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The stephen a smith show podcast is brought to you by the new capital. One safercar earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent at grocery stores and one percent on all other all the purchases. Hey what's in your wallet. This is the stephen smith show podcast stephen even hey what's up everybody. Welcome to the latest addition to stephen smith show coming at you as i love to do every week they always e._s._p._n. Radio e._s._p._n. News two hundred and fifty plus. Let's markets across the united states of america. Check your a._m. F._m. listing nearest you plus e._s._p._n. Radio siriusxm channel eighty plus e._s._p._n. Radio simulcast over the live national television airwaves of e._s._p._n. News number to call up. It's always triple eight say e._s._p._n. That's innate seven to nine three seven seven six stephen a smith show obviously straight talk talk wireless one of the people that we communicate with supports the show time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless best phones best networks. Let's get right to it lots of stuff to get into a lot of n._f._l. Action to talk about tonight <hes> derek carr oakland raiders antonio brown. They'll set go up against <hes> kala murray and arizona cardinals. We're looking forward to that for some reason. Aaron rodgers playing a preseason game is actually news which is very very insulting the me one of the greatest quarterback i think the greatest talent at the quarterback position we i've ever seen is playing in a preseason game tonight a meaningless preseason game y'all wanna act like it's back page news. He's erin frigging. Raja's okay preseason game means nothing to me has nothing to prove his greatness has been validated authenticated throughout the years over the last two two years broken collarbone week three or four against minnesota and anthony ball he goes now for the rest of the season last year he gets engine game three into the season and still plays the rest of the season season and oh my god stop depresses because he was got off where he was absolutely awful right completed sixty three percent of his passes during twenty five touchdown just two interceptions in all sixteen eighteen games just two interceptions and we gotta stop the presses. We acted like this brother. The second coming in lamar jackson can't throw right now and that's not the disrespect lamar jackson the baltimore ravens because i think he's going to be really really good. We know that he's got those wheels on them in these special but he's gotta learn a tour to football based on what we saw in the playoff game against the los angeles chargers. I just for the first three quarters but just absolutely asinine me why this kind of stuff is news but that's neither here nor there later on in the show. I will tell you think that the los angeles lakers should favorites to win the n._b._a. Championship i will tell you i think the brooklyn nets should consider giving carmelo anthony and opportunity to be on their squad awed so that's some of the other things that we're going to talk about today but obviously i gotta get into a couple of things because i'm a bit agitated. I'll be the first one to admit this. I'm a bit agitated and stems from our conversation about this whole jay z. situation with the national football league collaborating with them to address social justice issues or what have you <hes> <hes> definitely being a part of their have. You know you know bay being an influencer somebody that's going to be in control of their halftime entertainment as well so obviously these kind of things that we're gonna talk about but the first order of business <hes> in a relatable item is to talk about dolphins owner. Stephen ross and dolphins sends receiver kenny stills finally meeting up with one another as you know <hes> stephen ross one for the miami dolphins scheduled to throw a fundraiser for the president donald donald trump kenny stills the wide receiver was opposed to that because he pointed out stephen ross is a work throughout the years with the rise foundation which promotes social associate justice and racial equality and sports and how he felt that was inconsistent with throwing a fundraiser for the president and he spoke out against his own in that regard basically with those words he did it without meeting with stephen rossi did it on twitter and finally the two met with one another and according according to kenny stills dave agree to disagree according to an article in pro football talk to men have met since last week's controversy fueled by the owner's decision decision host a six-figure fundraiser for the president stills told the palm beach post via e._s._p._n. Dot com did he and ross quote agree to disagree still say quote. There's not much to argue about. He has this feeling about it and he stands firm and that and i respect that but i disagree and i told him there's no hard feelings this no beef and let's win some games this year end. Quote daughter goes on read stills agreed to agree with coach brian flores who has lamented effect is still did meet with ross before publicly commenting on a perceived disconnect between