AEW's Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes


Off go all right. Welcome talk is jericho with is the pod of thunder and rock and roll and it's time for the duff off the kagan joke of the week chris jericho stepping kagan. <hes> you know i just dropped my daughter may off at college dorm and <hes> there's the female gender jarrett female gender asked if i wanted to smoke weed with her and i said no i can't hang with a high maintenance will thank you very much by high. Maintenance woman. Yeah got a high maintenance wool mom gala high maintenance well-known. Thanks jeff another classic. Go check him out. This fall when the tenders tour comes back to the states starting september twenty fifth duff and the band or in europe right now actually in the u._k. Played london last night duff online dot com has all the dates and ticket info for this amazing intimate debate experience with duff and shooter jennings play tunes from his tenderness record and a great guy so much fun to talk to him and so much fun to talk it to all of you as we get ready for all out tomorrow night in chicago and all the elite wrestling dot com has all the details and how you can watch hangman page age versus chris jericho to decide to the first ever w champion is going to be don't forget you can stream it on the b. R. live app. You can wash traditional pay per view. The show starts at eight p._m. Eastern and you can see that my guest today brandy roads you can see her in the women's casino battle royale match and the winner of that will get a shot right at the inaugural women's championship title once again. I'm taking on hangman pays for the awa world championship kenny omega versus pock the young bucks versus the the hermanos deluce blue-chip brothers in a ladder match cody rose versus john spears and so much more said brandy is in the casino royale battle royal match and brandies also talks jericho this week. She's not just an awa performance host the chiefs brandy officer and she's heading up the women's division with kenny omega. She's <hes> organizing it. Booking at hiring all the talent you'll hear all about her journey age w and what she hopes to accomplish with various roles in the company brand is also talking the time at the w._b. Why she left there twice the advice she got from her father-in-law dusty rhodes working with cody at new japan and how they're both introduced to tony khan a._w._s. Founder and president brandy rose is on talk is jericho but before that we're going to play the brand new fauzi song is called nowhere. Senator ron available on spotify tunes apple music google. You'll be hearing radio stations all across the country. It's the brand new fauzi june soon. Check it out right here right now. Nowhere to run amended com yeah yeah. I don't the what all right let me know what you think hit me up on the twitter at talk as jericho and in the meantime and in between time here we go now wants to get over the fuzzy buzzer going straight into brandy roads and talk is jericho thanks to our friends that boost mobile the switch that gives you more okay so we're here in jacksonville this really cool theater daily place and it was chief. Brandy officer brandy roads now personal russell. What does it chief branding officer randy officer explain exactly what that is so. I think a lot of people get really frustrated with the title chief brand officer because it's a newer position in business in general right so every chief brand officer has a job catered to by the company that they're with so some chief brand officers are supermarketing based. Some are super p._r. Based i'm just kind of a little bit of both and that's because tony's giving me the freedom to kind of put myself where where i feel like. I need to be a lot of times. That's way more on the p._r. Side because we do have a chief marketing officer dana massie though i work a lot with our p._r. Team i do a lot of partnerships. I am still on the marketing end on things so a lot of final finals go by me but <hes> my main focus focuses just kind of everything related to our brand getting out there what it looks like what it sounds like we're talking to who were working with all that amazing because like we we talk about kind of how this company starting on our third joe technically yeah but you had this real amazing collection of talent whose contracts or or lack of contracts or desire to do something different all came together at the same time combined with tony one to get started in the financial backing that he provides is combine that with the television with t._n._t. And i think people i know it i not that i didn't think about it but you're kind of like one of the unsung pieces of the puzzle so to speak because before obviously we can talk about it later you debbie and you wrestle the bid and you were ringing out for a while and then and you left and then but you're also very educated as well. 'cause you bikini model this stuff for you to take on this position. It's not a far stretch for you because this this is kind of what you did do or or have been doing since you left. How how did you end up in this in this role right well so i've always been kind of a jack of many trades and i call call myself a just a forever student if i could be i'd still be in school trying to get a doctorate in something. I'd have no business having it in but but i always liked to study so like i said you know i've got some accolades on the academic world and in the world that i was in. I actually did encounter a a lot of what this job entails because media is a huge part of p._r. and a lot of times. If you start off in media you transferred to p._r. Which has a lot of people don't know that a lot of times news anchors and reporters and all that stuff they end up in in their big long-term job there appear representatives <hes> and that's just because there are a lot of that is connections. A lot of that is knowing what the stories are what you're looking looking for what type of people you need to talk to so i had about five years of building for that without even knowing it which is great then. I what were you doing. After you lifted would be so well this before. I got to dodge before you had to w w i was a news reporter and anchor <hes> yeah yeah i did it in in flint michigan which is one of the roughest markets to ever be in machine shop concert venue. We played an awesome yeah. No i remember so i- i flirted with news for a while. I did it for a bit and then i got away from and then i did it for a bit and then i got away from it and then ultimately ended up wrestling but one of the key turning point moments in my life where i was like yeah. I don't wanna do this anymore. Riding with <hes> in michigan the cruiser really small. It's not like supergirl like chicago or l._a. Where it's you sit in the studio and it's air conditioned all day. You're walking around in snow carrying your own equipment. Usually just have one person with you <hes> for cameron they're driving and <hes> mean camera guy drive into this neighborhood and we're supposed to be investigating some shooting something whatever happened and it's a rough looking neighborhood already is summer so we've got at like the windows down and as we were driving in the neighborhood we're looking for this house address and were just creeping along slowly all of a sudden. We hear some guy yell out of his window. He goes goes. Hey and we stop and we look and he says to me he said bitch. You better get out of here. Are we going to kill you and i told him dr get get up here and that was when i was like what am i doing like making minimum wage and i'm putting my life on the line going just cold into these environments. I'm is where i could literally kill me rough town yeah yeah and it could be a rough like that. That was one of the times i quit and got back into it and i was like okay. I'll do this again but i'm only anchoring. I don't wanna go in the field and then the w._w._e. Opportunity came during that time so come about so random so i was still modeling on the side at the time and <hes> w._w._e. Reached out to the agency. I was working with and <hes> they had said hey. We like you know. The looks of these girls are any of them. Athletic and i used to figure skate so my agents say yes. She figured for seventeen years she she could be good so they said cool. We'll ask her if she wants to. Try out and i was like like you. Did you watch wrestling. When i was a kid. I watched wrestling my brother. It was a huge fan so we will