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Jalen Ramsey, Jamal Adams' late hit fine, Backup QBs in NO and PIT, Athletes on social media


Hey Yeah Jimmy here and you speak for yourself. You're forced to think for yourself and when you think for yourself the sports world looks in order to enjoy this podcast and this show you need to have the courage to look at the world from alternative points of view and not be offended when you disagree speak for yourself. Isn't your twitter facebook instagram feed. SF Y tells you what you need to hear and not what you want so welcome aboard buckle. Look we start today. Jalen Ramsey Jalen Ramsey camp is big man at that do Marcellus Wiley early on yesterday so Marcellus had an interesting take on whether the Kansas City chiefs should pursue the pro bowl cornerback whose ass Jacksonville to trading rolling the dice ice and saying no this poach our team of a first round pick and a starter to bring in Jalen Ramsey who are remind you despite the perception Shen and the love for his game he was twenty four th ranked as a cornerback last year coming out of the season this year in two weeks. He's already dropped to eighty ninth ranked so if history victory is going south and your team subject is going north. Why is this a conversation? No today Ramsey these comments caught the attention of Ramsey's agent David Guetta who tweeted a rebuke of that Dude's opinion saying quote so Marcellus Ellis Wiley. This is what we've to just say the most outlandish thing you can think of and hope you get some attention go paul the wide receivers is in the NFL and see where they rank Jalen Ramsey. I would expect more from you but I guess these days. It's all about shock value. Get me a gas mask is getting awful smoking up in here lot amassing not all Marcellus woke up the entire Jalen in high Texans quarterback quarterback deshaun Watson chimed in tweeting. I don't think I agree with this. Tennessee Titans safeties Kevin Bar and Kenny Vaccaro tweeting cloudy Modi's at Marcellus and in the case of charge on charter crime no charges Safety Derwin James Sink cloudy Modi's from ourselves to and finally finally Detroit Lions Safety Quandary digs the brother of Longtime San Diego Charger Informer Marcellus teammate quinten jammer that Dude's head twenty somebody's old heads get on TV and lose. They mind me real quick clowning law okay but I have to say this does feel lit a little bit like an overreaction. I disagree with what Marcel is said about Ramsey. I think the team should pursue Jalen. He has a chance to be the next Dion Sanders Aka Ram Bro but all Marcellus did was referenced the grades of Pro Football Focus Ramsey will be the feature star tonight's Thursday night football matchup between the jags and the titans with the whole world watching Ramsey can showcases Rambo like abilities and put put a clown suit on Marcellus and pro football focus is Ramsey is insecure as this camp. Will he followed under the spotlight. He placed on himself with his trade demand. Is it wise for the Jaguars even play Ramsey tonight. We're joined by Fox sports. NFL analyst Eric Dickerson and Tj Husson Zodda cell is named for your head. They did Ramsey and his supporters into tonight's game. Are they confident you would think they would and I will preface this by saying I think Jalen Ramsey is a beast. I said that yesterday but you know me facts over feelings stats. That's oversensitivity. y'All y'all just showed me some insecurity so it's interesting special effects. I'm GonNa give you some more. How about you guys been targeted seventeen times? This year allowed eleven receptions to touchdowns at a passer rating of one twenty four point one that doesn't sound too good so y'all bringing this out of me. I'm just gonNa region numbers by comparison the number one corner by pro football focus is to file Gilmore rating is this year forty one opposing quarterbacks x so there is some thing to these numbers and I'm going to take it even deeper. Get a little personal with you 'cause there was about a three year stretch in my career where people were arguing with the best defensive out there. Some say a top five for sure but somewhat arguing. He's the best out there. I'm setting franchise records for contracts. I'm out there beast replacing Bruce Smith and you know what's funny about that. It wasn't the damn metric. It wasn't the Damn Google search you could Iran to ever found. My name is eighty nine ranked in anything so that to me is damnation of something that you need to look into beyond how you feel about it. When I fell off all of them I said I was eighty nine or whatever and Jane Ramsey has not fallen off but Jane the Ramsey has style of play that is not supported by the skiing? He's in and then you are in the crossroads. We've all been there as players man if they call this if they let me do this the ballers when I was balling but now it's mattering for these he's agents and it's interesting. A bunch of agents hit me up about this like David ripping but I get involved with this but let me tell you how this goes. There's a difference difference between being an agent and being representation and what's happening. Now is that these millennial age it's getting certified and Glamour School get their feelings hurt enable their saint players to goal G. Q. and clown every quarterback but then when you come back with some fact some number some metrics they can't take the same smoke they deliver but representation knows that I am preparing you're representing a professional athlete in a professional manner for not just the game of football but the game of life so David. You don't know me I'll know you we keep that way or we could break bread either way. I'm still going to start talking with these facts and I'm in with these facts. You'll feel no concern of mine. Man Ain't coming out more more sellers they don't do now. I got more to the question. Our support is confident heading tonight's game. I would be Mariota's and a quarterback. That's GonNa scare you. They don't have a receiver lever on a titans that that's going to scare them now. When I look at Jana Ramsey me being a former receiver that play I think he's a good DB in you? Look get the pro when when you say good I don't know who's the best 'cause. I'm not playing against them. I would rank him top three. I don't you based off this performance this year and last year I mean if you like people you look at pro football focus. He's been pretty consistent. Every year hundred targets in two thousand sixteen one hundred six targets twenty seventeen ninety seven charges of two thousand eighteen. He's given fifty four fifty seven fifty three catches. That's pretty consistent in a three year span same amount of yards give or take saint him on the intersection same amount of PBS give or take one or two and so he's been pretty consistent how they great. There's I don't know but statistically he's been pretty consistent. Now this what I will say I train a guy this year that was in Jacksonville and I said how good is Jalen Ramsey. Anti dog heated truth. That's what he told me and that's all I can go off. Bright Keelan Dolf said to me God. He's the truth and I wasn't able to play against him. He seems to be one of the better. DB's in a game yeah Marcella Harrison phillies yesterday to me like why did he make it personal oughta clown stuff come on oh man. I'll take what they want to hear. I never got into that zone. When I'm playing we've had emojis and all that stuff you know you? You said it best when when when a guy that plays played against you or like we're not playing that we don't we don't we're not there