Gurley. The best guy who's running backs. Bagels who by mail. CJ dickerson. On CJ Dickerson, right? Z nine. Did he probably shut down your restaurant? Right. So you'll get Todd Gurley credit. I give him some credit. He's all it carries. He didn't have as many carries. The other guy to see that. What do you let CJ beat him up? Did you come clean them up? So. What's your grade? Skip. I'm going to be really hard on Prescott and give him an a minus. Because I. Model for what he was extrordinary with his resilience and his refused to lose and his warrior spirit and his fight to the finish. I'm never seen in quite like it. They should have gotten run off that grass that night at the Coliseum and he kept them in this game. They're going to the fourth quarter down eight and they got the ball all the way at the thirty five because he's gone, boom. Boom, boom. And it's he went boom on third down to Noah Brown is beautiful throat to the sideline. But no around young receiver couldn't quite fight for the first down. So it's four and a half yard is it Dax Prescott Dak Prescott fault that they took the ball out of his hands and put it back in zeke's hands. Is it his fault that they called the dumbest play in the history of fourth and short, but you hold on skip. Is it his fault? But no, it's not his phone even. Hurt that I promise you. He's going to go score another touchdown. And by the way, can we look at the big picture here. That Prescott goes twenty thirty two to sixty six and he doesn't have the bulgur much because they just get crushed in time a position it's thirty eight to twenty two that that's just extrordinary. So so let's let's look at how much he did with how little he had to do it. And in the two sixty six he does for one touchdown. He runs for another touchdown. He throws a two point conversion, and I get it that that was a potential interception. He just flat out got fooled by the classic zone blitz. Which the Rams do not do very much of when I watched the Rams. I haven't seen him do much of that all year, they just line up with their front foreign come after you, and he's a stand up pass rusher. And usually he's just coming and he dropped back in the ball goes. Right. Tune because he's trying to force it to Amari onto leave. So the point is out give you that one. And I'll give you. He missed throw Gallup to Gallo. He threw it behind him. And he threw it a little behind Kobe's Lee, though, he might have been going to gallop behind Cole. I couldn't really tell and coal couldn't cut the way usually cuts. So I'm gonna give you three bad throws. But how about all the great throws because his QBR that they don't fool around. He hasn't gotten any good QBR's this year. He had very good. You had eighty four against the Rams at the Coliseum. Jared Goff had a fifty seven. He crushed him in QB. It was a home game for you. Remember, they said the crowd was sixty forty. Yeah. Home game. Okay. Well, it's a home away from home game. But it's still a way it's a way. So let's look at this. The most misleading stat I can ever remember out of a box score. Was that the Dallas Cowboys one for ten on third down? Can we dissect that plan does that Prescott completed four passes on third down? So he had one already converted. He completed four passes that got them within. Half yard of the stink. They don't do it hype. That I'm out he completed those ball. So it's misleading because three of the four times they converted on for it down. So you almost have to give him a third down conversion because he completed also fourteen that good. Okay. I'm still going. I'm still going then there was an early third down at third and five from his thirty yard line. And could we please see this to Amari Cooper, because nobody mentioned this that I heard, but he hits a market right in the hands on a little crossing route. Here we go watch this watch watch. Run the hands. It goes to San you have to catch that he's still running. You have to catch this brought in the hands. Did he say anything about that? There's another third down conversion so that would have been that would get him up to six and then how about the in the grasp call when Lyle Collins quote, unquote, tackled in his own, man. Tackled him there's another one. So that's one that he did kill your black or plus five plus six you would you want? That Prescott actually went six of ten on third down and the stat says one of tissue. That's how good he was. So now, you want the NFL stat people to change it. If you come up with the have we give them a first down. I ended the guy how many times have somebody dropped the ball on third down. You don't know. You don't do it for any other quarterback other that credits showing you what he did do know what he did what he did do with your pretend on third down. That's what he did that fat the facts if you really look hard if you want the truth if you use your test see heroes extrordinary on third was actually better than most people. All the all the years that we've seen guys drop passes on down. Okay. You have a made this excuse for this. They're showing you what he did. What are you doing thing was fourth and short? It would be like a quarter of a yard a half yard, and they converted three out of four. No, no, no. How do? Yes. I do. They say third down attempts or they say a fourth down most of the time. When you go one in ten would Russell Wilson go like three of twelve he was just awful. He just he didn't even come close. Russell's awful. My guy was getting close. He was close to the first down gave it to it be out for a third time. Outplay Jared Goff preseason game at Gerry barreled. He run out of I don't know. He's running out of ravines getting revenge now. Well, there's no revenge now except you could get rid of the head coach and the coordinator, maybe that would help that would take you to the next fired everybody those guys they deserve their job. That's not going to skip. I want you to stop this. And if. The head coach hadn't taken out late and Vander late in the game. And you get a stop wouldn't you love to have seen. No, you wouldn't. But I would love to have seen back Prescott with the football in his hands with two minutes left at maybe his forty yard line. Because. He had the ball for twenty minutes in his hand. Why you wanna see we're too? If you didn't do anything with twenty he gonna do anything to help me out? How do you? How does your defense give up two hundred seventy three yards rushing yet throughout the second half your within eight points? You know, why? Because the quarterback just keeps making play. How does your running back? Oh, twenty carries for only forty seven yards. And you're only down down down eight going to the fourth quarter down eight with two minutes. How do you do that? Because your quarterback. You know, what I guess changed? Great. I'm gonna give him a serious law. Gotta give him an eight. That's extrordinary. He's he's the most over criticized unfairly criticized quarterback in pro football. If you did this. If you don't mind me asking skip in the first quarter when the Rams ran about ten plays inside the ten yard line in the Cowboys defense Dopp them what was doing that. He should have been playing safety because they could use them. He would've stopped the wrong. How about? How about math at the quarterback position before he's knowing renting out. Okay. When he learns how to really learn how to play that. Then we can talk about maybe this should have been a blowout. And it wasn't because of Michael. And then the no photo, we don't talk about blow out. You said you had a feeling, and I told you now I told you that black soup not try to and I wanted to say skip may money when you come here. I need you to have that same having more energy. I had on Friday millennials. They call it synergy. Now, I don't know what you're going to call it. But I need you to run it with that same energy in the sixties. I think okay, I want you to run it with that same nasty. I