watch wrestling in michigan detroit okay. Yes i really loved it. Yeah and i stopped when he stopped watching because he you grew up and kind of i don't wanna watch this anymore and that was it then <hes> the next encounter that i had with wrestling i was at michigan and taking a women's studies course so you probably know where this is going to go. They put clips up of the famous clip with trish on her knees barking dogs <hes> <hes> and it unfortunately it just in that sense in that class it was very heavily frowned upon so i just had it in my head that this is what we're wrestling was now like that's money went from you know andrea and hogan to that and i'm not interested in that and so when my uh agent reached out i was like hey. I don't think that's for me i don't. I don't like the dog and she said i think you should watch it. It's much different right now. It's actually as a p._g. Thirteen rating and i said okay i'll take a peek. I watched a couple episodes and i was like okay. This is actually this is cool. I like this and they invited me to it comes to survivor series in miami at american airlines and <hes>. I remember the key to clearest things remember from this is one seeing cody backstage because has from the few episodes i had washed. I was like man that guy's really handsome and then i saw him and he's really handsome in person to cool and then ray mysterious popping out out of the stage and he was just like captain america think and the crowd went crazy. Everybody was going insane and i was like i love this. I have to be part of the world's first yeah yeah yeah so then after that shortly after that sign a contract and then moved to tampa and it's interesting because you're one of the the last of the mohicans the mother models were that were brought in yeah to train to russell and most of them that actually tried did fairly good yeah oversee. It's the different world now right but it's interesting to me that you started in that aspect in here. You are now wrestling having this huge role in the company itself you you really are jack-of-all-trades. I guess so right so let's talk about your training what you thought when you first got started in wrestling but before we do if all you sexy beast talk is jericho who listeners have not switched to boost mobile yet. Here's what you're missing a super reliable super fast nationwide network. You connect almost anywhere and that's not all you get with boosts. There's so much more used to get four lines for twenty five bucks per line per month with unlimited gigs for data talk and text and when you've got family like i do and everyone's on phones all the time unlimited gigs is a must plus with boost. You get four free l. stilo five phones for the whole family. Everyone gets hooked up the cool smartphone. Everyone has plenty of data talk. Text watch videos and movies stream music and of course post to social media very important more importantly boost won't break your bank. So what are you waiting for switch to boost because boost mobile is the switch that gives you more offers and coverage are not available everywhere. Free phone requires port in additional terms and conditions apply visit boost mobile dot com or your nearest retailer for all details so when you started when you started shorted trainings you take quickly was part of that. You thought i think everything about wrestling is harder than you think it is. I think it was the athletic eric portion of it that was easy but understanding any of it was very hard and <hes> as soon as i started training i got called up to the road to announce because no when new when they hired me that i had this t- background and <hes> i think it was just one random f._c._w.'s show there was no ring announcer and i said i'll do it and they were really no one ever wants to do. Go ahead no problem and i did it and then they were like okay. She's okay at this and no one wants to do it. It's your job now. So i ended up traveling and then i would come back to train and i'd lost four days so i've been on the road and not doing this at all and then come back and then i'm like god i feel like i should be understanding this a little bit better veteran. I'm not so then they ended up siding well. You know if you're doing really well with this. We'll take you off and you're just you're just gonna full-time do ring announcing because we don't want to get hurt. It makes sense so i said okay but then i had always longed to to do more and i wish you know i always think well. What if i did get to fully train. How far would i have gotten. Maybe maybe i'd be in this match tonight instead of announcing it so <hes> it's really cool to come full circle here. I am now. What was your name rick. Eden eden eden stiles. I just take like like fifty names for them and pull them out eden stiles. You know everybody. Everybody has such a weird name. Judah straight get recycled. You know like styles now. There's an age. We don't know their last ask the styles so she you never actually rustled in no nope. I think i did maybe like two f._c._w. Matches and that's it yeah to leave in the company. When cody left <hes> i left twice. I'm wro popular. They're take my left really was because i did get the absolute absolute. You're only going ring announced. We're not going to change that. You're not going to wrestle. Will we're not going anywhere else with this right and <hes> at the time i had had you know code. I started dating and actually we were engaged and he had said <hes>. You know what you wanna do. Here's here's the <unk> working for you or not and i said you know what i don't think it is because i don't think this is what i thought i wanted to do. Maybe i'll go back into news because i love to flirt with news over and over again so i said but if this is the top of it for me wrestling i think i'm i think i'm good. I'm bigger perations yeah yeah. I just didn't feel like i was going to be challenged and <hes> you know whatever so i left. <hes> we got married. I got antsy. I'm seeing him you know. He has this shield match. The big roads brothers brothers were to shield and everything is really going well for him a really cool and i'm like what if i came back so i started that trek and everyone's changed because back then johnny was in charge roy giant and he had said you come back anytime you want well now. He's not the charge anymore so now. I've got to convince events other people. Hey i need to come back. I want to do these things so i got back to start training started to kind of understand it because i'm there every day starting tossed either helping and he's well. He was such a gossip so he would always call me into his office and be like what's the t. today. Tell me what's going on. He stayed who's talking. It was so funny. He never knew what was going on but you always thought you know everything. That's an interesting just as a quick segue here. How was it having dusty rhodes as your father-in-law. You're the one of the only people that can ever say that yeah. It was really fun. He always treated me like one of his daughters like he would say. This is my daughter. He wouldn't say this is my garage aw so it was just. It felt like i needed to be there. When i was there and <hes> i think that without out that dusty and i wouldn't have known each other very well we wouldn't have had like a close bond at all because we lost him shortly thereafter so i think that that worked with them mm-hmm and being area it was it was very valuable to me lessons that he taught you that you that you remember basically to just keep doing what i wanna do until i get my way which doesn't work nearly as quickly as you think it would especially with dusty telling you because he has all the confidence in the world and you still see roads yeah yeah and he'll tell you and then you're like gosh three years later here. We are what's going on doing all the things i'm supposed to do here and not getting anywhere but then you know here's the epic payoff where i'm right. Where i i wanna be and really happy with everything and i feel like my works paid off. It's amazing because the same thing that happened with cody with with moxley that you weren't happy because you knew you could do more and i did it too. It's one of the reasons why i'm here talking to you at a w and not still not that it's a cut down to anybody but i feel all that i could do more. I always say to people that are debating changing. Whatever in their life it's like if especially leaving w._b._z. Do something else