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The following program is brought to you by podcast, one sports net. Sally beauties new all in one hair-color kits, make it easy to color your hair at home, get everything you need to color for putatively radiant results loved by professionals, open to everyone. Sally beauty. The sub soda, Steve Austin show sponsored in part by bet online dot AG, hey, man. It's the greatest time of the year in sports. The NFL college football McGregor versus could be been UFC. It's all happening. You're looking for place to make all your online wagers that head to bet online dot AG, and use promo code podcast one to receive a fifty percent sign up bonus. When signing up today met online dot AG, your own land sportsbook experts and exclusive partner of the podcast. One sports net. Podcast, one dot com production from Hollywood, California, by way of the broken skull ranch. This is the Steve Austin show a hell. Yeah, yeah. Now, here's Steve Austin, right? All right, Steve Austin show. I am coming to the broken school ranch, two point. Oh, and a silver state. Nevada said, we're podcast room with galley and moolah my prize labrador retrievers and Cleveland their full heads off, man. I'll tell you what, as I cut the open this podcast, it is a Sunday afternoon, and as soon as I finish his damn thing, I'm going to jump on either before Wheeler or my side by side. You know what I think would jump on my side by side because I'm gonna play myself a treat out there. I'll get to that here in a minute, and I'm arrived for about two or three hours because I've been out here for about a week or ten days, and we've been taking care of a lot of business out here. Ben in a gym, getting my work, asking my shop set up and I haven't taken the time to get out and ride into my buggies. So I've been a little bit disappointed in myself. So I'm about to fix that because first thing in the morning, probably get up about four a breakfast and be wheels up out of here at about five forty, five AM mega stop and Bishop. -fornia at Schatz bakery good a sandwich and Diablo sandwiches Dr Pepper because I'm gonna damn hurry and get on back to the main streets in Los Angeles, California. Mr Brian cage, professional wrestlers coming by three seventeen gimmick street this week, and I'm gonna chop it up and shoot the breeze with him and see what's up guys been with Lucia underground. He's own independent seen, big dude, good worker. I'm looking forward to Doug this guy because I've been pressed with his work for a long time. He's got a real good look about him. Do some more research watch more of his matches. And that's been a real breath of fresh air to have some his cats coming through three seventeen gimmick street and just shooting the breeze because I probably like to talk about pro wrestling more than anything. And that's a real cool thing about my guest today because many of you might not have ever heard of my guest today. As a matter of fact, I had not heard of my guest until I got an Email at question to Steve, I'll show dot com from his publicist and the guy said. And Email, hey, man, I've got a country music singer, who is a wrestling fanatic. He's obsessed with wrestling, and he also is a damn good country music singer, and he loved to be on a podcast if you're interested and we'd like to create some awareness for his new album. And I said, well, I realized emails people say a lot about this, a lot about that. And y'all always wonder if it's true. So opened up my laptop computer. I got on YouTube and I started researching a couple of his songs and reading about the man. And my guest name is Joshua Headley. He's from Naples, Florida. He's living out there Nashville Tennessee now, and the dude grew up just kind of a music prodigy. He asked for his first fiddled at three years of age. I think he finally got his first eight or nine years of age, and then turns out he found out he was saying, like a damn bird and started singing later on in his life. He started writing country music songs. And right now my iphone I've downloaded is one album. I turns for nine ninety nine and the name of the album is called Joshua Headley Mr. jukebox and man. I tell you what his publicist one line at all. You talk about a sing and son of a bitch, this Duke and sing his ass off. He plays fennel like nobody's business. He's got a great backing band. Great steel. Guitar is just awesome. I love every single song on his damn CD or download attuned album. Whatever you call it anymore. These days music has gotten to place it. I don't even understand it anymore, but I do understand a good sound when I hear it and this album and my opinion is lights out and we're not just going to talk about country music because I just told you guys like to talk about pro wrestling, Joshua Hedley is an absolute wrestling maniac. When I caught hold of him, he had just finished playing Boston when we were talking. He was in Philly, and it was coming on down the line. He's on the road for about three straight months. He's actually going. Going overseas to play in Australia and New Zealand and is due to such a wrestling fan. He's going to the WWE super showdown and Australia, and I think I'm trying to see if I can hook him up with a ticket. He was going to go, regardless of whether I set him up with a ticket or not. That's how big of a fan has guy is saw started doing some research on him, and I saw one of his interviews at it did while he was over in the UK I think last year and he was wearing a new Japan pro wrestling shirt, and I said, holy shit. This guy is a wrestling fan, so we're gonna talk wrassling. We're gonna talk a little bit of country music. I won't apologize in advance. I was on Skype system. Joshua Henley was on his telephone. We had fiddled around with his Skype system couldn't get a good connection. Ended up making. It happened on a telephone and as just hard to do these interviews on Skype system, probably never use Skype system again, just. Because of the lag time, and it just kind of takes you off your game a little bit, but a bear with me because that's a great conversation guys. Super awesome musician, super singer, a super huge wrestling van, which was a treat for me to hear as many times as I've written down the road, listen to country music and help me and joy the miles relax and just forget about everything. You know, I'll mention at the close of the show, some of the artists I used to listen to. But if I was still up and down that road and a twenty by twenty squared circle, I can guarantee you, Josh, what Henley's new album. Mr. jukebox would be in my CD player on my bluetooth speaker, and I would be less to this stuff going up and down the road. That's how good it is. As a matter of fact, speaking of bluetooth speaker, I got my iphone sit beside me right now. So I'm a play about forty seconds of Mr. jukebox, but you gotta check us out of them out. If you are true country music fan, I can guarantee your assets. You will dig us album. And if. You get this album or you sampling go to YouTube and check out some of the songs and you let me know what you think. But I'm gonna play about forty seconds of Mr. jukebox. Here we go. Mr. Joshua deadly. The, I'll do. They found. I right. Own anytime you the Lynn blue if you've gone romance. Well, I've got the perfect band. If you need me, I'll be I missed. Men of Ed country. I'll kiss your ass obvious to get out of my damn Kawasaki mule. I'm taking buck out today. I got a bad ass and system and that that UB power sports over an Alvin Texas. When they built this meal for me, they put this trick. 