creation by ross of the rise foundation quota definitely from a professional matted a right thing to do would have been to reach out to ross. I still said but through conversations that we have the history that we have it gets to a point where i'm just a person that is sharing the message letting other people know what's happening and what's happening. Is that the n._f._l. Owners who have openly supported president trump without backlash are beginning to experience some of it and n._f._l. Players are increasingly unwilling to stand silent. That's according to pro football. Talk good job on this story. Here's the deal. I don't disagree with kenny stills message. I do agree with coach live prior flora's who said you should talk to the owner i e his boss have have a conversation with him. Let him know where you stand as opposed to him finding out on twitter that one of his employees is calling him to the carpet for something and see this is where we get into dicey territory we get into dicey territory because when you talk about the national football league working in partnership in concert with jay z and roc nation you have some people i believe some people have gone too far. I really really have because when i see some of these comments by guys like eric reed who need who's famous for nearly you know. Don't get me wrong. He can play football safety for the carolina panthers but he spoke out against jay. Z says he's burying collins career. That's what he accused of doing. Now okay. It's going a little a bit too far colin kaepernick's lady who's known for speaking her mind and by the way i you know listen highly intelligent young ladies definitely entitled to her opinion and standing by her man the way that she does personally speaking. I think it's admirable. I've got nothing bad to say about her but i will tell you this. I just think that that people are looking at this picture. All wrong and i'm sick and tired of folks getting away with it to be quite honest with you. I'm really sick. Totta folks getting away with it and looking at this picture all wrong a guy like eric safety for the carolina panthers blast daisy for his new partnership with the n._f._l. Saying it looks like the rap mogul is selling out and helping berry colin catholics career really we mentioned a word sell out jay z and the same same sentence from the streets rapid bizarro mogul businessman. I'm i'm a business man not right a- justice ryder that's what he was when he worked at the new york daily news show on king who i got tremendous disrespect for he sat up there and said jay as a capitalist no arguments there he is he's right on point with that but it seems like people are lining up to go after jay z and i don't want to said i'm really at a loss for words about it first of all if you ever agreed think about some of the things that this too has said and done yes. He's taking a knee mukalla capital. Yes he's bringing attention to to racial inequality and injustices that have been exacted against the black community. I'm a black man. What what could i possibly say negative about that. Of course i appreciate where eric reid is coming from but it does get to a point where it's a bit excessive. The play coalition led by malcolm jenkins. You had a problem with thank. You felt. They co opted the movement. So what do you do you confront. Malcolm jenkins on the football field at lake financial field and philadelphia a game mm-hmm is about to be played hasn't started yet and you turn an n._f._l. Gain into something like that and then you wonder. I wonder why somebody like you or call. A cabinet would be frowned upon because you have patriots out there who pay to watch a football game eight that didn't come to the stadium and n._f._l. Stadium for that why is that relevant because agreed is on record saying they did not have a problem column. They did not have a problem with the national football league. That's what creates that that's what he went on twitter and said we didn't have a problem album until and i don't have the tweet in front of me but he was basically saying the n._f._l. Promoters systemic racism whatever listen here's the deal you didn't. I have a problem with the n._f._l. The n._f._l. Really didn't have a problem with you until they felt that their bottom line might be compromised colin kaepernick manila for weeks. Nobody said anything marshawn lynch admit it or never on several occasions. He didn't stand for the national anthem n._f._l. In say anything why because because of collective bargaining agreement unlike the n._b._a. and major league baseball which mandates you staff at the national anthem the n._f._l. Did a mandate it. They strongly encouraged it but it didn't mandate it it because it didn't mandate it. A player was free to exercise their right not to stand for the national anthem n._f._l. Anything it wasn't until it was brought to the attention of the masses and the president sat up there and said he fido's s._o._b.'s that all of a sudden. The issue took on a life of its own. That's the fact let's get to some of the facts while we're talking about this because it's time to people wake up and recognize what the hell's going on here. Eric reed