want you to talk about the Rams than what they demolition job. It did to your cowboy I want to talk about that. I want you to talk about how you predicted that the Rams would run for two seventy three because I didn't hear a peep out of you about predicted the ram would win anything come come along with that out. Gladly. I don't know if you're in like this. But I just wanted. You know, Jason Garrett did say this morning Lyn hand will be back on. We'll be back. We'll be back. No that's necessary skill that is so unnecessary. That's hard to hear. He wants changes. What changes to be frustrating? I feel you. Let's mutable will happen walk and walk into him guilty here. Oh, speaking of you, you need help with. Yeah. That. At least I know Dak can win the east with Scotland a hand, that's all I know you can win these other than that. I don't know it while the to them when he lay limp tomb is happy, you know, what he's got no backstop anymore. He's got no back up. It really doesn't know the neck foles magic Iran out yesterday near ran out Shanteau fit ran out now that the Al shelhah magic ring. What happened did happen? Defending champion eagles were a big underdog New Orleans yesterday, but they got off to a hot starting full through a long TD pass and the eagles led fourteen nothing in the first quarter. But they didn't score point after that. And the combo of drew Brees and Michael Thomas were unstoppable. The eagles had a chance to win it late in the game. But foles was picked off for the second time. When the ball went right through L, Sean, Jefferies hands. The saints won twenty to fourteen will host the Rams in the NFC championship game Sunday on FOX Sega listen to breeze and Jeffrey after the game. Teammates now sitting city Philadelphia. That's on me. I'll take Barry. No. I just I wanted to me it is what is having to the best. I mean guys miss game. When shots up all the time. Live. You learn. Team nicole. She's done a phenomenal job form. We knew it was gonna be different than last time, Shannon. What was the difference yesterday had an opportunity to deliver the Khuda grow scale there at fourteen nothing to get the ball back and Nick Boles kept. He is not a check down guy. He doesn't do a lot of nibbling goes for the home run any win for the room with Zakar it's under through the bottle little bit. And Marshon Lattimore intercepted. It he has small in the flat. That would have given them a first down. And then I think the real turning point of the ball game. And is what we know about Sean Payton, he's always looking Steeler possession. Eagles diagnose skip. They're thinking about this. They they're in the what we call a defense state punt safe. He leaves his defense on the field. Take a corner out. I mean, take a linebacker out skip and get the return in there. Just in case they put it so they got their expecting this. But you gotta give the saints credit because they were able to get enough push to let the the upback get enough of the first down. They go down the field. They score. Touchdown. If you look at it. Nick foles in the first quarter skip he's eight of nine one hundred thirteen yards. Touchdown touchdown run. Touchdown ROY fourteen points, the final three quarters. He's ten of twenty to eighty eight yards to I t's he couldn't finish them. Now. Saints is why you good homefield skip. You know, you fall down fourteen on the road more times than not is good night. Irene I know you don't know who I renamed but good night. But they were at home crowd kept him in the game. They get that first down, but I can approximate. Sure, you you don't wanna tell too many times, you definitely don't wanna temp that fate with the ramp coming in. But what happened was is that you remember last just can't lick bowls went on this the eagles. And they went on this run. What could they also do run the football? They had legare blunt. They had J J and they found the ball. So they get a lead. They found the ball with those two guys. They have no resemblance over run game sixteen Reggie forty nine yards. That's not nearly good enough and it allowed because you care. Throwing the ball throwing the ball. And you loud you read the get his rhythm before. I turned. I wanna know one thing. Eagles. How many times Michael Thomas caught twelve passes for buck seventy one or two touchdowns? How many times are you? Let them run in cut skip. How many times they run that route? They let him run push up the twelve break in and catch the ball that fourteen. How many times they gonna let him do it? He's been doing all year long. I'm last night jobs moonlight at the time. I look at time. I'm looking like in cut again and cut all they run. It's give you playing playing Tampa to you. Kate what use a tiny in a second receiver DEVE Kate the linebacker, and then he puts you I'm coming. Do can you please? Maybe that's why drew Brees should win MVP. He's got one target and he just keeps going to the same. No, no skip. No skip. If you don't take it away. I'm gonna keep going till you don't think everybody's tried to take that away the whole year. No doubly. I'm sure he's been doubled. Nearly we'll make well. Well, we're gonna get well we're gonna find out because I know I'm taking that away. I'm not skip coach. Check check since I'm not gonna let your best player beat me. Now, you got a bunch of best player that makes it makes it really really hard. I mean, you got you got tyreek hill. You got Travis. Kelsey you got watches. You have a lot of, you know, weapons skip it's hard. But really when you think about it in the past game, Kamara a little tough to ninety tough to deal with coming out of the backfield. But that's what happens they got a big lead. And they were not able to build on it fourteen in the first quarter. And then the final three they get zilch. This time. I was really a good boy. And I just kept biting my tongue over here. I did not interrupt. One time. I wanted to Manley in my tongue is now bleeding bitten. So Arthur my out. Like that taste better. Now. My first point is I believe that several members of the eagles hierarchy where somewhat relieved when that football went right through Al Shawn's hands into Mark. Lattimore. And that ended Nick foles run in Philadelphia or Fola del the're whatever you wanna call that was the end of that and their worst nightmare would also be their their biggest dream was that he would just keep on keeping on and win this year Super Bowl because if that happened. Yeah. You just be stuck. I don't know what you do. But I just how you could let Nick the franchise eat twenty five thirty million for backup. So I think there was some relief that that ball went through Shawn's hands. And he'd be the last guy. I would think it would go through his hands in that moment. It was just a shocking end to foles magic glance. He's not. He's not backers eighty so I'm coming. But remember that was second in ten all the way to New Orleans twenty seven yard line that game had twenty one to twenty written all over it. It just felt like foles magic was about to overcome the New Orleans voodoo or whatever's in that building that's generated on birth because that pass was right on the button that would have been right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be like earned in to. All right. And I'm not betting against Nick foles in that moment until that happened. Now back to what you said Nick foles was magical in the first quarter. He was just magical, and he played the way he played against genie's. Vikings and against Tom Brady and Bill bell check in the Super Bowl. He's just flinging, rainbows all home run. Yeah. Home runs and he's dropping out of the rafters into Jordan Mathews hands from your university. Thank you very much. And yet it's now second and eight at the Philadelphia forty eight early second quarter, and you're up fourteen to nothing Nick foles goes for the throat because his head coach wrote a book in the off season called fearless. I right. And he