you're you're on the edge of a fifty storey building and someone says you can fly but you have to take that one trust step would if they're not not telling the truth but you take the step and suddenly you're flying in your higher than you've ever been. It's just that one moment of taking the step is very hard to do. So what was the final reason sudeley the second time so the second time in the story's been told so many times and like i feel like a broken record with it but no one talks jerry no no one whenever knows it so i'm like i'll keep telling so the reality of it as beautiful as it sounds that i followed cody out. Ain't that good of a wife he i. I was already leaving full respect. You don't have that vibe if you would've stayed if i was in georgia yes yes the stage right. When moss left left. She's doing very well and it makes sense for her. So i was already leaving. I had told cody. We'd had the conversation in the reverse. As are you going to be okay with me. Leaving because i was very unhappy i was unhappy in the sense that i had been being hold for a long time that i was going to get more and i wasn't getting it and there was always an excuse and then you know every time we're supposed to talk about contracts. Something got in the way we couldn't do it and finally i just realized there's no plans for me. There's no plans <hes> you know. I had spoken about doing what i was cody now. Being as manager we had a lot of great people coming up <hes> as far as announcers go. I run my choruses and announcer. <hes> i was filming stuff weekly with paul heyman he was helping you know try to create this character for me and then it just i think it was maybe one meeting with with one writer where it was just totally clear that this busy work for me. It's not going to happen. It's not real why why stay why be unhappy. Why be angry. I'd rather other go do something else so cody had been fully on board with it. I think i had a month left on my contract and i was literally just waiting it out because i didn't want to have any any problems. I just wanted to you know when they set the meeting. Just say hey guys thank you so much. <hes> it's just not for me anymore and cody beat me to the punch your he real bad day where he was like. You know what i i don't want to go back and i i could feel it with him and i said you know okay. I'm cool with it because because the way you're presenting right now. I've never felt you to be more telling the truth. You're not like emotionally making a bad decision. You're fully fully cognitive of what you're doing so i said okay. We'll the now what do i have to do and soon as everything went out on the internet. I got a text message from from michael cole. Who was my boss george the announcer and he said hey do you wanna talk this week and i was like very glad u._s. Yes so we had a very nice conversation sation that week where he said well. We don't want this to affect you. Wanna make you michael. I appreciate it but this is. I was already had one foot out the door and i think he knew you know and he was kind of like yeah. I get it in so it was just an easy thing to well easy in the sense of walking out the door and feeling okay with it but but not easy in the sense of getting from point a. to point what you walk during holy shit i really did it and they were sitting at our house in texas going. What on earth are we going to take the jobs right before. I want to talk about some of you mentioned but you are a a really good ring announced. I remember remember what what was your secret to. What's the secret to being a good announcer in your opinion so honestly what i used to do which would make me happy with the job it is. I would wait for the challenge because every week the ring announcer has a challenge of some sort i mean i think people know the scripture coming out as we're sitting out there. During join the live shows <hes> we do not know what's happening in advance and so the more in tune with everything you can be. I feel like the better you can deliver everything so. I don't need to know who's in this next match. If i'm good enough it should be a fun challenge for me to hear the music and be ready to go know everything about everybody and so sometimes you would yeah oh absolutely time also there would be times. I mean i had one time where undertaker what's coming out and i've never announced undertaker and i'm like oh got. I gotta do this really good but then they never called for the announcement so then i just standing in the rain and undertakers getting in and i was like i think i need to get out. This is weird. So oh yeah there would be plenty of times where you afterwards like. Why didn't you announce them or nope nothing nothing but i think i learned a lot of that from justin roberts because he was just so on his toes all the time he was always paying attention and there are some ring announcers who you know. Don't pay as much attention or you know. I guess are not as into the product as as some but just was always very into it. I think he genuinely wanted to see everything that was happening. He was surprised is or you know appalled or whatever was happening and you could gather that when he was making his announcements which i thought that was really cool so to really be successful zones business that i have on jeopardy you gotta go with the flow yeah and you got to be ready to whatever happens happens like this is changing. This is being added to being subtracted and if you show any if resell it at all yeah it's a knock against you right. Yeah like you said you gotta be ready really is. I think i made one mistake. One mistake announcing that alad mitt to i actually made a lot of mistakes. People just didn't catch them because the happened yeah. That was one of my survival techniques. Which is if you just keep talking working. Most of the time people aren't going to hear what you said. That was messed up with. Roy sides kept going but there was one time that it was a title match. I was announcing <hes> dolf ziglar and down brody which i can't remember what brody's name is that a hardcover hopefully yeah yeah and who's the one dolph dolf gotcha i reverse their weights and you know how dolphins hang he looked at me like when i said that brodie weighed like a hundred and twelve ounce announce and he looked at me he goes. Oh my god are you serious and i was just like please out yeah. We're going to have to redo that in the back unthank- back remember lillian once once i'm a weekly basis you would make a mistake and the one time she announced me from when toba manitoba oh wow over winnipeg but like you said th if that's all anew right you got the mike alad then people so let's talk about when you and cody leftover to be in the circumstances around that it was a very bold move for you both and we'll get to that but i i wanna thank another sponsor. Who makes this show possible talking about deal dash. You guys need to check out deal dash. 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Remember the outfit you're wearing or remember it was just this crazy cool mazing outfit and great looking package and you're involved in the match and doing all this cool stuff. I can't believe in this might be just the attitude of debbie towards you guys when vince thinks of you to certain level you can't really escape. It's very hard. It's you superstars. The moment you left it seemed. I think it's something that you just have to see and that was the problem i was doing. I was making tapes and different things but he couldn't see it out there together. I think had he seen it once. He would have been like okay if you hadn't since comes a w w backing w now as a team as a unit you know what i mean like i think now he would have seen it if you wanted to my point being it. How can you deny the chemistry of a see as a married couple but also some married couples. Don't have the same chemistry right outside in front of the cameras right exactly guys. We're a great unit. It was it was amazing to see like right off the bat. That's that's superstar right there superstar act joy that did it. Did it work well for you. You guys yeah yeah. You know. It took a little bit. I mean we had a few indie runs of things where i said okay. I'm just going to fully listen to what he wants. Did you and i don't really agree but i'm just gonna go with the flow and then we do it. It'd be okay and then after i'd say hey. What were you thought if i would've did this instead need go. I wish you would have said that would