black bolt. Don't you have a job in the national football league. I'm sorry did not see eric. Eric replaying for the carolina panthers last year is he not still collecting a check for the carolina panthers. Is he not still employed by the carolina. I think he is common. Capitec blackballed okay. I kind of believe that's happening as well but are we going to ignore where in castro cert- in miami walk contemplating being miami dolphin when the cuban populace there exceeds thirty percent are t-shirt a castro t-shirt in support of fidel castro and miami. Do we forget that the baltimore ravens were going to sign him but the girlfriend his lady no disrespect to her but she went on social media. Let me correct it was either her or him. I'm not sure i don't recall but they both of them. Were associated what comparing array lewis and own a steeper shoddy to the characters in django samuel jackson and the caprio samuel hello jackson <hes> pity me of a quota cow and leonardo di caprio being a slave owner. Do we forget that. Did we forget that he had an opportunity to land in denver with john elway but didn't want to accept the deal. Did we forget the fact that he had an opportunity to end up in seattle and pete carroll said what is your plan and he didn't have one. They didn't know what we're we're going to continue to nail and not they didn't know what kind of trouble you are going to be willing to 'cause. If football was going to be your priority leader not just named. Did you fourteen months seattle miami denver baltimore. All of them were going to bring colin kaepernick on all of them every one of them and evergreen still. Oh has a deal harry reid's plan in the n._f._l. And by the way it goes on twitter yesterday and said i'm going to stay in the n._f._l.'s. You know what while he's collecting a check from an n._f._l. T laser gentlemen when it comes to get in trouble and that's not these guys. The character is not to be impugned stephen. A smith is not on his radio. Show talking about the character of colin capital and eric read it is not to be impugned and i'm not talking about colin capital at all with the exception of pointing out. He did have four office coming his way as it pertains eric green. I got one problem with evergreen and one problem. Only it seems as if you don't do exactly what he wants you to do exactly the away. He thinks you should do it. You sell out you coopting and we're has that gotten us out history history. You know not to get too historical with y'all but i remember how the great malcolm welcome x. Who i revere and deify once called out dr king. I also recall them later. Lady is apologizing for that and they're being a meeting of the minds where people understanding there are roles roles that each individual has to play martin luther king play one row malcolm x. played another martin luther king. Give peace a chance malcolm x. Are i'm simplifying it. Obviously it was more complicated than that but you get the message last time i checked. We revere both who's to say that there's one way to get a cat. Here's the reality -ality when you look at a jay z. In partnership with the national football league what what was jay z. essentially saying keep on protesting. I have nothing against any kind of protest. What i'm saying is about. It's all about things things turn into actionable things at some point in time. Yes you protest but now what is it about. Where's that getting you. If you're calling cap apathetic the goal was to bring attention to addressing racial inequality and injustices in in our nation hasn't he achieved that. I'm talking about specifically what he said. His intent was to bring attention into it. There's a deal with the player's coalition for eighty nine million dollars to contribute to causes pertaining to african american and desolate communities within our nation. It doesn't stop there. There's a plethora of things that the n._f._l. Has been doing. I'm gonna talk about that a little bit later on in this show and jay z sell out really all the things that this man through his music music to his entrepreneurship the african americans he employees he not just cashes checks. He cuts them talk about from rags to riches where he's from to where he's asked what he is done what he has a pit amassed what what he has represented in our community. You call him a sell out just because he did a deal with the national football. Have you lost your damn. Minds really the n._f._l. Is in partnership with the national upside with jay z and roc nation the checked if the objective is to do things that make a difference in a positive way towards community munity. There is no question that the cachet that the n._f._l. Has been the number one sports brand in our nation. There is no question about the positive impact it can ultimately have if committed to doing the right things. J._c. wasn't talk in front of that microphone and those cameras by himself. Roger goodell was sitting right next to him on behalf of thirty two owners who by the way most of them might not give a damn about these issues but who are we to legislate people's minds and hearts at the end of the day if they're donating their resources to the right issues and