'Sound system got a sandbar back behind my head, which is waterproof. I've got a sub woofer underneath my bench seat with the folk crocodile on it, and I'm going to get out there. I am going to blast a hell out of Mr. jukebox by Joshua Headley, but I'll be enjoyed the conversation, huge wrestling fan, all some country, music singer. Let's help himself some damn albums. And if he's come into an area near you check him out. I think he's gonna be when the fastest Raza and country music singers out there. He's going to the WWE super showdown and Australia. He's looking forward. He's like a kid mckanie store about this wrestling stuff, and I am too, and I'm like a kidney candy store when I hear a good country music as well. But enough of me talking all smack and all all the stuff I'm talking is true. This bad ass album before we get to Joshua Headley folks. It's a great time to be a sports fan. Not only do we have a football in full swing and the baseball season headed into the play offs. We've got basketball and hockey around the corner, and that's not enough. The biggest five year in a UFC is coming at you. This Saturday, October six as Kanda McGregor takes on Khabib and Las Vegas for all the wagers lands and props for this massive, fight our friends at bed online dot AG. 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I mean, I'm looking to Scalia right now us on on road right now. Last night. She was in Boston retina in Philly, Brooklyn DC, Knoxville, Tennessee, Franklin, Tennessee, Atlanta, North Carolina, North Carolina. And then you had no vote, Australia, yellow, nice, man. You promote a bad ass new country album called Mr.. Jukebox, dude, manage him an Email or sent me an Email as here's this guy who's a wrestling fanatic, and he's a bad ass country music singer. And I said, well, let me be the judge of that and I'll put you out moment played it. Download it off. I tunes and bought it for ninety nine. So man, I'm here to give to big middle fingers to Mr. jukebox by Joshua. Congrats on the album. Dude. I absolutely love it in any. No bullshit. Nice that he's a Email. I call him back and said, hey, man, how come I never heard of this guy says such as good and I call it, oh school. I think sometimes you kind of call it classic country. How would you refer to your music s? Country music. What if me put a prefix on an e call whatever you want. But back to the matter is country music. I use just know here. You don't hear it as much as you used to. And because when I say that half I was down on, yes, a telephone. What we started talking. I grew up down Victoria, Texas, and my dad's insurance or Levin, but own aside on Friday nights or Saturday nights late in a dance band, Arnold Parker and the Mustangs. My dad was guitars and he's saying, you know about, you know, he was utterly vocalists and man. I remember him and my mom in, you know, dragging that damn. He pulled the train with all the band equipment in it and every now and then loaned me Scott and Kevin and a damn car. We'd go to dance gigs with him so mad. I grew up on country music. I drove road, keep them a sanity to country music outta here, abandons country. Music singer who actually loves pro wrestling and kinda uses it maintains from added on the road. Is breath Francia for me. Yeah. I like that you use country music. I feel like we're similar because, you know, we're in a van. We're not in a bus enough. We're rolling down the road in a at the nice thing that if van and I know y'all usually no hit the road and Mike or Batum today at least it road in rental cars and stuff. We do a similar thing. It's just that when we get wherever goal and that's where Hannity with other thing about a pro wrestler as man you back in and monop- talked gas from running. I'd Calgary territory or those trips were just legendary brutal for how long the drafts were between shots and they're crammed in a damn van. I mean, just shit Bala people because you ain't making no money when you. I start out and then you starve to death and you just gotta travel together. So then you can't do that alter your career and finally start making some money. And I was always been a loner anyway, kind of a lone wolf got person. So finally start getting a little bit of money start traveling by yourself with one people. But yeah, I'm no stranger to travel with a bunch of guys and shit, you know, three or four guys, you know, and a hotel room. The low man on a totem pole always gets to floor or the cotton, and then got seniority gets this week gig. So you're not mantle and a lot of dance similar. She had, but you gotta pay you use? Yeah. You Phil for gun and Johnny. We. We did a lot of house days early on where we just crack people. The only time snoring ever worked out the my benefit because if there was ever a single bedroom, you know, it was always me. He called it a snore pain chamber. The sometimes I got to get that nice. That's sweets. We allow. Alone time on the roads, but usually won't bunking with somebody wants money because you bring a story about Sonoran because I know right now you're in Philadelphia last night as we speak. You are involved in what we're in Philly. One on night to work, you know, we were staying at the Marriott and was getting ready to fly the next morning, a late nights. So a ravaged recruits as hell. Steve, you could just, you know, stay at my roommate, Rick, rude, Manny. He was, you know, helluva Dan pro wrestler, but man when you turn lights out, we went to try to go to sleep, Rick roots. Nord like name, grizzly, bear, and. I had most respect for wreck, and we were really good friends. Any hated when I use the word GD. That was one thing that he guest for me to say. And so in a way it was snowing like a damn bear and I was over dude, I don't sleep to begin with. And so now it's kind of like, you know, at first was polite about like. Trying to wake him out. So. Kind of disrupt them a little bit. And then I said, well, she had done it work inside of. And then Finally, I didn't start workshop started yelling at the top of voice Adam, and it didn't even faze him and I swore from that night on, I would never ever travel Rick rude about never ever room to some. It's ever again an identity on rested solely really good friend of mine, but yet mandate when you with a bunch of trying to save some money. Sometimes you know, shit happens. So how, how is that? The euro too big to right now? Man, you're on the road solid for a couple of months, and you're actually coming through offs Angeles. When I'm going to be in the batter, I'm