he radiates his head. He can't see it in his body language, but he's built for that head coach because man he likes to throw you wanna talk about throwing deep. He's going to go forward at all costs. And in this case he had a six foot five inch tight end on a corner. Who's really good, but he is all of six feet tall. So Zakar it's has five inches on. Marshon lattimore. And he throws it up. And I thought it was a pretty good throw. I thought it was up for Zach earth. I thought Zakar on you have he has him beat if he just throws the look he earned way behind him. He he threw a jump ball instead of a deep, right? Yes. Yes. If you try the deep ball he tries to lead him. He's just thinking I got six five on six feet because he's got a corner. It's not a safety. Okay. What's the seventy withdrawing banging on me, leave me? All right. Okay. You weren't a jump ball artist. That wasn't what you want. I wouldn't fix. I don't know how much of a leaper marshawn is. But I soon he can really jump because you've got up for that. I looked combine last night just to see he went thirty eight and a half. And I even know how great that. It's right. It's pretty good Mary eating, you know. Hey, but that is that kid not. I think he's the best corner in football on a regular basis playmaker. Does he not get his hands on this skill? He's reading. I don't know. This was one of his better games that he's played having seen a lot of New Orleans games. I thought he he's better than what he showed the first half the season. So I'm gonna give Nick foles this break. I think this is happened very quietly and most people have not fixated on this. But do you realize over the last nine games? The New Orleans defense is second in points allowed only to the bears its second. It's been extraordinary. It's leads the NFL over the last nine games in takeaways with eighteen so they are taking the ball away. Like crazy. So even though drew Brees in the offense struggled down the stretch. The defense will add alles. It was thirteen to ten right? So it was the only gave that defense only gave up nine points at allina. So they just kept on keeping on. But the offense was barely overcoming rightness of the defense. Right. Right. So I think defense is really loaded. It's talented. It's running hot it runs. Hits. And I think I think the Rams will go for two hundred and seventy three rush yards. I could be wrong. But I don't think so either skip. But I don't think anybody thought we see a twenty fourteen ballgame. I thought we thought both team will get into the upper twenties. I think you and I both Igor to win the game. But I actually know twenty fourteen tight ballgame. So so actually, I'm not surprised that Nick foles through the middle of the game struggled. But when because you can't even audible there, it is so loud, you know, how crazy that building is. So you take away a lot what an offense can do. But when he finally zeroed in the fourth quarter. They started to move the ball, and it took alshon that blunder that shocking. Unexpected uncharacteristic blunder not that he hasn't dropped passes. He just doesn't drop that Pat, right? He's he's a big time. Clutch lever. So that was to his credit. He just sat there for what looked like forty five minutes after the game owned it any owned it. He owned and he said, it's on me. It's on me. It's on me. And he. Said I'll be thinking about this whole off season. He will be thinking about it the rest of his life because that's a rough one the eagles need to get them. Running back skill. Well, they do but it was only twenty two fourteen. I agree with you. I mean, Nick foles got him that far with no running at New Orleans. What you walk into with doing? You know, what they are going to take a big step back? Not not. They just will. Because I don't think the team believes in him the way they believe was gonna take a step back. It'd be led me five and winning division nicking. So you'll want to do. Are you going to give me more over? You can give me more right now. Eagles eagles eagles. Who you take? Carson wentz. Lost twice denied every. I love it. I'll take three cases right now. Okay. Take three take. Yes. Okay. You got the Cowboys for three cases. I got the eagles. If neither wins the division. Nobody wins care. Okay. I win. You realize you already lost the same bet this year. And my team only is going to get better. You realize I have the youngest team in pro football. The Dallas Cowboys are the youngest team. You don't think they're going to get better who who hardy betting young last doing so? Well, and then you just gave me more to get it back, you know, to ninety eight on Saturday. You actually had me down to cases. But I knew I had Tom Brady in my back pocket. So two cases, Tom Brady even know blood. I get back. I'll get it back. Hey, I got a pinning vet on LeBron that's back from discussed what? Throw bet. All right. We'll since the Rams are headed to the NFC championship game. Of course are ram. Let's do it. Bring it on wasn't gonna miss today show is here, we'll get his take next wouldn't even scared to work today. Now. Well, the ram Basseterre air. Show up today, and he brought many AD again. So he definitely had to be here. After the Rams had that win over the tunnel. All this stuff is what I I just got to say we go into New Orleans. I can't. Hey. I look your that dim from everyone else you've got a cow. I I I refused because I'm onto you. I have figured you out. Most are voodoo beads, and they are not going back to my house because I had a revelation last night. I saw I realized what happened. I accepted the gift that you gave me of the jinx jersey. The cowboy throwback number four Dak jersey. And so I had to post something on Instagram this morning in which I got rid of it could we see it right now. Because I will never be fooled acre sleaze you can we see see? That's my good jersey. That's my that's my jersey say door, Bah. Yes it. Yeah. That's my second one jersey. I love that jersey kiss that one and keep it here. It is. Here's the jinx jersey that hung in my closet on Saturday night with the stars on the hell on the shoulders. Back to me. And let it hang in my closet on Saturday night on loss because put it on you. Maybe I'm serious that is in the trash. You got me. And you got me with little Chucky Dickerson. Look at this. This is the creepiest thing look at the tunnel. Look at this thing. Let me tell you. I made this for you some witchdoctor this come from one of my sponsors Saturday, Eric what what happened on Saturday. The first of all I gotta say this after I left him the other day tell you only. In the car with him. Touch me that tells me here. Down south down the bit. 'cause I really really fight on the table. Is on the table would have football. I told you don't let Twenty-one beat us. Don't let put the game in my life that I do like that. I don't like that. I like this everybody else gets to that had a nice game. Did he had a really good game? But when you can't stop the run you can't stop the run you're going to win the football game. That's what it comes down to. I have a question for the two hall of famers did either of you on Friday predict that the LA Rams would run wild on the Dallas Cowboys. I didn't hear a word about that. From either of you. But I thought they could get one hundred yards between the two hundred two. That's did not say run the football Basta Kita game run the foot. We've not look you don't forsee to seventy three. I didn't for Seger forty eight. When I put it on. But to. What would the ram in y'all defense and rushing the ball skill? We played the car that was Tom Landry defend that was a long not helped me out. We're CJ Dickerson. Come from. That that was the best pickup in the history of the best pickup, you know. C J Anderson gives he that guy inside that that no one wants to tackle late in the game. You say they all like me. Uptown your own Patas. He looks fat to me. But when he runs hard he runs Mowlam, he'll Amish