every day but other playoff klay of Shawn Watson says hey this guy can play when as a former player and you know this as well as I do myself and so you guys can play you know who who can play and who can't play when you feel the guy may not have the greatest number you like. Hey this guy can play well. We knew he'd be balled. You might not see it is sometimes the intangibles. It's the things you can't. It's not always about the numbers football focus football focus. Don't play football. They you know they they ain't come but nobody one thing about the defense back is. I've got to guess where you going. I'm the receiver you know when when you break the whole you know he'll row don't you. I'm over. I've got to guess where you go in every play so for sure when you hear other guys say hey man like you said he's the truth. You take that for what I would say though Eric Eric is why I think they're a little bit shake in here is because the guys are pro. Football focus are the same types of guys that make decisions on what your trade value is but they make and so if the Jacksonville Jaguars isn't we're want to first round draft picks with this guy and Jalen wants out of there and he wants someone to give that up but the evaluators are saying. Hey there may be a problem here. Let's be a little bit careful. That's what scares them if if his stock was seen across the board at what his ability says it should be. I think teams are quicker to give up. What Jacksonville's ask you say what they want say they one eight? I want to Jericho back again back to what you want and what you get is two different things but look we're locked his own to you got to follow the money to see where this is really going. David was upset that he thinks that my opinion could affect the money of his client in terms of trae value in his next contract when last time I checked Nakas when I was getting it breath I don't care who criticized it. They had numbers they they have fill you came out talk that so I don't know why you offended now and you want me to get into echo chamber which USA only glowing things when they are actually in any negotiation. I should go push back on you and they're going to use things like this. So it's amazing numbers support your argument into they don't have the post. Your arguments stated you got clients out there that are balling out of control. You Got Derwin. Jane's charge your MIC guy. I don't care what he thinks. I'm cloud but to me you still the beast fifth pro football focus. I bet you David teammates show he'd gone to meditate but I'm talking to WHO's on us after free up stairs one today's top five and already one year is good for you but are they bad for you. which way do you WanNa play that so I gotta religion? I'll tell you what their real fear is again because yesterday when you said those things and just by even pointing a finger like hey here's where pro football focus. It made me go. Oh I need to take a closer look. I gave you today right but once you enter teaching clue so that's a narrative they want to avoid for the reasons you're talking about. They want people to trade great form and when he gets he wants to be the highest paid defensive player. This is not the way to go about that. If you don't want this narrative out 'cause y'all actually put it out on we got a lot of risks is going around. Here is helping it which is not helping your calls. I'm I probably need to understand the pro. Football focus rankings a little better her. I don't know how you're ninety. One point three rating at twenty seventeen and you gave a more receptions in two thousand seventeen than you didn't sixteen and eighteen gene and so I don't know how all this stuff is graded off the eye test in just watching him play. He's one of the best. DB's knock and another thing no question when you're in Jacksonville and you're losing and you feel like you don't have he's pretty. They had one good year when he was there. Sometimes it sucks to say you just kind of go through them. I want to be here. No momentous play Man AG teams so this thing Jason when you guys guys that are true competitors when you pay them. They won't more heated topic the way he he had Asia Green lose his cool eight green owning talk he had the guy loses cool during the game because he was in his head so much. He's the type of guy you pay him. He's GonNa want more. You put them in a winning situation a good environment. I believe he's GonNa Thrive but once again we give give back to the same thing I said before. Everything can't be conducive to GE- issue this is a team game. We can disrupt press Jalen. I know you are a beast impress man not the same in zone but sometimes it calls for zone. Oh I gotta put you in a winning situation to give winning performances and you to buy another team is Leery of that because everywhere everywhere you go there. You are what happens when we face adversity on this new team what happens when we get that bump in the road and this new team now radio show me psychology say face adversity versity face versity Jacksonville s you know what I mean. So that's a different type you you play with a team like the chiefs. What adversity are they hidden would patch hall asked that if the ball game play on a winner as and you heard me say this before when you win? I don't care what's going on. You can begin beat but they win it man. We haven't a good time over it. It don't even matter almost when you win Eh. He goes on to say if he does go to the Kansas City chiefs. They see something that maybe football police. Don't see they say look. He fits our scheme. He Fits our defense well. They see what most everybody sees potential. Do you put him with Pete. Carroll Solid Defence Pau aw man that stoller defense him he going to be hitting the best league. We like to hear what defense are quickly here. Do you all agree. He's on the trading block. There seems to be thought that on Friday he can get traded. He's going to play tonight against the titans. Is that smart for the Jaguars to do. Yeah it is smart and I know it's a little counterintuitive in terms of why would you put them out there at the injury risks but this is the problem if you're a coach Barong so you're like I got fifty two other dudes who know that there's no safe place between I WANNA be traded but you still on this roster wearing a black and teal. Guess what I need. You on the field up stairs is doing their business. Your agent is doing this business and I'm GONNA take care of my business which means if you're healthy and you're able you are going out there and playing this football game unless I get some other instructions but you can't start to open up that can of worms for any culture winning or losing that says I don't feel like being here I wanna go and until that moment I just tapped out he's not suspended. He's not hurt is just a horrible message to tell everybody body else near when you don't feel it. You Ain't gotta do it. They should not plan. It's a possibility in their minds that we're going to trade them. You don't play you don't wrist Sanjay. You have a chance to get draft picks to help your franchise out. Now you say Oh the other guys there's only a half guys on each team that can demand stuff reflective so you can get away with it. That's IT and out of those handful is probably only one or two. That's really enemy. Do that type of stuff yeah. This doesn't happen often. You should not play them. If there's the PA. They say he's going to be traded on Friday. No way come watch the game. Say Goodbye to your teammates and we'll see you on your way but he should not play at all. I think he should play. I mean I think people afraid and think about Earl Thomas. I think he's he's a cornerback he he I mean he's not not a receiver. He's not a running back. He's not going to get real. His job is to cover. I mean that's that's the most important thanks so you do plan. Let's say goes and has two picks now that the price goes up payment we can say hey. This is why we want. This is why we want to two forslund picks me up I I if I'm Jalen Ramsey. I get why he wants to play Thursday night. Football world's GonNa Watch. He gets showcases abilities. If again like Eric said if he does come up big it helps the trait and it helps them get paid. Hey guys this Jason Whitlock from speak for yourself. 