gonna miss your damn you. I'm on at some bitch. I might drop back Ford house route, treat new houses as we would say, but been great. This is sort of a, I dig US tour. You know, the, I'm kind of seeing, you know, I'm seeing where the where the market that you know that we did. We started out in the mid west and we killed there. I think the mid west is going. To be a a meal ticket for a while run. Now you're in the northeast hours at as regards to country. Music is pretty good. Usually New York is good, but New York of New York the that's just everybody lives there. I know we'll see how Phileas tonight. Austin was great, and it helps that I'm on like that. I'm on a cool label. How did that happen as your own Jack watch at third man records. And so what do how did it happen that you got noticed? Finally, a record deal after all these years of paying news? Well, I've known Jack or awhile now or for a while at that point, just on work with them a couple times as a fiddle player on some recording and really the guy who kind of head the label Awin Jackson tour of his name then swank and I've known him for years. We've been friends for a long time and I don't know, just I was touring around Australia and I had nothing. I mean, you know what it is. I had nothing at the merchantable. You know, I. Had like a teacher and people didn't really care about that. They wanted to hear the music. So I decided I was just gonna make bite the bullet, make a little four song record, figure out how to pay for it later and bring it to Australia just to sell the merchant elections shows and that impede that will record that I made gotten in Ben swank hands and he played it for Jack said, sign on the dotted line did. Thank that's awesome. Way back in my US wwl territory days. I didn't have no gimmicks at Merck stand. And so the guy that was traveling with Krisztian says, Amen will take a couple of pitchers of you with my camera. We'll get them developed and then you'll have some stuff to to sell it again, extend because we do an intermission at every show the new normal when the baby faces could make a little bit of money, right? Because we wouldn't make an shit on the payoff and said, okay, so we took three pitchers of me and different poses, and I had some long leopard tights on and do I have never liked to take still for Tacori pitcher. So I go out there. It's intermission Jerry, Jeff, Jarrett's out there. He's got a truck load gimmicks Bill Nundy. The superstar has a truckload again mix and they're selling the shit out of him. Christianity is over there with his boa constrictor and all this cool stuff of like something out of motley Crue and there I am over there at his baby face with loan blonde hair, three little gimmick niches in front of me by five by seven. And nobody was bad yet. I, this old lady came up to me and ask me how much in benches were and on at intermission. I saw one pitcher and after that I was so embarrassed humiliated, Josh. I just said f. it, I ain't sell it Shinto more. So Yama Tutu your points, you gotta have stuff get extent. Yeah, you know, it's the fans something to take home, and it gives you a little extra money in your pocket. Use. Remind his mom here flab flapping. 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Timberland pro always do never done, hey, I was watching a interview done over in England, I guess probably got about a year ago and you've got a new Japan pro wrestling shared on, and I'd like, well, they said he was a big wrestle van like manna. This guy's got a new Japan shared on. He's got to be pretty hard core. If you grew up in Florida, what did you cut your teeth watch? I definitely I cut my teeth watching Holt HOGAN, like most is grew up in eighty ninety definitely help a maniac. And then I kind of fell off of it for a long time. And I got back in sort of right around when seen was coming in like that. You know, once YouTube came around and stuff like that, you know, I started coming back in Washington, some of the stuff that I missed and you know, it was just a friend that the attitude era in you and rock in Texas, Jack well, knit fully mankind like it was just such a totally different gain back then. Like compared to what it is now and what it was when I was a little kid, it's just insane the differences, and I love that man. Once I started getting more into it. More into it more into eventually I found reign of honor sort of by accident just flipping through channels. When I saw the and I watched this that got me into follow the indie stuff, the WB such a massive of any. They can't do the crazy stuff that they do on the Indy circuit. You know, did you watch all in man? I've been meaning to watch but inch. You question? No, I just had the guy Maxwell Jacob Friedman who opened that show? Yeah, with his opponent, he was just over here. My Alison p. c. o. was was here at the house. How was that? They reviewed because you're hardcore wrestling fan, gimme a breakdown of it, and it was great, super cool. The ten pounds of gold, like in the spotlight. Again, her booking was great. There was some insane, but that Joey Ginola Adam, hey, DJ, Nash was on. On believable that Joe is a lunatic then. That guy. No regard for his own body. Man. I had him on a show adamantly she'll couple of months ago and you know, my producer of me up with him and I started researching him because I hadn't heard of him because I hadn't heard a lotta guys on NBC, but man when you get the kid in front of you many as just a superkid as a charisma about him a well-spoken, and he thinks he thinks about things a lot more than you would think he does. So, yeah, keep keep talking about that pay per view. But yeah, what a great kitty is in person and yet Duda some of the stuff he does just absolutely death defying shows nothing. I wanna task for dancer, the man, the finish of that mass. I don't know how he's still alive, crazy backwards piledriver. Off a ladder rule table. I don't know how didn't great neck. I mean, it's kind of crazy, but yeah, getting the that and getting to see. You know, you're not stuff like that on w. e. is they gotta protect themselves, you know, wrestling fan. What do you want to see wrestling? Because you start obviously a hulkamania back in the day, growing up in Florida, then you stepped away from it for a little while you come back and around three attitude as kind of fading away. I retired in two thousand three in you kept watching from now and now you're getting into any sage. You mentioned ring of honor some impact of the indie stuff as a fan hardcore fan. What do you like about wrestle? What do you wanna see, I wanna think good storytelling in the ring, and I wanna see the story in, you know, in the promos and stuff, and and I wanna see more high fuss. I don't. I mean, whatever. I just wanna see more risk feel like people play, say, like, you know, I don't wanna just sit here and shit talk and WWE, but I feel like they play it safe. Like I said, they have to, but it's nice in an XT is you get to see him do a little more of your some micro managing on w. on the main