have been cool and i'm like okay so i let that happen a couple times and then finally i think maybe the first time that i really did. I put my foot down and say this actually what i'm doing. <hes> was at our first tokyo dome when we were against a bucci yeah and when he did that at that dive i park caught it but then i fell in pretended like you know i was dead from it and i said i want to be laughing nothing when i turn over and no no you're selling that you're you're you're down. Just trust me. I i feel like it just makes more sense for me to be laughing and that's the gift that lives forever. Forever is me turning overlapping <hes> she's evil. She did it on purpose. Yes so then i think kind of when he started to be like okay she kind of knows what you have. Sometimes we're he'll. I'd be like just do this and i'll be like i don't do that. Well i want to do this which is a sign of a professional something well. You don't do it yeah no that that's the thing that you've you've been in the business style gosh. When did you sign two thousand ten two thousand eleven earlier. It's been oh yeah probably thousand eleven. It's been eight nine years now. At this point society. You're not some rookie behind the ear green. I love the fact do that. Then for reasons of trademarks and deputy being done to be how cody cannot not be cody rhodes those events brandy roads yeah. How is that how did that happen. Well obviously when i entered w._w. The first time i was brandy read so need andy reid became eden stiles then but i never really said anything about it because soap opera as the world tour okay. Maybe we'll come back and we're married now. Maybe i can be you know. Even i think on the website when we got married and everything thing they had done a a big thing was after the firing of cody for not beating randy they had done a big thing about brandy roads so said okay maybe now we can just make that transition no idea why but they just didn't want to do it your eating styles again. God dang it. I hate this name but i stuck with it stuck with it. <hes> when dusty past. I felt like the only thing that i wanted to do to feel like i've done what i should do is change my last name. They keep eden. That was fine but i i did say i really want to change my last name to roads because i just feel like that's what needs to happen. I feel like that's missing and i know he was okay with it because i had asked him in the first place yeah yeah hey okay with this he said yeah and so there was chatter about it and then ultimately the final decision came back to me where they said no. We're not going to do this because we're doing. The dusty rhodes tag classic and i was baffled who it has to do with me nothing but then i thought this was at a time where everything was making me very mad at work and then. I thought you know what don't get mad about about this. Don't get upset because there's gotta be a reason for it. Here we are today. I wouldn't have the name had i had because you never use. Brandy rose and w._b. Was never trademark so you can be graduates. Randy rhoads yeah because cody cody rhodes in w._b. And even though it's his family's name they had trademarked dusty dusty rhodes or both we say but then you guys are smart cody and brandy roads yeah. We're what was your your journey to a._w._s. When did you start hearing about it. And how did you feel about. I mean obviously you didn't call it a go okay. I want to be the achieve branding officer like how did that even come to play so i started here this chatter about <hes> tony and different things that <hes> you know he was interested in and i looked into tony and i thought this this is probably the most solid person i've ever heard talking this way about yeah but i was kind of like there are a lot of people that want to do a lot of things in wrestling and ninety nine point nine percent of the time it doesn't get to the starting point for whatever reason so i just the biggest reason is money. Yes very expensive to start a company exactly exactly so yes so i just kind of was like i don't wanna get too excited about this and i want to invest too much in this. I'm still going on about life as if this isn't happening so you know still you know doing new japan and doing you know the ring of honor stuff rustling now at this point as well as having matches and stuff yeah. Actually it wasn't too long after i had a broken collarbone so i was still trying to decide ride. Am i gonna be able to still wrestle after this. I'm going to be okay bringing in the ring yet in japan. I was on a stardom tour. I gave a guerilla the crossroads who didn't know what a crossroads was instead. She just fell right on me in crush my collarbone into pieces so very painful injury. It's a confusing one one. Because most people tell you you have you have you had haven't i'm just guessing thank god so like other girls that i know that have had it our first instinct think always not that that's what's broken. It's always that something's out of place like feels like my shoulder popped out or something. I remember asking one of the girls hey can. You pump my shoulder back back in and she was like i wanna touch right now. You're so swollen but yet. I just didn't know what what on earth happened. I knew i was very uncomfortable and i couldn't really use it and then when i got back to the states and got an x ray they were like you need to be in surgery tomorrow good good. That's probably feel a lot better than than it does right yeah but yeah so yeah that was you know. Just we're going about life. As usual and <hes> tony actually was the one who reached out out to me and said like hey we should meet we talk because he had spoken to the bucks in he had spoken to cody and i said okay you know i love meeting people in talking to people and talking about wrestling let's do this. The most jarring thing about tony is that he knows everything about everybody. He's so passionate about this so when we sat down i'm thinking well you know. I'm here's probably what we're going to talk about them. In the tell tony that <hes> you know i'd love to wrestle for him. If we go this way but i have other values other than just wrestling and i'm gonna tell stuff and he sits down and he says okay so here's thing brandy. Geno your background. I know that you graduated from this with that and i know that you went to school. We're here for this and that and i know that she used to work here do that and actually your education's really good and i i really see you in this role and i was like wow let let me catch up on my own life here. It was like man you really know he's again. No it's it's out there. It's publication and he just he already had he told me this is what i see for you. You're really good with people and he he understands fully how <unk> job transitions to me because he knew about my media background and he knew i had a marketing background background and all of that stuff and he's like this is all stuff you know how to do so. It's a great great. I would like to accept that job if we get there right yeah yeah so so he was always very much like you and cody. You guys definitely stay together whether you wrestle separate or not like i definitely want you with cody 'cause you guys work is like that yeah yeah so i was like this. He really really kind of understands when say all the things that you wanted to say exactly exactly which is really really nice when it ends up playing out. When did you know for sure that you guys were aboard. Oh man i think it came down to the day that we signed our contracts because this is entertainment go south all the time at the last minute. I mean i can't tell you how many t._v. shows. I was supposed to be on that. I'm not on because we're later the housewives of atlanta or something like that. I'm thinking like i did ads wags yeah yeah it was it was interesting on the air anymore and gotcha glad. When did you sign though because like for me i remember the last time we were here was for the big press release announcing. Which was january fourth. I think i told you don't maybe seventy seven. I signed my deal on the sixth. Okay so gotta sign this. You can be in this place tomorrow. We signed signed our deal to the minute. Our other deal expired so as soon as the deal expired. We signed the other deals that like january the tokyo dome yes in the the days are weird because we're in tokyo so we had to have it lineup to in tokyo time what was in the states to be midnight. Midight basically the bucks of the same thing yep yep same exact which once again just shows that this was meant to be 'cause everyone's deal ended did at the same time isn't that the craziest thing unbelievable. I always say like for for russell. Company talent wise all you need is six to eight top guys you can build old around them and interchange those matches then you build up other guys right six. Stay top guys boxers two of them cody brandy jericho kenny the hangman. There's your seven got it there. You can build a company around yeah yeah which is just like. I said it's just amazing to me. That is a real. Oh kismet terrorist situation also very involved in the women's division at a._w._s. 