the right causes is this. What the hell are you care. What does it matter. Do you really give a damn that i think i care what bob mcnair they are. A texas actually thinks or daniel snyder or somebody else if they're pointing their resources in a direction shen that ultimately benefits communities isn't that the bottom line who the hell told you anybody else that you get to legislate what's inside people's thoughts and oh by the way forgive me if obama bit pessimistic or skeptical about my ability ability to affect an eighty year old billionaire who happens to be white and a separate and apart from the a black plight as you can get as a white billionaire in his eighties or the seventies forgive me if i'm not optimistic about data but guess what there's a younger generation on a come up and if those resources appointed in the right direction connected with the right people whose hearts are in the right place and they're committed to doing good and that an essence has the power to influence the the younger generation on the come up white black hispanic in thin and otherwise what do i care and if that ultimately is what it's about. What is your problem with it. Are you going to tell me you're going to sit here with a straight face. After all the things that jay z has accomplished in his career after all the things that he has a has achieved and has gone after the issues that he's to his music and beyond all the things that he's addressed as it pertains to the black plight the minority already plight in this nation and to out this world. Are you going to tell me you legitimately associate the word sell out with him. How fair is that every read. How fair is that as a black man. I appreciate the fact that eric ries hearts in the right place i truly do. I appreciate the fact that colin cabinets hot may have been in a right place. I truly do but if i disagree with an approach or if i disagree with this one thing that you may do that doesn't mean i'm against you it means i respectfully disagree with that. I i disagree with eric reed going up and malcolm james face on lincoln financial field before game to address this issue. I disagree with that. He's role oh. You can't run malcolm jenkins at any other time. You're gonna jump in his face. Before national football league one o'clock gain gene on a sunday afternoon on the field and lincoln financial field in philadelphia to address this it a right. You think that your way is the only way it ain't right. You think everything about colin cabinet getting a job when colin kaepernick himself said it ain't about got me it's about us. I don't like the fact colin cabinet because without a job. I think he deserves look. You can't tell me that colin cabinet can be backup quarterback in the n._f._l. Right now but four teams wanted to bring him on board. He wanted the uniform. He wanted their money without wanting to give anything in return as to what they felt. They would need to make sure they're bottle on isn't compromised. Who do you know gets to take that position and get a job. In america white or black or hispanic or asian american or native american jud gentiles doesn't matter who gets to do that who gets to have their hand out for somebody else's money and before they even get get it say look kick rocks. I'm gonna do what the hell i wanna do. Suck it up and deal with it. Gimme your money who gets to do that. Who do that your answer to that question grow to help stop acting like you don't know it at eight say e._s._p._n. It's inundate eight seven to nine three seven seven six you listen to the stephen smith show e._s._p._n. Radio e._s._p._n. News that was straight talk wireless everything for less only at walmart. We'll get to your calls and more than a minute before. John fox comes on with us to start our number. Two talks fell action by the way. Do you have frequent heartburn like the like the conway you have in every case. It pops up. You know what i mean. 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I can't believe it that gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Here comes one point seven percent decrease in overhead. Hello everybody no. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds hundreds of dollars on car insurance. We'll geigo you dope projected increase in organic q. Three revenue believe that geico co could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. You'll seem to the stephen. A smith show podcast by stephen smith show thirty two minutes past past our number. One stephen smith show e._s._p._n. Radio is presented by progressive insurance. Pick from a range of coverage options with the name your price tool the found price that works for you before i go on. Let me make sure that everybody understands. I was speaking about bob mcnair in general. I am fully aware that he passed away last december. Okay so my condolences again him and his family. We talked about that when it happened and i was on the radio show at that particular moment in time i was just speaking about the bobbing in general because of what his position was <hes> <unk> at that particular moment in time before he passed away but i'm fully aware that he passed away in december of two