down could downhill run. That's it. He's not you. He's not like that. He is bowling my day is over with. I said this, and I keep saying it sounds like a repeat don't let twenty one if we took the ball out of his hands. And we did you just shut him down. And you put the ball Dax hands. You know, he made some great throws. I gotta give him credit. He threw one that should have been a pig bond and fifty every ever hit him right in the hands. Right. Fooled by zone-blitz. But it happens. That's football football. What else happened to seventy three? That's all I got seventy three. Let me remind everybody. My defense just one week earlier on Saturday night face the number one rushing attack in all appro football. Seattle's and held it to seventy three total. Yards after holding it to twenty two yards in the first half. Just took it away. My defense against drew Brees with Kamara and Ingram at Gerry world. Remember this late November on Thursday night. Just shut down at that point was one of the top rushing attacks. Right. Held it to sixty five total Russia in thirteen to ten win. So don't tell me. My defense doesn't have the talent or the ability. It wasn't about that. It's about desire. It's about want to it's about motivation, my coaches lit no fire under my defense, while Wade Phillips really lit one under years because all they heard all week was you have allowed a league worst five point one yards per carry my right about this. That's a fact that's a stat. I'm not exaggerating. I don't know how it happened. But that's what happened through sixteen regular season games. And all the sudden those two studs in the middle said, you know, what we're done with this. We're tired of this. They came out. And they just wanted the line of SCR. Worst than my offense of line did and my defensive line did not want the line of scrimmage got owned by your offensive line, which must be way better than I thought. It was happened. You guys you guys lost his game. You went to Indy. Co used always tell us don't put bad things on tape. Well, that was one hundred that was one hundred seventy eight Russia arts not care. They didn't show up. And I don't think they showed up for this game. What that showed the right? Because normally if you watch team you like hold on that was the number one rushing team. They shut them down. Logic says we need them ball because we can't run Sean McVay say blue jive. Okay. He did. And I gotta give him credit that because when you're the Boy Genius. You're the boy wonder your temptation is like in the the big shootout game with Kansas City up. Just keep throwing on in for once. He said, you know, what I can't do it. I can't my ego can't supersede. The what's the reality of this game? And the reality is I got two running backs who really good because C J Anderson. Running hot against era zone in San Francisco last two games. He came from skip. He got cut by the Broncos. He got he was the Carolina Pelley and then daddy activated. Then they released kind of raiders fan and he's getting. Get for five days, and John groups Jon Gruden one another playoff game, right? Executive of the year in office certain guys fit and he fits in this offense. He doesn't have to be guy. The main guy there is Todd Gurley. But right now, it's CJ Addison because he looks good. And another thing is. Here you waiting for you who's waiting him. He was waiting for you right there. CJ? That's a voodoo Dr J C J coming from the Broncos. He's one cut. He's down here. He's nothing fancy. No, not going to be doing Dookie, but come fool remember member the debacle at Denver game to last year. Remember when the Cowboys went to Dell he put one hundred one hundred and eighteen I think so. So again, you're coach could look at that tape and say, well, he was killing a men it's a little different defense with two different linebackers in there. He had a big and that Super Bowl ruin skip. He played really really well people forget that how he plays a why would Denver cut him. I don't get that. They give him a big that money either Freeman. And you skip you look at it. He's never gonna win the workout Olympics. He's never tickets. To do what you got it. Now, he's not. But if you wanna guy that you AC J nice gonna be one of those games. You're gonna get twenty cares. Gonna probably be hard seventy five yards national guy, and you go let it go. Whether you're right skip. I say once they one thing you, right? When you said that sometimes the coaches the geniuses. They wanna over think they really do like like when we lost to we lost to to to to the eagles. And we lost to got us. We lose two saints the saints. We lost to the saints. You know, I said we to run the ball the bears. You don't go down to Chicago. And throw the football forty four times you run the football. You kept saying all week this week. And I think Sean must have heard me run the football run at CJ. That is our secret weapon. Y'all saw it. I I know this week. I noticed saying, oh, he let that happen us. They will say that. And let that happen. I think you're gonna have to throw the football to win at New Orleans. We can do that. So back to what happened on Saturday night despite two hundred seventy three rush arts despite my quarterback, not having much Colby's -ly or much of like. Like jar win. So he he's down to two receivers. He's got a Mari and he's got gal. And that's about it, and he hung in and hung on and made play after little play after big play after little play and kept them afloat. And they did win the second half fifteen to ten. So you gotta give them. It looked like it had disaster. Look like it had blowout written all over. Right. But what happened in the second half? He gets it to eight. And then he got it to eight again because he just kept fighting. He will fight you to the finish. But there are two key turning point moments that I'm hanging on Jason Garrett, and he's probably going to be back because he announced today that Scott Linda Hannah's going to be back. I don't like either one of them. I was disappointed in the whole coaching staff. Explain this one to me. So it's an eight point game at the end of the third quarter. And decades another third down pass that comes up a half yard short. So it's fourth and one and there's a quarter break. So the whole coaching staff can confer on this one. It's not just on Linda hand Jason. Garrett a former coordinator former professional quarterback backing up. Troy Aikman has time to input into this decision. And the decision they come up with. Let's run Zeke straight up the gun. He's going nowhere fast the whole game. I don't know if he what his footing was bad, you pointed out that what's his name. Just stuck Dante vile of Jehovah run hailers, quote, we stuck in this stuff. Could be right about that. Okay. So now we get to the crew. This is the crucial point because this is at your 35-yard-line. He is on the move. He just completed three straight passes. So here we go. What do they call the most pathetically predictable runs straight up the middle? And think about what it is. There's a rookie left guard. There's a backup center. There's no Travis Frederick and the right guard who is a former pro bowler needs knee surgery, and he shouldn't have been playing to this point and watch you'll have knee surgery in the next week or so and you run him straight in to the biggest to rocks and pro football the two pillars to cornerstones in Aaron Donald and dumb consume the two most immovable objects in all a pro football are sitting right there and not only does it get blown up. But looney the centre gets knocked back off the ball, so hard. He makes the task lawns Zeke. He hits him right in the face and Zeke falls backward. Okay. Why don't you? Let four do something. Why don't you fake it? Let him run the read option or. Bootleg or little rollout. Pass. What is what is Sean McVay call on the crucial play? Now, I get to the next play its third and seven at your twenty eight yard line late