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Go do it now now when you came in because you also very much involved in the women's division vision here right. Was that something that you would plan from the start. You and kenny kenny are involved right yeah yeah. That was something that i really wanted to be a part of because i feel like i've seen so many women like really talented. Women not get their shot for whatever reason or another and <hes> all the girls that we have now have some sort of similar story to that and i just really felt like being in so many different locker rooms. You need that female perspective there to speak for some of the women in senses that men. I just don't think about you know just not on purpose. It's just we're different right so i definitely wanted to be able to be a representative in that sense so that these girls could trust with. They're getting into they have somebody to talk to. That's not a man if they need to and so it's worked out really well. Did you have a lot of interactions with stephanie mcmahon when you were working. It's not a lot because it's essentially you're the stephanie doing kind of similar. I mean roles. It's i think it's really cool that that that that you have a lot of that vibe <hes> to you that she has a very confident woman who's in charge of all these different things but still very very nice very cool good. It's a good way to be. You know what i mean. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think you know there's always natural parallels that are going to draw. I mean we're wrestling families females in the wrestling lays. We're doing a lot of the behind the scenes work and a lot of the front and camera work so you're always gonna mind some way to draw brandon stephanie brandon stephanie and that's fine uh-huh where where are you finding like a lot of the girls because i know we have quite a few sign. We haven't even seen all of them yet because once again i love how much the brouhaha for causing after three shows yam even had a t._v. Show yeah but when that starts are full roster is going to be all hands on dak right so what was your kind of mindset and how how involved is candy in humboldt or you. Do you guys talk amongst yourselves. What's your plan for the division so division wise kenny is very passionate in the sense that i'm passionate on bringing fresh faces in that may not have gotten fair shakes or whatever right right kenny is very passionate about people saying joshi towns which is japanese women right right so i defer all of that to him because i can't even communicate a lot of the talent <hes> they speak japanese. I don't at all so a lot of times. It's a lot of trust there in a day. Who's good for this. Who's going to want to do this <hes> and then with me a lot of times. It's the <hes> a lot of independent girls that are in the states and even england and abroad <hes>. I feel like there's just a lot of female talent. That has a passion that goes beyond just oh. I just wanna be able to say i did this. They wanna do this and they wanna make their mark so this is the best setting for that my opinion <hes> it's a place where you know they're not they're. They're assured that they're going to have something. They're not just getting thrown in and then just okay. We'll maybe if we need you at some point will you. We have a plan for everybody. There's nobody me that's in the women's division that we don't have any idea what's going on with or what we would like to go on and so about how many a dozen girls dozen right now right now. Are you looking to expand spanned or do you want to use the girls. I see where we go. I feel like right now. A lot of these girls are unknown or just seen them once or twice here there so it's it's important to get to know them and then we see what happens you know from there but a lot of i mean even myself i i've. I've been in this business for a really long time. The match that we have tonight on this card a lot of people are saying you know well. This is kind of a an interesting match to to put on the main. Cardwell alley has been doing this for twelve years and like you said i've been around for about eight. I haven't been wrestling the whole time but a lot of people know us so. Let's just keep pushing to the people who don't know you know 'cause they exist. You can't live in a bubble. You can't say oh because i was on ring wagner or she was on t._n._a. Or whatever everybody but he knows who we are they don't and that's our job and make sure that they do you know it's interesting when you say that because we don't know you as a wrestler arlene in that and that's and and that's good to get to know you as a wrestler and like you just mentioned one of the things with two of five live as they brought for example they brought you know fifteen in guys cruiserweights all the same time with sink or swim guys not a lot of opportunity to get to know who each guy is too much at once same here with with our women's division if you have twelve girls and you're using them and bringing more and we haven't even learned about these girls yet and every this was an and we don't even know these girls yet especially the joe. She's with the with the names to have right. They're hard to remember. I know the one little girl with blue hair is really <unk> funds. I don't know her name. I've been to japan many times. You're throwing too many out at once but that's okay because now we're going to have love a weekly chance to get to know exactly girls along with you know penelope and and and dr bread and all the other girls that we have love good yeah for sure. Let's talk a little bit about the you'll have to explain it to me because i forgot the name but we did something. That's never been done before with sensory. Yes inclusions so <hes> yeah we we are very lucky to be partnered with a company called culture city <hes> what they do is they make events sensory inclusive or actually all kinds of venues so i mean there in three hundred twenty venues worldwide right now. They create sensory rooms where where people can go if they're having any sort of problem people who have <hes> autism p._t._s._d. <hes> people who had strokes severe anxiety <hes> anything anything. That's a non visible illness you name it. They're equipped to deal with it and they also go into these arenas and venues zoos and museums and restaurants. Whatever have you and they trained staff to know what to look for a lot of time. I seen it a hundred times before i talked to <hes> the the founders about out this and became came on board with them. <hes> i've seen it at meet and greets where child appears to have a meltdown and it's just epic and then people are going will the parents terrence. What are the. Why aren't they doing anything because you don't know what's happening. There's something actually happening to that child. They're not just having a meltdown. They're freaking out and they need help but nobody's equipped equipped to help them. So that's what they do. They come in. They make sure that they're safe. Places for these people to go so loud noises or something loud noises even sometimes like the bright lights jairo jairo anything even just the crowd around you boy yeah anything can trigger a reaction to somebody who was suffering for something like this and they look look like me and you so you don't know any different. I mean adults p._t._s._d. You you never know if a loud noise is going to go off and somebody is going to completely lose their composure. It's just just something that happens to me but that doesn't mean these people shouldn't be able to come in themselves show because a lot of times they get kicked out. I mean we i in a group chat with with the whole board award of culture city and we share stories all the time that we see in the news where something happened at