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Let's move to jet safety Jamal Adams who didn't have a great showing Monday night against the browns Adams got flak lack for a late hit on Baker Mayfield and later got benched after back to back penalties for offsides encroachment yesterday. Adams got fine twenty one thousand dollars for the hit and took to twitter to vent his frustration writing quote this league as a damn joke. I just got fined twenty one K but this hip it signed up to play football. Not Two hand touch bull believe I don't give a damn about these self rules protecting quarterbacks. I'm I'M GONNA play my brand of football. Every time I step on the field shaken does is Jamal. Adams have a point no doesn't have a point. I played the position of where you get to contact a quarterback to most on defensive line defense event and we started to learn even before these rule changes that is restricted airspace. You have a step maximum. You can try and play it off even in in that one step this is almost two steps. Now was the motivation of this Monday night football so we know that get into Baker Mayfield Oh. That's going to be something of magnitude but I don't like this for one reason. Why don't you just get there in time or like? God did a miniature plays next play because if it was about me getting near late and still getting a hit or all happened is imaginary sex but real penalties and this trip about this. I think this is part of this tough man mantra that people were trying to sail but the toughest thing about planet position is doing it the right way. It's still accelerate it by planet by the rules and I just don't like things like this and then you come out with the premeditated already scripted a tough man speech when you knew in the moment that you were doing the wrong thing I mean I think he has a point to be honest with you. I know once I got out the league was just crazy crazy how to NFL started doing guys will get fine for facemasks. I'm not really trying to face massive. What you're GonNa find me ten thousand dollars face man? I got a fifteen yard penalty to hurt the team gene now. You're GonNa find me twenty one the tweet I don't mind it I think everything after the BS he should not have put in a tweet now. I don't give a damn about these rules so now you're next penalty. You're probably going to double. It's going to be forty thousand in after that. You're going to double that and then you probably going to get suspended and so he should've left had outta here I get sometimes you just take a penalty like I run forty yards. I'm tired I'm GonNa hit you. You get penalty and you take define. Yeah fine like come on like Gimme the penalty you don't find me. Give me a warning okay. I got you what you hear. I think he does have a point and for me honestly as an offensive player watching the way the game has transpired it has changed in for Defensive Guy. It probably does appear to be softer but these are rules that have been said pleased that you are going to have to buy you said it best that back end of that tweet about playing his brand of football ball and he doesn't care no you better care you have to because you can say all of that's all great. You have a point you did take step. Maybe a step in the half but if Baker the pumps in that ball comes down then you need to make a place so I don't mind him what he did but you have to care because on Tuesday every single week thank you think your brand new football which is deemed to be fed illegal. If it's this you go had fed ex packers in that locker every Tuesday and after that you're gonNA start getting suspended I don't. I don't like this hit it all. I don't get it first of all because he lowered his helmet. He was why why he lowered his helmet. That was one on let's just let's just cuddle debate. Deeper who's his defensive coordinator of Greg Williams who was the browns rounds interim coach that led them to victory and felt like he should have got the job who was the quarterback said no mic my friend Freddie Kitchens the head coach so I don't think the league she has a choice here Oh. BJ was talking about Greg Williams before the game dirty hits and Lo and behold. There's a dirty hit or semi dirty him Baker Mayfield Lee has no choice here and to me Jamal Williams. Jamal Adams is throwing up a smokescreen. Here's bitch. You liked football. That's a dirty hit though even think about it there's levels that is one. Let's talk about the physical play right there. There's three points of contact like you said he lowered his head. Didn't he hit him with his torso and then the extension of the arms look all of that voluntary. We all play football. I'll play deposition. That doesn't happen twice. I am actually trying to do something whether it's a messaging or just live up to my mantra to the NFL protects x what the shield and quarterback quarterback. That's the engine brother and it's already restricted airspace and rules in place while violated. I get that but we're saying I'm I'm not I'm not trying to deem whether or not this is legal or illegal but if we're gonNA break this down like he is not leading with his head he he lowered at the loader odor every defender Lou Tomar tackle me Jami first of all. We talked to actually have your head up like this many times. If you actually tackling the Union three hundred twenty six hundred this we act like every micro movement movement is not calculated into it becomes the issue then it's like I can stop for a million dollars. He could've stopped at a four dollars. Don't touch one hundred into percents money right. He could have solo your helmet. You got that Hoodie Laura Bush you me you show me tackle this Sunday. NFL where somebody makes attack with us now shoestring where they don't lower their head. I'm old enough to remember a y'all old. They used to call this. A DELIVERY SET L. Legalize the delivery sack. They've made it crystal clear to me this to me. The delivery to me is really for defensive Lineman a safety running up from that far when the guy clearly have released the ball. There's there's no reason to have a delivery again he got bits played poorly had had three penalties countenance one and got Vincent analysist or smokescreen the NFL's a damn joke now bra and Demaim show you a hell of a player and so so you were the joke on in on Monday night and they find you for and again. Let's don't pretend like these kids are these young guys are stupid and live in a vacuum accu. He knows the smoke between Greg Williams and the Cleveland browns organization and he's out there keeping up for Greg Williams and it cost him look at me. I just look at the amount amount of the fine twenty one thousand dollars for that hit a lot with a winning forty based on all right yeah based on all circumstances Greg Williams this this is a quarterback. We're trying to build around lovie Jay talking before the game about it I would have I would hit him even worse than that