in the game. And Dak is going to get the ball back. Again. This is the game. And I'm not betting against that Prescott. If he gets the ball back there because it's down eight we just seen him converted two point conversion and these two guys are a little queasy. They're just a little like a we don't want to get. Yeah. Little queasy and what a Sean McVay call a rollout off. He's under center. Play action to CJ Dickerson. Right right up handy rolls. The other way he rolls to his right is Jared Goff running quarterback not really real really just play. Well, he he goes. I don't know where he's just wonders inside like v played him stay outside. He tackled town. But I gotta tell you you have taken out the kid who gave the spirit and life to that. Offense all year late and Vander is he sick. I don't know. I don't care. He was sick attack list. Maybe they do maybe they decided because he's a little tall and skinny right now. Maybe he was too light in the, you know, maybe they just decided we gotta get the old pro in there. Sean Lee, Sean Lee hasn't played football in a year and a half and all the sudden in the pivotal crucial game of the year at the key moment, you put Sean lien for Vandross, and Sean Lee takes higby on a little it's just a little down and out. And if you're that guy that you used to be because he used to be really good you come off higby, and you make that that job you say job. This is not a do your job play. This is a full instinct is a star play. Where if you're that guy you come off hit because you know, he's got a run seven yards not to yards three yards. You gotta run seven yards. He gets eleven yards. And if you see hit be just sort of shields them off, Sean Lee has to to watch look back and say he is talked and he is running. What did they talk while you? Looking in the back. You look at Joe, man. This is the play of the game. This is the one where if you're a hall of Famer you just make the play again, I didn't do ad-lib going out. You guys are often players, but you're a defensive player, you know. And I know the studs the immortals, they're the ones who on instinct alone. Well, my Simon zipped, but I gotta do that. Because if Sean Lee comes up and tackles him at six yards, we're having a different commun- iphone. Yeah. You're not going forward at your thirty four yard time. He did it before. Now. What are you? You wouldn't go for on the on the fourth and inches fourth in one to me. Was that a bad call? Yes. I would. I mean, I call I say man, they will read option. That's what I said. Because they go up the mill, but you know, all year. Now, they think about this. If you watch the Rams all you people have been running up the middle five point one up the middle. So that's a good call to and if they make it they run you say, great coal that was a great call tough run by z. You say at least run them off. Tackled angle, you know, what? In those kind of football in the worst thing for running back to do get the running away this way because you'll power is straightened out that dislike CJ Wison straight downhill. That's while the powers, I understood the play. But what I was afraid of was the readout, man. Okay. And went back because I know they bite on they gonna bite on z and dangled tip around outside. But just like Jason Garrett did right up to middle. Always trust to do the wrong thing. Doc with time to get to everything in this Eric thank you for the the Rams are on our New Orleans. Rematch for you, guys. You're gonna be back later in the show. But thank you for always some. I don't want to. Chiefs. Are they on their way to the Super Bowl discussing young now? And back to the NFL we go the chiefs had no problem beating the colts in this. Oh Saturday, and they made history in the process Casey became the first team in playoff history with a rushing touchdown by a running back wide receiver and quarterback in the same game on the defensive side the chiefs sack inr luck three times, and they will now host the championship game for the first time ever on Sunday against the patriots, Shannon. How impressive were the chiefs. Go to one of their most impressive game, skipped giving them. A whole didn't play particularly well normally has to be extraordinarily not for them to win. And since Kareem hunt who the third leading rusher at the time of suspension and ultimate missile. They haven't been able to run the ball with any consistency. But they ran the ball for one hundred and eighty yards five point five yards. A carry. I was also surprised I believe in that coaching. I think you'll agree with me on this. They have the best into lighting football. And I thought so ever them. And what happened they fail behind? So they weren't able to run it. They ran it for five yards of care, but they didn't have enough rush attempts. But the amount of pressure that they were able to generate on Andrew luck sacked three times almost picking got scripts that so I thought I thought overall I thought Kansas City played well, given that the defense isn't very good special against a pass. They don't do particular teams. Don't run the ball because why gonna run it when I can just throw it whenever I want to. I thought the key moment of the game Kansas City was complete control of this ball game. And then all of a sudden you hit a double third putt lot to. And now, what are you gonna do? Now got a quarterback at first you're starting you've seen this kind of play out before. And what are they do? My father ten plays seventy five yards. Order is restored twenty four seven boom ballgame. Now, Andrew luck didn't play particularly. Well, I'm being nice. He didn't play. Well, and all the overnight on third down. You're not you win a game you go over down third. Skip your deepest play phenomenal. 'cause you got a couple of scores and pick six so but giving Kansas City and what they've been dealing with. Because we know what they off represent. They got killed. They got a tyreek hill, and but. Considering that I thought Mahomes homeboy MVP going VPN thought I thought that in their didn't play particularly. Well, miss him. Throws. I thought I thought Kansas City, very impressed. He missed some throw missing throaty, miss them. Yeah. Yeah. He missed Rick. He missed how Rican far cross and in any overthrew Kelsey on seven route. Which is interesting. My take is very different from your take. Because I made the mistake that I will never make again the rest of my life. I made the mistake of betting on Andrew lots to win a big game. And I bet it with my heart instead of my head. I bet it with my heart because I wanted Tom Brady. He's. AM game and home. So I wanted Andrew luck and company 'cause he seemed to have a lot of company is they came into that game. I wanted them to go in there and upset the chiefs and then have to go to Foxborough. We're Tom Brady obviously would get back to yet another super has nine Super Bowl. Now, it's going to be different. And it's going to be hard. But what did I see you are being very nice to Andrew luck? I thought he was mostly pathetic in this game. Good. He had a QBR of nineteen point seven scale of zero to one hundred which is just pathetic. And I asked the question is his shoulder still bothering him. Because all I saw was a lot of push passes and very slow on the draw very deliberate. Like, I'm gonna push the ball over here to this guy. And it seemed like every other past got tipped or batted at the line of scrimmage with give it word like twenty degrees. Well, maybe cold for the dome team do when they. Go outside. He grew up in Houston torched the Texans in Houston play in the dome. But it looked to me like once you take away his run game, which was taken why no Marlin MAC to speak of to your point. And once you're hot defense looks cold in Kansas City against that kid and all those weapons then all the sudden Andrew lucked got exposed in this game. And again somebody I know somebody very near to me right now had the audacity to suggest that