a baseball game got uncomfortable and they kicked a family out and they later learned all the kid had autism. That's that's terrible instead. They should have been taken to a room where they could get themselves together because that's really what's needed and then they can go back and enjoy. It doesn't let me know its final. That's not the end. If somebody has an episode. So what are we doing with with <unk>. They are coming with us to every event that they can <hes> so. They're <music> at fight for the fall in <hes> in this sense. There's no room here at daly's place so they have a travel truck that they bring that'll be parked outside and people if if any issue at all happens the staff here knows what to do. They know where to take them. They go right to the truck this train staff on the truck. They have everything they need to get back together the entire family family and then go back to the event when everything is good and done or if they decide. They want to stay there for an hour. They can stay in there for an hour. Nobody's going to tell them what you regain. Your composure hoosier freaked out right so a lot of times <hes> they have the sensory kits that are helpful headphones or something zones to help. Bring things things back down. They can dim the lighting and make it really calm and soothing. It's the noise is gone inside these rooms they have activities things that they can do visit toys just thinks thanks decompress and kind of calm down and get him out of that environment and then to a point where they're back to normal right like how did you find out about this so you've the great thing about the internet is people will just come right to you and they have great things. I mean there. There's a lot of bad on the internet and there's a lot of good too and <hes> juices. Russians started the company because everyone's coming out of the woodwork ache and do this exactly exactly but julian maha. He's the founder he's a lifelong wrestling fan and so when he found out that we were doing this he reached out. He's actually friends with noel foley. I am dumb through them. We got connected in just had a phone meeting and as soon as soon as i talked to him. I knew this is a guy that we need to really like. Try to work with because this has been missing and wrestling forever. I've seen these things happen happen. I've seen blow ups and things and people just staring and museveni sitting there being like. Did i do something wrong or is there something that i should be doing right now now because i feel like this isn't being handled or you know and this just makes it so that people are comfortable. They know that they can be themselves. They can come to these events. If there's an emergency of any any sort they're going to be taken care of. They're not going to be looked at or treated like they're different. They're gonna just have their place to go and then be able to come right back. I read a story from double or nothing among sent a tweet to me or whatever and she said that was first time she brought her autistic son to the show and in the line just waiting to get in he was starting to get antsy in kind of concern about it because there were long lines for that show and she said she was just so heart warmed by the people just standing around they were so calming they tried to talk to her son and kind of get his mind off things to talk to him about wrestling and she said she felt like it was a family and immediately sooner they got in there. Will they get their sensory bags and he enjoyed the show was wonderful. That's awesome yeah yeah so do people know like our fans. They know that this is available. How have you gotten the word out. I mean social show media which is where the world where our main thing yeah but culture should he also has an app so if this is something that's interesting to anybody. They can always download the app. The app is connected connected with every venue so if you're having trouble on the app and you're saying like hey. I don't know where to get a sensory bag. I need one. You can just type in ham at this event anita sensory mystery bag. It'll tell you where to go. You know section d next to the popcorn stand or whatever and and you'll be able to get that it'll tell you right where the truck is. It also has a help feature whereas if you're just where you're at and you need help now you can just hit the feature in someone from culture ceo come right to you and this is something to as the word gets out the more shows. We have people that are yeah. No is just the thing yeah yeah it's amazing. Is there anything else like that that you're working on this for as interesting concepts of that that we haven't heard of before yes so we we are just kind of some baby stages on some other elements that are kind of similar to this for people who have certain disabilities and <hes>. It's really important to us to try to make everybody as comfortable as they can. It's almost hurtful to hear that somebody loves this and they can't enjoy it fully so anything like that. You know we're so open to wanting to make it comfortable and make it something that people who thought they could never enjoy this that they actually can <hes> yeah. I'm surprised that we haven't seen that before seems like a w._b._z.'s type thing. It's great that we kind of introducing this concept right. You mentioned earlier that i want wanna go back to that. You were figure skater for seventeen years. I want to hear more about that whole tonya harding movie that i watched with margot robbie. 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That's indeed dot com slash jericho terms conditions and quality standards apply. I want to talk a little bit of what you said. Earlier i watched <hes> <hes> road to every rhode defied the talking about being a figure skater for seventeen years and i was like talking to people about stuff that i have no idea india about i watched the tonya harding movie mazing moving and just seems like there's a lot of craziness in that world kind of similar to this world because like i always say rustling could be an olympic sport and here's the reason why it's an exhibition that somebody could judge judge just like figure skating gymnastics. You know you could have team america overseas team in the team canada. Whoever puts on the best performance wrestled figure you're skinny is so i'm sure there's a lot of politics involved. Oh god it's a little bit about that world. Yes oh figure skating is a crazy world. I got into figure skating when i was four years old. According to my mom who you know in a very roads fashion can tell all kinds of stories so we'll never know if this is really not according to my mom. She said that we're watching the olympics. I was four years old. I saw debbie thomas figure skating <hes>. She took the bronze that year and i said i wanna do what she's doing. She looks like me. <hes> sounds sounds like a lot for a four year old say but i'm sure that there was some some <unk> that so they took me skating lessons and then i just never stopped. <hes> skating is extremely greenlee competitive. It's extremely expensive. They i think it is the most expensive sport period was that everything costs money. The minutes on the ice costs money so you pay per minute for your ice time. <hes> someone like me who was at senior level ice skated eight hours a day. So that's a lot that's not your coach though your coaches per minute to so you're paying your coach per minute which usually is a dollar a minute so i will usually have our yeah. I would usually have an hour less than a day. Sometimes maybe two. I had off-ice instructors and trainers off eissa sessions that i would do all that stuff you pay for. <hes> skates are super expensive live skates <hes> i used to go to canada drive with my dad candidate to get my skates done because they were a brand that was canadian that only those worked for me nothing else so we would have to go there. The boots are separate so the boots would be probably about eight hundred dollars the blazers thirteen hundred and they break down in six months so every six months you get new boots new blades skating dresses five hundred to a thousand. You need a different one each season. You need like four because you've got you know long short program graham and then if you make it to the final round you have the final round longshore. You can't wear the same thing. Movie shouldn't have enough money for the nice downs stress trailer park. Yeah yeah edet happened a