in the Pasta. You can't wait a minute. I mean look we're not played. This real Peyton Manning High Bruce Smith hit him low aiming right here since Bruce Undercut them boom I hit them did hit ten thousand dollars this twenty years ago ten thousand dollars and that was with no intention with locking Wiley Eric Nixon and C. J. Cushman's Outta Cam Newton who has been dealing with a foot injury this week and now reportedly is unlikely to play Sunday after missing practice again today. Cameras had a rough start to the years. The panthers have fallen to Owen to and today Ron Rivera got a little testy when asked about his quarterback. Would you think Cam Dan would travel in either event or would that be decided to see. You guys want to sit there. Watch so you'll have to wait and see. I'm a talk about it anymore. Guy's I mean let's talk about Arizona. I mean I haven't really talked about Arizona so it'd be good. They enter those kind of questions. Cam Dan though I know it's about Cam but that's you know that we will. I don't know any more until tomorrow so let's just let's talk about Arizona if not there's no reason for me to stand here before for the opener be one hundred percent company can be ready to go. Where are you going that level now? I just ask you questions about somebody else. I'm not GonNa do this guy. I told Y'all the hot water Ron Rivera bit testy here these think the panthers still overview Cam Newton as their franchise quarterback absolutely as they should but there is some conversation going on about is this the new Cam Newton injury prone undermining his greatness because of injury and if that's the situation Russian you can start to see them licking their fingers grabbing the corner top right corner of the page not flippity yet starting to get into that mindset of maybe we we have to start digging of alternatives and Fortunate Cam Newton bought a numbers no touchdowns this year running or throwing that's been four games with no passing and touchdowns going back to last year he has the highest error growing percentage in the NFL uncatchable balls for TJ. Who's from his Outta the the highest so I know it's an injury related? I can see that I believe that but if your organization that has to do due diligence and prepare for what's next there there is some internal conversation. Is this a new Cam Newton's yeah they still view them as a franchise quarterback but when you go on your last eight starts is some doubt out in her mind saying is he still franchise quarterback and when I look at it like he's averaging two hundred eighty six yards passing this year that's more than he's done in his entire tire career what he's missing. If he's really hurt is the mobility from running perspective his heart he can't run the ball and that's what's missing. He's always been thrown a ball. That's nothing new. He hasn't been the most accurate passer but he's been effective because he's been able to run the ball and so if he can get his foot right but what he better hope collie going there and play well because in Colorado only start last year he had one hundred Eleven Pass Rain So if Collin Cam Newton misses more than one game out and balls then they can say maybe he's not our franchise quarterback. Isn't it funny how dare not tell you when you own to you to know how to differences references man oh into that'd be to know he answered that question no problem of course he's a franchise quarterback. We struggling right now. we still one one but see the Owen too. I believe that Cam is still a franchise quarterback but I think a lot of people wanna see that Oh cam when he won the MVP and we haven't seen that in the wild. There's something I mean it's because of injuries I mean and you write scam is a scrambling quarterback. He's a guy that can get out of trouble. He's a big target. He's a to me a quarterback. That's taking a lot of shots and he's a quarterback still treat him like almost like a running back but I still say he is a franchise quarterback there. I think there's real doubt and I think in Cowan's being given a shot here against one of the worst teams in football. They were the worst team last year might be again if not for Miami the probably the second worst team same if kyle and shows anything there's going to be a QB controversy in Carolina if he shows anything because cams never going to run again Dan. He's never going to be that same running dynamic quarterback again. He's taken too many shots. That's over. That's why he's been trying to transition into a pocket passer. I really think they're trying to give this due to weak off to get his head right. Because I'm uncatchable balls the inaccuracy he's he's never been the most accurate but now it's gotten to a level where it's almost embarrassing and it's hindering the offense from having any success and so if he's never going to run again which I think everybody everybody knows them. Days is done kin. Cam Newton really be a franchise pocket passing quarterback. I don't think Carolina believes he can be there are realities occurring to all your points in. Let's add this layer. Here's one reality this division is wide open only division. NFC It doesn't have to winnow team so we could catch up really fast. Here's the problem if you go out there and lose this next game. You're three since one thousand nine hundred eighty. There's been one hundred sending sixteen. They started only three only six have made the postseason and I was on one of those and you know what it took for us to go from three to ten six and make the playoffs new quarterback quarterback new quarters so tell you rather do the history on this. This is a tough place to be answering your question with lock he he can't just transform himself into a pocket quarterback when he won. MVP completed just under sixty percent of his passes in today's NFL where you can't touch a receiver ver- very low in so it's going to be hard for him and say okay now. I'M GONNA turn in to a baby drew brees incomplete sixty five percent of my passes in the quarterbacks last year he competed in its highest percentage of his career last year so give him off and he was sixty-two MVP candidate before and then you lose your your next eight starts in so win. Hurt you can complete seventy percent passes. If it's not translate into wins it doesn't matter that's that's what it's all about wins. I I called Allen is not GonNa Take Cam Newton's position and if Walker wins next two games. I still say no. He's not he's not going to. I mean I just I don't. I don't believe that I mean I think the Carolina Panthers Steel Look at Cam Newton as their guy even wear scarfs but still we saw we had to see that but but I still think that he is the guy I hold on the. I think it's like anything his head coach. I think more than anyone wants to see him succeed and I think it would if him not plan well a playing hurt. It's almost like unfair like I'm not healthy. I'm not one hundred percent. I want you to answer this seriously man you one of the greatest players ever played a game ever and people had the expectation expectation every week and in order to be that player in didn't matter how you were feeling there was Eric Dickerson standard of play if he was a little banged up here their use still were able to meet that standard. I think that's the question with Cam is when he's not physically the one hundred percent can he consistently play at a high level like the all time greats some guys just and again you call hall of being weak but it's not week but there's like a special power that the all time greats have the maybe cam does that that's that's a great question to because it