Andrew lucked belonged on the Pro Bowl. Team ahead of Tom Brady is just laughable base it on payoff. I it's just this guy. Well, that's the case Janice, it should be in the Pro Bowl, promo performances. He should be actually if you but you on Michigan. You ought to be ashamed for even suggesting that Andrew luck. It's. Down. Fifteen picks is just completely misleading. It was a Mirage, and it it just blew up in the one in five for them to go one in five and make it to the playoffs. And when it playoff game. I don't think it was his doing he contributed, but I think it was Marlin MAC being the hottest back. All four games the last five or six games, go at what he did. But while he was getting season. Andrew luck had as great game of three touchdowns. A what happened Saturday may my fault? I just picked the wrong the bigger the game the worst. I don't it's. Okay. Kid city get paid to what do you do just go lay down? But speaking of Kansas City, I appreciate your objectivity because I thought the cute one very accurate onset. Oh, no. He was throwing all over the lot and he will rock in fire and sometimes they're wild. Hi, while low, but you know, what I love about his receivers they they have such that they they love playing with they make catches for him. That are unbelievably good that were just snatches him everywhere. Kelsey Mehta catch when Mahomes side on the ball. And he threw it from behind the guy in so Kelsey doesn't get enough between to pick the ball up until late. And that's the hardest catch because there's a receiver. I'm trying to pick the ball up out of the quarterback's hands Kip. It's quick as I possibly can. And you know, sometimes how guy flashed in front of you, you drop them all well, all of a sudden the ball you let look for you. You see Mahomes? He throws the ball from behind someone. And all of a sudden you like you look at him. And is there, but it's like contagious magic. We think I'm going. I'm supposed to catch this because it's a magical throw, and it's going to be a magical cab. I it it just like a rub off effect on everybody. Tyreek makes catches say. How did he do that? Sammy made a couple on Saturday where I said how do that? It's because they love playing with this kid, he enlisted Damian Williams. I watched him every snap. He played at the university of Oklahoma. He has talent they're lucky to have him. He got booted out of the Oklahoma program. We won't get into all that. But. You know, Andy Reid has a lot of bad. I just want him to go. I just want him to keep moving forward because sometimes he'll get the ball and he'll run back with sometimes you'll catch up with. He he has some hair close in. Yeah. So I'm not sure they're missing Kareem hunt that give you the third leading rusher. Well, he was made illegal in fairly run on saying. But they had what they have hundred eighty yards rush. Yeah. That'll work is the only real cold on. It'd be like ten degrees. Rear colon. It is the better. Tom bro- seems to play. Why that is definitely that's the that's when you put hands on ios receivers. Make Tom Brady throw the ball down the field. If he got that kind of act. Learn how. Oh, no, my homeboy. Do what you better not disappear like Bosa Ingram disappeared. Right. Those pass rushers both they used to play LA. And before that it was the San Diego guy used the dice. This is why Andy moved up to get a guy the plan elements elements have no factor because he can still Zik. It's zip the ball sixty ours. Even in those conditions, even though he grew up in Texas got underway. Brought up Tom Brady. The weather. He doesn't seem to be phased. But Shannon, and Eric Dickerson. They've been the leaders of the Tom Pam hater club. Now. What I don't know we need some on liberal. Liberal. That's what they keep saying. Cursing and Tom Brady is moving onto his eighth straight AFC championship game after his patriots easily beat the chargers yesterday Brady threw for three hundred yards with TD pass in the win. Next up is a trip to Kansas City where the patriots are already three point underdog despite meeting the chiefs back in October yesterday Brady headed interesting response when he was asked about the upcoming rematch. Let's hear a good game. They're a good team. We played them early this year. I know everyone thinks we suck. And you know. Can't win any games. So we'll see it'll be fun. Any join once again Dickerson, Eric you have been critical of Brady gear. How impressive was he yesterday? Erica's, shannon. Thinking. Tom Brady is a great quarterback. I'm not taking that away from him. At all. I mean, great quarterback. It's hard to beat the pages in Foxborough, especially this time of year. I'm really disappointed the way that the charges play. But you know, pages are the patriots and the charges are charges. The charge are the charges for reason. I think that he played a great football game. I mean, he had three hundred forty three yards passing. I think he was forty three people thirty twenty seven forty four something like thirty four four million one touchdown. I think the the big factor in that football game. And the patriots are not known for this is running the football Sunday, Michelle. I mean, he had they will on occasion. Yeah. But but they'll runs mostly check down. That's not good. That's what they do. They do the best. But you have a running back in his three touchdowns one hundred twenty nine yards in the playoffs. You know, this that pretty much you're gonna win the football game because it gave it gave a balance. I mean element. He had to hunt. No one fifty one fifty one. I mean, you gotta say he he was phenomenal. But I'll say this Tom Brady does not play games just to win playoff games. He's playing to win the Super Bowl. He wants to prove all of us all of us were on that that that's what this is all about. And I'll say I'll say this to all the Boston fans. I watched him on social media day. They after after me, we want a rematch from in LA. We want them back again because they cheated us. They cheated. They cheated us. They know that she did back in New Orleans. They washed out fan. So we want some more them. But how did Tom Brady play yesterday? Fantastic. You have to give them all the credit in the world. Even still I still say he's an old man for football just football. But he's but he's taking football. I still throw it. You know for me. He played unbelievable. I'm disappointed. I'm not disappointed in the way. Tom brady. Tom Brady's gonna be Tom Brady. I'm disappointed in the charges because they know adjustments. You know, what you'd have to do yet? The pressure Tom Brady re-route get hands get biblical receivers. Well. And normally eighty one of the thing we go in there. We're gonna stop the opposing team's run. We're gonna make them one dimensional. Well, if you give the team they run the ball with sunny, Michelle whenever they want to. He can throw the ball five yards of the he had forty four tempted passes thirty seven of those passes traveled less than ten yards. So in other words, he's doing all this fishing around age. And you're not gonna do anything. You're not gonna try to reroute. The receivers he threw what two two or three dollars over fifteen yards. Get that's not Tom Brady. Tom Brady's gonna take. What you give him. Charging for that. He was comfortable. He was too comfortable. Didn't get press. You got knocked down twice one of us. Will do you? Don't you don't you? Don't knock him down. You don't rerouted receivers. You don't stop to run? And you you play zone defense guys can go to vacate areas it what to do expect to happen loss. You ain't listen. I think the thing is that when you we we measure Tom Brady, we see when you great mean. This is what I tell people or you say you say when you measure Tom Brady, I guess a thirty two year old Tom Brady, you don't measure him against anybody else. That's currently played you measure him against the greatness that he set for himself. Same thing with the bronze same