roster energy, you know? And again, that's just that's just the way it is. You'll bet back in before I got my neck injury, you know approach was a menu go. There was some bullet points. You know if I'm working with Vince or if I'm working with Iraq of Morgan with taker, triple h, it didn't matter Bret heart. You know if if I was going to be talking some shit, I'm not unless somebody. No heads up, but man, you go out there and you cut this promo and you know, I started learning stuff way back in Dallas when I broke in as Steve Austin, and in turn into stunning Steve Austin men, I couldn't talk to save my life but through know mama face and then having to get back up or when I got in with a flan Brian perimeters, the Hollywood blonds, that guy was the silver-tongued level with, you know, Hellum Fabulous. So I was forced to keep up with him or get left behind. And then through, you know, my must nominee. She w got you. Know you had to talk there and everybody an address room could cut a great promo. So it was sink or swim or be left behind. So you swim. And so we did that all through the attitude era. Then when I came back from my neck surgery, I remember that's kind of when they started, you know, don't a scripted type thing, and I was able to pull that off, but, but I never quite felt the same about. You know what I was doing and you'll now when I watch, I know when they're trying to take a talent that really doesn't have. The business to as I don't really have the ability yet to order character doesn't need to say as many words or sentences to get their point across. And it just turns into just a bunch of convoluted watered down, you know, paragraphs strung together when sometimes less is more and I can see someone's eyes when they're trying to remember something, or if that's Arken her Eisner, piss and vinegar and just flowing out of them and they may every single word. They say that me that that there's a big difference in that promo and one promos else tickets and other ones kind of like not so fast, my friend, can you spot them feel like they're a couple new day specifically like feel like they get to cut their own promos or at least there if they don't, then they're real good at, you know, reading the script, some of them are just so painfully scripted these day. It's rough to watch the, but you know what it'd be. It'd be like, if. If you regulate most says he Josh window, how you talk, you kinda sound country. Maybe like he's from Florida and you live in Nashville, but we, we wanna polish up and present this. It'd be uncomfortable for you. It wouldn't be real, wouldn't be organic and you're trying to be somebody that you're not you're best being who and what you are that's country to bone. So when you take somebody or a group of writers in trying to ride all these promo rollies talents and his all coming from the same place, do you, you've got to snuck in that dude's bad or Ben in his shoes of bene-. Nakao with him are getting a couple of not down, drag out fights with them to be able to write for that person as a character. So sometimes I think that's a big part of that is lost and you're trying to make something fit into a box. They don't belong. So let them come out at box and let them be whatever the hell a are. And that's the only reason I made it to the top. I think you were talking about it with on that Booker fill in from St.. You know to stone cold just or the ringmaster, whatever you know. And like I've always heard that cliche like this Unix are just, you know, your regular personality turned up in or whatever. So, and that's the way it is for me. You know, I I try to put on a show so on stage. But at the end of the day, like I'd rather just bullshit with the audience between songs and like they some script. I was reading some your background stuff. And I know when when he was a kid, he asked for federal at three and I think you've gotten the fiddle when you were eight, and then you were basically playing with adults at the age of twelve. I never met a three year old that wanted fennel. How in the hell did you wanna finish it? What was it three then? I don't know that my mom and I laugh about that the day, you know it really. There's no explanations that because my parents didn't listen to country music. My mom listened to, you know, like. Oldies radio, and my dad was the sole radio, and I grew up with Neil diamond and Otis Redding, you know. So. Where I knew what specifically I asked for now violin. Where why would a fiddle I'm on the a- than they just sort of, you know, free the, I don't think they took it very seriously, but once again, when I was eight, I think that figuring out that I, I'm minute, you know, when you started learn to put out you to classical instruction. Yeah, I started out taking school lessons. Just learn how to do it. You know that. Is that. Is the best way to learn how to do it proper and well, my little violence easier knew that I wanted to play fiddle so she would. God bless her. She was teach yourself these Middleton's and then each and to me after you know, we do the classical thing and then I get to learn Littleton. She really helped me out there. And then then I just started once I was able to just started teaching muscle on a do little stuff. I think I needed that classical instruction for the discipline and the the stuff. Yeah, man image just my you need a base. Same thing with the wrestling deal. You need a base and then you then you can kinda grow from there. But if you parents listen to Neil diamond and stuff like that, you know what kind of country music did you cut your teeth on that were definite influences on you? Many dude. He was moaning what eighty five. Yeah, I was born in eighty five gimme kind of your childhood and music heroes. It started out just learning fiddle tunes. I just had little heroes. You know. I like that Clements and I liked buddy biker and these guys that nobody. Really know that they are. But in the fiddle world, there rule that I found Bob wills and the Texas playboys or western swing stuff, and he was a fiddle player and that sort of opened my rob my horizon, the what a fiddle could do. And then that's when I really got my introduction into country music. 