comes down to pride it eh do it comes down to pride because it was a lot of times I was hurt but I'm still gonNA give it one hundred percent. I've had I had some great games being hurt. I mean the room for two thousand yards. I had a turf toe all year. No one knew that that's my point so it comes down to like I'm so you know how do you not turf you not only can he be consisted when he's not physically one hundred percent. That's a legitimate question. It is and look there was a day where everyone I was in Los Angeles. Being a native thought Eric Dickerson is Aram forever. A Ram trade happens whatever it may it'd be camps in a different position. Some guys are really suffering from the curse of the gifted you check your gauges if everything's is now filling right. I'm a little off right now. Cam Newton has relied on such athleticism that now is starting to lean where you better rely on fundamentals and that's what he's trying to transition transition into so i. I don't like to equate debt. This is a pain tolerance or mental minimalizing issue. This is a guy who was like whoa. I can't do the same things I've been doing. My entire life willing be allowed an opportunity to change those things. What are the what did he built another organization all right? You got anything that here Yes sir speaking of Cam Newton last week. He was on Thursday night football tonight as you guys mentioned. Earlier is the titans and Jack's so let's talk Thursday the football super six one of the questions for tonight is wishing win by how many points so we're like Marcellus got I got the titans okay and a very low scoring seventeen to fourteen shootout yet not many bullets times as well. I think they beat the Jags ex-boss former team to Jack's thirteen seven and please. Oh my God jalen dough tweet at me on those tests you gotTa Damn near Unwatchable Jack. CDC I'll be tonight download the Fox sports super six complained Thursday night football super six free for a chance to win twenty five thousand dollars Brasov plenty with blocking Wiley Eric Dickerson a Tj who's back time now for Dardanelles question of the day darnold taken away. Sarah's moved to Dallas cowboys released deficit Van Taco charging yesterday. ooh former first round pick has been an active this season earlier. This week tweeted out free me before deleted. He fought it about tween trust me the last thing I wanNA WANNA do is go to social media to WANNA play football again after he was released. Jerry Jones say teams players doing social media and they can cost them opportunities. I want to ask you guys do athletes are blind to how social media affects their careers or do they just not care. It's Taco ask me y'all stay between the line. I think they're blind. Ah To be I I and a little bit. I think they don't care but I think they're mostly blind and they've been led to believe that man social media is the way to go. It's we're your show all your freedom and Blah Blah Blah and there are real repercussions you leave a trail that executives and your bosses all follow look. It was an idiot. Go check out my Jeremy Lin tweet from six seven eight years ago to me and a bunch of trouble so I've been right where these guys right I yeah I don't want to down them. I was just as dumb and I was older than them. I'm glad you said that because I'm not gonNA be up here and be it'd be a but whether it'd be real they're not blind and I know they care. The problem. Is Let's be real about this. The hormones the dopamine opening the release the control is the same as it is for anyone who has done something unlawful unethical or immoral and we've have all been there. I go run our ten lowest moments of our lives but we all do the same equation. I won't that and these are the consequences you you know what I won't that a little more and I'll deal with the consequences. Adam schefter talks about this every time he has a breaking news story. He's like when I hit that send button. I see hearts in those re tweets in those likes going like Casino Slots Jingjing just love it and everyone has a different different degree of that same receipt that same reception which our interaction with social media in the moment this. I think he did the same calculation a lot of us do especially when you're young you just think that you deal with the consequences and they are not as grand as they become so. I'M NOT GONNA kill them are athletes blind. They're not blind. They know what they're doing and it can help their career as well if they do things the right way in this case specifically he wanted to be released. He wasn't playing as guys hurt suspending spending you can get on the field. Do what you can get released and hopefully you get a chance to go play somebody else now on the flip side of that is they know when you put some mm out there. Everybody's get it right away in. If you're a good person you do things the right way. It can actually help your career as well as social media can have a positive has effect and a negative effect. Just depends on what you put out there and how you conduct yourself as a human being widely deleted in Asia toting to Ah Dallas cowboys they got a social media department and everybody was with the Dallas Cowboys. Do I think in some points they don't care and I think in other ways he's the kind of stupid too in the sense because like you say it can help you and it can hurt you a lot of ways. It can help you if you put the the right things out there you saying the right things if you do something dumb like the U. is two thousand nineteen in two thousand twenty five that dumped. I didn't think much of that now now all of a sudden that pops up again yeah you know what my friend tells me this all the time when he's saying he's faced with temptation something that he knows that may come with some consequences he says always look at temptation from the end at fourteen forty caught me off guard did quick math twenty four times sixty fifty minutes a day later when you right before you bought the hit at about a day later. Do you want that and how mean just online I mean your life when when you buy the go make that turn when you answer those three bubbles in his two thirty in the morning you know you can make right. Go home left. Go there talk fourteen forty man distinct in twenty four hours. Was it really worth it to say something like that that your age could even talk you into deleting you already originally though for this case specifically Taco truck do Robert Quinn was suspended for two games. You're inactive randy. Gregory is still suspended. You're inactive wrong Crawford name playing. You're an active at this point. He can't make it any worse for himself. Now you go to another team and you don't play it's on you but right now he's saying. He believes he's good enough to play. He should've been playing obviously the coaches dot otherwise and so for him. Go somewhere else and see if you can get on the field and change the of course direction of your career yeah I think he's saying they don't like me. No matter what I do if all these guys go down and they still won't put me on the field I want to burn this bridge and get the hell out of here and again his agent talked about it but for the very reason Jerry Sanders like hey man these other the next Jerry Jones and he's not gonNa like this either he doesn't. He wants to keep in house business in house. He doesn't want it all out there over social media so you may be there may be one the two teams the way we don't WanNa Bother Taco and his age is like we want the whole field wide open to us cooperate with me a little bit here on social media but I think Marcellin