thing. Jordan. You don't compare great greats two other players currently play you measure them against their younger self. So that's what EDNA where we say. That Tom Brady getting old and he's not the same player. That was standing Tom Brady was virtuoso, and am I surprised they want? No. But I'm surprising how convincing and how Barrelli they won the game. I tried to warn both of. I told you there's one man in all of sports, you do not bet against especially in Foxborough, Massachusetts. And it's number twelve for the New England Patriots. Tom Brady was better than ever yesterday. He looked thirty two or twenty five or whatever number. You wanna hang on him because he just never been better than he was in this game. It was virtually flawless that was artist at work. He sliced and he dies, and he surgically just carved up a zone defense that basically just sat all afternoon, that's death about thousand papers. It is that. But to me, I see no diminished velocity. It's the same as ever. I saw lasers thrown by Tom Brady. I saw as quick release as I've ever seen from Tom Brady. I saw touch and feel and quick readability that that was up there with the best of Tom Brady. It was it was something in this man is on a new mission because he's never been an underdog since that first Super Bowl, you think you've got cheated in the process all that Saint Louis Rams L A. But I got you. But that's the last time he's been an underdog and that was a long time ago. He's been a prohibitive favorite much of his career. If not all of them, and all of a sudden everybody is discounting and doubting Tom and everybody says, oh it signs of h he's washed up. He's over the hill. And I wanna thank both of you for saying that because I need you to keep on keeping on I need you to doubt him a need you to tell the world that there's no way he gets out of Kansas City alive because it's going to be too cold for the forty one year old in his hands are going get they're going to shrink and his receivers are gonna get roughed up by those Kansas City. I'll tell you what if you do what can't San Diego. Did he go into the night Angra boat? Way. But you gotta try something. I'm here to tell you. There's more talent on the chargers defense than there is on Kansas City's maybe the plan will be different. Maybe they'll play with more confidence because they have had their members left on that defense who have had some success against Brady in the opener two years ago you recall, and then we can't go back to the twenty fourteen game. They would be there. Yeah. For sure and Eric Barry's got a calf issue. So I don't know if he's going to be able to play. But he would know if you've got a Catholic hang it'll be playing eighty nine cold. But this is a new deal for Tom Brady because he realized he is he's a shrewd operator at he understands history, and he realizes this could be his crowning achievement. If he can get this team and this defense and this lack of receivers to another Super Bowl and win. It would you guys not have to sit back and say. I gotta give it up give it up. Anyway, you have like you can't say that a guy that has been to eight Super Bowls one six five five Super Bowls is not if not the greatest quarterback. I mean, it's only one of the guy that I argue with Joe Montana. I mean, and that's he that a table go to even go that either one of those guys. I mean what I take him. Yes. I would most he's a great thing about Tom Brady is he's a great competitor. And that's what you want out of your quarterback yesterday. He was he took everything we say. So you know, what I'm gonna show these guys? They say he said what did say outside is building. The matter. Don't hear this. It is. Yeah. And he enlisted just anybody. It's gotta come from a hall of Famer win all when this hall of Famer he's kind of an old, man. I'm only old. When he says Tom brazen old man who shouldn't be playing play. Time is coming to an end time is coming to all of us old man for football. All the being the club. And I'm gonna limit twenty. I'm over that. Came to the past. Oh, I keep it crew. Nine. Montana. He's got twelve more playoff wins. The playoff would differ. They see they real-. It was different back in those days. And let me tell you what it was that game. When we play a lot more physical. You could really hit the quarterback. Hey, that's it. It's a different era and one thing in in the playoff Joe, Montana. Never doing this action now want to boat, and I suppose. Not now. But I I gave credit skip Tom has not been an underdog in the sumo. He's been under underdog in playoff games. He's underdog in the championship game against Denver both times that's true fairly, and and and when they played in India when they painting I but talking about for the year like this is the time whenever I saying it's over for New England. All right. Good to have you. I'm glad you're still wearing your. No. Baseball over football. This story lonelier. Cuyler Murray has until today's deadline to decide if he'll enter the NFL draft, according to W F A Cuyler wants more guaranteed money from the Oakland A's to stick with baseball. He already received a four point six million dollar signing bonus. When he was drafted last year ESPN reports the as would need to sign him to a major league deal to offer him more money, which would be unheard of for guy. That's never played a game in the minor. So skip. Yes. What is going on Jeanne, Shannon? We have never seen anything quite like this. We now have major league baseball fighting to hang onto a collar Murray it badly needs and trying to keep him away from football in which in college. He just won the Heisman Trophy. And the reason I believe that major league baseball is behind this push is so badly needs African American stars in my time. Growing up African American stars dominated the sport for me. It was Willie Mays and Hank Aaron and my my hero idol, Bob Gibson and Lou Brock with the cardinals. And then Frank Robinson and Willie Stargell in Ernie banks. I can go on they dominated the sport all the way up to Reggie Jackson, obviously Yankees as and that was it. And then all of a sudden we saw decline, and we saw a lot of kids of all ages lose touch with baseball. So all the sudden you have a Kyle Murray. Who's who's not particularly charismatic off the field? But is not cares Matic with the football under his arm. Throwing it a running. And again, I haven't watched him play baseball his numbers weren't scintillating. But if Billy bean says you can play, and I know Billy very well. By the way, Brad Pitt played him in a movie called money ball off the great book moneyball. That's how big a deal he is. And he is now as we speak. Leading the contingent to Dallas to try to convince Cuyler to play baseball. And they I don't know their wild figures thrown out they've been discounted. But maybe up to fifteen million that they've been authorized to to offer him. So they can go way beyond what you can now offer given the four point six six that he was offered as the what nine all pick. This lot of all of a sudden they see his stock rising in the NFL. The NFL is look I would not be shocked. I know they have said no to this but cliff Kingsbury and Arezzo I wouldn't be shocked if they somehow traded Josh Rosen and took number one overall collar Murray, I know he would be the shortest quarterback who's ever played at about five nine maybe five nine, but I think he can play. I think he can be at least as good as Russell Wilson or Doug Flutie, whoever you wanna make the comparison to in either. Leave his heart is still a football heart big power play because they need him. So. Oh, I think that heave. I understand. Why baseball is? I understand. Why baseball warning? Because get look they want someone that can captivate. We'd no we haven't. They haven't had anybody to. They haven't greatest as great as Mike trout is just blah. There's something there's no charisma on or off the when win winning. So we don't get it. Because