'cause like I said, you know, I was playing, I was twelve and I was playing with adult and the stuff that they were playing was, you know, Merle haggard Waylon Jennings George Jones Ray price and all the old school stuff. So that's what I cut my teeth on was playing in that plane into American legions. VFW halls, you know, Flynn rape, rice tunes. And then I never did wanna sing until I was fourteen. I could always do it, but I just never to shied into Hurson or something her in problem. And then I started seeing that fourteen. Yeah. Then I really do head first into country music in wrestling. Or like the only two things that I can get real real nerdy about. Those formative years when you when you were fourteen and moving on your basically planned the villa and you're also like a session musician as well, right? Because when did you get a chance to really start being, you know, a lead vocalist and you know, start note some covers because you didn't really start writing until you were twenty eight. Yeah, I didn't write longtime. I'll do back home of Florida up late at a place for a long time called porky's last Dan, the barbecue restaurant when a bar in the vet and I've played weekend there. I don't know thirteen to nineteen when I moved to Nashville, and that's where I started singing, and you know, working every weekend. As a kid and they can money, you know, living at my parents house wasn't paying any damn bills or nothing. I save up some money and I moved to Nashville, and then that's when I really really started working. Would you you when you took up to Nashville? Have a good time. The last one. So think they were happy to have gone for? Well. There was a couple of times when I first moved up there in that first year, there was a couple of times like I gotta come home. She says, you can move home, but I know where you're gonna live. Kept me up there. You know, I would those formative years there Nashville because man when I first Rogan arrest and business, I had five months of wrestling school training, and then they beat the enemy in Dallas for about two months. And then a year jeered hired me to go up there and I drove up there in one thousand nine hundred hundred high end exile, my payments were one hundred fifty, four dollars a month, and I don't know if you know where it's at, but over there Nashville on of it used to be the match at down on Dickerson Feick there's a hotel called the congressman and that's and then I've timeout a stay Downer Nashville. I will win hooking up with any of the strip club dancers, anything like that. I was a solo act at the bam congress in and the people that ran an hotel would let me pay my Bill whenever I got the money and they always knew I would say and had no no matter Holum took, but they really took care of me so. So how did you survive once you've got to Nashville? Because I was. Linda before you got there doing a hard time blues, man, I just worked my azoff. You play downtown. There's one blah with there's more now. But when I first moved to town, there's one block with ours on either side, probably twelve or from at blah for four hundred block of Broadway downtown and played all those things. And he work you work, or our pets and more gigs were more money. You make the I took, I of all that I could get, and I think around twenty four hours playing or teen shifts week, which is over fifty hours of singing. We I work and work and work started touring and that was that afforded me a little more on. I didn't have to work downtown as much after started tour the paid a little better. I start man. What you do when you're doing the starving thing and you play in those as many gigs as you say, just like you just, you know, those those are gigs over and over and over again. The new now is just like the the weekly territory. We ran the same towns every single week as a little loop and macaws you were doing it six times a week. You got real good real fast because you got your chops down. Sound like the same. Oh, you did coming up in the ranks. Yeah. I mean, you know, when the town of nineteen fiddle player, I've been there for a little a bit visiting there for a few years in the summertime, and I had a gig waiting for me when I moved the with a guy named Jesse Taylor. 'cause these and and when I got there, I thought I was hot shit. You know, because in where I came from the Florida, you know there was like three fiddle players, and I was the one. You know when I moved up there on? Yeah, I'm the shit. You know, I'm gonna. I'm gonna light this town on fire, and I found out real fast that I was not as good as I thought that I was. And I got my ass wolf on that the by some people who are much better than me and I thought, well, shit, I got a better start prac- I, you had to fail, learn them right also brusher I mean, 'cause you what? If you're gonna phone up to go home, you're gonna, you know, buckle down and and keep going. Yeah, I wanted to strong man. Practice makes perfect, but they ailing in front of a crowded house. That makes more perfect. Cones and give big truecar. If you're looking to buy car, you're probably familiar with terms like MS RPI. You might even know what it stands for, but what does it actually mean? The same goes for invoice list, price and dealer price. 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She came in when I was down at a down in Nashville a couple years ago and don't something for CMT staying at a hotel in a right down the road from Toshi walk down there and I didn't go to, but I went to the legends bar you ever been there played there, but I've been there. Do you talk about a great setup? I walked in the back, dude, dude, let me in. He was working at MAC door and I just hung back air and drank loan necks. And he just drunk up a conversation with me. And the thing about that legends March is like a long rectangle. Right? And that band is up about a street and I'm on a massage street over here by that back door and man, you know, to your point, man. I mean, like all those bands are playing like legends touches all Angie Nashville, man, like all that. I'm going to say all got nam damn near about every band of compla-. There s off because it's national tac- and looking for. Break. Right? So she she's been a magnet drinking beer, watching his bad ass man. I don't know the name of a la- whatever happened to him. They was damn good. And a bartender was back there. Just telling me about a nomad, Joe started drinking again, Joe, Nick. Getting the scoop about, although the local country music people just center mega drink a beer, but it was an awesome time. Let's talk second about Mr. box because I'm not. I love it record and I know that you wrote every single song on there except when you wish upon us, argued dedicated that to father a badge way. Three years ago did a good chance to to see you do this and he was hoping that you would make any did what went into riding his album. How do you go about? You know, riding your brand music in the year layers in your music? You know, I think I don't really. I do write songs. I never considered myself a songwriter. I think it's more of just learned from years and years and playing hovers and learning covers. I think I'd just so all of it up then by the time I was ready to write it just new, a new, how to do it, a new, how to write a country song. Just a lot of it for me was I got sober at that point and you know, I had a pretty heavy drinking problem right? That and I just didn't really give a shit about writing or anything like that. And I had written this one song. I wrote that we're about thinker. I played it for the guy was playing for it. It's on Johnny. Fritz, a played a play, the little for him. And I said, hey, man, I wrote the song I played it for him, and he really liked it. He would have me he'd hand me to get star during the sit on tour sometimes hadn't played it song and I played it and I found out the crowd like. Oh, so the well