says point about that high we get from social media and re tweets and likes it Bates. That's all I can still remember. I was in Las Vegas hasn't had a drink when I sent that dumb Jeremy Lin tweet and inappropriate Jerry tweet that I had to apologize for and I just remember thinking on we'll get a lot of retweeting and I was in my I had to be in my early forties yeah yeah I was kind of stupid. I'm so glad so glad when I was young there was no social suspended so many top I wouldn't even played but now I don't like that because we had our own variables to deal with and we managed to be professional and not stepping too often. Let's just be real if you're sitting in class and you like this class is not for me. My teachers not receive in my work well. She keeps giving me bag rates. You don't stand up in the classes out of here. You quietly go upstairs to the admissions office principal's office the dean. That's not hard and we didn't have social media but we know that you can't always destroy situate us right aw Eric Dickerson. TJ Who's been Zonta are back as movie Kansas City where the Patrick mahomes and the chiefs cheese will host Lamar Jackson and the Raven Sunday the MAR has been a new man so far this season lighting up the league through the air in the first two weeks and yesterday Andy Reid had nothing but praise for the league's top-rated passer saying quote the kid is a heck of a player. He's a talented kid to work with the coordinators and the quarterback coaches. They've opened up the gate for him. They're doing a million different things and he's doing it. Well and it looks like he's loving doing it all right. The question here is Andy so should be worried about Lamar Jackson's arm absolutely last year Lamar Jackson went out to candidate he had his worst completion percentage performance of the year second row game of his career fourth overall start and went toe to toe with the Kansas City chiefs and he wasn't fully comfortable in office and he certainly wasn't playing at this level right now now and that was the result. Oh you go out there this year with this level of confidence with the way the team is performing. Why wouldn't he go out there and just say I'm ready for? It and I think that that's where he is and I know the chief said look we had a lesser version of this guy last year and they damn near beat us. Don't you go out there sleeping on this kid because the kid is multidimensional and talented yet. They should be worried about his arm the way he's playing in a ways improved. It's almost scary too if he can really consistently continue to throw the ball like this but you say they did play the dolphins and they have played the cardinals and so so you have to say that because those teams are that bad but the thing is this says Lamar Jackson has been a started with the Baltimore Ravens they've averaged two hundred and twenty eight yards a game game Russian and so you gotTa pick your poison like this ain't this. NFL Two hundred twenty yards per game in nfl so oh you really WanNa make him throw it just so that their one dimensional thank you and Ozzie newsome when when he picked Lamar I I I called him timmy you know is he. A real quarterback is a this guy is going to be the guy you know and he said for the reasons they say people look look at him as a runner he hates it. He has a great. He said that he will learn how to become a quarterback. You see put on weight this off season. He looks more like a fit quarterback so I say for sure they have to be worried about his arm and his legs and I think Andy Reid is saying a lot of very nice things appropriate things in the media I think when he gets in the meeting room with his players he's far less appropriate and far less. They're going to make Lamar beat them with his arm 'cause. They don't think he can do it. They don't think he can survive a shootout with Patrick Mahomes. They're going to take away this running game name. Lamar Jackson Ran Sixteen Times for one hundred and twenty yards last week the whole Damn Arizona defensive staff should be fired over that. You can't unless some college quarterback come out there and just run the ball down your throat. That's crazy and again. Lamar Jackson has been a much improved passer this year sure he's made some incredible throws but the chiefs are GonNa WanNa make this do do it for an entire four quarters with Patrick mahomes on the other side online. I don't think they think he can do it. I think they do I disagree with that and even to indict Arizona in a way that they approached it Iska Matic it's the same thing if you think about Eric Dickerson and Eric Dixon had all the abilities you can ruin you over run by you and that's what this office is as we can run it down your throat or we can now throw it. Because how are you gonNA play. The eight. Men in a box is a non men in the box so that just opens up acreage and if you look look at a team that's multi dimensional like this. They just keep you off balance enough to exploit you so I'm not saying that they're going to go out there and win this game or exploited but the fear is certainly in your heart when you're facing them because if you crowd the box he can't throw it he will dart it over. You and I didn't see him do a sixty minutes and andy he read. I got to see him do it for you. In overtime to you want everybody that they play is going to have this game. Plan is if we let them start running a ball aw number one Kansas City if let them run a ball that's less possessions for Patrick Mahomes He's going to eat up the clock so we'd rather say okay. We're going crowd a box and if you can beat us the WanNa ball it's going to be a shootout. We score to so now you score. Okay Pat Homes get the ball now. We're going to go down and score. We can't let you just run a ball. Eat up the clock and limit our possessions. The answer Andy Reid is going to say we don't stack this box. We're going to give them different looks but every look we give them designed to stop the run. We say the same thing you just picking a poisoning. This is is going to be. Let's try to give my quarterback maximum possessions and I can't do that. If I'm letting them run the ball I think they're going to do what they do best and they they do run the football oh but I think he'd like you said if they give them the pass they take it's no way he can match throwing the football with Mahomes. That's not gonNA happen but like you you say it. They can keep them on the field office on the on the sideline. Keep a hold on the sideline. That's what they WANNA do because that way it limits the scoring they can do. We update headlines at eight o'clock up look. I think someone said earlier this week. I don't think Frank Clark has a sack yet. That's a problem for Kansas City. They need to put hands on the Mark Jackson and that means eight in the box that means there's GonNa be some blitzes. They are going to run game blitzes. They're going to to do everything in their power to shutdown that run a game and make Lamar make throws with people at his feet is been great what he's done against the dolphins and the cardinals. I cannot wait to see him do it against the best team. AFC if he does it hats off off and the sky's the limit if he does often the sky's the limit homes is on the other side lines. I just I just I don't think he can go throw for throw winning this going to be some turnover. Look the Ravens lead the NFL and scoring to Lamar Jackson has the longest streak of a one hundred seventy eight pass attempts. No interceptions three go back to week three last year Patrick Mahomes when you just couldn't believe is but it was telling you