thousand eighteen so i just want to let anybody notice before i get to the calls. Let me read a couple of things too because this is all public knowledge any n._f._l. Obviously having to pay attention to some of these issues. Let's keep mine because remember colin kaepernick protested racial inequality racial injustices police brutality <hes> the incarcerated in some of the unfair sentences of that have been handed out to <hes> black americans and beyond <hes> the n._f._l. Obviously politically charged issues issues of race immigration gun control of things that they needed. They felt the need to address that was brought to the attention plays coalition and remember when they made a deal with the player's coalition the goal of making an impact on social true justice and racial inequality and racial equality at the federal state and local levels through advocacy awareness education and allocation of resources okay. I'm reading from the n._f._l. I mean this is public knowledge. This is public knowledge about n._f._l. Operations okay when you talk about the situation in regards to their partnership with the play his coalition okay play coalition coalition members have directly lobbied elected officials prosecutors district attorney's attorney generals and worked with established proven grassroots advocacy organizations to address the affirmation affirmation issues clubs have provided funding and grants to grassroots organizations and their markets with a proven track record the social justice space play his legends have provided funding to additional grassroots social justice organizations across the country far beyond club markets. Okay the let me give you some example november twenty eighteen voter rights in florida. The players coalition led by anquan boldin pushed for the restoration. I voters rights to convicted felons who completed all terms of their sentences including probation and restitution but excludes those who are convicted of murder or sex crimes the ballot measure passed on election day last november with more than sixty percent of the vote it restored the voting rights to one point four million floridians but additionally adele is thomas takeo spikes algae crump provided support voters in georgia and malcolm jenkins and chris long helped with voter transportation in philadelphia pennsylvania march two thousand nineteen education policy and state legislators in massachusetts new england patriots devin mccourty brother jason mccourty and doron harmon testified before joint committee of state senators and representatives in the massachusetts legislature in support of the education promise act seeking to bill oh by senator sonia chang-diaz reps aaron vega and mary keefe addressing funding disparities in the states school funding formula woah april twentieth nineteen mandatory minimum sentencing reform in philadelphia malcolm jenkins and former pittsburgh steelers will allen partner partner with the advocacy advocacy group families against mandatory minimums to spring garden area philadelphia school zone and discussed the impact of drug free school zones on on urban communities with heavy minority populations from one thousand nine hundred ninety two thousand and two families against mandatory minimums found that eighty four percent of drug possession offenders in pennsylvania school zones were residents of color in the two eighty percent of school zone. Drug offenders are people of color and new jersey. It's that ninety. Six percent both both jenkins and allen expressed concern opposition to the mandatory two year prison sentence added two sentences a judge prentiss for the charge of drug possession in a school zone. The pennsylvania lawmakers lawmakers in attendance were representative. Jason dawkins senator anthony williams representative joanna mcclinton and senator sheriff straight twenty nineteen an august. That's this month prison overcrowding in alabama takeo spikes in the dallas. Thomas authored an op dead in the montgomery advertiser. The state's largest daily newspaper paper calling on alabama governor kay ivey to call a special session of the alabama state legislature to address prison overcrowding additionally the n._f._l. L. support federal criminal justice reform in december of two thousand eighteen. The first step act signed into law by president trump gives federal judges more leeway. Hey when sentencing some drug offenders and boost prisoner rehabilitation efforts it also reduces life sentences for drug offenders with three convictions or three strikes to twenty five. Ah years allows about twenty six hundred federal prisoners sentenced for crack cocaine offenses before august two thousand ten the opportunity to petition for reduced penalty it also incentivizes prisoners participate in programs designed to reduce the risk of recidivism with the crowd being an earlier with the reward rather being an earlier released either home mm confinement or a halfway house to complete their sentences if you recall van jones of c. n. N. who obviously is no trump supporter absolutely positively applauded president on that particular issue. My question is simple is to part number one. If you call and capita eddie or ed reed