try to write some songs. I wrote a couple more and and then, yeah, once I got over it just all quit. And I just I wrote like twenty songs in two months. I don't know, I guess had a lot more free time. You know, I just started right, and it hasn't really wanna majors. I just had to definitely an alcoholic. There's no question about that. And I have a difficult time with moderation. I don't drink any. Steve was like, oh, straight for the Draper. The old number seven there right? Jiang ni-nice though. I'm good at polish, an awful lot of than I got a little too good at it, and there's all the other extracurricular activities that go along with it that aren't good for you. And I just thought, man, I got to stop this and I did, and you know, I still smoke weed. Now, the. Let's not as far as I go out hard to quit drinking. It was difficult like I was fully addicted to it the I went through some few rough nays when I quit. And then yeah, I, I'm so far I've managed to get about nine months over and then I go crazy for a while and then I get another nine months after that the I haven't. I haven't figured out the whole quitting for good thing. But you know, I hear it's one day at a time anyway. So off of work on his form. Did he did you go anywhere or did you do the duty program? I did all of the above and I found a program stuff with that. I did do it yourself. I did everything. You know everything, but we have done that one yet, but you know, it is what it is, and I feel like it's the time when I needed to make that record needed really buckled down on my career. There's no way that I could have done it unless I was one hundred percents over ruin, allows a huge, Stevie Ray Vaughan fan and just absolutely a fanatic about if music tar plan. And you know he was strung really bad, and then he got cleaned up, you know, rat towards him before the helicopter crash took him out and he's in, you know, he got had to relearn how to make music. So once he sobered up, did your perception or tastes change as far as regards to music or did your playing change because maybe you're used to plan a little bit altered. Oh, for sure. And it was. It was almost like a point of pride have upped up. I could get Bill saying, you know, it got to the point when I quit and Burke Davar, first of all, it was just it was Dan near impossible to play gigs anyway because they were in a bar though that was already hard. And then man, I started thinking it's still different. You know. You know it, they physically feel different. You know, your vocal chords aren't as strained and messed up as they were and. Almost easier, and that makes it harder if that makes any sense. Right. 'cause I was so used to having to push so hard. I went to the doctor a couple of months after I quit. And I said, you know, can't having trouble work in my voice. Just give all. Scratched up and it doesn't feel that hurts and and it never happened when I was drinking. I don't know what in just a. Probably did happen when you were drinking you were just drum like, oh yeah, that's the point. I was like about two hours into singing, and then I just it hurts. I don't know why he does this. You just shouted for two hour. That's why hurt you know would probably you're probably, you know, somewhat Medicaid, so he didn't feel it. But you know, then, you know, you've got to be in shape what when I was making a robots, go challenge would five seasons of it and man, you know, I'm going from just, you know, normal talk in my wife every day are whatever. Just like I'm talking to you to be not there in the desert on a mountain and one hundred degree heat Yellen at athletes. You know, for weeks known in in those first. You know that first week find a strain of filming. Forget that break is like I could barely talk and I've got the vocal ease and a singers thrown at one of the damn names of, you know you spring on your vocal chords dry and get a little bit of relief, but personal problem would come from the Daf enough. Vocal chords is weren't used to the strain. So. So after basically calloused amount after method as a Yellen and then they kicked in and then I was in shape. But then after the first season, I would start kind of feeling for about a week before the show started. I'd start yelling an hour two at a time trying to get my acids, Jay from vocal level. The hell of a Vogel warm-up and do what do you do to warm up for you? Go on stage shot of Jack Daniel. Shaka's on. I was in a, I was in a I was an office years ago in San Antonio, Texas, because that was good friends with Zach while from black label society. Ours Rasi is more and soon me Zacher in as little bitty room, and I'm kind of behind the door and Zach scenario. He's just he always his guitar fiddle and I'd call him up on the hotel. He goes, what are you doing? He goes, I'm just walking around playing the fiddle, come on down. So I grab a bottle of crown and go down and see him. And I thought he was really going to be playing a fiddle. He was playing his guitar. So anyway, we're in this little bitty closet Nelson nor kicks open incomes Ozzie and he's just joining us. Okay, Zach, this woman, and so him and say, he starts singing and Zack's plan, and I'm squashing toback corner Ozzy to this day still doesn't know I was in this room, but it wasn't known as warm up thing. And anyway, it takes me to some of the warm up match. Methods used by pro wrestlers and my deal was way mar back and forth, kind of crumbs, much nest a might do to push ups, and then I would force it water on sudden, look, I'll Ashi and white and Lama guys use may be all, but maybe all makes you too slippery. And so I didn't use no bail and in a Jacob, snake Roberts was one of my favorites because Jay would be over there leaned up against the trash gain. The snake would be in a bag on top of the trash can and Jake, which is be standing there smoking cigarette Alison. They would hit jinx music. Jank take one land drag on that cigarette, and it was just going to squash it down on a cement. And then he just walked to the ring and that was his warm up. Yeah, that's sort of my warm up to. I don't know. I never. I don't know. Probably I probably won't even be able to sing for that much longer. I got three boys like shit of some Vogel coach would probably be mortified, but I don't know. I don't. I don't understand vocal warm up. They don't make sense to me because. You're just saying, so your vocal warm up for singing is singing that doesn't make any sense, but it's like you said, you know, I think just reshi here overuse of my vocal chords. It's just like any other muscle, you know, you break them down, you build them back up there stronger than they were before. And. Yeah, think it. I think I just have a Deaton them into submission, so they just do what I wanted to now. Amen. I was reading articles. I read about you said you would want RIC flair promos to warm yourself up before Hsun as any truth? Yes, it is. That is true. I of all these I read that you said as recently as well, he's the greatest of all time in the yet. It just doesn't show you how good