lot. I mean i remember my mom used to make some of my stuff until i got to a point where i was like mom. I can't keep wearing like i looked terrible so yeah <hes> it's so expensive and i didn't even know i mean because my parents kept it from me until i was old enough to figure it out that they still maybe abyan debt from from some of my skating. They were throwing everything on the credit card all time and competitions and meets. You're traveling all that. You're paying for the coach to see better. Hope somebody else qualified so that you can share the cost otherwise you're paying fully for the you know the ticket in the hotel and their food and everything so yeah. It's it's nuts. It's also extremely streaming political. I was the only person gaining ever all the time interesting yeah placed last full full block or yes oak again very very light skinned yeah. I'm part native american all kinda why yes but yeah yeah block figure skaters no no it's not at all yeah and then michigan my region probably for like the first six seven years i place last all the time never deserving place last. I'm always lasts. I used to look when they place the results in all the little girls gather around and wait for them post it. I became accustomed to starting at the bottom adam hoge because i was never anywhere near the top and it was frustrating for me and my family and my mom we've talked a lot about here for thing but she she would get so frustrated with it and it hurt her so much and it would be blatant sometimes too because as i got better you know i became undeniable in the sense that all right. We can't put her last because she's the only person who didn't fall. So what are we going to do. So then you would see each judge. Their name would be there and then there mark would be their placement and so it would say brandy read first place oh awesome so they say judge won first place judge to first-place judge three ninth-place judge first place so you could tell oh. This person just wasn't going to let it happen like it. Just wasn't on their agenda so so you got to know which judges were like that and my mom was like one time. It happened with this. Mary judge and she was like mary mary boo. I did ask for the stars listen. I figured out right away because obviously it's all. It's all show business. They know who they want to go. Further who they think is going to draw the ratings thing and i know that they had earmarked mark me for just the job or whatever but i was really good at it because i'm a musician i'm arrested dancing is and some weeks i would go out there and i would tear it up like the best dance the night and i'd get twenty one and then the guy who they're pushing her. The girl that push you get twenty nine thirty. That's bullshit. There's no way yeah totally was that guy. I was slaughtered at a certain area and they're not gonna have anything blame. Blame it on like the votes that homo make sure exactly what the percentage of votes to the judges scores. We can't tell you that but it's the same idea. It seems like you're saying mary they already knew they already knew what they want. You mentioned i tanya <unk> movie. She has that moment where she says to the judge. I'm doing when everything right. What is it you know and he said you just won't play the game meaning. You won't be that cookie cutter little princess than we want you to mean and she was like no. That's not who i am. It's not me but i'm the best. Should i took my talent on the ice right. How far did you go with it so i reached senior level well which is really weird okay so you can be senior level in certain regions and actually not be that good. You just have to pass a test. Fortunately i passed the test but i actually was good i i it's a hard it honestly is is a hard test but some people can do that can't do triples and stuff you don't have it may have have changed now because they've changed things a lot but back then you didn't have to have one i did so thank god but otherwise it could be one of these people you know claiming to be all these things and i'm not but i never was at an olympic level. Never that was always the goal. It became pretty clear to me. When i was in high school that i wasn't gonna be able to pick it up to that sense to definitely go to the olympics a lot of people at that point when they get to high school they decide to home school because because you can spend more time at the rink and just focusing more on skating and i just knew at that point. I was just like i. I think that for me the education is about more valuable so i'm gonna go ahead and continue to do school. I only did half days. 'cause i got school credit for skating but it just was important to me to to physically go to school and have friends <hes> and then you know getting an in michigan. I had the full ride to michigan. I think a lot of that is because of the skating because i was so disciplined and so on top of it with it. I think that was attractive to them. So uh-huh yeah you you mentioned on the road to road to fight for that was really interesting and i can tell the it seems like it was a truth. Is that you would. You're expected to fail so many times that when you had the chance you would just fail kind of the story i remember i would i would scare myself out of doing well a lot because i would put so much pressure on it and and you know sports were different than we as kids were expected to take a lot more. I think these days it's a little bit different but you were <hes> able to be spoken to you by your coaches to certain way you were able to be spoken to by your parents a certain way and i think a lot of that stuff really did affect me. I think my hi mom would tell me like this. Is your chance. This is your shot. This is how you don't end up like me. You know how parents are they think. They're the worst in the world really my mom's great great she's been but she wanted so much more for me and you know she would. You're gonna end up like this. If you don't do that and <hes> you know coaches you know you're going to be the one the one from this arena. That's gonna make your you got all these shot in the world and they're scaring the shit out of you and so you know i would lay in bed. Think like god. Why did they want me so bad. Why what's so wrong with me being like my mom what's so wrong. If i don't do this. I'm just not i just don't care. I'm not going to do it. I'm just gonna be always in a bad mood every every time every time we get to the competition and everybody's trying to like light me up like yeah yeah you know let's get it over with and then i would mess up and then i would say well. Sorry sorry guys. Maybe you shouldn't have all your hopes on me because i'm not that good. You know you're going in there taking a fall. Basically you know i mean i would always think about too. There were some competitors. We're good friends of mine who seem to just have fun. They seem to just love it and have fun and they always did so yeah. Well and i was always like why can't i have fun because i had all this other pressure outside crap behind it. Their parents coaches were just saying oh go have fun. Mine were saying everything is riding on this so i was like god. Okay isn't fun now. No i actually just us finally got rid of my skates. I was tracking them around codeine. I've lived more places than any he ever heard of but like a striking them around everywhere everywhere. Finally i decided to just dump the backpack and then of course after that steve you who creates your road series says hey. Let's get you on ice skate. So i was like steve. I threw him away and he was like why on earth would you go rent some other ones because it's hard to figure skate compared to hockey skates. There's like i put on figure skates. Lemons gains to ooh my ass completely because it's a whole different world that front end the toes are different exactly crazy as we wind down here. I just wanted to ask you you. What is your overall goal for a w. What do you see happening over the next month year years yeah a. w. W is going to be what everybody wanted to be in this funny. It's similar <hes> that it has this stress on it. Kinda like what we were just talking about with my story as a skater gator as a kid. Everyone has these hopes and dreams for it and they need it. The good news is it's going to happen. Everything's going to happen. We have this wonderful tv deal. We have these wonderful partnerships and we all have this great goal which is to bring the best wrestling that