my. Oh, my might try and goes away. He does. So the most interesting thing he does is sit in the stands in Philadelphia for the eagles games. He. Scott Boris is the most powerful agent in the world is in the middle of the now you remember him go. She ate it. He also Bryce Hopper's eighteen. Yeah. Bryce harper. Got a ticket below ten million dollars. But it was like minutes before he's about to go back into the draft. Again, the following year Strasbourg who the pitcher lane through. Yeah. He got four years fifteen minutes, but it was negotiated minutes before he was about to go back in this is a power place. How because we got leverage now before he played football. He was the night thinking to make MLB draft. You really had no leverage. Okay. Tonight pick. This is what you get you win the Heisman Trophy. And I'm bout to submit my name because just because he doesn't mean he can't go play baseball. But if he doesn't mean he can't go play football. So he's doing this technicality athlete believe he's going to meet his name draft, regardless of what you could do that. But you still have to do it pretty soon. It's gonna come push to shove because February fifteenth. Either got to go to baseball camp or not Scott how much money can you get me MO money MO money MO money? Well, if they're gonna win about the money, or is it about your heart about his heart? This would have never been in play. Wayne at some point. You just wanna make decision and stick with it. No well gonna make a decision between minutes twenty million in my bag Akao without 'em. Make my decision a lot easier. Skip. I don't know. What do you think you're going to be happier? Playing football. I'm new start. What do you think? He's going to do. Boy, this is a lot of power leverage that they are throwing at this kid MLB. They got all these people showing up for modem. Yeah. Yeah. Hopefully base. He's still has to go start in Stockton, California. Right. Which is able we twenty million in my pocket is a lot easier to go to Stockton busy day. I'll go with waiting on his decision moving on is Jason Garrett. The right guy to lead. How to jumper goal in the future your we'll discuss your job. Jay paypal. Jason job appears to be safe. According to NFL network the Cowboys in ten una gauche eating a long term deal with Garrett. He has led Dallas to just two playoff wins since he became head coach in twenty eleven and skip I can already feel your face. They give carrot and extension. This is my worst nightmare. More Jason Garrett. You just know it's coming and unfortunately, more Scotland hand, you just know that's coming to Jason said this morning that Lynn Eoghan is back coach clap is going to be back. But for it's possible fears to come look both of these guys are really great guys. And both are not bad. What they do. But not bad is not good enough for a team that you you have to see how Super Bowl potential and this year was good news bad news for me because the bad news was the good news that they roared back from three and five when both of those guys were in trouble to eleven in six including the playoff win over Seattle. And now Jason geared is golden I just can't argue out of that. I can call for his job again. And again, and it's just not going to matter because Jerry Jones likes personally, and is very comfortable with him and his puppet head coach is very comfortable with that situation. He just is in and now at the very least they tried a new direction with the new coordinator, but eleven and seven is just good enough to keep. Scotland Eoghan afloat as well in it. Just drives me nuts. You won the vision. So you knew once he got back into playoff contention. He wanted the vision skip it was gonna be next next impossible because he kept him his first three years when he was eight and had no glimpse of the playoffs. So he kept him. So you could think the last two tour two three years give he wins. He win the NFC east. You know Bogo. It was a foregone conclusion. I personally wouldn't do it skip. But this situation perfect for Jerry. Everybody knows Jason is not coaching the team. Skipped most coaches do not allow owners to speak to the team before. He does most coaches don't allow the owner to save. Okay. This players play. This guy's. This guy's going hour. We're gonna possibly look to do. That's not what happens. So. So Jason Garrett perfectly content is let Jerry duoc Iraq. Dow, no, he's not gonna rock that yacht eggs, actually. But let me tell you what you won't get you won't get a shot McVay with that. Nope. You won't get a Sean Payton. Eaten with that? You will not so. But you know, this when you become the Dallas Cowboys head coat. Everybody will tell you. You know, what you're signing up for? I mean, if you sign up for Jim don't expect them to teach you mathematics. I agree. Jason is the first one who took it who accepted what it was even Wade Phillips who had a great night the other night, just he's gonna push back occasionally, he's a good guy. But he's he's a tough guy too. He's guy. I pushing back. I let me check do. Yeah. Yeah. You wanna ELO, you know, I was going to dress. You guys I, but Jerry said had something he wanted to tell you come on Jerry come on to talk to them. Right quick. So once again, it's time here for the quarterback to overcome the head coach and the coordinator yacht. Yeah. Jason Gary, go rock the boat. What did he go home his wife? He go home, easy, man. I had to stand up, Jerry. You it. If you go Meghan apologize. Do you? See Libby, Jerry pay for this. Usually the private school kids. Go into Jerry pay for that. Now, you go right back down there to the cold in Frisco difference. Go you go right back to Frisco. And you apologize J for standing up the hill. If they will never happen again in don't come back home until you do why didn't she say, go Pala jobs to skip on dispute? Good idea apologize. News, all they gotta do. Go for them Ford down like Jerry asked me to do stem the sideline clap stay out of the way. He's the Graham. Okay. Speaking of the Cowboys LeBron James when do the game on Saturday night. Why didn't he support his favourite? Neck. Time for final topic of the day. Lebron had a night off from work on Saturday. So we went to the Coliseum to watch the Cowboys and Rams LeBron is a noted Cowboys fan, but he wasn't wearing any Dallas here and even went into the Rams locker room before the game. He said it was because he use the restroom Shannon surprise. Come down surprised that all he already go happen. He knew the count will be trying to jump to give. I don't know. If you remember this. You remember nineteen Seventy-three? There was a fight that happening Kingston Jamaica. Okay, George Foreman and Joe Frazier. Don King was Joe Frazier's. He wrote in the limo too. We're talking about LeBron James here at the cowboy game. When the show is going to end. Check your man, they leave. We don't care that you always leave with the champion. You go into locker room at a champion. Is that right? What sell out guy is Hollywood Grahn is all about protecting his image. He used the restroom in rent. You know, what the cowboy locker room is right across the one. Why don't knock on that? They're no they're right across each other. Thousand. They didn't. The walkway. What what you are now permanently banned from the cowboy fan club visit valley. No, more liberal disqualified you sold out anymore. Cowboy KO he wore cowboy LA he went to the Browns game against the Cowboys with an enemies, mid jersey on tragedy. All they were trash time. How about the Tommy were Yankee hat to the Cleveland and? The. Okay. What is time? Warns year that's at front back tomorrow morning nine thirty eastern right now calling tells you why Tom Brady and the patriots still look vulnerable words right now. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Join us again at the same time tomorrow morning, nine thirty eastern. See you then. Of of.

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