eric reed. I'm sorry isn't those kind of things you were talking about addressing and number two number two having said that all of that is there any other league doing all of this you see. I don't know the answer to that question the second question i'll let the n._b._a. M._l._b. and others speak for themselves on that or if there's anything that they wanna enlighten me light me about in terms of what they're doing. I'll be happy to get it and read read it on. The air is went to the n._f._l. Website for this one. What i am saying to you is that they are plethora of things going on. Then then are directly addressing the concerns coller capital and eric reed purportedly half. It's not like nothing's being done. It's not like it hasn't gotten any attention. It's not like it doesn't continue to need attention but the point is if you're jay z you could potentially take this to another level title. Why do we have not earned the right for us to actually see what he does and new producer. Could you please put that quote up. That evergreen agree just sent out twenty minutes ago because he's talking about jay z again talking about him again safety for the carolina panthers employed in the n._f._l. Talking about the n._f._l. At every turn quote this is evergreen twenty minutes ago. Jay z. doesn't need the n._f._l.'s help to address social social injustices. It was a money move for him and his music business the n._f._l. Gets to hide behind his black face to try to cover up. Nope blackballing colin abba question particularly for the black community out. Dan jay z. deserved the jay z. Deserve that you. You haven't seen what he's done yet. You have no idea what he's going to do. Does jay z. Really need the money at the n._f._l. I mean can we be real here for second monte grab. He's not you eric read. Jay z is worth close to a billion dollars. You act like he's you. He's jay z. A money grab. I have no problem with shaun king statement about him being a capitalist because obviously businesses apart of everything he does but it's not everything the way agreed stated it. Is everything jay z money grab. He deserved that see. This is why i have a problem with agreed. You have to do things exactly the way he thinks otherwise your fellow and for you you know black folks out there. Let me tell you something. The one of the most heinous things you can call a black person if you are black is to call them. Sell out is one of the most heinous things you can do eric. We just flippantly throws that out. There like it's no big deal jay z and sell out. That's what he's saying. Put that back up again new. No i read it again. Jay z. doesn't need the n._f._l.'s help to address social injustices so says eric reed. It was a money move for him and his music business the n._f._l. Gets high behind his black knight his face his black. Let's face to try to cover up. Blackballing collar era agreed. Do you need the n._f._l. Football field to take a knee. Do you need to play in the n._f._l. In order for your message to be hurt but it ain't stopping you from taking the knee in stopping you from playing in the n._f._l. So you get to do what you wanna do while getting paid to do it because correct me if i'm wrong anybody. I don't think eric reid is playing for free in the national football bullying. I think he's getting paid to do that but you want to count other dues money and how do you realize influence. I don't see how y'all doc in support that we haven't even seen what jay z has done yet is wrong. Screw screw unfortunately on yet the latest occasion we've also seen it's eric reed. Damn there physically attack. Malcolm jenkins verbally assaulting jay z. done it. It hasn't even seen what he's done. You wow wow guess what you're in the middle title of stephen a smith show podcast from the biggest concert games the hottest theaters and show did a shows and more vivid seats has it all download download the app and joined the vivid seats rewards loyalty program fifty two minutes past one back in astonishment show e._s._p._n. Radio e._s._p._n. News at the top of the hour. We'll have john fox n._f._l. Analyst the s._p._n. On discussing tonight's game it's gonna take place colin murray going up against john gruden's oakland raiders <hes> we're going to see a aaron rodgers this preseason as well talk about some of those things and obviously i'll get to the calls as well. My last point about evergreen is simply this. You know what you can disagree greet with the deal. You could disagree with jay z. The disagreement is not what i have an issue with the disrespect and basically calling him a sell out what i disagree disagree with and i would like to add you believe jay z. Did a money deal. He's getting paid the n._f._l. How you gonna say something when you get paid by the n._f._l. Every does play in the n._f._l. He is in n._f._l. Play how how you going to excoriate and vilify a man for taking a check from the same entity you're taking the check from you can say that he doesn't need it but it doesn't negate the fact that you're getting paid by the n._f._l. To just thought our number two of next year steven is radio e._s._p._n. News.

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