he's real like I remember member that because everyone was and they doing it to Lamar Jackson and problem is who he was not that good last year and Whit to overtime inefficient it'd be now. He's this guy. y'All GonNa sit there and say. I don't think he can throw him. Patrick mahomes are the only two guys in NFL history history seventy percent completion seven touchdowns no interceptions they first two games him and the guy he's playing against. We can't keep slightly. Ain't nobody sadnesses sinuses light is what would how would you rather lose running the ball we get seven possessions yeah total ball. We might get ten to eleven possessions in Baltimore. Defensively people got earl. Thomas is a safety in would he'll be in as good as he is. He's not GonNa make it easy on Patrick Mahomes and so what's not going to be as easy as people think we're okay tyree KIO. He's not playing Meco harming Travis Kelsey Sammy what Earl Thomas is GonNa have some say about that but me personally asleep I gotta give Patrick Mahomes maximum possessions stop on four hundred zero but you're also saying what Baltimore is going to try to minimize his possessions and that's why I think they're gonNA come out there and try to stuff this running game down the chiefs throat and that's why I think the chiefs are going to do everything in their power to stop it and at some some point. I don't know which quarter is going to be third or fourth quarter is GONNA come down to Lamar. Can you do with Patrick Dust. Can you go up been down this feel the way you need to very quickly. I just I'm GonNa Lean on Patrick Mahomes. The the ball comes out of this kid's hands different. I just gotTa see Lamar Jackson. I I've never seen the ball a good quarterback's hand does he is. I had to see it against the best competition. Is You know Kansas. City outside of the world is the Seattle is probably the hardest place to play for crowd noise. Oh what's going to help. Baltimore is if they are able to run the ball because now less is the communication a he asked to have with all the rest of the players on the team so if he's able to run the ball it does take the crowd out of it because Planning Kansas City is no joke with that crowd and I'll go back to what I said. You're going to do what they do. They run the football. They're going to run it. They're gonNA throw it short. You know it comes out of his hands different different but you know what this passes are tight. I mean they really are. They're right on the line. It's not like it comes out like wobbly. It's a Ni- you might like you might not like the way he throws getting getting there. I think we're GONNA find out a couple of different things. I'm not a big believer in the chiefs. Defense Hitchens's still out there at linebacker drives drives me crazy and so we're going to find out if the chiefs have a real defense or if they improved at all scheme switch new personnel. We're GONNA find out if that's improved and I think we're going to get a lot closer to the truth about Lamar Jackson is he. The next guy is he the the next Russell Wilson is he on the same level as the Shawn Watson. I'm not ready to go to lean Patrick. mahomes yeah don't do that. It shouldn't be leaning. Let's go deeper. Analysis is the last year game when he had less confidence and less experience and less of an offense game winning drive. He fumbled getting over. Tom Gets hurt then fisk game and they still almost one again they lost by AH three. I'm just telling you simple mathematics and the confidence translation. You're taking it this year. They're going to do some over to our before we go. I'd like to address Colin Kaepernick's most ardent supporters in the media the ones yelling this week the NFL is unfair because cap remains unemployed. They're the people I refer to as Caper Knicks the people donning superman cakes in defense of the symbol formerly known as Colin Kaepernick Aka Mute Hamad Ali elite Caper Knicks. You might be fooling the idiots who interpret the world through social media but smart people see through your racial facade you don't I don't care about the advancement of black people particularly black men you care about the perception that you care about the advancement of black people you care about pleasing your puppet master who would like to see the NFL removed from its perch atop American popular culture you care about a political agenda designed to thwart patriarchy rocky or as you call it toxic masculinity you cape for cap for what it says about you not because of what it does for black people this is true of both black and white Capex. They both suffer the same guilt share the same ideology on are equally lazy. Sustainable advancement is is the byproduct of motivation creation and innovation that's why the NFL has done and will continue to do far more to advance the position of black black man than all the whining Caper Knicks combined the football league the Caper next label as racist and grossly unfair to their non speaking fearless leader is the the same league the relies on an employee base of seventy percent black players. It's the same league the pay's Russell Wilson the most money and soon will elevate Dak Prescott and Patrick mahomes above Wilson is the gold near of light skin and black quarterbacks Shawn Watson Lamar Jackson Jacoby Kyle Murray Jameis Winston Teddy Bridgewater Bridgewater and maybe Cam Newton all join prescot mahomes and Wilson and starting lineups this weekend so let me get this straight the NFL has the most popular TV show on five different television networks and you want me and us to demonize it when his black stars have never been more valuable and more prevalent in sports highest is position of on field leadership and power all because the juicy small layoff football decided he wanted to enhance his brand by protesting police misconduct conduct at a football stadium rather than at City Hall. This is like being served a bad burrito at Taco bell and going to McDonald's to complain about it but we'll get more attention at McDonald's so it's still stupid and won't do a damn thing about Taco bills burritos but at least we're talking talking about it and that's my point Kaepernick and capper knicks just WANNA be discussed. They don't want change or advancement. They want retweets likes follows. A conversation focused on their alleged desire to promote black advancement meanwhile better than any other American industry mystery the NFL keeps helping the black man advance through opportunity taping for cap is an easy way to create a feeling of self righteousness and the perception perception you speak truth to power from the safety of your keyboard and talk show studio catering for the NFL is proof. You recognize the inevitable fallout fall out from one man's unplanned Halo could be protests shouldn't turn you against an industry where black men or excel. That's easy for me to say. Actually I believe in doing things that help black people with Greg is back with us. Let's look ahead to this weekend. mm-hmm sponsored by this bar cashcard from capital one both the steelers and the saints will be underdogs this weekend with both future hall of fame quarterbacks Big Ben Rothlisberger Burger and drew brees out for the foreseeable future. Mason Rudolph will be leaving the Pittsburgh steelers on the road this week against the forty niners while the saints haven't even named their to start yet still deciding between tastes hill and Teddy Bridgewater on the road against the seahawks question here is better chance of pulling off the upset with their backup a quarterback steelers are the saints who I'm GonNa go to you Greg yea. Neither