he is. What did he win? Like five matches and poker from like that. And he's still the goat is just his promos are so the swagger, the confident like they the amped up. I don't know why and yelling at his shoes costs more than your house is my favorite thing that I've ever heard. Just they be pumped up this the I'd be watch those patiently if I'm feeling a little timid before I hit out there, we're going to think about eight. He won't almost imagine because he always cheated in some fashion to gay. But yeah, I think you know going back to your command days. As I mean, HOGAN is right up there as well. But just from pure work standpoint, I think all the Ojo the worker class guys are always going to go RIC flair as being the Goan just because you know he was the last guy to defend at an amateur worldwide, you know twenty four, seven, three sixty five nonstop and HOGAN was obviously just super paramount in an importance to the movement of the business and become so mainstream as it was. But flared when come time to walk and walk talking to top cutting the promos and man, nose noise about flourine legendary because he would stay out, get hammered Oneida, long in every single television tape into do always showed up looking like a million bucks. And Terry Taylor told me a story. One time he was working with flair and New Orleans of all places and they're working together, tears limit on a nervous at because he's working with. World Chan and finally, finally, at the end, our before the show starts flare shows up, and Terry goes to talk to him. And Rick flair says, just as I just give me a Cup of coffee, and so Terri kind of felt like low bidding it, oh, slapped in the face. You trying to, you know, same page with him with regards to the mansion flare just told him, get him a Cup of coffee. So he gets his coffee flares going to change it into his boots, your yes trunks on. And Terry. Just like about shit, a brick, you know, because this is the big match. He's working to world champion, and he says, finally, they go out there and flair and him rip the damn roof off that Bill for about thirty minutes in about twenty five minutes in Terry was just begging him to go home. Like, you know, not begging him, but he was. He was so blown up and a fact that flourished showed up and just unbelievable condition looked haggard not ready to go and all of a sudden they rang at bell and Mr. he took to intuitive at work as Esau and and this. This is a compliment to Terry, but. Now assumes that bell rang Mr.. Eden, it didn't matter what what flair had done the night before. So anyway, I just consider and many of us consider Rick. Learn to be the all-time greatest of all time. Yeah. I mean, he had it, you know he was is that just line limousine ride and you know, and then he could be, you know, he'll in the ring and I love that. I'm, I've always a, he'll die anyway. He's definitely might go for sure, but, and that's why I gotta watch them before I get up there. Start chatting about any of these mountain. Yeah. He may. Let's stretch it out for a second for DP yoga. I've been doing regular workouts with the DP yoga now at for much and man. I am definitely feeling a difference a more limber and loose than ever before and I feel antastic. Have you been looking to get on board with DP yoga? Well, there's no excuse not to because Dallas is giving you seven days free to try it out. That's a week to try the program, explore the app and own your life, and it's completely free. 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You can catch Dallas while he's out on the road at the Rhode Island, Cummock on November. Second through fourth tickets and information at our comic con dot com. Got a chance to watch. You make your debut grant elaborate. Are you nervous typically before any show? Much less a grand ole Opry show, which is kind of like the holy grail for country music. That's the thing he did. You wouldn't work for and hip McClay. No, I don't get nervous. The only time I ever get nervous before shows if I'm worried going to be a low attendance show, then I started getting a little nervous or if it's the grand ole Opry that's pretty much it off before times. And I've been nervous as hell and Rita the, I don't know if it'll ever go away every time I play the Aubrey. I think the same thing at the end the first time I thought they'll, you know, play at one time. That's pretty cool. And then the second time I thought, you know, if I more I got to play the Opry two times. You know those every time they call me back. I'm like, damn for real. All right. You know pretty, it's pretty amazing getting to play the rental up. Are you turn with anybody right now or just you. Me and my band and the we'd run my friend kale Tyson. Now he's opening up for us what it's. Yeah, we're just. We're doing headline for right now and leading up to going over to Australia. Or another one, I think a little headlines or over there. How those people over in Australia, like country music over there. Is it love it really? I mean, yeah, those are just rednecks over there. They just got a different accent. No, I would over. I made a movie over lone time ago, Cali condemned and one thing blew me away about that country was it's absolutely phenomenal. Beautiful. The white stain white-sand kind of blues, green water. And you know, it's like the women drink as much beer as guys and the women Lennon vol as much as guys. I mean, it was. I didn't mean I, I'm sure there is an asshole in Australia, but the entire three months I was there. I didn't make one of them Essen spectacular place. I was just wondering when you go from their New Zealand, all different places, and like when you're blade the UK and Armand against nice year house, no country music market over there UK and I've done a little bit of Europe and man, I'll tell you, Scandanavia is the place that they love country, like Norway, Sweden, the love it over there. I don't know why. I don't know what it is. I heard if big in Japan too, so I'd like to get over there, but I think. That's what it's so great about country music is that I think it's relatable. It's so relatable that anybody can like it is much been played retina country music radio on Sirius, but it's not. It's definitely not on like forty country radio. I don't think it will be, but it's getting some spins up there in the on the satellite radio world. I don't think. I mean, I think that's what most people listen to any more anyway. Men. Lot of a lot of people are listening to that that kind of mainstream. Whenever whenever you want to call it that that's labor, but it's like, you know, there's a lot of people still drinking Bud Light has manufacturers number one selling beer in the United States, but I came out with with my PA which is a Hoppy beer and it's not the mainstream and so on. Like what I like when I heard Mr. jukebox, I just like, hey man, this this day I'm good album. I hope it gets played for you now. I hope you're having great success with it, man. Thank you. And that. Mentioned it a little bit yesterday, but it means a lot coming