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AstraZeneca and Oxford University developing vaccine.


Coming up on five minute. News Astra ZENECA TEAMS UP WITH OXFORD UNIVERSITY TO DEVELOP CORONA virus vaccine. Uk ethnic minorities suffer extra Kovic deaths and trump uses pandemic to speed up opening of public land to industry. It's Friday may one. I'm Anthony Davis British drug maker. Astrazeneca has teamed up with the University of Oxford to develop and manufacture a vaccine for corona virus in a move that could allow for rapid vaccination around the world if the treatment proves to be effective. Human trials of the vaccine developed by the university's Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine. Group entered phase one testing last week with hundreds of people aged eighteen to fifty five volunteering across five trial centers in southern England as covert nineteen continues. Its grip on the world. The need for a vaccine to defeat the virus is urgent. Pascal Seurat's chief executive of Astra Zeneca said in a statement. Yesterday it is definitely a risk to launch into the development of a vaccine but now is the time to take those kind of risks by June July. We will already have a very good idea of the direction of travel in terms of its potential efficacy. He said Professor John Bell Regis professor of medicine. Oxford University described the partnership with Astra Zeneca as a major force in the struggle against pandemics for many years to come but bell said the challenge is to be able to manufacture at scale once it is approved by the regulators. We also want to make sure that the rest of the world will be ready to make this vaccine at scale so that it gets to populations in developing countries for example where the need is very great. He said it comes amid a global race to find a vaccine against corona virus with governments lobbying companies to secure I access when one is ready there are seventy treatments under development will wind Oxford University. Said both partners had agreed to operate on a not for profit basis for the duration of the pandemic with only the cost of production and distribution being covered people from some ethnic minorities in Britain a dying in disproportionate numbers from Kovic. Nineteen possibly in part because they are more likely to work in healthcare and other sectors most exposed to the virus. A leading think tank said today per capita deaths for people in Britain who had black Caribbean heritage with three times that of British citizens who are white. The Institute for Fiscal Studies said per capita deaths among other black groups would double that of the population overall while those of Indian descent also suffered more fatalities than average the. Ifs said taking into account the fact that most minority groups and much younger on average than the white British population per capita death rates across almost all minority groups looked disproportionately high. It said in a report parts of the extra death rate could be explained by ethnic minorities higher likelihood to live in London or other cities hit hard by the virus but geography was not the only factor data from the United States who shown African Americans are more likely to die from cove nineteen highlighting longstanding disparities in health inequalities in access to medical care the trump administration has ratcheted up its efforts amid the corona virus pandemic to overhaul and overturn Obama era environmental regulations and increase industry access to public lands. The Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt sped efforts to drill mine and cut timber on fragile Western landscapes. Meanwhile the EPA headed by the former coal lobbyist Andrew Huila has weakened critical environmental laws and announced in March that it would cease oversight of the nation's polluters during the Kovic nineteen crisis. The rollbacks appear to follow a playbook put forth by influential conservative think tanks urging the White House to use the pandemic as justification for curtailing or eliminating environmental rules. An oversight while millions of acres of public lands across the country have been shut to visitors. They remain open to oil and gas companies and despite plummeting oil prices. The Bureau of Land Management has announced no plans to cancel or even scaled-back upcoming auctions. That would make hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands across the Western. Us available to energy companies. One of the most controversial sales would offer up one hundred fifty thousand acres in southern Utah. To energy companies environmentalists however. Say the push to drill near the iconic Red Rock Landscapes of arches and Canyon lands is not only destructive but also unnecessary in light of an oil glut. That is swamped storage. Capacity driving oil prices last week into negative territory for the first time in history. In addition to ramping up oil and gas development on public lands the of energy announced plans last week to revitalize the US uranium mining and processing industry. Such a scheme say environmentalists puts uranium-rich Grand Canyon. National Punk and bears is National Monument. At extreme risk you can subscribe to five minute news with your preferred podcast APP. Ask Your Smart Speaker or enable five minute news as your Amazon Alexa. Flash BRIEFING SCALE VISIT US online at five minute. Dot News five minute. News is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering unbiased verified and truthful well news daily.

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