one of them GonNa win but I'm really talking about a chair exactly exactly it's a better chance and now we'll go with the saints I will go with the saints and here's why when you look at Shawn Payne he's already at work when he was asked about tastes them hill being the second option and he's like Whoa Whoa Whoa you're assuming that he's the second guy so he's already putting pressure on the Seattle seahawks defense to prep and prepare for two guys now mind mind you. I believe that Ted. He's going to be this primarily guy but there was things last week and I again. I like Sean Payton but there was things last week that I saw on Teddy Bridgewater. That was a little concerning when I play Teddy Bridgewater as a rookie I had a conversation distinctively teddy. You have to fill it not see it meaning when you drop back and you fill it. You gotta let that ball go. You can't see it because at this level at that point the defender season everybody else sees it in in that window of opportunity closes so I think he can take that next step which Sean Payton putting together a plan that will consist of both of these guys being involved they they have the better chance he made the opposite argument though in terms you gave me a reason why I love the point you made about Teddy Bridgewater. Can he feel it because that is the game for feel at that position and that's my question about teddy and that's why the steelers Joe Staley out for the San Francisco Forty niners steelers fallen Owen three desperation on their part and I just think Seattle is better than San Francisco. I'm I'm going with the saints and I'm going with that combination of what you said experience in the wildcard or tastes them hill if you think about what they have in turns turns of that shared experience whatever that may be that may lessen the pressure on them. Have you ever think about the dynamic will players always say all I need is take the first hit people always take that is like this physical dimension or physical encounter. It's really upstairs. You just WanNa make sure I survived that. It's going to be good now and guess what when you go out there and it's a shared experience and I'm not saying I wish bad on tastes them hill or trading bridgewater water but what are they gonNA look at all that bad. He just do a good play I can do that. Oh like they're gonNA take hits together. That brings brings a relief to that pressure and you look at the forty niners while not going with chew and steelers that's the only team in NFL that hasn't had a three and out yet damn Kyle Shanahan out there calling office right. We're going to be tough but we talked about Kansas City being a tough place to play Seattle tough place to play PK Defense Russell Wilson Jimmy Garoppolo and Garoppolos Nice San Francisco that crowd that it it is if you start to look on the opposite side of the ball and say we'll which deepest do you trust more and I look at the saints and I'm like I trust that defense more to make sure we have opportunities with these two guys that we're GonNa come at you with versus a young pretty much a rookie in terms of experience when we talk about Mason Jason Rudolph because this is his first starting experience in his career so we don't know what to expect and he has a young supporting cast around Greg. I want to circle back to your appoint bridgewater because we don't have a lot of time but I think you hit on something. That's separates the bad quarterbacks from the good quarterbacks. Some guys can fill it. Some guys have to see and he doesn't have a big arm and I think that's what hinders him a lot of times the he knows it in his. He's just like we saw last week. There was throws that was their teddy. Let that ball go right now. Because you don't have that big arm you don't have that Aaron Rodgers Ben Rothlisberger harm where you can just wait in laser within their after seeing it. There are a lot of quarterbacks in this league that can do that the patching homes yes but other guys have to get it out right when they know it's going to happen half Jimmy sear. He's going to help me do an approval rating on our Marcellus Wiley who's been in a controversy. I see this week you you big dummy of the day I'm sure after all the heat marcel took controversy. You're going to jump on board Jalen Ramsay. I'm sure well big today. Go to the person that once again dropped at but every time you do going to get the big dummy you also know that Lebron has a patent on that so you plan to go through learn that didn't work are let's talk about our guide. Marcellus Wiley Wiley who got into it with Jalen Ramsey's agent David Muga letter on twitter after pointing out on the show yesterday that Ramsey hasn't been the dominant corner. Everyone thinks he is our Marcellus. Do you expect Ramsey to prove you wrong tonight. Oh absolutely man this prime time Tony Game on only game in town town going against the Tennessee office that wasn't limited in week one but you know in terms of talent in receiving corps thing Jalen Ramsey should go out there and like I said before he's a beast the same time play within the system that doesn't always support his greatest talents which is press man but yeah he ball I ship titans are going to surprise the price and people I think they're actually halfway. Decent T I'm not so convinced of the Ramsey has big night but Jimmy you think Marcellus gets proven wrong tonight. Hail Hale Yeah do you first of all I could be wrong but I know you had a I had a cup of coffee in the NFL. So you know good Dan well you do not call out an. NFL cornerback shocked that you would have the nerve the devastating goal look at it man you from company just like your boy from Richard Sherman Richard Sherman. I would have thought for show. He taught you something better than that. I'm older than him though what happened when Michael Michael Crabtree put his mouth for richer term mediocre I remember love it. I'm GonNa tell you what if you don't remember wait till after the game tonight Ramsey getting interview as ruse. Oh Ooh don't you ever talk about me Jeez. Don't ask me said reporter. Did you get when you mess with me too dark alice was what do you call him. You Delo Legion of boom. He's going to what is L. O. V. I I will tell you right here. Thank you you ought to Kansas City chiefs taint him apology. How dare you put that bags do out into the airwaves? Tom About chief shouldn't sign Jalen Ramsey. He's just sitting there putting that out there just called you can second guess and his plane who came in Kansas City. I ain't got this excited about signing. A cornerback says my nephew got him excited about signing todd law was this is talking about J. J. radical prime attack dome. He's really gonNA swamp buster down. Need somebody up yeah. We Hope J. The Ramsey how I wanna say slump buster deals Beck you gotTA transition here. We got to give our approval rating. Oh our Marcella sit here. I just take this job performance. I will give him a twenty three smoke going everywhere with Kapernick with Jalen Allan Ramsay everywhere all time greatness. I'll give him an eleven happened happened when only made three pro bowls character. I'll give them a twenty two and authenticity. I'll give them a twenty three seventy nine almost go dale you Jimmy all-star all thing you know and I give him you know as often tissot. That's what I give him because he came up on he came up won't Jalen Ramsey bandwagon dame so jumped on the big baller brand band West. I noticed that he ain't been the scientists big baller went under Obama. I don't want to jump on this bandwagon.

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