there is to everyone so that they feel fulfilled and they can watch these things share with their families and friends ends and it's. It's a beautiful thing. The guarantee is we're all gonna work our asses off to make sure that that happens. Nothing's going to stop that from happening. <hes> this. This women's division is going to be fantastic. When i get in that ring you can rest assured i busting my ass to bring you the best thing that i possibly can. There's there's no you know nepotism. There's no lack of once. I woke up this morning so excited and happy to finally have a singles match. I was nine yeah. Yes yeah so this is we all share the excitement that the fans do and <hes> this beautiful for all of us. We're we're all in this together. This is a huge like wrestling family only moment and it's it's gonna be great serving. Just relax and enjoy during have fun today. Yes thank you thank you. My mom is not here when when you have fun that's where you really get into it. Enjoy that's the beauty of it because i i like for me to one of the reasons after working for for vince for almost twenty years and saying to myself. I'm not going to work for anybody to advance. That's cool did some stuff in new japan realized as a whole world of creativity and then to have this opportunity. It's really like i said taking that one. Step off the off. The building was hard but it's exciting for me to start from scratch. I would never have the opportunity to do you this w._b._z. Whereas we're we're on our own here guys and i think from all of us from merchandising brand officer to producing the show to writing the show. We're all kind of learning together so let's have more experienced than others but it takes a while to gel as a company but it's exciting to be a part of it and i think that's i think that's one of the things that like you understand it. More and cody understands it more than me and de milenko and moxley 'cause we were there yes and no how big of a machine at the other cats like almost the envy the box cakes. They don't know yes just like oh. This is sounds good to me and it's like but there's so many details that we know but you take the good good and leave the bad right but we're all like you said. We're all in this together yet better for worse yeah. Everybody's unique experiences come together in a good way and that's very very important like you said some is so important that we did have that experience that way. We know what we want what we don't want and then you know it is nice to have people who look at it with rose colored glasses all the time because they're not jaded by any of that so it's a really nice balance yeah last question for you. What's your favorite match that you've ver had hoof. I think so okay there's to the my favorite that was on television was was <hes> against santana garrett and it was a knockouts knockdown match. It was my third period. My first and second matches were abysmal like and this is my first time wrestling wrestling like in front of a crowd ever so of course terrible cool but then that one <hes> they gave a sixteen minutes impact on yet third much of her sixteen minutes. That's a lot of yeah and i think everybody thought it was just going to be terrible but santana's a really good person to work with and dodge really trusted trusted her. I kept telling her. I don't think i can make it sixteen minutes. She was like you're going to be fine and when when we got to like fourteen minutes i was like wow i can go like i could keep going. This is great then. It wasn't the best match ever. I was my third match so i probably you know there was so much emotion involved in stuff but for me to get through it and be proud of it was wonderful and then my favorite <hes> since then was in australia i wrestled shazad mckinsey <hes> and <hes> she's just really good as trillion or yes. Ma'am allowed you. Yes she's australian and <hes>. I was actually worried to wrestle her because i know especially at this point in time. There are a lot of people who get scared to wrestle me because they're like well. She's gonna wanna do what she wants to do and she's maybe going to be difficult called and i'm actually not. I'm very very difficult because if you also well she thinks she's the boss right. I actually can do a lot. Do you like a lot of people oh. I think they're like oh. Maybe she won't wanna do that. Yeah do something through the table. I'll do it yeah sure. As long as i know what i'm doing but yes so i think she. He was very happy to learn that everything she wanted to do. I wanted to do it because she was like. Are you okay with doing off the top yeah i am. If this is what you do we're going to do it. You know so we just really had fun and i remember after that match just seeing her face. I knew it was like god. That was better than i thought it was so it was really cool. Yes the first i betcha already announced the undertaker which is insane it took us took me nine years of being the w before we ever had a match singled out and we had it. It was just awesome. I'll never forget walking back into guerrilla and he was sitting there with this. Look on his face just like yeah. You know. Thanks thanks brian. You got a big day today and i appreciate you taking the time. I'm excited to watch fun. Thank you very much all right. See brandy rose in the casino royale battle title royal. I guess it's the casino battery al at all out chicago tomorrow night and the winner of the battle royal. We'll get a shot at the women's championship. The inaugural women's championship on august october second. Which of course is the debut of the w. Show on tnc so it's very very big match and don't forget all out streaming at at eight pm eastern on the live app the buy in pre show starts at seven pm and like i said you can stream it live or you can buy it on traditional pay per view. Check your local listings. I'll see you in chicago tomorrow. Chris jericho versus hangman page for the very first w champion we'll see what happens if you've really really cool supposedly not really really cool to be in chris. Jericho's rocking rangers see part when we set sail in january twenty cabins or left and that's it once they're gone. They're gone you can go on a standby list but if you're thinking thinking about going don't wait aid is going to be there. Hangman page chris jericho brandy roots cody rhodes young bucks kenny g. m. j. f. lucia soroush jungle boy. The list goes on and on and on nyla rose <hes> before go do chris jericho cruise dot com and get the full lineup so far private party is going to be there s._c._u. Also ric flair blair hall of fame or one of the greatest the greatest of all time and of course the w hall nash xbox jake the snake roberts booker t. shell m._v._p. Chabot guerrero vickie vickie guerrero <hes> the shaw guerrero gabriel iglesias fluffy as the host of the cruise jack slade red cup jeff conrad thompson fayza is going to be playing <hes> nowhere to run of course just coming out this week hitting radio now available on i tunes and spotify and everything else in between farewell two fear kick axe killer queens spur project j._j. Physicals etc etc a._w._b. Like i said d._d._p. Doing yoga beyond the darkness <hes> book now at chris jericho cruise dot com and come see fauzi the least in the west tour kicks off next week september fifth denver at the marquis theatre september six colorado springs at the sunshine theater stemmer seventh grand junction at the mesa theatre our eighth salt lake city at the royal all gigs all the way up until september twenty eighth in atlanta at falls iraq dot com including the big show with iron maiden to fourteenth breath at the bank of california stadium in los angeles. Come check us out and come chip gauzy v._i._p. We play special plugged in show just for you five songs that you might hear later you might not hear later but it's a little intimate concert just for v._i._p. Facia rock dot com all information there and coming up on wednesday wednesday. I'm doing a minute by minute detail by detail blow by blow account of all out chicago behind the scenes. Look the counter review could only get from me chris jericho so we'll we'll see you then have a great weekend. Don't forget all out tomorrow. Night on biard live on pay per view and if you're gonna be there in chicago at the sears centre will see their and in the meantime between stay hard stay hungry peace-loving hugs big here boy the westwood one podcast network.

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