from you because I, you know, I definitely grew up stone cold fan, you know? So it's just crazy. I'll tell you straight and I might have drawn back from we own it the Moroccan or some thing like that. I was looking over here. You know the Moroccan lounge Los Angeles aturday October twenty. Seventh a might be able to make that'd be eight hundred. Nine hundred mile route from me round dribble enemy worth. She really wants Rick flair promos for goes on rips roof of joy. Alford's the on the list is you got to announce the if he. You're an alien. One thing I'm excited about this other Australia nine times now, but this time I'm going over at the same time as big, super showdown WAC really vote of building the super showdown. It's going to be awful. I mean, and in this ramp because I know you gotta go your man or did the sound Chang and you gotta get you achy over in east coast time. I'm going to west coast time system, canoe, good lover. Mr. jukebox, man, thanks so much. It was awesome wrapping with the something about wrestling and Jit, the good time, then I may work. People find you on Twitter. I just started falling. You just Joshua Hegley. You never know what I'm going to say on that thing. They may. Good luck tonight show. I'm gonna. I'm gonna stay in touch with you. Leave him in Lebano. If you're coming to LA up, we'll do onto a kitchen. Have had enough, and I'm the Lear this revolution and sticking to sports. So join me a revenge, the jock fry on podcast. One, I'll cover broad spectrum of what it means to be creative and that this and just a godly front to change the world, download new episodes of revenge of the judge with me Martellus Bennett every Thursday, our podcast, one sports dot com. The podcast app and apple podcast, make sure to rate and review. Apple podcasts sounds bad as it is a writer, but it can be to go home cues. Them wrap up his podcast and ride off into the sunset before I do that and what they might guess. Mr. Joshua Headley his new album is out outright. Now it is called Mr. jukebox, man. If you love country music, I highly suggest you download this album. I tunes just like I did about it for nine ninety nine and I am enjoying the hell out of it meant every single song on here is bad ass and he puts such a different spin on only song that he didn't ride on. This album when you wish upon a star which he dedicated to his father and had no sound like any. When you wish upon a star song I've ever heard he really puts great spin on it and don't waste your tears. This time I never shed a tear. Let's take a bake Asian Mr. jukebox. Of course. I mean, I love his album and if you love country music, I guarantee you will dig this album. I will not lead you straight. I am a country music fanatic also like heavy metal, hard rock. Some hip hop. I like a lot of things, but I love country music and I spent fourteen years riding up and down the road in the business professor wrestling, listen to the lax George strait Merle haggard George Jones, Conway, Twitty, Keith Whitley. The list goes on and on and on. If Joshua Hailey would have been around back in those days. I would have Dame sheer been listening to this album right here. A man check him out on YouTube. If you want Sabal this album because you can find a lonely songs on YouTube, especially the. Mr. jukebox tune, which is kind of the fastest tune on this thing and don't waste your tears. There's a bunch of Mon YouTube, but check assaying out sample it. I highly recommend it, and that's the bottom line. Joshua is owned the road hot and heavy. Just like the business, a pro wrestling. He's out there playing all the gigs promoting his album. So support him if you love the album by buying it. But the conversation was he just pro wrestling fanatic and has need to talk to someone who's talented as he is and country music who has such a love and passion for the business. A pro wrestling is just a total fanatic, and I enjoyed the album. So Joshua, thanks. We'll do another podcast when our pass cross and we are face to face a man. I ain't come out with no t shirts, so I ain't even gonna plug him, but we'll plug the best damn IP on planet earth. It's called broken skull. It's from Elsa gun. No Bruin company, one forty main street, and they'll gonna know California. If you come into LAX hanging left draft. Miles take a right, and you'll be at the brewery, one forty main street stop by and get you some fresh out of the tap or pick out a couple of bottles from the cooler. You can also vitamin whole foods total wines if you in. So Cal, if you ain't it. So cow you probably shit out of luck. And I've been at the brokers go range, two point. Oh, for about ten days I use my coal steel broke his Co. knife more and more and more each day. The other day I got my pickup truck and knife with me and a film naked man. Everybody needs a pocket knife whether to get you out of a jam or to help you cut a piece of rope or open up. Some damn envelopes also have the coastal workman's knife. Amazon's got the best price on most knives. Just go to Amazon dot com for slash out force last evolves. It gets you one. The come in about five different colors or go directly to the cold steel website. If you need any kind of knife, any kind of weapon, any kind of anything it, it's just go to their website. They got some good stuff. I want to say one more. Thank you all to find. Sponsors of Steve Austin show, especially Ben online dot AG, timberland, bro, truecar gyco teeter and DDP yoga. As I'm able to do this podcast for you twice a week for free, please support them because they support us if you need more info on my sponsors. Check out the show description to this episode for details folks. I am on social media, Twitter and Instagram at Steve Allston. Bs are folks don't next time. My name is Steve Allston. Now we'll get your ass down the road. This has been a podcast, one production, download new episodes of the Steve Austin show every Tuesday podcast, one dot com. That's guest dot com. Kevin investigation. I'm Tim Maguire. The AP newsmen President Trump says is administration is not micromanaging the FBI's reopened background check of supreme court nominee Brett cabinet. I wanted to become prehensile. I actually think it's a good thing for Judge Kevin. Oh, I think it's actually a good thing. Not a bad thing. I think it's a good thing now with that being said, I'd like it to go quickly. And the reason I'd like it to go quickly. Verse simple. It's so simple because it's unfair to him. At this point, the White House broaden the scope and the investigation over the weekend. Amid complaints by Democrats agents have interviewed Debra Ramirez who says, cavenaugh exposed himself to her when they were both students at Yale. They also have talked with Patrick PJ Smith. One of the people original user Christine Bazi Ford says was at the gathering where she was attacked Kevin, high school friend, Mark judge has also been interviewed and was we'll be continuing interview along with her friend Leila. In keizer. I'm Tim McGuire.

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